Best Decorative Towels and Curtain Set for Bathroom

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1. Lush Decor Curtain Striped Bathroom

Lush Decor Curtain Striped Bathroom

The shower curtain has a bold design. The Terra shower curtain has a color block design of varying brown and beige shades for your traditional or minimalist style bathroom accessory decor. The 72 x 72 inch measure is made of 100% polyester and button holes at the top allow for easy installation. The item is dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the design.

Brand: Lush Decor

👤The shower curtain was the perfect color and style. I recently painted my bathroom cream and was looking for a curtain that was light and airy and not too feminine or busy. I ordered 4 curtains and tried them all, but none of them blew my socks off. My teenage son uses that bathroom with his friends and needed a balance of classic style but not too fancy. I ordered this one last night because I thought I could always send it back. I told my son that the package was a shower curtain. I told him I would know the right one when I saw it. The box is still in the clear packaging. I thought this was the one. He said that it was way better. I like it. We are good after I put it up after running a light steam iron over it. There is a I have a shower curtain liner that is milky white and I can't see through it when I put my hand against it. It is lightweight. I use hooks that separate the curtain and liner from each other to make sure they don't touch, but I don't know how it will hold up to water. Very happy. If something were to happen to it, I would order another one to use. I don't have to worry about finding something that works again.

👤The shower curtain has a dark brown and ribbon accent, and I like it. The bottom part is tan and beautiful. It stains very easily when water gets on it. The humidity may have brought out some stains. After 1.5 months of use, it has serious wrinkling in the fabric. If you use a bathroom that is never used, but you use it for showers, you should know that the bathroom will get stains on it. I don't like the stains. I feel like I wasted my money here.

👤The shower curtain came out of a package. You can't iron it or put it in a dryer because the Downy wrinkling wouldn't come out. I bought a different curtain because I couldn't stand the wrinkling. What a letdown.

👤I thought it would be from the picture. It's translucent if you have a light over the shower. I was expecting a bit heavier material, but it's for my guest bathroom and it's more for looks than anything. It's easy to fix when it comes out of the bag. I accidentally untangled a stray thread from some of the square adornments.

👤Put it up because it was purchased for a new house. There are stains after 2 showers. It is possible that condensation brought them out. It's not clear in the pictures. These are not wet or damp. There is a This shower curtain is lightweight and pretty. The stains are an issue for me. This is a main bath and I don't want guests to think otherwise of my hygiene.

👤It is a perfect match for my guest bathroom tiles, however others have said the stitching is a mess. I left it open so you could see the detail at one end. Unless someone is actually using it, nothing is straight. I could have returned it, but the colors worked well.

2. LIVILAN Watercolor Decorative Bathroom Accessories

LIVILAN Watercolor Decorative Bathroom Accessories

Easy care and convenience. The shower curtain is machine washed. Installation is easy with built-in metal ring holes. The flower shower hurts. Any type of bathroom furniture can be used with the stylish watercolor shower curtain. You enjoy your bath time because of the unique pattern. The shower curtain is made of 100% polyester and is applicable to home decoration. Water beads stay on the surface of the fabric, which is treated to let it repel and dry. The shower curtains are modern. This shower curtain has a reinforced top hem, which makes sure it doesn't fall when you are in the shower. TRENDY SHOWER CURTAIN. You will receive a shower curtain and hooks. Watercolor shower contiguity. If you have a problem with the item, please contact them. They will respond within 24 hours and make sure your issue is taken care of.

Brand: Livilan

👤I don't leave reviews, but I am in love with this product. I wanted to assure future buyers that they should go for it. The design is beautiful, the material is water resistant, the colors are vivid, and there are many different options when it comes to decorating the rest of your space. Coral, rust orange, mustard yellow, plum, and other colors. All of them would look great as accent pieces and rug colors. I am very happy with my order.

👤Cute for the price. My guest bath was really bright. I have a liner behind it, so I didn't test water resistance.

