Best Decorative Tray for Bathroom

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1. Serving Vintage Rectangular Nesting Handles

Serving Vintage Rectangular Nesting Handles

This eye-catching coffee tray brings a bit of visual appeal and bold style to your tabletops, while its 15.75” x 10.2” x 1.57" design makes it perfect for store remote controls, keys, fashion magazines, sunglasses, and wallet. It's best to put it on the entryway console, nightstand, dining table, or office desk. The wooden rectangular tray has a metal handle. Small trays are nested in larger trays for easy storage. S: 13 9inches and L: 16 12inches. If you like the rustic look of the farmhouse, then you will like this rustic serving tray. It can be used as a dinner plate and a good decoration. A simple tray will match perfectly. Double handles are ideal for transporting food and beverages safely and reliably. It's easy to carry and balance multiple items at the same time, which makes it easier to move them in and out of the kitchen. Their food trays are made of the highest quality wood and are designed so they can serve you in the future. The vintage tray is a wonderful gift. It can be used as a dinner plate in many occasions, but you can also make a unique decorative gift.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤I am happy with both of the trays. They are large. You will not be upset if you use them for serving food, decoration, or pictures on social media. There is a They do stain easily. There is a chance of condensation if you put a cup on top of the tray. You will not be happy if you stain the tray. There is a If you plan on using it with items that could permanently stain it, use it on the tray. A sheet of clear sticky acrylic could help a lot. If you want to protect it, make sure you do it carefully. I sprayed too close to the tray and ruined it. I definitely learned from it. There is a The handles are very sturdy and the tree is stable. I think this is a great value for both of these trees and they look good as well.

👤The entire length of the larger tray was cracked after I sat in my closet for a month. I had already painted the smaller of the two. Will water spot if wood becomes very dark.

👤The trays are perfect for my decor.

👤I was not happy. There was too much wood on the trays and there wasn't a lot of white wash on them. I thought they would be larger. Wouldn't recommend.

👤I sent them back. The handles were very light. I would rather spend more on a better tray.

👤I wasn't sure if I would like them, but they are gorgeous. Sturdy, well made, and they look great where I put them. They arrived four days early.

👤The trays are small and warped.

2. Elegant Designs Decorative Serving Handles

Elegant Designs Decorative Serving Handles

The wood has a white wash finish. Farmhouse design is on-trend. The tray is 15.0" x 12.125"

Brand: Elegant Designs

👤It looks like a picture and I give it 3 stars. I thought it would be nice. The handles are not impressive but it is thinner and lighter in weight. If I saw it in person, I wouldn't buy it.

👤I bought this as a gift and didn't do any research as the tray they wanted was the one I bought. I think this product is garbage. The wood is very flimsy and weighs the same as a standard envelope. I don't think you'll be able to get your tea cups on there without a delima.

👤Excellent quality and perfect. It was packed. I love it and will buy more.

👤I wanted it because it was a cute design. It is smaller than I thought, but that is not the reason I am giving it 3 stars. I spilled coffee and it was stained. It will not come off. I don't think it's a good idea to use it as a decoration.

👤I didn't expect an amazing piece but I didn't expect it to arrive with splintered edges. I didn't reach out to the manufacturer because I bought it as part of a larger Christmas present and it was too late. I made it worse by repairing it myself. Cheap wood that splintered.

👤I needed this for the piece in my sectional. This is the perfect size, light weight and cute, but still sturdy and I use it for my coffee. If you're looking for a smaller platter, I recommend it.

👤I've been looking for something like this and it's great so far. It sits on my sofa and holds a lot of things in your hand.

👤It was bought for a table outside. It adds a nice touch to our table. The size and color are great.

👤I use this on my kitchen side for my cups and kettle. I gave it a couple of coats of polyurethane to protect it and it is a perfect size, but it is not very sturdy and wouldn't recommend for carrying heavy.

👤This is a cute tray. I might buy another one for my desk because I like it so much. A good size to hold books, candles or other objects. I don't carry things like a teapot and cups, but I would imagine it would work for that.

👤The quality of this was cheap. I would pay $10 for this at Walmart. Way overpriced here. I returned it.

👤It is a cute tray. Cheaply made.

👤Exactly as pictured. It looks great on my ottoman.

