Best Decorative Under Bed Storage Boxes with Lids

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1. Kate Spade New York Decorative

Kate Spade New York Decorative

Jewelry and accessories are not included, so please clean the ring box with glass cleaner and soft cloth. Before purchasing, please pay attention to the size. The set includes decorative paper-wrapped greyboard boxes with magnetic close lids. The small box is in polka dots, the middle box is in apples, and the bottom box is black stripes. Kate Spade's boxes are lightweight and easy to store in. The small box is 3.25 inches x 10 inches and the medium box is 4.125 inches x 12 inches. Bin organizers are perfect for hiding supplies, notes, papers, receipts, and cards in closets, under beds, or on shelves. Anything you want, really. Bin organizers are perfect for hiding supplies, notes, papers, receipts, and cards in closets, under beds, or on shelves. Anything you want, really.

Brand: Kate Spade New York

👤These boxes are really nice. The paper that is wrapped around the boxes isn't sticking to my desk. It came like this on one side but now it's coming off more. It's a lot of money for a name brand and it's coming apart. Maybe spend this money on a better box?

👤I was hesitant to buy this set as it seemed expensive for what are essentially cardboard boxes, but I'm prepared to admit I was wrong! The boxes are sturdy and look lovely on the shelf, even though I thought I was only paying for the brand name. Two friends have commented on my attractiveness. I might buy another set for my sister-in-law.

👤The boxes are close and fantastic. The big box had a sticker that was difficult to remove. The sticker broke in parts and the sticky part stayed on the box with the rest being removed by Iittle. The box was damaged by removing it. Please put the sticker on the bag.

👤The whole bottom has been damaged. It probably arrived in a bag. The corners were not protected at all. Returned right away.

👤The Kate Spade boxes were purchased to be used for a bridal shower. The set was an extra gift to the bride because I put gifts in each box. She loved them and all the guests thought it was such a neat idea to do, and several said they will do that in the future. It's perfect for young girls to mature women. The boxes are very pretty and coordinate with many decors. Extra storage can be found on closet shelves or out in the open.

👤I am very happy with the storage boxes. They are sturdy, beautiful, and a good size so that they can fit on a shelf.

👤The boxes were damaged. This was supposed to be a present. They are not usable. I need to find something else to put the gift in.

👤The boxes are pretty and cute.

👤Estn preciosas, resistentes, and de buen tamao.

👤Amigos perfectos y lindas. Just 888-353-1299

2. PRANDOM File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

PRANDOM File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

There is a satisfaction guarantee. Farmhouse indoor outdoor decorations are available. 30-days no reason return and lifetime customer service are provided by them. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have a problem. There is aTILE file box for letter size files. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from PRANDOM are 15x12.2x10.75". There is a hedging box. The storage container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on both sides of the file. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤The sides are not strong enough to hold hanging files. It is good for storing other things. It is easy to assemble.

👤The 5-star reviews seem like an elegant solution to having files at home. All of the hanging files that have index tabs are crushed down because the lid shuts flush to the box. See photo. I didn't give a star because I can see why this would work if you didn't hang files without tabs. This didn't work for me and it was an expensive lesson.

👤The dimensions of the boxes are a bit deceiving. The inside dimensions are about 9 12 and the bottom is in place. The files don't hang well on the sides of the standard file folder. The sides are flimsy so file holders fall inside. I think the option is to put something around the rim to increase the height and make it sturdy. Is it possible that these people actually test a product before selling it? I'll keep them for storage, but I'll look for a box that will hold the files.

👤I put all 25 file folders in and now I can move them without them falling off, because I was frustrated when I first put a few in. It needs multiple file folders to keep it sturdy, but if you do that it is amazing and good to go!

👤I was very disappointed that my files didn't stay on the sides. They all fell down within the box. Files do not slide back and forth like a regular system. I was hoping the box was strong. It is pretty flimsy. I don't think it's worth the trouble of returning so I'm keeping them. The files are pushing up against the lid so it has to be raised. I don't think stacking anything on top of these boxes is a good idea.

