Best Decorative Towels for Kitchen

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1. Elrene Fashions Everyday Assorted Kitchen

Elrene Fashions Everyday Assorted Kitchen

There is an Elegy of CLOTHE TOWELS. The Elrene Home Fashions Everyday Casual Prints Assorted Kitchen Towels add elegance to any kitchen. The classic tea tongs are pictured. The cute cotton towel set is simple and global. A white kitchen dish-towel background has intricate patterns on it. Premium 100% cotton cloth is used in the high quality home decor. The towel set includes 4 lovely dish towels that measure 17 x 28. Fashionable and easy care. This set is a fun addition to your kitchen. The towels should be machine washed to keep them looking great. There are four generations of quality and fashion. Since 1922, Elrene Home Fashions has been designing and producing high-quality home decor. They create looks and designs for your home.

Brand: Elrene Home Fashions

👤We use them multiple times a day. They helped us cut down on paper towel use. They don't shrink in the wash, but do get a bit wrinkly, but come on and use them to wipe food off your face so no big deal. I'm not going to iron them. The patterns are nice. We have gotten feedback from guests. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The quality and material are not symmetrical. I don't like folding them. They are great, except for that.

👤These are simply gorgeous. I am glad I took a risk with no reviews. The quality and price are great. Cotton is made in India. The table is tied together perfectly by the patterns. I don't have any doubts about the quality of the material, I haven't washed them yet. I have never seen anything like it in store. The shipping was fast and as described.

👤The material has a great pattern, color and feel. Quality check must have been off when these were made. Some of the napkins were two inches out of square. I am not overly particular and a bit odd, but I can not fold these things properly.

👤When I received the package, I loved them. I washed and dried them after using them. They came out of the dryer very quickly. They would be used for a single event. I didn't get to use them before the deadline so I will write them off as a loss.

👤For the price, I am ok donating the ones I don't care for. I got my neighbor a set for Christmas because she loved them so much. There is a If you want them to be perfectly flat, you need to iron them on the corners, but they have withstood the washer and dryer. There is a Check the size and be sure you want it. They aren't super soft, just in case you're particular about that. They feel like a towel.

👤It was a disappointment. I bought these for a party I am having soon and have no time to return and get something else, but I think it is my duty to inform other buyers. I discovered that they are 17x 15 and it's difficult to make rolled place settings. If that is your goal, look elsewhere. They are great if you don't have to have square. The material irons well.

👤I thought these were great for my family to transition from paper napkins to cloth. I only wanted to wash them once a week, so I knew I wanted a lot of cotton ones. I didn't care if they were square. We eat a lot of red sauce type dishes and I'm not good at spraying the stains before washing them. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I hope my daughter will too. It is 12th wedding anniversary silk/linen so 2 dozen napkins for entertaining will be useful as well as attractive and more environment friendly than paper napkins.

👤They are not too big and not too small, that's the best part. The cotton is very thick and absorbent. This is not common. The back of the pattern is plain and only printed on one side. They are a pleasure to use and wash nicely. Highly recommended.

2. Smyrna Turkish Herringbone Cotton Decorative

Smyrna Turkish Herringbone Cotton Decorative

Made in Turkey, 100% Organic Cotton is made with Anatolian yarn and imported from Turkey. Turkish Cotton hand towels are useful in many places, such as; bath, kitchen, bathroom, SPA and fitness. It can also be used as a towel. You will never believe how functional this fabric is. High quality. The Turkish hand towel is very functional and popular because of its soft feeling, light weight and easy drying features. Before use, wash it. After each wash, it becomes softer. It is larger than regular hand towels. Set of 2 with size and material. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified is a 100% Genuine Cotton, 5.1 ounce, that is free of harmful chemicals and is highly Absorbable and quick dry. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the Towels in 30 days. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Smyrna Turkish Cotton

👤I really like these towels. They are stylish. Beautiful colors. Excellent quality. The price is great. Buy them and they won't disapoint.

