Best Decorative Trays for Home Decor Gray

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1. Unistyle Serving Handles Decorative Breakfast

Unistyle Serving Handles Decorative Breakfast

Buy a Stone briar Farmhouse butler tray for yourself or give it as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or housewarming party. The round serving tray is made of Eco-friendly material and decorated with strong carry handles at each end. The coffee table is teal. This season's elegant look is achieved by storing your decor items on the classic tray. It's woven design adds a breeze to your décor. The woven tray basket is classic in design and perfect for everyday storage and display. It can be used to hold items for the living room, kitchen or bathroom. Cleaning the teeth for drinking drinks. The circle ottoman tray is easy to clean, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. It could be used for a long time. If you have a question about their item, please contact them by email, they will reply you in 24 hours.

Brand: Unistyle

👤I was worried that the tray wouldn't fit in the job and I had a hard time knowing how much it would fit. There is a stack of mail, an assortment of smaller items, and three large candles in the tray. It's a great ashy gray that goes well with my black table and dark blue table runner.

👤The picture is much larger than the cute but very small one.

👤I was expecting a lot but it was smaller than I expected.

👤Returned too small for my purpose.

👤No firme.

2. Modern 5th Vintage Decorative Designed

Modern 5th Vintage Decorative Designed

It can be a gift for a wedding, a baby shower, a house warming, or even Christmas Day. Vintage aqua blue color trays are an elegant accent in your home. Multifunctional trays are perfect for farmhouse decor, coastal living room decor, Vintage kitchen, dining, coffee, tea, food serving, breakfast in bed, ottomans, or drinks. They are perfect for serving drinks and decorating your coffee table or vintage dining table. The tray is designed in a vintage style and does not need to be assembled, and they have added mats to prevent scratches on furniture. Customer is always their top priority. If you're not satisfied, contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Modern 5th

👤These are beautiful and have nice details. They didn't have a finishing coat on them so they absorb rather than repel liquids. I would have given 5 stars if I had finished my set. I had to do that myself because one of the small trays in my set was not distressed like the other ones.

👤When I first used them, I was excited but I used them for drinks and as soon as I sat it down, it left a stain. I was hoping for the best. I did not like that. The spot has dried and it doesn't go away, it has been that way for weeks already. What a shame.

👤The color run was made by condensation from a cold drink.

👤Well packed, arriving quickly. I was surprised by how light they are. They are pretty. I am concerned that the finish won't hold up to wet spills because I am using them to corral items in my coffee and tea area. I might need to put a spray clear coat on them, or just use the resulting watermarks as part of a useful and busy life.

👤You are paying more than fifty dollars for one tray if you consider that only one of these items can be used as a breakfast tray. The other two trays are toy-sized. I need to use a tape in my hand to look at all the measurements. I will keep it, but my helpers who are assisting me through the end stages of cancer need a tray to eat from when they bring me a meal. I suppose I will give them to someone.

👤In my mid century modern neutral living room with pale walls, light gray upholstery, and charcoal drapes, I use a large tray and one small tray. I added an Egyptian print rug with subtle aquas and corals because I wanted to make the style more minimalist. I bought this set of trays because they had a bohemian look to them with the distressed finish and interesting metal hardware, and I thought the color would give the room a pop and pull out the colors in the rug. The quality of these was great, and I love theVersatility of the two smaller ones. We use one to hold coffee, reading glasses, and a book. The ottoman in front of the sofa has a large tray on top that holds all of our electronics. The other small one is in my bedroom and is useful. The trays are sturdy and well-made. They are easy to pick up with the handles. These trays are an excellent value for the money, and they are just the pop of color that my rooms needed.

👤The trays are lightweight and distressed, but the handles are heavy. One handle was broken on a small tray, handles on large tray aren't attached well, one is bent and the curve of the handles doesn't match, which looks awkward. A small nail is popping through a brad on the side and is sharp enough to cut fingers. I don't want to return them so I'll be contacting the seller to see what can be done. It's really sad.

