Best Decorative Trash Can 13 Gallon

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1. Umbra Large Kitchen Trash Stainless

Umbra Large Kitchen Trash Stainless

The kitchen trash can has a locking lid that stays open for easy trash bag removal, and a pedal that quietly closes it. It is easy to clean. It is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. It's lightweight. There is a large container and a concealed bag. The inner bag ring on trash cans hides the top of the garbage bag, preserving it's sleek, attractive appearance. It was designed to hold large garbage bags. You won't have to take out the trash as often. The sleek appearance of the Brim makes it the ideal kitchen garbage can, but it is also durable enough for commercial use. Umbra is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and stand behind every product they make. They know you will love your purchase, but if you are not completely happy with it, you can contact them within 30 days of receiving your order and they will happily resolve the matter or issue a full refund.

Brand: Umbra

👤Let me explain. I noticed three things amiss after pulling the can from the box. It is a design flaw, not my specific can. The can won't close all the way and the hinges at the lid are malfunctioning. Being the type of person I am, this won't work. The two retaining screws on the bottom plate were pulled off by me. I guess the o-ring is for holding the lid open. I remove it. Put the can back together and it will open and close well. You have to manually insert the mechanism back in the hinge when changing bags, but it's not a big deal for me. It only stays open if my foot is on the pedal, but that is all I need. I discovered the tipping problem when I put the can to use. Every time you step on the foot pedal, the base of the can slides back a little, until eventually it would tip. There is a This is not a problem for me, as I put something behind the base to keep my can from moving, which leads to tipping. There is a I love this can now that I have solved all the issues. The can is rain proof, which is good for me, as I use the can outside my home for disposal of my dogs poo. There is a I like the can, it looks nice, and I would buy it again. Hope this helps.

👤I was not put off by the bad reviews. I stepped on the pedal from the box. The lid was raised at the front and settled back down. Even completely empty, no tipping.

👤Only a small part of the way opens with the pedal. You have to manually shut it down after lifting it the rest of the way because you have to take it off the hinge. The purpose of the pedal is defeated. I have never seen a bad design. I messed with it for about an hour and it just doesn't do what it was supposed to. Sending it back. A picture of how far it opens with the pedal is attached. I don't know how this made it to market, mine is either broken or not broken.

👤The bag holder is nice and the trash is a step up from my old kitchen trash. My old one was more durable. I would buy this item again.

👤After reading some of the reviews, I found a really good quality product that works well, looks good, and is more expensive than what it is, but I have had no issues with the lid or any other issues with the can, I would highly recommend it.

👤The lid broke a few weeks after we got it. We have to replace it. Purchase something else and do yourself a favor.

👤It lasted over a year. The peddle stopped working. It's trash now. Purchase something of better quality for yourself.

👤I don't need much from my trashcan. It doesn't have to match my decor, it doesn't need an automatic sensor, an R2D2 cover or be big enough to hide a dead body, I just require two things: 1) that it hold my garbage and, 2) that it have a step-to- There is a The trashcan fails on both counts. If you try to open the can with the convenient step-on feature, the can leans forward and the lid stops at the open spot, which means you have to manually open the lid the rest of the way or squeeze your refuse into the thin slot. The lid will not open if the can is against a wall. The title of my review is Trash on my clean kitchen floor because the can tips over. There is a The can is shaped in a wedge, with the smallest part at the base gradually expanding to the lid. If you place it against a wall, the lid will not rise, because it will not tip. There is a If the bottom of the can was heavier, it would counterbalance the entire can, but the base is made of the same plastic as the rest. If it wasn't for the box, I would have sent it back, my son used it to make a car, then a ship, and I would have had to find another box. To open the can. Pull can is at least 6 inches away from the wall. 2. If you are doing this while holding awkward, it's easy to fall down if you press your knee forward and the waste can is against your leg. 3. If you want to allow the can to return to the floor, you should not take your foot off the lever until you have discarded your refuse. You have to be careful as you take your foot off the step open lever because without a wall behind the can to brace, the lid will not close on it's own. I know, this all sounds like a big production and a huge annoyance, but I guess I've gotten used to it.