👤The colors in the printed flowers on this shower curtain compliment the paint on our guest bathroom. I am working on a painting that will pull the room together. Light plays a roll in how the colors look in the photo, and it looks a little different in the photos. The curtains are bright white and the flowers are not as bright.

👤Absolutely love this curtain. The colors are bright. Ended up decorating the entire bath. A clear liner was added to prolong the wear on the curtain rings. It makes me smile when I enter the bath. Very pleasant and calm.

👤Looks great. I put it up the same day.

👤The shower curtain is gorgeous. The material feels substantial, the colors are vibrant, and the quality is exactly what I was hoping for. This product doesn't have a lot of reviews, so I took a risk. I am very happy with my purchase. I don't write reviews on Amazon but I wanted to support a product that makes my bathroom look amazing when I see it in the morning. I found something that I loved from a small business, not a big box store.

👤The print is wonderful. I put a liner on the curtain. The shower rings are cheap. I'm throwing them away. I'm happy I didn't throw them away.

👤This made a huge difference in my condo master bath. I decided to try this curtain since I was close to painting the linoleum. It will look better when I choose bright colored bath mats. The bright colors blend well in my decor and take the focus off my old floor. The white background looks great with my things. While showering it isn't claustrophobic because it light filters. A great purchase for a lot less.

👤After taking down my Christmas curtain, I put this up. It looks great in my bathroom.

3. YoKii Polyester Decorative Weighted Bathroom

YoKii Polyester Decorative Weighted Bathroom

The hand towel has a pattern background. After washing, smooth the hair in the direction of the original pattern. The shower curtain has a new technology that keeps water inside. There is no liner required. Your style outside. The shower curtain has a white pom pom trim. Most color schemes will work with pure white base color. It is recommended to use a bathroom shower curtain with a 180 sm fabric because it is very heavy duty and will be more expensive. The chic shower curtain has a visible weighted hem that keeps it from flying up. Easy care and convenience. The shower curtain is machine washed. Installation is easy with built-in metal ring holes.

Brand: Yokii

👤The pattern is beautiful. On the short side. I ordered 78” and it is actually counting the tassels.

👤I was looking for a shower curtain that was black and white. This one is very good. The bottom has tassels. I would buy it again.

👤I am really happy with this shower curtain. The quality is great. Our bathroom isn't finished, but we are going for a western/tribal look and I think it will work. A simple design adds more than just a curtain.

👤I've never written a review. It will never happen. Go ahead and purchase if you are on the fence. It is true to the advertised extra long length. My kids use it in the bathroom at different ages. We use it without a liner and it dries quickly. The material is going to be good for frequent washing. I will just buy another one if it doesn't hold up long.

👤I thought the curtain was made of cloth, but it's not, it's a cheap thin material. It's still nice, but not what I thought. It's nice. It was simple and subtle. I like it!

👤Absolutely perfect. I was looking for something simple but also a hint of design for our new gray floors. I was trying to match the gray and the accents. The towels have tassels on them. I use a liner as well. I didn't want the tassels in the shower. The rings that were included with my silver metal ones were switched out. I like the outcome.

👤I've always used standard shower curtains. I didn't know the difference the longer length would make. The cabinet above the toilet makes the style look better. The fringe at the bottom makes the room feel more spacious. It should be easy to wash the fabric and sewing. I will use a net bag to be gentle with the fringe.

👤This was the perfect addition to my rental bathroom, I was going for a bohemian vibe. The walls are all white. I wanted a big impact without painting. I have a plastic shower curtain liner as well. I'm careful not to get the curtain in the tub, but so far. It's holding up. I'm happy that my cats don't attack the tassels.

👤This is not very good. The shower curtain Rod was standard with 12 plastic clips. My shower curtain came with 13 holes, but they are not evenly distributed. It doesn't look right when I leave the empty one. It is a little long for a standard bathroom ceiling height. I can live with that. It repels water for feeling like fabric, but it's over priced for the quality. I usually give products the benefit of the doubt, but this was disappointing.