3. Stratton Home Décor Decor Metal

Stratton Home D%C3%A9cor Decor Metal

The small plant decor diameter is 5 and the height is 5. Briful has a lot of artificial flowers, faux Succulents, Bush, Topiaries, Wooden planter, gift boxes, and many more. Their store is here. 40% metal and 40% wood. It's 12 W x 12 D x 3. 25" H Use a soft cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Stratton Home Décor

👤I love it! I hold a good amount of stuff because of the purpose I bought it for. The oil container made a ring on the wood. I added a little more oil to the wood and used a paper towel to wipe it off. It conditioned the wood and made it look even better.

👤No estoy arrepentida e sra, pero poner mis botellas de aseite y vinagre. Y su peso is ideal because it is pesada la madera de abajo. Ahora, me sorprendi porque crei, por lo, en la foto cabe.

👤When you sit it flat, it was a little wobbly, but once I put my stuff on it, there was no problem. I put a paper doolie in the bottom and added all my stuff, everything fit perfectly and looks great.

👤I was happy to see this. It looks nice. It wasn't well put together. The legs were jacked up so it didn't sit flat.

👤I purchased this tray for its resemblance to a fruit bowl. It is not a fruit bowl. The stain can easily absorb dust and food products. I tried to clean with soap and water, but the stains didn't come out. The reason for giving 1 star is that there is some black paint missing where you can see the silver metal underneath.

👤I saved it for a while because the product was out of order and now it's back and I got it at $32.99) but I wish I waited a little longer because it's now at $28.99. I think that's correct. I like the look of it on the kitchen island. The rest of the kitchen has it. My kitchen island is made of black marble, so the metal dot/legs part underneath the tray scratched it right away. I have to put black dot pads on each leg to protect them. Overall, I love it.

👤I bought a gift for my daughter. She needed to put a tray in the middle of her table. The perfect size holds all the condiments on the table. The sides are high enough to keep everything in place. The tray is more expensive than I paid for.

👤Do not buy this item. The tray is made of a different type of wood than solid wood, and it came with two big scratches. Not worth the money at all.

4. MyGift Vintage Rectangular Serving Handles

MyGift Vintage Rectangular Serving Handles

There are four vintage sunburned coasters in this package. Their gifts of cotton coasters are made from 100% cotton. The coasters are around 4” in diameter and a quarter-inch thick. The coasters are absorbent and heat-insulated. You can wash and dry them with your kitchen towels. The bed tray will stay brighter. Wine bottles and glasses are not included in the Vintage gray wood rectangular tray. The metal handles on the sides allow the trays to be easily transported. Can be used to display flowers and decorative items on your coffee table or ottoman. Foot pads on the bottom help keep the tray in place. The overall dimensions are 16.25 W x 5.0 D x 2.75 H and the interior is 15.25 W x 4.0 D x 1.75 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤The wife and I have been looking for a tray that would fit our bathroom. We decided to order this one after searching for so long. It looks great in our bathroom. The handles have a nice touch.

👤Excellent color with quality handles. The photos are nice.

👤It is longer than the width. It works for what I need.

👤It looks really good in my living room, it was easy to assemble and it was on time. I'm very pleased with my purchase and the color was the same as the picture showed.

👤This was perfect for my project. The handles are pretty.

👤The tray is perfect for my coffee table. Big enough, sturdy enough to hold items and lightweight, easy to empty and clean. Distressed color and detail accents are of the highest quality.

👤The product is small for the price.

5. MyGift Country Rustic Serving Handles

MyGift Country Rustic Serving Handles

They are a great gift idea for family and friends. This tray is great for serving drinks, displaying perfumes, and for parties. The rectangular tray is ideal for serveware. A wooden construct and dark grey finish give this modern tray an antique look. Two cutout handles allow for easy transportation, while raised edges help the tray's contents stay put. It could be used to hold magazines on an ottoman, store jewelry or cosmetics on a Vanity, and display hand towels in the bathroom. The dimensions are 2.0 H x 16.5 W x 11.8 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤The piece of plastic Chinese was almost useless to use in front of the company. It's a joke that Amazon is selling Chinese junk. There is a There is a lot of junk.