3. FLE Bathroom Countertop Decorative Organizer

FLE Bathroom Countertop Decorative Organizer

It's 4.5" diameter x 14" high. Modern style features Nordic style design,Decorative contemporary tray with classic color of black will be an elegant accent in your home. The serving tray is perfect for use as an accent on your counter-top, kitchen, drawer, or table. The tray is made of steel and is rust-proof and water-proof. The tray has rubber pads on the back side to protect it from scratching. Ample space. The outer display dimensions are 13 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep. A modern storage and display surface will make your living space look better.

Brand: Fle

👤I keep my most used stuff on the counter in my bathroom because the drawers and cabinets are full and I have so many products in it. I had a system that wasn't working. This bathroom is used by guests as well. I browsed through a few options, but I really like the way this looks. I believe that you get what you pay for. It was easy to assemble and sturdy. I think this looks great on my bathroom counter, doesn't take up a lot of space, and also fits all of my stuff, which is a lot! I'm really happy with this shelf. If you're considering getting one of these, I would highly recommend it.

👤The edges of the star came a little bent, so I smashed them back to the ground with a hammer. The paint didn't chip, so it worked just fine. It looks nice in a small bathroom, it holds a lot of things, and is very sturdy.

👤I bought a pack of single-layer trays. I am very happy with this purchase. I want my house to look and feel like a hotel room. Hah! The trays served the purpose of the minimal look, and it was what I wanted in my master bathroom and guest bathroom. They are large enough for a number of essentials but small enough to not take up the entire width of the countertop. The size was perfect because I wanted to stack a vase with greenery behind the trays. There is a They hold the countertop perfectly. No fear of falling. The elegant look and feel of these trays made me happy.

👤Having extra storage in my small house is very helpful to me because I'm not a minimalist in any area. The shelf is made of metal. There is a good amount of space between the shelves. It's great for large bottles. It's the right size to fit under my kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but I don't like hiding it because it has a nice modern look to it. There is a I'm sure it will last the test of time, it didn't require much assembly, sturdy and durable. I have had mine for 3 months now. It was worth the price.

👤I ordered this shelf because I needed some sturdy small shelves for the bottom of my pantry. This worked well to hold all of my canned goods. It held a lot of stuff. It was very easy to assemble. It is easy to understand instructions. Black is very nice.

👤A shelf on the wall that held a lot of stuff was taken down recently. Needed a way to store them, and wanted it to look nice. The shelf is great. It was easy to put together and it fits nicely on a counter. It fits a lot of stuff. The mason jar set matched perfectly. It's a great solution for storing small items. Get this!

👤This piece is great to add character to any space or storage room. We thought about putting this next to the master bathroom walk-in tub, but I used it on the counter and it looks great. She put it together herself in less than 5 minutes and was running with it. She likes it. The metal shelf unit is used in a variety of ways. The quality of the material is very good and it doesn't feel expensive. We recommend it.

4. Stonebriar Rustic Natural Candle Accessories

Stonebriar Rustic Natural Candle Accessories

There is a collection of stone briar. It can be used as a beautiful display for your candles.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤It's perfect to switch up every season. It is a good size for a lot of things.

👤Absolutely love! This is perfect for my home. It was worth the buy.

👤I bought this product a second time and it worked the same way. Don't waste money or time. I am frustrated by this product. I'm not sure what happened. We were hoping for a dark brown product, but it was not what we received. It is an ugly yellow/green color. It appears other people are not receiving the same thing we did.

👤It was what I needed. It feels a little cheap, but it looks right, and it was exactly what I needed without overspending.

👤Just buy it! It is worth your money.

👤I love it! It is not huge. It is a great way to organize decor on the island or countertop.

👤Does not look like the one in the picture. No 4 inch diameter.

👤The tray arrived very quickly. It's the perfect size to hold my three candles. The bottom edge of the tray was a little rough. I got a small splinter from it. There were white spots on it that looked like mold. See the picture. I used a Clorox wipe to clean it. I want to kill anybacteria that may be present. The wipe did clean off some of the brown paint, so be careful when you clean it. The tray is only for decorative purposes.

👤I paid $30 for a piece of dollar tree wood. It was sickening. The tray I received is an ugly brown/yellow colour, it has visible glue on the top and an ugly plastic surface. Some people are getting a better tray, while others are getting the garbage I did. I will just go to Homesense and get something that is worth my money, because I have to pack this junk up and take time out of my day to return it. It is unfair that sellers can get away with selling stuff like this.