2. IDesign BPA Free Plastic Rectangular Basket

IDesign BPA Free Plastic Rectangular Basket

Convenient trash disposal is provided wherever you need it by the small waste basket. It can be used as a trash can, recycling bin, or as extra storage for cleaning supplies. Modern lines, rectangular shape, and sleek gray color add a touch of style to any room. It is made with plastic that is free of harmful chemicals. The plastic is easy to clean with soap and water. It is ideal for compact spaces around the home and has a 2.5 gallon capacity.

Brand: Idesign

👤The picture shows that this came in broken. It is not useful when the bathroom trashcan is broken. There is a Amazon was kind enough to send another trashcan, but that was broken as well.

👤This is a small trash for the bathroom. It is not made for a full room. Good quality. Nice color.

👤It looked like it was the same as the photos on the site, but there was a huge crack in the side of it that went from the opening to the end. We glue it back together because we didn't want to return it and wait for a new one. Works as intended.

👤The product cracked in the edges. Looks like other people have experienced the same.

👤My bath room is light in color. I order from AMAZON. Towles are large and soft.

👤It's the right size for my Ikea inspired office.

👤It's a small trash can. Sturdy.

👤It's a nice color and I like it in my room. It is plastic and small, but it does the job and looks nice.

👤All walmart is cheaper. Not worth 35 bucks. Just plastic.

👤The piece that I need for the washroom was broken off the bottom corner. Don't want to have to send back for a new one.

👤The trash can is great. It is pretty and small. The shape between the toilet and the bathtub is very attractive to me.

👤The couleur et polyvalente were not present. Bonne grandeur.

👤The steel was advertised asalloy steel. You can buy cheap plastic from the dollar store. There is a request for a refund.

3. Nordic Style Trash Can 1 Pack

Nordic Style Trash Can 1 Pack

There are dimensions. Overall: The weight is 9 lbs. GreenGUARD Certified products are proven to meet some of the world's most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards, which help reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure to help create healthier indoor environments. Collect even more. Next to the Safeco At-Your-Disposal 2-Bin Recycling Center is a sign. The At-Your-Disposal Trash Can can be used to create a convenient waste collection station for your lunchroom, breakroom or cafeteria. There is a manufacturer limited lifetime. It's perfect for any room in your home. The Nordic Trash Bins are made of a plastic garbage can, with faux wooden legs, and are perfect for any area in your home. The Nordic garbage bin is simple, modern and ultra-functional, and it's perfect for a kitchen trash can, bathroom wastebasket, bedroom garbage can, or even a diaper disposal bin. A one-press gasoline can with a plastic liner. This simple human trash can that suits any space in your Nordic home provides very minimal contact as you can simply open and close the lid with one finger. There is no need to worry about lining the insides of these cute trash cans with plastic bags because each cute trash can has a round interior frame that will keep the plastic storage bags in place. Ultra-durable and sturdy white. Can you put anyWHERE? Regardless of where you place the trash bins, put your mind at ease because of its neutral color/s, high-end plastic material, and sturdy faux wooden legs. These elevated trash cans are sanitary because they keep the trash off the floors, tables, and surrounding surfaces. It doesn't look like a trash bin, but it is so clean and stylish that it will be easy for your family or house guests to mistake it for a mini desk or storage bin. Their trash cans with lids are the perfect gift idea for a housewarming or anniversary. Unique waste brush is specially designed for your home. They want to make house keeping a bit easier. They make sure their products are reliable. If there is anything about the small trash can nordic style that is not in line with your expectations, please reach out to them so they can make things better. The waste baskets are made for you.

Brand: Primo Supply

👤The legs are plastic and have a bad faux wood texture, but the info says they are wood. The build quality is plastic and everything is plastic. The liner insert ring is a bit tricky to put in, you have to make sure it's placed just right. I wouldn't order it again or recommend it. It's disappointing for the price.

