Best Decorative Trays for Coffee Table Round

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1. MyGift Decorative Display Serving Fan Design

MyGift Decorative Display Serving Fan Design

You can serve coffee, tea, cocktails, Appetizers, desserts, and other food and beverage items. A striking backdrop for displaying jewelry, cosmetics, nail polish, toiletries, plants, and decorative items is provided by the black metal fan design rim. The design is easy to carry around the room. The dimensions are 2.2 H x 12.5 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤The tray is cute for the top of a table. I was able to put a vase on it. There are a couple jars on it. It's really worth it. I would love to have 2!

👤The decor is perfect for my kitchen counter. I love the wood and metal. I put my olive oil container, plant and tile with a Bible verse on it.

👤This is a great place to serve coffee or small snacks. It looks cute on the table. I love it!

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It doesn't need to be completely flat, but if you serve drinks it is not an even surface.

👤I have two of these trays and they add a nice look to the space where they are located.

👤Not perfect in some areas. I am really happy with it.

👤I would like it to be bigger. It is well made and pretty. It was shipped fast.

👤I love this tray. Simple yet elegant...

👤The design is not completely happy with the wood, a bit rough on edges, and a couple of flaws in the stain. The price seems high for the item.

👤De table de cuisine.

2. MyGift Farmhouse Rectangular Breakfast Decorative

MyGift Farmhouse Rectangular Breakfast Decorative

There is a wood construction. The tray is made of wood and metal. The serving tray has black metal handles and a vintage white finish. It's great for serving breakfast in bed. The handles on the sides are black. A low-profile server can be used as a display for retail merchandise, or as a setting for decorative objects on your coffee table or countertop. The dimensions are: 2.8 H x 20.1 W x 14.1 L.

Brand: Mygift

👤I'm Brittany. My boy friend. ACOP BY THE WAY. I recently became a homeowner. My man could bring me breakfast if we needed a serving tray. He is still sleeping when I am hungry. What is the tray? Very disappointed in you.

👤This tray is great. The strength is better than I thought. The handles are my favorite part. Great purchase!

👤The serving tray is cute and works well for me. I was looking for something that felt like a beachy ottoman to hold drinks and food. I don't see using it for hauling heavy things. I would recommend it.

👤A nice tray. I wanted one that looked like the "County Farm House" This was perfect. Excellent quality as well. I put felt circles on the bottom of it so that it wouldn't scratch my coffee table, which is made of wood. It was very nice and worth the money.

👤Overall... Its not white! I use it as a centerpiece for my kitchen table. It gets dirty. It's hard to clean because the off white paint comes up when you wipe it down with a damp cloth. It was paid a lot of money. It would have been better if I had returned it before the cut off time.

👤Excellent quality! It is a little bigger than I anticipated. It is adorable, sturdy, and just as pictured. I use it to style my coffee table.

👤My wife bought this for the night stand. She likes the décor of the room very much. We didn't give it a 5 X rating because we didn't have a reason to clean it yet.

👤I bought it for my bed so I could put snacks on. It is well made and sturdy. The metal handles look nice. I highly recommend it.

3. Creative Co Op Whitewashed 26 General Decorative

Creative Co Op Whitewashed 26 General Decorative

Whitewash level can vary. The edge is decorated with wooden balls. Not food safe for decorative purposes.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤The top and inside of the tray are beautiful, but the side beads are a plastic brown strip of clumped together beads that are not wooden and are not listed in the description and product photos. I will be returning it.

👤I love this piece. I was able to find the perfect item for my table here. I have had many nice things to say about it. My only complaint is that the bottom isn't smooth on the edges, so I added a piece of felt to protect my table. It was still worth it.

👤I found this on Wayfair but didn't want to pay $70 for a coffee table tray, so I found it here for $54. The beads are a bright brown, so I will be washing this further. The tray is falling apart because it is not being fastened. It isn't worth it if you don't like the tray and can't be happy without it. It is a beautiful tray if you are okay with having to fix it.

👤I thought the tray would be heavier. It would be light because of mango wood. The underside of the tray has a slightly denser wood for stability, but I think this tray is more of a decorative piece which suits my purposes. I love the bead trim on the tray. It is being used as a centerpiece on my coffee table. I think it is overpriced and would not have purchased it if I had received a gift card. I love those Amazon gift cards.

👤I paid a lot of money for this product, so I feel like it needs to be shared. I was excited to use it. The entire stand looks cheap because the ball on top does not match. Disappointed is an understatement.

