Best Decorative Trash Can for Kitchen

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1. Farmhouse Wastebasket Bathroom Bedroom Container

Farmhouse Wastebasket Bathroom Bedroom Container

Don't wait any longer, SONGMICS provides professional customer service before and after your purchase, so add it to your kitchen today. Natural wood construction. It is made from high-quality wood. The rustic country design is eco-friendly and can be recycled. Natural wood makes the color variance. The design is modular. The trashcan has two openings. It gradually becomes smaller and has a three-dimensional effect. It's easier to throw garbage at the wide opening. The trashcan has built-in double handles that make it more convenient to use. They're perfect for storing small toys. It's 1.5 gallon / 5.7 liter capacity is perfect for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small areas. Next to your toilet, pedestal sink, or other small space, there is a Tuck. There is aIDE application. Adding trash cans to your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, and any other place where trash cans are needed will compliment any farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, or urban design. This wooden wastebasket is a great addition to your home. They have always been committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience. If you have a problem with the waste basket can, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Sehertiwy

👤The size was exactly what we were looking for. Good quality.

👤The trashcan is small.

👤This was never spent on a trash can. Everything is in my perfect. Happy with the purchase.

👤The perfect size for a bathroom trash can. It is not flimsy or wobbly. I don't think it will fall apart soon. I think a second one would be great in the laundry room. I added small clear 3M command hooks by the handles so I don't have to worry about the bag falling in. Really pleased with it!

👤The farmhouse style trash can is perfect for our office because it is nice looking and not plastic. The quality of the distressed wood is great. It's the perfect size to fit under our desk. This would look great in a bathroom or laundry room.

👤It's a little bit on the smaller side, but it's a pleasant grey/white wash and it's constructed very well. There is a It's almost too pretty to be a trash can. I put artificial flowers in it to make it look nicer. Would purchase again.

👤The garbage can is nice. It's not as heavy as it could be, but it's hard to move around. It can work well with a lot of different decors. I like that it doesn't look tacky.

2. Safco Products Canmeleon 9475BL Decorative

Safco Products Canmeleon 9475BL Decorative

We have always been committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience. If you have a problem with the waste basket can, please feel free to contact them. The leaves are naturally growing. Canmeleon's outdoor/indoor Recessed Panel Open Top Trash Can blends decorative panels with a molded plastic top to create an attractive value-priced garbage can that enhances outdoor areas while keeping them clean and litter free. The use of the outdoors and indoors. The waste container is made from high density polyethylene and performs well indoors and outdoors. TheTelescoping base has a bottom that is easy to maintain. There is a hands-free disposal. The open top lets you discard waste without touching the lid, which may help reduce the spread of germs. ANCHOR IN PLACE. The bottom of the trash container can be fastened to the pavement or weighted with paving bricks for weather resistance. There are product dimensions. The finished dimensions are 31 1/2 inches wide and 18 inches deep. 38 gallons is the capacity. The top opening is 9 1/2 inches.

Brand: Safco Products

👤I didn't want it to be too heavy so I bought it. It is nice to have a garbage can. It's pretty thin and has held up well over the winter. The lid is removed for easy dumping and washing. The 33 gallon bags can hold quite a bit. I like that I can rinse it out and turn it upside down to dry. I will buy a second can.

👤There is plastic on the bottom. I didn't realize that it scratched my new metallic epoxy floor job when I moved it across it. Don't buy this if you drive by the floor. This is way too high of a price to pay for one of these things, and it is received and used. I thought it would be better quality than what you can get at a local store for, but it isn't.

👤We needed something that was strong enough to hold a lot of mail in each of our buildings. We put a brick in the bottom to make sure no one walked off with them. The capacity is attractive. The residents are grateful that they don't have to take the mail home and the mail carrier is happy that the residents are no longer stuffing the mail into the box.

👤We wanted something bigger than 13 gallons. This fits the bill. It is easy to put a liner in the can. It looks nice, is easy to clean, and is very durable, and we are using it in a sanctuary. We will be purchasing more units in the future.

👤It's perfect for my garage, it's not ugly, but it isn't flashy.

