Best Decorative Trays for Coffee Table Glass

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1. Sooyee White Acrylic Tray Decorative

Sooyee White Acrylic Tray Decorative

The clear look of the tray makes it easy to use on any style and any color furniture and it will look perfect. Two handles for easy transport of glasses, plates, bowls, beverages, Appetizers, deserts, coffee, tea, juice, wine, spices and condiments to nail polish and lipstick and food for everyday or for parties. The sparrow roofing design is made of white and durable acrylic. All corners are sealed and you can carry your cups and liquids without worry. A wonderful tray is perfect for use in countertops, kitchens, bathroom, dresser, bar or other spaces. Birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift. If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Sooyee

👤The tray is very nice. It's sturdy, good quality and clear, which is almost invisible. I have a single-cup coffee maker in my office, but it needs to be protected from spills and water. I wanted a tray that wasn'tobtrusive, but it was difficult to find one that was the right size. It's barely noticeable that this tray holds the coffee maker with 4-5" on either side so that drips or slips are easily contained.

👤The tray is functional. To make sure heading information matches the fine print in the description and measurements, read the fine print.

👤It is easy to clean. I don't think this tray would work in an elegant setting. There is a The tray is cheap and will scratch your furniture.

👤I liked the tray very much. Well made and attractive.

👤The plastic is very thin. It looks cheap. I searched for "lacquered tray" and it came up in the results. It's cheap plastic. There are some small grooves in the center. Returning it.

👤Nice look. It is easy to clean. The corners are very sharp. Plastic is cheap. I went to grab it when it fell off. The plastic is cheap.

👤It's clear that it doesn't interfere with your decor.

2. Beautiful Rectangle Decorative Home Redefined

Beautiful Rectangle Decorative Home Redefined

Medium Density Fiberboard, faux Leather, and Stainless Steel are the material compositions. The border is 45x30x5 cm and has a size of 18x12x2. Coffee Table Tray, Modern Glossy Silver Alligator Crocodile Faux Leather Print with Strong Built in Metal Handles for Easy serving. There are decorative trays for the living room, dining room, kitchen, ottoman, coffee table, bathroom, Vanity, desk, office. It is great for serving drinks, presenting hors d'oeuvre, and displaying favorite objects. Hand wash only, wipe clean with cloth and cold water. Do not allow water to leave the tray.

Brand: Home Redefined

👤I wanted to give it a try as it was pretty cheap for a tray and not what I was looking for. It is cheap! It is great quality. You will not be disappointed.

👤Love it. It is real sturdy. I don't think it's meant to be used for serving food It was a nice look for my coffee table. There is a black cloth on the tray. You don't have to worry about it scratching your furniture.

👤This is just wrapped with a type of contact paper and already with no use, has areas coming loose around the handle area and on all the seam areas. I will use super glue to fix the problem. I need it now so won't come back. Please be aware that it is too expensive for the quality.

👤Five stars for a very chic piece of decor. It's easy to clean and it's a great price.

👤If you are looking for style, look no further. I got this tray to hold things in my bedroom, and I use it to hold things on my bed when I am laying in it. It is light and shiny. I love it. I am sure you will as well. There is a I bought the marble one for my daughter's room. She likes it.

👤The pattern appears to have been taped on. I didn't notice the pattern in the picture, but I don't mind it. If you intend to use it as a centerpiece, be aware that people will see the tape around the handles. Not what I expected.

👤I fell in love with the tray I saw in the magazine. It would have cost a lot if it had been available. I went looking for something similar. This tray was a bit larger than the one I was used to and had a handle I liked. I was not sure about the "shagreen" finish. The tray is beautiful. Fortunately, the "shagreen" is not real. No animals were harmed in the making of it. It looks good. The bright brushed brass is very popular at the moment. It was large enough to be comfortable in the hand. There are no flaws either in the form or the finishes. It's the perfect size for my less-than-palatial family room, and it's not the one I fell in love with. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤My mom said she wanted a coffee tray like the hotels, but I didn't know she wanted a serving tray. My mom is a picky person. I love the alligator print and fabric, it was perfect for her kitchen, because she recently renovated her home and black is her accent color. The corner of the fabric was bubbled. It's hard to tell unless you're looking for it. My mom wanted to put her coffee pot in this picture. It looks easy to clean and sturdy. Would recommend! Most serving trays are plain/ boring, but this one was decorative with an alligator print.

