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1. Royal Imports Sparkle Branches Decoration

Royal Imports Sparkle Branches Decoration

There are multiple uses. A bunch of curly ting ting branches by Royal Imports is like a magic wand that transforms a simple arrangement into a dazzling masterpiece. It can be used to decorate a lot of things. The best seller. The glittery branches are a best seller in the floral supply, home décor and wedding planning industry. It will add a fun touch to any arrangement. There is packaging. The bundle contains a bunch of curly glitter branches. It is possible to use individual stems for many projects if each curly ting ting branch is separated. There are dimensions. The height is 26. TRENDS: This pack of twisted branches is a great addition to any celebration, from weddings to baby showers to themed parties. You can spread a newspaper on your desk to catch the natural glitter. Carefully remove the rubber band from the stem. Start by squeezing on the bottom part of the stems. Be careful not to break the upper curly part as you remove one by one. Handle with care, glitter may occur.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤They are not silver. There is a small amount of glitter on them. Very disappointed with them. I will be back.

👤There is a lot of glitter in the box and when it is removed. Lots. Prepare for that and use them over the spread-out newspaper. It's fair that they are described with litter. They are long and can be cut with wire cutters.

👤Several strands broke when trying to separate from these stuck together with spray paint. They had a strong spraypaint smell. I used to have a christmas tree. They could have been better for the price. They are in storage until next year. A glittery mess is kept away from upholstery. Some like glitter and don't mind. I don't like glitter mess.

👤It was too glittery. Too realistic. I bought a fake product. It was too glittery and not a good color. I sent it back to them.

👤I used them for my wedding bouquets. A bouquet. I love the glitter in them. I clipped them to fit in my bouquets.

👤The Sticks are messy. I didn't want a glitter bomb in my living room so I was afraid to open it.

👤I have a lobby near my house that I get these around the holidays. They are not available during other times of the year. I am a event planner and I love to decorate. I knew they were messy. These are great to have on hand. I like gold, red, and silver in case.

👤These are long stems with a curly top and are strong and well made. I like to dress up my Christmas tree with extra faux plants and things. It helps hold the top in place if you push the length in. I am very happy with the quality.

2. Phoenix Décor Dried Pampas Grass

Phoenix D%C3%A9cor Dried Pampas Grass

Also, note: The leaves have white powders on them. These details are careful to make them look like real tree branches. It's a good idea to make your space look natural. Please email them if you have any questions. Phoenix dried peonies are premium quality, naturally dried and hand picked. The pampas grass decor is perfect for decorating a home or office. The décor will bring the warmth and beauty of nature to your living space. The large pampas grass can be used in a combination with other fall artificial flowers. The dried parsley grass is 45 cm in length and has between 20 and 35 cm of feathers. The tall pampas grass is great for being placed in a vase or twig wreath. You can either enjoy the stems as a large or small pampas grass branch. Care and maintenance are included. The Phoenix Decor natural pampas grass is Eco friendly. It is not unusual for pampas grass to be submerged in a vase. You can place the dried grass under the sun for 4 to 5 hours to make the flower. You can use hair spray to stop the pampas grass large feathers from dropping while handling them and using them for decoration.

Brand: Phoenix Decor

👤I was struck by how well packaged the grass was. The grass was wrapped in clear cellophane inside a heavy duty cardboard cylinder. It looked different when I took it out of the bag. It is recommended to put the grass in the sun for a few hours to open fully. Yes, I did do this, and it puffed out. It doesn't look like any grass I'm familiar with, so maybe I should have done more research. I started sneezing when it began to shed so much. Maybe I'm allergic to it. It reminds me of an animal's tale and is kind of furry. It was definitely a bad choice for me. I put it back into the cylinder and it is being returned. It is a product from China and I was not happy to see that. My husband thought it looked weird.

👤There's no way to get out of the plastic wrap, but they arrived undamaged and looked exactly how they were shown.

👤The sheds are smaller than expected, but otherwise are pretty. If you plan on setting it in a place where it won't shift often, you should purchase.

👤The sunlight helps with a nice awakening, but it's a little too sheddy.

👤These brushes work well for additions to desks or shelves. They grew better in the sun after coming in a nice tube. It's great for smaller areas.

