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1. CHIEMOT Cremation Loving Decorative Funeral

CHIEMOT Cremation Loving Decorative Funeral

The urn is large enough to hold 220 lbs of human ashes, and it can hold up to 6.3''W X 6.3''W X 9.4''H. The best tribute to the people they love is the urn made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL. The design is easy to hold. The screw lid makes the urn closed and prevents the ashes from getting damp or leaking. The velvet bag protects the urn from scratching. It can be padded under the urn to keep it from scratching the table. It is convenient to give away.

Brand: Chiemot

👤I didn't have much to spend after my father died. This was a respectful way to honor him.

👤The product was the same. We didn't think about burying my dad's ashes at the National cemetery. We are happy with the product and needed it for the burial.

👤Awesome, looks like it.

👤My father in law loved this urn. The wings are similar to the Harley symbol and represent an angel, and he rode Harley motorcycles most of his life. We are very happy. Beautiful urn!

👤Everyone liked the urn.

👤It was a great option for the price.

👤Not happy with the scratch on top. This is a sad time. Don't return it until you have time.

2. American Cremation Urns Funeral Columbarium

American Cremation Urns Funeral Columbarium

As unique as the lives are. Their cremation urns for human ashes are designed to be a beautiful work of art in your home, niche, or columbarium. Their decorative urns are very touching gifts for your family members who would like a reminder of your loved one, and they are made of unique decorative urns. Their designers are dedicated to creating their urns for the ashes with you in mind, allowing them to create deep, spiritual, beautiful and serene designs that actually hold meaning. The cremation urn has a picture of the American flag. This is the perfect patriotic urn to honor a loved one. High quality and long lasting virtues. Their cremation urns are built to last. They use the highest quality materials in their large urns. Their urns are crafted with smooth, durable, and solid metals that are engraved for an elegant finish. Their urns have threaded lids that need to be twisted counter-clockwise to ensure a secure enclosure. The cremation urn is constructed with the finest metals and features detailed hand engravings. Their firefighter urns for human ashes are carefully polished to give your loved one a respectful memorial. All of their cremation urns have a felted bottom to protect your furnishings from scratches. At your time of grief, they guarantee that you will get the best price for your purchase. They want you to be completely satisfied with the quality and value of their urns. They are willing to give away free returns for cremation urns. No questions were asked.

Brand: Commemorative Cremation Urns

👤I was looking for an urn of this quality for weeks. The selection of urns at the funeral home was very limited, and they cost twice as much. I was charged a fee to use it for the cremation. This urn is a better value than the urns they offered. Don't misunderstand me. The funeral home is clean. They are weak in cremation urns. Nothing for veterans. There is a The artwork is perfect. The finish is of superior quality. The construction is made of heavy brass. The flag design perfectly matches the urn. I couldn't find the smallest flaw. There is a If you need it in a hurry, it arrived in two days. It was in a plastic bag, then in bubble wrap, then inside a foam paneled box. It has a packet of desiccant in the box. There is a small photo of the urn on the side of the box with a small label that says "American flag" and "large cremation urn". If you want privacy, you can specify private packaging on the order. A clear plastic bag is inside the urn. It has a black bag. There is a small difference in the item here. A black bag with gold lettering and a large gold tassel is shown in an ad photo. There is no lettering, and it has a black tassel. It's a minor replacement, and the bag doesn't go with the urn in its niche. It does not warrant a reduction of a star, but I wish it had come with a gold tassel. One thing left. It is recommended to seal screw-on urns. It's easier to screw on if there is a need to reopen the urn. The Loctite 908570 "Clear Silicon Waterproof Sealant" squeeze tube and the GE GE284 "Advanced Silicon 2 Kitchen and Bath Sealant Caulk, Clear" are both recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Each is about $4. I am very pleased. Excellent product!

👤My father was a Vietnam Veteran. His life will be remembered for the sacrifice he made for his family and the men and women of the armed service. The urn is the most important signifier of his honor, courage and commitment to his country. I was moved by the patriotic representation of the urn. If cremation is an option, this urn is a great choice for cremated remains, as I will be having a memorial ceremony in a couple of months, and taking my father's remains home to place next to his brother who was also a military man.

