Best Decorative Trays for Home Decor Marble

Decor 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. PuTwo Decorative Marbling Handmade Christmas

PuTwo Decorative Marbling Handmade Christmas

Handmade Marble TRAY: The tray is made from metal and is more durable than a traditional marble tray. The ingenuity of PuTwo is shown by combining the aesthetic and practicality. The metal handle of this tray is hollow, and the marble pattern on the tray is random gray and white marble, not all the trays are the same marble patterns. There is a non-sLIP muffin tray. The decorative tray can be used as a jewelry tray, perfume tray, makeup tray, trinket tray, key tray or even coffee tray. The bottom of the tray has a non-slip pad to prevent it from sliding or falling, and it also protects your furniture and counter from being scratched. The tray is easy to maintain. It won't fade or change shape. A damp cloth or paper towel can be used to wipe the makeup tray. The bathroom tray is easy to clean. There areDIMENSION andAPPLICATIONS. The tray is about the same size as the rest of the marble tray and weighs 1.2 kilograms. The jewelry tray can be placed in the bathroom washstand, living room, coffee table, bedroom dressing table, etc., which reflects the taste of your life. It's an ideal gift. The trinket tray is ideal to be used as a tray for organizing, and it is also a perfect vintage ornament. This tray is a perfect birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, etc.

Brand: Putwo

👤The tray is larger than I anticipated. I wanted to use it as a Vanity tray but it was too large so I put it on my coffee table. It had missing pieces. It is wobbly because it is missing one of the screws that are used as the legs of the tray. It looks nice. I kept it.

👤The tray is made out of wood and has a material on top that looks like marble. The material they use to make the wood look like marble is really good, it does not look like a sticker or cheap, and it is really smooth. I received a small part of the tray that was chipping.

👤It is a great size and cute, but it is cheap. I wish I paid more attention to the reviews. There is a It could be worth $10, $15, or more. It is cheap and flimsy, and could be broken in half with one hand. I have to give it 3 stars because it is so cute. I use it as a tray on my coffee table and it looks great. It might be a nice piece if no one touches it.

👤It holds my smells well.

👤I was expecting a better item for the money. It was returned after it came damaged with a red streak. I can find better things at homegoods.

👤I wish the tray was real marble, I like my product. That is the reason I purchased it in the first place. I think it would be heavy. It is not. I would add a tray to my bed when I am doing work on my computer, it is nice. I put my drinks on the tray.

👤I received a tray from my mother for Christmas. I really like it. There was one small scratch on the gold bar, but it was in excellent condition. The gold bar was covered in plastic to protect it and it was difficult to remove until I realized I could remove the marble tray from the gold bar. I'm very excited to host parties on this when it's safe again. It's a good thing.

👤The look is fine from a distance. It was dropped as the box it came in was not big enough. The corner is damaged. I know it is not marble. It is not well made. The whole thing wobbles because the inner handles are not straight. I bought it to prevent the table from being damaged while I can put candles and Knick knacks there as decoration but it's not stable so will end up damaging the table anyway. I will keep it with a bit of paper because I liked the look of it and I don't want to return it. Very disappointed.

👤It looks nice from afar, but the edges are worn out and plastic is coming off. Does not look like cheap china goods, temporary items, and no longevity... if you try making yourself! Amazon sells plastic and mdf.

2. Ceramic Vanity Tray Jewelry Perfume Decorative Bathroom

Ceramic Vanity Tray Jewelry Perfume Decorative Bathroom

A necklace tray is an elegant ceramic jewelry tray that will help you put in order your jewelry. It's perfect for any room. Every space looks classy with this ceramic tray. It can be used as an entryway for keys, as an organizing tool in your office, as a centerpiece in your living room, or as a tray in your bathroom. Quality is guaranteed. The jewelry tray is made from premium ceramic and has a beautiful glazed finish. The felt feet and gold foil trim were used to protect your countertops. The perfect gift is this stylish organizer tray. A useful and practical gift for women. There is a ceramic Vanity tray with marble finish. Not included are accessories. Every purchase you make, they give back. The charity organization works to end trafficking and provide healing and support to children. Every purchase you make, they give back. The charity organization works to end trafficking and provide healing and support to children.

