Best Decorative Umbrella for Drinks

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1. BLUE TOP Set 1000pcs Toothpicks Appetizers

BLUE TOP Set 1000pcs Toothpicks Appetizers

You will get a value pack. 1000 pieces of wood. Frill picks 4 inch long and 50pcs colorful umbrella drink. One purchase, come with cocktail picks and straws for food and drinks at a great value. The club frill picks are made from natural wood and are easy to pierce. The umbrella drink straws are made of non-toxic material and can be used at home or office. The cocktail pick has a cello-wrapped on the top in red, yellow, blue and green and the straw has a mini paper umbrella on the top in different colors. The colorful picks and straws make your food and drink attractive. Fun and creative. sandwich picks and umbrella drink straws make great decorations for food and drinks. Kids love friends and have a happy life. Cocktail picks and cocktail straws can be used to decorate drinks,drinks, fruit,appetizers,club sandwiches, and more. Even or New Year's events.

Brand: Blue Top

👤This is a good amount of toothpicks. These were packaged well. I was expecting the colors to be separated but I was not expecting that they would be packaged in the same way. There is a It might seem like a lot of toothpicks for a regular consumer, but they are very useful. I like to use them when I'm eating a bowl of grapes, the stabbing is fun, or eating cheese cubes to keep your fingers from getting cheese. When you make a great hamburger or sandwich, use 2 toothpicks to secure and then cut in half, your creation won't fall apart as quickly. Also for nice presentation when you make a wrap. There is a If you have a special occasion to make a platter of sandwiches, they will look more professional with the picks. A club sandwich, cut in quarters, or a small club roll is an example. You should keep them handy to take advantage of them. I took a shotglasses and put it on the counter so you don't forget about them.

👤These picks make a great meal because you can stick little bites of food on them. There is a Also, if you have kids to occupy before an event, have them fill a few platter with cheese, sausage, and fruits, and then sit them down at a table with these and cubes of cheese and sausage. Keeps them busy and you can serve a tray of hors d'oeuvre. There is a I use the plastic-frilled picks for cold foods, and the bamboo picks for foods that have to go in the oven. The wood doesn't burn if the rolled things are kept together. The long ones are good if you have a lot of small bites, and the little frilled picks are good for small cubes and fruit pieces. Would buy again.

👤The toothpicks are of good quality. They came loose in a box and all the toothpicks were mixed up. It took a long time to repackage them so I could use them. The box was made of cheap cardboard and shipped in a large envelope, which made the dividers useless.

👤The box was smashed because it was shipped in an envelope and the dividers were broken. The product is good quality and has long sturdy toothpicks. There is an equal number of each color.

👤These are used for Appetizer sticks with fruit. There are cheese and deli meat roll ups. There are many hands taking food items from a tray only to touch other things in the process. The tooth picks are long. I give my daughter some of the large quantity that you get.

👤I got tired of buying a handful at the market for almost $4.00 and decided to buy my own. These are better. They are very sturdy and long than cocktail toothpicks.

👤The wife wanted to serve up the delicious little morsals before the main meal started. Couldn't find them in the stores, so they called it "Amazon To The Rescue". She will now share them with others because she wanted them all. Fast delivery as well.

2. 100 Piece Disposable Drinking Straws Pineapple

100 Piece Disposable Drinking Straws Pineapple

Cocktail picks and cocktail straws can be used to decorate drinks,drinks, fruit,appetizers,club sandwiches, and more. Even or New Year's events. There is a set of crazy party trash. The crazy party straw set is available in vivid colors pink, green, and yellow and has many cool designs such as a palm tree, fish, flipflops, flower, and umbrella for use as a novelty straw or photo booth prop. It may be different designs. It's fun time. The novelty straw set is a great way to enjoy drinks and beverages at a party. TheDEAL PHOTO COMPANION: It's a great prop for a photo booth, a personal photo album, or a social media profile. The do it yourself drink accessORY is here. The designs are open or closed without needing glue or tools. Simply open the straw and clip the other side of the cardboard paper. DIMENSIONS The Straw Length is either 9 inches or 24 cm.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤I used these to make a drink for the summer party. These were a lot of work. The forms were not all done well, which made them hard to assemble. They were very flimsy. I spent too much time assembling a bunch and they were flat by the time I got to the party. Once they got wet, they slid down the straw. Everyone was left with the straw at the end of the event.

