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1. GANESHAM HANDICRAFT Decorative Protection Embroidery

GANESHAM HANDICRAFT Decorative Protection Embroidery

The package is 5 pc. The sun parasol is made in India. The diameter is 24 inches and the length is 25 inches. Multi colour can't be used in rain. Home decorative umbrella is used for UV ray protection.

Brand: Ganesham

👤The packaging was great and the shipping was on time. I realized after opening the package that they were not the same as the ones I had previously received. The parasol is constructed well, but the handles and tios are terrible. It seems like it was rushed and thrown together. I will use it where it's open and clearly visible because the handles on 3 of the 5 are a mess.

👤The Handle is made of cheap plastic and can only be used for decoration if you open too fast or close too quickly.

👤These are good for money. Sturdy. It is beautiful. It was big enough for personal shade. My granddaughter and her friends were the ones who got them. I took one to New Orleans during the summer and it was the perfect shade for walking in the heat. They have small strings that need to be trimmed. Some of the handles had a cough. You can easily fix anything with your flair. They look really cool hanging.

👤I have been wanting a parasol for a long time and I could not ask for better. It was hand crafted in India and arrived very quickly. I was very excited to be able to support the people in India who make such handicrafts while getting myself a beautiful parasol, and I was glad to be able to do that.

👤The senior adult community we manage used this as a decoration for an event. We will reuse them for other events. I don't know how functional they would be as an umbrella, but they are colorful and worked well in our activity room.

👤It wasn't the best quality but given the need for a last minute event didn't have a lot of options. It is very frail.

👤I love the colors but they are small. Very fast shipping.

👤These are gorgeous. I can't wait to use them at my event.

👤Me gustado las sombrillas, se retrasaron por las razones. Las use para decorar y dar sombra. La idea is encanto. There is a Ahora, atenciones del vendedor y rapida.

2. Handmade Designer Umbrella Embroidery Umbrellas

Handmade Designer Umbrella Embroidery Umbrellas

The product is of a high standard of quality. It is available at a reasonable cost.

Brand: Rajasthali

👤The description states that they should be 34” but they are only 27” Quality was terrible, tassels are falling off, and threading is not coming out. The seller is horrible and doesn't take responsibility for misleading buyers.

👤They are hand embroidered and gave me a really nice look. Will buy again.

👤I put these on my pergola and they look great.

👤It's very easy to get hurt when trying to open and close a mirror because it's not good quality and the foil is falling off just after opening.

👤I love these! Exactly what I need for a party. If you look at them individually, you can tell they are cheap, but when put together in a group, they look great. Look great in pictures. I am happy with my purchase. You can't ask for a better price.

👤Not the SELLER FAULT, just not what I expected in adults coverage.

👤It's pretty and a great price. The seller was great about giving me a refund for the ones that were broken, despite the fact that a few of them came broken or torn upon arrival. I used them at an event and can't wait to use them again.

👤I would love to give it 10 stars. The product is beautiful. They were received on time. Each of them is very colorful and unique. Can't wait to decorate with these umbrellas. Excellent quality. The product is made in India.

👤It was used as decorations at weddings. The guests loved them. The top piece came off. I glue it back onto place.

👤The colors are vivid. I received a lot of praise for them.

3. Mycrafts Bohemian Handmade Embroidery Umbrellas

Mycrafts Bohemian Handmade Embroidery Umbrellas

It can be used for many occasions, such as a wedding, party, and other occasions.

Brand: Mycrafts

👤I ordered these for my patio. The colors look bright and beautiful. It would be a great prop for my festival or party. I enjoy these a lot.

👤I bought this for our new restaurant and I don't know where to put it. I tried hanging up. It hangs in the ceiling.

👤I gave 4 points for the colors. Was expecting bright colors. It seems a bit faded. Otherwise it's a great product.

👤It was cute and arrived in a timely fashion. I am impressed with the quality. These are the same umbrellas I bought in India. If not as good as my originals. Thank you so much!

