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1. SmartChoice Wings Freedom Cremation Human

SmartChoice Wings Freedom Cremation Human

Trupoint Memorials cares for you, your family, and your late loved ones, and this urn will leave you completely satisfied or a full refund. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. This beautiful handcrafted urn vase is a perfect way to honor your loved one. The timeless design can be found in any home or office décor. The SmartChoice urn can be used to store the ashes of a loved one. The urns for human ashes are high quality and will last for years to come, just like the memories you have with your deceased loved one. The handcrafted urn is made from premium metal that will not chip or crack and is made with a durable finish. The cremation urns are blue in color and will give you the same relief that your loved one gave you. The final resting place of your loved one will be as special as their life was if you use this urn for human ashes adult. The metal urn is secured on a felt base to protect delicate surfaces. Your loved one's ashes are fastened with this threaded lid. The capacity of the urn is 200 square inches and it is 6 feet wide. If you have any issues with your cremation, please contact them. urn They will try to fix the issue. They want this to be a hassle-free purchase.

Brand: Smartchoice

👤I don't want to do this review. My son had been out of prison for a week and a day when I found him dead in his bathtub. It was a tragedy, but apparently he hadn't stopped using heroin. I was hoping that he would learn his lesson after a year and two months in prison, but it was dashed in horror that morning. I didn't have life insurance on him because I didn't want it on anyone but myself. I couldn't afford a burial plot and casket for $10,000, because he had never once discussed his desires. It didn't take long for me to discover the need for strict "big government" regulations that need to be enacted on the hucksters in the burial business. It is crazy and they deserve the title of a scam artist. I can't prove it because I didn't buy the $500 urn that was offered, but this one looks exactly like the one in the funeral home's catalog. Why not? I paid $100 for a black plastic box to hold his remains. I don't think buying this one for less than $60 is disrespectful or cheap. It is the quality, sturdiness, and appeal of the catalog that makes it so.

👤The urn is gorgeous. I am very happy with it. It is a great material and it is gorgeous blue. Absolutely perfect. I can't believe funeral homes scam people. It is disgusting. This was well priced and well crafted. 100000% recommend. I love it so much. You get the point, I could go on and on.

👤A quality product for a double or triple price from the funeral home. The design and craftsmanship that went into this product was very pleasing to my siblings. This would be the repository for our sisters remains. Before the funeral of a loved one, people should shop and see how many things can be bought online. You can shop for funeral home prices by phone. The exact same services were quoted at two different funeral homes. It is very competitive. Some people think it's disrespectful to the deceased to question the funeral director's prices. I had arranged my oldest sister's burial service at the funeral home that was charging more. I didn't ask about cost because of my grief. That was over $11k with a casket. He was quoting almost $8,000 for a cremation. The other funeral home charged $4,450 for the same service and cemmentary. Is there consideration for a returning customer? There are honest funeral homes. It's easier to call first rather than walk in. I hope this helps some people.

👤It is a nice piece. It is strong. The colors are bright. I sent it back. I couldn't get the ashes into the urn without opening the baggie that the funeral home held them in. There will be bits of ash in the bag if I open it and sprinkle him into the urn. I don't want to do that. Do I keep the bag? Do I throw the bag away? No. I wanted something that the entire bag could fit in the opening. This is not a product. There is a My second issue is my husband's weight. This may or may not hold the ashes. If I dumped the ashes and he wasn't all right, then what? I do not want two urns. I don't want to open the bag and pour something that looks nice. There is a I don't want to be responsible for getting every single ash into the urn. The opening is too small to hold the entire bag.

2. TTKBHHQ Aircraft Airplane Christmas Decoration

TTKBHHQ Aircraft Airplane Christmas Decoration

200 inches is the capacity. Most adults weighing up to 200 lbs have a funeral urn. The standard size urn can be used for smaller-sized adults as well as for pet remains. Material:Matal tinplate material and hand painting. Don't worry if it is bent, gently bend it to its original appearance. 10x9x5 cm. The model is from Germany. People's first dream is to fly with ambition and informal. Clean and dried clothes should be wiped lightly when they get dirty. It's perfect for decorating a children's room. It's perfect for Christmas tree decoration. The handicraft is great for vintage airplane fans. Not satisfied with the 60 days free return.