👤An ottoman does a poor job of being a coffee table, so I bought this tray to sit atop. The tray is beautiful. It is large enough to hold a set of coasters, a remote, a lighter and still have room for everything else. It's definitely a lot lighter than I thought, but that isn't an issue. I don't know how much it can hold, but I wouldn't put a turkey on it.

👤The tray is cute. I was able to fit a lot of items inside. The wood stain is not dull.

👤The living room coffee table is cute. If you are going for a cute, rustic chic look, you must buy this.

👤It's cute and sturdy. Comes with felt tabs.

👤My wife will get this for Christmas. She loves antique, vintage, farmhouse, chippy paint stuff so this was right up her alley. The tray was sturdy and well built. She likes the style of the paint and it looks good. I don't know what else to say about it. It was a successful gift because she likes it.

👤The product was described exactly. I have a bench in my front window and I wanted to put a plant in it. There is a This works well. It's not too big and distressed. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The little table is happy on the center living room table. You can find this type of cheapies at places like Pottery Barn or Hobby Lobby for more money. There is a The build is light and thin. The item was light and thin. It was a nice center piece for decor.

👤The tv remotes are on my table next to my bed.

6. Hipiwe Industrial Style Metal Iron

Hipiwe Industrial Style Metal Iron

What makes a place a home? Foreside believes that the home is more about the spaces they live in than it is about the objects they surround ourselves with. It's in this place that Foreside has items that make a home that much more inspiring, that much more enriching, and that makes any place you find yourself in the world, truly home. The rustic serving tray has a lightly distressed galvanized metal base with rust color trim and sturdy metal handles that are easy to carry. The diameter is 11.81" and the height is 1.77". A primitive country farmhouse decor accent can be added to your place with a metal decorative tray. This metal tray is perfect for serving food, drinks, coffee, tea, water, wine, cake, dessert, snacks, dry fruit, etc. This metal tray can be used to hold remote control, phone, keys and other items. Keep your place neat and tidy by using these baskets, it's easy to find, and it's a perfect serving tray. You can gift this serving tray as a stand alone item, or even fill it up with other small gift ideas to make an ideal baby shower bundle. It's a cute gift for women, friends or family.

Brand: Hipiwe

👤The quality is good, but the pictures in the listing showed a black tray. The one I received is not close to the pictures in other reviews. I will have to spray paint it black because it is the right size.

👤A small tray was used for 3 small herb plants. It's a little smaller than I had thought, but it's nice. Good value for money.

👤I put this next to my coffee maker with a sugar jar and candle. I like it!

👤Moderately priced and good value.

👤I bought it because it said it was black. It is gray. Don't say it's black when it isn't.

👤I liked it. It was smaller than he thought and had minature Succulent in it. Cute.

7. Besti Vintage Whitewashed Farmhouse Platters

Besti Vintage Whitewashed Farmhouse Platters

Care instructions. Don't let water remain inside the tray, wash with a damp cloth. These wooden serving trays are made from reclaimed wood, painted with a trendy weathered brown finish, sanded for a smooth surface, but left all the qualities that makes it rustic and beautiful. They can be used for serving food and beverages, or for storage of accessories. If you like farmhouse rustic décor, then you will love the weathered country rustic serving tray. It looks great on a dining room table. A simple accessory can tie a room together. Breakfast in bed never looked so stylish. The metal handles on the breakfast trays are strong and safe to use. You don't have to worry about an accident because you can carry and balance multiple items at once. Each order includes two butler trays, one large and one small. The small and large trays are both about 14 inches in diameter. The small tray is a breeze to put away when not in use. These serving boards are an excellent gift idea. The vintage bar trays are a great gift for a birthday or anniversary. A picnic is great to bring to a party.

