Best Decorative Under Bed Storage Boxes

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1. PRANDOM File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

PRANDOM File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

There is a satisfaction guarantee. Farmhouse indoor outdoor decorations are available. 30-days no reason return and lifetime customer service are provided by them. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have a problem. There is aTILE file box for letter size files. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from PRANDOM are 15x12.2x10.75". There is a hedging box. The storage container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on both sides of the file. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤The sides are not strong enough to hold hanging files. It is good for storing other things. It is easy to assemble.

👤The 5-star reviews seem like an elegant solution to having files at home. All of the hanging files that have index tabs are crushed down because the lid shuts flush to the box. See photo. I didn't give a star because I can see why this would work if you didn't hang files without tabs. This didn't work for me and it was an expensive lesson.

👤The dimensions of the boxes are a bit deceiving. The inside dimensions are about 9 12 and the bottom is in place. The files don't hang well on the sides of the standard file folder. The sides are flimsy so file holders fall inside. I think the option is to put something around the rim to increase the height and make it sturdy. Is it possible that these people actually test a product before selling it? I'll keep them for storage, but I'll look for a box that will hold the files.

👤I put all 25 file folders in and now I can move them without them falling off, because I was frustrated when I first put a few in. It needs multiple file folders to keep it sturdy, but if you do that it is amazing and good to go!

👤I was very disappointed that my files didn't stay on the sides. They all fell down within the box. Files do not slide back and forth like a regular system. I was hoping the box was strong. It is pretty flimsy. I don't think it's worth the trouble of returning so I'm keeping them. The files are pushing up against the lid so it has to be raised. I don't think stacking anything on top of these boxes is a good idea.

👤I can't complain about this product. These work great for the relatively small amount of filing I do. The texture of the product is very nice. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a nice product that isn't too expensive.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. They are nice looking. I don't have to hide them in a closet because they fit in my shelves.

👤I love it! It is perfect for what I need. The assembly is done for you. The folders fit! The attached pic is attached. I might order another one soon. It's too expensive for me. It is still what I need.

2. Iwill CREATE PRO Underbed Blankets

Iwill CREATE PRO Underbed Blankets

This storage box can be used for your under bed, couch or the top of your closet. Dust can be harmful to your seasonal garment or shoes. The dimensions are 27.5*15.7*7 The folding size is 15.56 The under bed Storage box is made of good materials. The three-side open has 2 locks for taking out and putting in items. You can easily slide it in any direction with the three handles on the sides. The whole box is collapsible, the cover is soft, and the bottom board is replaceable. You can stack the boxes one by one. If not used, fold it to save space. It's important: remind. To make sure the box fits, please measure the space height and length. The dimensions were offered in features and pictures.

Brand: Iwill Create Pro

👤I received 2 storage boxes, but I was not sure of the quantity. It's made of a good quality canvas, the zippers work well, and they slide on the carpet under the bed.

👤We use these to keep things that we don't know what to do with but are afraid to throw out, organized and out of the way under the bed. If you're storing things that need frequent access, they aren't an ideal solution, but for simple organization they work well.

👤I have ordered several to clear out my Christmas items and found I Will under bed storage units to be the best. I was so happy to find these.

👤It's perfect to fit under the bed, and can hold anything I want to organize. It makes finding items much easier. All I have to do is label the contents.

👤The description says they are 7” tall. They are not very close. It could be 4” tall. I like them but want what was in the photo.

👤I travel for work and have this in my trunk for everything. Light but strong. It is not moved very often so that may be an issue.

👤Love the under bed storage bins. Useful for storing seasonal clothes and blankets. Highly recommended.

👤Product is very strong, better than I expected. The base is strong enough to hold the weight of my towels and bed sheets without collapsing. I would recommend it.

3. Lifewit Containers Organizers Reinforced See Through

Lifewit Containers Organizers Reinforced See Through

Sturdy structure: The bottom and 4 sides are made of sturdy straight boards, which make the organizers stand upright when empty or full. It will protect your items from being crushed. The storage boxes have a capacity of 49.8 L and are spacious to hold clothes, blankets, sweaters, toys and shoes. The handle is sewn to the side plate to strengthen its load-bearing capacity and extend its service life. Your belongings are kept fresh month after month with tough non-woven fabric. The storage container is easy to assemble and can be used right away, the upper see-through window protects it from dust and is easy to wipe down when cleaning, making it an easy to use storage container. The storage box set is a good choice for dormitory, attic, basement and bedroom use, it can be used under the bed or closet. It's easy to store when not in use. The storage box set is a good choice for dormitory, attic, basement and bedroom use, it can be used under the bed or closet. It's easy to store when not in use.

