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1. IDesign Wastebasket Garbage Bathroom Bedroom

IDesign Wastebasket Garbage Bathroom Bedroom

It'sTILE: It's ideal for your bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, dorm, craft room, kitchen, living room, or any other space. It's easy to fit next to the toilet. Can hold up to 3.3 gallons. A high gloss white finish with vintage black lettering. STURDY BASE. A wide base prevents cans from sliding on the floor. It isdurable: The metal construction with wooden handle makes the waste can last a long time. TheDEAL size: The waste cans are 10.75" x 10.75" x 10.5" and can fit in small spaces.

Brand: Idesign

👤The labels are stuck to the graphics. Who thought it was a good idea to put the barcode stickers over the graphics? I took 20 minutes to get the stickers off, and it will take another half hour to get the sticker off with some scratching. The first step of sticker removal is not being said in a proper way. There is plenty of space on the rest of the bucket. Next time, try anywhere.

👤I like my trash bucket. I expected it to be smaller. What a great investment. It goes great with my decor. It is not bright white that I like. There is a white. The last picture compares my table to it. Update. The first trash bucket was a success. I gave the pack of 6 as gifts and one extra for my laundry room, but it wasn't much. The pack of 6 were not consistent in color and some of them were not good. I sent them back. They are sturdy and heavy because of the paint smeared inside, the distorted words on some, and the missing handles.

👤I searched high and low for the perfect trash can to compliment my bathroom decor. I'm glad I did. This is the queen of trash cans. This can is sturdy, can hold a ton of stuff, and is cute, but you won't want to fill it to the rim. After a few months, it still looks as good as new, and I didn't have any issues with the lettering. I don't buy trash bags to line it. Nope. Wal-mart and Target bags will work. I would buy again.

👤Cute! I use it as a trash can in my room. Can't really go wrong here. I have it in the white. I am happy with the purchase. It is a decent size. I ordered a larger waste can from Amazon.

👤Great can. The letters don't rub off. I've been very careful as well. The height and width are nice. Will hold a lot, but not so large as to not fit the space.

👤I redecorated our guest bedroom and needed a trash can that would fit in a small space and not ruin my decor. The trash bucket is perfect. I was worried that the bucket was too small. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The bucket is 10 1/2 inches tall and has a diameter at the top of the same measurement. It would hold a lot of trash. A week of trash would be enough to fit in a bedroom, but it would take a few days to empty the can. It looks more expensive than it is. I have a trash bucket in a room that is mostly grey, coral, and white, but the color and styling of it would work with many different decor and color combinations. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a cute way to put a trash can in a room.

👤I didn't review this because it's a great product. I have a farmhouse and this looks great in my powder room. Guests have commented on it several times, and it gives a clean, even playful statement. Clever... "Nice..." Some of the comments are fun. It works best with a clear liner. I have one that I use to hold seafood shells at the table. It looks good enough to keep on the table, and there's no doubt about where to put your shells. If you're on the fence about buying one, don't hesitate. I hope they are still available. I would like to get more.

2. Keter Pacific Outdoor Wicker Basket

Keter Pacific Outdoor Wicker Basket

100% satisfaction or your money back! Any quality-related issue will take 12 months to be resolved. They will reply within 24 hours. The extended dimensions are 15 in. W x 15 in. 3 in. H. Trash bags are used for 30-39 gallon bags and will not rust or peel. The moving liner is a new invention. An extra-large opening for lifting out full trash bags is provided by the full size lid. The metal enclosures have a metal handle and metal lid. It's called disposition: The brown rattan design can be used as a trash can.

Brand: Keter

👤I have purchased several keter products over the years and was appalled at the quality of this trash can. The plastic was all over the can. They are sharp. I was cut when I pulled it out. The customer service representative could have cared less if I had called the company. I am buying a suncast product after returning this. I don't know why they changed their manufacturing, but it's not good. The buyer should beware.