👤The towels are absorbent. They dry very quickly. They are used in the powder room. Dry and machine wash. The fringe is still intact. I will be giving sets as gifts. I love them!

👤I love these towels for the bathroom. They look great and are soft. I support a company that looks after their customers. If you are in the market for Turkish towels, please choose these ones. You will not regret it!

👤The towels are gorgeous and compliment one another. The towels are soft. They were purchased for the purpose of decorating. I don't know how they would hold up as a hand towel.

👤The product was as advertised. The texture and quality of the Turkish towel was not very good. I think the weave makes a difference. It looks like a cheap product from China because of the seams on the sides. I have only washed/hung them and have not yet used them, so can't comment on their absorbency, but I am sure they will absorb enough for hand washing. The bath towels were great. The weave was diamond and much sturdier than the other colors. The hand towels are adequate, but compared to the bath sized towels, they are cheap.

👤Beautiful, absorbent, and pretty! It's exactly right for my bathroom renovation. The guest bathroom is ready for hosting. I ordered more towels for myself. These are great! The towels will dry you and save you money. They are clean and dry quickly.

👤These towels are great. I put this on the oven handle as I was unpacking. It was soft and thick. They are long enough to tie a knot. I haven't washed it yet, but they look great. They seem more expensive than they are.

👤These towels are gorgeous. They are soft, absorbent and stylish. It is a bit of a pain because you have to line dry them if you want to preserve them, so you are not really feeling like they are getting as sanitized as they should be. But they are stylish. I use an in-wash detergent. It is probably fine. They look great in my bathroom.

👤I love these! It's so soft, absorbent and big. It's a great size for a kitchen towel or a powder room hand towel. Definitely getting more.

👤He comprado to the tipode otras marcas, las quieren tienen asperas.

👤A las toallas normales, son un absorbentes y a diferencia de las convencionales.

👤J'ai acheté ce produit pour servir de salle d'eau. THe contente de mon achat. Produit de qualité. The couleur est trs beau. C'est exactement, je recherchais.

👤It was very soft and absorbent. We bought a towel for the shower bag. After washing, the colour stayed true.

3. KAF Home Kitchen Cleaning Tackling

KAF Home Kitchen Cleaning Tackling

The set includes 4 flat weave and 2 terry towels. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Cook, bake, show off! These towels are made from recycled paper. The flat towels add a pop of fashion to your cooking and dish drying needs. The two terry towels are perfect for spills and kitchen messes. Colorado is playing a match. Your kitchen towel needs are completely covered with this mixed set. These towels are built to last and feel durable. It's likely to be a workhorse in your kitchen and cleaning arsenal. The machine is easy to clean and tumble dry.

Brand: Kaf Home

👤I bought these because they are 100% cotton and they are very absorbent, contrary to what some reviewers have said. After washing/drying cotton, it willwrinkle. If the buyer is going for no wrinkling, they can either buy a synthetic mix or take towels out and hang them over the railing. The towels are cheap. They look nice and are absorbent.

👤A nice set of towels. The four towel set has two textures. There are 2 flour sack type material and 2 cotton/ terry absorption towels. I like the different patterns in the same color. I use the cotton/terry ones to dry my dishes on the counter because I don't have a dishwasher and they are very absorbent. I washed these with my whites in hot water and bleach and the color held up. I got a color that matches the image on the site. I am very happy with these.

👤The towels say they are 100% cotton, but do not absorb anything. It's hard to wipe liquid. It just keeps moving around. I would not use them for anything other than their looks.

👤I don't like these towels. I am not aware of these do not dry anything. Water beads up on them. I am pretty sure the dishes only get a little dry because of the heat of the towel wiping across them. I have washed them a few times. I don't use fabric softener. They have a nice color, but I wish I'd never bought them.

👤The colors are gorgeous but the towels are not absorbent. They are terrible at picking up water. Too bad!

👤Most of the towels are not absorbent. The terry ones are the only ones worth anything. The others are a waste of money.

