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1. Abstract Decorative Pillowcase Farmhouse 12×20inch

Abstract Decorative Pillowcase Farmhouse 12%C3%9720inch

This bohemian pillow has a unique abstract style and uses tufting technology. Excellent quality, made of canvas and tassels, comfortable to the touch, soft, non-irritating, exquisite embroidered craftsmanship, suitable for living rooms, farmhouses, bedrooms, coffee shops, etc. The pillow has invisible side seams. It is easy to put on and take off the zip. It is a gift for friends and family. It is recommended to wash your hands separately, dry at low temperature or hang to dry, do not bleach, and do not iron. The first cleaning may have some floating fibers. If you have any questions about their pillow, please contact them immediately, they will reply you within 24 hours, and give you a worry-free service and guarantee.

Brand: Molili

👤The quality was very nice and it was exactly as pictured.

👤The colors and texture are beautiful. Well-made. Would order again.

2. MARSAULE Decorative Pillowcases Tassels Farmhouse

MARSAULE Decorative Pillowcases Tassels Farmhouse

The cover is 18x18 inches, not including the pillow inside. The cotton woven pillow cover is soft and durable. It's very skin-friendly. It's a great support to lean or lay on. The pillow cover is very textured. The back is white and it has a single-sided pattern. Two-sided small tassels design makes this pillow cover more cute. The pillow covers are gorgeous because of the gentle and clean color. The hidden zipper is the same color as the pillowcase. The insert can be easily inserted and removed from the covers. It was a nice decline. A good decoration for your room. It's suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, bed, sofa, couch. It is a great gift for friends or family. Leave the machine to dry. Do not use bleach.

Brand: Marsaule

👤I love this pillow cover so much. It is so cute! It feels great in my guest room.

👤These look similar to some things I have bought on eBay for a lot more.

👤The cover is 18x18 and the pillow insert is 20x20. I wanted a little more plushiness in the 18x18 insert. The cover has a thick cloth and a nice fluffy front pattern. The strings seem so delicate that I am a little worried about washing in the machine. I would hang to dry delicates and put in a garment bag to wash them. Looks great.

👤These are well constructed and add a bit of atmosphere to the Livingroom. We used a box of refill from Amazon to fill pillows for the holiday season. We gave these to friends and relatives so they could enjoy them. They are thick enough to provide comfort when sitting in a chair. They are soft. Enjoy these and add to your enjoyment. We recommend these to everyone.

👤The case is dryable. Cute design in my guest room. I like the blue color, it matches the white sheet set I got. It's a good idea to lay on the bed.

👤I like the colors and thickness of the items.

3. REDEARTH Covers Boho Textured Decorative Farmhouse

REDEARTH Covers Boho Textured Decorative Farmhouse

A set of 2 decorative cushion covers are made of 100% cotton. They fit perfectly on the pillow inserts. 20x"20" can be used for a plump look. There is not a lot of jewelry included. The bohemian throw pillow cases are made of hand knotted macrame in the front and cotton canvas at the back. Any kind of décor and living space can be enhanced with these cushion covers. The product is tested for shrinkage, color fastness and seam slippage. The care of the wash. Hand wash mild detergent. It was handcrafted in India for Redearth.

Brand: Redearth

👤I told the company about the threading being different colors and they wouldn't let me return them.

👤The pillows looked great. In less than 3 pillows, they had mold on them. They were in a patio. They aren't made for the outdoors.

👤These pillow covers are not made to be used for normal purposes. I used them on my couch and within a week the stitching on the woven loopy part of the top has completely come apart, I don't think it's fixable. I can't buy new ones because they're unavailable.

👤I bought these to match the pouf from this company. The pillow covers are thick. The covers don't match the look I wanted, so I wanted them to be the same. They needed washing since they had a strange smell. I am satisfied enough to keep them, but be aware of the smell and the fact that you may receive different covers.

👤These pillow cases are not the same as pictured. They are all the same beige color. The picture shows cream roping and tufts of beige or grey. All the same color. They are great, but not what I expected. Will send them back.

👤I like the new look of my porch pillows. The stripe makes my cushions look Farmhouse. They are easy to fit over my pillows. The stripe is kind of dark black denim which was fine with me.