👤A tray is the only thing that can offer a flat surface to hold or display items. The tray is failing. There was no flat surface on this tray. It was not sitting on the table. The top of the tray was not flat, which caused items on the tray to fall over. The quality is cheap. It looked like something was picked up at the store. It is not worth the price. I returned it.

👤You can see in the picture that the tray was completely asymmetrical.

👤A gorgeous tray. Light weight but strong. It goes with my decor. Other reviews said that mine came in perfect condition. There is a It's nice for the price.

👤It didn't look like the picture when I took it out of the box. The middle of the glue is like a sheet of paper. I put it on my table to see if I could make a difference. I am very disappointed.

5. Ceramic Vanity Tray Jewelry Perfume Decorative Bathroom

Ceramic Vanity Tray Jewelry Perfume Decorative Bathroom

A necklace tray is an elegant ceramic jewelry tray that will help you put in order your jewelry. It's perfect for any room. Every space looks classy with this ceramic tray. It can be used as an entryway for keys, as an organizing tool in your office, as a centerpiece in your living room, or as a tray in your bathroom. Quality is guaranteed. The jewelry tray is made from premium ceramic and has a beautiful glazed finish. The felt feet and gold foil trim were used to protect your countertops. The perfect gift is this stylish organizer tray. A useful and practical gift for women. There is a ceramic Vanity tray with marble finish. Not included are accessories. Every purchase you make, they give back. The charity organization works to end trafficking and provide healing and support to children. Every purchase you make, they give back. The charity organization works to end trafficking and provide healing and support to children.

Brand: Benevolence La

👤It's notusable. The surface isn't even at all. I'm not talking about slanted one way or the other. It's like a kid tried to make the surface flat by hand. Imagine mini pitcher's mounds everywhere. It's not worth taking the time to return this because I have a very busy life. Helping others who value time. Check the picture. The seller can't say that your surface isn't flat or that your camera isn't leveled because I included a leveler laser.

👤It's a good quality and looks great with the perfume. Really like it!

👤Someone needs to learn to better his craft. The tray is nice, but it is a bit unbalanced. I refused to believe him because it looked like another customer had written.

👤This is pretty. It's so classic because I have to put some perfume on it. 100 percent recommend!

👤It is tiny, but it looks cute. When I saw it in person it felt smaller than the dimensions indicated. I will keep it because it is pretty.

👤I use it for makeup jars and keep the counter tidy.

👤I would have given five stars but there is a small flaw on one edge. I will use this tray for small items on my computer desk. I turned the side to face the wall. I will keep the tray.

👤I like the look of it and it is heavy. It is smaller than I thought.

👤Es una bandeja pequea.

👤Apoya totalmente plano en las superficies.

👤El AnunCIO tiene llegada TAL CAL. Se ve Muy Lora Cmo.

👤Adecuado para perfumes. It was a calidad.

6. Amazon Brand Contemporary Decorative 17 5 Inch

Amazon Brand Contemporary Decorative 17 5 Inch

The round serving tray is perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point and centerpiece on your dining table, ottoman, chair or Vanity. The bamboo round serving tray is ideal for serving food and drink, sometimes it is used as a decorative tray to hold and organize small items. Practical gifts for weddings, housewarmings, birthday parties and more. These trays are sturdy and are ready to serve at a party. They can be used to hold utensils in a kitchen or cosmetics in a bathroom. They have smart industrial style. You can use a serving tray or a countertop storage container. The mirrored glass has a rim and handles. It adds glamor to any room. The dimensions of the tray are 17.5" diameter x 2.5" H.

Brand: Rivet

👤The tray was listed at 17in in diameter, but it is completely off. It is less than 15in, which sucks because I bought it for the size.