👤It took over a month for delivery from Hong Kong. The package had a dollar store look and feel to it. It was very disappointing. I was expecting it to be a much better quality for the money. It is a lightweight bucket with plastic legs and top that looks like wood. I would say it is around a quarter pound. It has a cheap, plastic look to it and it doesn't give off the mid century vibe that I thought it would.

👤This thing looks great. It's a little bit smaller than I had hoped, but that's my fault for not paying more attention to the dimensions. Its feel and sturdiness are my biggest problems. It doesn't feel like it costs anything. I was expecting it to weigh a little more and not feel like plastic. The garbage bag can be removed with ease because of the ring on the inside of the can. It's a great looking garbage, but a bit overpriced.

👤The price is too high.

👤Thin plastic; poor quality. Plastic decals; no wood. We arrived from Hong Kong. There is a $10 item.

👤The product is very poorly made. Particularly the hinge. Within 10 days of ordering it, it broke. The price isn't justified because it's made of 100% plastic. Gave it another chance, but the replacement had a broken hinge. Plastic isn't the worst thing for a bathroom, but having to touch a lid in a bathroom setting is not ideal, and foot pedal for lids is way better. The KOHLER bathroom trashcan will last 20x longer than this ever would.

👤There are multiple layers of stickers on the trash can. It was hard to get the outside of it to be sticky. It's a pity. I bought it for my daughter. I would have returned it. I bought it for the looks. I like writing reviews that are positive, besides the stickers, and I don't usually write reviews.

👤The trash can looks beautiful.

4. Home Zone Living VA41833A Compartment

Home Zone Living VA41833A Compartment

Recycling is simple with dual compartments. The waste compartment holds up to 8 gallons, while the recyclable holds just over 5 gallons for a total of 13 gallons. The Slim Body Style is a rectangular style that can be placed against the side of a kitchen island wall. The bag tuck band on the liner will help prevent trash bags from falling through it. Their reinforced hinge controls the motion of the lid to ensure soft and secure closing. The inspiration for their durable metal pedal was persistence and endurance. Questions, concerns, or need replacement parts? The Customer Loyalty Team is standing by. Refer to the manual for contact information.

Brand: Home Zone Living

👤It works well. This trash can is not cheap, but it is competitively priced. This fits what we needed in our small space. So far, so good...

👤I love the idea of two bins. Almost all of our trash is in the larger bin, so we used it for recycling. We needed it to fit in the space we had. I struggled to put the bags in. The trash bag that should go in there seems bigger. You have to singe the top and pull the extra to the front to keep it from sticking out. It is a small trash can so even if you push down all the trash, there is still a lot that can go in the trash bag which is a little frustrating. It is not a trash can. The price point should be lowered. I don't want to mess with returning.

👤I needed to replace my Simple Human garbage can. I love the size of this can and it fits in my small kitchen. The inside of the lid is rusted and I haven't had it a month. Very disappointing. I wouldn't recommend this can.

👤I used a medium-sized basket in my laundry room to hold recycle items other than paper. The basket was carried to the bins in the garage. The stuff in the basket needed to be emptied several times a day to make it look neat. It was good exercise. There are two bins, one for paper and one for plastic and glass. The plan was to put it between the laundry room sink and the washer. We needed a container with a pedal in front. The blue bin does not have a paper bag in it. The bin is very small. If used for paper, the contents will be put in a paper bag and thrown away. I stack and tie together magazines. There is a There is a large laundry detergent container in the black bin. The produce department uses plastic containers that are impossible to open. I stood the container upright and pressed the pedal after unpacking it. It worked. If you want the lid to stay up, gently push it to the full open position. The blue bin was easy to remove. The black bin did not. The phone number was on the card. Customer service is what this phone number is for. The young woman didn't know anything about the products. We all have bad days. She was caught on hers. An unpleasant person. I called Amazon. Excellent service! Did I want to replace it or return it for a full refund? Do you want to try it for a few days? The black bin was stuck below the rubber that runs along the top of the container to hold a plastic bag in place. The bin was stuck. No tools could be used to avoid damaging the container. To slip the rubber band over the black bin, you need to work around the perimeter. The problem was solved by several sore, pinched fingers. I put the bag in the black bin to keep it clean. It is easy to wash the bins with a hose. Stand each bin in the shower if you don't have a hose. If you have long arms, you can wipe them with a wipe. Is the container expensive? Yes. Is it possible to find something better in a store or online? No. This may be too small for a large family. There is a The appearance of the laundry room is vastly improved when you walk into it from the garage. Better function, too.