👤I can't complain about this product. These work great for the relatively small amount of filing I do. The texture of the product is very nice. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a nice product that isn't too expensive.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. They are nice looking. I don't have to hide them in a closet because they fit in my shelves.

👤I love it! It is perfect for what I need. The assembly is done for you. The folders fit! The attached pic is attached. I might order another one soon. It's too expensive for me. It is still what I need.

3. SEEKIND Decorative Press Stud Fastening Moisture Proof

SEEKIND Decorative Press Stud Fastening Moisture Proof

Storage box for Christmas ornaments includes 2 sturdy stitch-secured side handles that you can use to easily take your Christmas ornaments holder between Christmas storage room and living room or to an outdoor area. Convenient storage box for storing clothes, books, snacks, cosmetics, and other items is what the file storage box is for. Storage Bins dimensions are small, medium and large. Storage containers are made of healthy plastic and stylish appearance, which is a Super decoration, plastic storage bins will not easy to break, increasing service life than others. Light weight and portable, easy to carry and disassemble, folded under the bed or drawer when you don't use it. The product is waterproof and is designed with high-quality plastic, waterproof, organizers and storage for bedroom, blankets, festive decorations, toys, photos, baby clothes, snacks, college dorms, wardrobes, basements, lofts, under-bed storage, etc.

Brand: Seekind

👤I need to bout them for my sex toys. I have a cleaner in one. There are small toys in one. There is a I don't think I need to explain the bigger ones.

👤How cute! You just snap the buttons together. You are done! I don't want to hold anything crazy heavy, so I'm using them for pictures and some picture albums. They have some give to them, which is nice, but I think they would get a bit tired if you put a lot of heavy items inside. The color is bright and fresh.

👤I like to save greeting cards and letters from my friends and family. I have put them in photo albums, sheet protectors, binders, and boxes. It's really bad. These are easy to store boxes. They fit on the shelves. Exactly as I had hoped. They are very nice. A plastic that snaps together has a lid. They had white labels. Love them.

👤The price is not worth it. The material is the same as the plastic ones. I got these because they are advertised as waterproof, and I thought that would justify the price. They are not waterproof. There is a small hole on the bottom of the box and the lid because the corners don't line up evenly. I would expect to find something of this quality for $2 at the dollar store, but I can't justify the price. I would recommend looking for a cheaper alternative if you buy these.

👤The sides are not like ikea boxes where they are at least cardboard, these are flimsy material and the buttons don't clip to stay in place. I wouldn't buy these again if I went back in time. Not worth the money. You can get the shelve boxes at ikea.

👤I was quite pleased with the boxes. They look nice and have a pull tab on the front of each box. When they are full, put your hand under the box as you take it off the shelf. You should not just pull it out with your hands. You can guess the rest of the collapse. They are waterproof and stylish, but only because they are plastic. I will be buying more of these.

👤The large plastic section was broken off of the largest box when I received it. I noticed that the plastic in the boxes was broken or bent when I started to assemble them. I was able to assemble without these areas showing. Since the area's did not impede putting the boxes together, I kept them, but they are very fragile and the plastic seems to crack very easily.

👤I usually have good things to say on Amazon. This is not an exception. Don't buy these boxes? Because of the color. These are the cheapest storage containers I have ever seen. You put them together. One snap broke. I don't like sending things back but they are worthless. 99 cents is too much if these were $1 for all three. Trust me. Don't waste your money. It's a good thing. The person that designed these is laughing because they don't think anyone will listen to me. Just one bad review.