👤I bought a shower curtain to cover my closet in my bedroom. It hangs well with my decor. On a delicate cycle, washed well. I hung it up after I untangled it. Within minutes, it was dry. I love it! I highly recommend.

👤You will need a liner to sit against to keep the water out. I am very happy with the curtain, it is the height I wanted and the pattern is beautiful. If you are matching other whites in your bathroom, be aware that the base color is cold white.

4. Lush Decor Shimmer Sequins Curtain

Lush Decor Shimmer Sequins Curtain

Hang to dry with similar items. Follow instructions on the label. The shower curtain is ideal for a chic bathroom. The curtain has stripes of sequin at the top and bottom. The shower curtain is silver and white. The 72 x 72 inch fabric has button holes to make it easy to install. Hand wash only and hang to dry due to the delicate nature of the design. The shower curtain is included.

Brand: Lush Decor

👤Very nice. I was surprised by the quality. I wash them on a gentle cycle and don't dry them. The curtain is soft and nice, like a well made sheet, and it is sewn on well. The price was great and I love it.

👤I love this! My guest bathroom had the right amount of sparkle. Would buy again.

👤I really liked this, but it is 4 inches shorter than described. How did no one mention this? Did I get a short one? It is nice looking for the price and if you don't mind a 68" shower curtain, I gave it 2 stars. The look is ruined by the length. It's easy to get a refund.

👤I love this! It looks very elegant. It has held up well after being used for a few months. People think gawdy, but these are sewn really closely and give a waterfall/mermaid impression. It spot cleans really well, but I was leery of going all white. Guests say my bathroom looks clean and shiny.

👤I had to iron out the creases because it was folded, but I don't like that. The threading was done as soon as I opened the package. There are spots on the white curtain that may be hot glue or something. When it is hung, it doesn't fully expand because the side was sewed inwards. I spent too long trying to iron the seams straight so the top is ok. I hung it up because I was fixing my bathroom. I hope the second one is better than the first one, so I can send this one back. It's just so inconvenient.

👤You can find what you need at Amazon. I looked everywhere for this. It is an extra special edition to my bathroom.

👤I was unsure of buying this because I love shimmer. I absolutely love Love this curtain, the quality is good and it makes my bathroom look great. Even getting wet, has held up well. It was a little pricey for what I would normally spend on a shower curtain, but it was worth it. Will be ordering another one in case it ever needs to be replaced. I would recommend it to anyone who likes shimmer in their decor.

👤There were stains on the curtain. It looks like it was returned before. It has too many holes for hanging. It looks terrible when hanged. The seller should point this out. Not recommended.

👤I decided to keep the Black and White Night Sky one because it was lovely. The seller is a pleasure to deal with.

👤I received my shower curtain within the promised time, it's beautiful, I love it, and my bathroom is beautiful. Thank you Amazon, I always get 5 star quality through you. Aniko Szabo.

👤Duschvorhang ist wunderschn. In Glanz, there is a bad erstrahlt. Mann findet ihn toll. The Stoff is hervorragend. Vielen!

👤He tratado de comprar otros detalles. As lo dejo, quieren cobrar.

5. Lush Decor Curtain Shimmery Bathroom

Lush Decor Curtain Shimmery Bathroom

The shower curtain is included. The shower curtain will add a glamorous touch to your bathroom. The Night Sky shower curtain is ideal for a modern or traditional bathroom. A shimmery sequin panel is used in a bold fabric shower curtain. The fabric is soft and 100% polyester. Button holes allow for easy installation. Dry clean is recommended. Hand wash cold, non-chlorine bleach. Hang to dry. Do not ring.

Brand: Lush Decor

👤The curtain is pretty. I bought a liner for the inside. I don't like the look of a tub with no bottoms. I can't actually speak to the water resistance. I gave 5 statistics anyway. The light gray is perfect. I wanted something soft and feminine but not too feminine for my husband. I put it with fluffy light rugs.