Brand: Ttkbhhq

👤There are cute airplane ornaments. I thought they would be bigger to hang in my son's room. The ornaments are a bit smaller than the ones you would put on a tree. My son loves airplanes and still thinks they are cool. They are a bit flimsy and made with thin material, but I think they were not made to be used as a toy.

👤I agree with you, these are meh! The ones I received were painted sloppily. The striping was yellow instead of white. The red one had a tacky barely attached John Deere sticker, but no string ornament. They are decent for the price.

👤These are cute as a little decoration. My arrival was banged up as many of the other reviews commented. You could mold them back because they are so flimsy. They are used to hold balloons at a party. They were great for that purpose. My daughter broke the wheels off when she tried to play with it. These are not toys.

👤These little planes are very cute. They added a 3-D effect to my daughter's project. They are bendable but look great. My 4 year old was reform them with his bare hands. We were able to bend them back into shape for the presentation, but we couldn't put the wheel back together. It was until a good looking prop with out the wheel.

👤These ornaments were bought to be gifts. They came a little bent but were able to get back to normal. There is a sticker on the red ones that says John Deere. The back looks a little off because there is no vertical stabilizer.

👤They were all bent over. There was a clear plastic label on the wings of the red one.

👤The hanging planes were just as described to me. The sky theme was complete with it.

👤The planes were used as part of the centerpiece. Excellent quality and fit the theme perfectly. The little metal planes are great.

3. RESTAALL Peaceful Cremation Memorial Funeral

RESTAALL Peaceful Cremation Memorial Funeral

An eye-catching centerpiece can be created with a stunning accent piece. The adult urn is made from 100% solid aluminum alloy and has a threaded lid that is strong enough to survive accidental falls. A high-luster finish is created by nickel plating. A felt base and a bag for secure transportation are included. The cremation urns for ashes for humans feature a serene woodland image which will appeal to those inspired by nature. Providing a unique resting place for your loved one is beautiful craftmanship. The artisans used the ancient process of sand casting. The green medium urn for ashes is hand finished. Their cremation urns for human ashes have never been used before, and undergo an 11-point quality check before being sent to their customers. Their products are backed by a 12-month manufacturer warranty and no-quibble returns policy. For adults up to 200 lbs, each funeral ashes urn for human ashes adult woman holds approximately 200 cubic inches which is generally adequate for the remains of an adult weighing up to 200 lbs. The height is 10” and the weight is 4 lbs.

Brand: Restaall

👤The urn is named Peaceful Forest. Pete died in Dec 2020. We owned property in NH. We went to a place where we could camp and enjoy nature. The scene on the urn captures the warmth and peace we felt when we were there. Can't say how much it means to me to know Pete will rest in the Peaceful Forest. The craftsmanship is very good, it is sturdy and more than worth the money. I love it!

👤I was amazed by how beautiful it is. I saw some pictures but they don't do it justice. You can see more detail because it is very sturdy. I bought it for myself as I plan to cremation. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that I really didn't want because the funeral homes can charge almost triple what this costs. The picture was my idea of heaven and it was exactly what I wanted.

👤Absolutely in love with this urn. It's the final place to bury my son's ashes. It will stay on my living room shelf. His ashes are a reminder that we came from earth and will return.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. I knew that I wouldn't find something special for my mom at the funeral parlor. I searched online. Who knew that Amazon would have what I needed? She is sitting next to my dad.

👤The product was perfect. I was searching for something to display my mother in when she passed away. This met all of my requirements.

👤My brother approved of this urn. He would have picked it. It was well made and beautiful.

👤The packaging was second to none and the condolence card was very nice.

👤The picture doesn't do it justice, this is a beautiful urn. My son will love it. One small thing... I can not get top off. I can't turn it because of arthritis in hands. Maybe top should not be put on shipping. I love the urn.