Brand: Lifewit

👤We were forced to move a long time ago. The new bedroom does not have a lot of room. I was able to get rid of the furniture by using these. A lot of reviews of similar products refuse to keep it's shape unless it's packed with clothes. Even when empty, this product holds it's shape. I have not had any problems with the handles of the slide. My cat likes to sleep under my bed. I would buy more if I could fit more under there.

👤They were purchased to hold gift rolls. I had to return the product I had ordered because it was flimsy and the odors would not go away after two days in my patio. The product is made of high quality material and it did not have any odors. I put them on my closet shelf and it looks great. I am very satisfied with the quality and price.

👤I wanted to store these under my bed. It can fit a lot of clothes. I keep my winter and summer items there. The back board on the bottom allows the bin to remain shape. The fabric of the bins is very strong. I would definitely recommend it. I use it as a space saver for my closet.

👤I liked the fact that they are both solid. The brand I bought and returned did not have solid sides. There is a They fit under my bed nicely. They are easy to pull out. There is a The corners were the only problem I had. They were difficult to move around. I left one side open because I zip a lot. There is a I write reviews to let you know how this product was for me, and to help you make a decision about buying or not buying.

👤I have bought similar ones in the past, but they are not as sturdy. They have a base inside, and don't just collapse. There is a You should get more than 2 for the price. I have seen other people selling them for less money.

👤I like that it is light and easy to see under my bed. I am using the first one to store gift bags and gift boxes. I use the top of my bed to wrap gifts, so it'sANDY who keeps these items under the bed. The second one is being used to store gifts that I got on sale and need to be kept out of sight.

👤I ordered three and absolutely love them. I had others but never knew what was in them, so I had to take them out and hope I got the right one. I am glad I purchased them.

👤The product is sturdy and bright. I have bought a total of 4 so far, and plan on purchasing more soon.

👤I don't usually review but these are amazing. I got a new bed. Previously there were 4 drawers under the bed. The ottoman bed needs some organization rather than just throwing everything under the bed. I ordered 4 because they are smaller than the drawers. All clothes fit in 2. The top is clear so you can see what's in it. It's light and easy to pick up. It's better than those plastic under bed storage tubs. Can't recommend enough.

4. ANMINY Storage Foldable Organizer Containers

ANMINY Storage Foldable Organizer Containers

There are two pack linen storage bins, measuring 15" long, 10" wide, and6" high. It's made of premium eco-friendly cotton linen fabric and thick PP plastic board, and it's durable enough for long-term use. The double zippers make it easy to open and close the lid, and prevent dust fromSettling on the stored contents. The cotton linen handles are convenient for pick up or movement. It's ideal for storing clothes, shoes, children's toys, blankets, DVDs, books, photo albums, scarves and more. The side design of these storage boxes makes them easy to stack and use. If not in use, it is foldable to save space.

Brand: Anminy

👤Sturdy sides and large size. If you're not planning on stacking or putting it on a shelf, the top is just a flimsy piece of material with no backing for support.

👤It's pretty well made. These were the right size for my sewing patterns. They worked so I ordered more. There is a They have between 30-40 patterns.

👤These boxes are wonderful. I ordered 2 more. It's great for my papers and books. It looks nice and there is no smell. There was no gassing out.

👤These are the things I need to keep my dolls clean.

👤Every time you open or close these things, there are strings and material coming off of the seams. It's a cheap mess.

👤It is so convenient. I have my essentials at my fingertips.

👤There are really handy bins. The zip tops are perfect. They stack nicely.

👤Good size for the price. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤No se nota mucho, son un tiles y se resistentes.

👤Cheap and not what they say it is.