4. Beautiful File Box Organizer Set

Beautiful File Box Organizer Set

Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name. The ZICOTO file organize storage boxes are versatile and can organize all your paperwork, letters, folders and hanging files in style. The sturdy bottom of the file folder box makes it super stable and the linen fabric exterior is easy to clean. If you stack the file boxes for hanging files in your storeroom or shelves for optimal space usage, take advantage of the folding feature and put the collapsible file box away. The built-in handles make it easy to move the portable file box, and the practical card slots make it easy to find anything in no time. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Zicoto file basket set in light gray linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Zicoto file basket set in light gray linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies.

Brand: Zicoto

👤The dimensions are off to the right. They are too wide and not tall. I took a while to get the rails. The files did not hang. You can see that the dimensions of the other collapsible filing boxes are different. They are only 10” high and 12.4” wide. They are also poorly made. I am returning and ordering a box with the correct dimensions. Don't buy this, do yourself a favor.

👤These are a great option if you want to save money on plastic and cardboard file boxes. They will look better in a closet or open. There is a If my boxes were caught in quality assurance, they would probably be fine. Clear plastic protectors are on the edges so your hanging files can slide smoothly. The fabric bunching up made it difficult to install on one box. The protectors are too big to hang the files. I give these a B for their function and quality control. I like the handwritten note from the sellers. I would take them up on their offers for quality customer service, but the problem is I just need boxes now and don't have the will to return and re-order. Quality customer service is what I love so I'm giving 4 stars instead of 3. The boxes have 3. The boxes don't care about their rating and the sellers are trying to do well. Don't sell this product at this price point. This product is not $30.

👤I liked the convenience of these organizers. They are also very strong. The representatives from the company are very helpful and reply quickly if there are any issues. The initial order was not perfect. They gave me two brand new organizers for free and gave me half of my order back. I recommend these organizers for anyone in need of organizing.

👤These were set up quickly. The fabric surface is sturdy and feels nice. The problem is that they have plastic rails that connect to the sides so that you can slide them around and hang your files. They will slide off if you are slow. I'm using these for storage and it's fantastic.

👤I love it! I wanted the 2 packs of file box organizers with a decent price to keep my art works, report cards, and school papers of my twin boys. There are no defects on these purchases. I bought a different set of folders and they fit perfectly. It was an easy set up and it comes with a hard bottom surface to keep the box up and the clear sticks on the left and right side of the box to allow the folders to slide back and forth easily. It is a perfect size box, not too big or small.

👤I wanted to use these to organize my schoolwork for virtual school. They have to have a lot of materials that are disorganized, and no one is able to find them easily. I had to help multiple kids find things while they panicked, and I was always on the phone. There is a They were very easy to set up. They hold a lot. I have all of the kids school materials in them, and I could fit more into them. I bought standard size hanging file folders to go with them. I put them under the box because we haven't needed them yet. If we need to go anywhere, we would definitely want the lids on. They are perfect for what I needed.

5. Punemi Storage Organzier Container 30x15x6 7inch

Punemi Storage Organzier Container 30x15x6 7inch

Storage for household items, such as coats, jackets, shoes, baby clothes, garments, toys, comforters, quilt, extra sheet sets, linens, holiday decorations, moving organization. Paper storage under the bed. There are great deficiency essentials for girls and boys. The kids are learning how to live on their own as the back-to-school season approaches. This college essentials storage is great to help them stay organized and use the space in their dorm or apartment. The under bed storage bins are made of fabric. The bags are softer under the bed. The three-side open has 2 locks for taking out and putting in items. It's suitable for students to use as dorm room essentials. Considerate design school suppliers. The storage bags are easy to open and close because of the double smooth zippers, and the reinforced handles make it convenient for students to carry and pull out from under the bed. You will find what you are looking for quickly with the help of the transparent label pocket. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Put away items that are not in use. In the attic, basement, closet, coatroom, bedroom, baby nursery, under cribs and in dorms, you can store seasonal and everyday items. It's a great college dorm room accessories for college students. Storage for Enlarge Your Bedroom Storage Space is a bag that fits under your bed or in the closet. It's ideal for storing clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, quilts, comforters, blankets, pillows, sheets, linen, bedding, towels, totes, toys, shoes and Christmas wrapping paper. College students have great dorm storage. Storage for Enlarge Your Bedroom Storage Space is a bag that fits under your bed or in the closet. It's ideal for storing clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, quilts, comforters, blankets, pillows, sheets, linen, bedding, towels, totes, toys, shoes and Christmas wrapping paper. College students have great dorm storage.