👤It was sad for an expensive item. The metal bar was bent. I was able to bend it back. The picture is not what it appears to be. The ball was painted grey and yellow. The wood on the tiers was ugly and did not go with it. The tide tray is made from wood and it is exactly what I was looking for, the package came bent all over because the pieces inside were not secured by foam or packing. The wood was not damaged.

👤The beads on the side are not the same as the picture. They are one continuous strip and different tone than the rest of the tray.

👤I wanted a tray that was beaded to compliment some of the pieces I've added to my kitchen. There is a As described, it arrived sooner than expected.

👤I am happy with this tray. Excellent quality, received it quickly.

4. MyGift Whitewashed Octagonal Serving Handles

MyGift Whitewashed Octagonal Serving Handles

The value is AESTHETIC VALUE. It is a good home adornment, must be a great gift for weddings, housewarming parties, or birthday parties, and the unique octagonal design combines vintage wood finish make retro country style. The octagonal design is a great way to serve, display, or store in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. This tray can be used to display decorations, organize items, or serve food in a unique setting in any room of your house. A shabby chic whitewashed wood serving tray is perfect for serving food and drinks. Appetizers or desserts can be displayed on a cheese board. The dimensions are 20.0 W 20.0 D 2.0 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤I looked at it this past Saturday and it wasn't good. It was sitting on a table. There is a It was completely warp because the corners had separated. Ready for the trash can. There is a I loved it for it's shape, color and size when I received it. There is a My family and friends loved it. There is a They probably used wood that they shouldn't have. Hopefully the seller will respond with a positive outcome after I wrote to them. I will keep you posted. There is a I received a reply from the seller. There is a They were quick to understand my situation. There is a They gave me a partial refund. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you for the gift. I appreciate it very much.

👤There were candles and plants on top of the coffee table. One day, as I was dusting it, I noticed that it was wabbling, and the corner joints were missing. It was thrown in the garbage in January of 2022. The disposable tray is expensive. It could have been that I received a bad one. It was not a good experience.

👤The wood was warped in days. This is the second time I have purchased it. I returned because it was not even. When I got the second one, it looked the same as the first. Don't buy this product. The look will warp.

👤The piece looked nice and seemed to be in good shape. It was sitting on my ottoman and only had remote controls on it, and overnight it warped and cracked. It's terrible now. The piece was owned for just a month. This shouldn't have happened because May was the weather change.

👤This is a sturdy tray. I put it on top of a basket. It works perfect. Even though I cleaned it up quickly, my son spilled soda on it and it permanently stained it. It was our fault. I would do it again.

👤We bought this for the conference table. It has a box of kleenex and coasters. It allows us to make the space look better. It fits in with the rustic aesthetic of the office space.

👤The price was very high.

👤The finish was great and the size was big. It works well in our living room.

5. Round Serving Tray Handles Multipurpose

Round Serving Tray Handles Multipurpose

It's a perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers. Their trays are made with a material that is durable. The handles for that strong and sturdy grip were made from steel. This helps provide strength and durability for long-term use. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They can be used as a serving tray for food or drinks, or as a centerpiece for your dining table, desk, or outdoor coffee table. They can be used for both storage and display. The farmhouse design is classic. - Their coffee tray will add a great touch to any home, thanks to its neat and clean appearance. Their serving tray baskets are great for any occasion or party, they can hold candy for Halloween, glasses of wine for house parties, or any small trinket for Christmas.

Brand: Style Living

👤To throw keys in the entryway, I needed an all purpose tray. The ends of the wicker stalks that come out on the underside are strong enough to scratch my wood table, even though it was just the right size. I put felt pads on the ends but stopped after a dozen. It was demoted to an outside piece on the picnic table. If it had non-scratch feet, this piece would be fine.

👤Absolutely love this tray! You could use it for so many things. The quality is strong and durable, which is perfect for my decor style. I used it for the bathroom counter. It fits perfectly. This tray is wonderful!

👤This is a good tray. I use it on my dining table for things like salt and pepper shakers and napkins. Also. It is pleasing to the eye and I like the black accent on the handle. I would buy this again.

👤I love this tray. Sturdy and durable. Exactly as pictured. Would recommend!

👤I like the two-tone bottom.

👤I love it! Just like in the pictures. It looks good in my living room.

👤I bought this tray to add to the baskets along my upper counter. If I need one, it looks great and can be used as a serving tray.

👤Sturdy serving tray. A guide on how to clean is included in the package. It looks great for styling my home account and holding candles. Great purchase! Love it.