👤I received a gift of three of these towels and I was so enamored with them that I had to look for more. The fabric is very strong and these are a good size. They are getting more absorbent after washing. The colors look good. I keep three things around my kitchen at all times. They have been nice looking for many months. Will buy again if these last long.

👤First of all... I ordered them to coordinate with my kitchen rugs. They are so absorbent that they appear to be sturdy. I use the teal towels as hand towels. The others for food. The first picture shows the same length. The color is bright. Nice. I put them in the wash B4 after taking a photo. Did they shrink? None of them came out the way they were suppose to. The second picture. They are all different lengths. There are three pictures of them laying on top of each other. Wow. There is a Only the 4 dish towels have loops to hang them on a hook. The two solid ones don't. I hang those on a hook. Not a big deal. I still like them. The original length was wonderful, but the shrinkage was disappointing. After one cold water wash, they are 2 inches shorter. Hopefully they won't shrink anymore. I will have to come back and take a couple of stars. There is a Overall, I like them. They look good in my kitchen. The color stayed well after one wash. I recommend them if you don't mind.

4. GREEN LIFESTYLE Kitchen Restaurant Cleaning

GREEN LIFESTYLE Kitchen Restaurant Cleaning

An elegant stripe goes with any aesthetic, from modern to nostalgic. The towels are made from the highest quality cotton that has an elegant touch of softness, along with high absorbency and fast-drying ability. They absorb quickly and dry quickly as well. The pack includes 12 highly absorbent towels. These are made from natural materials and are safe for you and your family. The towels are large enough to provide a streak and lint-free experience during the wiping process for various surfaces and even dishes. The towels can be used for a variety of different purposes. They go with countertops, hotels, bars, homes, restaurants, and offices. tumble dry on low

Brand: Green Lifestyle

👤These are not bar mops, they are wash clothes. A bar mop is larger. If they were larger like the bar mop on the left, they would be perfect. Someone put the wrong size in the package.

👤The amount of lint that comes off of these in the dryer is amazing. The lint trap is always full of lint when I run these through the washer and dryer. I hope it starts to go down soon. I plan to use these as rags to absorb water from my paintbrush. I hope the lint doesn't get into my brush. These are looking ratty and dingy after only three washes. They only absorb excess watercolor paint and water from my paintbrushes, but they leave lint in the bristles, which causes my painting to be ruined. These can't be used for that purpose. I think they'll work well as household rags.

👤The towels are thin and rough. The raggedy, linty towels were purchased for housecleaning service. These are improvements. Not free of lint but better that the tattered ones. I was not happy with how they feel. Absorbency seems to be okay. It was adequate for the job.

👤The towel is 16x19. The towels were 14x16 in size. They are not worth the price.

👤The fabric is large and not thin as others have tried. They are free of lint and absorbent.

👤The bar mops are great for the kitchen. They are streak-free on most surfaces. What is the best way to replace paper towels? You wash and dry them before using them. I don't know how much it is, but I think it's about 9H x 4W x 6L. I may buy a second package.

👤I decided to invest in these terry towels because I was tired of using paper towels and staining dishes. They are more durable than paper towels. They come out of the wash as good as new, and I use them for everything from dish towels to kitchen cleaning. Since they are all white, you can use hot water in the wash, but I have found that regular detergent and non-chlorine bleach are enough. I have saved a lot of money on paper towels. It was a great choice.

👤It was perfect for our use. The sweat towels are so soft that they are able to remove both dirt and sweat in one go. It is easy to wash and dry. I can't say how they react to bleach if they stain. It's a good size for a sweat towel. Big enough to take care of sweaty and dirty yuck all day but still small enough to keep handy.