Brand: Punemi

👤I returned them. I liked the material. It was thick, sturdy, and the bins were all there, but the zippers kept catching on the vertical boards. I would have to be careful with how I put it together. I returned the bins I found that fit the bill because they solved the issue of the zip.

👤I bought a larger set for slipping under the bed. The other ones are fine, so I am happy. Looking at something. They are not as attractive as these. The look and feel of the exterior is very nice. The sturdy walls help the zipper stick around the corners, just give it a little assistance and it will go just fine. These have rigid sides and a cardboard base that folds into the bottom. All in well structured. It is attractive.

👤I wanted to store bed pillows and purses in these. They have a trifold insert that fits in the bottom. If the edges of the zippers are not straight around the corners, they could be difficult to zip. I think that overfill would put stress on the zippers. I have them on the shelves, so I didn't purchase them under the bed. I put the containers under the bed. If the need arises, I will purchase again.

👤I didn't receive what was pictured. It looks like a wish version of this. The bag was tapped first and that was red for me. When I opened the bag after cleaning my linens, there were black shoe prints all over it. I can't wash it. Like it? It was thrown into the trash. I'm sick of the products being hit or miss. Thanks, I'll stick with Target.

👤The ones with the rigid sides are better than the ones with floppy sides. These are perfect for rotating my clothes.

👤I have seen some of the others in the market, but they are not as bad as this one. It seems to have a better one. You get what you pay for.

👤I kept my sweatshirts, jeans, sheets and towels in different places. They don't look like storage. They look like drawers under the bed.

👤The best fit for our 150+ branch vintage aluminum Christmas tree and tree skirt is two sets of four bins. The tops were not straight when we put them on. I prefer the quilted china cup storage bins I found for our ornaments as they are more sturdy and not as flimsy to move and store as these. They were not available in the length needed to store the longest tree branches. These are the best fit for now.

6. 2pack Foldable Jumbo Storage 12inch

2pack Foldable Jumbo Storage 12inch

The storage box set is a good choice for dormitory, attic, basement and bedroom use, it can be used under the bed or closet. It's easy to store when not in use. The set includes two large storage bags. (). One container is easy to fit a king comforter set. The Ultimate Compact is a space saving solution that can be used in a dorm, bedroom, attic, office and more. Lifting bags for stacking or transporting from place to place are lightweight and portable. When not in use, foldable is folded flat under the bed or in drawers. Clear window design is made of Breathable non-woven fabric with large size clear window and 2 handles. Clear window design is made of Breathable non-woven fabric with large size clear window and 2 handles.

Brand: Szxc

👤Well packed and shipped. They have the worst smell when opened. There is only one reason for 4 stars. I put it in the garage and it still smelled. Put it on the patio. The smell is still not as bad. I sprayed it with fabreeze and it worked. I was surprised when I was able to put an extra large fluffy California King comforter into easily, with a little room left over. I used the other one to put the shams and 6 pillows into it and left some room left over. The quality is very good, but the smell is not good.

👤They can hold two Queen size comforters or three lightweight ones. The bags served their purpose. The bags are large and quickly opened. Seams are not pulling fabric. It's easier to find the right quilt with the handles and windows. I had great storage.

👤I am waiting to see if I can get the smell out of these. I don't want to put anything in them because they have a stinky plastic gasoline smell. I washed them and they smelled better, but will probably have to wash them again. They were not destroyed in the washing machine. I think they are strong. There is a I had to throw them out because I didn't get enough of the smell from washing and air drying.