👤Its beautiful. It's as advertised.

👤The item was received in perfect condition. Beautiful work. Exactly as it appeared on the screen.

👤It's encore plus belle en vraie! Arrivée rapidement et intacte.

4. Professional Wooden Human Ashes Burial Cremation

Professional Wooden Human Ashes Burial Cremation

MAKEY'S always strives to provide peace of mind with Funeral homes by offering Quality Urns for human cremation remains/ashes, in strong purpose to meet even exceed families' expectation and satisfactory. MAKEY'S wood urns are created in a professional manner. The factory has modern machines, skilled workers, and experience. MAKEY's cremation urns are made from STEADILY and FRIENDLY Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), with Environmentally and Elegant Finish, which is also usually for pianos. The package of urns is safe to handle and avoid damage during transportation. MAKEY's wood urns hold remains of adults up to 200 lbs. The internal 9'x 5'x 5'' has a capacity of MAKEY'S team is constantly working to create a Life-Celebration Present for the loved ones in their deep heart.

Brand: Makey's

👤I searched for an urn for my dad. I couldn't find anything I liked. I read the review and thought I would give it a try. I'm glad I did. This is a very nice urn, it's sturdy and flawless. One review said the lid was on. I was skeptical about that. The lid is attached. From the bottom, the ashes go in. It was supposed to arrive on Monday December 9, but I got it on Friday December 6, which is even better. Fast shipping and a nice wooden box urn. This transaction was flawless during a very difficult time, thanks to you all.

👤This would be perfect but for two defects. There is a small chip in the wood. The unit arrived with the lid detached, which is the bigger issue for me. I could hide the chip. The bottom of the lid appears to open for the placement of the ashes, so I could have superglued it. I requested a replacement hoping the new one wouldn't have the defects. I like the look and feel of the item and if the next one comes with the same defects, I will repair them myself. I don't think you should have to do that for a final resting place item. I'm hoping for better results with the second order. If you're searching for this kind of item, you must have suffered a loss, and I am sorry for that.

👤The box has a great value. The wood urn is better than the ceramic ones that I looked at. The price is reasonable. I feel bad for anyone who has to look for an urn here. I am confident that you will be very pleased with this one.

👤I assumed the liners were the same size. The wooden urns were made well but my liner wouldn't fit in them. Very disappointed to say the least. Don't know how the return process works. These urns didn't work for me. I need someone to help me get the correct size.

👤My mother passed away. It's terrible to have to make a decision to purchase something. The costs were tight because my mom did not have life insurance. The funeral parlor charged 5 times the price for the same thing. It came quickly with prime, and I added an engraved nameplate from the mall that looked amazing. I recommend it.

👤The plastic liner that came with the ashes doesn't fit on the urn, so I was very happy with the purchase. The urn is well made and affordable and the ashes fit perfectly without the liner.

👤I wanted to put the combined ashes of my two dogs together. I wanted something stately and dignified-looking for them, not an urn and not something with paw prints on it, as they both were incredibly special parts of my life, and nothing was ever too good for them. This was a huge savings compared to others I saw online, and it was perfect for what I was looking for. This is large enough for both boys and the collar and tags. I haven't used it yet, so I gave it four stars. I'm confident that it will hold up, since it's described on its posting.

5. Dletay Keepsake Cremation Stainless Holder God

Dletay Keepsake Cremation Stainless Holder God

REMATION URS: You can honor your loved one by keeping their ashes in an elegant urn. This durable cremation urn is designed for sharing. There are mini shears. A handcrafted miniature cremation urn designed for sharing portions of cremated remains ashes among family members can hold human cremains or pet ashes, flowers, dried flowers,earth from a grave site, or a lock of hair. The Small Urn has a screw-top lid. If the urn is dropped or bumped, the lid will remain closed. Workmanship is an expatriate work. The urn is made of Premium Grade Stainless Steel. The finish will not tarnish. Just like the memory it represents. Father's Day Gift: These mini keepsake urns are meant to be shared among family and friends when desired. A velvet pouch was given as a touching gift. Each Urn is small and fits in your hand and is meant to be a small remembrance.