👤It took quite a while to assemble these for a birthday party, but if you don't need to do that before the party, they'd be even easier to use. Five were not made right and couldn't be used.

👤Not worth the money. All fell apart. I needed them for a project and got some use out of the decorations on them, but not as straws to drink from.

👤Very cheap. Most fell apart when they tried to open it. Not worth it.

👤Ok. You can impress your guests with fancy liquors. Been there. What do they remember? These are cute straws with umbrellas. Too funny. Purchase these things if you water down the booze. The best value out there.

👤Bonito es armar. Se desarman.

👤I bought some stuff. One package had to use glue dots to keep it open but was better quality. The smaller tissue ball and some of the other packages were not usable.

3. Windproof Travel Umbrella Rain Compact

Windproof Travel Umbrella Rain Compact

Installation and warranty: 2-inch installation pocket fits all standard garden flag stands. Mogarden provides a 1-year free warranty extension upon registration. All of their garden flags can be found if you type "Mogarden" in the search box. They built their travel umbrella with an automatic operation system, opening and closing with just the touch of a button, making it easy to use. The hassle of manual rain umbrellas is over, and it's easy to get into cars and buildings. Unlike cane umbrellas, their high quality umbrella comes with a wrist strap. Use the wrist strap on their foldable travel umbrella to provide extra security during heavy winds and rain, or simply to hang up when not in use. The Repel Easy Touch Umbrella is featured on TV and is known for their size and practicality. The heavy duty umbrella is impervious to all weather. The umbrella is all black. Mother Nature can't take away the strength of this unbreakable travel umbrella's 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs. Most umbrellas can't stand up to high winds, but theirs does, they are built to bend and leave you vulnerable. Their umbrella has a double canopy that allows winds to pass through without giving or breaking to keep you dry. Mother Nature can't match their umbrella's Teflon canopy, which is built with a Teflon coated double vent canopy that sheds water and resists the harsh punishment of the sun, keeping you dry and protected at all times. The Little Black Umbrella is a lightweight and portable umbrella. It works great as a pocket umbrella, small umbrella for purse, backpacking umbrella, umbrella for handbag, and car umbrella, and storing away easily so you can take wherever you go.

Brand: Repel Umbrella

👤Really nice umbrella. It is strong and durable. Takes a small place. Better than any umbrella I've tried. It does filp with heavy wind, but you can flip it back. If we want an umbrella to be light and fit in a handbag, we have to expect it to flip in the wind.

👤I returned because the umbrella had a hole in it. The seller immediately contacted me about the issue and sent me a replacement. Great customer service. As for the umbrella itself. I like it. The color is bright. I don't have the time to use it under heavy rain, but the frame is strong. It's easy to use. The button will close the canopy when pressed again. Before I push the umbrella until it clicks, I fix the canopy first. I wanted my camera to do justice to the color, so I included pictures for reference. Will definitely recommend.

👤I decided to buy this umbrella after I cut my finger on my cheap umbrella. This umbrella has a lifetime replacement warranty. That was a big factor in my purchase.

👤Excellent umbrella. It is recommended that you purchase a worthy gift. There is a My wish is for a fire truck that is red. The one touch closing is very cool. The most sturdy of all umbrellas I've ever used. There is a Wow, backed by a lifetime guarantee. There is a It will be determined whether it will stand the test of time and actual usage, and whether the guarantee will be honored.

👤I bought umbrellas for my family. The umbrellas worked well for us. It is easy to open and close. There was a held up in the rainy city. I haven't had a chance to try them out in a wind storm yet, so I can't say how they will hold up. I wanted to give a shout out to Rebecca. My son's umbrella came home from school with 2 ribs bent and he could not close it. I sent them an email to ask about the life time warranty. There is a Rebecca submitted a request for a replacement for me right away. Great product and great service. It's great for supporting small businesses.

👤Customer service is even better with the product.

👤We bought these for our trip to Ireland and England because they both have weather changes throughout the day. We only used them in Ireland. It was a consistent heavy rain with occasional gusts. I didn't think the wind was that strong, but we did see others with destroyed umbrellas. I never thought the umbrella would fail because the wind occasionally inverted the canopy. The frame seemed strong. Put the umbrella back in place by directing it back to the wind. The canopy did not get soaked through the Teflon coating. I was able to shake the droplets off of the fabric. The push button is something I like. It is easy to put the cover back on the umbrella. Highly recommended.