5. ZOBER Underbed Christmas Ornament Zippered

ZOBER Underbed Christmas Ornament Zippered

The Undercover Cubes under bed clothing storage set is a lifetime of clutter-free homes. At Mill & Mint, they guarantee nothing but stress-free organization, and they have a lifetime guarantee. Bauble ornament box store up to 64 ornaments on each side with cardboard dividers that help keep decoration ornaments safe from scratches and shattering so they are always ready to show off for the Christmas season, Easter, Halloween, and other special occasions. The dimensions are 25.9" x 12.9" x 6.6" Storage container for Christmas ornaments is small and portable and can fit under beds and in other narrow spaces to keep your home orderly. STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Christmas storage containers organizers made of beautiful non-woven material to resist dirt and rips. There is a Christmas storage box. The Xmas storage container opening features dual zipper s to give you full access to either side of the Christmas ornament storage container holder's. Storage box for Christmas ornaments includes 2 sturdy stitch-secured side handles that you can use to easily take your Christmas ornaments holder between Christmas storage room and living room or to an outdoor area. Storage box for Christmas ornaments includes 2 sturdy stitch-secured side handles that you can use to easily take your Christmas ornaments holder between Christmas storage room and living room or to an outdoor area.

Brand: Zober

👤I bought this last year and loved it. The rest of our Christmas decorations did not hold up, so we decided to store it in the attic. The fabric is turning into dust.

👤The product was a good purchase. I buy ornaments for my children. I was looking for a nice place to store them. I used to keep my ornaments in plastic containers. I would wrap each ornament in paper for protection. It wasn't convenient. The slots can be adjusted to fit ornaments of almost any size. It fits under the bed. The only thing I would change about this product is to have padding on the outside and padded dividers as the cardboard doesn't offer a lot of protection. Extra protection for ornaments in my family would be great.

👤I wanted to find a neat way to store my Christmas baubles, but I didn't want to throw them back in a bag at the end of Christmas. The box is a great solution. There is a It's made from a plastic material and carboard dividers, which doesn't seem like much, but when put together is surprisingly sturdy with a great capacity for baubles. If you have items that don't fit, you can leave a divider out for those to fit on top. A great price for a storage solution.

👤The canvas organizers have a name tag for the contents. It is easy to access and fits under the bed. It has multiple trays of cardboard dividers that can be used to modify and accommodate ornaments of all sizes. It is so long and rectangular that ornaments can shift inside. You should put the ornaments in the room you plan to store them in. I wouldn't store it in the garage since it isn't hard sided.

👤This is the perfect place to keep my christmas decor. I ordered 2 of these and I am very happy with them. I like that the cardboard ornament dividers can be tailored to fit your ornament size, so that you have individual slots or just a row. I only used the dividers for one unit and was able to fit all my other decor in the other. I want more storage bins like this in different colors for my seasonal decor.

👤It fit more ornaments than I was expecting, but it doesn't sound like much when it comes to ornaments. It was difficult to put all of the pieces together. If it fit under my bed, I would give it more stars. I have a standard height bed with a metal bedrail on top of cheap carpet. It wouldn't slide under easily. I can't put the bigger ornament under the bed because it's inside, it's my fault. I have to shove it under because it feels like I'm compromising the container and ornaments.

👤I wanted to have a place for all my ornaments. I was not using all different bins and creating an organization nightmare. This product is great for small ornaments. The separators are very easy to assemble and have two levels of storage. I have small and large ornaments, so it was hard to store my larger ornaments because they were only geared towards small/medium sized ornaments. I need to find another storage vessel for my larger ornaments.

6. Vailando Adjustable Dividers Organizer Structure

Vailando Adjustable Dividers Organizer Structure

These under bed organizers work as a general purpose underbed storage container or faux under bed drawers. They are only listing words at this point. Theurdy structure Their underbed storage is made of PP materials, not cardboard, and it keeps all contents neat even when pulling and staying away from dust. The design for long time use is that you can pull the storage organizer out from under the bed easily, and could be used for a long time. Large andAdjustable: Measure 34" x 17" x6" and install the dividers to sort your out-of-season items. It's a great solution to store clothes, shoes, blankets, sweaters, toys. You could put the storage box under the bed or in the closet. It can be used for dormitory, attic, basement, and bedroom use. The foldable design makes it easy to store. The storage organizers they sell are of the highest quality, and they take pride in that. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, they will either replace it or refund your money. The storage organizers they sell are of the highest quality, and they take pride in that. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, they will either replace it or refund your money.