👤My father served in the USAF for 22 years and we ordered this urn to honor him. His service was modest, but he was proud of his country. He will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The dimensions of the urn will fit in the niche. It has a threaded lid that makes it feel more secure when transporting it. It is a sturdy design. This patriotic piece has silver accents. Thank you for your quick delivery. The funeral director was in our home taking care of the final details when the timing was perfect. It was nice to be able to see when the item would arrive at our house. It was well packaged and protected inside a bubble wrapped box. This urn will represent this proud American and we look forward to celebrating his life with full honors at Arlington. Thank you!

3. Handcrafted Double Heart Blue Metal

Handcrafted Double Heart Blue Metal

Their patented Memorial teardrop of love Urn is designed to be displayed with love and pride at the heart of your home, not hidden away in a bedroom or a cupboard where so many traditional cremation urns for ashes end up. They are designed to serve as a wonderful work of art that can be placed within your home on a niche. A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful tribute. Their designers are dedicated to creating urns for ashes with you in mind, allowing them to create beautiful and meaningful designs. The cremation urn has a beautiful and unique model and a lover's little red heart, making it the perfect decorative urn to celebrate the life of a loved one. The adult urn is about the size of a small car. The capacity of 200 cubic Inches can hold the remains of a 200lb person. One pound weight before cremation equals 1 square inch. The quality and resilience of these undergarments is made to stand the test of time. The Urn is made from the highest quality of aluminum and has strict quality control. It was built to last so that your loved ones are treated with respect. Adult ashes include a velvet bag and gloves. During your time of grief, they guarantee that you will get the best price for your purchase. They want you to be completely satisfied with their cremation urn, they believe it offers the highest quality and value for money. They are willing to give away free cremation urns with no questions asked.

Brand: M Meilinxu

👤The urn is beautiful. There are some flaws in the paint, but they don't detract from the beauty. My mother was about 160 lbs and was 5'9". It's suitable for the average sized adult, but not much more. There is a The arrangement of rhinestones was put in place because the heart didn't fit the look we were going for. There is a The paint is more vibrant in person than in the advertising photos. It's lovely. There is a I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm looking for an urn. I recommend this one if you must buy an urn.

👤I wanted something that looked different than an urn. I was able to get mini teardrops and the boat urn from the same company to display and people just think they are decoration, because this urn has filled that need. It is just like my mom. Would order again from this company. I have.

👤I bought an urn for my sister. I like that it doesn't look like an urn. Only my family and close friends know what it is for so far. Thank you to the designers for creating this piece.

👤The picture is absolutely beautiful, I love it!

👤I love it so much! There is a It was worth waiting for it to come back in stock. It looks like a beautiful piece of art. When I saw this, I knew it was the perfect urn. There is a It's better in person than it was. Great packaging arrived in good condition. I've bought a lot of items on Amazon, and I can't recommend it enough.

👤When our beautiful 20yr old daughter was tragically killed we had her cremated and her dad didn't want a traditional urn, said she belonged in something as beautiful as she was. I started looking for an urn that was perfect. I didn't tell him or anyone that I bought one. When my husband looked at it he asked what it was and I said, guess. His first response was a penny bank. I told him what it was, and he cried as he said, "Beautiful, just beautiful like our girl." Family members were wrong. She said that the only person who guessed right was my best friend. The piece of art is beautiful. It's heavy so it doesn't get knocked over. I like it.

👤I bought this for my sister who died recently. My cousin told me that Amazon carries this product. The ones at the mortuary are not like this. I love this one. She was a modern woman. It looks really good on the table and reflects her personality. She is very happy with my choice. I would recommend something else.

👤I bought this for my dog. He was my best friend for a long time. I cried when I held the vase. It is beautiful and reminds me of him. It is very heavy and has a large opening in the bottom for ashes. I don't understand how the heart works. It screws into the top. It should have been mounted securely. Highly recommend this!