👤The pillows are listed as black carbon. They should say GRAY so people don't have to come back. I wish this item could have worked out, but there are a lot of negative reviews on quality. Don't try to be fancy with the colors, update your description.

👤I was hit with a strong musty smell when I opened the package. I hope that it will become less noticeable as they are outside. The smell was too bad to use indoors. There is a The quality isn't great. I hope they hold up.

👤The verdad son tal Cual la imagen.

👤Lindos. De buen! Aaaun, beige grises! chulea mis cojines.

👤The throw pillow covers look amazing. I like the texture in my living room. I highly recommend.

👤This and the ottoman were bought together. The items smelt bad when they arrived. They had been sitting in a musty container. Don't deal with this sales provider.

👤Excellent quality products and fast shipping.

4. Phantoscope Pillow Inserts Hypoallergenic Stuffer

Phantoscope Pillow Inserts Hypoallergenic Stuffer

The solar lantern shower light with flower patterns is a nice decoration for the garden, yard, patio, and outdoor. Take the scene of watering flowers and make a simulation. It will make your garden, yard, and outdoor more beautiful at night. It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday Gift, Teachers' Day. Premium Material - Pillow inserts filled with microfiber and made in the USA provide high resilience and softness. Ultra toughness is provided by tight stitching and upgraded polyester, which ensures that the pillow inserts are well-filled and maintain suitable softness, while having sufficient support and will not become hollow. Pack of 4 pillow inserts, 18” x 18” square form, additional sizes to choose from, fill all your decorative pillowcases perfectly for couch, bed or chair with comfort and support; Change your pillow covers to go well with different home decors, it's very simple to stuff these pillow inserts to your pillow covers. The pillow inserts are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and compressed to fluff up. Their pillow inserts can be washed with a mild detergent.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤If I could give zero stars, I would be amazed at how bad these were. They are made out of pillows that the doctors throw away after each use. Two of them didn't have enough stuffing to fill the pillow, and the others are flimsy. The quality would be what I would expect from a dollar store.

👤I decided to purchase 4 sets because I have a 3 pc sectional that needed some love and an uplifted look and I don't regret it one bit. I bought abstract pillow covers to match the sequence in my home and shop.

👤These are the worst quality ever. They are cheap, have minimum fluff, and did not fill up my pillow cases. The part that upsets me the most is that Amazon recommended them to me because of my pillow case purchase. I would have preferred to purchase them from Walmart.

👤I bought them to go into my pillow cases. They fill them out nicely. I will update later if there aren't any updates, they are comfortable.

👤Let me tell you what I look for in a pillow insert, I want Fluffy. I want to throw myself down on these pillows at the end of the day and have them make me feel better. I want to be able to fluff-punch those babies until they bounce back into their original shape. I would love to have a bunch of crummy pillows. I can use pillows to wrap my arms around a squeeze, rest my head upon, or use as a bed tray. I think having these pillows filling your pillow covers would feel like a couple pieces of folded up cardboard duck-taped together. I will try to be less dramatic from here on out. I will take responsibility for the fact that I wasn't as careful in reviewing the details of these pillows before ordering them. I was looking for pillows that were feather down or down alternative. That is not what these are. I take responsibility for not being more careful in reading the description because it's not what they claim to be. I had to leave a review for these. They are just that bad. There is a These pillows were not going to meet my expectations because I was looking for a feather down or down alternative. These pillows do not look like the ones in the pictures on Amazon. If they were filled to the brim with the polyester fill, I would think one would be very happy with the product. You can see in the attached pictures that that is not the case. There is a gaping area on the corners of every pillow. The pillows on Amazon are said to be about 5 inches thick, which is not the case, and they are described as "flattened pancake" in the title. The general rule of thumb is that a pillow insert that is two inches larger than a pillow cover that is four inches smaller. Unless they fix their quality control issue, don't spend your money on these pillows.

