Best Decorative Trays for Home Decor Gold

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1. Lolalet Decorative Organizer Catchall Entryway

Lolalet Decorative Organizer Catchall Entryway

The trays have four colors: gold, silver, black and brown. You can choose a tray that matches your decor. A simple way to make a space look better. Compact Size: 7 x 3.3 in (17.8 x 8.4 cm); weighs 3.66 ounces and the depth is about 1 cm. durable well made: Made of high quality steel with soft brass finish for long service life and never change color. It's ideal for storing candles, keys, edc, towels, jewelry, earrings, perfume, cosmetics, snacks or other small objects. The decorative mirror polished surface will not hurt your hands or marble counter, it has a glossy texture and Streamlined curves that make it look modern. It's easy to clean with a wet cloth, but do not use hard objects to wash it.

Brand: Lolalet

👤A beautiful small tray. The deep gold color is nice. I put it on my bathroom counter for a variety of items, including a bottle of hand soap, 3 ounces of hand lotion, and 1.5 ounces of air freshener. All of these items are in a perfect place. If you have larger items, you need to order the larger size.

👤Since they are metal, there are things you need to know. If you use these next to a sink, the tray might slip around. I don't think the finish will last a long time, but you get two so I can change it out.

👤I didn't think they'd be this small, but I knew they would be.

👤It was a good value for the money and they looked really nice as candleholders.

👤These trays are perfect for my jars. The gold color is perfect.

👤I have been using these trays for a few weeks and they are great. I am not sure how they would do after washing. They have retained their color and shine so far. They look very elegant. Also good value for money.

👤The fit and color of this was perfect for my soap dispensers. Excellent quality!

👤The plates are strong and sturdy and the size was perfect for us. We like it a lot.

👤Piezas exactamente, llegaron, y en perfectas condiciones.


2. Decorative Catchall Polygon Organizer 12 4x8 5x2

Decorative Catchall Polygon Organizer 12 4x8 5x2

The customer experience is their top priority. If you don't like your serving tray, send it back within 30 days and you can get a full refund or replacement. A durable cosmetic tray can be used to organize jewelry, Vanity, makeup brush, perfume, Flower vase or serving drinks. The jewelry tray is octagonal. A tray with mirrored glass. A practical and decorative retro-styled tray to compliment your personal nightstand. It's a great way to display your jewelry, trinkets and keepsakes. You can use a gold mirrored tray, perfume tray, candle tray mirror to showcase your beauty. Vanity tray is made of metal, gold, and mirror bottom, and is an indispensable item as drinks tray, candle tray, gold trays decorative, and decorative tray. It's applicable for bars, restaurants, cafes, office, home and any other occasions. The dimensions of the tray are 12.4x8x2 inches.

Brand: Missionmatch

👤I wanted to use it for coffee table decor, but it was too small. It will probably be used for a place to display perfume.

👤It's the perfect size for my bathroom Vanity, it's sturdy, made well, and very attractive.

👤This is very cute and elegant. You can use it anywhere.

👤My living room has an amazing touch.

👤It looks good and is good quality.

3. BLUE GINKGO Decorative Serving Tray

BLUE GINKGO Decorative Serving Tray

A gift for hostess or bride could be a multi-functional wicker Bamboo Wood Basket, which could be used as food, tea or drinks serving tray, breakfast in bed tray, bathroom organizer, decorative tray, picnic basket, storage basket, perfume tray, fruit basket or bread basket. Dress up in any space. The tray adds a level of sophistication to any room. The handles have been designed to display and serve. It can be used as a serving tray, coffee tray, bar tray or display. The design of this metal serving tray with handles make it an elegant coffee table tray and home decor. The contents are available in modern colors and finished with gold brass accents. The rectangular tray is functional and decorative. The tray has two metal handles that are easy to grasp and a lip that wraps around the tray to keep items from sliding off. The handles and four feet of the decorative serving tray are made from metal that has been powder coated in a durable finish. The four feet are made of solid steel. The size of the tray is large enough to hold candles, jewelry, and a couple coffee or alcoholic beverages. The tray is approximately 2 inches tall with handles.