4. Cremation Necklace Jewelry Stainless Waterproof

Cremation Necklace Jewelry Stainless Waterproof

Premium material is made of 316L STAINLESS STEEL and is built to last. The engraved "forever in my heart" is a unique trinket that can be filled with loved ones ashes. The cremation pendant has an air tight gasket to ensure the security of the inner items, and a secure threaded screw top. A necklace that helps remember the passing of a loved one. It's a perfect gift for friends and family. If you have a problem with the products, you can contact the sellers.

Brand: Gisunye

👤I bought this necklace for myself. I did everything I could to help my Dad's family after he died. I wanted to wear it on this day. I will not be spending the day with him on the first Father's Day. I was disappointed that it was much smaller than I thought, it had scratches and was not as shiny as in the picture, and the writing was so small that it was hard to see. There is a You can see in my picture. There is a It's not like it's in the Amazon picture. Very disappointing.

👤When opening the package, I was very pleased. The necklace has a heart on it, with an inscription on the front. I was surprised at how heavy it was. I was able to fill it with the funnel that came with it. The use of the long pin was not very clear until it needed something to fix it. I kept the funnel in the hole while trying to do so. The full amount was probably due to the clog. I didn't realize it until I removed the funnel. To remove the particles from the little hole and push them through from the narrowest part of the bag was necessary. I didn't know how much was needed to fill the heart before it died. I could have put a little more in to see if it had more room. I was satisfied that at least some of the ashes went in. The entire event was done in about 5 minutes, because the tiny screw came off and on easily. The rope chain will prevent twisting.

👤The chain and urn charm were bought for my 7 year old when she was a child. The charm has been scratched from daily wear, but it has held up well. Would purchase again. Update. The urn charm is still together despite the chain breaking.

👤It will be really nice to have a part of my dad that I can carry around with me.

👤I bought 3 of them and they showed up in perfect condition, which was exactly what I wanted, it was a beautiful piece I could wear every day, and the prices were very good. I would like to have the option to order in silver instead of the current option to order in stainless. These are going to my kids, so perfect.

👤The necklace has beautiful words on it, but it is a sticker. Not engraved happy. I read the reviews but didn't see this. One review said words faded after a year. I should have known, but my granddaughter wanted it. I will keep looking. I didn't realize that this was double wrapped when I received it. It looked like a sticker. I apologize. This is beautiful. I hope the words don't fade as they did in one review.

👤The picture is shiny and open loops, making it look classy. It is dull and has small tight loops that are unreadable. The necklace looked like an old necklace. The product review should have shown someone wearing it. I now understand why. The seller was good and I received the item quickly.

5. Dletay Cremation Keepsake Funeral Stainless

Dletay Cremation Keepsake Funeral Stainless

Honor your loved ones with this beautiful and elegant handcrafted mini urn. The design is compatible with any home or office décor. This durable cremation urn is designed for sharing. Share your loved ones with your family. Their mini urns are made with care and love to be shared with family and friends. You can take comfort in knowing that the beautiful solid steel urns will be perfect and will stand the test of time. You can be proud of the decision you have made when you look at these. These are small keepsakes about 1.6 inches tall and only hold a small amount of remains. They are meant to be a small part of your loved one, as a tribute to your late loved ones. The Small Urn has a screw-top lid. If the urn is dropped or bumped, the lid will remain closed. Premium grade steel will never rust, corrode, or stain this urn. The finish will not tarnish. Just like the memory it represents.

Brand: Dletay

👤My father died suddenly after getting the covid shot. He wanted to be cremated and we wanted some of his ashes. I wanted a nice urn to hold his ashes. My father was my hero and the saying on this urn meant a lot to me. We were surprised by the strength of the urn. I bought urns for myself and the others to share with my siblings. They were a good value.

👤A very simple remembrance. I have two for my parents. The screw on top is very tight and small enough to fit in a small space and large enough to see across the room. It's definitely recommended for those special in your heart.

👤I like having a small urn for my dad's ashes. It looks great and is very good quality. It's easy to fill and seals well. It can be packed for travel.

👤They are perfect. The quality and respect should be put on a loved one. Solid doesn't feel that the lids will come lose or that the water will get in. Thank you.

👤I was expecting a bigger urn, but it was much smaller than I thought. It doesn't show the actual size. I took a photo of it next to a sticky note so you can see the actual size. It is 1 5/8" in diameter.