Brand: Besti

👤These are what I was looking for and they are perfect for me. The image shows they have white, but mine are just a light wooden tone. I could paint this to any color I wanted, but I will not do that because they match my decor so well. Hope this helps.

👤These trays are very nice. They have a modern farmhouse look. They are very light. I won't use them for anything that has water in it, because they are not waterproof. These are more decorative than functional.

👤I thought the trays were small, but they are much larger than I thought. They look cheap at all. I love that I can use them as decoration and also have lunch on them. The bigger tray is on the table with table cloth, and the smaller tray is on the black coffee table.

👤I wish I had put a protective coating on the wood so it wouldn't stain easily.

👤The trays are light and cute. The paint does not seem to be sealed, or maybe they used a light wax seal. The wood and paint job are vulnerable to spills. I will seal my trays to prevent this. Great product.

👤It seems to be fairly sturdy and durable, not as light as in the picture, but more or less a brown wood tone. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it.

👤I spend a lot of time in my bed reading and wearing glasses. It always looked disorganized. These wooden trays are perfect for several items and now I'm organized. The handles look nice and the wood is very attractive. I'm glad to have these, but don't know why I didn't purchase them before. My bed is ready to go. Thank you for having them. Delivery was quick. They can be used in other rooms of the house, but my bedroom was the focus.

👤These trays are made of wood and have solid sides and bottom. The trays are perfect for storing all the things we use in the bathroom.

👤The trays are perfect for the automan. They fit nicely together to hold our TV remotes, and can be separated to maximize drink-resting space for guests. The colour is great, the construction is nice and the look is classy.

👤The serving trays are the same as pictured. I wanted them for the beverage cart. They are the perfect color for my apartment. These are highly recommended.

👤Simple, Deco sur comptoir. Vérifier, grand selon, le besoins.

8. Serving Vintage Rectangular Nesting Handles

Serving Vintage Rectangular Nesting Handles

This eye-catching coffee tray brings a bit of visual appeal and bold style to your tabletops, while its 15.75” x 10.2” x 1.57" design makes it perfect for store remote controls, keys, fashion magazines, sunglasses, and wallet. It's best to put it on the entryway console, nightstand, dining table, or office desk. The wooden rectangular tray has a metal handle. Small trays are nested in larger trays for easy storage. S: 13 9inches and L: 16 12inches. If you like the rustic look of the farmhouse, then you will like this rustic serving tray. It can be used as a dinner plate and a good decoration. A simple tray will match perfectly. Double handles are ideal for transporting food and beverages safely and reliably. It's easy to carry and balance multiple items at the same time, which makes it easier to move them in and out of the kitchen. Their food trays are made of the highest quality wood and are designed so they can serve you in the future. The vintage tray is a wonderful gift. It can be used as a dinner plate in many occasions, but you can also make a unique decorative gift.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤I am happy with both of the trays. They are large. You will not be upset if you use them for serving food, decoration, or pictures on social media. There is a They do stain easily. There is a chance of condensation if you put a cup on top of the tray. You will not be happy if you stain the tray. There is a If you plan on using it with items that could permanently stain it, use it on the tray. A sheet of clear sticky acrylic could help a lot. If you want to protect it, make sure you do it carefully. I sprayed too close to the tray and ruined it. I definitely learned from it. There is a The handles are very sturdy and the tree is stable. I think this is a great value for both of these trees and they look good as well.

👤The entire length of the larger tray was cracked after I sat in my closet for a month. I had already painted the smaller of the two. Will water spot if wood becomes very dark.

👤The trays are perfect for my decor.

👤I was not happy. There was too much wood on the trays and there wasn't a lot of white wash on them. I thought they would be larger. Wouldn't recommend.

👤I sent them back. The handles were very light. I would rather spend more on a better tray.