5. Turkish Peshtemal Dishcloth Decorative Bathroom

Turkish Peshtemal Dishcloth Decorative Bathroom

The towels can be used for a variety of different purposes. They go with countertops, hotels, bars, homes, restaurants, and offices. tumble dry on low High quality. Turkish towels are made with high quality cotton. The towel size is 45x20" and has 4.3 ounces per towel. Natural-dyed, pure 100% cotton is eco-friendly. Turkish hand towel is large and easy to carry. You can use as many towels as you want, including gym towel, bath towel, pool towel, bath decoration, kitchen towel, tea towel, dishcloth, hair towel, face towel and hand towel. Turkish hand towels can be a unique idea for christmast gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and wedding favors. The quick dry towel absorbs water very quickly and dries very quickly. After several washes, it becomes soft and absorbent. Their towels are free of harmful chemicals and perfectly safe for human use.

Brand: Bazaar Anatolia

👤The towels look lovely hanging in the kitchen. They are not as absorbent as terry towels or cotton flour sack towels, however they do seem to be increasing in absorbency a little with each wash. They had a strong perfume odor that lasted through the first wash but was gone after the second wash. I put the towels through the washer and dryer after soaking them in cool water, which is recommended for Peshtemal towels in general. They have been washed/dried twice, and so far they are holding up well, the tassels look good, and the absorption is slightly better. If someone is expecting a 45x20 inch towel, that is definitely not the size of my dish towel, even though they are just the right size for it. They are actually 36" long by 18" wide. They were slightly larger before they were washed, but not by much. I like them for the price, but they aren't quite 5 stars for function, and I would add that fifth star if they continued to increase in absorbency.

👤These towels are gorgeous! I wanted to decorate my bathroom with Turkish towels. I looked at a lot of different types and reviews and ended up choosing the ones that had the blue I wanted. They look great in the bathroom. The hand towels and big towel were purchased by me. There is a length difference between the two pictures. The hand towels are long so I tie them in a way that makes them stand out. They are not super absorbent right now, but will get better over time. I want them for the look, so I don't mind. The way I tie the prints makes them not matter. I was initially concerned about the tassels, but they washed nicely. If you want to elevate your bathroom look, I would recommend these. The value is great.

👤I like the size and look of these towels, but they don't do a good job of absorbing liquid from my hands or dishes when I use them. No matter how nice they look, a towel that doesn't dry makes no sense to me. The feeling of a very stiff t-shirt is what I like to call it. I end up using my shirt or pants to dry my hands when there is only one available towel. My clothes are soft. The towels are not. I regret keeping them, I should have returned them. They don't become more absorbent after a few washes. In hindsight, yeah! A friend had a set. I liked hers. I gave these towels more of a chance than they deserved. I will not purchase these again.

👤This is the worst towel that has ever existed. I don't know how, but they found the least absorbent materiel. I think they used this discovery to make a hand towel. Completely useless.

👤I bought a few sets to make our home gym look better. Turkish towels are always a gold standard, and I couldn't understand why we would keep using old and trashed terry cloth cast-aways when there is something better out there. Our sweatiness is captured better than ever with a towel that doesn't capture the stink. They wash better. I don't think a gym workout should make you feel like you have to channel your inner Rocky Balboa, it should make you want to work out. The poor house was not sent to me by the great value. There are some.

6. Franco Kitchen Designers Decorative Absorbent

Franco Kitchen Designers Decorative Absorbent

Kitchen Designers by Franco towels feature a collection of fun and colorful patterns to complement your kitchen decor essentials. These towels are great for holiday and housewarming gifts. Premium quality lines. The kitchen textiles are made from 100% cotton with double reinforced stitching. The cotton fabric is very absorbent and easy to fold, but it is also very absorbent and quick to dry. The function and function are related. These towels are great for decorating and are also great for keeping hands clean and tidy. There is something for every inner chef to decorate both formal and casual settings with a variety of colorful designs. Easy care. These towels are machine washed and dryer safe, making them an easy to clean accessory. The lint-free fabric won't shrink or fade after many washes. There is a item included. The set includes four kitchen towels. These towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, cloth towels, bar towels or tea towels.