👤The office kitchen receptacle was ordered. It has proved to be a better solution for smaller garbage cans. There is a It does not take up any more space than the container provided by our building management. There is a The plastic bags used for the recycling container can be used for this receptacle as well. It has helped organize our kitchen. There is a The design of the black container is great and blends well with our other kitchen appliances to make a sharper looking kitchen. Thank you.

👤This is in the indoor playground. It is easy to change the bags out because they are large enough to hold a lot. It's perfect for what we need.

👤Extraordinario buen producto. Bonito, funcional. Si lo volvera a comprar, pero un poco ms chico.

3. RITQUB Gallons Efficient Wastebasket Kitchen

RITQUB Gallons Efficient Wastebasket Kitchen

It's very easy to use and clean without taking up a lot of space in your room. It is ideal for small spaces. It's perfect for under cabinets, sinks, toilet, desks, and other odd spaces. The bottom is raised to prolong the service life. A stylish trash can with a modern slim design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces in your bathroom, bedroom or office is a good choice. It is convenient and effective to recycle. It's ideal for home office, bedrooms, craft rooms, dens, and any other room that requires a decorative waste can. The trash can is made from durable plastic. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It's great for bathroom, kitchen, office, condos, dorm rooms, cabins, campers, RVs and apartments.

Brand: Ritqub

4. SONGMICS ULTB50BR Kitchen Trash Garbage

SONGMICS ULTB50BR Kitchen Trash Garbage

Code M liners are extra strong and designed to fit this can perfectly. The new liner pocket feature in refill packs makes it easy to store liners in cans. A brown color and simple silhouette make this trash can look like aOON for your kitchen. The 2 gallon can is eye-catching in your kitchen. It adds to your kitchen or office décor. The buffer mechanism makes the lid close softly and silently, even though the garbage bin is made with a rigid metal exterior. Keep it open. If you want to keep the lid open for cleaning up after a big dinner, lift it back fully, and then close the waste can by hand, which will keep odors at bay. Bucket in bin. If the bag breaks or spills, just take out the buckets and clean them easily, because this rubbish bin has aremovable bucket with bag holes. Don't wait any longer, SONGMICS provides professional customer service before and after your purchase, so add it to your kitchen today.

Brand: Songmics

👤The trash can was well packaged and received today in excellent condition. After researching for 3 days, I found this item to be the perfect size, color and simple features I was looking for. Some of the others were just like a tin can. The trash can is sprayed brown and has an inner liner which is the same size as the bottom of the other trash cans, which makes them heavy. I have a touchless can that uses 6 AA batteries and I change it out at least twice a month, but I wanted to stop buying and disposing of batteries. This product is perfect for a trash can and I highly recommend it.

👤This device does not have motion detection, so Amazon wanted me to rate it. Good job Amazon. This product uses 13 gallon bags. I bought two of them and they work as advertised. I have dark walnut cabinets and they compliment them. It is not a big deal that you need to understand how to keep the bags from interacting with the lifting mechanism. Highly recommended.

👤The product is the same as described. When you close the lid, the garbage bag doesn't show. I use a Glad 13 gallon trash bag, but it seems like I don't need to use the hole in the inner bin. I am very happy.

