Best Decorative Vase Set Large

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1. Window Sill Display Crystal Decorative Centerpiece

Window Sill Display Crystal Decorative Centerpiece

The vases are 3' H x 3' L x 3' W. It's simple yet beautiful to redecorate your home. You can instantly make any empty space into an elegant and relaxing design. To see the beauty of individual stems of small flowers and garden cuttings vividly, you can use a glass flower vase. There are jars in the vintage milk bottle design. There is a cute display of fake flowers on the countertop in a living room. Fashionable and trendy accents have been the choice of the florist. Adding floral arrangements - Tulips, Freesia, Pansies, Roses, Gerbers, etc., is a multi-use option. Fall in love with the set of 5 clear glass mini vases. Send it as a gift or have it for yourself. Add a place card with fresh flowers. The small transparent vase, narrow neck bottle style, measures 5 inches high and the black metal holder is 14 inches long. Round top bottles fit on any shelf or table and show the aura of collectibles.

Brand: Emenest

👤I put two of these on my mantel above my stove. I thought they were packed well. Shipping glass up here is always difficult because it's a long trip. They were wrapped in 9 layers of bubble wrap. I counted. Each vase was encased in a bubble wrap sleeve inside the box. I was worried that they would be too small for me as they are only 14 inches long. They worked out. I took a photo as part of my review after I saw a couple people ask what the diameter of the top and bottom of each vase is. The opening of the vase is about an inch across. The vase's base is 2 inches across. The item is a little bit wider since the glass part is within the metal part. The metal part around the last vase on one of my sets is bent and it's a shame. Hopefully you don't have that problem. The little rings on the end of each set are for carrying. I am happy with my purchase and I recommend this item, even though it has a bent metal frame. If you think they're small for you, you can always put two side-by-side side to make it look larger. I hope my review helped.

👤Love! The bud vases are perfect to hold one flower. I used the black rack stand to transport the bud vases, but I used them separately at the wedding shower for my son and his fiancée. The bud vases in the black stand were just as beautiful as the larger floral arrangement at the head table. The guests at the wedding shower loved the bud vases, with the single Daliahs and baby. They each wanted to take one home with them. I'm happy! Win-WIN-WIN! The guests of honor loved them because I loved them. I need to purchase more so that I can have some at home.

👤Several flowers can fit in the vases, which are made of glass. The black metal holder is very attractive.

👤I knocked it over and broke some vases when I had a similar one. I felt in love when I saw this one. When I saw this, I was so excited because I enjoy having fresh carnations in my kitchen all the time. I like it more than the one I replaced. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My daughter wanted a piece for her birthday party. She wanted a rustic outdoor feel. She received a lot of praise from her guests for the look of the vase with flowers. We filled them with flowers, pebbles, and glitter. We put water in with the glitter to make it move. The room for the flowers on either side allowed it to look even more beautiful.

👤I like the look of this vase. I put it on the back porch. It worked well all summer with flowers. I plan to use it with evergreens.

👤The construction is nice. The table looks pretty. It has handles on both ends. It helps to sink to fresh water or place flowers in vases. I've seen similar vases before and wanted one. I have one now. If you buy fresh flowers at the market, you will see that carnations last longer than most flowers.