👤I wanted to love this tray, but it didn't live up to my expectations. The metal frame with handles is not attached to the glass base. It is easy to knock out because it rests around the circumference. The base of the glass is about 1 cm shorter than it should be, which means that it could slide around inside the frame. The only reason it doesn't do this is because someone put rubber stops to keep the glass from sliding. That should be an additional precautionary measure, and not the main factor keeping it from moving around. The base is not permanently attached to the frame if the diameter is longer. The handles are strong. If you tried to pick up the tray by placing your hand on the bottom, the base would pop out in a split second. Use the handles! I have to say, unless you are confident that anyone around this tray will use the handles and not try to place their hand on the bottom, use this tray only as a decorative item. I will not serve anything to guests, and will not keep it in a way where a guest might pick it up. The metal frame's finishing is far from perfect. The piece is elegant, but when you look closely, there are scratches and lines which appear to be a flaw in the way it was finished. The design is really beautiful, so I am mostly disappointed. A glass base that appears attached but isn't. That is an accident waiting to happen. Considering HomeGoods probably has a good alternative, it's not worth the forty we paid.

👤The gold-colored handled rim and the thick glass disc are in this tray. If you put the tray over or on its side, the glass won't fit in, and any spilled liquid will run out the bottom of the tray, unless you buy some sealant bond to glue in the glass. The tray is useful for holding heavy crockery, but a bit heavy, due to the thickness of the glass. The size is convenient for carrying several items in one trip. It looks expensive. If you wash the bottom of the glass, the black will come off.

👤I just opened this, andnope. There is a The gold tray base and black glass insert are in separate pieces. You drop the glass on top. You are good to go. There is a lip on the top of the tray, so the glass has to be small enough to slide in. There is a The glass is very small. So. It's small. I opened this and didn't expect to have to slide it in. It plopped in. I moved the glass over to see one of the plastic things that were visible, and then saw the others on the other side. No matter how you position it, there is no hiding them. There is a The black paint on the underside of the glass was already falling off when I picked it up. This is a brand new item. How is this happening? Does the company still exist? If I have to box it up and ship it out, I might keep this. I am extremely lazy. This could be fixed with a bit of velvet-like material. If someone decided to walk past it, I shouldn't have to make it look presentable. I have seen better quality goods at Target. Save your coupons and go to a home goods store.

7. InterDesign Turntable Cosmetic Organizer Countertop

InterDesign Turntable Cosmetic Organizer Countertop

Plastic lazy susan organizer for storing cosmetics, hand lotion or soap, makeup brushes, deodorant, medicine, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, spices, tea, or other small items. It's ideal for bathroom, kitchen, college dorm room, office and craft room. The ball bearing bottom is made of steel. It is made of clear plastic for a long time. There are raised edges. The raised edges prevent items from falling over the tray. It's perfect for your countertop or Vanity, it's 9 x 9 x 1.5.

Brand: Idesign

👤These turntables are really good. I ordered another one because I liked the first one. My first one is my get up and go turntable. I use an order to organize everything. I use my eye makeup remover along with the Q-tips, but I rarely wear my foundation because I hate the feel of it on my face. I have a high SPF lip protection. If I make the mistake of putting too much on my makeup, I can fit a small bag in the middle of the tray that contains my eyebrow pencil, mascara, and powder to tone down my blush. It's a lot to fit on one tray. Nothing falls into the sink anymore. There is a I have mostly dental hygiene products that are similar to toothpicks, but with tiny fingers that stick out to do a great job of getting rid of food stuck in your teeth, but also that you can use to go between each tooth and get food. I can fit in a big hair clip. We buy in bulk so we have large items. I organize them in a way that works for them. The sink does not need to fall. The side of our countertop that I am talking about is large. It would be worth the effort to make room for both turntables. I would put our Kleenex box on the back of the toilet and put my hair gel in the corner on the side of the counter. I saw things like this at Walmart, but they weren't as durable.

👤The tray is small, but it holds a lot and makes things look neat. For my bedroom. If you have stuff that can leak, this will protect your surface. I found a tray. I think it's a 100 percent recommendation.

👤I like this turntable. I put it on the corner of my husband's bathroom Vanity. The only problem with it is the screw in the center, which makes it difficult to attach the turn table to the base. There is no way to replace the screw in the bathroom. It would have cost a lot to put a screw in it. It would still be subjected to water if it was being used in the kitchen or bath. The corners on products are not necessary. If you are using it in a very dry location, I would only recommend it.

👤It's been about two weeks since I got this turntable. I love it. I got one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen. There is a All my perfumes and creams are easily accessible. We use the small crystal containers with nuts and dry cherries in the kitchen on this cute turntable. It's clear so it doesn't clash with my decor.

👤It is gold and perfect for my bathroom. Would definitely recommend!