👤I have decided to do the two-garbage can thing, one for trash and one for recycles. I make way more recycling than I do trash, and I was tired of seeing brown paper bags fill up too quickly, making my foyer not look so pretty. I thought they would make a nice looking replacement for what I had, mostly because of the color and simplicity of the design. Amazon made it right after I ordered one of the ones that didn't close properly. Thank you Amazon. The automatic touchless variety makes too many dead batteries for the trash and it is just one more thing to break. I wanted a very simple step can, in brown, with soft close, and a streamlined look. This can fit the bill. They fit nicely in the area I placed them in. There is a The steel step can that was 30 years old and still functioning perfect is being replaced, as is the paper bags for the recyclables. It was time to upgrade, and a more rectangular shape rather than the old round one has turned out to be a good idea, and I wanted to give in to a little bit of vanity this time. There is a I no longer hear the banging of the lid when I let go of the pedal, as the soft close is excellent and a welcome change. 13 gallon tall kitchen bags. This can is perfect to fit. They are tight enough over the liner lip that they stay put, and you only use a half an inch over the edge so that when the lid closes it is completely hidden. The shape and basket were important. Unless it has a liner basket, don't get one of these cans. The tall lawn and leaf paper bags were purchased by me. They haven't arrived yet. I asked for careful measurements, and I am pretty sure that they will fit well, and it will be nice to just pull the bag out and throw the whole thing in the recycling bin. There is a I owned a steel round step can for over 30 years and had no issues. I can tell you that when I took out the first full bag of trash, it was much easier to remove it from the round can than it has been before. It is easy to remove a full bag because the liner basket is smaller at the bottom. The rectangular shape makes it easier to put objects that don't fit in the round. I couldn't be happier with that, because I wanted something that looked good, butFunctionality always comes first. There is a The old steel round can was very durable. The steel used on these cans is not much thinner. I have no destructive toddlers or teenagers in my house that think banging or hitting something like this is going to ruin it. There is a I am very pleased with the cans, they are a bit pricey, but I am not disappointed. I bought stickers off of Amazon to indicate which one is for recycling and which one is for trash, but I had to buy two different sets to get what I wanted. There is a The old steel round step can is being moved to the laundry area in the basement. Repurpose, reuse, recycle. Words to live by. There is a If you're looking for a simple step can that works well and looks nice without all the dead battery waste, then this might be the one for you.

5. SONGMICS Garbage Compartments Airtight ULTB60BR

SONGMICS Garbage Compartments Airtight ULTB60BR

The step bin is an eye-catching addition to your kitchen and it is made of a gray color and simple silhouette. There is a hands-free operation. It is hard to open a rubbish bin with your hands while you are eating, and that is why they designed this trash can with a pedal. The rigid steel body of the rubbish bin is strong enough to last a long time, but soft enough to not cause a loud bang. If your garbage bag breaks and spills, the buckets in the trash can can be used to clean them. A dual trash can with two 30L bins, 15 trash bags, plastic inner buckets, and soft closure mechanism for easy waste disposal is what you get.

Brand: Songmics

👤So. The man did that old trash can after we finished up the kitchen renovation. It didn't accommodate our recycling habit. I used a paper bag on the counter for a couple of weeks, but it looked terrible. I decided to give this one a try after a lot of hemming and hawing. It was more affordable than other similar offerings and it was the exact width of the space it was going to occupy. I was concerned it would be small. The paper bag was making me fall. There is a It fits like a glove. There is a It's sturdy and quiet. I can get 4 days of garbage and recycling in here, because we are a family of 4. It's light and easy to empty, and the internal bins come out without effort. The regular trash bags fit. It's perfect.

👤I like this product, but it's not good hindsight. The cans are small. I don't like that the bags are bunched up at the top because the can isn't tall enough. I'm looking for smaller bags. If you want a tall or wide trashcan, you have to trade off having 2 full size cans because they are separate cans side by side. I would have liked to put the regular cans next to each other. That would have been better. Maybe think about that. Measure your space and look at the size of regular cans to see if that works better for you. We will have to make do with this trashcan because it is a lot of money. I like that it has a step opener, not the electronic one, which makes me happy. Think about that more. It isn't always better. My friend's is powered by a motor.

👤This can set has a good shape and is square. Its size and ability to separate trash from recycles made it attractive. It isn't really built like that... It is not packaged by the manufacturer sufficiently to resist routine shipment handling which can be quite reckless these days. It might arrive with shattered parts that would make it useless, the lid unclosable. We had to return this massive piece of garbage back to whence it came. It can be difficult.

👤I was worried about buying this product because other cans that were more expensive had bad reviews. This product is amazing. The bin was carefully packed with foam and came looking great. I have to learn a new technique for lining the bin with a bag, but it is what I wanted. It was worth the money for my convenience. It's not clear what the long-term maintenance will look like.