👤I've come back many times to get these umbrellas. They are more beautiful than the picture shows. I will never stop ordering them because I love them so much. They make any room look better and are adorable, you can't find something like that anywhere else. I hope you never stop doing an amazing job, whoever makes these has done an incredible job.

👤The umbrella material was torn and the handles were not nice to look at. The colors didn't look as pretty as pictures. They could have made better quality.

👤They are old and used and one can hurt them if they try to open it as the rust is not even and debris is falling on the ground. There is a All umbrellas are not the same height.

👤Cute! There is a One of the famous walks between stages at the Electric Forest Music Festival is under an umbrella. They were so perfect that we bought them to recreate the walk for a friend. The sparkle pieces in the material looked great, I wish I had a great photo at night. There is a These are small, but could be used to keep your face out of the sun.

4. AEAOA Handmade Parasol Umbrella Wedding

AEAOA Handmade Parasol Umbrella Wedding

The stick umbrella is designed to protect you from both rain and the sun. More than that, it can be used for more things. The colors are bright. A wedding dress parasol. Favor for wedding party. When open it's 26CM long and when closed it's 66CM long. It's great for weddings. Not for rain-proof.

Brand: Aeaoa

👤The product is fair. It was packaged in a cardboard cylinder and delivered on time. I needed a second parasol quickly after ordering this product, so I ordered a third one. There is a The first one I ordered was shipped directly from China and it was beautiful. A parasol. This review is based on the comparison between the two. There is a The lacing is tacky when looking at the parasol close up. I don't know how long the plastic clip will last, it's made of clear plastic. There is a The shots that will be used for this parasol will be taken from a distance and will be used more for children. The other parasol will be used for more special occasions.

👤I used the parasol to protect myself from the sun at Disney World for the occasion. It was very easy to open and close, but it was too long to put in a handbag, so I wanted to share this review in case someone else thinks it's small. It provided some shade, but not enough to keep me cool. It is much more curved than one would expect, which meant it kept getting caught in my hair, and took a bit of maneuvering to block my face from the sun. It is light and beautiful. Many people asked where I bought it. This is not the parasol for you if you are looking for something with built in UV protection. If you are looking for something beautiful to accent an outfit or costume with the added bonus of providing some shade, this product is for you.

👤I purchased a parasol for my wedding and it was perfect. I needed something more special for my wedding and this item fit the bill. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's a good price and quality. The umbrella mechanism is smooth and the components are beautiful. Even though the wedding is over, I still love it so much that I still use it when I'm out on walks, at outdoor festivals, at the farmer's market etc. I get a lot of attention on this parasol. People don't believe me when I say that it's from Amazon and that it's more expensive than it is. I highly recommend it for your wedding, photos, or if you're fair and use parasols on a regular basis.

👤I ordered this to go with a costume that was black, white, grey, and red. It's the perfect compliment and added a romantic touch to my costume. I wore that costume on a warm day and it was great to have a bit more shade. I got a lot of praise for it. The one I got was white with red lace and a straight hand hold.

👤Very cute. I bought this because it drained my energy and reminded me of a show called "NCIS." I would like it to be more transparent and have a longer handle to keep it closed, but it was designed for a single use wedding party, not what I am using it for. Still very happy. Easy to carry and lightweight.

5. Inverted Umbrellas C Shaped Windproof Umbrella

Inverted Umbrellas C Shaped Windproof Umbrella

VERTED DESIGN: UNIQUE. The inverted umbrella is a great addition to your rain gear. The rain stays on the inside of the umbrella. CONVENIENT hands free umbrella helps you multi-task. The inside out umbrella's C shaped handle slides onto your wrist to give you access to both your hands. The reverse umbrella makes it easy to misplace a cellphone or door. The roofing quality is rated. The umbrella is not only cute, but it is also strong. The rain umbrella has an automatic open and close feature. They carry both solid colored and patterned double layer inverted umbrellas. Their fun styles include: Blue Sky, Yellow/Pink/Blue Flower, Galaxy Lights, Polka Dots, and more. The patterned umbrellas are perfect for rainy days. They have an amazing customer service. You can contact them with any questions. They will answer in one day.