👤The product arrived quickly and without any issues. It is on the smaller side. It's still beautiful. My perfumes do not slide when spinning or at a stand still and the accent does not wobble. It's made of plastic. It's perfect, but at times it squeaks when turning, but other than that it's perfect!

8. LKKL Bathroom Countertop Organizer Decorative

LKKL Bathroom Countertop Organizer Decorative

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like their product. The perfume tray is perfect for your room. The multi-functional Vanity tray is suitable for bathroom, Vanity countertop, linen closet, bedside table, kitchen, and other places you want. The tray is perfect for holding your items without taking up a lot of space on your furniture. Sturdy and durable. The bathroom Vanity tray is made of high quality material with white marble texture, heavy, sturdy, water-proof, scratch-proof and easy to clean. This jewelry organizers tray is a perfect gift for a loved one, birthday, festive or wedding gift. UnIQUE design with pebble style and non-sLIP PADS. The marble texture of the tray makes it a great decoration for your countertop and accessories. The tray is not only elegant and beautiful but also practical because of the non-slip pad at the bottom. The marble pattern is perfect for your décor. Excellent size and friendly service. The size of the tray is 9” x 5.5” x 0.88” (28.6 x 13.9 x 2.3 cm). The package includes a bathroom tray, a money back guarantee, and friendly customer service.

Brand: Lkkl

👤The perfect size for the area on my bathroom Vanity is this marble tray. The marble is very nice. Would go with anything.

👤I like that these are made of the same material as real wood, but are more heavy duty and easy to wash.

👤It was a nice size. There is a toothbrush holder, q-tip dispencer and cotton ball dispencer in this picture. The black trim on the bottom is similar.

👤I was looking for something to put on my daily toothbrush and lotion that I could easily wipe off. This blends nicely into my counter. It is easy to clean the rest of the counter with this.

👤The tray works well on our bathroom.

👤It is definitely heavier than I thought it would be. I am happy that it matches my furniture. It can fit 2 perfume bottles and 2 small jewelry holders. It was a good recommendation. 10/10

👤It was very heavy. It fits a square box of tissue nicely, with room for my hand soap beside the sink.

👤The size is great for what I need, but it came with a scare. I am not ready for the process of returning it. I would get Reed of it. I think mine was a bad one.

👤The design is nice and matches real marble pieces, but the size is not large, and it might be difficult to clean over time. It matches my marble washroom.

👤My bathroom countertop has a perfect little organizer on it. It has a black grip bottom to not scratch, I was a little sad that it was cracked on one side despite the well packaged box and foam. It looks like it is part of a natural stone. I really like this tray.

👤I used battery powered candles and glass vase beads. It is high quality and is easy to clean. It has a nice wood look.

👤I bought two for the powder room. It was a good fit for the basin. It is kept tidy.

👤Good quality and perfect size. Sturdy and doesn't look like plastic.

9. MyGift Concrete Hexagonal Decorative Bathroom

MyGift Concrete Hexagonal Decorative Bathroom

The gray hexagonal concrete Vanity tray is a great addition to your bathroom decor. Provides an attractive backdrop for displaying items such as jewelry, candles, cosmetics, hand towels, and much more. It's ideal for storage in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. A concrete construction with a gray finish. The dimensions are 11.8 W x 10.4 D x 1.2 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤It is very sturdy and heavy. There is a Customer service was able to resolve the issue right away.

👤I use a very nice item in my bathroom to keep my stuff organized. I bought two. We will make and absorb water from them. I use one for my toothbrush and the other for my facial products and both get splashed with water daily and still look clean and clear. Excellent product, would highly recommend.

👤This is a tray that can be used anywhere in the house. I have it in my bathroom with my glass face wash and lotion dispensers and it ties in the look to make it appear high end. It is a thick slab of concrete, so it is very strong and heavy.

👤The piece is beautiful for my bathroom. The grey hexagonal concrete was centered around the whole decor theme. It seems well made. Would buy again.

👤I use a concrete tray in my bathroom.

👤It looks great in my bathroom.

👤Nice and heavy. The countertop in my bathroom looks great. It gets wet, but still looks good.