👤We love it. Well made and very handy.

3. Serving Handles Decorative Rectangular Home

Serving Handles Decorative Rectangular Home

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The wooden tray is sanded, stained, and sealed to give it a fine finished look. The oil-based primer coating makes the tray last a long time. This tray can be used for any and all of your needs. You can't go wrong with décor, food tray, or organizing the end table. Strong Iron Handles allow you to transport items without fear of being disconnected. No harmful glues, toxins or hazardous materials are used in production to protect you and your family. For the best maintenance and upkeep, wash your hands. The customer experience is their top priority. If you don't like your serving tray, send it back within 30 days and you can get a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Home Hideout

👤The product was marked up in the corners, but I'm happy with it. It looks nice and will serve the purpose I ordered it for. I was disappointed because part of the reason I ordered this one was because the page said "a small business proudly based in the United States of America." I thought it was made in the U.S. with U.S.sourced materials. It's not made here or uses materials from here. It is probably a Chinese company that sells Chinese products. A nice tray. I like to buy products from U.S. companies that source materials here. Next time, I'll be able to notice the fine nuances of "based" in the U.S.

👤The tray is beautiful and functional. The box that the company ships it in was not even taped shut. My box arrived depressed in the middle, with one end open, because of regular handling. The tray was completely undamaged, and I love it. I wish they would take better care of their shipping process, as I can imagine others have not been as lucky as I was.

👤Amazon sent this to me without any protection. It was open and scratched when it arrived. The quality is not up to par. The walnuts stain was almost non-existent in some areas. The glue was visible on all the sides, making it look cheaper than it was. This one has been returned.

👤The tray is the perfect size for serving snacks. When I bought it, I intended it to serve its purpose. The tray is very strong when filled. The handles are comfortable. It was easy to clean with a damp cloth, and I followed up with a pledge to keep the wood shiny. Silicone bumpers were added to the bottom of the coasters to keep them from sliding around on my patio table. I will get a lot more use out of them after a few pennies. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤This is a nice tray. The review asked if it was light weight, but that didn't seem to apply to this as a light weight tray wouldn't be sturdy enough to work as a tray! It's nice looking, simplistic but still sophisticated, and the perfect accent to my Amazon.

👤I wanted a tray that I could use with my new couch and ottoman since I no longer have a coffee table. This tray is a great place to put a cup of coffee or a small plate. It is light and sturdy. It has small rubber pads. There are two wooden coasters that come with it. The dark brown color is very nice.

👤Loving this tray. The color looks good wherever I put it. It was the perfect way to serve breakfast. We have found it to be a great way to carry snacks into the TV room. The handles are easy to find and grab. The coasters were a nice addition. Happy with the purchase.

👤I rate this product 10/10 because of the engineering. It is sturdy and well put together. There is no evidence of glue or stains. The metal handles on the tray give it a very high quality feel. For the past week, I have proudly displayed this tray on my table. The product is high quality and affordable.

4. MyGift Whitewashed Serving Cut Out Handles

MyGift Whitewashed Serving Cut Out Handles

Please, attention! If you are sensitive to color, please be careful. Due to the printed color on the pu leather surface, slight color difference is inevitable. The actual color of the product may be different from the picture shown because of the photo exposure. The distressed, white wood finish serving tray has cutout handles and is easy to use. Even with heavy items, the tray is easy to transport. It's perfect for backyard barbecues, dinner parties, and enjoying meals in bed. Every dish looks great because of the unique frame provided by the angled corners. Quality, durable natural wood is what it is. The dimensions are 18.6 L x 11.8 W x 2 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤It's perfect for a coffee table or serving tray. Excellent quality, well made. eggshell white

👤I like that my kitchen is clean and beautiful, it looks like white paint, but you can see the wood.