Brand: Dletay

👤At 8 weeks, I lost my baby. This was the perfect size urn. It said that God has your in his arms and I have you in my heart.

👤I was impressed by this product, it is heavy and strong, it is laser engraved, so it is not going to peel off, I have bought several of these, and while I would buy again, I hope the reason doesn't.

👤The little urn was perfect. I shared part of my father's ashes with a sibling that wasn't able to get any when he died. It was packaged in a way that made it special, with everything someone would need to get the ashes into the urn, a little urn bag, and an ash spoon. It was a great purchase.

👤I was looking for something similar and it was here.

👤The writing is very small and it is a nice urn. I was expecting it to be a little bigger and more legible. It is a sturdy urn.

👤This is a beautiful urn. It's the perfect size for my needs and it's very reasonable. He ordered one for himself after seeing mine. Highly recommended!

👤It is beautiful and worth every penny. ! Well crafted and sturdy. It was well packaged. It's perfect for holding Mom's ashes.

👤If you want something smaller than a keepsake size that will fit anywhere, the verse on here is perfect. This was the perfect size and it was delivered quickly due to the loss of my sister.

6. Trupoint Memorials Silver Linings Lavender

Trupoint Memorials Silver Linings Lavender

When you've lost a loved one, you need an urn that's high quality to hold their ashes and act as a fitting tribute. This beautiful solid cremation urn is handcrafted and enameled to give your loved one's remains the best quality they deserve. The adult urn is 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The capacity of 200 cubic Inches can hold the remains of a 200lb person. The adult urn is made from sturdy aluminum alloy. A funeral urn for human ashes is a fitting remembrance of the life and loved you shared. It is a touching gift for your family who would like a lasting reminder of the deceased. ALUMINUM WITH LAVENDER FINISH was handcrafted from high- grade nickel. The superior craftsmanship and materials used to make this cremation urn ensures the ashes of your loved one are completely protected and given the highest level of respect. Trupoint Memorials is a company who cares for you, your family, and your late loved one. If you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤Everyone in our family agreed that this was the right urn for our mother. She would have picked it herself. The appearance of pearl shells on the outer areas is very beautiful. The lid has a lot of threads to screw it down, and it can be difficult at first. I like the snug lid once it's tightened down. It was a great purchase. The funeral home made a lot of money by selling urns for hundreds of dollars. We only waited a few days for our urn to arrive, so it was convenient to go through the funeral home. The ashes of our mom arrived a few days later. I use the velvet bag to keep the urn dust free.

👤On April 25th, my mother passed away. There is a The handcrafted urn is gorgeous. The photo on Amazon doesn't do it justice. My family has a very tight budget and the price was perfect. There is a The design of the urn is beyond beautiful, the silver etching around the urn is stunning, and it has a round piece of velvet on the bottom of the urn to protect any surface it will sit on. The bag that came with the urn is gorgeous. There is a We are very pleased with the urn and couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much for the quality and affordable product!

👤A friend of mine lost her 17 year old daughter in a car wreck, she has been having a lot of health issues, which has made it difficult to get out of the house, and finances are very tight since she can't work. She hadn't picked out an urn for her daughter yet. I bought this for her because her daughter's favorite color was purple. I gave it to her. She was so relieved that her daughter finally had a final resting place that she cried and went on about how perfect it was. The quality is great and it is large. It came 2 days early. Would highly recommend.

👤It's Beautiful, there isn't much to say. The Urn was packed well in a cardboard box. Time will tell if the silver/Chrome plated will hold up over time. The lid is a nice tight fit and can be seen in the picture. The bottom has blackFelt to prevent scratching delicate services. The bag didn't smell bad to me. I know my mom would approve.