👤Is a trash can be beautiful? This is it! I am happy with it, but only for 2 things. There is a I would have gone with another product if I had seen this in person. My kids are rambunctious. This thing will fly open in a high wind. There was no support for the lid. I bought a deck box from Suncast. It is great. If you are going to blow that much on an outdoor trash can, it needs to have strap supports so the lid doesn't fly open backwards and the plastic case holding the main hinge doesn't crack. If it cracks, bye-bye lid. My husband can do anything cheaply. I would have returned it if he had added the support. There is a You will need the trash bags for the insert, not a big deal. The insert will push all the air out of the main receptical as you are lowering it, so a regular bag will just need to be tied at the corner. I am still happy.

👤I almost returned the trash can because I was expecting it to be larger and more expensive. It was the same brand as my other patio furniture, so I wanted it to match, and I didn't like the alternatives I was finding. When it was delivered, there was a side that made a clicking sound that made me crazy, so in the return box it went. I needed an outdoor trash can for a party because trash was piling up outside and I decided to just use this. There is a It holds a 30 gal trash bag, which is plenty of room for what I need, so I'm glad I did. It's difficult to get the bag around the can that slips in and out, but there are handles on it to make it easy to pull in and out, and you can kind of shove the bag around that. The bag doesn't slip down, and it has kept the garbage smells at bay. I'm really happy. I kept it. I refused to pay for 2 trash cans, so I opted out, but one is fine for us.

👤I ordered a garbage can. My nephew is 10 months old. Our current trash can is included. We needed a tall one with a lid that would be out of reach and also looked nice. I thought it would look nice in the kitchen. The liner can has handles and a hole to push the garbage bag into so it stays in place. It was delivered within a few days. Which is great. The inside liner was cracked almost halfway down the middle and through half of it. I set up an exchange through Amazon and it arrived the same day I did. The new one was sent to me. I'm currently sending the other one back. It was convenient because I have the new one and didn't have to send the other one back. I like to read reviews before buying. I think I got a great product for a good price.

3. Whitmor Rush Waste Basket Handles

Whitmor Rush Waste Basket Handles

It's thoughtfully size is 7 wide at the base, 9.8 wide at the top and 10 tall. The wood handles on the Waste Basket are easy to transport. The baskets should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Every home has a great waste or storage solution. The woven wastebasket gives a sophisticated look to your home. The finish is durable and long- lasting. The frame protects the basket's shape. The dimensions are 12.5 inches x 8.0 inches x 11.81 inches. There is a service and guarantee. The products of the company are supported by Whitmor. If you have a problem, contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤If you wrap the bag handles around the wooden handles, it will hold the bag wide-open so you can fill it to the max.

👤It's a small basket. It was perfect with my bedroom colors. The wooden handles move a bit sideways, but you only notice it if you pay attention. They are more of a dark brown color. I think this looks better. I have had it for 5 months and it looks the same as when I got it.

👤I think I got tired of looking for gray waste baskets for my bedroom that were outrageously priced and so I convinced myself that this one was on the grayish side. I got it for a couple bucks cheaper than new. It is a nice wastebasket and is the right size for my nightstand. It was a bit bent at the top. I was able to bend it back into shape. It looks new. This is not a gray wastebasket, I really wanted one. The basket sits next to the gray in my bedroom and it's light brown/taupe, so you can't see anything. One of the individuals answering questions stated that it looked grayish when it was nowhere near gray. Someone else said it was gray. I was hoping that would be true. I will keep it as it will be in the corner and no one will see it. There is a It's a good deal to buy a light brown/beige.

👤I liked the style. The plastic grocery bags can fit around the handles. The narrow style fits perfectly in my sink cabinet. I can see that this could be a challenge to clean, but it is in a bathroom that doesn't use much. I'm assuming I could spray with a Disinfectant, but haven't done that yet.

👤The description is right on and I give this 5 stars. It's up to the consumer if it's for them or not. I'm pretty sure some people will say it's a bit too small, but that's probably because they didn't measure it out themselves to know what they were going to get. Looks great. It looks like it is of good quality and not a fake. Measure the dimensions out in front of you to see if you're getting what you want.

