Best Decorative Tray Black

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1. Zosenley Decorative Marbling Rectangular Bathroom

Zosenley Decorative Marbling Rectangular Bathroom

Buy now, think later. The Money-back policy made it possible for you to be covered. The versatile and utility tray can be used for display and storage, as well as a makeup tray, jewelry tray, serving tray, and a desk tray. This decorative tray is designed with a black and gold pattern on the bottom and top and can easily shine your things. It is very easy to be cleaned with a damp cloth because it is made of high-quality Polypropylene in right depth. Medium size provides ample space for keeping decors, makeups, foods and other supplies in a nice manner. It's easy to carry and move with 2 built-in handles. This tray is useful for all and will be a pretty accent tray to ottoman, coffee table, dining table, nightstand, Vanity table etc. It is also a reliable helpers for different occasions like Christmas, birthday, wedding, baby shower, housewarming and other parties.

Brand: Zosenley

👤The tray is a mess. There was no effect on the outside of my tray because the paper sticker on the tray was printed on. It's cheap and ugly. The gold paint is dull. I'm not sure why these people gave it 4 stars. I don't want to give it to someone.

👤The product looks great, but it's not as durable or quality as I expected. The surface is made of paper. It won't hold up to spills. It is separated at the corners from the upper edge. I was expecting it to be painted on.

👤A chunk of plastic with a sticker on it. It's too much to pay for this. I thought I was getting a plastic item. This thing is going to look terrible if there is a spill. How do I clean it? Cleaning products can destroy a sticker. The edges of the plastic are rough. Very cheap. Not worth the money. I'm sad.

👤I'm very pleased with Amazon's return policy. Consumers only defense against cheap, low quality products. I was looking forward to this tray, instead I got a plastic tray with a marble paper glue that is not very good around the handles. I was hoping that the marble-look was part of the plastic manufacturing process, especially since the price of this tray is so high.

👤It was amazing for the coffee table. I love it.

👤I'm revising my review. I use the full tray everyday and it does not have the marvel design. They tried to send another one for this misunderstanding, but I am happy they did.

👤The picture looks very cute. Good quality.

👤The tray is easy to clean. I like it in general. The pressed on design is a weakness in this tray. I have to keep it on.

👤It looks nice, but it's much smaller than I need.

2. FREELOVE Bathroom Counter Stainless Decorative

FREELOVE Bathroom Counter Stainless Decorative

Food grade steel. There are trays for dried fruit, snacks, guest towels, tea set, jewelry, perfume bottles, hair brushes, cosmetics and bathroom accessories. The spray painting surface treatment keeps the paint dry. A good tray for your table. One pack of oval L 12'' by W 4.7'' by H 0.5'' is included.

Brand: Freelove

👤This is not a serving tray. There is a trinket tray. It's my fault that I didn't look for the specifications, but it's only 8 inches by 8 inches. The serving tray could be used to carry in and out from your grill. A large mouse family could use it as a party barge, or a full size human could use it to carry around a single bread plate or 2, 4 inch margarita glasses, unless that is a grill for a hobbit, a smaller elven family, or a single child living alone. It's funny.

👤I liked the product at first. I have had it for 2 months. It's not holding up very well. The black is peeling off after being washed. It will be just silver metal in no time. It won't last since it's not worth the money.

👤It was smaller than expected. The plate is used for my coffee scooper.

👤We use these in our bathroom as a soap dish and on the counter as a catch all dish. These have not been damaged by the humidity or the water. These look great. Fantastic product!

👤I wanted a cute little tray for my kitchen counter. It rusted within a week of owning it. We had a hand soap pump and scrub brush. It was the right size and thin, but now it is rusted and useless. I have to keep it on my countertops. This was a waste of money.

👤This is not as big as I thought. I wanted to use the biggest one for a mail tray on my hall tree, so I was hoping it would be a bit wider. The one shown is the largest and the one shown is the smallest. It is bad that I only look at the length and not the width because it still looks fine.

👤They are accurate. I use the rectangular tray to keep lipgloss and other small items from rolling off my desk. It's all about that. There is a You won't be putting towels on these.

👤These are very small. I use them on the bathroom counter as a tray for my face wash. It works well. It looks classy if the bottle gets wet and the drips don't get all over the counter. They would work on a nightstand for glasses or jewelry. Can't imagine what kind of food these would be.

👤La descripcin tiene son chicas. It was lo. No me gust, no me pintura.