👤I can't say enough about this urn. It is very well made. I was impressed with the quality of the urns they had at the funeral homes, but it was more affordable. The only problem we had was that the maroon bag was skinnier to fit in the actual urn than the plastic bag, but nothing could be done to fix it. I chose this urn to be my father's final resting place. Thanks for the great craftsmanship, affordability, and fast shipping.

👤The resting place for my loved one doesn't get the recognition it deserves because of the photo. I enjoy it and it gives me peace of mind. I see that my Dad is in a quiet and glorious place and that the piece of art is beautiful. I can't say enough about this Urn. The outer is very shiny and glistens in different lights. The lid can be sealed for security. The bottom is covered in black felt velvet and has a red bag velvet on it. Wow, wow. Completely satisfied. Mrs. Bent, sincerely.

7. ENBOVE Classy Adult Human Ashes

ENBOVE Classy Adult Human Ashes

When you've lost a loved one, you need an urn that's high quality to hold their ashes and act as a fitting tribute. The Tree of Life makes this beautiful cremation steel urn to give your loved one's remains the best quality they deserve. The adult urn is 8.27 inches tall and 5.60 inches wide. The capacity of 200 cubic Inches can hold the remains of a 200lb person. The adult urn is made from high grade metal. A funeral urn for human ashes is a fitting remembrance of the life and loved you shared. It is a touching gift for your family who would like a lasting reminder of the deceased. The tree of life is hand-crafted. The finish. The superior craftsmanship and materials used to make this cremation urn ensures the ashes of your loved one are completely protected and given the highest level of respect. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a 100% refund within 90 days. They want to offer the best customer service on Amazon.

Brand: Enbove

👤I bought this urn for my wife. We made arrangements for her father's cremation yesterday. She opened it after waiting all day. She is hoping that it will be as beautiful as the picture, and she is sad by what she finds. There is a The tree is a sticker and it is peeling. Since it was wrapped in plastic, it lifted even more out of place and wouldn't stick to the urn. This is a sensitive item and should be produced with care.

👤My mother-in-law was overwhelmed by the sudden death of my father-in-law. I bought this because it was cheap and could get to us in a few days. It was purchased to give us time to find a nicer solution. It fulfilled all of our expectations. I will explain below. There is a It looks great with the urn wreath around it. There is a The design is a sticker that was detached from the edges and wouldn't come off even if I tried. The smallest con is the worst. This is supposed to accommodate a 200lb person's remains, but my father-in-law was 175 lbs. We were given half of him in an urn and the other half in a bag by the funeral home. It was smoothed over with the family by me, and now each of them can have a part in him. There is a I did not regret buying this urn because it was needed immediately. I think the listing should be more clear about the design being a decals and the capacity of the urn, it's really better suited for a large dog, a child or a small adult.

👤I got an adult Urn and returned it for half the price, so I didn't purchase it unless it was for a child.

👤The tree is pretty but it needs to be stated that the whole tree is gold, not black. I would have preferred it to be completely black. I had some gold. The whole tree was gold. I would have sent it back but it was too late. Everything else was great and the cost was perfect.

👤It is not suitable for adult ashes and does not hold 200 inches. It's pretty low to have deceptive marketing to honor a dead loved one. There is a The urn was pretty. If you were planning to use several urns for different family members to keep their own portion, this would be more appropriate. My grandmother's remains are in a cardboard box while I wait for a suitable urn.

👤The tree of life sticker began to peel at the service that made me sad. Didn't last long. We tried to get it back. It popped out a little on the edge, but still nice for unexpected passing and cremation of a loved one.

👤It's beautiful and well made. I miss reading the description.

👤I hate to hide but my stepdad was a musician and he loved to play the drums, so I got a large drum that goes inside of the urn.