5. Liry Products Farmhouse Decorative Whitewashed

Liry Products Farmhouse Decorative Whitewashed

The product color will be slightly different due to light and different computer monitors. A chic torched wood wastebasket is a simple yet charming rustic-style wooden trash bin that is made with a beautiful whitewashed finish and keeps your space tidy and clean. The bin is large enough to fit in any corner of your living spaces or workstations, and it has a square opening and rectangular walls that make it easy to throw away stuff. Excellent garbage holder for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, study, office, and any other place where trash cans are needed, is perfect for Home and Office. Sturdy and Durable: Made from high-quality wood that will last for a long time, decorated with four corner metal brackets for added elegance and extra sturdiness. The dimensions are 9.37 W x 9.37 D x 11.75 H.

Brand: Liry Products

👤It's nice and well constructed, but it's not as attractive as it could be, and it's not as dark as it could be. It's still a nice trashcan, but it becomes more rustic and plain looking if something or someone brushes against it frequently.

👤I like the product, but it is not the color pictured which sucks. Tired of Amazon getting it wrong. These merchants have stricter rules. There is a It was a brown with greenish/blue streaks, not the white ash that the picture described. I painted over the wood stain. It is fine, but not as satisfied. I didn't want to go back and wait for my money.

👤If the color was right, it was a nice product. I received a grey one with brown tones. The one in picture was white and brown.

👤I wanted a whitewash wastebasket.

👤Our bathroom has a perfect addition.

6. MDesign Decorative Wastebasket Container Bathrooms

MDesign Decorative Wastebasket Container Bathrooms

The material is PU Leather and Grey Board. COMPACT DESIGN. The square can is the perfect size for small spaces. Functions and quotient: The size and style of this can work in many places throughout the house, perfect for small living areas such as college dorm rooms, apartments, condos, RVs, campers, cabins and tiny homes. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The construction is made of strong steel with a rust-resistant finish and soft foam padding on the bottom to protect floors from scratching or marring. It is

Brand: Mdesign

👤Today, I received three of them. The cans are beautiful but the bottoms are not. The center is a piece of styrofoam and it is held in place by a piece of felt stuck to the bottom of the can. I received three cans that were damaged or had a piece punched in, all of which were packaged poorly. I stretched the foam piece out to where it seals the bottom, but it now looks terrible. It is expected that the trash can will be better quality.

👤I searched for a fancy trash can. This is the best one I could find. It does not look like a steel bucket because it has curves. The brass on the bottom is a nice touch, but be careful not to get it wet, and a piece of felt glues to the bottom, but it does not scratch the floor. It has three ugly rivets in the bottom that need to be covered with a used kleenex. I am happy that I got a replacement after the first one was damaged.

👤The wastebasket looks better than the pictures. I didn't like putting trash into it. It seems to last a long time. There were no marks on the ground. It looks so elegant because of the lines. I put it between the legs of an accent table in my living room because I was going to put it in the bathroom. It looks great! I want to get more of these. I am very happy with them.

👤I had to replace my mother's trash can. It had lost a wooden foot and was older than 40 years old. I tried to find a similar one, but it was impossible. I ordered it because it reminded me of my mother's can. It came a day ago. I love it! It's all metal and bronze. It was perfect.

👤My powder room has a well made trash can. The brass trims complement my fixture.