6. Deluxe Tray Coffee Table Beautiful

Deluxe Tray Coffee Table Beautiful

Heavily distressed finish. The material. – It is made of high quality wood. The coffee table tray has a matt finish and silver metal handles. It is 2.5 lbs. Decorative The tray has a silver lining that adds a touch of style to any room. The coffee table tray decor is beautiful. Coffee table trays are a must for living room. The ottoman coffee table can be used to serve coffee, drink or pastries. It's a good way to show off your home décor. It's a good way to treat yourself and your loved ones. The white serving tray is a perfect place to keep bills, mail, and daily essentials. It can be used as an ottoman tray. It's an ideal gift for family, friends and loved ones. It is easy to clean. The coffee table decor tray can hold hot and cold food. To clean spilled food or drinks, use a damp cloth or napkin.

Brand: A1 Homnet

👤The tray is gorgeous. I bought a tray as a decorative accessory for a glass coffee table with silver legs and it matches perfectly. It is simple and elegant. Totally exceeded my expectations.

👤I use it as a decorative tray.

👤I paid a lot for it and it came damaged. It had to have happened before boxing it because the shipping box was fine. I don't think buying one of these is a good idea. I would return it, but I would have to pay for ups to get it back, which is less than what I paid for it.

👤I would give 0 stars if I could. I wasted my money because they sent it with deep scratches all on one side, and I was planning on using it for decor in my bathroom.

👤This cute tray has handles and an outline. The description says that the color is Navy. Not by any stretch. One of the other reviews mentioned that I was looking for a tray that was soft and blue.

👤Sturdy and beautiful. It works great for tea time and I love it for my living decor.

👤I didn't expect the silver part to be just paint. I am concerned about the fact that we use this for drinks and food on our ottoman and it is already showing signs of wear from me just wiping it with a damp sponge. The silver will rub off completely.

👤Montado en una fuerte caja. El color is hermoso. There is an exponer otros artculos de decoracin de manera.

7. MANDII Galvanized Serving Tray Centerpiece

MANDII Galvanized Serving Tray Centerpiece

There is an aftersale guarantee. They will give you a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. It'sSTIC SERVING TRAY: The country tray is made from corrugated aluminum. It's easy to clean and it's non-toxic. The sturdy handles make it easy to pick-up and carry, with a vintage fashion sense. The single tiered tray is perfect for serving. The stress is caused by chronic disease. The accessories for your kitchen island, home, bed room, bedside, dining room, desk, countertop, bar or office will give you a visual stimulation. Along with carrying food or meals on this large grey platter, it can also be used as a base for displaying with a flowerpot, candle holder, books, orbs, condiments, utensil, and more. This hammered little tray is 3.84 inches deep. It's the perfect size to serve cookies and drinks including beer, hot chocolate, and cocktail. These charateristics are designed to make their customers happy. You will be completely satisfied from all points of view. There are multiple applications. Great for bathroom, living room, couch, garden, patio, picnic, tabletop, restaurant, coffee station with serving tea, Appetizers, fruit in any time. When you celebrate, impress your guests with this bowl. You can buy a mini tray for yourself or give it as a gift for friends and family. The design is gorgeous. The tray will look great on the kitchen bench, countertop, restaurants, breakfast table or dining table. It will be a perfect coffee bean, cupcake, wine, seed, vegetable holder for the kitchen, and will integrate into ottoman style, traditional, and modern decors. They think you will love gray tray as much as they do. If you are not satisfied with their product, please inform them.

Brand: Arkiface

👤I love it! Great look and quality! Love the ridges. It was a nice size. Highly recommended!

👤The tray is small enough to fit on my side table. The quality was great and the price was great.

👤It was a perfect touch for my coffee table. Highly recommended!

👤The tray was exactly what I was looking for. The product is light and flimsy. Not what one would expect from galvanized metal. If you want to use the tray to carry things, you should look for a better tray.

👤I use this tray in our entryway to hold items. It fits perfectly on a small drawer in the entryway and keeps items looking presentable when we are here or there. It arrived early, an added bonus. I am very pleased with the quality of the products I purchased from this company. It was what I was looking for.

👤I love this tray. I was looking for a tray to add to our coffee table, but none of them stood out to me or were too expensive, until I found this one! I think it is a good price. It looks great! It is one of my favorite pieces in my house. It adds a rustic farmhouse feel to my house.

👤I got this to put wine glasses on and it was great. Definitely for informal gatherings. It was what I was looking for.

👤The tray is very well made. Sturdy and not flimsy. I put it on top of the milk can to make a table. I look great.

👤Contente bonne grandeur qualité.