👤The item was delivered with a large rust mark on it. I had to order another item from a different seller to be able to safely store my father's ashes. I will not be ordering from this seller in the future as it was clear that product quality was not being regulated.

👤These are sturdy and great. There is a But they are small. There is a If you're looking for something bigger than this, I would say these hold about a quarter of your loved one's remains. There is a The quality and Craftsmanship is done well.

👤It is hard to read the inscription that is not highlighted in black. Very nice little urn.

6. Fedmax Urns Ashes Adult Female

Fedmax Urns Ashes Adult Female

SUPPORT: It's impossible to confront the death of a loved one. They send their deepest sympathies. Their customer service team is here to help and make this purchase as easy as possible. They are available to help you. Precious and beautiful. urns can cost up to $300 and are sold by funeral homes. Each of their urns is handcrafted with care. Each funeral vase has a serene design. It isdurable: It was designed to protect. The decorative urns for ashes are cast from dense aluminum and shelter contents with a secure screw-top lid. A black felt cover is used to cover scratches. A fitting tribute to Keepsake. A place of rest for a long time. They lived a unique life and should be honored with a unique vessel. These small urns for human ashes are a safe keep and they capture the essence of those they love. The cremation urns for adult ashes can hold the remains of up to 200 lbs. The dimensions are 6” W. They are light and can be carried with you.

Brand: Fedmax

👤I bought this urn at the last minute to hold my father's ashes. I was so nervous that it might be delayed in time for the funeral, but I was happy that it arrived in two days. The urn was very sturdy and beautiful, but for a fraction of the cost, as compared to the other urns they had at the funeral home. My father was a very tall man, almost 300 pounds, and it held all of his ashes. Losing a parent and planning a funeral can be very difficult, but receiving the urn so quickly and seeing the beauty and quality of it was a relief.

👤The design is classy. My dad's ashes were perfect. The screws are tight. The price is very reasonable.

👤This was not an easy purchase to make online. If you're worried about seeing something that's important to you, let me assure you that this urn was absolutely beautiful and served our purposes perfectly after my dad's passing. It is simple and elegant, but it is also of high quality and a fraction of the price we would have paid at the funeral home. The urn was beautiful and many people commented on it. This product and the seller are recommended by me.

👤We couldn't get the ashes in. We cut the top of the bag and put a zip tie on it to make sure the ashes fit in. My father was 238.

👤My husband died in March 2020. I had never dealt with cremations before. The selection of the urns offered was very small. I looked at over 100 urns. I bought this because it was simple. I was not disappointed. The urn was heavy, beautiful and just what I wanted. I bought 2. One for him and one for me. You won't be disappointed.

👤This was perfect. I gave this to my grandmother after my grandfather died. The funeral home was asking for a very high price for a simple urn. She cried because she was happy with this one. One of my grandma's worst days was when it was a small moment of light.

👤The urn looked better in person than it did online. Also, great value. There were many positive comments during the memorial. The only way to get the ash bag through the opening is to do a trick. You will need to contort your body to get it in. The bags are usually sturdy.

👤The product was covered with mold and was so bad that it caused me to have an asthma attack. I smelled it before I opened the box. The design of the urn is beautiful, but the craftsmanship is lacking, as the white part on top was not even attached, and the bottom chrome-like part was corroded in places. This is something that you don't want to have to deal with when planning a funeral. Shame on the company for not inspecting the product before sending it.

👤I wasn't sure if I should buy an urn from Amazon. I chose this one for my son's remains because of how it looks, and I'm beyond impressed with the quality. It is heavy. Solid and beautiful. If you like the look of this urn, and you are in this position, it is worth the cost.