Brand: Parquet

👤I am very disappointed. I started to use it and it only worked for a few times, but I will not stay open if I don't open it. Very sad. The umbrella is beautiful.

👤I tried out my umbrella. It wasn't raining too hard and it was windy. I got in and out of my car several times, and my umbrella opened and closed easily. I got an umbrella when I walked into the store. I took off one star because I thought that hands free means while the umbrella is open. If you look at the picture on the tag, you will see an umbrella on her wrist. The umbrella is beautiful, it does stand in the rain, and kept me dry. This product is recommended by me.

👤It was difficult to click into place when opening. The cover can be glue. It's easy to close. Like the C handle. I would like a different vendor.

👤The automatic open and close feature of this umbrella makes it easy to carry. I've been looking for an inverted umbrella and found it. This looks strong as well. We can have at least two people with it. I would recommend this!

👤I used it twice and it broke again.

👤This umbrella is so convenient that I absolutely adore it. Came as described and looked similar to the picture. Thank you for being true to your word!

👤The little button at the end of the umbrella fell off after a week. I was able to get it back on. It happens a lot.

👤I wanted a newer umbrella that was large enough to shade me from the sun while I walked, and that had a part that could be pointed down if I wanted to. Love the design of the sunflowers. The first time it was open it was an adventure, but since then it has been easy. Definitely recommend.

👤Livré en bonne condition marche, plus fade.

👤My daughter is a student at the University and I bought her an umbrella. It keeps the water out of class. The handle hangs almost anywhere she goes. It is large enough to hold her and a backpack.

👤Arrivé,trs de la qualité pour le prix, le parapluie fonctionne.

👤The second one was received a week later and the metal center rod was damaged and bent, it looks like a factory issue not shipping.

6. Real Online Seller Embroidery Umbrellas

Real Online Seller Embroidery Umbrellas

The product is of a high standard of quality. It is reasonably priced.

Brand: Real Online Seller

👤These umbrellas were gorgeous. I used them to decorate my daughter's 1st birthday with an Arabian Nights theme and hung the umbrellas from the ceiling. I made a photo backdrop with them and used a cheap Mexican rug and a cushion. They are made of cotton fabric and look exactly like the picture. They are a small umbrella. I would have paid for paper decorations, but I paid for 2 sets of umbrellas and some cotton lanterns. I can use the decorations again for another party because this was more cost effective. Everyone asked to borrow them. Command ceiling hooks held them in place. I received the shipment quickly. Great product.

👤The decorations for the photo booth were perfect for the small outdoor Navratri party. The kids loved playing with them.

👤The umbrellas are sturdy. The who deco for the event looked professional.

👤There are multi purpose umbrellas. There are weddings, parties, bridal and baby showers. Great purchase. Guests were allowed to take a gift from my wedding. Will be used for our backyard soirées.

👤It is not possible to substitute a real size umbrella for a small one. These are pretty for decoration.

👤They were used for a party. Everyone loved them. Good quality.

👤I absolutely love this product. They are pretty. I can't wait to decorate with them. Love, Love!

7. Honeystore Protection Vintage Decorative Umbrellas

Honeystore Protection Vintage Decorative Umbrellas

It's great for weddings. Not for rain-proof. SPF is good for rain and sunny days. The open diameter is 35.4inches and the folded length is 9.8inches. The double layer bridal wedding lace is for decoration. The parasol umbrella is designed to protect you from the sun and rain. It can be used for many occasions, such as a wedding, party, and other occasions.