8. Kate Laurel Bruillet Handles Diameter

Kate Laurel Bruillet Handles Diameter

The raised footed base and cozy rustic finish of the wood bring a charming eclectic accent to your home decor. The display dimensions of the tray are 15 inches round and a quarter inch high. Its appealing presentation offers lots of versatile home decor use while the vintage black metal handles make serving easy. The feet are made of a sturdy wooden material and have pads on them to protect them from sliding. It is ready to use in your home straight out of the box.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤I was really disappointed. I expected something more sturdy for how much this was. The wood is cheap and light, but it has cracks in it from where the handles were drilled. The paint job looked terrible. It looked like a toddler painted it grey with a dry brush. I salvaged it after removing the handles and re-painting it, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it.

👤I was looking for something for my coffee table that was a little farmhouse-contemporary and footed and found this great quality item. It's a little pricey, but it's perfect for the space and what I was looking for. Shipping was fast and the packaging was great. I was experimenting with decor after I received it. Love it.

👤I'm happy I got this one. It looks great and is exactly what I expected.

👤I love this tray. It is made very well and looks amazing. I needed it front and center where I could admire it daily because it is so versatile. It is strong, but not too heavy. It makes my kitchen table more attractive. Love, love, love!

👤I was disappointed in my purchase, it definitely was not worth the price, the inside of the tray is bubbling up, it looks as though it has been stored in a damp place, or used before, I say don't waste your money.

👤This is a sturdy tray. It looks great on a bed or ottoman and is perfect with our modern farmhouse, but would also work well with my son's coastal chic home.

👤The product was used and Chipped to rustic to the next level, it was not new. Beware of buyers.

👤It looks great and holds olive oil, salt and pepper, lemons and a plant.

9. White Coffee Table Tray Decorative

White Coffee Table Tray Decorative

We are a USA based company and they stand behind their products. If you still don't like their tray, please email them and they will make it right for you. Return policy is 30 days. The rustic serving tray has a unique design with rounded corners, twine wrapped handles and a whitewashed finish. It is the perfect coffee table tray to show off your favorite items. Their white serving tray is made of the finest wood and is built to last. It's smooth, splinter free and won't tangle your ottoman when placed on top of it. The large coffee table tray is not small. They can promise that the serving tray on Amazon is a large wooden tray. Twine wrapped hands. This large coffee tray has rope wrapped handles that make it easy to pick up and it's rustic charm makes it the perfect rustic tray for ottoman, couch tray table, tray for coffee table decor or even wood tray centerpiece for tables. The rustic coffee table tray is a great rustic table tray for table centerpiece or serving tray for ottoman.

Brand: Hb Design Co.

👤The country design is great for the purpose I was looking for. My children bathroom is not fancy or chic. It helps to have all their personal cleaning products in one place. There is a I can use it as well as a tray for parties.

👤I like it. It arrived quickly and was described. It looks amazing on my coffee table.

👤I put this tray on my ottoman. The whitewash looks great on the ottoman. The ledges are high on this tray. It's great for drinks. Highly recommend this product.

👤I love the tray. I wanted to use it as a coffee bar. The twine-wrapped handles tie in my sea grass baskets and it fits perfectly with the decor of my home.

👤The centerpiece is on my coffee table.

👤It was bought for my new ottoman and it was very cute.

👤I didn't like the quality of the item. It was too small for where I wanted it to be. Cheap for the money.

👤This was exactly what I was looking for.

10. Stonebriar Serving Handles Distressed Centerpiece

Stonebriar Serving Handles Distressed Centerpiece

A rustic serving tray has a lightly distressed wood base and sturdy metal handles that are easy to carry. The serving tray is 14.2 x 19.8 and is the perfect size to serve your favorite food and drink for parties or for breakfast in bed. Add your favorite pillar candles to create a unique candle holder tray or add orbs to make an interesting centerpiece for your coffee table. You can buy a vintage wooden serving tray for yourself or give it as a gift for friends and family. There are two sizes of rustic wooden tray. Purchase 1 size or both sizes and make your own mirrored wooden tray set.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤This tray is wonderful! The mercury mirror adds a bit of dressy flair to it. It was purchased from Amazon. Exactly as described.

👤I really like it. The only negative thing is that it feels dirty even if you clean it very little. That makes me crazy.