👤It was damaged when it was ordered. The material used to weave the basket is woven through metal rods. The box was not damaged. The basket was not wrapped or padded and it appears that something was placed on top of the box because the metal rods that form the base/ bottom of the basket snapped. The box was fine after they sent a second basket. There was no packing around basket in the box. The basket was not straight after opening the box. I give up! It was difficult to return because you had to go to 2 different places.

👤I was impressed with the quality of the wastebasket. The wire around the top will keep it from breaking. I like the rectangular shape and neutral cover. It will fit on the shelf next to the computer.

4. Nordic Style Trash Can 1 Pack

Nordic Style Trash Can 1 Pack

There are dimensions. Overall: The weight is 9 lbs. GreenGUARD Certified products are proven to meet some of the world's most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards, which help reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure to help create healthier indoor environments. Collect even more. Next to the Safeco At-Your-Disposal 2-Bin Recycling Center is a sign. The At-Your-Disposal Trash Can can be used to create a convenient waste collection station for your lunchroom, breakroom or cafeteria. There is a manufacturer limited lifetime. It's perfect for any room in your home. The Nordic Trash Bins are made of a plastic garbage can, with faux wooden legs, and are perfect for any area in your home. The Nordic garbage bin is simple, modern and ultra-functional, and it's perfect for a kitchen trash can, bathroom wastebasket, bedroom garbage can, or even a diaper disposal bin. A one-press gasoline can with a plastic liner. This simple human trash can that suits any space in your Nordic home provides very minimal contact as you can simply open and close the lid with one finger. There is no need to worry about lining the insides of these cute trash cans with plastic bags because each cute trash can has a round interior frame that will keep the plastic storage bags in place. Ultra-durable and sturdy white. Can you put anyWHERE? Regardless of where you place the trash bins, put your mind at ease because of its neutral color/s, high-end plastic material, and sturdy faux wooden legs. These elevated trash cans are sanitary because they keep the trash off the floors, tables, and surrounding surfaces. It doesn't look like a trash bin, but it is so clean and stylish that it will be easy for your family or house guests to mistake it for a mini desk or storage bin. Their trash cans with lids are the perfect gift idea for a housewarming or anniversary. Unique waste brush is specially designed for your home. They want to make house keeping a bit easier. They make sure their products are reliable. If there is anything about the small trash can nordic style that is not in line with your expectations, please reach out to them so they can make things better. The waste baskets are made for you.

Brand: Primo Supply

👤The legs are plastic and have a bad faux wood texture, but the info says they are wood. The build quality is plastic and everything is plastic. The liner insert ring is a bit tricky to put in, you have to make sure it's placed just right. I wouldn't order it again or recommend it. It's disappointing for the price.

👤It took over a month for delivery from Hong Kong. The package had a dollar store look and feel to it. It was very disappointing. I was expecting it to be a much better quality for the money. It is a lightweight bucket with plastic legs and top that looks like wood. I would say it is around a quarter pound. It has a cheap, plastic look to it and it doesn't give off the mid century vibe that I thought it would.

👤This thing looks great. It's a little bit smaller than I had hoped, but that's my fault for not paying more attention to the dimensions. Its feel and sturdiness are my biggest problems. It doesn't feel like it costs anything. I was expecting it to weigh a little more and not feel like plastic. The garbage bag can be removed with ease because of the ring on the inside of the can. It's a great looking garbage, but a bit overpriced.

👤The price is too high.

👤Thin plastic; poor quality. Plastic decals; no wood. We arrived from Hong Kong. There is a $10 item.

👤The product is very poorly made. Particularly the hinge. Within 10 days of ordering it, it broke. The price isn't justified because it's made of 100% plastic. Gave it another chance, but the replacement had a broken hinge. Plastic isn't the worst thing for a bathroom, but having to touch a lid in a bathroom setting is not ideal, and foot pedal for lids is way better. The KOHLER bathroom trashcan will last 20x longer than this ever would.