Brand: Benevolence La

👤It's notusable. The surface isn't even at all. I'm not talking about slanted one way or the other. It's like a kid tried to make the surface flat by hand. Imagine mini pitcher's mounds everywhere. It's not worth taking the time to return this because I have a very busy life. Helping others who value time. Check the picture. The seller can't say that your surface isn't flat or that your camera isn't leveled because I included a leveler laser.

👤It's a good quality and looks great with the perfume. Really like it!

👤Someone needs to learn to better his craft. The tray is nice, but it is a bit unbalanced. I refused to believe him because it looked like another customer had written.

👤This is pretty. It's so classic because I have to put some perfume on it. 100 percent recommend!

👤It is tiny, but it looks cute. When I saw it in person it felt smaller than the dimensions indicated. I will keep it because it is pretty.

👤I use it for makeup jars and keep the counter tidy.

👤I would have given five stars but there is a small flaw on one edge. I will use this tray for small items on my computer desk. I turned the side to face the wall. I will keep the tray.

👤I like the look of it and it is heavy. It is smaller than I thought.

👤Es una bandeja pequea.

👤Apoya totalmente plano en las superficies.

👤El AnunCIO tiene llegada TAL CAL. Se ve Muy Lora Cmo.

👤Adecuado para perfumes. It was a calidad.

3. Feyarl Cosmetic Organizer Mirrored Decorative

Feyarl Cosmetic Organizer Mirrored Decorative

Please remove the protective film from the mirror surface when using the tray. The Vanity Tray has a diameter of 10 x 10 inches and a height of 1.57 inch. The Handcraft Premium Crystal has multiple sections that distribute flame's effects more dazzling. Two layer beads on a mirrored tray. A durable Decorative Tray is an organizer for jewelry, Vanity, makeup, perfume bottles, flower vase or serving drinks. It's suitable for decorating, display jewelry, serving, wedding, and bathroom Vanity Tray Organzier.

Brand: Feyarl

👤It looks nice until you use it and clean the mirror. It's not a true mirror and it's very easy to scratch. It looks like a plastic mirror. The rest seems ok. I was not impressed with the purchase.

👤It turned out well. I use it to hold my stuff.

👤I was looking for something to hold my perfume and this adds an elegant touch to my bedroom. The gems are loose in some areas but I don't think it will be a problem to move it. There is a The reviews that mentioned it had a blue instead of a clear mirror didn't realize that it was a protective film that needs to be removed.

👤The mirror is blue and I was surprised by that. When you are shopping, it doesn't show that. I would prefer a clear mirror, but I didn't want to bother with the return. There is a I think it's the right size for my apartment, and it's pretty.

👤I love this style. The lamps were made from the same design. I have a rectangular tray and round jewelry boxes. I bought these items for myself. The tray came with glass that was damaged. It was replaced without cost and arrived in perfect condition. I recommend this product if you like this look. I am very happy with every item I mentioned. It's pretty.

👤I have to put one star on it. The product is nice, but the label sticker is in the upper part of the tray. Come on, how smart? U can't remove the sticker without scratching it. I shop online a lot. I think I should go back to traditional shopping.

👤I ordered a perfume tray for my ottoman. It gave me the dazzle I wanted. It is pretty to me. I gave the sturdiness a 3 out of 5 because the crystals seem very delicate. You should buy one.

👤You can't clean it. Even with a paper towel, it scratches very easily. I don't think purchasing this item is a good idea.

👤The tray was in very good condition when it arrived. The oblong tray was purchased and it is very nice. My dressing table is pretty and I use both trays to display my cosmetics and perfumes.

👤I ordered one item and loved it so much I bought the same design in a different shape. Fast delivery. No damages and in tact. The price is a little pricey. I have a good collection of Feyarl crystal beads trays. It's a perfect display for perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products.

👤When it arrived, I was very disappointed as it was gold instead of silver.