👤I received a trash can. A lot of reviewers talk about receiving a damaged item. There were only minor scratches and scruple. The poor design is the real issue. The bags are hard to change. There is no room between the cans. The liner sticks out of the lid when you put it in. You have to take a few minutes to tuck it in. A butter knife works well. The inner can can't be lifted because it is under the trash bag. When you have a full bag, you have to feel through the dirty bag to find the handle. Poor design, see photos. If you step on the opener, it slams up and hits the counter. I put a 2x4 behind the can and it still hit the counter. The foot peddle needs to be gently pressed so as not to bang the lid. I don't see myself opening the trash can slowly when I am running around the kitchen trying to cook everything at the same time. I will send this back.

6. Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

It's almost anywhere. A stylish trash can with a modern slim design is easy to fit into narrow openings and small spaces. It works well in offices or in limited space. The plastic interior bucket is easy to clean and can be easily removed for convenient waste disposal. It's the same for VARIOUS PLACES. They can use the plastic steel trash in many places. The price is right and it's big. Why don't you buy one? I think it's appropriate to put a kitchen trash can in the bedroom, the living room, the study, the activity room, and the kid's cabin. Press the cover to open or close it. The trash can was designed to enhance your décor and was made with stylish colors and unique finishes. If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Sooyee

👤This fits the bill because I don't have a lot of space to put a trash can by the toilet. The picture in the middle shows how to open the bag. At first, I didn't know how to change bags, because it wasn't explained in the information. The 3rd picture is to compare the average small cans in stores to the width of the one shown in the 3rd picture. As for the design of pushing the top to open, so far I have had no issues, but as I know nothing lasts forever, I use metal springs. I'm sure I'll get a good 5-6 years out of it, for now. I don't open it all the time. I press hard all the time to open the top, but just a gentle tap is enough.

👤Why didn't this happen sooner? I feel very much in love with it. I put it on my story. My trash cans have problems. The tap mechanism will be in my house as long as it works. The trash bag is completely hidden. It was easy to switch out the bags I used from Amazon. My children can change their bags. I used it to divide cloth toilet paper from disposable wipes. The baby wipe odor is hidden. This is a five star. The new standard needs to be this.

👤The outdoor kitchen is what we use most often, and we have a travel trailer with both indoor and outdoor kitchens. We were looking for a trash container with a lid that would fit next to the fridge and still hold enough trash and garbage to keep us busy. The trash container has a lid that opens with a touch, hides the trash bag, and is easy to replace, it also has a container that holds any leaks from the trash bag, and it is located next to the fridge. It looks nice. It's perfect for what we need.

👤The trash can has a cheaper appearance than the pictures show. It works for a small space but is a cheap plastic, and it gets the job done. Not what I was expecting.

👤It's not as strong as expected. As it will only be used as a bedside rubbish bin, it should be fine. I don't recommend for heavy-handed individuals, accident prone areas, or where it will need to be opened and closed often. It is in three pieces. The sides and lid fit over the can, like a decorative issue box holder. It's supposed to fit into a ring on the bottom, but it doesn't. If you don't plan on moving it from place to place, I recommend this item only. I can only give it 3 stars because it's not a great product.

👤Needed a trashcan that opened from the front side. It's easy to open. The bag is completely hidden and looks cleaner. One picture shows you can have two compartments, but it doesn't have that option.

👤Hopefully it will last because it looks great. Don't take pictures. The white one looked like it had a divided container. You think the black one does as well. My didn't. There are some pics with black that show a divided inside. I wish mine was divided. I didn't bother coming back because it is small and the black is in the bathroom which I like.

7. Superio Rattan Style Compact Gallon

Superio Rattan Style Compact Gallon

The Garbage bags are easy to install. The bathroom motion trash can has a lid that can be removed and a garbage bag. The bucket ring will not cause the trash bag to slip off. The narrow trash can allow the lid to open easily but also provide resistance as the lid closes, easing it down quietly. Modern design is great for bathroom and office décor. The compact size is perfect for your bathroom, bedroom or office table. The pedal is strong and easy to use. A basket-weave design. The package is 10 inches in H, 13.0 inches in L, and 10.0 inches in W.