2. Royal Imports Hurricane Decorative Centerpiece

Royal Imports Hurricane Decorative Centerpiece

Expending uses: This light weight bud vase is perfect for office or home décor, dinner parties, wedding planning and other special occasions. The single flower vase is the most important item on the table. Quality: Excellent. Premium quality clear, flawless glass is used in this set of 3 Royal Imports candle holders. The weighted base and evenly rounded edges of the hurrican vase ensure quality. The best seller. The set of glass hurrican vases are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. The design and value of this set of vases makes them stand out. It will make an attractive centerpiece for any party. The uses are listed. The most common use for these hurricanes are candle holders. It can be filled with your favorite pillar candles or just add water and top it off with a floating candle. The pillar candles are safe in this heat-proof glass Hurricane which will never explode from excessive heat. TRENDS: A lot of weddings and events have a lot of vases in them. You can fill it with your favorite plants to make a terrarium. Add fresh or dried flowers to the table centerpiece. There are packaging and dimensions. The vases are wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking in transit. Small is 5.8" high X 4.2" wide. Medium is 7.7" high X 5" wide. Large X 5.8" wide.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤Poor Quality is sold by a lot of people because it is impossible to check on quality at the store. This item is under the heading. The items are flimsy and the glass is very thin, even though professional-looking care had been used to pack them. Amazon is on a binge to save the environment, which means that they are using less sturdy packaging. The items that arrive from Amazon are damaged.

👤I wanted it for a Christmas decoration. The two smaller vases came out okay, but the large vase shattered and it was the size of the vase. I needed it. I contacted the shop to replace it on December 5, the day after it was delivered, but they didn't reply. Customer service was very bad.

👤I like these. They were boxed and intact. The large is a good size and a great value. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered a second set of hurricanes because they were well packaged. Yankee Candle can be used in larger hurricanes and it looks better than the jar. I put the coaster in the bottom so the tumbler wouldn't fit without it. The pillars fit perfectly.

👤These are very thin. I was trying to take it out when it broke. Shattered everywhere. I was trying to put it on the carpet when it broke. I received a refund from Amazon.

👤They arrived at our house and were taken to the venue and back without any issues. The sizes were right and people could see each other. These are classic, can be used for different decor ideas, and we're 100% satisfied with them.

👤When I received 5 vases that were broken, I ordered 6 more. There are boxes with shattered glass. It's a pity. I was credited with one order. Not happy. How do I get back shattered glass pieces that ended up all over my home and vehicle?

👤It was broken when it arrived. The glass was well packaged. The box wasn't marked fragile. The seller didn't respond when I contacted them. Disappointed.

👤I have to go through the hassle of returning the broken item.

👤I've never been disappointed with a product before, but I was disappointed with the packaging, it was not secure, and the glass vases were in styrofoam, but perhaps should have been insulated better between each vase. I am hopeful that the same thing won't happen again. This was a gift for someone and now it's late thank you.

3. MyGift 5 Inch Decorative Diamond Faceted Flower

MyGift 5 Inch Decorative Diamond Faceted Flower

We are here to listen and provide you with a solution if you have any questions. They would appreciate it if you could contact them on Amazon. Set of 6 clear glass vintage-inspired diamond-faceted design vases are ideal for flowers, decorative stems, pebbles, and vase fillers or just bringing nature inside your home. It isdurable: The thick pressed diamond style glass will bring years of decorative enjoyment. It's great for parties, weddings, special events, and everyday home or office use. Small size ideal for display on any desk, table or counter top surface while adding an antique inspired look that will complement any decor. The dimensions are 6.0 H x 4.0 Diameter, with a opening of 2.25 inches.

Brand: Mygift

👤I like the table settings for our lunches. The price is reasonable and looks nice. It's hard to find small vases that are different.

👤These were perfect for what I wanted. The mouth is wide. I didn't have to move them from their location when I needed to add water.

👤It's a great vase for a lot of things.

👤I used these vases to decorate my wedding aisle. The rim at the top made it easy to hang them on chairs. Would recommend!

👤I would buy the vases again, I have been looking for them.

👤They were nice. Not as clear as I would like. It was nice.

👤They were used for my wedding reception.

👤I love these vases. It's perfect for the center pieces at my wedding. Thank you for the great packaging. It's a good thing.