👤The tray I received was not white or distressed. It is a flat color. The trays I bought in August of 2016 are very different. Disappointing.

👤I love it! I have it on my ottoman. There are a couple of small candles inside. There is still room for a beverage and reading glasses.

👤This little tray is very cute. It's perfect for my afternoon tea time, and you could serve lunch on it. I can't speak to how easy it is to clean because I haven't spilled anything. I added felt pieces to the bottom corners to prevent a scratch on my furniture. It's a pretty little tray.

👤It's perfect for a table centerpiece. Beautiful piece!

👤The tray has the right amount of character. The shape is not eye catching and is not as boring as a rectangular or square tray. It is what we needed to blend our room and create a home for coasters and remotes. All at a great price.

👤We wanted something to put on our skin care products. It is larger than expected. It has a rustic look. It appears as described, which doesn't bother me at all. The material is still lightweight. I love it.

👤The item was purchased as a drinks tray and I realized on the receipt that it was not properly cared for, which means that every time a wet mug was placed on the tray, it would leave a mark. It wasn't fit for purpose so I had to return.

👤The tray is very good and fits a large plate. It's cheaper than many trays.

👤This cute tray is adorable.

👤The whitewash is perfect for my farmhouse decor. We use coasters for glasses because it does mark easily.

5. NIUBEE Serving Decorative Organiser Countertop

NIUBEE Serving Decorative Organiser Countertop

It can be a gift for a wedding, a baby shower, a house warming, or even Christmas Day. Breakfast in bed can be served with handles on the tray, it's easier to serve breakfast with handles on the tray. There is spill proof. If a drink spills, it won't ruin your ottoman since the handle is cut high on the side and the corners are sealed to keep water out. No water on the Countertop. You can store spices in a kitchen cabinet, prevent water from plant pots from getting to your carpeting, and hold wine in a bar if you want. There is a decorative tray. The clear look of the tray makes it easy to keep things organized and easily retrieved. Included. You can place the anti-slip pads under the tray to protect it from scratching. The tray can stay on the countertop without sliding around.

Brand: Niubee

👤The tray is simple and elegant. It can be used in many ways. It's perfect on my kitchen island to hold my stuff.

👤The tray is in perfect condition. Carefully packed, it arrived. Covered in cling film, then closed inside a white box that protected the Amazon shipping box. It was refreshing to receive an item that was well prepared for shipping. There is a I have many of them and they are usually much more expensive than this one. There is a This one is just for sitting on a fabric bench to hold a TV remote and drink coaster, and it's capable of that and more. I would buy from this seller again.

👤The trays were ordered to be used in my refrigerator. I can grab hold of them and slide them forward and pick items that are in the back. The back of the fridge is where most of the stuff is kept. It's great for organizing the fridge. I am a great organizer. I really like these. They are clear and thick. I ordered two more for the fridge.

👤I ordered four of them and am considering another. It is easy to clean. I use it to hold nail accessories in my bedroom. It catches cellphone accessories on a table. There are loose change and pens on top of the dryer. At work, I drop lab specimen inside and they cannot roll onto the floor. You might think it's smaller than it is.

👤For my ottoman! Unobtrusive and sleek.

👤This is a lap tray. No danger of anything sliding off the large plate. There is a I will cover the edges and corners with tape. I might put contact paper inside the tray to make it easier to wipe clean.

👤I need to move things around because of my limited counter space. I was looking for something that would allow me to move my coffee supplies out of the way quickly. This works well and looks good at the same time.

👤Sturdy tray. It works well when used on a bathroom Vanity to gather counter top essentials.