Brand: Superio

👤I thought it would be a little bigger and stronger. It works well with my patio set. It's cute that it can hold a few Truly cans. That's all. Not worth the price. This is a FLO item, for looks only.

👤I was looking for a small can to put bags of poop in. The flip lid makes it easy to just step on and drop the bags in. It's hard to find something like this.

👤The cheap and fragile lid mechanism on the bottom of the trash can broke almost immediately after only a couple of times opening the lid. The other can's lid mechanism broke when we removed it from the shipping box. The product is in a garbage can. These flimsy excuses for trash cans will never happen again.

👤I use the little barrel to collect poop outdoors. It would make a great laundry basket.

👤We ordered two trash cans from different suppliers. The first can was well packaged and all of the parts were present. The second arrived 5 days late in a huge box. The trash can was missing a lever, which made it less useful. The trash can is a decent product, but you should purchase from a different supplier.

👤It's very costly to keep a Golden doodle out of the bathroom trash. Not going to be elegant enough to look for a bathroom, but goes well with our color scheme.

👤When we adopted a five year old dog, we discovered he liked to eat the tissues from the trash can in the bathroom. The can looks nice in our bathroom and the dog can't get into it. It works for all of our needs.

👤The 3.1 gallon size of the trash bin is enough to keep a dog out of trash in any room.

8. Barnyard Designs Bathroom Decorative Accessory

Barnyard Designs Bathroom Decorative Accessory

The decorative trash buckets are a great way to decorate while keeping your area clean. The small trash cans are great to keep in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen cabinet, or under a desk. They will make the space look better. These metal buckets with handles will bring a farmhouse-style look to your decor. The pails have the words "Trash Bucket" printed on them. They are eye-catching and appealing if placed around your home or office. The waste bins make a great storage accessory, they are multi-functional and make a great storage accessory. They can be used to discard garbage, paper, or other recycling. They can be used in the shower, under the sink, or on a shelf to hold bathroom necessities. The trash buckets have dimensions of 10.25" D x 10.25"H, with a handle height of 5.5 and a bottom Diameter of 7.25". It was made of galvanized steel. It is Rust proof. The garbage bag size is 10 liters. There are two sets of 2. The color is white. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤These are even better in person. These are one of the only products I have purchased that look better in person. Excellent quality. Would recommend!

👤I bought them for our bathroom. A cute pail and a sturdy one are used for our farmhouse decor.

👤The trash can is small. Light weight. It looks cute in a craft room.

9. Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Buy with confidence, a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, full refunds or replacements for all quality-related issues without return. If your iwatch loops have any quality issues, please contact them at the first chance. they will give you a solution. The outdoor patio trash can has a decorative wicker-style design. The design of the lid makes it easy to get in and out of the can. CONVENIENT USE: It is compatible with the standard 30 gal. Garbage bags are easy to use. There is a sturdy construction. It is made with durable resin that resists fading and keeps water out through the season. It's a small size to keep your porch clean without taking up a lot of space. ft. 1.75 ft2

Brand: Suncast

👤My dog poops 8 times a day. I needed a place to store the poop that wasn't in my house or in the garbage cans I keep in the garage. My dog poop is stored on this thing on my patio. There is no smell around or near it. How are you going to stop it from smelling like dog poop when you open it? It has a double lid that is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out. The smaller lid allows me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without having to worry about getting my hands dirty. I have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year and it has held its original color. I was expecting it to fade, but it hasn't.

👤These are very sturdy and only took a minute to assemble. The quality is better than I expected, but I can't say how well they hold up outside. I bought these because they were a creative way to sort laundry. I bought three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners from Amazon for $7. The weight of my husband's jeans make the liners fall into the bin, so I snap them in the lid. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I don't have to worry about the hamper lining under the dirty underwear. I am happy! That makes this a great design for a laundry hamper for a mom. Standard laundry hampers are built differently than this way. No one knows that these are trash bins. Everyone who has seen them loves them. This idea is cheaper than a full sized laundry hamper because you can snap in the liner and pull it out when full, but still have access to put clothes in with the use of the top hatch. It's brilliant. I used my label makers to make labels. If your kids can't read yet, you might want to order different colored liners or tape to make it easier to sort.