Brand: Vailando

👤Spring cleaning time. We have a bed in our guest room that will fit a storage organizers. This neat organizer with a sturdy structure was perfect for clothes blankets shoes that come in a 2 pack. There is a We have a nice house but with limited storage, so we have to take advantage of spaces like under a bed, so when I saw this cotton-linen canvas sturdy organize it did the trick. We use it for extra blankets and comforters as we put a lot of that away in the wintertime. There is a It is made of good materials and comes with a zip up bag to keep it safe for a longer period of time. We put our side by side under the bed because it is a good size to fit into a closet. It is a very convenient size and easy to install the dividers as you need to sort your out-of-season items quickly and keep them organized.

👤The storage was able to hold about 20 little girls costumes. I didn't think it would fit but it did. It was easy to zip. It was hidden under her bed. I will buy it again. I put two full sized blankets in the other one since I received two in one order. I tried three but they wouldn't fit. This is a great way to store items that you don't need every day while being convenient to get to when you need them.

👤We were camping and bought these to store our clothes. The conversion of a shuttle bus into a RV has cabinets and storage issues. We were not happy with the way our suitcases were taking up counter space or sitting on top of the couches. Storage organizers slide under the bed. They seal up great to prevent insects from getting inside and the clear material makes it easy to remove items without having to pull them out. The lined walls on the side walls and bottom solidify the structure. The organizers solved a lot of the issues we had. We can't believe we didn't think of these before.

👤These definitely met my expectations. The reviews would have exceeded my expectations if I hadn't read them. I agree with the reviews that everyone liked them. They held more clothes than I expected. The handles are easy to use. The dividers are easy to use. I will have to see how they work out for a while, but I may end up using one of the dividers from the second unit. I would buy them again. I might order a set for a gift.

👤So far, so good! These are for diaper storage under my bed. The metal frames on the carpet are simple. These slide under nicely. It's easy to pull in and out. My 2 year old can do it. Both are holding up to their daily use multiple times a day. They are talking so much that I can put the diapers and pull ups on their side. One of the units has a box of size 5 diapers. A box of pull ups. A box of baby wipes. There is one box of pull ups. I think that's a great capacity. This one is very good.

7. Containers Reinforced Breathable Non Woven Comforters

Containers Reinforced Breathable Non Woven Comforters

The cotton has a bamboo style design. There is a non-woven fabric and a transparent cover. Storage for Multipurposes. The set of 4 under bed storage bags is perfect for storing things in your closet, wardrobe or under the bed. Their storage containers are made of soft fabric which is better to be put under more beds. The under bed stoage containers are made of 100% grade non-woven fabric, which is odorless and sturdy enough to last a long time. 100L Jumbo size underbed storage bins are 100 cm x 50 cm x 16 cm. It is suitable for blankets, quilts, pillows, sweaters and other seasonal clothes. The foldable design of the storage bags saves space. Four Handles are more durable and convenient to use. The double 5# is strong. Through a transparent window, you will find what you need. You will get 4 pack underbed storage containers with 100L capacity. 100% of the days. There is a warranty on this. They are ready to help if you are unhappy with your products. You will get 4 pack underbed storage containers with 100L capacity. 100% of the days. There is a warranty on this. They are ready to help if you are unhappy with your products.

Brand: Hersolm

👤Do not waste your money. After a week, both bags were completely ripped open. The handle tore off completely as he tried to pull one of the bags out from under the bed. The other bag had a zip that ripped open. This was a complete waste of money. There is a The material feels cheap and the handles are not reinforced. The sides are not reinforced, so you have to pack it right to make them sturdy. I tried to pull it out by the two front handles, but they both ripped. Look for something better.

👤I should have known that it would be terrible, since I get 4 for such a low price. They have made it look different. They spent more time engineering the blanket than they did engineering the product. A dryer sheet is more durable than a quilt. They took the thing and made it look like it is strong. You would need a magnifying glass to see that diamond pattern. There is a I'm pretty sure that the zip will zip and unzip less than 20 times before it goes to hell. I scrolled up to check my work and saw the description of "with reinforced handles". I laughed out loud. How do you make a handle out of dryer sheet material? It's amazing... It's funny... Now for the good. I put the vacuum bags into the container and then vacuumed them up. It works well. I wanted to store 3 or 4 vacuum bags. I can pull it off the shelf with the handles. This storage container gets 2 stars. I spent a good hour on Amazon comparing all of the different storage containers, and ended up with this one. It is a better chance that the other products are equally rotten than it is. Do your research and you will end up spending hundreds on a canvas storage container or luggage to store things of this size and shape.