👤Amigos, amigos, amigo Para combinar con artculos de bao.

3. Serving Decorative Breakfast Bathroom Outdoors

Serving Decorative Breakfast Bathroom Outdoors

Storage space for serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and any meal is enough for the size of the Meidum. The tray can be placed in the bathroom to hold bath towels and other items. To show neat charm, tidy up messy desks and bedside tables. It can be used to store food. Spend a perfect weekend with your friends. The tray size is 16*12*2 inches, which is suitable for most of the daily needs. The heightening design can prevent items from falling. The metal handle makes the tray easy to carry and grasp. It is easy to maintain. The stained area needs to be wiped with a wet wipe. Dry the surface if you clean with water. They will return orRefund the goods for you if you find scratches or breakages after you receive them. Please contact them if you have any questions during use. They will try to find a solution. Happy shopping!

Brand: Zhengye

👤The tray is a good buy. I'm thinking of buying another.

👤Does what it says? It looks amazing.

👤The tray is clean and nice. I am rearranging things on trays. Looks great.

4. WV Serving Crocodile Leather Stainless

WV Serving Crocodile Leather Stainless

A tray with brushed gold handles will be an elegant accent in your home. Storage function that is Fashionable and Multifunctional. It's Applicable for any occasions such as bars, restaurants, cafes, office, home. Solid craftsmanship. The tray is made of high grain PU leather. The tray is of 18* 12* 2.3 inch. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Wv

👤My new pitcher and stemless wine glass set is brushed gold and sleek. I take this to the office for closings because it adds a touch of class to the table and always gets nice comments. It's a more contemporary look, but also timeless. Strikes a nice balance and holds everything I need. Will be giving another one as a gift.

👤The package was delayed for a month but it was worth it. The tray is bright red yellow and beautifully crafted. The tray is completely covered by the faux leather with no bagging, pulling or puckering. I am using it to hold a glass. I would buy again.

👤Plastic protection is almost impossible to remove. The gold handles were screwed into the plastic protective wrap. I have been cutting away at it for 20 minutes and still have some plastic sticking out. It looks great and the quality is great. I have to figure out how to get the rest of the plastic. Someone please hit the assembly planner.

👤I could not give this as a gift as it wouldn't all come off, and the plastic wrapping around the gold handles was so firmly screwed in that I couldn't give it as a present. It is sad because it is beautiful.

👤The tray looks nice on my coffee table and works well for holding things like tablets and TV controls. The gold metal handles compliment the orange fabric nicely. It's too soon to rate it a 5 star. There are no complaints so far.

👤Nice! It looks exactly like the photo. I wanted an orange tray with gold handles, and this is the one I got. Fantastic.

👤Very nice tray. It was very well made. It works well with our modern home. I am very happy with the quality of this tray.

5. Rectangle Ottoman Decorative Storage Breakfast

Rectangle Ottoman Decorative Storage Breakfast

Help friends and family turn their house into a home with the gift of style. A server is a great gift for holidays, birthdays, house warming parties, and more. The base of the material is 100% traditional handcrafted and is perfect for decoration for home or country house. The perfect size for your storage is the serving tray, which is 13.98'' x 9.84'' x 1.77''. It's perfect for storing food, fruit, snacks, candies, jewels, and toiletries. The coffee table is used in a lot of places. If you want to keep your place neat, you should use this basket tray to keep your small items organized. A great decoration in your home. The serving tray is easy to clean, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Greehomede

👤The tray is as pictured and could work in the room I ordered it for, but I found it to be smaller than I thought and it looked very cheap.

👤This is to replace an eating tray. It's okay. The wood frame is not smooth. I would use it for a serving tray or something similar. It is not as big as expected. Okay but not great.

👤The tray I received was damaged. The cane was stained pink. It is definitely overpriced for such poor quality.

👤Sturdy and stylish, it has held up well in my home office.

👤I paid a lot for some stained/painted wood, but it was not worth it. The mesh lining in the trey is off center and it's very light weight. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this one.

👤I love it! The quality is a little dicey, but the tray is cute and perfect for a modern decor. The price is hard to beat.

6. 17 Inch Decorative Centerpiece Platter Display

17 Inch Decorative Centerpiece Platter Display

A decorative tray with a black finish is perfect for holidays, weddings or everyday centerpiece. Simple design is perfect for modern decor. A centerpiece with a deep tray and rim is a great way to create a stunning centerpiece for a coffee or dinner table. It can be used as an accent display for candles, flower vases, stone arrangements, or retail merchandise. The dimensions are 1.5 H 16 W 12 L.