Brand: Blue Ginkgo

👤I use this serving tray to catch the mess my cats make when they eat. I can just clean the tray in the sink and not have to clean the floor. The tray is small so it's perfect for this use case. There is a The tray is sturdy and has some weight. The color is pictured.

👤Small and cute. There is a bit of weight to it. One of the handles is not sure how long it will last.

👤I wanted to use the tray for my birthday.

👤I have a lot of water glasses and tea cups on my nightstand. I accidentally left my drawer open and the water went all over my stuff. In the morning, I would have to make 2 or 3 trips to the kitchen sink to get all the receptacles. Not anymore. This is perfect on my nightstand. It is a blue metal with handles. There is a rim around it. In the morning, I don't have to lift the handles to take the whole tray because my tea cups and water bottles don't spill. The tray is easy to clean and it looks nice in my room. It's a great way to make my life easier.

👤A lovely tray! The shiny gold hardware on the burnt orange metal base looks exactly like it was pictured. It was very well made. It would be a nice gift. It's a small footprint, but the handles stick out quite a bit. It has small feet and is able to lift it up off the table. The finish is great and the size makes it versatile. I love it!

👤The brass handles are gorgeous!

4. Kate Laurel Mid Century Octagon Decorative

Kate Laurel Mid Century Octagon Decorative

It is possible to serve Ray. A tray with polished metal handles is an elegant accent in your home. The tray is perfect for storing on entryway table, ottoman, or even for serving drinks. The outer display dimensions are 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep and 3.25 inches high. The octagon tray is a clean modernity and is ready to use in your home. Lady Gray is a deity. The tray is made of sturdy MDF with glossy finish and polished metal handles.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤I ordered several different trays and this was the best for the dollar, I scored it at a discounted price. I would not recommend it for heavy or daily use.

👤Patern is very nice and would purchase again.

👤My tray is perfect for my coffee table. I have been looking forward to receiving it. I like it.

👤It looked cheap for the cost to return.

👤This is the second tray I have purchased. I bought another hexagonal one after liking the first one so much. The dark wood matches my furniture and they are very well made.

👤I love it! It's perfect for my ottoman.

👤One of the handles is a little loose, but it is not noticeable. Otherwise a great buy.

👤The color is perfect for what I needed.

5. Decorative Artificial Leather Serving Breakfast

Decorative Artificial Leather Serving Breakfast

Lady Gray is a deity. The tray is made of sturdy MDF with glossy finish and polished metal handles. You can place candles and vintage items on top of your coffee table with a large serving tray. That makes your serving tray look better. Every homeowner needs at least one serving tray with handles. A serving tray can be used to serve breakfast. There is enough space for glasses, a cup of tea, and plates on this eating tray. serving trays are used to serve food, keep things close at hand, and are an easy way to transport dessert between the kitchen and eating areas. The tray looks good in many areas, in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, sofa, or outdoors. The tray matches the d├ęcor. The trays have four colors: gold, silver, black and brown. You can choose a tray that matches your decor. A simple way to make a space look better.

Brand: Elocraft

👤The tray is a stylish addition to my coffee table, however it has drawbacks in craftsmanship. The material is not seamless on the corners and is lifted on the base. I keep it on the base of my coffee table because of the flawed details. It serves it's purpose for the price. No one will be looking at the corners and base as closely as I am. This is something to consider if you are careful with your purchases. I might not have purchased this item if I had known about it.

👤The tray is easy to clean and light weight. The ottoman is in the basement.

👤This serving tray with handles looked rich and was easy to clean.

👤I love this tray. It goes with my decor. I get a lot of praise for it. I would recommend this product.