👤Absolutely stunning. If the box I took it out from was large, I was gobsmacked. It was more beautiful than the picture on Amazon showed.

👤Absolutely love this piece. It makes the 3 items look more organized.

4. Feyarl Organizer Geometric Decorative Countertop

Feyarl Organizer Geometric Decorative Countertop

The perfect gift is a tray with a marble design. It's also an ideal gift for a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding registration, and anniversary. Clear glass with golden edges is the material of this toxicity tray. The anti-scratch glass mirror has a Geometric-Shape. It is sturdy and durable to hold. There are specific gold glassware toxicity requirements. Net Weight: 0.68lb/309g; Diameter: 7inch/18 cm; Height: 1.37inch/ 3.5 cm. The perfect jewelry container. There is a Clear Glass Organizers for Jewelry, Trinket, Rings, Earrings, Perfume Bottles, Keys, Contact Lenses, Hair Band, Treasure. There is a display in the Home Dresser Room. Adding visual interest and artistic value to any space is great. The Beautiful Collection TRAY is a classic Geometric shape that compromises the modern design and Sense of Space. The Anti-Slip Bottom protects your desk from being scratched. The clear sense is created by the glass container. It's a great way to express your design. It's perfect for collecting stones or other things. Do not hold the water. There is an event and gift display. It is possible to display it on the table, desk, offices, windowsills or room space. Birthday gift, wedding gift, special event, Christmas gift.

Brand: Feyarl

👤I expected it to be a little bigger.

👤The paint was damaged when it was fresh from the box. It looked like it had been patched up. It is not worth $18. Will definitely return.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase.

5. Shinowa Decorative Leather Serving Handles

Shinowa Decorative Leather Serving Handles

The large serving tray is 39*25*6 cm / 15.35*9.84*2.36 inch. The tray is multi-use. The accent tray can be used in many places. The rectangular tray is made from high-quality leather and will be a great addition to your home interior. The tray has comfortable handles and high sides that will keep food and beverages from falling down. Premium Material The ottoman tray is made of high-quality leather. The synthetic material is easy to clean and durable for daily use. They are a great gift idea for family and friends. This tray is great for serving drinks, displaying perfumes, and for parties.

Brand: Shinowa

👤Great product! It is very stylish and modern.

👤It was smaller than I expected, but I love it!

👤This tray is very impressive. The quality is perfect for holding my things.

👤I wanted a cute tray for my coffee table.

👤This is made of pleather, not plastic or marble. A great tray.

👤It is small and made of leather.

6. Green Fox Stainless Cosmetics Organizer

Green Fox Stainless Cosmetics Organizer

The steel isdurable in use. Size: approximately 9 inches x 3.8 inches x 0.5 inches. Weight: approximately 5.7 ounces. Simple design with clean lines. The mirror polishing process is easy to clean. This tray organizer is perfect for arranging your items. It's used for a wide range of places.

Brand: Warmtree

👤They make my space look clean and organized. It is true to size and can be moved around to your preference.

👤The tray has developed rust spots despite being listed as "stainless steel." I returned my first tray after it rusted, and ordered a new one. There is a This metal tray is the perfect size for 1-2 bottles or skincare containers, so it's too bad. I put it on the bathroom counter. If you use it completely dry, it could work for you. There is a The tray is shipped in a thin plastic bag, loose in a large box, with no padding. I'm pretty sure it bangs around during transit because there were no visible damages when I received them.

👤A lot smaller than pictured. I wanted to use it to hold my tech gear on the coffee table. Only fits 2 controls.

👤Excellent quality and great color. It is just really small and works for what I need it for in the bathroom.

👤The tray is small. I assumed it would be large enough to display hand towels, but it is barely large enough for soaps. There are other items in a lower price range.

👤I opened the mail and was very happy. It is a very strong plate. I have many ideas for a dessert plate. I ordered 4. I will order more.

👤This little tray is great and can be used for a variety of things, keys, jewelry, change, make-up, it could even serve as a personal serving tray on the dinner table. I have a large version of this tray in silver, but I haven't seen this low profile edge in a long time. It's a good idea. It is a perfect size for a seed sifter tray. I can see this being used in a lot of different ways. I am sure I can find uses even if I own many.