👤There are multiple layers of stickers on the trash can. It was hard to get the outside of it to be sticky. It's a pity. I bought it for my daughter. I would have returned it. I bought it for the looks. I like writing reviews that are positive, besides the stickers, and I don't usually write reviews.

👤The trash can looks beautiful.

5. Suncast GH1732J Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast GH1732J Outdoor Trash Hideaway

There is a constriction of the structure. No worry of rust, rot or damage to the structure of the building. The outdoor trash can hold up to 33 gallons and is ideal for backyards, patios, or decks. It's made with durable construction to stay dry during the rainy season. Garbage won't blow out of the can, keeping your backyard area clean. It's called disposition: This brown trash can will match most outdoor décor. TheDEAL size: The trash can has a measurement of 15.75" x 16" x 31.6".

Brand: Suncast

👤This trash can is awesome! I wanted something bigger than the normal kitchen trash can, so I bought it. I wanted something that looked good. I read the reviews before I bought the bag and was going to line it with a cardboard box so that it wouldn't get torn off the rough interior. That's the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars. The problem should have been anticipated by the manufacturers.

👤The product was great. I wish it held the trash bag better. If you don't want the trash bag to show, you can use the box it came in to make an internal trash bag holder.

👤I was very excited about this purchase. I debated on this item for weeks, and I must say that it did not fail. It came on time, no damages. ! It was very easy to put together. It's very sturdy, and all the parts snapped together with ease. I like the way my 39 gallon trash bag fits, but it's just the way I like it. I would recommend this item. I'm going to buy one for the outside now.

👤We love this trash can. We have it in the backyard. We have received a lot of praise for it. Great purchase.

👤It looks great on our new patio. It's not quite as "sturdy" as it looks in the photos, but no wind will knock it over, and I doubt that our local squirrel will be able to eat his way into this one. It took almost an hour to put it together. There is no Panel C in the instructions. There are two panels. I had to use a rubber mallet to get it set after it did not snap together easily. It was as advertised once it was done. I'm still not sure how the lid was supposed to attach. Would I buy it again? Yes.

👤I use the trash as a bin for my pet. The quality of the build is not very good. The flies are able to fit between the crevices in the lid creating a problem. It works well for my needs. It looks good and does its job.

👤If I could, I would give this 4.5 stars. This is for my trash can. The locking lid keeps my dogs out of it and it matches the cabinets very well. The insides catch the trash bag on the way out, so I take half a star. Be careful to avoid a torn bag. I'm very happy with it. I rock the bags side to side to get them out. They went together in under 3 minutes.

👤I saw them being used around a pool at my friend's club house. I use it in our utility room for everyday trash. It is made well and looks good. The locking lid keeps everything in place. The children and grandchildren always had a bad habit of flipping the lid off our old can and as a result there was always food getting on the walls. The problem has been solved with this container. We can get more than an entire week's worth of trash into this, taking into account that we recycle. I had to fight to get the top hinges to snap into place. I thought the can was going to win. Purchase one and do yourself a favor.

6. Autumn Alley Galvanized Bathroom Farmhouse

Autumn Alley Galvanized Bathroom Farmhouse

COMPACT size is small. Trash can is built to maximize function while minimizing impact to your living space. Add a contemporary spin to the old-world classic farmhouse style with the Autumn Alley Galvanized Trash Can. One of the best rustic decorations for home is their galvanized trash can bucket. Their galvanized trash can bathroom or small waste basket for bathroom is a sight to behold, it has a premium wooden handle for warm tones and a ring design with a label that says "Trash" in a beautiful cursive script. The galvanized trash can is rust-resistant, corrosion-proof, and resilient to damage due to the strong and heavy-duty rustic decorations. Autumn Alley rustic galvanized bucket can fit in anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, and is 9” in diameter and 10” in height. Put this galvanized trash can in your bathroom. Add more pieces from their industrial farmhouse home décor line to your home to complete the look. A galvanized trash can is a great gift for all loved ones.