4. KIOXOHO Ceramic Farmhouse Decorative Bookshelf

KIOXOHO Ceramic Farmhouse Decorative Bookshelf

The package height is 14. The black vase set of 3 were designed in New Zealand and are made from 100% ceramic fired under intense temperatures. The vase set is a decor accent and can be used to display flowers,Pampas Grass,Dried Flower,faux floral,stems,bouquets for a pop of color. The decorative vase set can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for your bookshelf, coffee table,tabletop,shelf, farmhouse,fireplace, or dining table. The small vase set is not large, but it is different in size measuring at 8.3"H x 3.1"W. Black vases are beautifully packaged in a gift box. It's perfect for a gift for a friend, family member or coworker.

Brand: Kioxoho

👤I like this set a lot. I have many vasts at home but always feel like I'm not good for most situations. This set has 3 different sizes of vases. I use them every day and don't think I need any other vase, because they are perfect for different kinds of flowers from my backyard. Very happy with them. It's easier to have flowers in the house with them.

👤Son pequeos estn bonitos.

👤The vase set is very easy to decorate. Most of the flowers fit in.

👤I thought they were going to be bigger, but when I received them, they were on the smaller side.

5. DN DECONATION Cylinder Gold Rimmed Centerpieces

DN DECONATION Cylinder Gold Rimmed Centerpieces

These decorative vases can be used to decorate any environment. When you pour water into it, it becomes clear and transparent. It's suitable for small bouquets or flower branches. It is a good accessory for daily desks and countertops. These small vases are made of strong glass. They are hard to break. The dimensions are 412'' H x 338'' W, 518'' H x 218'' W, and 238'' W. The glass vase set is an ideal selection of decorative glass vases for centerpiece, it is designed in jar shape with golden top rim and different surface texture. Each mini vase has a different design, size, and shape. The different styles of bud vases work well with your modern home decor as clear cylinder vases, adding a touch of splendor to your living room, kitchen, table,shelf,windows will, farmhouse and so on. The clear vase for decor can be used for fresh flowers, single blooms, roses bud, stems, and tulips. These glass vases are ideal for decoration of your home and garden, as well as a gift for your family and friends. Small glass vases are packed securely in specially designed styrofoam and strong carton box to reduce damage during transportation. Please contact them if you have any questions about vases.

Brand: Dn Deconation

👤The vases are cute. They are of great quality and well made. It's a great way to add a little sparkle to your home. I use them to display a couple of cute flowers or to add a little flair to my decor when a space needs just a little something. Good quality for the price.

👤The vases are lovely. It's perfect for small arrangements of flowers. The price was low and the package was packed well.

👤The bud vases were perfect for my needs. They look like the pictures on Amazon. I like that they are strong. SBH.

👤Just like the pictures. Beautiful vases.

👤These are not all the same height.

👤A vintage vibe. You would expect it to fit more flowers.

👤It is too small but still works well.

6. LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

If you have a reason for not being satisfied, please don't hesitate to contact them via email, they will respond within 24 hours with a satisfied solution. A set of vases. The design is unique. The elegant design of these 3 plastic vases can give your interior space a fresh and clean feel. The owner's elegance can be improved. Plants are not included. * High quality vases are manufactured with appropriate synergy between traditional handmade technologies and ergonomics. The items display a beautiful and natural line. The vases are made from plastic that has a good ability of resistance tocorrosion. The white vase is 8.8”H, 2.3”D. Expending uses: You can fill these vases with dried or silk flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles and etc. It's perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The plastic vases are packaged beautifully so that they are the best gift for your family or friends who like to decorate their house.

Brand: Lingmai

👤I bought these for my daughter to give to her teachers. I didn't have to worry about her stopping them as she carried them. It's perfect for a classroom or crafts.

👤I have a chalkboard holder that holds wine bottles. I use wine bottles for these vases when not in use for that purpose. I have added a tall flower stem to each to match the season or holiday. There is a One of the vases is pink. I have all white ones and prefer that. They look like ceramic and are very durable. They were a good purchase for me.

👤I didn't read the reviews and thought it was a cheaper material, but it looks like something you can find at the Dollar store.