👤No se oxida, me Encanto el Metal resistente.

7. Sooyee White Acrylic Tray Decorative

Sooyee White Acrylic Tray Decorative

The clear look of the tray makes it easy to use on any style and any color furniture and it will look perfect. Two handles for easy transport of glasses, plates, bowls, beverages, Appetizers, deserts, coffee, tea, juice, wine, spices and condiments to nail polish and lipstick and food for everyday or for parties. The sparrow roofing design is made of white and durable acrylic. All corners are sealed and you can carry your cups and liquids without worry. A wonderful tray is perfect for use in countertops, kitchens, bathroom, dresser, bar or other spaces. Birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift. If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Sooyee

👤The tray is very nice. It's sturdy, good quality and clear, which is almost invisible. I have a single-cup coffee maker in my office, but it needs to be protected from spills and water. I wanted a tray that wasn'tobtrusive, but it was difficult to find one that was the right size. It's barely noticeable that this tray holds the coffee maker with 4-5" on either side so that drips or slips are easily contained.

👤The tray is functional. To make sure heading information matches the fine print in the description and measurements, read the fine print.

👤It is easy to clean. I don't think this tray would work in an elegant setting. There is a The tray is cheap and will scratch your furniture.

👤I liked the tray very much. Well made and attractive.

👤The plastic is very thin. It looks cheap. I searched for "lacquered tray" and it came up in the results. It's cheap plastic. There are some small grooves in the center. Returning it.

👤Nice look. It is easy to clean. The corners are very sharp. Plastic is cheap. I went to grab it when it fell off. The plastic is cheap.

👤It's clear that it doesn't interfere with your decor.

8. Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

High quality. The tray is made from full heat-resisting ceramic and has a high gloss glazed finish. It can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. It looks very simple and elegant because of the irregular marble texture surface and golden lines on the edge. Save space. This tray is perfect for arranging your jewelry, candles, rings, earrings, hair ties, and other everyday essentials, and keeps your table clean and tidy. Its large capacity and thick and sturdy ceramic texture make it a good choice for holding items without taking up too much space or moving carelessly. It's perfect for any room, you can use it as a display tray for jewelry in the bedroom, a paper clip in the office, perfume, toothbrushes, and lotion in the bathroom, or as a tray for food in the kitchen. The perfect size is 8.66" x 4.72" x 0.98" (22 x 12 x 2.5 cm). It is suitable for most families. It's great for keeping your jewelry, keys, and bracelets safe. It's perfect to protect your items, countertops and surfaces. It will be a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for There is a note about this. Each tray is unique due to the handmade craftsmanship and may be different from the picture.

Brand: Luxspire

👤This is a small tray. It is not small. It is small. If that is what you are looking for, this is it! It can comfortably hold 8 small perfumes. I posted two photos, one filling it up 75% and the other 90%.

👤I bought the smaller size first because it was too small to hold all my perfumes, but I liked the look and quality of the larger one. The larger one is the perfect size for me. I used the smaller for a few things on my drawer. The trays look expensive. They add a nice touch.

👤I know it is a tray. I use it for my office desk and it is cute. It is perfect for pens, paper clips, binder clips, post-its and other items. It makes my desk look a little more fancy. They are so expensive in stores that it is definitely a great price. Highly recommended!

👤This is a very pretty design. It's not easy to clean if you use it as a decorative sink caddy. It's heavy and breakable when you remove the water pools, so you have to be careful.

👤I wanted the marble tray to hold upscale bathroom hand soap and lotion. It was the perfect choice. My bathroom faucets are gold/brass colored and it's difficult to find accessories in that color anymore, everything is chrome or pewter, the narrow gold border gives it an elegant look. The tray was small and didn't take up a lot of space on the counter, and it came with little self-adhesive cushions to put on the bottom. The product arrived in just two days.

👤My tray is all white. There is no marble look shown.

👤It was great to put items on in the bathroom.