👤Extra pillows, winter bed sheets, and comforters are great to store. Dust is kept out. We like to know what is in the bag by looking through the window. It is not as strong. If carried by the handles, I can see them ripping with too much weight inside. If carried from the bottom, they will last.

👤I wanted to put some bedding in the den so I bought these. So happy! They look sturdy and lightweight, and everything fits in perfectly. They are in the garage and appear to be dust-proof. I can see through the side window to pick the items I want. Great purchase!

👤I thought the bags would be sturdy, but they seem very cheap. I wouldn't pay more than $1 for each. They store pillows well. I wouldn't trust it to last long. The bags are very flimsy and the zip looks like it will rip sooner or later. I missed the window to return it. Wouldn't buy again.

👤There were 10 quilts in these bags. I only got one quilt in those bags. The rest of the bags contained 2 quilts. These are the best for long-term storage for items you only use occasionally. I put a lot of stress on them, but the zipper was able to hold up.

👤The bag is large. They seem strong. They don't have a stiff bottom. It will not sit perfectly if it's not completely full. I think it's better to keep my blankets in plastic bags than it is to keep them in my house.

7. Foldable Containers Organizer Removable Dividers

Foldable Containers Organizer Removable Dividers

The set of 12 bowknot jewelry boxes are suitable for a wide range of occasions such as anniversaries, memorial day, wedding, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas,Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Halloween, etc. The storage bins come in a set of 2 and have large capacity. 15.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches can hold clothes, toys, or useful tools. This storage box can be used to store a lot of items in your house. The Storage box is made of high quality linen and non-woven fabrics, which is eco-friendly, no intolerable or other stinky odors, and it is made of high quality linen and non-woven fabrics. These fabric storage boxes are dust proof, they are easy to grab and carry, and decorative storage boxes with lids keep stuffs away from dust. These foldable storage bins are easy to install. When you're not using it, it can be folded. It's Stackable. The lid is reinforced with density board and sides and bottom are made of polypropylene. Closet bins are sturdy enough to be stacked. It's Stackable. The lid is reinforced with density board and sides and bottom are made of polypropylene. Closet bins are sturdy enough to be stacked.

Brand: Mee'life

👤I bought a bunch of these boxes. They are being used to store overflow clothes. I bought tags from Amazon and am very happy with how they came together. Thank you to Elva. One set did not have the reinforced bottom. Elva sent a replacement email to make sure it was received and that I was satisfied.

👤Excellent boxes. Not very sturdy and not cheap either. I have a main reason for 3 stars. The boxes are 15x10x10 but the sizes are not stated. It makes a big difference. I wanted them to be a bit bigger so I made them work in the space. 5 stars for the seller since they worked with me to resolve the issue and I was not completely satisfied. I will buy more from the seller.

👤These storage units are very nice. The colors were very nice. It's perfect for my floral supplies. Great job on these. I highly recommend them. There is a note. The first set was ordered a second time. Was lost in the bad weather but the seller was wonderful to work with and is replacing them. This item is very good and I highly recommend it. Thanks.

👤They are sturdy, but not stack them.

👤I intend to use the box for something. I wish they were more sturdy.

👤I needed these when the stuff in my room started to get out of hand. They are large and can hold a lot. They are very strong. I will definitely buy more.

👤I bought 2 of these containers to hold pet food cans and bags for the cat and dog in our dining room. The corner has pet food hidden. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I have been working on updating my closet for a year. They looked horrible, or even worse, when they became unavailable after ordering lots of different bins. I have a lot of different bin types in my closet, and it looks like a flea market. I thought these were too good to be true. A reviewer posted a photo that sold me on the product. I love them! The price went up to $42 for the 2 bins. Thankfully, this was an error and has been fixed, and I have 2 more on order. I need 6 total and these need to stick around until I order the last 2 in May of 2020. I'll be making matching, custom tags that will look really cute, like the reviewer who sold me on the product. Are you looking for something a little nicer than your average closet storage? Try them. They are a decent size. Not too big or too small.