👤Thanks for the idea to put them in the sun.

👤It was expected to be longer.

3. AUMVEYI Eucalyptus Artificial Arrangement Centerpieces

AUMVEYI Eucalyptus Artificial Arrangement Centerpieces

The stems are too long so they will bend them for packaging. The product can be straightened after you receive it. Artificial eucalyptus stems spray are a great way to accent your flower arrangements. The photo backdrop, arch, garland/wreath, and other elements should be used with other elements. Individual leaves stems decor can bring a nice vibe to your spaces. There are fake flower decorations that are perfect for your home decor. The package includes 20 faux eucalyptus stems in bulk. No short at 15.7". The greenery stem has fake leaves. The fake eucalytpus plant branches are easy to make. They are made of plastic, using advanced powder planting technology to spray a natural green in leaf, which look real and could last for a long time. The stem is easy to bend and can be shaped into a vase or hook onto the rest of the greenery for wreath making. It's suitable for Farmhouse and Boho Chi. When the spring, summer, fall, winter comes, you can freely make different floral deocration by mixing green eucalyptus flowers with other silk flowers. It can be used as a nice rustic farmhouse, modern chi vibe for your space. It's perfect for desk, dinning table, bookshelves, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and more. Also, note: The leaves have white powders on them. These details are careful to make them look like real tree branches. It's a good idea to make your space look natural. Please email them if you have any questions.

Brand: Aumveyi

👤I was looking for a feeling. This didn't meet my standards. They are plastic. I will not order again and I will not return them. It will be difficult to make them look right when I use them in my bouquet after my wedding. I will place my order somewhere else.

👤They were a little short for me.

👤I used these in a centerpiece arrangement for a bridal shower. They were easy to fit in and worked perfectly.

👤It looks like plastic. Does not look real.

👤The measurements are not as large as stated. I think it's old plastic leaves that my grandmother had. Very disappointed to return.

👤Absolutely beautiful stems. It was easy to use. It wasn't needed any fluffing.

👤These are perfect. They were used to make some of my wedding decorations. They are easy to work with.

4. CEWOR Natural Farmhouse Furniture Decoration

CEWOR Natural Farmhouse Furniture Decoration

We know you will love these water beads. Let them know if you're not happy and they'll give you a fast, no hassle refund. The vase is not included. Each cotton stem has 1 cotton flower. The diameter of the cotton head is about 2 to 2.5 inches. The length of the cotton branches is about 16"-40 cm, and the size and shape of the cotton flower ball will not be the same. Natural dried cotton. Cotton flowers are made from cotton shell, iron wire branches and fake cotton, which feels like real cotton. The wired stem can be adjusted to make the shape you want. Their cotton picks are made of bendable materials, so you can transfer the branch of cotton to any shape you want. It is recommended as a great artificial plant for room decor because it requires no trimming or watering and will stay good-looking all year round. Their cotton stems are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Brand: Cewor

👤The packaging was great and the way the heads are wrapped is beautiful.

👤These are the best deals. I secured them with brown tape because I needed mine to be longer and have more bulbs on each stem. You can't tell, I save a lot. There is a You should know the stems, so wrapping them together makes them look better.

👤I was making a wreath and bought this for it. I stopped at my local Hobby Lobby because I didn't feel like buying enough. When I got home, I compared the two purchases and found that my Amazon purchase was more superior than my Hobby Lobby purchase. The cotton is wrapped individually and in perfect condition. Can't say the same for the cotton from Hobby Lobby.

👤I loved these. The cotton I bought from Kirklands is better than the cotton I bought from SALVAGEDATA I also purchased them from Amazon. It turned out to be very cute.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something to decorate my house. This fit the bill. I will be buying more. Not all of the stems are from this seller. I got it from Walmart. A lot came in this box. I was able to complete what I wanted. They are a little small. I'm okay with that. I recommend.

👤I am pretty disappointed by these. The metal coil "stems" were wrapped and bent to pieces when they arrived, so they can't be fully straightened out, bringing extra attention to the fact that they're fake. The cotton balls are attached to a floral base. There were tufts of cotton hanging from the balls. I could have gotten better quality at the dollar store.