👤I have always thought that all umbrellas were useless. All of the ones that I have purchased have broken apart at the seams, either because of the wind or heavy rain. I spend a lot of time walking in between classes as a college student. I need an umbrella that can handle the crazy wind and heavy pour. I have found the one that I need. The umbrella is heavy. It is definitely wind-proof. The rainy season is crazy windy because my college campus is on a hill. This umbrella protects me from the rain. I don't have to worry about the umbrella blowing inside out. You can store the umbrella when not in use with the external slip. The push button can be used to open and close. The umbrella is easy to close with the strap. It should come in more fun colors and patterns.

4. Umbrella Disposable Tropical Cocktail Hawaiian

Umbrella Disposable Tropical Cocktail Hawaiian

50 pieces of fruit disposable straw and 50 pieces of umbrella disposable straw are included. It is high quality for safe drinking use. It's perfect for coffee shop, tea restaurant, and bar. The material is plastic and paper.

Brand: Fancywolf

👤I got a mix of umbrella and fruit straws for a party and they were adorable. Everyone was saying nice things about them. There were a few duds, but they were not a big deal.

👤Disappointed. The straws were all bent. The umbrella can be used, but the straw is not. I need a replacement or a refund.

👤The straws make your drink taste weird. I tried 4 different straws and they all had glue gunk on them. Yuck!

👤The umbrella straws hold up better than fruit straws. The fruit needs something to hold it in place. The tabs don't hold up well. I used double sided tape. For a luau or tropical theme, it's still festive.

👤The designs are hard to open. There is a piece of tape. It was fun to have.

👤Fun butlimsy. They kept going off into the beverages. Not all but a few. They were worth the effort.

👤The product fell apart. The fruit adornment fell apart because it couldn't stay together.

👤Good quality straws.

👤Son de la imagen.

5. BLUE TOP 394PCS 144 Toothpicks Decoration

BLUE TOP 394PCS 144 Toothpicks Decoration

DIMENSIONS The Straw Length is either 9 inches or 24 cm. You will get a value combo set that includes cocktail umbrella toothpicks, bamboo knot picks, America flag cupcake toppers, and 50 paper straws. Save money and time by buying all food and drink accessories one-time. Cocktail drink umbrellas,knot skewers, flag picks, and bar straws are all made from wood, bamboo, and paper. Cocktail picks, mini umbrellas toothpicks, America flag cupcake topper, and Bamboo Knot picks make your food stand out in a different way. Cocktail umbrella sticks are great for decoration. Kids love mini umbrellas cocktail toothpicks, bamboo knot skewers and wood America flag toothpicks. Kids can make a colorful display with cocktail parasols and toothpicks. Happy hours, picture wonderful moments. All cocktail picks and straws are perfect to decorate cocktail,drinks,sandwiches,cupcakes, fruits,appetizers,Ice-cream etc. They are used as food and drink accessories at many places.

Brand: Blue Top

👤The bamboo skewers are sturdy and hold our sandwiches in place even while transporting them from place to place - great value and there is 100 of them - lasts a while and is great for cocktails and sandwiches.

👤Like most home consumers, I use a toothpick to add flavor to my drinks. They were a poor "tool", which meant they couldn't try to make an Old Fashioned, Orange slice and cherry. The size and appearance of bamboo "picks" are what I like the most. I was happy to find them on Amazon. The presentation has been upgraded.

👤I was looking for something different to join my party and wanted something different from the tooth picks. Had some hope that it would be a good thing. The package was very poor and there were other types in it. Very disappointed.

👤For the X-mas party, it was used for 3 pieces of fruit and 3 pieces of shrimp on a bamboo stick. Even the strawberries went on easy.

👤I used them for small cups of food at the baby shower. When I put something on it, they kept peeling. I was afraid someone would find a piece of the stick when they were eating so I didn't want to use them. Not worth it.

👤I like that they have cocktail garnish, but after a few watch out for the end of the stick which could poke you in the mouth.

👤I did well with hard cheeses.