👤The tray was the perfect size and color for my table centerpiece. The only issue was that one side in the bottom was not firmly fastened. It was not noticeable when I added my items. I hope it doesn't get worse. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤I love the gold tray, it looks great on my coffee table. This look is what I was looking for.

👤These trays are really nice. They have a nice appearance. I put them on the ottoman. They are sturdy and gorgeous.

6. Feyarl Organizer Geometric Decorative Countertop

Feyarl Organizer Geometric Decorative Countertop

The perfect gift is a tray with a marble design. It's also an ideal gift for a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding registration, and anniversary. Clear glass with golden edges is the material of this toxicity tray. The anti-scratch glass mirror has a Geometric-Shape. It is sturdy and durable to hold. There are specific gold glassware toxicity requirements. Net Weight: 0.68lb/309g; Diameter: 7inch/18 cm; Height: 1.37inch/ 3.5 cm. The perfect jewelry container. There is a Clear Glass Organizers for Jewelry, Trinket, Rings, Earrings, Perfume Bottles, Keys, Contact Lenses, Hair Band, Treasure. There is a display in the Home Dresser Room. Adding visual interest and artistic value to any space is great. The Beautiful Collection TRAY is a classic Geometric shape that compromises the modern design and Sense of Space. The Anti-Slip Bottom protects your desk from being scratched. The clear sense is created by the glass container. It's a great way to express your design. It's perfect for collecting stones or other things. Do not hold the water. There is an event and gift display. It is possible to display it on the table, desk, offices, windowsills or room space. Birthday gift, wedding gift, special event, Christmas gift.

Brand: Feyarl

👤I expected it to be a little bigger.

👤The paint was damaged when it was fresh from the box. It looked like it had been patched up. It is not worth $18. Will definitely return.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase.

7. Feyarl Mirrored Organizer Decorative Rectangle

Feyarl Mirrored Organizer Decorative Rectangle

It's easy to clean with a wet cloth, but do not use hard objects to wash it. The Crystal Decorative Tray Measures are 12 x 8x 2.16 Inches, 30 x 20 x 5.5 cm, and have a Net Weight of 1.43lb/ 651g. There is a mirrored surface with a Sturdy Base. Two layers Shinning Crystal, Beautifully Vanity Tray for makeup, Perfume, Skin Care, Cotton Pads, and Cosmetics are included in the Exquisite Modern display. The durable bling ornate tray is great for organizing jewelry, rings, necklace, bracelets, and watches. The perfect Sparkle Tray is perfect for Keys, Letters, Magazines, Towels, and Coffee Drinks. The Multi-Function Tray is suitable for Bedroom, bathroom, table, and decorating furniture. The elegant tray is a perfect gift. Birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year are all occasions where a gorgeous gift idea can be found.

Brand: Feyarl

👤It's so beautiful. It makes my room pop. Definitely recommend!

👤The tray looks great with my perfumes in it.

👤I'm obsessed. It's beautiful. It's worth the money. It came in less than a week and was very happy with it.

8. Zosenley Organizer Decorative Cosmetic Marbling

Zosenley Organizer Decorative Cosmetic Marbling

The dimensions are 2.5 H x 20 W x 14 D and may vary from the actual wood. This chic classy round tray can easily outshine others, thanks to the shiny gold wire frame with balls. The base with the glass tray is black and makes your items look better. This makeup tray is versatile and can be used as a jewelry tray, perfume tray, bathroom tray, and even a desk tray. The desk tray is supported by a sturdy plated metal frame and has a glass tray on the bottom. The metal standing balls can be used to reduce desk scratches. The round shape in D makes it easier to blend into small or bigger tables, large enough to display makeups, jewelries, perfumes, toiletries, candles and decors, and it doesn't take too much room. Useful for all occasions, a gorgeous Vanity Organizers for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as a nice desk centerpiece for ottoman, nightstand, coffee table, dining table and parties like Christmas, birthday, wedding, baby shower.