5. DEZENE Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Farmhouse

DEZENE Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Farmhouse

The package includes two pieces 18x18 inch beige and black woven pillow cover. The edge of the hidden zip ties it all together. The neutral color of the pillowcases matches well with multiple decoration styles. It's perfect for placing in a couch, sofa, bedroom, office, living room, party, car, etc. The premium level of service. The pillow covers are made of cotton. The parts are soft and comfortable. Part and tassels are made from Exquisite workmanship. There is a new gift solution. Premium quality and amazing workmanship are what they deliver with every pillow cover. These pillow covers are a perfect gift for friends, family or loved ones. There is a washing guide. Hand washing is recommended for the tufted pillow cover. The first cleaning may have some floating fiber.

Brand: Dezene

👤The pillow covers are gorgeous. Excellent quality for a good price.

👤Great accent pillow when you have a neutral color scheme. There were some loose threads that I trimmed. Great value.

👤Just got them. They were packaged in a way that was professional. They fit perfectly and love the colors. The set of 2 was less expensive than buying 4 new pillows at a higher price.

👤I really wanted to write a great review about these covers, but unfortunately that is not the case. For the first week, I loved them. We are on week 2 and the sides are unraveling. They are so beautiful that they are disappointing.

👤When I received them, I washed them in cold water and dried them on a low setting, then smoothed them over to dry the rest of the way. I was worried about them at first, they looked a little rumpled after all that. I filled them with feather inserts and they looked great. The living room chairs are perfect for the back of the neck. The canvas base is soft, but the fringe makes it softer. A good value.

👤The material is thick and canvas-like, but to me it is cheap. The shag strips stop short of the top and bottom of the pillow. The cover material is more yellow toned than the picture shows, and it has a white boarder around it's edges. It was different from what I was expecting and maybe I didn't inspect the manufacturer's pictures well enough.

👤The "tassles" on the pillowcase are soft, but the main part of the bag feels the same as a canvas tote bag. I don't regret buying them, they are a bit cuter online than in person. I might change pillow covers throughout the year. It's not a big deal. I knew they wouldn't be comfortable to lay their face on while watching tv. I'm happy that the zips are smooth and that they are not stuck in the washer ordryer. Hopefully they will hold up.

👤The pillows are great for neutral decor. The rest of the pillow is oatmeal beige and the piping on the edges is white. The only draw back is that it is difficult to put a pillow in because the zip is not the full length of the pillow. It is an awesome deal.

👤Tena buenos reviews, no tiene nada, ver con las fotos. No es la opcin, buscas una funda BLANCA. No son, pero no imagen... por el precio.

👤Not as advertised. Don't recommend! They look 10 years old after being used for a month. Very disappointing.

👤2 months ago, I bought the zipper and it has already ripped apart. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤The picture was off-white but it was all the same color.

👤The pillow covers are very stiff.

6. Velvet Pillow Cushion Decorative 18inch18inch

Velvet Pillow Cushion Decorative 18inch18inch

The sides of the pillow cover are made of high quality short wool fur, which is not hair falling, is soft and comfortable, and friendly to the skin. There is no harm to kids and pets. The design is luxurious. The faux fur grass brings elegance and luxury to your home. This exhausting housework is less tiring because of the smooth functioning of the invisible zipper. The pillowcases can break your decoration. Workmanship: The design of the hidden zip ties it all together. The pillow case can maintain a comfortable and brand-new appearance after a long time of use. The application is wide. The decorative throw pillow cases can be used with a variety of home décor. Their pillowcases can be used as gifts for Christmas, Halloween,Thanksgiving, and other festivals and are suitable for living room, bedroom, sofa, bed, car, chair, floor, bench, office, coffee shop, wedding banquet, etc. There may be a deviation of 1-2 cm, since all pillow cases are handmade.

Brand: Lekeplus

👤The fabric is soft. It was nicely done. Great buy for money.

👤The pillow covers are pretty, but they are not as nice as a dog. They are returning them.

7. Decorative Morocco Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom

Decorative Morocco Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom

There is no pillow insert in the square 18 inch Farmhouse Throw Pillows. The Morocco Pillow Covers is made of black, white and tufted and has bright colors and is comfortable. The unique design can show you your artistic taste. It can be placed in the living room and bedroom, or as a piece of art in any corner of the home, with Exquisite workmanship:exquisite cotton material and tassels tufting embroidery technology can present the perfect texture of the product, it can be placed in the living room and bedroom, It can make you happy. The hidden smooth zipper design is elegant. It is easy to clean. Either hand wash or machine wash.