Brand: Mygift

👤I wanted to use a tray like this at a table centerpiece. Theirs costs $150 and this $30, but theirs is larger, mostly longer (31.5" x 14" x 2") as opposed to this one. I prefer the smaller size. I saved a significant amount of money for the same look. I filled it with moss and thought it looked great. It will be fun to change it up for different seasons, moods, occasions, and because I didn't spend much on the tray itself I feel like I can get a little more creative filling it up! I can definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a well made metal centerpiece tray or if you're comparing it to the CB version. It comes with felt pads for the bottom corners. I hope this review has helped someone else. I paid full price for it. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤This purchase is so wonderful! I was worried about the damage to the packaging and transit, but I must say that this item was packaged perfectly! There was no scratch on it. Same-day delivery! This item is similar to the one found at C&B, but it is less expensive and still fulfilling my purpose. I highly recommend!

👤When we first saw the picture, we assumed that we got the tray, rocks, candles and plants, like the picture, because we didn't read the fine print description close enough. The tray was what was advertised. We ordered it because we liked what we saw, but we didn't get the tray. The seller did nothing wrong and just head's up info. We have our own plants and rock. The picture isn't what you get. Just the tray.

👤Yes, dead ringer. I took a chance based on another review.

👤The metal tray matches the decor in my dining area so I was excited to receive it. There was a large scratch near one of the corners when I took it out of the box. The metal tray poses a hazard to anyone who picks it up and the scratch on it looks nasty. I didn't order a broken item so I don't feel I should fit the cost of the item I wanted to return. Is there any free returns? If it did not have the scratch and chip, it is a very nice looking tray. I guess it is one star because anything that was delivered to me in poor condition deserves zero stars.

👤I gave this to my son's girlfriend for Christmas. I collect rocks at the beach. I added a pretty candle in a glass candle holder with an assortment of black and white stones. They loved it! The higher rim on the edge prevents the kitten from getting the stones all over the place because she loves to play with round objects.

👤This is very well made. I'm using it as a candle tray and it looks great. I didn't find any issues noted in other reviews. The tray is simple and beautiful.

7. Handles 12x20Inch Serving Butler Kitchen Organizer Vanity Tray Ottoman Tray Decorative

Handles 12x20Inch Serving Butler Kitchen Organizer Vanity Tray Ottoman Tray Decorative

One pack of oval L 12'' by W 4.7'' by H 0.5'' is included. Modern and eye-catching appearance. The edge design is smooth. The spill proof design will keep your home clean. It is an elegant accent in your home, made of glossy black acrylic for years of use. It's useful for serving breakfast, appetizers, wine, coffee,beverages,snacks for guests or used as bed trays for eating. Their products are sturdy and safe to use for years because they use 3/16 inch premium acrylic. Better quality and a better price. The perfect addition to your kitchen, living room,lobby or Vanity table is a makeup organizer. It is wonderful decor for your life. The dimensions are 12W x 20L x 2H inches. The black material is environmental friendly. Cleaning is easy.

Brand: Kevlang

👤We use the tray to move our betta fish to the sink to clean the tank and back to where we keep it. This is the right size for our needs. It scratches ridiculously easy, not something I would try to impress anyone with if I were using it as a serving tray.

👤I needed a platform to put into my laundry tub for my dog to stand on while I bathed him, and it would take me longer to lift him up. I turned my tray upside down and the 2 handles allowed the water to drain while I bathed my dog, I could see what was happening through the clear tray. It's safer for my dog too. It was perfect!

👤I use these for vitamins and cosmetics that would be all over the countertops, they are simple, clean, and the handles help to move them around, perfect for what I need and my family needs. I am pleased that they serve a good purpose for the money.

👤It would be nice to give it as a gift, but I got it for us. And it's perfect! We bought a recliner sofa. Our coffee mugs don't fit in the cup holders so I wanted something to fit on the center console. It looks like it came with the sofa.

👤I picked this because it fit my needs. I am surprised that it is so beautiful and elegant. I like the simplicity and the fact that I can see the design of the table underneath it. I like the idea of moving it to clean underneath.

👤The tray was securely packaged as shown in the pictures. There is a A pizza box is cute. I was surprised to see that someone cared about what they sold. It is very simple and suitable for any location. There are 3 more The plastic is of good quality.