Brand: Zosenley

👤I bought two things. There is a marble tray and a make up organizer. There is a The glasses are made of marble. They are strong enough to handle a lot of perfumes. Happy shopping!

👤It is a must buy. You won't be disappointed.

👤I bought this for my 13 year old. She loves it, now she wants more. Quality came in good condition. I need to get one now.

👤I like it. I thought it would be small for my counter space. I still love it! I found a matching cup for it. It is so elegant. Good purchase. It is beautifully made.

👤Qud bueno that me hasta encontrar uno, realmente senti that me iba agustar, no es caro para la calidad del producto. I love it, recomendara y volvera.

👤I upgraded my top. It's lovely and pretty.

👤I wanted something that looked elegant and also big enough for my beauty essentials. The purchase looks pretty in my main bathroom.

👤I wanted a feminine thing but still manly for my husband to use and this is perfect. There is a The black and gold theme is tied together by this on our bathroom counter.

👤I have been looking for a tray that was different. It took quite a while for it to arrive. Didn't know it was from Australia. I unpack it when it arrives. I cut myself on a metal bit. There were some sharp bits. I couldn't believe that they had put it there. A piece of reinforcement is in a tray. It was unbalanced and bumpy. It was very shoddy and not worth much. I have to return it to Australia and I have found out the shipping costs are around twenty dollars. More than this is worth. I would have given this no stars. It's not worth anything. There is a There is an update on this tray. A full refund is the best way to resolve the issue. It would have cost them a lot. I don't have to return it. They have been generous. I would like to thank them for how they have dealt with this.

👤It is a bit bigger than I thought, but I can put all the perfume collections in it. I love that it can hold a lot of things. The delivery is fast and I like how they made the packaging, they really made sure the item wouldn't arrive broken with all the styrofoam wrapped around it. It would be a good recommendation.

👤Es ms amigos, esperaba y de las calidad.

9. Funerom Distressed Galvanized Decorative Rectangle

Funerom Distressed Galvanized Decorative Rectangle

There is an event and gift display. It is possible to display it on the table, desk, offices, windowsills or room space. Birthday gift, wedding gift, special event, Christmas gift. The bottom length of this serving tray is 10 inches. A rustic serving tray has a lightly distressed galvanized metal base and rust color trim that makes it easy to use. You can serve your drink or coffee on this tray, but you can't put food directly on it. A vintage style metal decorative tray set is made to accentuate your country home decor. The decoration in the main picture isn't in the product sale.

Brand: Funerom

👤I needed a small tray to hold drinks and snacks on the footstool. This is perfect for this purpose.

👤The tray is cute and goes with my decor. Small but strong.

👤The product was exactly what I was looking for.

👤I love the tray. I use it for Roliing. Its perfect.

👤It's ok. It is too small to send back.

10. MILI Decorative Trays Geometric Nightstand

MILI Decorative Trays Geometric Nightstand

The item shape is rectangular. Function meets style. Keep your essentials within reach with these gold trays. There is a large tray, a small jewelry tray, and a bonus accessory tray in the large elegant gold Vanity Organizers. The large geometric tray is more spacious than the competitors and the trays can be nested for convenient space-saving storage. Home accessibility is a must-have. The geometric design of these trays makes them eye-catching. They can be used as nightstand trays, tray organizers for the bedroom, accent tray decor and home decor, and bathroom trays to store bath essentials. You can serve drinks and snacks from the coffee table trays. There is a protective material preventing wear and ear. The gold Vanity Organizers are made from the highest quality materials. The flanette surface is designed to prevent scratches and noise when placing items. The bottom of the bathtub trays is finished with a non-slipEVA base to protect your tables and furniture from scratches and prevent the trays from sliding! A gift for him or her. The desk tray set is available in black and gold. The gold tray set has a metal frame that is fade resistant. The minimalist decorative trays are a great gift for friends, family and colleagues on special occasions. Each set will arrive in a stylish package, ready for gift giving. Only the best for you. Their customers are the most important to them. There is a If you aren't completely satisfied with their bathroom trays for counter, you can always contact their customer support team and get a 100% cash back. No questions! There were no small letters. Why wait? Pick them now!