Brand: Omerai

👤I was expecting to like the pillow covers. I didn't expect them to be so comfortable and luxurious. I am going for a bohemian look in my living room and these delivered. I can't believe the quality for the price. I have seen pillows like this at some places. I ordered more immediately after these came in. Don't be on the fence. Purchase them now! You will not be disappointed.

👤The diamond pillow was what I was expecting. It takes a little fluffing to un-squish the threads. The striped pillow has big ABCs on it, which I didn't expect. They work from a long way away.

👤The pillow covers are perfect. I bought them for our guest room. They are easy to put on.

👤Our living space was instantly brightened by these covers. They are thick and comfortable. They will stand the test of time.

👤They look great on the couch. They have a great texture.

8. Jonhier Handmade Farmhouse Decorative Bohemain

Jonhier Handmade Farmhouse Decorative Bohemain

There are handcrafted Boho pillow covers. macrame braided ropes are used to make the pillow covers. Adding a touch of bohemian style to your home or place of business can be done with a trendy and neutral design. Do not rent your living space. The moroccan pillowcases can be used to decorate a variety of indoor and outdoor space. The cute and textural square cushions add a touch of elegance to any interior setting. The size and husky ZIPPER is listed. The orange pillowcase is 18 x 18 inches and has no inserts. They recommend to size up the insert for a full look because of the invisible zip. The bohemian throw pillow covers will exceed your expectations. It will be a thoughtful gift. It is a great present for special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations or housewarmings. The care instructions are given. They recommend hand washing the tassels pillow cover. They will give you a satisfaction solution within 24 hours if you have any problems or concerns.

Brand: Jonhier

👤Our living room was perfect with these pillow covers. They look more expensive than they are.

👤Love the quality. I was very disappointed that they were not orange. I did not go with furniture.

👤Excellent quality and love the pattern! I was skeptical since there weren't many reviews, but I was so happy I bought it! Love!

👤I liked this pillow cover. My decor was very cute. I returned it because I have a cat and I didn't think about her messing with the tassels.

👤When I expected the stripe to be a terracotta color, it was brown. I still like it. I bought a bigger pillow insert to make it look bigger.

9. Banilla Bohemian Decorative Perfect Diamond

Banilla Bohemian Decorative Perfect Diamond

Adorn your space with these decorative pillows to add a bohemian flair to your home decor. This gorgeous throw pillow set is made with lots of tassels and will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. The shag is in a diamond pattern and they love it. The accent pillows are made from 100% cotton and are easy to care for. The reinforced stitches on the zipper make it last a long time. You'll get two decorative pillow covers, but you have to purchase inserts separately. These items can be different from the pillow cover dimensions. They recommend that you separate your hand wash or toss them into a cold wash cycle. Do not wash or dry. Banilla is a brand that you can trust and they are committed to creating products that you will love. They are here to help and will take care of you within 24 hours.

Brand: Banilla

👤This was my first purchase from this shop and I was so impressed with the quality and beauty of this product that I bought a few more. The design is great and the product was even nicer than the promotional photos when it arrived.

👤A week later, I had a guest over. She sat on the edge of the pillow and the tassel popped right off. Exactly as pictured! I'm thinking about getting the pink ones as well.

👤I am very happy with the pillow covers. They fit my standard throw pillows and the color is just soo. It's pretty. They add a lot of bohemian style to my bedroom. They are soft and I love the tassle detail.

👤This was a great buy. The quality of the color is very good. I will order more.

👤The pillows are a perfect accent. The material and workmanship are of the highest quality. Well-made.

👤This is a nice pillow cover and will try more colors.

👤Rich looking and loves the tassles.

👤The pillow looked great, but I can't speak to any of its other qualities because it arrived with a large hole in the seam.