8. Cremation Forever Beautiful Hand Painted Decorative

Cremation Forever Beautiful Hand Painted Decorative

There is a beautiful ring vase to honor the life of a loved one. If you want to honor the life of a family member, you can choose from the most beautiful cremation urns by Forever Lane. Their marble urn is engraved by old-world artisans from India and is hard to miss. Matching small keepsake urns are also available. It's a good idea to keep in your house for a long time. Their cremation urn for ashes is a beautiful addition to any part of your home where you want to keep the memory of your loved ones alive. You can keep your decorative urn in your family for many years because it blends well with any home. It is large enough to comfortably hold the remains of any adult over 200 lbs. The bottom of their human ashes urn has a felt cover that protects it from dents and scratches. A truly meaningful addition to display in any shelf, bookcase, fireplace and more. The felt cover is slip- resistant to make sure that your loved one's ashes are in good hands. 10”H x 7.3”W has a weight of 4 pounds. The ashes of your loved one will always be securely stored, because the ring is made of the highest quality rust and corrosion resistant aluminum that is proven to pass the test of time. Their metal cremation urns have a threaded lid cover that provides an impenetrable seal and can respectfully hold the ashes of any adult. There is a complete package of VELVET POUCH and MEMORY CARDS. You will receive a luxurious velvet pouch for easier transfer if you want to keep your cremation urn for adults well protected. That is not the only thing. 25 "share a memory or a word of love" cards were included in your package as a thoughtful way for the whole family to honor the memory of the sick.

Brand: Forever Lane

👤I wanted my daughters ashes to be beautiful. I can see it in the light when I take it out. The spirit of water is present to me in these blue marble urns, as we both share a deep love of the ocean. The lid is firmly shut and it feels very sturdy. I got the smaller companion urns so that I could take her to many of the places we shared and share her ashes with. From the bottom of this grieving father's heart, thank you so much. My daughters spirit is honored by this urn.

👤I bought the brown urns a week earlier. Depending on how fine the cremation is, they hold about 3-4 ounces. The brown ones were so nice that I decided to buy the blue ones. I can smell a musty smell to them immediately after the blue one arrived. I can still smell them when I walk by after having them out for a few days. I am sad that these have a bad smell. I hope they don't smell anymore after some work.

👤When my sisters passed away, I bought a set of mini urns for my children. It was exactly what I was looking for, matched very closely to her burial urn, and this beautiful set of 4 came in a nice velvet box with individual velvet bags to store them in until the kids are ready to have their urn. They are pretty and appropriate for both children and adults. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this for my sister's ashes. I had to return it as it would be large, along with the mini urns to share my sister's ashes. I missed the return date because I was still in shock and grieving. I need to return the item. I'm helping with the costs of burials. Please make this right with me. There is nothing wrong with the item, it is still boxed and I'm looking at it daily. Help!

👤The Urn is beautiful. There is a Purchases for a person who loved the water. It looks like a beautiful piece of art.

👤The urn looked a bit more golden brown in the photo. There was more chocolate and white. I was going for a sand look, but this isn't that, so it will have to be returned.

👤It was perfect for my husband's memorial service. It came a day early and was even better in person. I looked great with the flowers.

👤If you pick one up at the mortuary, you will pay double. It has a beautiful finish and is well constructed. I can't comment on how well it fits.

👤This is a beautiful urn. The colour is bright. It was the colour of my sister's skin, so there was no other choice. We had to have this one. It's gorgeous.