6. PuTwo Cocktail Picks Handmade Toothpicks

PuTwo Cocktail Picks Handmade Toothpicks

The umbrella picks are fun. There is a natural way to make beer. The cocktail toothpicks are made from food grade natural bamboo and are very strong. Cocktail picks could be used to serve 40 people at a party. The cocktail stick has a delicate appearance. It's perfect for your party supply needs. The extinction of food is an idea. PuTwo cocktail picks are easy to decorate and pierce through the garnish. These bamboo cocktail sticks food picks add style and class to your parties and events, which is charming decoration for cocktails, appetizers, fruits, desserts, sandwiches, salads, buffets, and vegetables. There are tendencies to misplace. Cocktail toothpicks made of bamboo are environment friendly. PuTwo fruit skewers toothpicks are an innovative and fun way to liven up your food and beverage presentation. Give your friends a great memory by making your party unique. The dimensions: The PuTwo cocktail toothpicks fruit skewers have a length of 12 cm. 300 counts bamboo cocktail picks with assorted color cube shaped beads end are included in the package. The PuTwo toothpicks are competitive with Royal cocktail skewers, Bilipala food picks and Unique appetizer toothpicks.

Brand: Putwo

👤I bought these for my blue fish themed deck and won't be using them for a while. They are perfect, just looking at them. People with bad reviews are sad. The fish are adorable, perfect, no breaks, nice color, and consistent on the pick. I can't wait to use them because they are going to be fun. Delivery was fast.

👤I bought these for my son's first birthday and I am so happy I did. They will be a big hit. They are shorter than a skewer and thicker than a toothpick. I think it is about a third the size of a normal skewer. The ducks have eye holes instead of being painted on. Such a good price for the quality.

👤It was worth the wait to get these. They are very well made and cute. The cactus is a little larger than the picture, but I like it that way. The stick is longer than a tooth pick, so when you put them in a container by the food they will stick out and be seen. Will use our theme for the party in August.

👤They were the best for our Flamingle party. They are well worth the money. I would buy them again and any of the other designs. We will not have a party without these things.

👤The fish looked like it might be foam. When they arrived, the fish were made of wood. These are the most adorable skewers I have ever seen. I'm going to make fruit kabobs for my nephew's birthday party. They will be a big hit.

👤I ordered them for my daughter's party. I think they are very cute and cuter than the plastic ones. They seem to be well made. If you read the description you will see that they are under 5 inches long but perfect for cupcakes or smaller foods. I will post photos once I use them.

👤The quality was better than expected. The fish online are actually wood and very nice. Happy with the purchase.

👤The man are cute. Don't waste your money. The paint on the pineapple is only half printed, and the skewers are splintered. I was enamored with the watermelon and pineapples and so happy that I didn't spend a lot of money, but still, don't bother. Use bamboo party picks if you want to look elsewhere.

👤Our bars buy a lot of different cocktail sticks. These are the first class. Highly recommended.

👤Cute! We were able to use the wood drink sticks for drinks and food because they were in a large package. They are made from wood, which is more eco-friendly. I would purchase them again because our guests thought they were cute. The product was in great condition and only one was broken in a pack of 100.

👤Good quality. There are good long picks for drinks. Well made and sturdy.

👤These picks are adorable. I'm happy I got them. It's the perfect size for Appetizers.

7. Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella Totes

Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella Totes

The after-sale service is available. If you have a problem with the outdoor solar string lights, you can contact the After-Sales Team directly by e-mail. They will try to help you within 24 hours and make sure your problem is solved. You can ask a question at the Q&A page. The perfect gift is in the Holiday Kids Gift Book. This design is a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any special occasion. Mister and me enjoy the rainy days with their cute family style totes umbrellas. There are three colors available in Dots, Clear and Iridescent. For matching adult styles, check their Signature Bubble Umbrellas listed below. There is a WINDPROOF and an RAINPROOF. Kid's bubble dome umbrella with a 38 inch extended canopy keeps your little one dry. There is a clear UMBRELLA. The clear canopy with fun and unique designs makes it easy for your child to see what is ahead. Rounded tips and a pinch-proof closure keep little hands safe while opening and closing the umbrella. It makes life easier for mom and dad. The umbrella is travel-friendly and sturdy, and can be folded to store in a backpack or purse. Leave it to dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤Cute to match an umbrella. The kids length is 26 inches.

👤These umbrellas are awesome! My kids used them as Easter baskets. They had a powder all over them. I had to clean it all before I could use them.

👤My kids' Halloween costumes were perfect because of these umbrellas. I've seen posts about them being dirty. They are not dirty. They are covered in a powder. When you first open them, they're good to go, but this is to keep them from sticking together and tearing.

👤This was the first part of the costume. It worked out well.