👤The shower curtain is beautiful. The colors are different and the curtain is deep gray, which sits inside the tub. I've received a lot of praise for it.

👤A decent quality shower curtain. I have a dated black and white bathroom that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on renovations for, and the shower curtain helped make it look better. Is a pretty shower curtain. It appears to be well made and good quality. I used a liner behind it, but didn't have any issues with it, even though I showered a few times with it without a liner. I would recommend buying it if you like it. It made my old bathroom look better.

👤The shower curtain is gorgeous. I wanted to make my bathroom look nicer. This did the trick. The beading is very nice. The curtain is light and the white bottom is sheer. I put cloth liners behind it to make it more opaque. It drapes beautifully after it has been ironed out.

👤I love the shower curtain. I use it in my guest bathroom. I use my main bathroom a lot and it's a bit much. I think it's more decorative.

👤This shower curtain is very nice. We wanted something for my mom. She likes it. It was shorter than I needed, but I bought it anyway because it looked like a multi-effect. Couldn't be happier!

👤I like mine. It's nice in my bathroom. I didn't want to choose a color but I wanted a touch of glamour. This was perfect. I loved the gray plastic liner that I had. I'm fine with it.

👤I worry about ordering things on line. The shower curtain is the same as pictured. I am happy I bought it.

👤This is only for the style of your bathroom, you need a plastic curtain as well. I bought the basic pastic curtain from the Amazon store. There is a It's not heavy duty fabric, but it's fine, you can't see through the curtains when someone is in the shower, but you can see the shadow of your hand. It is easy to clean. Since there is glitter you want to watch out for... I have it for the past two months. I couldn't be more satisfied. I love it. I would buy it again.

👤I bought the pink one, but it turned out to be a peach colour, so I swapped it for the black and white one with silver sequins, and this one is amazing. I've been getting renovations and this shower curtain adds sophistication to my bathroom. I would recommend using a shower liner along with it, as it is a bit sheer and you can see my subway tiles through it. The exchange was very quick, and I would highly recommend this seller again.

6. Nautical Absorbent Washcloth Starfish Decoration

Nautical Absorbent Washcloth Starfish Decoration

The item is dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the design. Their nautical shower curtain is made of environment-friendly polyester fabric, which is waterproof, durable and lightweight. It's perfect for creating a comfortable lifestyle. Matching toWEL: The nautical bath towel is made from high quality microfiber terry cloth. It is lightweight and has a water absorbent effect. Both safety and eco-friendly are offered. HD printing technology. There are elements as starfish. The shower curtain has fresh colors and will make your bathroom more fun. Privacy and decorative appeal can be provided at the same time. There is no need to worry about fading. There is a great size choice. The nautical shower curtain is 70" long and 69" wide. They use a weighted hem to maintain stability. The beach towel is 61.61 inches long and 31.5 inches wide. The hand towel is 27" L 15.8" W. It is suitable for most people to cover or wrap up after swimming. It is easy to install and easy to care for. There are hooks for hanging this shower curtain. Either hand or machine wash. Only hang dry. It's best to iron it at a lower temperature.

Brand: Alishomtll

👤You get what you pay for. I got it after going by good reviews. I didn't like it. The material is light and flimsy. I was unaware that they charged you $5.99 to return. I'm keeping it because it's not worth it. I will have to look at it in annoyance.

👤The weight was a little lighter than expected.

👤Two attempts were made to get this. They lost the first one, but Amazon gave me a new one. I was tired of ordering again. I had already bought it. It looked great when it showed up.

👤Really great! The quality is great, you get your money's worth. Take a look at my photos.

👤I bought this for my mom. The product was not cheap and was just like the picture. Good texture! It was better in person than I anticipated.

👤This looks great in the bathroom. Good quality.

👤The first and last hanging holes did not match a standard shower curtain liner. The curtain liner was shown on each side. I had to punch in my own hole to make it match. The first hole I made. It had to be done on both sides.