7. Heavenly Peace Small Keepsake Human

Heavenly Peace Small Keepsake Human

A beautiful urn for your loved ones The small cremation urns for human ashes were created to be a beautiful tribute to your late loved ones. This is a great way to remember and celebrate the life of your loved ones. You will be very peaceful as your loved ones' remains rest in this beautiful urn. The mini brass urn is 2.75 inches tall. They are sturdy, durable, and substantial. This is a small piece of jewelry that you can put in your hand. The Urn is made to last the test of time. The Dark Blue Keepsake Urn is made from the highest quality material. The screw-on lid on the urn makes sure that your loved ones are given with nothing but respect. A lovely protective case is perfect for carrying, storing, and protecting your urn. They don't put their logo on the bag or case because it's a sacred urn and not a place for an advertisement. Trupoint Memorials cares for you, your family, and your late loved ones, and this urn will leave you completely satisfied or a full refund. Return them for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Trupoint Memorials

👤The original review was not a good one. My mother passed away on Thanksgiving morning of last year. In December, some of her ashes were placed in a keepsake urn and the rest in a China cabinet, which sat untouched at room temperature for over 3 months. I picked it up today to do my dusting, and underneath it I found paint that had fallen off the urn. As I picked it up more of it fell off. Paint flew in all directions when I lightly pushed with my fingernail. I chose this urn because my mother was fond of blue. I thought it looked peaceful and reminded me of the water she looked out on. The urn holding my mother looked shabby. I decided to use my fingernails to remove the rest of the paint so that it looks nice until I find a replacement. There is an update. The seller contacted me about the issue, was very kind in their handling of the matter, and issued a full refund. My experience may have been a result of receiving a bad batches. The velvet box is really beautiful, and the urns were quite attractive when they arrived. I am happy that the seller reached out and solved the problem I had even though it was beyond the return period. This shows good character and I like their attitude.

👤Everything seems to move quickly when someone passes away. Some of the people I have had to deal with have been in the funeral business for a long time. I am happy to say that buying the urns for my brother was not an unfortunate experience. This company sent me an email of sympathy after I purchased something. The urns arrived on time. One of the urns had some damage on the side. I had two perfect little urns as a replacement for the one that was damaged, and before I knew it, the company had responded to my email. I only had to send an email, and they immediately corrected the problem. There was at least one thing that wasn't a hassle. I highly recommend buying their urns from this company. They helped me and showed me kindness when I needed it the most.

👤My father in law passed away in November of last year and I bought 8 of these in March. I decided to do it for my husband because he hasn't been able to open the cremains and divide the ashes. The urns come in a lovely box that holds the 4 urns. I wish there was one for each urn in the box. They have a pack of pouches for each urn. It has a paper funnel for putting in the remains. Two of the urns are damaged. I am expecting the rest of the paint to fall off after seeing some of the recent reviews, one of which had the paint chipping off the lid. I don't know what to do now that I have filled all the urns. When we give them to family, I will have to warn them. The lid of the urn won't screw on. It keeps turning and turning. I might have to put Loctite on it to keep it closed and give it to someone who doesn't want to open it. The price is not very high. I was expecting better quality control, but $10 per urn is not bad.

8. Cherishedly Yours Keepsake Velvet Funnel

Cherishedly Yours Keepsake Velvet Funnel

Premium grade steel will never rust, corrode, or stain this urn. The finish will not tarnish. Just like the memory it represents. Honor with quality. The personal brass urn is a thoughtful tribute to loved ones. Each urn is unique and beautiful, made of solid metal and brass. The cremation urn is beautifully displayed in the premium heart shaped velvet case. A perfect impulse gift is a handcrafted gift. Purchases are covered by Amazon. A-Z guarantees.

Brand: Cherishedly Yours

👤These are the ones that are sold at the funeral homes. The jar was very heavy and sturdy and the box was beautiful. Very well done. Absolutely would buy again and recommend it to everyone.

👤There is a lovely trinket in a box. The company puts the memorial to Crescent to shame. I bought 3 more for family members. Since Communism 19 funerals have become restricted, a grieving family feels more connected to their lost love ones.

👤My father passed away while my siblings were out of state for the funeral services. I wanted to give them a piece of their dad. I ordered one of these mini urns for each of the four of us and I was so happy when they arrived. They are sturdy and beautiful, and I love the heart shaped velvet box they come with. The picture online did not do them justice. I was surprised by how much value I got for such a low price, and I am very satisfied with the purchase that was made at a time when my heart is so heavy. I would like to thank you for helping me honor my father.

👤I wanted to save a small amount of loved ones ashes. It can be safely stored in a beautiful blue heart box that comes with it. I might hold a few, but haven't filled yet.