👤This tray is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I searched a lot for the right ottoman tray but couldn't find anything I liked on Amazon or anywhere else. When I saw it online, I didn't like it very much. I am glad that I thought about it and pulled the trigger, it is a bit more rustic than I wanted. It looks great! The larger one is 18 inches in diameter and measures 14 inches by 14 inches. I think the smaller one is a circle. I need something that I can put on the center of my ottoman to hold a few drinks. This worked well for the size and the shape worked well since it is an ellipse. I have an older wooden tray with an Embossed State center on something else and it almost looks like they are from the same company. When I opened it, I was very pleased with how well they worked. The wood on this tray is light and reminiscent of farm wood. The center is distressed. It is a nice looking item. The handles look like they are from an old farm. My home is not rustic or farmlike, but it does go well with my more modern decor, and I may change out the handles for something a bit nicer in the future. It is a great price and the item is sturdy and looks great. I am very happy!

👤I bought a large tray to use with my Christmas decor. It was a bit hesitant due to the reviews, but took a chance. I was happy that my tray came well packed and intact. I think broken items are an issue with the delivery companies. The wood finish rubs off. I will put a coat or two of polycrylic over it if that happens. There were no issues with scratching my furniture. I put it on top of the table cover. Will be careful with that in the future. I like how it looks with my decor. The mirrored bottom looks pretty. It reflects the light and items on the tray, so it's especially important. I'm looking forward to using this after the holidays for my regular decor. It feels sturdy and decent weight. Love the metal handles. The mirrored bottom makes it necessary to be careful and handle with care. Would recommend.

👤The mirror is worth the money because of its rustic look and the way it reflects things. One of the best things I have ever bought.

👤This piece is beautiful. It looks great on my coffee table. I am very happy with my purchase. The shipping/packaging is the reason for 4 stars. There was no padding in the box. I was certain that the mirror was going to break like some of the other reviews I have seen when I tried to open the box. I'll be keeping and nothing is broken.

11. WONFUlity Leak Proof Serving Handles Ottoman

WONFUlity Leak Proof Serving Handles Ottoman

Excellent size and friendly service. The size of the tray is 9” x 5.5” x 0.88” (28.6 x 13.9 x 2.3 cm). The package includes a bathroom tray, a money back guarantee, and friendly customer service. Sturdy and hardy. The wooden trays are made of premium wood and have a perfect water content of 15%. The trays are carefully varnished to make sure they are sturdy and durable. It's a great choice for serving food and drinks in the house. Quality craftsmanship. The liquid won't flow out because of the leak-proof design. The tray has cut out handles on the sides which make it easy to carry. You can have both a meal plate and drinks with this 16.34-inch diameter x 2.2-inch height. There are multiple functions. Adding a tray to your house is very easy with their beautiful Acacia tray. You can use this wooden tray as a coffee tray, ottoman table tray, decorative tray for kitchen counter, bedroom tray, etc. Things to know The wood will degrade over time if the tray is exposed to sunlight or left in humid condition. Don't scratch hard objects. They recommend a light coat of wax or oil every six months. Shop with confidence. They are a professional wooden product manufacturer and always strive to provide satisfying products and services to every customer. If you have a question about the wooden serving tray, please contact them.

Brand: Wonfulity

👤It is beautiful. The small one in this photo is from Target. The Target one is heavier. Someone put the Target tray in the sink. I decided to buy more. The tray is better than I thought. I like the tray. It is lightweight and fits more. I might buy another later.

👤This item is cheap. The handle space is not smooth. The finish is glossy which makes it look cheaper. The price is not great. You can find similar items for less than $25.

👤I would have loved this tray. It was light and easy to move around in. It wasn't flat on the bottom, but it was bowed upwards in a ridge along the middle. I didn't notice the ridge on the first look, but since I wanted to use it on our couch and ottoman for guests to put their drinks on, I was concerned the sloping might be an issue. I returned the product and found another one at HomeGoods.

👤It arrived in good condition. When I'm hanging on the sofa, it serves its purpose on my ottoman. It's portable as well. It's sturdy and looks easy to clean. The wood can be used to serve snacks or as a board for charcuterie. I absolutely adore it. Will definitely recommend!

👤The tray is better than expected. Beautiful coloring. It's not too heavy. It was well constructed. Really like it.

👤I don't know where to start. The colors, the edges, the weight, and the smell are all there. It is worth every penny, and I am considering using it as a decoration for its beauty.

👤The quality is ok but the price is high, so I will give 4 stars for this product. It's light.

👤The finish on the wood is very nice, it makes our automan a coffee table.


What is the best product for decorative trays for coffee table round?

Decorative trays for coffee table round products from Mygift. In this article about decorative trays for coffee table round you can see why people choose the product. Mygift and Creative Co-op are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trays for coffee table round.

What are the best brands for decorative trays for coffee table round?

Mygift, Mygift and Creative Co-op are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trays for coffee table round. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Style Living and A1 Homnet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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