Brand: Mili Home

👤I love this design. They are well made and hold a lot of items. The bottoms are felted on the inside and there are pads on the outside to keep the trays from scratching furniture. They have a good amount of weight. Don't hesitate to purchase these!

👤I can't comment on the value of money. They are very nice and looked great on my makeup. I put the other on the drawer to hold things. Can hold a lot of things.

👤This set is very nice. I am very happy with my purchase. It was in the gold color. I might get a second set. You only get one Vanity tray for this price, so it's definitely worth the price.

👤Cute. I brought this set because I was tired of having to clean up my mess every time I went to use the bathroom. These are the perfect trays for him and her. Hers is larger than her. The coin try is a bonus that I put on my ring and earrings.

👤Pros Heavy is versatile to use in every room. No time to assemble the lining. No losses.

👤There are two trays, one large and the smaller one. I had to put my perfume in a tray instead of in my top drawer. All three are beautiful. The little round tray is perfect for small items and the velvet lining in the trays is great. Hopefully you all get one.

👤I absolutely adore them! The value for 3 trays is great. I needed a pop for my bathroom.

11. Perfume Gold Mirror Tray Decorative Vanity

Perfume Gold Mirror Tray Decorative Vanity

Crystal trays are suitable for many things, such as decorating a Dresser, display jewelry, serving in the party, and office coffee table. The frame that shows off your favorite jewelry pieces is made of gold. The tray has a modernistic 3D reflection and displays your items from all angles. TheTILE DECOR: The gold mirror tray has a non-slip base and is suitable for any room. This is a perfect choice if you want to organize your bathroom, office, bedroom, or living room. GOLD MIRROR TRAY: The mirrored glass in this tray is hexagonal. You can showcase your decor accents. You can use this gold tray to make a stylish display in your home. The mirror tray is a perfect gift for a mother's day, birthdays, weddings, or new homeowners. A touch that is useful and elegant. Large capital: The gold tray has a diameter of 9.8 inches and a height of 2.36 inches. A jewelry tray helps you organize and find your jewelry easily.

Brand: Craft & Kin

👤This is a perfect tray. I was looking for a gold tray to put on my ottoman. The design of this tray is beautiful. It's pretty but different. It was a good value even though it was a little smaller than expected. It was delivered on time.

👤It is smaller than the picture. It was broken.

👤The little thing is beautiful. I just bought a new bathroom. I'm buying gold mirror trays and they were perfect. When you look at it, I thought it was going to be smaller. It's got a decent amount of space to put things in, while not taking up a lot of space on the Vanity itself.

👤The glass was broken and it was on one of the edges. I didn't bother to send it back because it was not obvious and still usable, but I think it happened before it was packaged and sent. That's kind of sad. It's pretty and arrived quickly.

👤It was nice for the price. I wouldn't gift the weight because it is a bit light. I had to add pads to the bottom so that it wouldn't scratch the furniture.

👤This was scratched up. I went to get my free gift and it said "we're all out of gifts here's a bogo coupon", which was a nice little scam.

👤This was ok but it was small. There were a few of my perfumes in it. This will work if you want to soneth small.

👤I paid for this item, but it was worth more. It displays the items well. An excellent purchase!


What is the best product for decorative trays for home decor gold?

Decorative trays for home decor gold products from Lolalet. In this article about decorative trays for home decor gold you can see why people choose the product. Missionmatch and Blue Ginkgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trays for home decor gold.

What are the best brands for decorative trays for home decor gold?

Lolalet, Missionmatch and Blue Ginkgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trays for home decor gold. Find the detail in this article. Kate And Laurel, Elocraft and Feyarl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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