Brand: Franco

👤I wanted to replace some kitchen towels. I liked their pattern because it matched the colors in my kitchen. Our kitchen towels are used a lot by our messy husband, three dogs, and lots of counter top area. We have been washing our hands a lot. The colors and pattern were the same as pictured on the site. They are absorbent and soft. They have been washed many times and are still soft and absorbent. I will definitely be ordering more of these because I have more towels to replace.

👤These are a little larger than I like. It's hard to hang on my kitchen towel hooks because of the plushness. The print is beautiful. It might be better as a hand towel.

👤I didn't expect much when I bought these towels. I got the set of 4 because I wanted one for a decoration to hang on a shelf with veggie decorations, but for the price, I just wanted one. I was surprised by the quality of the towels, they are thick, the design is bright, and each one of them has a tag so you can easily split them up if you wanted. I always wash my towels using hot water, even though the decorations said to wash them on cold.

👤The price is pretty good, but not quite as absorbent as I was hoping.

👤I am using them for a project. I am crocheting a fold over top to hang the towels. I was looking for a colorful towel that was a good price. These are the perfect size for my crochet project. I am pleased with all of the designs I have purchased.

👤I looked at every dish towel on Amazon and it was the closest thing to my granite. I like them more the longer I have them. I think solid black would have worked, however, I am tired of just making it work. These have a little more interest than the others. They are thick and do the trick.

👤I bought more of these towels because I like them so much. They are a good size and thickness that are easy to use for drying dishes, wiping counters, etc. The coffee and holiday baking patterns are very cute.

👤I gave the others as Christmas gifts and kept the one I had. Colorful and soft. It looks like it will be absorbent. The absorbency is excellent.

👤Im Geschirrtcher ist immer hygienisch. Ware was aus den USA geliefert. Sie ist die Liefer5zeitraums bei uns.

👤Toallas funcionan. Me encanto el diseo. Absorbentes, tienen su trabajo. Las recomiendo!

👤Transportkosten in der Relation is Gutet Qualit und schnes Muster.

👤These are nice and thick. I made oven door towels out of half of them. It's perfect for that. I like them.

👤The material is thicker and more absorbent than before. Excellent buy!

7. SKL Saturday Knight Ltd Sunflower

SKL Saturday Knight Ltd Sunflower

There are 2 hand towels. The measurement is 16 inches x 25 inches.

Brand: Skl Home

👤I normally wouldn't spend that much money on towels, but I'm changing my powder room to a farmhouse bee theme. Kitchen towels were the only other bee towels I could find. The bee design is nice, but they aren't very thick and soft. They aren't bright white. I put it next to a Lands End white towel. The washing instructions are cold. It comes out of the dryer very wrinkled. I had to iron them. I don't think I'd buy it again if it was 2 for $12.

👤The towel is a great piece for the kitchen. It's the material that doesn't dry that absorbs all the water. I can't complain because it's inexpensive.

👤The hand towels are beautiful. It's perfect for country living.

👤The powder room needs holiday hand towels. I found the SKL towels. The size was right, the price was right, and the reviews were positive. I ordered the black with skeletons for Halloween and the burgundy with sunflowers for fall/Thanksgiving. They are well made and have a decent thickness. There is no loose strings in the embroidery. The colors are bright. The first wash was in cold water and they came out very clean. There is a I would not hesitate to purchase additional towels from SKL Homes if I had the chance.

👤The towels are soft. I like them, however they are not white and are more of an off white color.

👤These are cute. No question. They do shrink up after washing and drying at least 1 inch in width and 1 inch in length. I will be ordering another set because that still works for me.

👤The towels are not white. They are a dish pan with a dark gray trim. The bee on the towel made me buy them. I kept them for one reason. The description is false and the seller should change it. They are not white. It's frustrating when ordering an item that's not true. The bee is the only saving grace. Enough said.

👤Is very soft. The color is perfect. I wanted a red Christmas. The others were too much money. I found the correct price for this one. I love sum flowers, even it's not for Christmas, it's perfect for me.

👤I was hesitant to buy these towels, but I really like them, and after washing them I noticed the towel threads were coming out, as in the picture, I circle the red spots. Hopefully they don't destroy the towel. Let's see how well it holds up after another wash.