7. YoKii Moroccan Geometric Polyester Decorative

YoKii Moroccan Geometric Polyester Decorative

We offer 100% satisfaction for their designer microfiber fabric bath accessories sets and 30-day free return for their unique bathroom shower curtains set. The shower curtain has a new technology that keeps water inside. There is no liner required. Your style outside. This pattern will take over your bathroom. Most color schemes will work with off white base color. It is recommended to use a curtain made of 180 sm fabric, which is very heavy duty and will be more expensive. The shabby chic shower curtain has a visible weighted hem that keeps it from flying up. Machine wash and dry. Installation is easy with built-in metal ring holes.

Brand: Yokii

👤I decided to get a new shower curtain after having the same one for years. This shower curtain is gorgeous. I get a lot of praise for it. It stands up to a lot of use.

👤This curtain is what I was looking for when I decided to go for a bohemian look.

👤I wanted a modern look for my bathroom but I also have some rustic style decor and it can be difficult to change those two styles together, the white cream color of the cloth mixes well with my decor and the black design is more modern and fun but also simplistic. There is a It's not like regular shower curtain material, but it's thin and has some weight to it, so it's probably why I got the 84" long one. I love the design, after searching for a few days, I always came back to it, and that's what you want, so I got it. It was well worth the money because it's a good statement piece in my bathroom and everything else is neutral. I have had a shower curtain for about a month or so now and I have had no issues with it, it's a mix of soft cloth and waterproof plastic, it's like a mix between a soft cloth and a waterproof plastic. I'm assuming it will wash, if not I'll update this post.

👤This shower curtain is gorgeous. I have been looking for a shower curtain that wouldn't make my small bathroom look dark. This one is perfect. The material is heavier and nicer than cheap printed curtains that sell for twice the price, and the length is perfect. I don't know how waterproof it is, but the coating on it seems to repel water. I have two hanging in my shower.

👤It fits our bathroom perfectly. The design is simple but comfortable. The previous one was plain gray and the whole bathroom looked brighter after we changed it. Everyone in the family likes it.

👤It looks and feels like it. I have had to hide shelves in my laundry room because of water resistance.

👤I wanted to say that the product advertised water resistance, however it was on the floor. The shower curtain was not wet, but I had to purchase a liner. It's good so far.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shower curtain. The print is very cute. The fabric is water resistant, which is great because we haven't needed a liner with it. I was not able to find a shower curtain this small. This fits nicely in our shower.

👤Very pleased with the product. Looks great. Hangs on the curtain rod. It keeps its shape. Between uses, it's good to keep well between uses. It has no strong plastic smell, which is a big plus. The shower curtains have a plastic smell, but it will go away in less than an hour if you open the package. The price was very good for the quality of the product. I would recommend friends to buy from again.

8. Madison Park MP70 644 Shower Curtain

Madison Park MP70 644 Shower Curtain

The red shower curtain has a soft yellow color that pairs with delicate floral embroidery for an elegant addition to your bathroom. The look can be completed with coordinating bedding and sold separately. The material and features are faux silk. Measures 72 (W) x 72 (L) inches. The design is simple and can be hung on the rod. Liner is recommended. It's easy to hang on the shower rod. It's great for the entire season. There was no smell of vinyl. The look of the bathtub is discreet. The tub has drapes on it. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, and separately. Do not use bleach. Remove quickly. Do not use iron. If there is no free movement in the washer or dryer, use a large capacity commercial washer/dryer. They offer 100% satisfaction for their designer microfiber fabric bath accessories sets and 30-day free return for their unique bathroom shower curtains set.