👤The size is perfect. There is a The weight is very heavy. It feels sturdy and solid. The lid closes securely. The box is beautiful. I was surprised by the amount of space inside the urn. I'm not sure how much but I'm guessing about a few. There is a This will be a great way to scatter some of our family dogs ashes. There is a I was having trouble finding an urn that was the right size and not jacked up in price, to play on the grieving emotions of the customer. I will make sure he has the care instructions so he doesn't mess up the paint or box. Again, thank you. There is a The tears are happy and not sad. Thank you.

👤The mini urn is gorgeous. It arrives in a gorgeous velvet blue heart shaped box. The urn is heavy and well constructed. The opening for the lid is very secure. I have had to return urns that were not clean. This was nicely packaged and clean. An urn is good enough to remember my Mother.

👤I filled this urn with my aunt's ashes. It was very easy to get the ashes in the urn. I used a disposable spoon to scoop the ashes into the funnel that was made out of heavy card stock that was provided with the package. There is a The work of art on the urn is beautiful. The blue is beautiful. There is a The felt box is very strong and gorgeous. Not a cheap box. There is a This was a great purchase and it was very affordable.

👤I need to find out if I can get another heart shaped box for my brother's urn, he didn't get one, if I need to buy a good urn or any of them.

9. Reminded Cremation Keepsake Silver Velvet

Reminded Cremation Keepsake Silver Velvet

This sturdy urn planter consists of 3 pieces that are easy to assemble and disassemble. Quality heirloom. Their urns are made with years of expertise and skilled master craftsmanship, designed to honor and preserve the memories of your loved one. This aluminum urn is engraved with fine intricate detailing and polished with an elegant finish to meet the highest quality standards. Premium craftsmanship is made from premium quality metal and enamel. Ensuring that your loved one's ashes are preserved with the utmost respect and tribute they deserve. In the event that the urn is dropped or bumped, the threaded lid ensures that your loved one's ashes remain secure. Since the threaded lid keeps the ashes tightly sealed, the purchase of an insert is not required. Urn comes in a case and a bag that closes with a dual drawstring to keep it from falling. The urn is designed to be protected from tarnishing, scratches, damage, and dust. Their miniature urn is the perfect size to share a memory with a loved one. There are 6 miniature urns in the set.

Brand: Reminded

👤I wanted these for my father's ashes. The threaded top is solid and they are beautiful. Each recipient has a different design that allows them to have their own trinket and they came in a nice velvet box for transport and each urn had its own bag. Others have stated that there was no smell.

👤I was worried that these were not going to be good quality because of the price. I think they are amazing for that price, even though there are nicer ones out there. They look like they cost more.

👤I bought these urns for myself and 5 adult children so they could keep their father's ashes and I could have part of my husband with me always. I'm very happy I found these. If you're going to do something with the rest of your loved one, you can still keep some of them with you. They fit in your hand so you don't have to carry it around. I keep mine by my bed. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I wanted to help my friends husband's family. I asked if this would happen and she said yes. This was a quick shipping because they had to create instead of donating to science.

👤This was not a good thing to buy. I wanted to give part of my mom to my step dad and take her to Texas, but I bought a bigger urn for her. She will be kept in the big urn until we bury her and my stepdad. The smaller urns match the big urn. Being color coordinated is something Mom would appreciate. I was satisfied with this choice, even though it wasn't something I wanted to buy.

👤I'm very impressed that these are exactly what they said they would be, and they seem to be a little bit taller than I thought.

👤I got one for the family for my brother and they are awesome, but the hardest part was choosing which one I wanted.

👤These are perfect for pets and family members, they are just enough ashes for burial.

👤I ordered the mini urns for my husband's nieces and nephews to have some of his ashes. The urns are very well made and the covers are tight. I am very pleased. The recipients will like them.

👤Product was described as very nice.