👤It was bought for bathroom use and it was worth the money.

👤Thank you for arriving on time.

👤It is Encantado. Son tal y selln. Me encantan y sper. Cabe mucha. Cumplen perfectamente.

👤The Boxen ist bei 2 Handgriffen. Praktisch finde me, das Deckel hinten festsitzt. So weg- und runterrutschen. Die Boxen stabil, die gut transportieren, ist die Auerdem. Meine Boxen is vllig. Mehrere Nasen knnen das besttigen. Fr Bekleidung ist super geeignet. I was da I. Ihren schick aussehen, mssen Sie. Im Schrank verschwinden sondern knnen.

8. ANMINY Removable Foldable Organizer Containers

ANMINY Removable Foldable Organizer Containers

There are three pack linen storage bins, measuring 12 feet long, 9 feet wide and 7 feet high. It's made of premium eco-friendly cotton linen fabric and thick PP plastic board, and it's durable enough for long-term use. Convenient front handle for easy slide out. The cotton linen handles are easy to pick up. It's easy for storage and organization with theremovable lidded design. The side design of these storage boxes makes them easy to stack and use. If not in use, it is foldable to save space.

Brand: Anminy

👤The appearance and function of these storage bins are what matters. They are small but have a lot of room inside for all kinds of items. wrinkled fabric along the sides is not a big issue for me. The boxes/bins have different handles so that they can be arranged in different ways. The boxes have lids, that's a big plus. I am happy with my purchase of these bins.

👤I went to unfold the boxes and it appeared that they had been sitting in a warehouse for a long time. The sides were stuck to the boxes. I felt like I was pulling off tape when I opened them. Residue was left behind. I paid a lot of money for the boxes and won't be buying more. The photos are attached.

👤These were great to store small items. I cleaned up my office bookcase.

👤I had a small space under my bed that I wanted to use for storage. The small size bins worked well. There is a Good quality and sturdy.

9. StorageWorks Storage Double Open Strong Cotton

StorageWorks Storage Double Open Strong Cotton

The previous cotton rope handle has been changed to a fabric handle. The old and new types are shipped randomly. Their storage basket with cotton rope handles or sewn-in fabric handles can hold up to 30 pounds. The double-open lid makes it easy to get to the contents. There is a closet storage box for big toys. The boards are sturdy and can be used as clothes bins, toy organizers, or pet rubber chew toy bin. It is easy to assemble and collapsible for compact storage when not in use.

Brand: Storageworks

👤These boxes have been difficult to use for a couple of years. They are the right size, they look nice, and the materials are good. If they aren't packed perfectly, the top won't stay on, and the box will collapse. These are the perfect size for storing extra pillows. I can't stack them because I couldn't put one of the boxes on a closet shelf. The box popped off the first side if I turned it around to fix the other side. The collapsable design of these means that they keep wanting to collapse, and right now the box contains only one pillow. They look great, but in practice they are very frustrating.

👤I was not sure if I would like this based on other reviews. I decided to try it. I can store a lot of sweaters in it. I don't use the divider because it doesn't stay very well. I think I will order another one because it fits so much in my space.

👤It's great for closet spaces. Its of good quality. I think it should cost $20 and not $26. I keep it because it looks good in my closet. I would buy 4 more of it if it cost $20. Anyhow. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The lid can be half opened to peak. Box it comes in can be used as an easel. It's not sturdy enough to stack and it's not easy to clean once it starts collecting dust. If you can make 2 or 3 bundles for cheaper, you should. I had to pay full price for all 6 of them. These are for storing Christmas decoration and winter coats above my wardrobe. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Better than I anticipated. There was still 1/3 of the space left over after it fit 32 bed sheets and 32 pillow sheets. It was very sturdy, good and worth the price.