Brand: Honeystore

👤I am very pleased with the parasol I bought. I was worried that it would be cheap and poorly constructed. The construction of the parasol is well made and the embroidered designs and sequence are all well done. I put the triple folding one in my bag for when I go out. I live in New Mexico and the sun is very direct and I have to take medication, but the parasol has worked well. I'm pretty wind resistant, and I'm protected from the worst of the heat. The case that holds the parasol is hard to get back in after the first fold. I would have liked a bigger loop to put over my wrist. It's pretty and well made, but I wouldn't have thought of that. I would be set if they had fans with the parasol. I will buy a few more for different occasions. There is an update. It is a pleasure to use this parasol and I have had it for over a year. I am happy to tell people where I got it, because I always get praise from them. I tell them that it is effective at protecting me from the sun. The average temperature in New Mexico has been in the 90's. I use it to get to my appointments and to get things done. As it slides into my purse, I don't fold it all the way down. There is a The length of the handle is what I would change. I would like it to be a few inches longer as I have a shoulder and arm injury and keeping my arm lifted for any period makes it worse. The usefulness makes it worth it. The handles would be the other change. It is cute but impractical. It is not an issue that prevents me from taking it with me wherever I go, it is just that I would like it to be a handle to slide my fingers through. I am about to buy several more to have for different outfits, events and so on, because I have found out how great it is. This is a great one to start with. I want to let people know a good buy, I have not been compensated for my opinion.

👤I got the wrong color in the mail and I'm hoping the sellers will fix it soon. The design is cute, but it is in the butt. It's one of the parasols that snaps back up, so you need to fold it down. I think the fabric is a little tight because I had the issue of folding down one part and the other snapping back up. I was angry and in tears. There is a I'm probably never closing it again.

👤Birthday gift for a teacher friend. It's pretty and the box is pretty, but the umbrella part is cheap plastic and the handle is metal. I returned it because I couldn't open it and ordered her something else. It should have been better. The One Star is only there because it arrived when it was supposed to and I can't give any stars.

8. PFFY Compact Umbrella Windproof Collapsible

PFFY Compact Umbrella Windproof Collapsible

Save money by getting two high quality umbrellas for less money, one for women and one for men, and one for yourself and another for your lover. The Umbrella Windproof is 10-RB Construction. Most small or mini umbrellas are made of 6 or 8 ribs, but the PFFY travel umbrella is fortified with 10 fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to resist powerful gusts without turning inside out. The strong metal frame and three-fold chrome plated metal shaft allow for greater stability in high winds. It's perfect for men, women, teens and kids. The auto open/close function is easy to use. It's easy to store an umbrella in purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more. The PFFY Compact Travel Umbrella is waterproof. The fabric made of pongee is thicker and more resistant than other fabrics.

Brand: Pffy

👤I explained that my umbrella was windproof and flipped inside out.

👤I kept my full sized umbrellas in the car for rainy days. They won't fit in the storage area of our new car. I thought these would be good enough for emergencies, so I ordered them which fold into half the length. I was surprised by the strength of them. I keep a different one in the house for walking to the mailbox. I might have to replace my regular one with these. I am very happy with the umbrellas.

👤The 2 pack was supposed to be sturdy and wind resistant. It was small so it could fit in my bookbag. I had to hold the umbrella open for 15 minutes in the pouring rain after it broke. I was soaked and my school supplies were the same. Not good quality at all. It is past 30 days since I purchased the item, so I would request a refund. The seller should reach out and prove that this was a mistake. I would rate it a 0 stars. It should last 3 times for the price I paid.

👤The umbrellas are strong. One of the springs on one of the umbrellas snapped on the first try, but I can tell they are made well. You can feel their strength. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a replacement. They were thorough and thoughtful. Would definitely recommend.

👤Light to heavy rain is possible with these umbrellas. I make sure I have easy access to them when I travel because I use them when I travel. They seem hard to close at first, but the seller answered my question quickly, and his instruction worked perfectly.

👤I always look for Amazons Choice products, as they convey value and quality to the average consumer. They aren't the best item in the category, but they won't break the bank. The quality and precision of these umbrellas blew me away. The 10 rib design and small size defy logic. I have never been more impressed by a product. You wont regret buying them.