👤I wanted to put the vacuum storage bags in them for storage under my bed, so I bought these. Are they strong? The material is not super thick and there is no reinforcement for the inside. If you wanted that, you would have to spend a lot more. You could make your own reinforcement with cardboard cut to fit the sides and bottom. I am happy with the purchase as each one holds anywhere from 2 to 4 vacuum storage bags that I bought, of course depending on the size of them as well as how much I put in before getting the air out. I think that the heavier they are, the less likely they are to last long if one pulls them out by the handles, but with gentle use, I think they will last for a long time.

👤This item is the same as described. It's neither heavy-duty nor flimsy. It's perfect for what I need. Side supports would be nice, but not necessary when my items are in there. It supports itself well. If the situation requires it, I may use the box it came in to cut out my own supports. I am surprised at how much I can keep in them. I filled it to the height of the sides. I did not have any problems with the zippers, just pulled them gently, and I have broken suitcase zippers by yanking on them too hard. I'm very happy with my purchase.

8. HOONEX Foldable Storage Handles Cardboard

HOONEX Foldable Storage Handles Cardboard

The lining is made of Linen and Polyester. The box size for one is over 17 feet. You can own two linen fabric storage bins for one price, which will allow you to store most stuff, no matter what you want. Fit for home, office, nursery, and car boot. You can store the whole world. The collapsible grey storage containers are easy to fold up in a small size if you want to take them out or just prepare them for future use. The retractable lungis are re-allocated. The baskets are made with care and can be used to keep your clothes and other items out of the water or dust. They can cover the messy. These storage boxes feature double-sided handles with firm stitching to help you move them easily. Wherever you put them, you don't have to worry about moving them with items inside. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If there is a problem with the storage cube organizers, please email them. They will not try to give you a solution until you are satisfied. Let quality talk!

Brand: Hoonex

👤These bins are great. The quality is topnotch. They fit perfectly in my closet and look more expensive than they are. A lot of the bins I looked at were not very stable and had fabric that was cheap or wrinkled. Love the color. Exactly what I wanted.

👤The boxes look nice and fit in my closet. I use them to put away summer clothes in the winter and still have a neat closet. I can put two stacks of T-shirts into one box. The one thing I don't like is that the lids don't stay on. The lid will fall off if I put it on the shelf above it, or if I put it on the shelf below it. I would like the lid to have a tie strap or magnets. I'm going to retrofit a tie strap.

👤I received a pack of HOONEX Linen foldable storage bins and was pleased with them. I ordered 2 more packages of the bins. The second order's bins are not as good as the first. The fabric is not tight enough to be smooth. The handles on the ends of the bins make assembly easy. They aren't made to hold a lot of weight, but they have served the purpose of storing board games and small toys.

👤These boxes look great and are roomy. The sides and top are flimsy. If you're not going to put anything on top of them or have a kid jam the lid on crooked, you may be okay. I got them to hold toys and kids' stuff, so they aren't great for our purposes.

👤I was reluctant to unpack the boxes because they were packed so nicely. The boxes will work well because the lid is stable.

👤I love these! They fit perfectly in my closet. Storage boxes are very durable and beautiful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Unless you have a lot of stuff in the bottom, it folds easily. These are great quality and have worked well so far.

👤I wouldn't put heavy items in them, we use ours under the bed and just slide them out by the provided handles,replace the lid and slide back under the bed, I would recommend these.

👤Correct size. Very useful. Nice looking. It could be stronger.

👤It was excelente. The calidad y econmico.

9. TidyCorner Containers Organizer Structure Sweaters

TidyCorner Containers Organizer Structure Sweaters

It's important: remind. To make sure the box fits, you should measure your space height and length. The exact dimensions were offered in the description and picture. This 4.5" tall underbed storage is ideal for your bed and makes your room more space and nice looking. The storage container has heavy-duty sidewalls and a bottom. There are blankets, pillows, out-of-season clothes, toys and books. You can store different types of items. Great Capacity. Each of the under-bed storage boxes holds 45 liters. There are no problems with storing more than 15 pieces of clothes. It's easy to find your items with reinforced handles and clear windows. It is easy to store when not in use. Risk-free investment The quality of the bin is guaranteed. They will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours if you feel dissatisfied with the items. Risk-free investment The quality of the bin is guaranteed. They will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours if you feel dissatisfied with the items.