10. Emibele Jewelry Organizer Bathroom Cosmetic

Emibele Jewelry Organizer Bathroom Cosmetic

There is space for saving. The tray can help you organize and easily access your jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. Keeping your space disorganized can make it hard to manage your time and space. The rounded corners and sleek surface are protective to your precious jewels or other essentials. It is scratch-proof, water-proof, and easy to clean, and it is made from a premium material. The marble coloring is classy and unique to your room. There are multi-purpose uses. It can be used in a variety of places, including a toilet tank, wash basin, bathroom, Vanity countertop, linen closet, bedside table, kitchen and other places. It is also good for small potted plant and other items to keep things organized. DIMENSIONS It is about 19 x 10 x 1.9 cm. The size of the product is slightly different because it is handmade. Please prevail.

Brand: Emibele

👤The bathroom is beautiful. I put my bottles on the counter so they don't leak. I think it was better that the mouthwashes did stain it than my counter. I thought I looked at the measurements first, but it's smaller than I thought. I put it on top of a q-tips box to see how big it was.

👤I use this in my kitchen sink to hold my detergent and hand cream. I love this with my decor.

👤The actual item in Inches is 6.75 x 3.25 or 6 1/2 x 3 1/2. The dimensions of the item are incorrect and the pictures are deceiving. I measured and posted the results for reference.

👤I bought this tray to put in my kids bathroom. It looks smaller than I thought, but I accommodated what I wanted. The material is well designed and looks expensive.

👤I use it for the sink. This is a good size for the space. I like that it is plastic. It costs a bit more for a plastic.

👤I used it in my kitchen. I didn't want it to be too big. This is the correct size for my dish and hand soap. It arrived a day early. I will purchase this again.

👤I was hoping to like it. It is much smaller than expected. It only holds my toothbrush holder. There were small specks of white in mine. The design is not close to the picture. -The The price is too high. I can find larger trays for the same price.

👤I wanted to keep the bathroom counter clean but it is small. I put toothpaste, soap, and face wash on this tray. That is all that fits. The seller offered a credit, which is nice, but not necessarily. I should have read it better. The tray is small. It's better suited as a catch, but I like it. It serves its purpose on the bathroom counter.

👤The product is good for the price. It looks plastic on its own, but once set up with things in it and on your bedside table, it blends in and looks nice. There is a To make sure it's big enough for you, check the size. If needed, there are more on Amazon. In my picture, you can see what can fit inside.

👤The jewellery tray is made of resin. The marble effect is attractive. When I have a shower, I use the tray on the bathroom sink as a jewellery tray. There is a It's easy to clean and doesn't scratch.

👤The person in charge of this tray fell asleep. While the tray is useful to have, it's just a plastic tray with a black streak on one corner that is meant to look like marbling. Would I purchase another? Nope.

👤The markings look like marble. The side of the bath is very expensive.

👤The product was half the size that was advertised. Will send it back for a refund.

11. Rectangle Ottoman Decorative Storage Breakfast

Rectangle Ottoman Decorative Storage Breakfast

Help friends and family turn their house into a home with the gift of style. A server is a great gift for holidays, birthdays, house warming parties, and more. The base of the material is 100% traditional handcrafted and is perfect for decoration for home or country house. The perfect size for your storage is the serving tray, which is 13.98'' x 9.84'' x 1.77''. It's perfect for storing food, fruit, snacks, candies, jewels, and toiletries. The coffee table is used in a lot of places. If you want to keep your place neat, you should use this basket tray to keep your small items organized. A great decoration in your home. The serving tray is easy to clean, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Greehomede

👤The tray is as pictured and could work in the room I ordered it for, but I found it to be smaller than I thought and it looked very cheap.

👤This is to replace an eating tray. It's okay. The wood frame is not smooth. I would use it for a serving tray or something similar. It is not as big as expected. Okay but not great.

👤The tray I received was damaged. The cane was stained pink. It is definitely overpriced for such poor quality.

👤Sturdy and stylish, it has held up well in my home office.

👤I paid a lot for some stained/painted wood, but it was not worth it. The mesh lining in the trey is off center and it's very light weight. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this one.

👤I love it! The quality is a little dicey, but the tray is cute and perfect for a modern decor. The price is hard to beat.


What is the best product for decorative tray for bathroom?

Decorative tray for bathroom products from Rose Home Fashion. In this article about decorative tray for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Elegant Designs and Fle are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tray for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative tray for bathroom?

Rose Home Fashion, Elegant Designs and Fle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tray for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Stonebriar, Benevolence La and Rivet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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