👤Storage containers have never been better. I have spent hundreds of dollars on containers in the past. I have professionally organized houses. I recommend them to everyone. It's great for baby stuff. The list goes on. They look quite classy. I love them! I like everything and these make me feel good.

👤There is a storage container. The fabric is made of linen. The rope handles have to be tied by the consumer, but this is very easy to do. There is a center divider that can be easily removed. The lid can be opened from one end to the other. I bought a container as a gift. The quality is great. I will be ordering more for myself.

👤Saving space along with storage space is important as I moved to a smaller apartment. I was looking for something that would give me more space when I needed it and something that could be tucked away when I'm done with it. There is a I have a bunch of clothes that need to be tucked away in the winter and this storage box has solved my problem. I fold up the storage when I don't use it in the summer. There is a The item arrived on time. The quality is great. It was easy to put it together and I didn't need to look at any instructions, they are located on the thin cardboard packaging. There is a This product is an excellent product, but it doesn't include a small thin bag to hold everything together when putting it away, which is a limitation. It's a great thing to have on hand, even if you don't want to load it. The following was sent to me at a reduced price. My opinions are mine.

10. BALEINE Foldable Collapsible Organizer Containers

BALEINE Foldable Collapsible Organizer Containers

The size is perfect. You have plenty of storage space with the cube organizers. The box with lid can be easily fit to a shelf or closet. It is easy to carry with aluminum handles. Sturdy designs are made to last. The basket is made of high quality linen fabrics. The inner card board and surface material are durable. Two cloth handles and an aluminum handle are needed to move the box. You can mark your items with a tag pocket on the front side. It's easy to store. The storage baskets are foldable. The box can be folded and put inside. You can put them in shelves to make your home more organized. When necessary, use a damp sponge or cloth to clean the storage basket. There are multi- functions. The home organization and storage box can be used in a lot of places. The fabric boxes are great for storing things. They can be used as a moving box. BALEINE stands behind the quality of their products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. They give a 30-day money back guarantee. 100% satisfaction for risk-free shopping!

Brand: Baleine

👤These are amazing. I plan on buying more jumbo and medium size items next week. I want to organize all of our storage areas, closets, and walk-in pantry after I organize our linen closets. You can stack them without them crushing down. If you don't mind that some of the boxes are open without a lid, you can put the lid under them. I used one of their online templates to make my labels.

👤It was perfect! They were bought to protect my modem and router from Kitty. Does that. There is a There is no concern about cat hair in the devices. The cords are pulled through the opening.

👤The size and the fact that the bins had lids made me like them. They had a chemical smell that was powerful and extreme. There was a tear in one of my bins that was not corrected but included in the bundle. If the top box has weight to the contents, don't stack them on top of each other. Good size, bad smell and craftsman could be better. If the quality andDurability was better, the smell would have been ok.

👤A very cheap product with low quality control standards. All 6 boxes I bought had some issue, mostly incomplete or misaligned stitching, so that you can see the cheap cardboard underneath. The boxes are very flimsy. If filled with solidly structured objects, this will get a little better, but these are not as sturdy as the Amazon box they're shipped in. The lids are a joke, they go on top of the bins, but have no structure. I'm hesitant to stack these filled with anything but the lightest of items as they seem like they'd collapse under their own weight. They look fine from a distance, but buyer beware, these are not sturdy boxes that will last long. I would look for another storage solution if you were going to use and open them frequently.

👤I love these boxes, but they were missing the integrity and shape of the bottom inserts. I was disappointed when they arrived a week after I ordered them, they were missing the three pieces that make them work. The box was damaged. It will take another week to get replacements. I want it because they are pwrfect.

👤Headline says it all: Well made and attractive. The person who reported a bad smell must have had a strange experience. It was perfect for what I bought it for.