6. Amazon Brand Contemporary Decorative 17 5 Inch

Amazon Brand Contemporary Decorative 17 5 Inch

The round serving tray is perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point and centerpiece on your dining table, ottoman, chair or Vanity. The bamboo round serving tray is ideal for serving food and drink, sometimes it is used as a decorative tray to hold and organize small items. Practical gifts for weddings, housewarmings, birthday parties and more. These trays are sturdy and are ready to serve at a party. They can be used to hold utensils in a kitchen or cosmetics in a bathroom. They have smart industrial style. You can use a serving tray or a countertop storage container. The mirrored glass has a rim and handles. It adds glamor to any room. The dimensions of the tray are 17.5" diameter x 2.5" H.

Brand: Rivet

👤The tray was listed at 17in in diameter, but it is completely off. It is less than 15in, which sucks because I bought it for the size.

👤I wanted to love this tray, but it didn't live up to my expectations. The metal frame with handles is not attached to the glass base. It is easy to knock out because it rests around the circumference. The base of the glass is about 1 cm shorter than it should be, which means that it could slide around inside the frame. The only reason it doesn't do this is because someone put rubber stops to keep the glass from sliding. That should be an additional precautionary measure, and not the main factor keeping it from moving around. The base is not permanently attached to the frame if the diameter is longer. The handles are strong. If you tried to pick up the tray by placing your hand on the bottom, the base would pop out in a split second. Use the handles! I have to say, unless you are confident that anyone around this tray will use the handles and not try to place their hand on the bottom, use this tray only as a decorative item. I will not serve anything to guests, and will not keep it in a way where a guest might pick it up. The metal frame's finishing is far from perfect. The piece is elegant, but when you look closely, there are scratches and lines which appear to be a flaw in the way it was finished. The design is really beautiful, so I am mostly disappointed. A glass base that appears attached but isn't. That is an accident waiting to happen. Considering HomeGoods probably has a good alternative, it's not worth the forty we paid.

👤The gold-colored handled rim and the thick glass disc are in this tray. If you put the tray over or on its side, the glass won't fit in, and any spilled liquid will run out the bottom of the tray, unless you buy some sealant bond to glue in the glass. The tray is useful for holding heavy crockery, but a bit heavy, due to the thickness of the glass. The size is convenient for carrying several items in one trip. It looks expensive. If you wash the bottom of the glass, the black will come off.

👤I just opened this, andnope. There is a The gold tray base and black glass insert are in separate pieces. You drop the glass on top. You are good to go. There is a lip on the top of the tray, so the glass has to be small enough to slide in. There is a The glass is very small. So. It's small. I opened this and didn't expect to have to slide it in. It plopped in. I moved the glass over to see one of the plastic things that were visible, and then saw the others on the other side. No matter how you position it, there is no hiding them. There is a The black paint on the underside of the glass was already falling off when I picked it up. This is a brand new item. How is this happening? Does the company still exist? If I have to box it up and ship it out, I might keep this. I am extremely lazy. This could be fixed with a bit of velvet-like material. If someone decided to walk past it, I shouldn't have to make it look presentable. I have seen better quality goods at Target. Save your coupons and go to a home goods store.

7. Decorative Practical Design Easy Washable Ideal Breakfast

Decorative Practical Design Easy Washable Ideal Breakfast

This wonderful décor piece can be used to accent a room in a charming rustic design. Please tell them if you have a question. They offer a 90 day money-back warranty and 24 hour customer support. The quality of construction is premium. The trays for coffee table are made with a PS frame with printed glass finish and are easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal choice for bar trays and decorative trays. This coffee tray is the perfect solution for a variety of reasons, from serving coffee, tea or desserts to your guests, to adding an elegant, colourful touch to your coffee table décor. A tray for the kitchen counter. The tray is made of black, gold and green and is easy to mix and match with any décor. An ideal centerpiece for your living room, coffee table, dining area and couch tray. There are practical and multi-functional functions. The display tray for ottoman coffee table has a sturdy design with durable handles and is a safe grip. It can be used to impress your guests with coffee specialties, afternoon tea, desserts, even as a breakfast tray. The coffee table has a tray. If you want to win the appreciation of a friend or loved one, you can order these ottoman trays for yourself or as a thoughtful gift. This large ottoman tray is a great choice for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, wedding, holidays and more. The tray is decorative. The coffee table has trays.