👤I felt that the trays could break easily, I found that they wouldn't stand up to the test of time.

👤The photos are not accurate. It was very small. It doesn't look luxurious. I was a little disappointed.

👤I wanted something to organize my routine essentials so they were at hand while at the wash basin yet didn't look messy or unpleasing to the eye, this certainly fit the brief and is very pleased with the quality, it lays flat and doesn't rock, the lip is just right

👤Unfortunately it had chips and wasn't in the best condition.

👤It was perfect on my bathroom.

9. Novus Luxe Decorative Trays Multifunctional

Novus Luxe Decorative Trays Multifunctional

A home is an enclave. You can enjoy a five-star hotel feel inside your home with the NOVUS LUXE SET of 2 white daffodils and 2 marine creatures bunting. You can use the set as decorative trays for home decor, desk organizers, tv trays, jewelry organizers, ottoman trays, and bathroom organizers. The possibilities are endless. There is a churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard and churchyard The jewelry trays and coasters are a great way to start a conversation. They will be the focal point of your home décor, a multi-purpose necessity, and an ideal decorative companion for your ottoman or coffee table. The perfume tray set visually bridges from a farmhouse to a modern one. PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION. The coffee table trays and coaster set are made from the highest quality materials. The bed trays are made from sturdy MDF with a glossy white finish and polished gold metal handles and are a real designer style. Light weight and stress-free. Their lightweight and durable wooden trays with sturdy, secure and easy-to- hold handles allow you to carry and balance multiple items at once without fear of an accident. The small tray is a breeze to put away when not in use because it is inside the large tray. Simply clean with a damp cloth whenever you need it and no assembly is required.

Brand: Novus Luxe

👤The trays are pretty. They are not ivory but a grayish white which happens quite often. A pure white. The gold handles are pretty. I had an issue with one tray and the seller went above and beyond to take care of it. It is amazing in this day and age. I would buy from this seller again if I knew how valued my customer was. The set is worth a lot. Two trays and 2 marble coasters. The entire set is more expensive than the cost. I was very happy with the trays and coasters. Thank you.

👤I want to highlight the great customer service experience I had with Novus Luxe. The whole bottom and sides of the shipment were broken. They were so quick to give me a refund and a replacement item that I contacted them immediately. My replacement arrived a day earlier than I expected, and my account reflected the refund within the same day. I am so impressed! I can't wait to use the replacement trays. I will be purchasing from them in the future.

👤These trays are gorgeous. You get two and they are good size. The handles on the trays add class. I use them for storage. There is a computer desk under the monitor stand that hides my stapler, a flashlight, white out, and a covered jar of paper clips. There is a There is a larger one on my coffee table. I keep a lot of paraphenalia on the table for convenience since I spend a lot of time on my couch. There is a These trays would be great for displaying your china or crystal.

👤Just moved and set up. I absolutely love these trays. They have a good weight and are spacious. The handles are polished. It has two sizes. The larger one will be used for decor and the smaller one for remotes. The coasters are amazing. They are the sweetest addition, amazing! So happy. If you have issues, the sellers are very helpful.

👤I like the set of trays and coasters. The bigger tray will be used for breakfast in bed. Excellent quality material. You can't beat the price. I was very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommended.

👤The tray was broken on arrival. The base of the trays is cheap. The set is cute in appearance, but I don't think it would work as a food serving tray. It was very frustrating to have to return the product. Where is the quality control?

👤I was expecting something good and not this. It was very disappointing when the seller didn't have considerations for the product. They package them like that because the box is good.

👤These two trays are very special to me. It is the best I have ever had. I will tell my family and friends to buy my trays.