👤They were easy to position and affordable. I've been looking for cheap ones for a while. The living room tray was perfect with these.

👤This is the best price you can get. The cost of these at a store is outrageous. They look really nice individually packaged. I will be ordering more.

5. EOPER Wedding Bouquet Garland Centerpiece

EOPER Wedding Bouquet Garland Centerpiece

100% quality and workmanship guarantee, new and high quality; The beads are made of durable plastic and do not have to be glue together. Each strand of pearls has 6 counts. The stems can be twisted, bend or formed into a variety of shapes. You should purchase multiple for a better presentation. The sticks have a bead diameter of 4mm. A short vase is more beautiful than a tall one. Please confirm the size of the product. It can be used for any bouquet, core, wedding project, flower picking, etc. It's great for bride headwear, Christmas Garland, floral arrangement, bouquet, corsages, table centerpiece, gift boxes, and many other craft.

Brand: Eoper

👤The strings are small and not a pearly finish. The finish is white plastic. I used it as part of my Christmas tree decoration, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

👤Don't buy a pearl finish if you're looking for it. These are not pearl finishes, they are opaque plastic. I bought them to be used in a bouquet, but I am unable to use them. I don't think I'll use them and don't know how to return them. I'm stuck. I won't order again and won't recommend anyone. I don't give glowing reviews this time. Sorry.

👤It's perfect to go with my roses. It made the arrangements pop. Very regal.

👤I like the way you can put them in a champagne flute and let them stand alone, or mix them in with your other flowers and reads. We'll probably be ordering more because I have them all over the house. They are not expensive but they are beautiful. I'm happy I ordered them.

👤Some of the beads are covered in glue, while others are not all silver. They bend well. If you want a smaller bunch without beads falling off, you have to be very gentle with the pulling.

👤I used these in a small center piece for a modern industrial feel. They worked well and looked pretty.

👤The look was great. They were used in a floral bowl arrangement. There are many uses for any craft you create after receiving it. I was very happy. The price is great for what you get. Buy and let your imagination run wild.

👤These are pretty and a great idea, but a few of the beads fell off. I mixed them in with some artificial flowers so you don't notice immediately. They add bling and pizazz to a small bouquet. I will be able to use them in other projects because I have several left over.

6. Artificial Jasmine Branches Wedding Christmas

Artificial Jasmine Branches Wedding Christmas

The artificial jasmine flowers are made of Polyethylene and the stem is made of Environmental-Friendly iron wire. Lifelike/Natural Shape, no color Fading, and durable. Each jasmine bouquet has a long stem and a lot of PE petals, which are more widely used for vases. The package contains 10 bouquets of jasmine flower. Artificial jasmine flowers are great for home, table, wedding bouquet, party, meeting room decor. For your own style. The flower stem can be straightened by hand after it's received. The products will not be affected by this.

Brand: Pursuestar

👤The flowers were in my bedroom. I love that it matches my Decor, they are very good quality artificial flowers.

👤These are pretty. The paper is rolled up like material, but it says so in the description. I don't understand why someone would give a bad review. There is a I think they are lovely. I got them for my tree, but I will keep them out after we take the tree down, and use them in a case somewhere else. I might buy someore as well.

👤The seller sent these in an envelope, but I liked them. Not cool.

👤The seller makes them hard to get straightened up by bending them in half.

👤Returned. I thought they were flowers. The piece of blue paper was rolled. Not at all what I thought.

👤I used this for thanksgiving decor and now use live pine for Christmas. I am usually against fake things, but these are great!

👤I used a case to match the colors in the painting.

👤The looks amazing in vases. It was as expected.

7. Gift Boutique Decorative Glittered Painted

Gift Boutique Decorative Glittered Painted

High-quality eggs for long-term use, not easy to break and scatter, are very lightweight and allow you to use for a long time. There are yellow, lavender, dark pink, light pink, green, and blue eggs in the set. It is painted with bright color and rich patterns, tied with a ribbon, which makes it look more exquisite and gorgeous, and brings a lively and pleasant touch to the whole scene layout. The eggs are designed with a metal stick and can be inserted into a bouquet, a basket, cake, wreath or any other subject that you want. It's perfect for Easter display ornaments. As a decorative item in your own home or as a gift for your family or friends, they can be used as a creative gift. Egg measures 2.5” and pick measures 9”

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤I decorate family graves at Easter. I pick them up at the stores at Easter. I'm stuck in the house because of the bicyle. These are larger than the ones I usually buy and they are decorated nicer. I think I'm safe decorating family graves for the holidays. I don't think there will be a lot of people at the cemetery.