👤I looked over all the boxes on Amazon and found one that fit in my desk cubby. I have been using for about 2 weeks and it has been good. Seem strong. I wish they were a little bit longer but this works perfectly for me.

👤These boxes are easy to assemble, and I love them for my closet shelves. They fit as planned because they are exactly the size they say they are. I like that you can label what is inside each box because I forget where everything ended up after reorganizing. I like the option of having them so the items I don't use very often don't get dusty, but I use some of them with their lids and some without. I'm ordering more soon.

11. Livememory Decorative Storage Handles Bedroom

Livememory Decorative Storage Handles Bedroom

Storage baskets for shelves are perfect for underbed storage. The decorative storage boxes are made from high quality cardboard and are resistant to falling down. There is linguistic apprenticeship. Storage boxes with lids give your home a perfect decoration which is fashionable, classic and decent. There is space for parking. Extra storage space can be provided by their decorative storage boxes, but also can be folded up while not in use. Considerate design. The size of storage bins. L15.7*W11.8*H 7.9 Inches; lidded design keep stuffs away from dust; rope handle for easy slide in and pull out of shelves or cabinet There are multiple function storage boxes. The storage box has lids that fit for clothes, kids toys, art & craft supplies, books, shoes, seasonal items, DVD, and more. There are multiple function storage boxes. The storage box has lids that fit for clothes, kids toys, art & craft supplies, books, shoes, seasonal items, DVD, and more.

Brand: Livememory

👤I bought this to use as a memory box at my mom's memorial and it was so much nicer in person than the picture depicts. Very happy.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase. They are convenient and stylish. I will buy from this merchant again.

👤I use it to hold hiking gear for my dogs, as well as water bottles and a small bag for my tiny dog. There is a cd case, extra pair of glasses, and a couple other smaller items. I would recommend car storage because it fits all that I need in my little Juke.

👤When I was looking for a box to store my small electronics, I was unsure about this box. I liked the look of the box. It's as good or better than I thought. The material is similar to an oil tablecloth, but not exactly like that. If you want a woodsy look, this box is perfect. You can wipe it with a damp cloth if you put it in water.

👤I used this for storage and the stable for a nativity set for my children. The wood grain fabric is perfect. It's great for storage because of the hours of playing enjoyment.

👤This storage box can be used in many different ways. It can be used to make a room look nicer. It's on top of the fridge for the box. It makes the room look different. It comes with a lid that is different from most containers. The wood grain looks better than I thought.

👤I was able to use this large box to make a treasure box for my grandson. Filled it with a lot of toys that were very heavy. I think it weighed over 5 lbs. Once filled. The box worked well. The design gave the appearance of old wood, so it worked well for my pirate theme. Does it look like plastic, but it's not junk, it looks nice. This box is not as sturdy as a real wooden box, but it is still a quality lightweight box. Is it possible to store glass, wood, ceramic or metal items? It's better for materials that are light to medium weight, such as paper, cloth, and plastic, such as crafts, clothing, table linens, kid's toys, and so on. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This was the worst product I have ever purchased on Amazon. The cloth walled "box" was a bag that easily collapsed under its own weight. I bought this because I thought it looked cute in the pictures and we wanted a box to keep our son's memories. The quality was not high enough to support a price higher than $5. We are happy to use an empty box of Pampers for the job until something better comes along.

👤They are large. It was a nice faux wood. The lid is difficult to get on.

👤It was a perfect size and looked good. These boxes were really nice.


What is the best product for decorative under bed storage boxes with lids?

Decorative under bed storage boxes with lids products from Kate Spade New York. In this article about decorative under bed storage boxes with lids you can see why people choose the product. Prandom and Seekind are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative under bed storage boxes with lids.

What are the best brands for decorative under bed storage boxes with lids?

Kate Spade New York, Prandom and Seekind are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative under bed storage boxes with lids. Find the detail in this article. Zicoto, Punemi and Szxc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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