9. Heavenly Peace Small Keepsake Human

Heavenly Peace Small Keepsake Human

A beautiful urn for your loved ones The small cremation urns for human ashes were created to be a beautiful tribute to your late loved ones. This is a great way to remember and celebrate the life of your loved ones. You will be very peaceful as your loved ones' remains rest in this beautiful urn. The mini brass urn is 2.75 inches tall. They are sturdy, durable, and substantial. This is a small piece of jewelry that you can put in your hand. The Urn is made to last the test of time. The Dark Blue Keepsake Urn is made from the highest quality material. The screw-on lid on the urn makes sure that your loved ones are given with nothing but respect. A lovely protective case is perfect for carrying, storing, and protecting your urn. They don't put their logo on the bag or case because it's a sacred urn and not a place for an advertisement. Trupoint Memorials cares for you, your family, and your late loved ones, and this urn will leave you completely satisfied or a full refund. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤The original review was not a good one. My mother passed away on Thanksgiving morning of last year. In December, some of her ashes were placed in a keepsake urn and the rest in a China cabinet, which sat untouched at room temperature for over 3 months. I picked it up today to do my dusting, and underneath it I found paint that had fallen off the urn. As I picked it up more of it fell off. Paint flew in all directions when I lightly pushed with my fingernail. I chose this urn because my mother was fond of blue. I thought it looked peaceful and reminded me of the water she looked out on. The urn holding my mother looked shabby. I decided to use my fingernails to remove the rest of the paint so that it looks nice until I find a replacement. There is an update. The seller contacted me about the issue, was very kind in their handling of the matter, and issued a full refund. My experience may have been a result of receiving a bad batches. The velvet box is really beautiful, and the urns were quite attractive when they arrived. I am happy that the seller reached out and solved the problem I had even though it was beyond the return period. This shows good character and I like their attitude.

👤Everything seems to move quickly when someone passes away. Some of the people I have had to deal with have been in the funeral business for a long time. I am happy to say that buying the urns for my brother was not an unfortunate experience. This company sent me an email of sympathy after I purchased something. The urns arrived on time. One of the urns had some damage on the side. I had two perfect little urns as a replacement for the one that was damaged, and before I knew it, the company had responded to my email. I only had to send an email, and they immediately corrected the problem. There was at least one thing that wasn't a hassle. I highly recommend buying their urns from this company. They helped me and showed me kindness when I needed it the most.

👤My father in law passed away in November of last year and I bought 8 of these in March. I decided to do it for my husband because he hasn't been able to open the cremains and divide the ashes. The urns come in a lovely box that holds the 4 urns. I wish there was one for each urn in the box. They have a pack of pouches for each urn. It has a paper funnel for putting in the remains. Two of the urns are damaged. I am expecting the rest of the paint to fall off after seeing some of the recent reviews, one of which had the paint chipping off the lid. I don't know what to do now that I have filled all the urns. When we give them to family, I will have to warn them. The lid of the urn won't screw on. It keeps turning and turning. I might have to put Loctite on it to keep it closed and give it to someone who doesn't want to open it. The price is not very high. I was expecting better quality control, but $10 per urn is not bad.

10. Sullivans Ceramic Centerpieces Kitchen CM2583

Sullivans Ceramic Centerpieces Kitchen CM2583

The decorative distressed off-white petite ceramic vase set of 3 is a great way to add personality to your home decor. You can create a space in your home with beautiful home décor pieces. Ceramic is a multi-purpose decorative item. 3”L x 3”W x 4.5”H is the measurement of the vase set. The vase set can be used in many different ways. You can use the design on its own for a beautiful statement piece or add in faux flowers, stems, and greenery for a pop of color. It's perfect for your table, shelf in a family room, mantel, dining room, bathroom or covered patio. Premium Design is made from 100% molded ceramic and is sure to set the stage in your home. The vase set will keep your décor fresh and up-to-date for years to come. The off-white ceramic vase set will fit in with an abundance of styles for any home decor needs, including modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, country, and elegant yet simplistic. The faux floral vase set is perfect for wedding, bridal and baby showers. Bring this to your next gathering for a stunning centerpiece. Your style is reflected in the décor of your home. This stunning ceramic vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it up on your own. This set is elegant and timeless, so you can use it or not.

Brand: Sullivans

👤Cute for the price. It will work, but not quite what I was expecting. I thought they would be more distressed, but they are still adorable.

👤The vases seem well made. They were well packaged. The stock photos show a taupe color, but the actual color is much grayer, and there are some flaws where the gray is on the white glaze. I'll probably return them since they don't match my decor.

👤I decorated my bathroom with vases. They are small but cute. Don't be deceived by the pictures when you order them, they are very cute and seem a lot bigger than they are.

👤Very cute! I read the previous reviews. I knew they would be small. They work well for a small decoration. I would like to read the reviews before ordering. I wouldn't have paid $30 for these vases. I think they are a tad overpriced because they are very well-made, and you can make a cute decoration out of them.