👤I put these in the boxwood bushes by the door and the wreath on the door. It was inexpensive and charming.

👤Eggs are nicely decorated. It is very easy to re-insert some of the stick. Looks cute.

👤I put these in a wreath and topiaries on my front porch for Easter. A bunch of the eggs came off the wires, but you get a lot for the price. It was easy to put the wire back into the egg since they are made of styrofoam.

👤Anxious to decorate with foam egg picks. They are larger than I expected and will be a bright addition to my Easter decorations.

👤The quality of the craft eggs is important. The glitter stays on. You can use some in an Easter basket. Would buy again.

👤I used the product to transform my door wreath to an Easter wreath.

👤These stick eggs are gorgeous. They were used in Easter baskets as table decorations for a meeting. I received a lot of praise.

8. Artificial Jasmine Branches Wedding Christmas

Artificial Jasmine Branches Wedding Christmas

The artificial jasmine flowers are made of Polyethylene and the stem is made of Environmental-Friendly iron wire. Lifelike/Natural Shape, no color Fading, and durable. Each jasmine bouquet has a long stem and a lot of PE petals, which are more widely used for vases. The package contains 5 bouquets of jasmine flower. Artificial jasmine flowers are great for home, table, wedding bouquet, party, meeting room decor. For your own style. The flower stem can be straightened by hand after it's received. The products will not be affected by this.

Brand: Pursuestar

👤It takes a lot of time and care to make sure my plants are in good shape. I wanted to mix it up with artificial ones that I don't have to take care of. It would be hard to clean when it comes to dust. This is to be used as decoration for a vase. It reminds me of cherry blossoms. The stems are covered with wire so that you can manipulate the way the flowers are grown in the vase. The little flowers are made of rubber and paper. I think they're cool since I've got art stuff from when I was younger. They are delicate and need to be cared for.

👤The stems that came with the cute galvanized metal containers were terrible. I ordered 2 sets and they look great together. If you need 2 containers, you should order 4 sets. There was no smell. Well packaged. There is only mild fluff and separation required.

👤I was surprised to see how artificial they are. They have this shine to them. The shine would look better if it was duller. The packaging made their appearance worse because they bent them in order to fit them in the bag it was packaged in. A bit of conditioning won't change. They're pretty okay.

👤The item was folded in half. I was afraid of snapping the thin wire when trying to make the photo look better. I had to keep it mostly bent. I made the decor work by adding more foliage accents. It was nice to add some color. Do not bend to ship, and maybe better reviews.

👤This is less than what I received. I trimmed them to fit the jars I had. They were long and full. Great purchase.

👤5 scrawny pieces are not enough to make a flower arrangement. I ended up buying flowers that were better than the ones at the local store.

👤Can is wrapped in a box. You have to unbind it from the bag and place it in a vase. Not made for a large vase.

9. Artificail Eucalytus Greenery Branches Arrangements

Artificail Eucalytus Greenery Branches Arrangements

Artificial fake grass plastic plants are widely used. Artificial fake grass plastic plants can be placed outdoors, on the front porch, backyard, front yard, garden, balcony, window sill, office, and never fade. 3Pcs faux greenery stems have 6 branches. Adding them to your vase will make your house look like Spring. Design: The leaves are thick and smooth. The stems are brown in color and have a rough surface. The stem is about 44" tall. They are easy to bend into and can be adjusted to fit your needs. The leaves are Textile materials, the stems are plastic wrapped, and the little veins in leaves made the overall look a little more real. It's ideal for living room decoration, centerpiece in table, dining room, bathroom, front porch, fireplace, mantle and shelves decor, Christmas decor, Easter decor, and so on.

Brand: Floerve

👤These are pretty. It is hard to find where the leaves come from, but the leaves are very nice.