👤The side walls are too thin or the asking price is too high.

👤I've bought two of them so far, I just love this tray. Excellent quality, well made and sturdy. It feels very nice in hand. I use it as a sorting tray for my puzzle pieces. Both trays. I received my order in perfect condition, no chips, cracks, etc. The tray is in a decorated box. Highly recommended!

👤I wanted a tray to hold coffee accessories so they wouldn't be scattered across the counter. This is sturdy and classy. A bit pricey. It doesn't look cheap and won't chip or split as wood ones do, so I feel worth it. I like the contrast between the countertop and appliances and the neutral white.

👤It holds our coffee machine. The clear tray is almost invisible. A good purchase for us and arrived quickly.

👤The tray is high quality. It looks great and is exactly what it is. A nice gift could be made from the box.

👤The tray is sturdy and attractive. There are items for sale at a fair.

👤This is a great value for money. I made a mistake ordering one that was too large for my coffee table. Returned and ordered in a smaller size.

8. 47th Main Rustic Serving 5 80 Inches

47th Main Rustic Serving 5 80 Inches

The dimensions are 12W x 20L x 2H inches. The black material is environmental friendly. Cleaning is easy. Solid cast iron is used to make this necklace. The dimensions are 10.06-inch H X 5.8-inch W. Store olives, nuts or cocktail snacks in a salt and pepper holder. Use in any room of the house. The durable material is very strong. Care instructions. Do not wash with soap or detergents.

Brand: 47th & Main

👤I used the large size bowls to serve bimbambop. The bowls can only be heated to 450F, which is odd because pure cast iron can be heated much hotter. I put the bowls in the oven to heat them and after 10 minutes the bowls started to smoke and have a strong plastic smell. The black coating on the bowl started to chip off after I let the bowls cool. The coating is not just the standard seasoning that most cast iron comes with. There is a thick coating on these bowls, which are made in the USA and not India. Lodge pans do not have a Prop 65 warning. If you plan to heat these bowls, you should not buy them. False advertising is not 100% cast iron.

👤I needed a sturdy burning bowl that was not cast iron. If you place the cedar or sage at the bottom of the large bowl, there is little risk of fire escaping it. It's cast iron and using any sort of liquid isn't recommended. It feels very sturdy and has some weight to it. I would definitely get another.

👤I bought the Large bowl just to use it for smudging, and it looks more medium-ish. The only issue I have with this bowl is the warning label on the bottom, it is very concerning because from my knowledge solid cast iron is supposed to be safe. Did anyone else see this on the bottom of their bowl?

👤The bowl caught my eye as I was building an alter for prayer and offerings. I was very pleased with the purchase I made. It's a cast iron bowl. It fits in the space I needed it for. Will work well for incense. I would recommend it.

👤I wanted a dedicated iron bowl for this purpose, rather than using my other cast iron bowl, so I bought this. When I mixed it in this bowl overnight, there was no reaction that would happen when I mixed it in an iron bowl. This was after more than 24 hours of leaving it. It was green. This is the first time I have ever used cast iron to cook and mix henna. It looks and feels like a cast iron bowl, but it could be something to do with the seasoning on it. It's not certain if the coating is food grade. I will try to mix it again and see if the reaction happens. I wouldn't use this for food if it doesn't work. This would work well for burning incense.

👤I ordered the small and it's perfect size for my uses, but I was a little worried about it being too small from some of the revies. I burn incense, herbs, and charcoal disks. I use sand as a base for my burnings and can use it for incense sticks that don't mess with the ash. There is a It's very heavy and perfect size, I like the properties of cast iron. I went with cast iron because I was indecisive between soapstone and cast iron. I didn't want a cauldron. The little bowl is perfect for what I was looking for. I paid about 12 dollars for a small bowl but it seems to be genuine cast iron and is perfect for me. I think it's a good value and well spent. Very happy with the purchase.

9. Stainless Tray Long Matte Black

Stainless Tray Long Matte Black

Home and bathroom décor. The 2 pack is made of steel. Beautiful and durable. The Dainty tray is 7 inches x 3.2 inches x 0.4 inches. No worries about the polishing process damaging the surface that it sits on. Good for holding small accessories. The tray is cute and adds a touch of class to your room. The space should be organized and clean.