👤I had to match those towels in my guest bathroom. I couldn't help myself. Just finished the whole look. For you to make a decision...

👤I would like a bone white color. They make a towel for the bathroom.

👤These towels are very nice and have a sunflower theme.

👤Son absorbentes.

8. Ritz Kitchen Cotton Checked Hanging

Ritz Kitchen Cotton Checked Hanging

Premium construction. Well-crafted with soft and absorbent 100% Terry Cloth Cotton. It is accessible. Attaching the hook-and-loop to the oven bar, refrigerator, and grill is easy. Hang anywhere for quick drying. There are multiple charming colors.

Brand: Ritz

👤These hanging towels are disappointing. I have had them for a few weeks and they look like they are ten years old. They have been washed twice and have strings on them. I have never had towels before. The towels were cheap and should last more than 2 weeks. This is the worst buy I have ever had.

👤Write something down. It said it was built with hook and loop fasteners and a reinforced hang tab. I didn't look at the pictures. Shame on me. The stitching on the tab makes it look puckery, and the pixs show velcro which I don't like because it wears out quickly. Is that a word? It's $2. It's not worth going to the post office to return the towel. Very disappointed. Correct your description. There is a I have found that the velcro does not cause puckering after several months of use. I still don't like the description, but it is holding up better than I had thought. I would like a little more of it. The towel is short to me. I am giving them a 4 instead of the original 2 because of the way in which the velcro has been sewn.

👤These are what I was looking for. I hang one of these towels on a drawer handle in the kitchen and use it to dry my hands. I don't have to worry about it falling off because I do a regular towel. It is a cotton/terry material. It has a velcro fastening that makes attaching it and taking it off very easy, yet never comes loose. Excellent product!

👤This is not the most revealing of things. I was surprised that the hanging towels were small and thin. This is not cheap for what you get. The towels are kept on the bar with the help of the loops. If you want a plush kitchen towel, I recommend the other Ritz Royale towel on the left in the picture. Ritz Royale Collection 100% combed Terry Cotton, Highly Absorbent, Oversized, Kitchen Towel Set, 28" x 18", 2-Pack, Solid Cactus Green is available at Amazon.

👤The Paprika Red was purchased. My hand towels fell to the floor when I hung them on the oven door. It made it through three washes. After at least ten washes, the color hasn't faded. It's a tight fit and has shrunk in the wash. I use a large safety pin to keep it together. I wanted old school buttons, but couldn't find many. Purchasing safety pins would be recommended.

👤Ritz' towel products are praised by me. These can be found in a hardware store in Philadelphia. These are available on line. Ritz' towels are absorbent. The Velcro is strong and wide. The product hangs on a pullout next to the sink in order to dry my hands. The drawer pull will not hold the oven door handle.

👤I attach the towels to my stove handle. My husband has a tendency to grab a hand towel, use it and then just drop it wherever he wants. When I need a kitchen towel, I am left searching for it. These stay put thanks to the Velcro attachment. They wash up well. I would make them bigger and thicker if I had a request. I am very pleased with them. I will definitely be buying more.

9. Folkulture Towels Kitchen Hanging Farmhouse

Folkulture Towels Kitchen Hanging Farmhouse

It's perfect for all your kitchen utensils. The decorative kitchen towels are large enough to help you in your kitchen activities. While cooking and baking delicacies, you should use dish rags for cleaning to maintain a clean kitchen and home. Highly absorbent and quick drying. The cotton linen kitchen hand towels are lightweight, absorbent, and can be hung anywhere after use. There is a great gift choice. The classic designs and color tone of the kitchen dish towels make a great gift for hostess, christmas, holidays, thanksgiving or as a housewarming gift. The linen towels are sure to get a lot of attention. Classy and emigrate: The traditional methods of washing and drying dishes and using tea towels get a new look. It's time to upgrade your kitchen, because you're using old and worn out cloths for cleaning it. Care instructions. The towel set is absorbent and dry quickly. If needed, warm iron and wash the kitchen bar towels.