👤Love, love, love this umbrella. My daughters are completely covered by it. They can see where they are walking if they are protected from the wind. During a recent rainstorm, my 2 1/2 year old had difficulty holding onto the umbrella, but she quickly recovered, as the wind died down. I would recommend this umbrella.

👤My 5 year old son has been using the clear one for a year. I ordered the polka dot one for my daughter because she was jealous. It arrived today and looks good. Both came with a lot of dirt. I had to give the umbrellas to the kids before I wiped them down.

👤I bought the best umbrella for my second child two years later. My 1st graders backpack is in the rain and he can carry this umbrella with him. It is easy to open and close for a child. I wish I had one of these for myself, it is so easy to open and close, and it will not turn inside out with wind. The plastic is thick and resistant to child behavior.

👤I bought this for my son so he wouldn't be surprised by the El Nio season. We used it for 8 days so far this year. There is a The Pros are lightweight. My son can carry it. * It opens easily. My son can operate it on his own. * He can hold it close to his body and his face doesn't get wet when the wind blows sideways because it is clear and steep-sided. There are pros and cons. He likes to stand under water spouts to watch the water fall.

👤The item looked great for our daughter, but it was dirty and scratched in the clear plastic, so cleaning would not help. The item was stored in a way that made it hard to find, and the replacement we got was just as bad. Not worth the money.

👤This was a nice birthday gift for my two nieces, so that they wouldn't get wet during the rainy months. They were both very happy with the designs.

👤This is the perfect size for women. The regular adult size is large enough to fit 2 people. There is a This one is perfect for a single person. Definitely not a kid size. Very happy with it! I need to test it out on a windy day, but so far so good.

8. Cocktail Umbrella Umbrellas Toothpicks Decorations

Cocktail Umbrella Umbrellas Toothpicks Decorations

The dimensions: The PuTwo cocktail toothpicks fruit skewers have a length of 12 cm. 300 counts bamboo cocktail picks with assorted color cube shaped beads end are included in the package. The PuTwo toothpicks are competitive with Royal cocktail skewers, Bilipala food picks and Unique appetizer toothpicks. Natural wood hand-made umbrellas are food safe and eco-friendly. The box has a cute size of 4 inches. Light up your drink with six different colors. Excellent for pool parties, summer parties and more. Surprise your friends and give them amazing items on special days.

Brand: Sailavy

👤I should be able to use 144 pieces if the product says so. Only two of the broken ones opened properly. I would have been better off with straws.

👤The ones that are open are cute. I had to throw away double the amount because they were faulty. For $10, I am not really complaining.

👤Half of the cocktail umbrellas won't open, but this brand is reliable and all of the umbrellas work.

👤These were the perfect size for our party. They were used for drinks.

👤It's fun to put an umbrella on a drink. The items are the same as at a restaurant.

👤I need these for my party.

👤Good size and quality umbrellas.

9. Disney Frozen Rainwear Slicker Umbrella

Disney Frozen Rainwear Slicker Umbrella

Help her be a hero with these adorable and lightweight umbrellas and matching Slicker set, which feature imagery of her favorite characters from Disney. The Rain Slicker is designed to fit for toddlers and little girls and is resistant to humidity and water. The Rain Slicker is made of durable vinyl that is resistant to humidity. An elastic band, contrast trim, and snap closures are included. UMBRELLA: The 8-panel umbrella is made of durable material. A safety cap, a nylon cord, and a Velcro strap are included. There are two different sizes for ages 4-7 for the great fit. They are designed with easy to open and close snaps. Your little girl will love that she can do her own thing.


👤If you don't look at too closely, this set looks nice. It is quite mediocre. The print on the raincoat is smudged. The umbrella seems to be not durable. My niece is happy with this set and it is rated 4.

👤This is a poor raincoat. It was very cheap and it looked cute. I had to send it back because the material was so thin that the snap had a hole in the back of the jacket. The umbrella's handle is flimsy and feels like it might last an hour under kid use. There is no way the umbrella would hold up in a wind. Very disappointing. I sent it back almost two weeks ago and haven't received a refund for the items, so I'm fighting for that. It was a horrible experience. Don't bother.