10. JUXAMI Pillow Covers Decorative Bedroom

JUXAMI Pillow Covers Decorative Bedroom

The 18 x 18 bohemian pillow covers with triangle patterns have a chic look and feel, vivid color in eye-catching geometric and handmade woven make it stand out in the mix, warm and comfortable. The modern pillow covers 18x18 come with a premium quality invisible zipper that helps easily on and off, and ensures that each seam of the pillowcase is strong and not easily damaged. Fantastic quality will surpass your expectations. The front and back of the woven throw pillow covers are made of cotton. The 18x18 inches measure 0.28 pounds. The design is soft and dense. PerfECT decline is defined. The neutral color of this pillowcase matches well with multiple decoration styles. It's perfect for placing in a couch, sofa, bedroom, office, living room, party, car, etc. A nice gift for friends and family. Care instructions. Hand wash is recommended for the tufting decorative pillow covers. The first cleaning may have some floating fiber. They offer a one-year warranty.

Brand: Juxami

👤The pillows are cute and the colors are perfect. Excellent quality is what they are. I was worried it would be very fragile. I have two big dogs that I allow on the couch and they love to lay on the pillows and they have held up so far! They are comfortable to lay on. They are soft and nice. I love these so much. Buy them!

👤This is the first pillow case I've ordered which is true to color, and it looks just like the images, so I really wanted to love it. The pillow was one size too small, so not even overstuffed, and I ripped at the seam immediately after putting it in. It must be a manufacturing problem because other reviews mention tears in the same spot. I had to sew it shut myself. It's okay quality. If you pair this with a light-colored sofa, you'll have little bits of rainbow fuzz everywhere.

👤I don't know what has happened but this is the third purchase I have made with Amazon in the past couple of months where the items are just terrible. Quality control is important. This has been terrible, I never write reviews. The edge of the pillow was ripped open when it was opened. I will be sewing the edge closed as if I have been sewing all my life. I expected quality for almost 17 dollars. No on this as well.

👤Absolutely love the pillow cases. I was pleasantly surprised that they look the same as the advertised picture. I think they are a tad smaller than 18x18, but you can squeeze it on a bigger pillow. They feel like they will hold up.

👤I was looking for a subtle pillow cover to add to my decor. This one is perfect for the bill. I like it. It is well made, no loose strings, and the zip is straight. It looks good. What else can you ask for in a pillow cover?

👤This is a great new pillow cover. It's perfect in my living room. I ordered a second one because I loved it so much. The size is perfect and soft. Have had friends compliment them. Great job!

👤I am not sure if they are large or not. The inserts were undersized. My pillows look sad. They are too thin and baggy.

👤This made our bed pop with color. I ordered it to go with my bedding set. There is turquoise. Looks cute! I don't know how it will hold up in the wash, I haven't washed it yet.

11. JASEN Decorative Diamond Pattern Bedroom

JASEN Decorative Diamond Pattern Bedroom

The size and fabric are not included. The back of the couch pillow cover is made of 100% cotton, while the front is made of 45% cotton. It's 18x18 inches. Part dense soft and aesthetic can be achieved through Exquisite workmanship. The 3D effect with the tufting technic makes these orange pillow covers stand out. The 18 x 18 bohemian pillow covers with diamond patterns have a chic look and feels, vivid color in eye-catching tufted geometric and handmade woven make it stand out in the mix, warm and comfortable. Premium quality hidden zipper make these farmhouse throw pillows easy to insert. The production process pays attention to detail, making sure that the pillowcase is strong and not easily damaged. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. The bohemian throw pillow covers are warm and resistant to heat. It's perfect for decorating a room in a simple and fashionable way. It's suitable for living room, bedroom, couch, bed, car, office, cafe, etc. They recommend avoiding a long time soaking for the tufted pillowcases. Some floating fabric is normal for the first cleaning. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them.

Brand: Jasen

👤It brings the colors from my bedding together. A nice vibe.

👤Well made with a hidden zip. The colors are deep blush, navy, oatmeal, and dusty gold. It's perfect for my home office.

👤It completes my bedroom. It is beautiful.

👤It's just super cute. It's a good idea to wash inside out in a laundry bag.

👤This pillow is gorgeous. It is just as cute in person as it is in the picture.


What is the best product for decorative throw pillows boho?

Decorative throw pillows boho products from Molili. In this article about decorative throw pillows boho you can see why people choose the product. Marsaule and Redearth are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative throw pillows boho.

What are the best brands for decorative throw pillows boho?

Molili, Marsaule and Redearth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative throw pillows boho. Find the detail in this article. Phantoscope, Dezene and Lekeplus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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