Brand: Fermus

👤These were what I was looking for. I needed something in my guest room that held small items for my guests to use. This was the perfect size and it looks great.

👤There are 3 perfume bottles on the advertisement. You can put a soda can on the side. This is a trinket. Total waste of money.

👤Small but cute. I will display cupcakes.

👤The gold tone and high polished look is what I like. It is very small. I thought I would be able to put 2 jars of my fancy candles with the lighter. I decided to use them both for the jewelry I take off before bed.

👤The trays come with a pack. They are small. At our wedding, we used 1 for a communion cracker holder. They are well made and sturdy.

👤Products are well made. It was perfect for my needs.

👤I will put a big one on the toilet. It was perfect size. Since there are two, I used the other as a coin/key tray. Good quality and perfect design.

👤La charolas... Estn... Hermosas de la Casa.

10. Nucookery Rectangle Bathroom Decorative Organizer

Nucookery Rectangle Bathroom Decorative Organizer

The size is 27* 27*3.6 cm and 10.63*1.42 inch. The tray helps you keep the top neat and tidy. The smaller tray is better placed in the corners of cabinets, kitchens, washrooms and bathtubs than the larger one. It is possible to serve this tray in the bathroom, kitchen, bathtub, as long as you want it. The inside size fits well to store small things. The tray is made of high quality ceramic, aseptic material, safety and environmental protection,durable, smooth and easy to clean. The small tray is easy to move and carry out.

Brand: Nucookery

👤This isn't a white tray. It's a grey color. I sent it back because it wasn't what I was looking for.

👤Excellent quality and heavy. The quality of the color is top notch and you can see it by holding it.

👤Caro para la calidad del producto.

👤I thought this was much larger than it is. I was going to use it in my kitchen to hold my dish brush holder and hand soap dispensers, but it didn't fit. I found a way to use it, so I put my daily skin care products on it so I can keep them out of my bathroom. There is a This is a small dish, but if you find the purpose for it, it is good. It seems sturdy and nice and bright white.

👤I bought these to put my soaps on. Very clean looking.

11. Stratton Home Décor Decor Metal

Stratton Home D%C3%A9cor Decor Metal

The small plant decor diameter is 5 and the height is 5. Briful has a lot of artificial flowers, faux Succulents, Bush, Topiaries, Wooden planter, gift boxes, and many more. Their store is here. 40% metal and 40% wood. It's 12 W x 12 D x 3. 25" H Use a soft cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Stratton Home Décor

👤I love it! I hold a good amount of stuff because of the purpose I bought it for. The oil container made a ring on the wood. I added a little more oil to the wood and used a paper towel to wipe it off. It conditioned the wood and made it look even better.

👤No estoy arrepentida e sra, pero poner mis botellas de aseite y vinagre. Y su peso is ideal because it is pesada la madera de abajo. Ahora, me sorprendi porque crei, por lo, en la foto cabe.

👤When you sit it flat, it was a little wobbly, but once I put my stuff on it, there was no problem. I put a paper doolie in the bottom and added all my stuff, everything fit perfectly and looks great.

👤I was happy to see this. It looks nice. It wasn't well put together. The legs were jacked up so it didn't sit flat.

👤I purchased this tray for its resemblance to a fruit bowl. It is not a fruit bowl. The stain can easily absorb dust and food products. I tried to clean with soap and water, but the stains didn't come out. The reason for giving 1 star is that there is some black paint missing where you can see the silver metal underneath.

👤I saved it for a while because the product was out of order and now it's back and I got it at $32.99) but I wish I waited a little longer because it's now at $28.99. I think that's correct. I like the look of it on the kitchen island. The rest of the kitchen has it. My kitchen island is made of black marble, so the metal dot/legs part underneath the tray scratched it right away. I have to put black dot pads on each leg to protect them. Overall, I love it.

👤I bought a gift for my daughter. She needed to put a tray in the middle of her table. The perfect size holds all the condiments on the table. The sides are high enough to keep everything in place. The tray is more expensive than I paid for.

👤Do not buy this item. The tray is made of a different type of wood than solid wood, and it came with two big scratches. Not worth the money at all.


What is the best product for decorative tray black?

Decorative tray black products from Zosenley. In this article about decorative tray black you can see why people choose the product. Freelove and Zhengye are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tray black.

What are the best brands for decorative tray black?

Zosenley, Freelove and Zhengye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tray black. Find the detail in this article. Wv, Greehomede and Mygift are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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