👤I wasn't sure if I would like them, but they are gorgeous. Sturdy, well made, and they look great where I put them. They arrived four days early.

👤The trays are small and warped.

9. Deluxe Tray Coffee Table Beautiful

Deluxe Tray Coffee Table Beautiful

The dimensions are 2.0 H x 16.5 W x 11.8 D. This contemporary tray has two cool colors, gray and sage. One of the most popular shades of gray is sagebrush gray. It is calm, serene and versatile. This timeless hue works well in a variety of spaces. One of the most loved home décor items by interior designers is decorative trays. There are many ways to decorate your home with trays. The tray has polished silver metal handles and silver lines on the bottom. There is something simple and tidy about the tray that makes it appealing to the eye. This large gray tray can be used to convert your ottoman to a functional table. The gray serving tray makes it convenient to serve food. Why scatter your daily essentials all over the place when you can just look for them? This tray is a great place to keep your bills and mail. No assembly is required for the invention gift. It is easy to clean. This is an ideal gift for family, friends and loved ones, as it is one of the most versatile and functional decor items for multiple uses.

Brand: A1 Homnet

👤The tray is gorgeous. I bought a tray as a decorative accessory for a glass coffee table with silver legs and it matches perfectly. It is simple and elegant. Totally exceeded my expectations.

👤I use it as a decorative tray.

👤I paid a lot for it and it came damaged. It had to have happened before boxing it because the shipping box was fine. I don't think buying one of these is a good idea. I would return it, but I would have to pay for ups to get it back, which is less than what I paid for it.

👤I would give 0 stars if I could. I wasted my money because they sent it with deep scratches all on one side, and I was planning on using it for decor in my bathroom.

👤This cute tray has handles and an outline. The description says that the color is Navy. Not by any stretch. One of the other reviews mentioned that I was looking for a tray that was soft and blue.

👤Sturdy and beautiful. It works great for tea time and I love it for my living decor.

👤I didn't expect the silver part to be just paint. I am concerned about the fact that we use this for drinks and food on our ottoman and it is already showing signs of wear from me just wiping it with a damp sponge. The silver will rub off completely.

👤Montado en una fuerte caja. El color is hermoso. There is an exponer otros artculos de decoracin de manera.

10. Creative Co Op Distressed Handle 2 Tier

Creative Co Op Distressed Handle 2 Tier

The large tray is 15" wide with a 6 inch gap between the pole and side allowing larger items to be placed on the bottom. The small tray is 10 feet wide and 75 feet long. Place items on the 2-tier tray to save space on the counter. The handle allows easy transportation from counter to table or room to room. The measurement is 15L x 15W x 18. 5"H.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤I would leave zero stars if I could. I ordered this tray because it was the perfect size to fit under my cabinets. When I opened the package, there were only 2 trays. There were no instructions or metal handles. There are just 2 trays. If the main piece is missing, you don't need instructions. I ordered another one after I returned it. Guess what? Same thing. Only 2 trays! I contacted Amazon and their customer service was great. This has happened before after reading some other reviews. A person just got a piece of furniture. A supervisor will look through the boxes to make sure this doesn't happen again. I agree that the trays have an odor. It wasn't terrible. The third time is the charm. I received an email from Amazon customer service stating that they wouldn't be going through the boxes as she thought they would. I had a choice. The way this one was put together made me very happy. I was able to assemble it after I bought it a third time. It works well for what I wanted. I think I would give the third tray more stars since all the parts were in the box.

👤The rustic look is gone wrong. So disappointed! The paint chips fell out when I opened the box. The paint on this product was so bad that it was ridiculous.

👤It looks better in person. I love my new tiered tray.

👤Not the color pictured. I had read reviews and was expecting that. The darker color is what I got. Have had many friends ask where I got this.

👤I love this piece. I like the rustic wood and color. It is the right size. Not big or small. A little pricey. I would buy it again because I am happy with the product. It works the way I wanted it to. It looks great in my kitchen.