10. Tray,11 8 Inch(Diameter) Decorative Decoration Handmade Non Toxic

Tray%EF%BC%8C11 8 Inch%EF%BC%88Diameter%EF%BC%89 Decorative Decoration Handmade Non Toxic

This round rustic tray is perfect for coffee table tray, decorative tray, or even as a table organizers. A great gift for a wedding. The decorative serving tray is made of high quality material with no paint on the surface. Sturdy and durable, smooth surface,rounded edges and full gloss are what the DURABLE MATERIAL is made of. It is easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth. There is space sparing. The tray can help you organize and easily access your jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. Keeping your space disorganized can make it hard to manage your time and space. It's easy to serve breakfast, wine, coffee, beverages, snacks for guests or used as bed trays for eating, and it's perfect as countertop organizers for your kitchen. The perfect gift is a tray with a marble design. It's also an ideal gift for a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding registration, and anniversary.

Brand: Homiss

👤I'm very happy I bought this. I returned a few trays for my ottoman because they were all cheap and flimsy, but not this one. The tray is sturdy and gorgeous. It feels like stone to me. I assumed it was plastic because it says it's made of resin. It's actually a quality material. It's not big. I didn't want big. I wanted a tray to hold my food and drinks so I could put my feet up. I don't think putting my feet up will make the tray move so my drink is safe. I'm very happy. It's exactly what I've been looking for, and I spent almost $30 on a tray. I'm glad I did. Do not put hot cups on this tray. I left a permanent ring in the resin because I set a very hot cup of tea on it. It's on me but I know that this isn't meant for hot things.

👤I only had it for a few days, but it serves its purpose. I wish the marble look went around the outer band, but it's all white. The one I received may be the one that others have around the edge. It's the right size for my things and it's cute.

👤Something to corral condiments by the stove is what I wanted.

👤It looks like marble, I used it for my ottoman. Would recommend.

👤They were smaller than I thought. My fault is not theirs.

👤Was what I was looking for. It is light weight, easy to clean and has a shiny glossy finish that I like.

11. Round Marble Tray Felt Bumper

Round Marble Tray Felt Bumper

It's an ideal gift. The black marble tray is a perfect vintage ornament and is ideal to be used as a organizer tray. This marble and metal jewellery tray is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions. This round marble tray is a must have in your home. The home is located in the same area. Use this tray as a centerpiece in your home to store your personal items such as jewelry, watches, and clothing. It is made of quality marble and metal material that is thick and strong and includes felted tabs so it won't scratch surfaces. DIMENSIONS The serving tray is about 10 x 0.4 inches. What is included? There is one serving tray per pack.

Brand: Juvale

👤A beautiful tray! Great quality and heavy. It came with two different sets of screws to install the handles. I had to use the shorter ones because the set was too long. The tray came as I expected and even nicer, other than the extra set of screws. I would recommend this as a serving tray.

👤The tray is pretty. The handles are bronzey rose gold and it is very small. I had to return it because I thought the handles were going to be yellow gold. The marble pattern looks nice. It is a very dark grey tone. I already have other marble accents.

👤I like it! I bought two and both look great.

👤The item was in a clear plastic bag taped together, it was the most ridiculous shipping package I've ever seen. I am surprised that it did not break, but I don't know how to put it together.

👤I like it and it fits where I put it. I am sure it fits the dimensions described, but it is a couple inches smaller than I thought.

👤I had screws on hand that were the same size, so I didn't have to worry about the missing screws. The tray isn't as white as the picture shows, which isn't a big deal. I was expecting it to be more white.

👤It was pretty disappointing. The handles are dark and not as bright as the photos. There was a dirty spot on the bottom.

👤There are few green specks in the marble. It's fine because variation should occur. Quality control inspection is better than sending something with color variation. The styrofoam packing was a nightmare. It went off everywhere.

👤This is a good size to keep on the bathroom Vanity. The quality is excellent. The handles are the only thing I have. I would have preferred a rose gold finish, but it looks great. I would still recommend.

👤Aunque, fuera ms a 27 cm de dimetro.


What is the best product for decorative trays for home decor marble?

Decorative trays for home decor marble products from Putwo. In this article about decorative trays for home decor marble you can see why people choose the product. Benevolence La and Feyarl are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative trays for home decor marble.

What are the best brands for decorative trays for home decor marble?

Putwo, Benevolence La and Feyarl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative trays for home decor marble. Find the detail in this article. Shinowa, Warmtree and Sooyee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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