Brand: Folkulture

👤These are not what the company advertises. I washed/dried them as soon as I received the order, then used one and the water poured off without absorbing a single drop. 100% cotton can't absorb water. I didn't buy these for decoration, I wanted some cute kitchen towels. I would come back immediately if I hadn't washed them. I don't understand why a kitchen towel that doesn't dry anything is rated high.

👤I had ordered these before and used them for gifts, but when I went to find the center, I found it wasn't straight. I can't bring myself to give this to someone. It is scrap. I think 5 out of 6 is okay.

👤The towels are not very absorbent. I was looking for something similar to flour sack towels, but they are stiff and don't do a good job of drying dishes. I have moved my hand towel to a powder room because it's not as good as a regular towel. It dries out faster.

👤The size is perfect and the design is cute. The fabric is a bit stiff and doesn't seem to be very absorbent. I feel like they push the water around. I hope this changes after a few washes.

👤I was looking for something fun to hang on my dishwasher, but also sophisticated. The little towels with their faded stripes and adorable ruffle were exactly what I needed in my kitchen. They are reminiscent of an old fashioned ice cream parlor, they wash well, and the colors are all sort of "washed" enough that the red goes well in my kitchen. They look great without ironing, but I'll bet they look great with a warm iron. Highly recommend.

👤The designs on the towels are pretty. I like the color of the fabric and the designs on the towels, and they seem to be printed nicely on the towels. They are not very absorbent. If I want to put liquid on my dishes for 5 minutes, I don't need a towel, but if I am just letting them dry out, I don't need one. There is a They came out of my dryer. I wouldn't hang them in the kitchen as a hand towel without letting them sit in the drawer for a while so the wrinkling wouldn't happen, because I'm not going to iron a hand towel. These are wonderful if you like towels that are mostly decorative. Maybe if they are stripped, they will be more absorbent.

👤The perfect size for dishtowels is these. The material is good. It's great that size is great. But that fringe! Oh my... It's cute, but it doesn't behave. The fringe on these towels is very unfortunate. They have many patterns to choose from. I don't think you should get the fringe. I have no complaints. These towels are cute and absorb water very well. They clean up nicely. I would recommend. Don't get the fringe.

👤It was perfect! After doing dishes, thicker towels don't dry as well. I use them for everything. There were spills. The person is cooking. Cleaning. I use a bit of stain removal spray to get the stains out. I wash them and smell them fresh for a week. Would buy again. Also cute!

10. T Fal Textiles Double Cotton Kitchen

T Fal Textiles Double Cotton Kitchen

There is a dual-purpose. The cotton is soft and has a terry-looped counterpart that provides maximum absorbency. Function and fashion meet. You can choose the option that best suits you. It is always lasting vibrancy. The integrity of design is ensured by thoughtful design and printing. It was conveniently sized. 16 in. by 26 in. It is easy to store dish cloths. It was easy to care for. Dry and machine wash.

Brand: T-fal Textiles

👤I was not sure if I would like these, but they are great and different than the terry cloth style dish towels I usually have. I like that I can put the towels on the hook either way, because the design is facing up. If the towel isn't placed just right, the patterns on the towel may be showing upside down.

👤Washed before use as stated on the label. You could see the edges of the material were exposed rather than being tucked under and held in place with stitching. The hems were wavy after coming out of the dryer, as the edges shrunk more than the rest of the towel so it didn't look good. Love the print and absorbancy.

👤These kitchen towels are so absorbent and luxurious that you won't mind doing dishes when they do the drying. They would make a great gift for a new homeowner. It was highly recommended.

👤I love the dish towels. They match my kitchen perfectly, and look great hanging on the cabinet door. I would recommend them to friends.

👤The edges look stretched out after one wash. Cute but also disappointing.

👤A nice towel set. The terry cloth on the side is very absorbent. The loopy label is perfect for hanging the towel on a hook.