👤The set I ordered was in size 6-7. The main picture stilled showed the Frozen set when I was choosing a specific character. I was always sent the item I chose, even though this has been happening for the past few months. I received a set of frozen items. I tried to order the set but it wouldn't let me. I typed "Moana slicker & Umbrella" into the search bar. The main picture was the set of the movie, Moana. I chose a size 6-7. The "add to cart" button gave me a circle with a message that I had to pick a size. The size was picked. I started over and over again. My daughter-in-law tried it on her phone. There is a I tried it on my phone and was able to add 6-7 to the cart, but when I went to checkout, it was not the right size. There is a This is the only thing my granddaughter has asked for. The order was placed quickly. She probably won't get it.

👤The sleeves were a little too long for my 6 year old, but it got the job done. When we took it out of the box and put it in the garage the smell went away slowly.

👤I added the watch to these as a gift. The painting is beautiful and the back of the rain coat is beautiful, but there are no issues with the umbrella or the back of the rain coat. The raincoat size is perfect for 4-5 yo. The umbrella is small for little kids. It is well packaged. They have a paper protection for the painting at the back of the raincoat. They thought of protecting the Frozen decor from being ruined when kept in a shelf for a long time. A little girl will be very happy this Christmas.

👤It will fit my daughter for a while. The smell of plastic is very strong. It was thrown in the garage in hopes that it would air out. I am not putting my daughter in it. The umbrella is very cute. She was more excited about the umbrella.

👤Terrible dislike. My 3 year old loves frozen food. The jacket that I purchased was terrible and the umbrella is great. The jacket is very thin. Not water proof or water resistant. My daughter only wore it for a short time to walk into school from my car because her clothes were wet when she walked inside. I packed extra clothes for her. Unless you are looking for an umbrella, I wouldn't recommend this product.

10. Norpro 188 Decorative Cocktail Multicolored

Norpro 188 Decorative Cocktail Multicolored

The paper and wood skewer is 4 inches long. There are 24 cocktail umbrellas in various colors. It's a great way to dress up a drink. It's also great for cupcake toppers. The umbrella picks are fun.

Brand: Norpro

👤This is not a pack of 24 or 24 packs of 24 but a pack of 24 with an item number in the front to make it look like it. Buying the SW thing from another vendor is cheaper.

👤I thought I was buying 188 toothpicks. I was only 24. The headline says 24. I have no idea what the 188 is for. I think it's a bad title. Just beware.

👤The item number is the only thing that matters in this product's description. You only get 24 umbrellas. Shipping was very slow and disappointing. Will not buy again.

👤I was supposed to get 24 but I got 23. They looked terrible when they were set up. Some broke when opening. I went to the store to buy another package for my project.

👤Blue paper plates, any size; hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, small scraps of colorful cloth, clean dry sand, small pebbles, paper umbrellas, hot glue gun, and glue sticks. I used the paper umbrellas to make decorations for the Senior Activity Center. I used a paper plate as the base and sprayed a substance on top of it. Place small pebbles on the sand after pouring a few clean, dry sand evenly on the glue. Glue each pebble in place with a small amount of hot glue. Next, using the hot gun glue, attach the stone to the side of the wooden pole and make a base for the leaning umbrella. Continue holding the stone until the glue is no longer hot. If you want to make the area smaller than the stone, you can clear sand from a small area on the plate with your finger or a flat blade. Attach the umbrella and stone to the plate with hot glue. Hold in place until the hot glue holds. Cut a piece of cloth. Glue the piece of cloth under the umbrella. A beach scene is made into a miniature diorama. Each table had a center piece.

👤I only needed 5 of these paper umbrellas to open and sit in my tikki cups. I went through 15 to get 5, but at least sit so they looked open. I didn't expect them to last forever, but just sit in the glass and present the package. I know they are cheap. I expected them to open without all the paper arms collapsing each time, but I get that.

👤Poor quality umbrellas. The umbrella's ribs were not attached well and half of them did not stay attached so the umbrella wouldn't open. They are not as big as I expected. There is a The diameter of the umbrella was not given in the description.

👤I only gave four stars because there wasn't a lot of variety, there was only a couple blue and a couple Green in the whole pack. They are still a good value.


What is the best product for decorative umbrella for drinks?

Decorative umbrella for drinks products from Blue Top. In this article about decorative umbrella for drinks you can see why people choose the product. Blue Panda and Repel Umbrella are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative umbrella for drinks.

What are the best brands for decorative umbrella for drinks?

Blue Top, Blue Panda and Repel Umbrella are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative umbrella for drinks. Find the detail in this article. Fancywolf, Blue Top and Putwo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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