Brand: Madison Park

👤Finally! This is a quality item. The detail of the embroidery is gorgeous. The pleats add to the elegance and the taupe tone of the chocolate pleats at the bottom keeps it from being too red. The 84 inch one was purchased by us. If you have high ceilings, I recommend getting a foot longer curtain. I will need to iron some spots on this, but most of the curtain has no wrinkling. Very nice! The curtain needs a liner. Yes, it allows light to go through. If you're looking for natural light behind it, go with a clear liner. If you don't, get an off-white one to show the curtain. They are going with clear. It looks great with light coming through and no darkness.

👤I made a shower curtain out of it. It is now used to cover the window above my garden tub. I used shower hooks to hang the curtains and hung an inexpensive curtain rod with command hooks. I painted the hooks to match my fixture. Clever? The curtain was tied together with a brown sheer panel to let the light in. I removed the tie at night to allow the curtains to expand to their full width for added privacy. I have a comforter set and pillows in my bedroom. The pieces are nicely tied together. Why didn't she use the curtains that are part of the set? I'm glad you asked. The curtains didn't have enough of the green and floral pattern. There was a lot of brown. There is a You have. Give them a try. The stitching is nice and the quality is good. I put them in the dryer to get some steam out of them. A good purchase. A little pricey but worth it.

👤It's way off on this! That is what you get if you want it. I wanted the picture to be exact. The first picture is what I wanted and the second picture is what I got. It was very disappointing. If you don't want a specific color, it's a beautiful shower curtain.

👤I ordered the color purple. The lavender in the picture is what it looks like. It's true to the color of the picture. The bottom row is brown at home. It is a dark purple if you look close. My review is embroidered and not stamped on, unlike some of the negative ones. I had a hard time finding a lavender. I said I would try it. I'll send it back if it's not good. It's very easy to return items on Amazon. I buy everything on Amazon. Good luck to me!

👤I bought the red burgundy shower curtain because I wanted it to look the same in my bathroom. The fabric and design are great, but the top part of the design is disappointing. The holes were sewn too close to the edge and it droops. I like the design so I am going to fold it down to make it more rigid. I closed part of the eyelets, but it didn't help. Hopefully, this will make the curtain stand out more.

9. Lush Decor Riley Shower Curtain

Lush Decor Riley Shower Curtain

If you're looking for a bathroom shower curtain that will compliment your Vintage Chic, modern or farmhouse decor, look no further. A shower curtain with cascading bow ties can be used in any bathroom. The shower curtain has a pretty design and is soft. The 72 x 72 inch measure has button holes at the top that allow for easy installation. Hang to dry with similar items. Follow instructions on the label.

Brand: Lush Decor

👤I love this shower curtain. It's very dainty and feminine. I've gotten a lot of praise for it. It took me a long time to find a curtain that was right. I found this one! It's perfect.

👤The picture does not look like def. The fabric is thin. The picture does not depict flowers going all the way down. Did not make a difference. I don't do reviews but would hate someone else to be a scam artist.

👤The shower curtain is pretty. I finally ordered it and thought about it for a long time. I was worried that the bows would be too much. The bows are pretty, chic and add a soft look to the bathroom of my daughter.

👤This shower curtain is gorgeous. It makes me happy when I walk into my bathroom. I ordered the white and it looks like the photo. It adds just the right amount of flair, without being over the top. I like that it is thinner, because it allows a lot of light to come in. I have a steamer that I can use to smooth out the wrinkling in the package. Would definitely purchase again.

👤I decided to use this as a window curtain because I was frugal and didn't want to pay for 2 curtain panels. I bought the hooks from Walmart and the curtain rod from Amazon. I think my vision has come to life.

👤It is the sweetest curtain. It may look juvenile, but I love it! "My teen daughter's room" was stated in some other review. I don't care! So cute! There are 2 matching valances. It's equally cute. I think washing may be a problem. The bows may be too fragile to be thrown in the washer. I just hope for the best and it will be in a laundry bag.

👤Very pretty. Not see through. It was folded in the package. There will be wrinkling in the fabric. I bought 2 of them. I put them in the dryer with a towel. The little bows came off, but all of the wrinkling was gone. You will need to purchase something else. They could be used as window curtains with the correct rod and curtain hangers.