👤Exactly as the picture says. It's small and perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.

👤I needed a small waste basket. The one under my desk is barely noticeable because it fits the color scheme.

👤It looks very nice. It was made well. Light weight.

7. BINO Bathroom Bedroom College Kitchen

BINO Bathroom Bedroom College Kitchen

A stylish trash can with a modern design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces. Next to your toilet, pedestal sink, or other small spaces in your bathroom, you can place a Tuck. The stylish and unique finish of the trash can makes it a statement with its stylish and unique finish and was designed to enhance your existing decor. Functions and quotient: The size and style make this can work in so many places throughout your home, it's ideal for home office, bedrooms, craft rooms, dens, and any other room that requires a decorative waste can. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water or use a soft damp cloth - is made of strong steel with a durable finish. It's thoughtfully size is 7 wide at the base, 9.8 wide at the top and 10 tall.

Brand: Bino

👤On July 10, the trash can was delivered. It was used in a powder room mostly for used kleenex and has now developed a large rust patch inside. I'd have to find a big enough box to return it in person, or I'd have to use free postage. This review is necessary because neither is worth it to me. It looks good from the outside.

👤It is the perfect size and looks great in my kitchen. There is a I purchased a spray seal to coat the inside before I started using it in my kitchen because I read the reviews prior to purchasing. The cost and effort was worth it when I added the rubberized seal to the inside. After a couple of months of use, there are no signs of rust. I use liners for this waste can. I remember that the packaging was damaged during transit, but luckily the waste can wasn't damaged.

👤I'm very pleased with the waste basket. It's reasonably priced and attractive. I was turned off by the high prices on many items and was not excited about a waste container for the bathroom. The waste basket is perfect for my needs.

👤This is what I was looking for in my kitchen desk, and it looks better than the plastic one I had there. Sturdy, attractive and holds lots. It should last a while. I recommend.

👤The product is sturdy and heavy. The design and style look great. Will be buying more.

👤It needs more control over its quality. There are dents in the bottom of the can. Unless you peer into an empty can, it looks fine. It fits into my small space. It is not that small to check the measurements.

👤She loves it and was ordered for her granddaughter. She wanted a trash can in her room. She received one of her gifts for her 12th birthday.

👤This is both attractive and practical because of the graceful exterior design. The price looks good in any room.

👤The Pros: - es un precio decente. No se ve de gran calidad, el metal es un lindo. El metal estuviera manchado o el diseo. No hubiera limpiamente. No contar con gomas antiderrapantes, lo ms molesto, pero al ser delgado de grosor. There is a I cost $500 and $770 for my design. Honest, se nota much. Este parece se manchar rpidamente. El otro se siente.

8. Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

It's almost anywhere. A stylish trash can with a modern slim design is easy to fit into narrow openings and small spaces. It works well in offices or in limited space. The plastic interior bucket is easy to clean and can be easily removed for convenient waste disposal. It's the same for VARIOUS PLACES. They can use the plastic steel trash in many places. The price is right and it's big. Why don't you buy one? I think it's appropriate to put a kitchen trash can in the bedroom, the living room, the study, the activity room, and the kid's cabin. Press the cover to open or close it. The trash can was designed to enhance your d├ęcor and was made with stylish colors and unique finishes. If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Sooyee

👤This fits the bill because I don't have a lot of space to put a trash can by the toilet. The picture in the middle shows how to open the bag. At first, I didn't know how to change bags, because it wasn't explained in the information. The 3rd picture is to compare the average small cans in stores to the width of the one shown in the 3rd picture. As for the design of pushing the top to open, so far I have had no issues, but as I know nothing lasts forever, I use metal springs. I'm sure I'll get a good 5-6 years out of it, for now. I don't open it all the time. I press hard all the time to open the top, but just a gentle tap is enough.