Brand: Tidycorner

👤I bought these to keep my boots out of the way. These work are perfect for that. They are of good quality and just the right size. The bottom was made sturdier with a cardboard insert. The cardboard insert makes them fold in themselves when I scoot them under the bed, unlike other ones of these I have tried. Great product! Good quality. Good find!

👤New under bed storage boxes had to be installed because of the lower bed frame. These are a quality product, even though they are expensive. There are no ends or loose threads in sewing. No hangups; the zips run smoothly. There are clear tops in boxes. Do fit under the bed frame. The material is strong. Pieces that fit in the bottom are the best. The box is sturdy once it is unfolded. A nice quantity of sweaters or gift wrap paper rolls can be held. I have recommended the product to friends.

👤Overall, these are great, but I wish they were a tad bigger. They fit nicely under my bed. I needed something more solid than what I had. So far, so good, I can't speak to their longevity, but haven't had them long.

👤Storage bags, material and color are nice. They fit perfectly under my bed. It comes with 2 bags. It took less than a minute to arrive. There is a lot of space that is perfect for storing clothes that need to be stored, and I bought them because I needed a place to put my spear quilts and bed sheets. The cheap and quality under-bed storage bags give you plenty of room to store many items under the bed. Great purchase. I recommend.

👤After we got a new bed, my old under bed storage containers were too tall to fit under it. They fit perfectly and were easy to use. I love being able to organize.

👤This was a perfect solution because of the limited storage space in my home. They are easy to move around with. They fit under my bed.

👤It's perfect for our bed. I use them to store gift bags. I will order 2 more blankets.

👤I have another version of this and it is good. I wish it had some sort of divider.

10. StorageWorks Storage Double Open Strong Cotton

StorageWorks Storage Double Open Strong Cotton

The previous cotton rope handle has been changed to a fabric handle. The old and new types are shipped randomly. Their storage basket with cotton rope handles or sewn-in fabric handles can hold up to 30 pounds. The double-open lid makes it easy to get to the contents. There is a closet storage box for big toys. The boards are sturdy and can be used as clothes bins, toy organizers, or pet rubber chew toy bin. It is easy to assemble and collapsible for compact storage when not in use.

Brand: Storageworks

👤These boxes have been difficult to use for a couple of years. They are the right size, they look nice, and the materials are good. If they aren't packed perfectly, the top won't stay on, and the box will collapse. These are the perfect size for storing extra pillows. I can't stack them because I couldn't put one of the boxes on a closet shelf. The box popped off the first side if I turned it around to fix the other side. The collapsable design of these means that they keep wanting to collapse, and right now the box contains only one pillow. They look great, but in practice they are very frustrating.

👤I was not sure if I would like this based on other reviews. I decided to try it. I can store a lot of sweaters in it. I don't use the divider because it doesn't stay very well. I think I will order another one because it fits so much in my space.

👤It's great for closet spaces. Its of good quality. I think it should cost $20 and not $26. I keep it because it looks good in my closet. I would buy 4 more of it if it cost $20. Anyhow. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The lid can be half opened to peak. Box it comes in can be used as an easel. It's not sturdy enough to stack and it's not easy to clean once it starts collecting dust. If you can make 2 or 3 bundles for cheaper, you should. I had to pay full price for all 6 of them. These are for storing Christmas decoration and winter coats above my wardrobe. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Better than I anticipated. There was still 1/3 of the space left over after it fit 32 bed sheets and 32 pillow sheets. It was very sturdy, good and worth the price.

👤Storage containers have never been better. I have spent hundreds of dollars on containers in the past. I have professionally organized houses. I recommend them to everyone. It's great for baby stuff. The list goes on. They look quite classy. I love them! I like everything and these make me feel good.

👤There is a storage container. The fabric is made of linen. The rope handles have to be tied by the consumer, but this is very easy to do. There is a center divider that can be easily removed. The lid can be opened from one end to the other. I bought a container as a gift. The quality is great. I will be ordering more for myself.