Brand: By Gravitee

👤I use this tray to carry a meal from my kitchen to my home office. There is a The gold sides of the tray are attached to a clear piece of plastic or acrylic, which is why buyers should know. I have to be careful where I put it because I can't easily clean it, so I was surprised when I saw the cloth bottom. The tray was shattered when I dropped it, so it was no longer usable. I bought a second one because I liked having it, but if it breaks again, I will find a stronger one.

👤It was pretty for the price. I was looking for a coffee table tray for my ottomans but wanted something a little bit different. If I want to use them differently later, they have a felt layer on the bottom that can work on wood.

👤When I bought this tray, I was expecting it to be ok since it isn't my style, but I actually love it more than I thought. It adds a nice accent to my room, works well with a lot of my stuff, and is easy to clean. I didn't think I would love it, but I do. I would buy this again.

👤The tray is easy to handle. There are glasses, mugs, and smaller plates on it. I got one for myself and my best friend had a birthday. My friend, who has a mid-century house in California, really liked the tray. She told me that she uses it to get her breakfast out of the kitchen.

👤It's amazing and lovely! I feel like I have a nice house with this tree. It is absolutely gorgeous and even more so in person. If you don't need it, I'll buy it for you even if you don't look at it. I have a tray in my living room that I would use for breakfast in bed, but I don't have a place to put it.

👤I thought it was larger than it is. I should have looked at the dimensions. A dinner plate that is large will not fit on the tray. It's convenient for drinks and smaller plates. It feels solid and looks good.

👤This tray is awesome, my title says it all. The base of the tray is thick, and the bottom of the tray is covered with a felt type of material to keep it from sliding around. I am not sure if you can find a better tray for this price.

👤I was surprised by the quality of this tray. It comes with good packing. The bottom is covered in felt fabric, so it wouldn't scratch anything. It is easy to clean with wipes. The handles are easy to hold. Would definitely recommend it.

8. Monarch Abode Decorative Serving Ottoman

Monarch Abode Decorative Serving Ottoman

Kennedy International is a manufacturer. TheDEAL size: Spend less trips carrying food and drinks to the dinner table, enjoy a lazy night in front of the TV with your favorite meal, or surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast in bed, all in the perfect size of 17 x 13 Their serving tray is 17” x 13” and has plenty of room to hold all your plates, cups, and bowls. It's perfect for organizing. Who knew a tray could be functional and stylish at the same time? Their sleek serving platter combines metal handles with an attractive hand hammered rim and allows for impressive decluttering power in one gorgeous piece. If you want to refresh your living room, you can display floral arrangements with rustic charm or organize messy nightstands. There are two things: STURDY and LIGHTWEIGHT. Everyone loves a great party host. The lightweight frame and sturdy carrying handles of their serving platter make it easy to quickly pass out Appetizers, Ice-Cold Cocktails and mouth watering desserts. You will love how easy it is to carry your tray, no matter what you are moving. There are multiple applications. Great serving trays for dining room, living room, garden, restaurant decorations, and fruit and tea any time. When you celebrate, impress your guests with this elegant and modern serving tray. It can be used as a nightstand tray for all your jewelry, or as a bedroom tray for your bathroom. High quality construction is handcrafted. Their tray is made from a single piece of high-quality metal and has hand hammered rim. Their food tray and drink coasters are made from a durable conifer that makes them a dream for restaurants, bars, bed and breakfasts and anywhere else high-volume use would be an issue for lower quality serving trays.

Brand: Monarch Abode

👤I have a cream and bronze colored kitchen. I use this tray to take snacks and drinks to the patio and feel good doing it. I can fit my phone, cup, napkin, and saucer on the stand of my book.

👤I bought a coffee table. The tray is close to the table. I can change the contents of the tray at any time.

👤It's a nice looking tray, but thought it had a wooden bottom and base, and unfortunately the handle edges are sharp, so definitely could not be used by elders or people with hand issues! It gets a C.