👤Why didn't this happen sooner? I feel very much in love with it. I put it on my story. My trash cans have problems. The tap mechanism will be in my house as long as it works. The trash bag is completely hidden. It was easy to switch out the bags I used from Amazon. My children can change their bags. I used it to divide cloth toilet paper from disposable wipes. The baby wipe odor is hidden. This is a five star. The new standard needs to be this.

👤The outdoor kitchen is what we use most often, and we have a travel trailer with both indoor and outdoor kitchens. We were looking for a trash container with a lid that would fit next to the fridge and still hold enough trash and garbage to keep us busy. The trash container has a lid that opens with a touch, hides the trash bag, and is easy to replace, it also has a container that holds any leaks from the trash bag, and it is located next to the fridge. It looks nice. It's perfect for what we need.

👤The trash can has a cheaper appearance than the pictures show. It works for a small space but is a cheap plastic, and it gets the job done. Not what I was expecting.

👤It's not as strong as expected. As it will only be used as a bedside rubbish bin, it should be fine. I don't recommend for heavy-handed individuals, accident prone areas, or where it will need to be opened and closed often. It is in three pieces. The sides and lid fit over the can, like a decorative issue box holder. It's supposed to fit into a ring on the bottom, but it doesn't. If you don't plan on moving it from place to place, I recommend this item only. I can only give it 3 stars because it's not a great product.

👤Needed a trashcan that opened from the front side. It's easy to open. The bag is completely hidden and looks cleaner. One picture shows you can have two compartments, but it doesn't have that option.

👤Hopefully it will last because it looks great. Don't take pictures. The white one looked like it had a divided container. You think the black one does as well. My didn't. There are some pics with black that show a divided inside. I wish mine was divided. I didn't bother coming back because it is small and the black is in the bathroom which I like.

9. Glad Gallon Plastic CloroxTM Protection

Glad Gallon Plastic CloroxTM Protection

Umbra is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and stand behind every product they make. They know you will love your purchase, but if you are not completely happy with it, you can contact them within 30 days of receiving your order and they will happily resolve the matter or issue a full refund. The growth of odor causesbacteria for the life of the can, which is why CLOROX is an odor protection product. Bag rigging is the act of keeping a bag in place and preventing it from falling in. The foot pedal allows for a hands-free operation so you can throw your trash in the bin. The size fits any kitchen with large families and the color finish can still look pleasant when used in office spaces.

Brand: Glad

👤The price was reasonable. The design needs to be reworked. (-1) When the bag is installed, the side flaps don't stay down. (-4) The top keeps popping off of the tabs, and you can't force it back on. One more thing to recycle will wear down those tabs. I bought the inexpensive garbage can. The trash can was replaced with a better one and have been happy for months.

👤Not a great trash can. The arms that keep the trash bags down don't work well, the step to get it open is high, and the lid broke off within a week. Getting something else after demoting this to a junky trash can.

👤Trash cans have to be the biggest rip-off for what they're used for and how much you pay. This one is not an exception. It would have 5 stars if it weren't so flimsy. The trash can is too easy to knock over. It's not difficult to fix, but just pressing the peddle makes the lid come off. There are little arms inside the trash can that can be disconnected when I take a full trash bag out. It's rather annoying. I've seen metal trash cans that are easy to damage, but value for your money is better than that. $100 for a trash can is ridiculous. Even if I only give it three stars, get GLAD.

👤The trash can is nice. The trash bag has to be on two hooks. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this.

👤The trash can was out of the box. The metal bar was too long, the pedal height was too high, and the lid was held on by a plastic tab. The lid pops off when the foot pedal is pressed. I haven't used a bag yet, but I'm sure the two bag holders will need work. I made some repairs to make it usable, so I didn't want to have to return it. They are working so far. The first thing to do was drill two holes and use four nuts and two bolts to hold the lid on. The medal bar in the back had to be bent a bit to make it open less. The pedal was bent using a heat gun. I don't have to raise my foot to press on the step. The bolts were added to hold the lid. There is a The trash can is poorly designed and has a center of weight at the back that makes it easy to fall over. I wouldn't buy this again and I wouldn't recommend anyone to spend their money on it.