Brand: Autumn Alley

👤The handle was loose to install, but easy to adjust to. I have only had it a few days, so I am not sure on the cleaning aspect. The company tried to charge my card again after I returned a duplicate order of the same item. The company received my return by March 3 and are trying to charge me again on April 9th for " non returned product", according to the confirmation on my account. Not happy.

👤The trash can was nice, but the wood part of the handle was rough and splintery and had different colors in it. It would have been too difficult to return it. I put the handle in the back so it can't be seen. This should not have been the case since the price of this item is very high. I was not happy.

👤I bought two of them. It's perfect for a bathroom with galvanized metal and denim. The second one is next to my chair. It is the perfect size. Very impressed!

👤It was perfect for a small bathroom and went perfectly with my decor. I can see the metal and design with clear trash liners.

👤I wanted a rustic bucket for trash and found one. I ordered two and they were what I wanted. They complement my farmhouse decor.

👤La decoracin espectacular. No es practico, pero para cesto de basura en un bao. I am encant muchisimo.

👤I like the black trash can as well. I like that it adds a little country to your bathroom.

👤I love this trash can. It fits my decor perfectly. It is well designed and durable.

7. Safco Products Canmeleon 9474BL Decorative

Safco Products Canmeleon 9474BL Decorative

A perfect present is not only a practical ashtray, but also a decoration as a work of art, a eye-catching spotlight decoration for office, home, patio, restaurant, KTV, cafes, hotel, car, and a creative gift for birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year and The leaves are naturally growing. Canmeleon's outdoor/indoor trash can with ash urn blends decorative panels with an ashtray to help enhance outdoor areas while keeping them clean and litter free. The use of the outdoors and indoors. The waste container is made from high density polyethylene and performs well indoors and outdoors. TheTelescoping base has a bottom that is easy to maintain. There is a hands-free disposal. The covered dome has four openings that allow you to discard waste without touching the lid, which may help reduce the spread of germs. ANCHOR IN PLACE. The bottom of the trash container can be fastened to the pavement or weighted with paving bricks for weather resistance. There are product dimensions. The finished dimensions are 13 3/4"W x 13 3/4"D x 32 3/4"H. 15 gallons is the capacity.

Brand: Safco Products

👤We have a lot of homeless people in our downtown offices and they create a lot of trash. We wondered if we could provide a place for them to dispose of their garbage, they wouldn't just leave it on the sidewalk and in the gutter. This one has worked well for us, and was a challenge to find the right receptacle. We needed something that wouldn't be carried off by someone. We had to maneuver the thing into place because it was too heavy, and it was made of concrete and weighed several hundred pounds. We anchor the Safeco product by putting two screw-stakes through the bottom of the bin, then weighed it down with a 50-pound bag of sand. We drilled a hole for a padlock to hold the top of the bin in place, so no trash pickers could remove it to change the purpose of the receptacle. We were looking forward to see what would happen after the thing was ready. Some people have tried to wrestle the top off. The receptacle has not been moved and both the top and the receptacle have remained secure. There is a Providing a place for people to put their trash will make them use it. This had proven to be a great product.

👤I asked if it took tall garbage bags. People said no. I thought I'd have to get different sized bags for it. I tried a tall kitchen when it arrived. I was not as worried about the bag going all the way to the bottom as I thought it would. I was concerned that it would fit around the top of the 15 gallon model. It's nearly perfect because of that. I didn't get any reviews or pictures of the 'ash tray', it's 2 pieces, upper and lower. To empty the bin, you have to remove the top of the can and dump it, because the bin part is attached with screws to the plastic assembly. The inner section of the upper part is attached to the bin part at the corners with Velcro tabs and has a pyramid type shape. So... The only thing I'm worried about is when you remove the top part of the ash tray from the bin part of the ash tray assembly, the little screws that hold the bin part to the assembly look like they might rust if they ever got wet. To wash the bin in the sink. You have to take the whole top to the sink to deal with that bulkiness. I didn't need to reduce the stars for me. It would be great if the bin and top part of the ash tray could be removed from the lid. I think I could remove the screws and put the bin in a different way. I should have taken pictures of what I am talking about 2 hours before placement, but I didn't.