👤I was very pleased with the vases. They arrived in perfect condition. I like using the three of them together as a group of natural greenery that I collect around the neighborhood and in my yard. It would be a good idea to give a gift to someone else or yourself. I had to keep them, but I planned on giving them.

👤Sullivan has cute ceramic vases. This is the second set. We love them! They were packaged well and were perfect for our table.

👤The vases look just as pretty without flowers as they do with them. They are small so that you can talk across them and see the person on the opposite side of the table. The too- short stems won't be a problem for the bouquets that children bring in.

👤I should have read some of the reviews. Think of a doll house as small. They are heavy, and they are saving grace. Yes, it is adorable. Yes, the price for the pottery is good. Not usable for arranging flowers. At. All. If you want small, itty bitty, maybe 1 Succulent per container, this is it. If you want a set that is usable, look for something different. The advertised size is not what it is, they are too small to work with. The largest vase is 3 inches high.

👤Son ms pequeos tienen 4 gomitas en la base. No rebalen en superficies.

👤Very small. I should've paid attention to the measurement before ordering.

👤These tiny pots are paid for. Not worth the price. Go to homesense and buy something bigger.

👤I returned them much smaller than advertised.

11. Liliane Memorials Deer Funeral Cremation

Liliane Memorials Deer Funeral Cremation

This high-quality product in 100% aluminum is handcrafted by experienced artisans in India. Simply wipe the urn with a dry cloth, it is easy to maintain. The felt-covered bottom protects your furniture, while the threaded screw top securely holds the remains of your loved one. urns are wrapped in a plush bag and securely packed in a box for shipment Approx. : height: 10. 200 inches is the capacity. Most adults weighing up to 200 lbs have a funeral urn. The standard size urn can be used for smaller-sized adults as well as for pet remains.

Brand: Liliane Memorials

👤I have never written a review on Amazon. I was hesitant to purchase an urn because I would need it next day after my father's funeral. I wasn't disappointed. It was well packaged and arrived on time. It was well made and beautiful when opened. I received nothing but praise. The funeral home easily passed their inspection. The funeral director told me that it was one of the better ones he had seen. He wants to have them at his funeral home. It is displayed in my home.

👤Road trips and winding mountain roads were some of the things our Dad loved to do. He loved motorcycles and was a skilled and humble man. When I found this urn, my heart was racing. I knew it was perfect. There are many similar photos. I want to do the same thing for other grieving loved ones because of the great reviews of this urn. We love this urn. It is solid, beautiful in person, and the craftsmanship is what every family deserves. Dad didn't want an urn because he always pictured the gaudy ones in funeral home displays. I am happy we found this one. We will display his urn in our home after he is gone, and we will enjoy looking at it.

👤My mom and older sister are the same age. When my sister was cremated, she was in the original box. The Older Grandchildren presented the beautiful detail Urn to my Mom for her birthday. It was a joy to watch. Thank you!

👤I have never had to order an urn. This was for my husband who died recently. I found a beautiful urn that I thought would be perfect. And it was. The funeral home commented on how pretty it is. I had a picture of it in the box. It has been put away in a safe place. You will not be disappointed. I was told this was a great price.

👤It is beautiful. My brother in law died in a motorcycle accident and we bought this for him. We didn't want to choose it because of that. He would have loved it. He loved motorcycles and riding so we made the right decision. It looks like he is at the sunset. It's just beautiful.

👤I'm very upset. I ordered this urn for my mother who passed away from the horrible COVID-19 virus. I was happy to open the urn after I finally got it. It smelled of fire. It looks like something was burned. I can't believe they would send something like this for a person to bury their loved one. You should be ashamed of yourself. Attached is a picture and video.

👤This is gorgeous! It was perfect for my baby girl. She weighed about 90-95 lbs. The urn was filled to the top. The black velvet bag was used to keep her warm. There is a The urn is not heavy. There is a The paint is clean and the details are perfect. I am very pleased.


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