👤Saving space along with storage space is important as I moved to a smaller apartment. I was looking for something that would give me more space when I needed it and something that could be tucked away when I'm done with it. There is a I have a bunch of clothes that need to be tucked away in the winter and this storage box has solved my problem. I fold up the storage when I don't use it in the summer. There is a The item arrived on time. The quality is great. It was easy to put it together and I didn't need to look at any instructions, they are located on the thin cardboard packaging. There is a This product is an excellent product, but it doesn't include a small thin bag to hold everything together when putting it away, which is a limitation. It's a great thing to have on hand, even if you don't want to load it. The following was sent to me at a reduced price. My opinions are mine.

11. Punemi Storage Organzier Container 30x15x6 7inch

Punemi Storage Organzier Container 30x15x6 7inch

Storage for household items, such as coats, jackets, shoes, baby clothes, garments, toys, comforters, quilt, extra sheet sets, linens, holiday decorations, moving organization. Paper storage under the bed. There are great deficiency essentials for girls and boys. The kids are learning how to live on their own as the back-to-school season approaches. This college essentials storage is great to help them stay organized and use the space in their dorm or apartment. The under bed storage bins are made of fabric. The bags are softer under the bed. The three-side open has 2 locks for taking out and putting in items. It's suitable for students to use as dorm room essentials. Considerate design school suppliers. The storage bags are easy to open and close because of the double smooth zippers, and the reinforced handles make it convenient for students to carry and pull out from under the bed. You will find what you are looking for quickly with the help of the transparent label pocket. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Put away items that are not in use. In the attic, basement, closet, coatroom, bedroom, baby nursery, under cribs and in dorms, you can store seasonal and everyday items. It's a great college dorm room accessories for college students. Storage for Enlarge Your Bedroom Storage Space is a bag that fits under your bed or in the closet. It's ideal for storing clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, quilts, comforters, blankets, pillows, sheets, linen, bedding, towels, totes, toys, shoes and Christmas wrapping paper. College students have great dorm storage. Storage for Enlarge Your Bedroom Storage Space is a bag that fits under your bed or in the closet. It's ideal for storing clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, quilts, comforters, blankets, pillows, sheets, linen, bedding, towels, totes, toys, shoes and Christmas wrapping paper. College students have great dorm storage.

Brand: Punemi

👤I returned them. I liked the material. It was thick, sturdy, and the bins were all there, but the zippers kept catching on the vertical boards. I would have to be careful with how I put it together. I returned the bins I found that fit the bill because they solved the issue of the zip.

👤I bought a larger set for slipping under the bed. The other ones are fine, so I am happy. Looking at something. They are not as attractive as these. The look and feel of the exterior is very nice. The sturdy walls help the zipper stick around the corners, just give it a little assistance and it will go just fine. These have rigid sides and a cardboard base that folds into the bottom. All in well structured. It is attractive.

👤I wanted to store bed pillows and purses in these. They have a trifold insert that fits in the bottom. If the edges of the zippers are not straight around the corners, they could be difficult to zip. I think that overfill would put stress on the zippers. I have them on the shelves, so I didn't purchase them under the bed. I put the containers under the bed. If the need arises, I will purchase again.

👤I didn't receive what was pictured. It looks like a wish version of this. The bag was tapped first and that was red for me. When I opened the bag after cleaning my linens, there were black shoe prints all over it. I can't wash it. Like it? It was thrown into the trash. I'm sick of the products being hit or miss. Thanks, I'll stick with Target.

👤The ones with the rigid sides are better than the ones with floppy sides. These are perfect for rotating my clothes.

👤I have seen some of the others in the market, but they are not as bad as this one. It seems to have a better one. You get what you pay for.

👤I kept my sweatshirts, jeans, sheets and towels in different places. They don't look like storage. They look like drawers under the bed.

👤The best fit for our 150+ branch vintage aluminum Christmas tree and tree skirt is two sets of four bins. The tops were not straight when we put them on. I prefer the quilted china cup storage bins I found for our ornaments as they are more sturdy and not as flimsy to move and store as these. They were not available in the length needed to store the longest tree branches. These are the best fit for now.


What is the best product for decorative under bed storage boxes?

Decorative under bed storage boxes products from Prandom. In this article about decorative under bed storage boxes you can see why people choose the product. Iwill Create Pro and Lifewit are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative under bed storage boxes.

What are the best brands for decorative under bed storage boxes?

Prandom, Iwill Create Pro and Lifewit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative under bed storage boxes. Find the detail in this article. Anminy, Zober and Vailando are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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