👤I was going to see some precipitation when I traveled to Russia. I bought these because they were a good price. I needed to use it and it worked perfectly. It is easy to open and close. Very happy. It is ready for use for a long time.

👤We go through umbrellas a lot here in the Midwest. I work downtown in a city and the wind gusts between the buildings blow the umbrellas inside out, but so far so good! This was an excellent price for two umbrellas with auto open and close, it would have been a reasonable price for just one of these, honestly! There is a I call them standard size umbrellas. They are not small or light enough to fit in your purse, but they are better suited to bad weather. One hand is already in use so an umbrella is a great thing to have, you can easily open or close it with one hand. A heavier construction will give better protection and coverage. Definitely worth it!

9. AEAOA Bamboo Parasol Umbrella Wedding

AEAOA Bamboo Parasol Umbrella Wedding

Home decorative umbrella is used for UV ray protection. Favors for party decoration. The bamboo stem has a carved wooden one. It's great for weddings.

Brand: Aeaoa

👤It broke after a month of use. The bamboo pieces were split by the umbrella.

👤I like it, but I wish it hadn't arrived dirty. I was able to get it cleaned up, but it's still not white. It would be great if it were a little bigger in diameter and a little longer. It's cute and I needed it for watching my daughter play soccer. It looks nicer than a regular umbrella.

👤It's hard to keep the two together. I open it and practice for an hour, it falls apart completely. There is a The umbrella is fine if you just buy it for decoration.

👤The product is as advertised. Good purchase. Would order again.

👤Exactly what I needed. Good quality for the price.

👤I bought this and can see a lot of uses for it.

10. Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrellas Protection

Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrellas Protection

The exclusive Inverted umbrella is designed with comfort in mind. The double-layer canopy design protects against wind and rain, and the umbrella is constructed with premium carbon fiber material which is sturdy and resistant to rust. ERGONOMIC C-SHAPED HANDLE - Walk comfortably hands-free while answering phone calls, handle grocery bags, baby or even grab a child's hands. The comfort grip C-Shaped handle allows it to slide over a forearm or wrist so it can attend what is more important. The new inverted design of the umbrella gives it the ability to close from the inside out when it rains. This authentic model keeps the car dry and clean. This umbrella is wind resistant and has a wind speed of over 60 miles per hour. The reverse umbrella is lightweight, portable, quick dry, and resistant to corrosive elements.

Brand: Sharpty

👤I was surprised that someone thought to redesign the classic umbrella to be more functional. I think the way this one looks when it's rolled up is odd, but it's functional. In Ohio, spring is a constant onslaught of cold rain and wind. I decided to buy this umbrella because it is so helpful for dealing with these conditions. It's lightweight, it opens and closes easily, and the design on the inside makes me hate everything less. I paid $10 more for an umbrella that took both hands and my strength to close, so this one definitely wins.

👤What a great umbrella! It's like being under a tree. There is a The inside out design is so clever. The umbrella is unlatched so it doesn't fall down. A carry sleeve is provided. It's easier to hold it, a purse, and shopping bags with its unique C shape handle. I tell them about Sharpty on Amazon. I may have to get more designs and colors because there are so many to choose from. There is a It's December and my umbrella still looks brand new, even though it was damaged in a storm in Indiana in the spring. Still getting praise in the street!

👤I really like this umbrella. The design is pretty on the inside. It holds up well in the rain. I was expecting it to be more wide. I am a small girl, so it is not that big of an issue for me, but I noticed that the backpack I carried would always get wet. It was a waterproof north face, so I can't complain. I was expecting more range on this thing.

👤My wife loves this umbrella and gets a lot of praise for it. The sky is blue on the dark day. The handle is easy to hang and store. When not in use, it will stand straight up.

👤This is technology, genius, and design at its best. There is a This umbrella is great. Stand up to all that it proposes to be. Sturdy, perfect function, large breadth to keep dry, great designs to choose from. A stroke of genius. Aaa

👤I own an umbrella and purchase it as a gift. It's easy to use and you won't get any more water in your car when it's raining. Two adults are walking under this umbrella.