👤Bag holders don't stay down. It was difficult to put the bag in. It's hard to take trash out. The foot pedal is high.

👤It's a good garbage can. It's easy to get the bag out and refill. My husband uses the foot pedal to open it, but I usually lift the lid with my hand, but it's very handy. Our last one had a swinging lid and it was cleaner. That one was turned into a can.

10. Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Buy with confidence, a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, full refunds or replacements for all quality-related issues without return. If your iwatch loops have any quality issues, please contact them at the first chance. they will give you a solution. The outdoor patio trash can has a decorative wicker-style design. The design of the lid makes it easy to get in and out of the can. CONVENIENT USE: It is compatible with the standard 30 gal. Garbage bags are easy to use. There is a sturdy construction. It is made with durable resin that resists fading and keeps water out through the season. It's a small size to keep your porch clean without taking up a lot of space. ft. 1.75 ft2

Brand: Suncast

👤My dog poops 8 times a day. I needed a place to store the poop that wasn't in my house or in the garbage cans I keep in the garage. My dog poop is stored on this thing on my patio. There is no smell around or near it. How are you going to stop it from smelling like dog poop when you open it? It has a double lid that is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out. The smaller lid allows me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without having to worry about getting my hands dirty. I have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year and it has held its original color. I was expecting it to fade, but it hasn't.

👤These are very sturdy and only took a minute to assemble. The quality is better than I expected, but I can't say how well they hold up outside. I bought these because they were a creative way to sort laundry. I bought three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners from Amazon for $7. The weight of my husband's jeans make the liners fall into the bin, so I snap them in the lid. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I don't have to worry about the hamper lining under the dirty underwear. I am happy! That makes this a great design for a laundry hamper for a mom. Standard laundry hampers are built differently than this way. No one knows that these are trash bins. Everyone who has seen them loves them. This idea is cheaper than a full sized laundry hamper because you can snap in the liner and pull it out when full, but still have access to put clothes in with the use of the top hatch. It's brilliant. I used my label makers to make labels. If your kids can't read yet, you might want to order different colored liners or tape to make it easier to sort.

👤There is new information about the problem of full bags popping when they are re-allocated. The bottom line is that if you use 2 bags, 1 as a liner and 1 for trash, it would most likely solve any issue with a bag full of trash tearing while removing it from the bin. This is a short version of a story I wrote about this trash bin. There is a The 2nd bin that we purchased in a different color is still sitting on our patio in the middle of the day in full Arizona sun and still looks and functions like new. The dark brown bin that was purchased in 2013 still looks and functions like new, and sits in the garage corner safely storing garden tools and other small outdoor garden/patio supplies. After a couple of pool parties, we had 2 heavy and overfilled bags tear when trying to remove them from the bin, even with the very thick bags we use. I decided to use one bag as a liner. It works well. The same bag has been in the bin for about a year now, and the 2nd bag slides out perfectly even if it's stuffed with trash. We still use the heavy duty trash bags from Amazon. The cost for 100 bags is now $26.97 They do include twist ties for closing, but they do not have the same style of drawstrings. They now offer a clear bag, which I find useful for not only trash, but also for storing large comforter sets, boxed items like books and Christmas decorations, for an added layer of protection. The bags are thicker than the national name brand bags. Their bags are much thicker than any of the big name brand bags we have tried. If interested, type this into the search bar: Large black garbage bags 30 gallon - 32 gallon. The previous review. The Suncast outdoor trash hideaway I purchased from Amazon in April of 2013 is the photo I have posted. The bin has been sitting on my patio in the morning for the last ten years, because it faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months. We put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin because our town requires it. We put the trash in the Suncast bin and then put the bag in the house. When the trash bag is full, we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house twice a week. We recently purchased a second Suncast bin, which is a lighter color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc., and blends in better than the dark brown bin. The Suncast bin is in excellent condition. We have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we usually hose it off once a week, and it cleans up like new. It's almost waterproof. Water can't get into the trash bag. There have been a few times when the rain has come down very hard and sideways and water got into the bag in the bin. The only thing wrong with this bin is that the plastic/rubber hinges broke when I knocked it over. The way it seals the top has not been affected by it. I normally wouldn't write a long review about a product designed to hold trash, but I feel that the quality and design of this product should be acknowledged. We can have the bin near our back door without attracting flies because the top provides a pretty good seal. We will use the old bin to store smaller garden items in a garage corner. This product will be around long after we're gone.