👤I took a chance on this plastic set because I was having a hard time finding a conic vase for my bathroom decor. It exceeded my expectations. It's plastic. It looks nice. Also easy to spray paint.

👤The appearance and design are great. Thank you, Ron, for the large amount of plastic that meets my needs.

👤I thought it came with the flowers. I got the vases. okay I bought flowers to make them look better.

👤I'm not sure if I'm missing something but from the title and description. I was expecting flowers. Maybe I missed something, but I wanted to write this review in case someone expects what I did. The vases are cute. I will be going to Michael's tomorrow and I am keeping them.

👤It's like a coke bottle. There is a The ones I received were round so it didn't stand level.

7. Arrangements Housewarming Decorative Centerpiece Bookshelf

Arrangements Housewarming Decorative Centerpiece Bookshelf

The big vase is 16*25 cm and the small vase is 16*16 cm. The flowers are not in the picture. There are many irregular points on the surface of the table vase set, which makes it look like it is shining under the light. Its design has a non-slip effect. PREMIUM QUALITY: The vase is made from high quality ceramic and is hard to fade or paint off. The smooth line from the bottle mouth to the bottom is easy to clean. The tall flower vases are wrapped with foam to avoid damage during transportation. The tall table vase is 4.5"x11" and the small one is 4"x9", both of which are available to fill. The candle holder has a 2 inch opening. There is an application. The gold vases for centerpiece can be used as vases for flowers arrangement, but also as a decoration piece for home or office. It is also a great gift for friends and family as a housewarming gift. PREMIUM Home Decor: You can put your favorite flower into a decorative vase for home decor, which will make it easier to make your own flowers. You can put your candle on the table with this candle holder. The golden vase set is a great choice to place in a home, office, coffee table, dinning table center piece, bookshelf, fireplace, yard, bedroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

Brand: Oairse

👤These are stunning. The picture doesn't do them justice. I was hesitant to buy gold because it can be so many things. This gold was able to fit in with many golds. Highly recommended.

👤The middle vase on the first order was damaged and I replaced it.

👤Even more elegant with remote control candles with batteries.

👤Not as tall as I thought. I could still use it.

8. XILEI Flowers Decorative Placement B4

XILEI Flowers Decorative Placement B4

Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint. One of the vases is 7.08 inches high and the other is 9 inches high. The mouth is small. It's perfect for your home decoration. The glass vase is made of lead-free glass. There are four different colors and designs. A great gift for a mother and lover. The glass vase is unique. A bow can be used to make the vase more beautiful. The flower vase set has a very elegant appearance and can be used to insert flowers, pampas grass and artificial flowers. Better decorate your home. The glass vase will inevitably be damaged due to long-distance transportation. If you have a problem with the vase you received, please contact them in time and they will discuss the compensation for you.

Brand: Xilei

👤I needed a bigger vase for flowers and a glass container for potpourri. The set of two seemed perfect. I thought they were clear, but the glass is tinted a little, but I am very happy with them. The shape is pretty. I am very happy with the way the flowers look in the larger vase. I used the smaller one to replace a broken one, and I am pleased with how it looks. It was a good price for vases. I would buy them again.

👤I received these vases in a cardboard box. They arrived in perfect conditions and did not break. They look elegant and serve their purpose well. They are reasonably priced. The cord looks weird. I threw them out and suggested getting other cords to decorate it better.

👤These are the prettiest vases I have ever seen. I put flameless candles in them and changed the ribbon to rustic twine. It was pretty lit up at night. Do I recommend this product? You bet I do!

👤I tried to use a 7 inch vase. I had a puddle on my counter very quickly after adding water. I picked up the vase and watched it fall down. There is a I am not impressed. There is a I will rate it a tad higher than I would like, but it gets a lot of marks in the basement, so I will not be changing my rating. Too bad there isn't a minus star rating. The person is named MargieB.