👤I am opening a store that I bought two of these for. These are the perfect size for entry trash cans since they are slightly larger than a standard kitchen style trash can and can hold a good amount of trash. It's easy for an employee to empty it without having to haul it to the dumpster because it's an industrial size. Highly recommended. It's made of lightweight plastic so it may need some weight in the bottom to avoid being blown over when it's empty. Good value for money.

8. Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

Sooyee Rectangular Wastebasket Container Bathroom

It's almost anywhere. A stylish trash can with a modern slim design is easy to fit into narrow openings and small spaces. It works well in offices or in limited space. The plastic interior bucket is easy to clean and can be easily removed for convenient waste disposal. It's the same for VARIOUS PLACES. They can use the plastic steel trash in many places. The price is right and it's big. Why don't you buy one? I think it's appropriate to put a kitchen trash can in the bedroom, the living room, the study, the activity room, and the kid's cabin. Press the cover to open or close it. The trash can was designed to enhance your décor and was made with stylish colors and unique finishes. If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Sooyee

👤This fits the bill because I don't have a lot of space to put a trash can by the toilet. The picture in the middle shows how to open the bag. At first, I didn't know how to change bags, because it wasn't explained in the information. The 3rd picture is to compare the average small cans in stores to the width of the one shown in the 3rd picture. As for the design of pushing the top to open, so far I have had no issues, but as I know nothing lasts forever, I use metal springs. I'm sure I'll get a good 5-6 years out of it, for now. I don't open it all the time. I press hard all the time to open the top, but just a gentle tap is enough.

👤Why didn't this happen sooner? I feel very much in love with it. I put it on my story. My trash cans have problems. The tap mechanism will be in my house as long as it works. The trash bag is completely hidden. It was easy to switch out the bags I used from Amazon. My children can change their bags. I used it to divide cloth toilet paper from disposable wipes. The baby wipe odor is hidden. This is a five star. The new standard needs to be this.

👤The outdoor kitchen is what we use most often, and we have a travel trailer with both indoor and outdoor kitchens. We were looking for a trash container with a lid that would fit next to the fridge and still hold enough trash and garbage to keep us busy. The trash container has a lid that opens with a touch, hides the trash bag, and is easy to replace, it also has a container that holds any leaks from the trash bag, and it is located next to the fridge. It looks nice. It's perfect for what we need.

👤The trash can has a cheaper appearance than the pictures show. It works for a small space but is a cheap plastic, and it gets the job done. Not what I was expecting.

👤It's not as strong as expected. As it will only be used as a bedside rubbish bin, it should be fine. I don't recommend for heavy-handed individuals, accident prone areas, or where it will need to be opened and closed often. It is in three pieces. The sides and lid fit over the can, like a decorative issue box holder. It's supposed to fit into a ring on the bottom, but it doesn't. If you don't plan on moving it from place to place, I recommend this item only. I can only give it 3 stars because it's not a great product.

👤Needed a trashcan that opened from the front side. It's easy to open. The bag is completely hidden and looks cleaner. One picture shows you can have two compartments, but it doesn't have that option.

👤Hopefully it will last because it looks great. Don't take pictures. The white one looked like it had a divided container. You think the black one does as well. My didn't. There are some pics with black that show a divided inside. I wish mine was divided. I didn't bother coming back because it is small and the black is in the bathroom which I like.

9. Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Compartment Recycler

Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Compartment Recycler

NEAT AND SECURE - The liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to keep it hidden from sight. Keep liners where you need them. If you want a faster liner change, put them one by one inside the can. Simplehuman's invisible silver-ion coating resists fingerprints and the spread of germs without dulling the natural sheen and luster of the steel. One side for trash and the other for recycling. Simplehuman's extra-wide steel pedal is made of strong wide steel and can last more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. Simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. InterNAL HINGE prevents the lid from bumping the wall. Code H liners are extra strong and designed to fit this can perfectly. The new liner pocket feature in refill packs makes it easy to store liners in cans.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I have an admission. I'm a well educated frugal consumer. I bought a really expensive garbage can. I love it! One of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made. I live with five people. Everything in one big bucket is recycled in our town. We used to leave the recycling on the counter when we had a step trash can. That eventually led to having a bag sit on top of the trash can with various amounts of recycling. It was not nice. There is a I have looked at various Simplehuman solutions. I came close to buying a few times. I just couldn't do it. How can trash be worth anything? The liners, oh the liners. I don't know how I could be in a situation to buy liners from the trash can company. Really! There is a Then it happened. The dog is taking the recycling around the house and I finally got angry. I didn't like having to move the bag to throw out the trash. I found the trash can. I used to worry that there wasn't enough trash or recycling room under the lid. I could not find a trash bin in this can. I pulled the gun. I paid $200 for a recycling can and cried. I could always return it. I could tie a 13 gallon liner on the trash side and not have to use their liners. Let's see... There is a The can was present. I put the sample set of H size liners in the convenient pocket on the back of the trash side when I pulled it out of the box. All of a sudden, there is more room for trash. The skies opened and the angels sang. I have to tell you that it's worth it. The can performs well. I can throw the recycling bucket in the town bin when I get to the garage. The bags are tied up and the size is slid out to the trash can. I put a new liner in the nice slot before I leave with the full bag. Genius. There is a Oh, and about the liners. They work. I spent a lot of money to get a lot of them because they are so convenient in the pocket on the trash can, and they work really, really well. Register the warranty on the simplehuman site once you get your can. If I remember correctly, they will send you a coupon for dollars off your order at their site. I was unable to find a size that was similar to the one I ordered from the simplehuman site. Purchase them with your coupon. There is a Don't stare at trash or loose recycling, you only live once. Just do it. You will not be sorry.

👤I had buyer's remorse as soon as I hit the one-click button, because I never imagined I would spend so much for a trash can. Think about it. I live in a one bedroom apartment with only one trash can. It's something I see a lot. The $10 Rubbermaid had food dribbling from the edges and had to be hosed out weekly. I use this with regular garbage bags. I have arthritis in my fingers and it's painful to insert a new bag, but it probably goes with the territory. I chuckled when I read reviews that said this holds more than a regular bag. It seems to me! I don't have any facts to support this. There is a Look at it sideways, if you're complaining that they could do without the liner bag at the back. The bag liner storage is not caused by the door hinges. The bin is devoted to holding the garbage. The edges of the garbage bag are hidden by the bag storage system. I was told that it's good at keeping odors down. I don't have a sense of smell, but I hope so. My rubbermaid did not. If you're going to spend $5,000 on a kitchen renovation, this is small change. It makes my small kitchen look better and work better. I caved and bought the Simple Human trash bags. They're easier to fit on the bin, they're designed to disappear under the rim, and they seem to be better quality than the Glad bags I'd been using. The Glad bags often had a leak from something sharp-edged in the trash. Everyone knows what a hassle it is when the trash bag falls apart as you try to get it to the garbage chute.

10. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Container FG9W2100GRAY

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Container FG9W2100GRAY

TheDEAL size: The trash can has a measurement of 15.75" x 16" x 31.6". Mobility is easy for material handling, general refuse, and bulk waste collection. Heavy duty wheels with high performance treads are ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The rim is reinforced for structural integrity and the lid has added strength. Rollout lids stay in place to prevent swinging during transport. Product Weight: 33.50 lbs. It is compliant with the standard for compatibility with auto-lifters.

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

👤There is a 10 year warranty on Rubbermaid. The recycle bin has an ultraviolet stabilizer to help prevent fading and discoloring. It is a trash bin that is yellow and has a warranty not included. On March 21, 2015, I was ordered. Last month, there were cracks with a normal used trash man. The wall was weakened and faded. I won't buy again. I had a stroke. Poor writing.