👤The Xmas decorations are very classy and beautiful.

👤I would definitely recommend it. The tray is exactly as pictured. It works for our ottoman.

👤The size of the serving tray on the coffee table led me to believe it would be the right size for my coffee table or ottoman. Larger trays are being used as a layer on a coffee table or ottoman. It is always personal with size. The tray was in perfect shape when I opened it. The tray was 17x13 inches, but it was smaller than anticipated. The tray is simple. It should fit in any hardware that uses polished nickel and satin nickel. There is a The hammered effect is not loud. The tray is a good gift for someone just starting to use trays in decorating, or you have the need for exactly this size. There are many options in trays at home decor stores. One of the things that seems to be a characteristic is that they are all by themselves. Whether sitting empty or being used in some way, they are interesting. This tray is 17x 13 and would fit in anywhere. It's not a decorators choice, but it's a simple tray for many homeowners who don't like to take risks when decorating. This will be useful in many ways.

👤The tray was perfect for my needs. I wanted to put a vase with flowers and an essential oil Diffuser on a tray, and this works great. I put this in front of the hallway of my house to make it look better. It is welcoming to the guests. I received good feedback from my friends and family. It is large enough for my needs and there are no fingerprints on the plate. It is strong and lasts a long time. The product was delivered on time.

👤I am very happy with this nickel tray. The metal added a little bling to the room and I was looking for something to use in the TV room. It's not distressed and can be the style with a lot of trays. There is a The tray is sturdy and well made, and would work well for dinner parties. It would make a great tray. Happy with the product. Would recommend.

👤It looks nice and shiny online. I said no to the price when I got it. Too bad.

9. Serving Coffee Ottoman Decorative Handles

Serving Coffee Ottoman Decorative Handles

Simply clean with a damp cloth whenever you need it and no assembly is required. The novel and modern. The coffee tray has brushed gold handles and is made of white wood. They put non-scratch and non-slip pads on the bottom of their trays to help prevent damage. TILE SERVING TRAY: Their trays can be used as decoration in your bedroom, presentation for your kitchen, or somewhere to store your keys and mail in your hallway. The serving tray is light and spacious, and has plenty of room for coffee cups, cosmetics, or anything you choose to keep in it. There is no room for anything to fall off at 2 inches deep. The coffee trays are handcrafted to be the perfect addition to your coffee table, ottoman, or kitchen. Each tray is hand finished to the highest standards. The perfect gift is a stylish and versatile present for any occasion. Their decorative drinks tray is an ideal gift for all occasions.

Brand: Crown Home And Living

👤It's perfect for decorating. The handles were a bit loose when it arrived, but it was easy to tighten with a head. It fit perfectly on my coffee table. I bought this for Christmas decorating and it holds a deer, 2 vases, and a candle.

👤It was cheap to look nice online. I gave it a try. There was a broken handle and a tray with marks. The listing looked used. It is incredibly frustrating.

👤We took the product out of the box and it smelled like urine. We aired it outside and scrubbed it with soap multiple times, but it still smells up the room. The paint is chipping.

👤It is very sturdy and attractive. I just bought an additional one because I loved this tray so much.

👤I bought this tray a month ago because I thought it would match my furniture. It does, thank goodness. It feels sturdy enough to be used to serving things on. I am glad I took a chance as it was not so expensive.

👤I was hesitant to order this tray after reading the reviews, but I'm so glad I did. The tray was in perfect condition when it arrived. I love it!

👤Exactly how it was described on Amazon, it looks fantastic.