👤There is new information about the problem of full bags popping when they are re-allocated. The bottom line is that if you use 2 bags, 1 as a liner and 1 for trash, it would most likely solve any issue with a bag full of trash tearing while removing it from the bin. This is a short version of a story I wrote about this trash bin. There is a The 2nd bin that we purchased in a different color is still sitting on our patio in the middle of the day in full Arizona sun and still looks and functions like new. The dark brown bin that was purchased in 2013 still looks and functions like new, and sits in the garage corner safely storing garden tools and other small outdoor garden/patio supplies. After a couple of pool parties, we had 2 heavy and overfilled bags tear when trying to remove them from the bin, even with the very thick bags we use. I decided to use one bag as a liner. It works well. The same bag has been in the bin for about a year now, and the 2nd bag slides out perfectly even if it's stuffed with trash. We still use the heavy duty trash bags from Amazon. The cost for 100 bags is now $26.97 They do include twist ties for closing, but they do not have the same style of drawstrings. They now offer a clear bag, which I find useful for not only trash, but also for storing large comforter sets, boxed items like books and Christmas decorations, for an added layer of protection. The bags are thicker than the national name brand bags. Their bags are much thicker than any of the big name brand bags we have tried. If interested, type this into the search bar: Large black garbage bags 30 gallon - 32 gallon. The previous review. The Suncast outdoor trash hideaway I purchased from Amazon in April of 2013 is the photo I have posted. The bin has been sitting on my patio in the morning for the last ten years, because it faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months. We put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin because our town requires it. We put the trash in the Suncast bin and then put the bag in the house. When the trash bag is full, we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house twice a week. We recently purchased a second Suncast bin, which is a lighter color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc., and blends in better than the dark brown bin. The Suncast bin is in excellent condition. We have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we usually hose it off once a week, and it cleans up like new. It's almost waterproof. Water can't get into the trash bag. There have been a few times when the rain has come down very hard and sideways and water got into the bag in the bin. The only thing wrong with this bin is that the plastic/rubber hinges broke when I knocked it over. The way it seals the top has not been affected by it. I normally wouldn't write a long review about a product designed to hold trash, but I feel that the quality and design of this product should be acknowledged. We can have the bin near our back door without attracting flies because the top provides a pretty good seal. We will use the old bin to store smaller garden items in a garage corner. This product will be around long after we're gone.

10. Simplehuman Rectangular Soft Close Stainless Hands Free

Simplehuman Rectangular Soft Close Stainless Hands Free

NEAT AND SECURE - The liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to keep it hidden from sight. Keep liners where you need them. If you want a faster liner change, put them one by one inside the can. Simplehuman's strong steel pedal can last over 150,000 steps for 20 years, which is more than 20 steps a day. Simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. Dent-PROOF PLASTIC LID doesn't show dirt or fingerprints. InterNAL HINGE prevents the lid from bumping the wall. FINGERPRINT-PROOF is a finish that resists smudges. Code M liners are extra strong and designed to fit this can perfectly. The new liner pocket feature in refill packs makes it easy to store liners in cans.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤The can is beautiful, but Simplehuman put a big flaw in all of their cans. The bag dispensers are in each can. The opening is supported by a purple piece of plastic. The hole in the can adds a block to the back of it. There is a The plastic holder popped out of the can after a month of use. The plastic holder claws into the trash bag making it impossible to take out. It's a huge flaw in the name of selling bags.

👤I didn't click on the hole in the back of the can when I read the reviews and product information. I will never buy the Simple Human bags and store them in a compartment in the back of my can, I will buy whatever bags are at the market and store them under my sink. The bag dispensers is useless to me because I want a fully sealed trash can. I just spent $100 on a can with a big hole in the back and I am going to have to seal it up.

👤Can you fall in love with a trash can? I think... I just want to know. I don't know if it's because I've been suck in the house for so long with these kids I'm either in love or I'm losing my mind. I will say it is half and half. This thing is gorgeous. *>

👤The reason for a 4 star is because the inside compartment has a holder for the bags that isn't perfect and sometimes I rip the bag out when I take it out. There was no luck trying to push the plastic piece back in.