👤It is sturdy, moving nicely on the wheels, and large enough to hold a bit of refuse. My three star review is due to the fact that two of the three cans I bought had scratches on their lids. I uploaded some photos. I understand that these are trash cans, but when I buy a new product, I want it to look better than this. I did not request an exchange because of the hassle it would cause and the size of the trash cans. If they came as damaged as two of the three that I ordered, I wouldn't buy them.

👤If you've purchased any of the "Rubbermaid Commercial Brute HDPE 50-Gallon" Amazon says that the "Husky Drum Liners, 55 Gal Clear" is frequently bought with the trash can. I made a mistake buying them together. The trash can liner does not fit in it. There is a The liner will rip if you try to stretch it over the trash can. Get the 65 gallon black trash bags for Toter.

👤The trash can seems sturdy and will help my husband roll the can uphill. I did not give it 5 stars because I felt that there was a design flaw that Rubbermaid could have taken care of at the factory. There is some assembly required. The small brackets are to be attached with 2 screws. The screw hole in the cans I ordered was filled with plastic material, which was a problem. I feel like this is something that could have been done at the factory and I don't feel like I have to worry about the axle popping out at a later date because it's not being held in properly.

👤I don't think this trash can is a good idea. I got it for my husband so he could replace the old trash can. He plans to use the new trash can to store bird seed, because it's only suitable for that. He asked what I paid for, and was surprised at the price. When the trash can was delivered, the shipper placed heavy things on top of it, so the lid was crushed in. The V shape of the can doesn't lend itself to stability for hauling it full of trash down the driveway, and it was much smaller than expected. The wheels are cheap and worthless. It's a pretty blue color.

👤This can is not very durable. There was no packaging. The lid had a thin layer of clear wrap around it. The top of the lid was damaged. When I put my garbage in it, the lid broke. A piece of plastic was missing and the hinge fell down. It should be able to take a beating. Not worth the money.

11. 1 88 Gal Round Roll Trash Color

1 88 Gal Round Roll Trash Color

The home is located in the same area. The wicker design is modern. COMPACT size is small. It's perfect in your bathroom, bedroom or office table. STURDY is made with plastic and will last a long time. It is easy to open the lid and slide it back in place. The matching set is here. Matching toilet brushes, toothbrush holders, bar soap holders, soap dispensers, laundry hampers, baskets, and step stools are available.

Brand: Superio

👤It was what I thought it was. The comments about the lid not fitting were accurate, as it pops off whenever you touch it. I use it outside. It serves its purpose. It matches my other outdoor furniture. If the lid was on, it would have been a lot cuter. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it's not bad that it should be returned.

👤Top heavy is falling over on my patio. l end up picking up trash when the lid comes off. I think he will have to put a rock in the bottom. It's too expensive for something that doesn't work.

👤A dog is getting into a garbage can. The can is large enough for a bathroom. The lid closes nicely and is open and fine. I wanted it to be plastic. Didn't need a broken foot lever or a metal can painted bronze to chip. It looks cute because of the wicker look. We're happy.

👤This is a small trashcan. I love the dark brown I ordered. Some customers said that the product was too small, but it was the same size as the description said. The trashcan is in my bedroom and it looks great. This product is recommended by me.

👤It's a nice can for a small space.

👤It appears easy to clean, but it will only be a matter of time.

👤I love it! Our oil rubbed bronze fixture matches perfectly. Roll up works as expected, I wanted it in my bathroom trashcan. Small trash bags would fit in it.

👤I was looking for a wastebasket with a lid that was easy to maintain.

👤We bought this to keep our dog out of the trash. I would buy another one for our bathroom if it came in gray.

👤Je voulais, aurai préféré plus grand et qui se referme par lui-mme.


What is the best product for decorative trash can outdoor?

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What are the best brands for decorative trash can outdoor?

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