👤I decided to get a tray of my own after seeing photos of people's tiered tray decor. The pieces of paint fell out of the box when I opened it. The paint was chipping off everywhere when I took the tray out. I get that this is supposed to be arustic look, but this is a little extreme because by the time I set it up, there was hardly any paint left on the trays. I have some white chalk paint that I can use to distress it. It is a beautiful tray, other than the paint issue.

👤I've been looking for a tiered tray like this for a few weeks but I found this one and was very happy with the price. The color was perfect when it arrived. The second picture is more similar to the first one. The directions were easy to follow and everything fit except one small foot. We had to shorten it to get it in. Love it, other then that. Exactly what I was looking for. The photo is not very bright.

👤I like it and it's great for the purpose, but... It had a screw that was not long enough to go through all the pieces. I decided to cut off a piece of the wooden pole to make it fit together. I thought it would be quicker than waiting for a replacement. It works well now.

11. Stonebriar Galvanized Decorative Centerpiece Accessories

Stonebriar Galvanized Decorative Centerpiece Accessories

The serving tray is the perfect size to serve food and drink for parties or for breakfast in bed. A rustic serving tray has a lightly distressed galvanized metal base and rust color trim that makes it easy to carry. Add your favorite pillar candles to create a unique candle holder tray or add orbs to make an interesting centerpiece for your coffee table. You can buy a galvanized metal serving tray for yourself or give it as a gift. Stonebriar Collection features artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes and bold colors that will add interest to any room.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I'm not sure if the person measuring this tray knows how to read a ruler. 18” is the measure of the tray alone. The total measurement from handle edge to handle edge is 20. The width is correct. The 18” measurement of the tray was too small for my original need but will be used elsewhere. I would have returned it if it was cheaper.

👤I was excited for this tray, but it arrived late. I was very disappointed. I liked the look of it from the picture. I like things that have a fake rust look. I don't want real rust on my decor. It wasn't as pictured. The brown trim was missing except for one small end on the tray. It had dried up dirt or water marks. I took a wet napkin to clean them and discovered that they were rust stains. Not only that. It had a strong chemical smell. How can I keep this on my kitchen table as a centerpiece tray with rust and a terrible smell? If I am mistaken, galvanized means that another metal was added to prevent it from rusting. If that is the case, this shoud isn't advertised as galvanized. I love rustic and farmhouse decor. I don't want my kids to put their hands in the rust on my kitchen table. Not safe! This is not safe for people that have used it for food. I would be embarrassed to give this to someone, as it is advertised as a perfect gift.

👤Very nice. There is an Oval shaped object. dents in it prevent it from sitting flat. It's not a big deal with the decorations inside. It fits in nicely with my farmhouse decorations and is what I was aiming for.

👤This serving tray is amazing. It is perfect for a centerpiece. It is not too heavy. I couldn't find a similar tray at this price. Everything I found was not as good looking. Don't let this one go to waste!

👤It looks great from afar, but up close it looks cheap and flimsy. It will be ok if you use it outside in the patio. Not as strong as I wanted.

👤I've done a lot of research before buying and I'm pretty upset about this. I was looking for a wood grain or colored stripe around it, and the photos seem to show that. My does not. It looks like it may have at one point. It looks like watermarks...

👤I was happy to find a medium used and I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect size for our video game controllers. The coloring is great. The price makes it better.

👤It took a little while to arrive but I was happy with it.

👤It looks great for our country style home.

👤I give a few stars. The tray is the same as pictured. The farmhouse look is beautiful. Love it.


What is the best product for decorative trays for home decor gray?

Decorative trays for home decor gray products from Unistyle. In this article about decorative trays for home decor gray you can see why people choose the product. Modern 5th and are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trays for home decor gray.

What are the best brands for decorative trays for home decor gray?

Unistyle, Modern 5th and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trays for home decor gray. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Mygift and Hipiwe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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