10. Tree Life Urns Human Ashes

Tree Life Urns Human Ashes

The height is 8.6 inches. The measurement is 5.7 inches. The material is steel. The urn can hold up to 160 inches of ashes. The volume is the same as the human ashes of 160 lbs. Beautiful and durable. The adult urn is made from high grade steel. It was built to last so that your loved ones are treated with respect. TheScrew-top lid provides a secure and reliable seal that keeps your loved ones ashes dry in the funeral urn. This handmade burial urn for human ashes is a fitting memory of the life and love you shared. It is a touching gift for your loved one who should also like a peaceful and beautiful place to rest. Do not hesitate to buy the free return service. If you feel that this is not the right cremation urn for your loved one, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Youdear Memorials

👤I like it because I'm an identical twin sister and the color and measurements are good enough for two niches. If you handle it, there is much involved. They are all beautiful. I had a hard time picking things up.

👤The urns were sturdy. The also looked good.

👤It looks like a nice color holds my mother's ashes. Good quantity is sturdy.

👤I wish there was more to choose from. It was the right size. Seams to be like that will work out well.

👤I needed a simple urn to hold my mom's ashes.

👤It is good for what it is used for. It's a great value.

11. GSM Brands Cremation Adult Human

GSM Brands Cremation Adult Human

A beautiful memorial is created by combining a floral pattern with a blue design. The urn is made of aluminum. The floral pattern has been engraved and is a testament to your family. The design holds the remains of most adults, with a capacity of 200 cubic inches. The threaded screw top lid is secure. Their metal urns are a respectful way to remember mom or dad for generations to come. Money back guarantee. You will have a great experience with this urn. If this urn doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it for a full refund. Money back guarantee. You will have a great experience with this urn. If this urn doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Gsm Brands

👤My grandmother was trying to find an urn for my grandfather but the funeral homes only had them for $300. I found a beautiful urn for less than $50. It is sturdy and beautiful and it was perfect for his funeral. It is a little darker than depicted in the pictures, but still beautiful. I am thankful that there are people making urns that are affordable and not highway robbery for people in grief.

👤Prompt delivery is a great buy. My father died and I was looking through catalogues at the FH. Not ready for this, but trusting Amazon in this time of need. Thanks again. I really like the craftsmanship of the urn. My dad is always in style.

👤The quality of the urn is amazing. The details of this urn were very impressive. I put a small amount of Vaseline on the threads to make it easier to screw on the lid. My brother David died unexpectedly and I really wasn't up for shopping for an urn at the funeral home. Amazon made it very easy. The quality of the urns can easily go for more than the amount. I'm thinking about getting one for myself when the time comes. It's one less thing for my family to worry about.

👤The urn is high quality and it fit my uncle who was 6 years old. Approx. ft y'all weighed in. 230 lbs.

👤The urn is nice, but the finishing could be better. It's hard to screw the top because it has a screw that isn't finished well. The paint finish is a little sloppy, but it looks nice if one doesn't inspect it too closely. It has a bag to hold the ashes. Despite the few flaws, I am pleased with the money. I would recommend it if you are not picky.

👤It was ordered for my cousin to replace her father's ashes.

👤I bought this urn for my brother who died of a heart attack. The funeral parlor in New York ran out of urns and I decided to get one from Amazon. My 86 year old mother is very happy with this urn and it makes her feel better to have him close to her. The delivery was on time. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I was very impressed with the look of this, it is as beautiful as the picture shows. No need to seal it because the lid screws on.

👤The quality of this urn was so good. The picture doesn't do it justice, the etching is gorgeous and it's solid. I bought the dark blue. It looks like a marble. The quality is excellent. Definitely recommend.

👤The urn was chosen for its price point and the reviews. Since it will be buried in a gravesite, we didn't want to spend a lot on funeral home priced urns. We were pleasantly surprised by how nice this urn is, and if it wasn't getting buried it's certainly lovely for display Highly recommended.

👤I thought the color would be a brighter blue but it is nice. It was brought for my dad's ashes.


What is the best product for decorative urns small dad?

Decorative urns small dad products from Chiemot. In this article about decorative urns small dad you can see why people choose the product. Commemorative Cremation Urns and M Meilinxu are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative urns small dad.

What are the best brands for decorative urns small dad?

Chiemot, Commemorative Cremation Urns and M Meilinxu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative urns small dad. Find the detail in this article. Gisunye, Dletay and Fedmax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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