👤Buying new things to add is the best part of moving into a new home. It was ok to move from a stand alone shower to a bathtub with the help of this shower curtain. It is unique and light, and it looks hung up. I put a curtain liner with magnets behind it, and so far it is working great, I used a double hook on them. It was more expensive than I wanted, but I won't need to replace it for years, so I might as well trade off. I think I will hand wash it, then machine wash it if I can.

👤I'm happy I chose this item over another one. This is elegant and perfect. I'm hoping it stays in great condition after washing.

👤It looks cheap. The pictures are boring. I saw reviews that said it looked great. Maybe it does in a different color. The grey one is not very nice. I will have to replace it soon.

10. WHOLE HOUSEWARES 4 Pieces Accessories Dispenser

WHOLE HOUSEWARES 4 Pieces Accessories Dispenser

Beautiful. The bathroom accessories are made of silver and will make any room look brighter. A bathroom set that enhances a room's feel is truly unique. The mosaic designs are of the highest quality. Beautiful. The bathroom accessories are made of silver and will make any room look brighter. A bathroom set that enhances a room's feel is truly unique. The mosaic designs are of the highest quality. It isdurable: The bathroom accessories set is made of glass. Mosaic glass is durably manufactured for any and all bathroom. There are multiple items. A bathroom acessories set. The soap dish, toothbrush holder, and soap dispensers are included. There are four unique bathroom pieces. The gift is perfect for friends and family. The perfect housewarming gift is bathroom accessories made with glass mosaic designs. You can mix and match Whole Housewares bathroom accessories for the perfect bathroom finish. They love their bathroom accessory sets.

Brand: Whole Housewares

👤The bathroom set is beautiful and good value. Does not seem to be cheap metal on top of the glass.

👤This looks like a project that was never finished. It's definitely not worth the money. There is a It's a glass jar covered in ceramic and there are crystal shards on it, and it would be cute if it was complete.

👤It looks great in my girls bathroom.

👤I spent 67 hours looking for the perfect powder room accessories. This set was created for me and my decr. The set was packed tightly and there was no blemish to be found. The tissue cover, waste basket, and scrubber will never be used to scrub something. To finish the set. This set is for you. It was made for me, but I can share with other people similar tastes and an eye for quality. You are welcome!

👤The Mosaic bathroom accessories set is in very good condition. These pieces are all handmade and are in a trendy colour. The colour is the same as the photo and I love it. Each attractive bathroom has a bright and elegant touch to it. They are nicer than I expected. This collection is of good quality.

👤I can't put the toothpaste tube in the toothbrush holder as the openings are narrow, because the top doesn't come off. If the top was removed, it would have more room to fit other things. Cleaning inside would be a challenge. There is a The pump leaks soap when it's used. They're pretty, but have a rough texture.

👤I don't write reviews, but this one deserves it. I received my set today. It is absolutely beautiful. It is very well packaged and goes perfectly with my bathroom decor. The most beautiful set I have ever seen is great value.

👤The pieces arrived in perfect condition. The colors are beautiful. I wish one of the pictures had been a closer look at the design. I didn't realize until it arrived that there was a slightly distressed look to the scales. I don't like it, it looks old and used, and it would be better without it. I will try to learn to live with it, because I am not interested in trying to return.

👤Stunning pieces that make my bathroom look great! I also bought a matching bin from Amazon. Sturdy and sparklie items. The toothbrush compartment wasn't removed. I would have preferred not to have the lid on it. Oh well. I managed to get over it quickly.

👤3 pieces arrived. There is no SOAP TRAY! Only option available for return. This was a gift. Very disappointing.


What is the best product for decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom?

Decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom products from Lush Decor. In this article about decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Livilan and Yokii are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom?

Lush Decor, Livilan and Yokii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative towels and curtain set for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Alishomtll, Yokii and Madison Park are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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