11. IDesign Wastebasket Garbage Bathroom Bedroom

IDesign Wastebasket Garbage Bathroom Bedroom

It'sTILE: It's ideal for your bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, dorm, craft room, kitchen, living room, or any other space. It's easy to fit next to the toilet. Can hold up to 3.3 gallons. A high gloss white finish with vintage black lettering. STURDY BASE. A wide base prevents cans from sliding on the floor. It isdurable: The metal construction with wooden handle makes the waste can last a long time. TheDEAL size: The waste cans are 10.75" x 10.75" x 10.5" and can fit in small spaces.

Brand: Idesign

👤The labels are stuck to the graphics. Who thought it was a good idea to put the barcode stickers over the graphics? I took 20 minutes to get the stickers off, and it will take another half hour to get the sticker off with some scratching. The first step of sticker removal is not being said in a proper way. There is plenty of space on the rest of the bucket. Next time, try anywhere.

👤I like my trash bucket. I expected it to be smaller. What a great investment. It goes great with my decor. It is not bright white that I like. There is a white. The last picture compares my table to it. Update. The first trash bucket was a success. I gave the pack of 6 as gifts and one extra for my laundry room, but it wasn't much. The pack of 6 were not consistent in color and some of them were not good. I sent them back. They are sturdy and heavy because of the paint smeared inside, the distorted words on some, and the missing handles.

👤I searched high and low for the perfect trash can to compliment my bathroom decor. I'm glad I did. This is the queen of trash cans. This can is sturdy, can hold a ton of stuff, and is cute, but you won't want to fill it to the rim. After a few months, it still looks as good as new, and I didn't have any issues with the lettering. I don't buy trash bags to line it. Nope. Wal-mart and Target bags will work. I would buy again.

👤Cute! I use it as a trash can in my room. Can't really go wrong here. I have it in the white. I am happy with the purchase. It is a decent size. I ordered a larger waste can from Amazon.

👤Great can. The letters don't rub off. I've been very careful as well. The height and width are nice. Will hold a lot, but not so large as to not fit the space.

👤I redecorated our guest bedroom and needed a trash can that would fit in a small space and not ruin my decor. The trash bucket is perfect. I was worried that the bucket was too small. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The bucket is 10 1/2 inches tall and has a diameter at the top of the same measurement. It would hold a lot of trash. A week of trash would be enough to fit in a bedroom, but it would take a few days to empty the can. It looks more expensive than it is. I have a trash bucket in a room that is mostly grey, coral, and white, but the color and styling of it would work with many different decor and color combinations. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a cute way to put a trash can in a room.

👤I didn't review this because it's a great product. I have a farmhouse and this looks great in my powder room. Guests have commented on it several times, and it gives a clean, even playful statement. Clever... "Nice..." Some of the comments are fun. It works best with a clear liner. I have one that I use to hold seafood shells at the table. It looks good enough to keep on the table, and there's no doubt about where to put your shells. If you're on the fence about buying one, don't hesitate. I hope they are still available. I would like to get more.


What is the best product for decorative trash can 13 gallon?

Decorative trash can 13 gallon products from Umbra. In this article about decorative trash can 13 gallon you can see why people choose the product. Idesign and Primo Supply are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trash can 13 gallon.

What are the best brands for decorative trash can 13 gallon?

Umbra, Idesign and Primo Supply are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trash can 13 gallon. Find the detail in this article. Home Zone Living, Liry Products and Mdesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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