👤The kitchen trash bin is one of the things I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on. You end up having to purchase things over and over again if you don't pay much. The simple human trash bin was purchased because of its quality. It was not easy to clean those. The clasp was plastic and broke. You have to put the lid back on it. You have to find a bag to put it in. The human trash bin is not the same as the simple human trash bin. There is a small compartment on the back that holds trash bags. The only thing I dislike is that it's barely noticeable in the kitchen, but I have the 45L bin and it fits perfectly. It has been easy to clean. So far, it's worth it. The bags might be a little more expensive for some. I like to purchase them because of the bag compartment on the can. I have some glad force bags that work well.

👤It's hard to find the perfect trash can. This model has a pedal-open. If you have it against a wall or cabinet, it will get scratched if you use it a lot. It's still a pain to constantly re-adjust the position of the can, even though I have some 3M felt dots to cushion the back part that hits the wall. I can't recommend it because of this movement. Next time, I will use a can with a swinging lid.

11. Suncast GHW1732WH Outdoor White Hideaway

Suncast GHW1732WH Outdoor White Hideaway

It is compliant with the standard for compatibility with auto-lifters. The outdoor trash can has a capacity of 30 to 33 gallons and is ideal for backyards, patios, or decks. It isdurable: It is made with durable resin that resists fading and keeps water out through the season. The design of the lid makes it easy to get in and out of the can. It's called disposition: The brown trash can is an attractive solution for your refuse that will match most outdoor décor. COMPACT size is small. Trash can is built to maximize function while minimizing impact to your living space.

Brand: Suncast

👤I told my husband that I bought a trash can in the kitchen. He didn't like it. I was looking for a nice looking trash can, but they were so expensive. I read a review that said a lady bought it to use in the kitchen and liked the way it looked. It's nice and white and looks great in my kitchen. I'm a little worried about the reviews I read because I'm trying to remove the bag full of trash. I'll see what happens. The white trash can was much cheaper than the ones that are listed as kitchen trash cans, and it looked pretty.

👤A few days item listed for 54 is due to a 99 plus tax charge. Reached out to the seller but he wouldn't give me a refund. The trash can was as expected. There is no trash empty yet. I have a large bag in my possession.

👤I live in a refund state and collect my bottles outside. I can just pop the lid and drop the empty bottles in as I please, because it sits in the corner by my back door. The fact that it's square makes it better for corners, because it's compact and clean. Animals and debris are kept out of the lid. After cutting up my hands for nearly an hour, I couldn't get the second hook on the lid to attach. When I open the lid to take out the interior bag, it flops a bit because it sits on top of the base. It's annoying but not a big deal for me. I'd probably buy it again if I had the choice.

👤FedEx shipping is horrible. The box fell apart. You could not see the damage from shipping because the product was damaged. The patio garage looks great and will keep the dog out.

👤I needed it to go on my small patio, and it looks great. I was able to put in all of it despite snapping it together because of the cracked inside panel joint. One gentleman suggested that I put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the 4 sides and the bottom. It's easy to lift out of a full bag. I would recommend this brand.

👤I didn't fully read the instructions before putting it together because I was so excited to get this. Thankfully, what could have been a disaster had a simple fix. If you don't put the bottom on before throwing the sides together, you'll have to use your drill. This is a viable option because there is no way to get it apart after you put it together. This is a perfect size for my household of 6. It looks nice in my kitchen. The lid is easy to flip open because the top is tight. I would buy this again.

👤I like this trash can. I didn't have a place to store the garbage until it was picked up. My wicker furniture is on my deck. It took like a tall table to tape a plant on top. It is very easy to put together if you have a mallet. A person holds a garbage bag. I love this can.


What is the best product for decorative trash can for kitchen?

Decorative trash can for kitchen products from Sehertiwy. In this article about decorative trash can for kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Safco Products and Ritqub are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trash can for kitchen.

What are the best brands for decorative trash can for kitchen?

Sehertiwy, Safco Products and Ritqub are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trash can for kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Songmics, Songmics and Sooyee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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