👤The waffles are thick enough to absorb water and the style design is very European in nature. You can pair the other solids sold by the same artist. It's really classy and holds up to the everyday necessities of a kitchen towel.

👤The ad says "SET" two packs, but it is not. There are no options to buy the other items shown in the package deal. I got 2 dishtowels for 17 bucks, but the store is closed for the covid. It is very difficult to return purchases.

👤Me gustado por el grosor de la tela.

👤No tipo toalla ni, el material is absorbent. La figura est estampada. Diseo novedosos.

👤No tipo toalla ni, el material is absorbent. La figura est estampada. Diseo novedosos.

👤Wow! Super belle qualité is absorption par excellence. J'ai acheté le lot. I regrette rien de mon achat mme, je pense recommande le mme quand ceux. Je recommande fortement.

👤I don't know how they dry, I bought them for a gift. The patterns are nice, but I wish they were a little thicker.

11. Kitchen Natural Cottton Absorbent 12 Pack

Kitchen Natural Cottton Absorbent 12 Pack

The cotton used in the kitchen towels is more durable than other cottons. There were no chemical substances added. The pack of 12 gives you enough towels to use in the kitchen. Highly absorbent. Quick-dry, nonabrasive. It is machine washed and dried. Easy care. Hang them up using the attached loop by washing them with cold water and then tumble drying them. Do not bleach your hair. WIDELY used. It's perfect for cooking, baking, serving, BBQ or dinner party. A great gift for Mother's day is a college dorm. Kitchen towel is great for daily use.

Brand: Dg Collections

👤I researched Amazon for absorbent dish towels. My daughter called to let me know that these were the least absorbent towels she had ever seen. I washed mine and tried them out, but they didn't live up to the claims. I was very disappointed that the high standards I expected from an Amazon product turned out to be low.

👤It's true! This cotton is not washed. The size is not what it seems. They will be 1/3 the original size. I liked the colors, but they must function first. Very disappointed!

👤The towels are small. Not very absorbent. The towels are not very useful. I decided to donate them to the shelter.

👤Soft yet absorbent towels are hard to find. I like my towels to absorb liquid, not push it around. They wouldn't get that stage of absorbent even if I tried many towels. I used organic soap and borax to make these towels colorful and useful.

👤I haven't washed or used them yet, so I'll make changes later. I bought these because they looked similar to ones I bought. If you want to match C&B towels, you should know that the greens are different shades of green, and the one on the left is C&B, but the one on the right is a warmer green. The reds are a perfect match. The upper two layers are the C&B. These seem to be a tad thinner, but not much. It takes a few washings for this type of cloth to get more absorbent and they are made in India. The size and color differences are not a problem for me. I am happy to have more colorful towels. The colors are bright.

👤I love these towels. They are pretty. I bought them for decoration after reading reviews that said they were not absorbent. They are more absorbent than any other Tiwel I have. The dark colors hide dirt since dish towels get stained over time. I use them as my primary kitchen towels after buying them for decoration. How much they shrink is my only complaint. The manufacturer should wash the fabric. They shrunk by 3 inches in width and 4 inches in length.

👤The absorbent is ready to do the job. They look good on the counter. I would never give a dish towel as a gift, but these are colorful enough that it could be considered. They are cotton. I have laundered them and the color doesn't run, it's a good buy, and it's well priced. It was recommended.

👤The 16x28 towels are now 12x22 after being washed. It's not very good at being a kitchen towel, wiping up spills, using them as a drying towel for dishes, and so on.

👤I would have given this product more stars, but they were too small when I washed them. Very disappointing.


What is the best product for decorative towels for kitchen?

Decorative towels for kitchen products from Elrene Home Fashions. In this article about decorative towels for kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Smyrna Turkish Cotton and Kaf Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative towels for kitchen.

What are the best brands for decorative towels for kitchen?

Elrene Home Fashions, Smyrna Turkish Cotton and Kaf Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative towels for kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Green Lifestyle, Bazaar Anatolia and Franco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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