10. Artificial Imitation Tropical Arrangement Decoration

Artificial Imitation Tropical Arrangement Decoration

You can spread a newspaper on your desk to catch the natural glitter. Carefully remove the rubber band from the stem. Start by squeezing on the bottom part of the stems. Be careful not to break the upper curly part as you remove one by one. Handle with care, glitter may occur. There are fake palm leaves in this package. Artificial leaves were made from silk and stems were made from plastic and iron wire. There are artificial palm leaves. The artificial palm leaves are made of iron wire and are in good shape. They are not real plants. The perfect party decorations. The green palm leaves are a great place to hold a luau party, a tropical party, a wedding party, a birthday party, or a baby shower.

Brand: Beebel

👤These are the right size for the wicker vase.

👤I used these to decorate the bathroom in a vase. They are holding up well so far. The leaves were bent when I received them. I was able to get them back out.

👤The gold leaves gave the balloon arch a touch of elegance and added some flowers. I made this for my cousin at her graduation party.

👤These are beautiful, great quality and just what we were looking for to accent another decoration on our wall.

👤They are pretty and large, but the gold use makes them look fake. I was able to place them so they didn't look bad.

👤I like the convenience of not having to spray paint palm leaves gold for a baby shower. I wish it came in a metallic gold.

👤It's perfect for my dining room. Not as heavy as I expected but still nice.

11. Yinhua Artificial Flowers Jasmine Decoration

Yinhua Artificial Flowers Jasmine Decoration

Artificial jasmine flowers give you a soft and quiet feeling. There are 10 jasmine branches in each bouquet. You can use these silk jasmines to make many lovely bouquets for floral arrangements that fit perfectly into your personal decor. Artificial jasmine flowers are made of silk cloth with a plastic pole and flower middle wire rod, which can be bent or prune. The bouquet feels more comfortable and real. Each bouquet is 74 cm tall. The artificial jasmines are pretty. Imparting an elegant radiance to dull tables. The stem length of jasmines can be adjusted according to your needs. The need for short: can be bended and pruned, and the need for long: can be put into a transparent vase to increase pad height. There are consequences of decay. It's suitable for home, table, wedding bouquet, party, meeting room decor. It is a great holiday gift.

Brand: Yinhua

👤Very nice arrangement. I ordered them in red as well.

👤Very nice. I was surprised that they had curly pieces, and I didn't think I would like them. I thought they looked great when I put them in the vase. I cut them with wire cutters and am very pleased with the look. I will order in red for Christmas decor.

👤Well done! Each piece is wrapped in fabric and gives it a life like appearance. They are the perfect accent to my mantle. I will be ordering a couple more bundles for better fill because my vases have a large mouth opening.

👤What I was looking for was exactly what I was looking for. The bathroom has a beautiful decoration. Might need to buy the red ones for the holidays.

👤The red and the white I bought. They are not tall like the photos show, but they are pretty. The white one has more bulbs on it, but the red one has less. I have one bundle on my mantle, but need two for my vase. I put the air packaging around the vase to hold the stems up vertically, and kept the wire on them to hold them together as a bundle. I placed an exchange order for the red bunch because it had a wire sticking up and I hope the replacement has the red bulbs again. As we transition into Christmas, these are great for fall.

👤I have been looking for artificial plants to put in vases. I have tried places like Michaels, Crate and Barrel, but the plants didn't meet my expectations, and they looked cheap. I found this product. This product is at a great price for how amazing it looks, from up close as well as from a distance. I wish this seller had more decorative plants.

👤I am very pleased with the flowers. They don't stay when you bend them to the straight position. They are perfect for the look I wanted. I can't make them do that if they are looking for something to add some height. I bought 2 bunches for a full look. They are soft and vibrant. I've always found fake plants on Amazon to be a hit. These are a hit.


What is the best product for decorative vase filler sticks?

Decorative vase filler sticks products from Royal Imports. In this article about decorative vase filler sticks you can see why people choose the product. Phoenix Decor and Aumveyi are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vase filler sticks.

What are the best brands for decorative vase filler sticks?

Royal Imports, Phoenix Decor and Aumveyi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vase filler sticks. Find the detail in this article. Cewor, Eoper and Pursuestar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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