10. MANDII Galvanized Serving Tray Centerpiece

MANDII Galvanized Serving Tray Centerpiece

There is an aftersale guarantee. They will give you a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. It'sSTIC SERVING TRAY: The country tray is made from corrugated aluminum. It's easy to clean and it's non-toxic. The sturdy handles make it easy to pick-up and carry, with a vintage fashion sense. The single tiered tray is perfect for serving. The stress is caused by chronic disease. The accessories for your kitchen island, home, bed room, bedside, dining room, desk, countertop, bar or office will give you a visual stimulation. Along with carrying food or meals on this large grey platter, it can also be used as a base for displaying with a flowerpot, candle holder, books, orbs, condiments, utensil, and more. This hammered little tray is 3.84 inches deep. It's the perfect size to serve cookies and drinks including beer, hot chocolate, and cocktail. These charateristics are designed to make their customers happy. You will be completely satisfied from all points of view. There are multiple applications. Great for bathroom, living room, couch, garden, patio, picnic, tabletop, restaurant, coffee station with serving tea, Appetizers, fruit in any time. When you celebrate, impress your guests with this bowl. You can buy a mini tray for yourself or give it as a gift for friends and family. The design is gorgeous. The tray will look great on the kitchen bench, countertop, restaurants, breakfast table or dining table. It will be a perfect coffee bean, cupcake, wine, seed, vegetable holder for the kitchen, and will integrate into ottoman style, traditional, and modern decors. They think you will love gray tray as much as they do. If you are not satisfied with their product, please inform them.

Brand: Arkiface

👤I love it! Great look and quality! Love the ridges. It was a nice size. Highly recommended!

👤The tray is small enough to fit on my side table. The quality was great and the price was great.

👤It was a perfect touch for my coffee table. Highly recommended!

👤The tray was exactly what I was looking for. The product is light and flimsy. Not what one would expect from galvanized metal. If you want to use the tray to carry things, you should look for a better tray.

👤I use this tray in our entryway to hold items. It fits perfectly on a small drawer in the entryway and keeps items looking presentable when we are here or there. It arrived early, an added bonus. I am very pleased with the quality of the products I purchased from this company. It was what I was looking for.

👤I love this tray. I was looking for a tray to add to our coffee table, but none of them stood out to me or were too expensive, until I found this one! I think it is a good price. It looks great! It is one of my favorite pieces in my house. It adds a rustic farmhouse feel to my house.

👤I got this to put wine glasses on and it was great. Definitely for informal gatherings. It was what I was looking for.

👤The tray is very well made. Sturdy and not flimsy. I put it on top of the milk can to make a table. I look great.

👤Contente bonne grandeur qualité.

11. Godinger 49831 Aspen Round Gallery

Godinger 49831 Aspen Round Gallery

Large capital: The gold tray has a diameter of 9.8 inches and a height of 2.36 inches. A jewelry tray helps you organize and find your jewelry easily. A great gift for a party. It makes a great table centerpiece. It's a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, or holiday. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Godinger

👤My living room looks so elegant now that I love this tray.

👤Great tray! I've been looking for this size for a few weeks but no luck in stores, so I looked on Amazon. It is perfect for what I wanted. I would have liked more if it were cheaper. Still happy with the purchase.

👤I expected a better product. There are black spots around the chrome. I wouldn't have cared if the smudges weren't on the very top where they are easy to see. I tried to clean it and scratch it off. Something is loose when I tip it or move it. It feels cheap and dirty to me. I'm very disappointed.

👤The tray was in perfect condition when it arrived. I would have liked to have ordered it sooner. I love the look of the bedroom in my living room.

👤I love it. The mirror is sturdy. If you need something like this, you will not regret. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I bought this tray based on the reviews I read over the different trays. It was exactly as described and arrived well packaged. Thank you to all the customers that left reviews, I was able to make the best decision on buying the right tray. I have hunted high and low through my suppliers in New Zealand for something like this. I think that's correct. The person is named Michelle.

👤It was well made and very attractive. A bottle of Scotch or Brandy and two glasses look great on my bar. A sturdy and attractive size. Would be a great gift.

👤A tray for my coffee table.


What is the best product for decorative trays for coffee table glass?

Decorative trays for coffee table glass products from Sooyee. In this article about decorative trays for coffee table glass you can see why people choose the product. Home Redefined and Home Hideout are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trays for coffee table glass.

What are the best brands for decorative trays for coffee table glass?

Sooyee, Home Redefined and Home Hideout are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trays for coffee table glass. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Niubee and Rivet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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