👤The cloud design, c-shaped handle, solid feel, and the fact that the umbrella can be closed are all things I love about it. The inverted mechanism is also clever. If I can not lose it anytime soon.

👤I've been trying to find the perfect umbrella for months. I found this one. I'm happy. I haven't used it yet. 3 months has passed. I like the look of it.

👤Die reverse-schirme ist super. Endlich trocken. Schirm ist trocken. es (natrlich) nass ist das Schirm. Im Schirm ist das schn. Ihren Effekt: Farbe, Regentropfen, was man aussucht. Geschlossen anders herum. Schirm is aus den USA. The man is angenehm. Im 888-405-7720 Ihren ffnen und Schlieen funktioniert ist. Ich ist die Haltbarkeit. Ihren besonderes Geschenk ist besonderes Kaufempfehlung.

11. Home X Bubble Umbrella Durable Wind Resistant

Home X Bubble Umbrella Durable Wind Resistant

We have an amazing customer service. You can contact them with any questions. They will answer in one day. The bubble umbrella is made of transparent waterproof EVA plastic, which allows you to see in all directions. It's easy to use and perfect for travel. Press the button and the tote umbrella opens for you. There is no more choice between protection visibility. Accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize! This umbrella will compliment all of your outfits. This umbrella is lightweight and durable, making it the best of both worlds. It keeps you dry and safe so you can look good wherever you go. The umbrella has a sturdy frame and a bubble design with reinforced ribs to keep it from flipping inside out. The strong and reliable umbrella will keep you dry. This umbrella is built to handle almost any weather, but also solid enough to endure heavy downpours and powerful gusts of wind, making it the perfect urban companion. It has a vinyl canopy with reinforced steel ribs and a plastic handle. The canopy has a diameter of 33 and a length of 32. Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤I ordered 6 for my wedding party because I had a hunch it would rain. We ended up using them because I ordered them last minute. I was worried that they would be too cheap looking, but I will say that you get what you pay for. These worked out well for what we needed.

👤The umbrellas are good looking, but only for one person at a time. When stuck in the rain, I tried to share it, but was cramped and soaked. The umbrella cave's edges make it easy for water to get to legs when walking or in the wind. They are sturdy and look good, but the only issue I had with them was that they didn't work all the time.

👤The umbrella was used as a prop during the engagement photo session. It stood up to rain and wind very well. It is perfect for fitting two people under. I could not be happier with my purchase. It's a good thing.

👤When you put yourself in a piece of plastic, there needs to be more room around you. It would be perfect for a child. There is a The stick and handle are too thin and it isn't very sturdy. There is a I use it as a food cover because it's perfect for securing that handle, which has already buckled in the wind, with a bungee cord.

👤These are used for bridal party photos. They're inexpensive, look great, and can be shared by two people. They were shipped quickly and safely.

👤I was not expecting the two to be in working order, but I did like the idea of buying two together and I was not expecting them both to be in a bad state.

👤Caps keep coming off the spokes. I was disappointed in the quality. It is better to pay a little more money and buy something better.

👤It is a good size to cover a few people but the rain drips onto my legs. It hangs over my head to protect me. It blocks part of my vision.

👤Vino doblada y la devolucin por defecto. El bastn de metal es bastante. Se ve opaca, pero pareca. Para una persona, Es pequea. Fotos, cosplay, and estética tienes algn evento. Al final, porque normalmente son ms caras.

👤Lleg roto del mango, es demasiado, y el plstico, creo.


What is the best product for decorative umbrella indian?

Decorative umbrella indian products from Ganesham. In this article about decorative umbrella indian you can see why people choose the product. Rajasthali and Mycrafts are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative umbrella indian.

What are the best brands for decorative umbrella indian?

Ganesham, Rajasthali and Mycrafts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative umbrella indian. Find the detail in this article. Aeaoa, Parquet and Real Online Seller are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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