👤The larger vase was cracked all the way around the middle when I received it. The first set that I bought did not have that problem. They package them well. I was surprised to see this crack.

👤I ordered a clear set, but it is grey. I ordered a second set because I thought it was a mistake and it arrived the same way. The vases are different colors. I wanted them to be clear. Will return both sets.

👤The vases are pretty. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The vases I received were very nice. The two sizes are perfect for the projects I have in mind. They aren't light weight or heavy. The vase doesn't feel like it could tip over once the flowers are in it.

👤The tall one had a broken top and small black spots around it, but the short one had the same colour. I don't think it's a good idea to give it as a gift, they are heavy and sturdy, so it's value for money if you don't care about small defects.

👤So schn wie.

👤The texture is rough and the style is great.

👤2! !

9. Ceramic Porcelain Decorative Classic Chinese

Ceramic Porcelain Decorative Classic Chinese

There are 3 vases in this size, not included are the flowers. The vases are mini Chinese style blue and white porcelain. Blue & white porcelain is a popular variety of Chinese porcelain. The bottle mouth is cut smoothly and cleanly, with rounded lines that are pleasing to the eye. The pattern on the vase is very artistic. Home decor product for kitchen or table. The vases for decor are 4.33" x 3.15", 5.71" x 1.97", and 5.51" x 3.15". As shown. These vases can be used to display flowers. It's nice to decorate for bedroom, sitting room, office, shelves, kitchen or bookcase. It's great for gift items as well. Plants are not included. It is risk free. All defects and damages are covered by the return policy.

Brand: Lanlong

👤These are very pretty. They are very small, like a soda can.

👤These are nice. They are a perfect size for a window sill or bookshelf and can be grouped on a coffee table. These vases are adorable.

👤I used them in my bathroom. They were a little smaller than I had thought, but still very pretty, and they were perfect in the bathroom.

👤Excellent quality and a great price. It is recommended to anyone who likes good decor.

👤These are gorgeous! Excellent quality! If you check the dimensions, you will know this is tiny.

👤I was very disappointed with the size. It is small.

👤The vases are sturdy and great value.

10. Royal Imports Cylinder Decorative Centerpieces

Royal Imports Cylinder Decorative Centerpieces

Quality: Excellent. The vases in the set are made of crystal clear glass. The weighted base and thick glass walls make the cylinder durable. Imported. The best seller. Royal Imports Glass cylinder vases are best-sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. It made it to the top because of its quality and appearance. The uses are listed. The glass Cylinder is popular with fresh flower arrangements. It's also used as candle holders, storage containers, aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and centerpiece. There are Lucky Bamboo, Succulents, Roses, Candles, Orchids, Branches, vase fillers, pearls, gems, pebbles, fruits, and macaroons. Each set of candle holders is packaged in a strong cardboard box and wrapped in bubble-wrap for ultimate protection. The vases in the set are 3.5 inch wide.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤I ordered six sets of vases and they all arrived in perfect condition. I read a lot of reviews that said the vases were broken and I am pretty sure it is the case where people who have issues leave reviews because they think the vases are well packaged and I didn't have a problem with any of the vases. The photos and description are accurate.

👤Everything is as advertised. I'm not worried they will tip over. I put the small one into the larger one when the roots reached the bottom. Next step, plant it. There is a Very happy with the purchase! I am ordering two more sets today. I enjoy growing avocados from their pits, so I will keep growing them, and have plants to share with friends. The instructions were printed off the internet.

👤I debated if I should write a review about glass cylinders. These are very high quality. I thought the product I purchased was from the dollar store. They have a heavy bottom that makes them more sturdy. They are large enough to fit a pillar candle all the way to the bottom of the cylinder. The glass is clear and solid. Highly recommended!

👤I placed an order for your vases. The short one was filthy and the tall one was completely destroyed. I would like a new tall vase, but not sure if these are new. I need these by Friday as they were ordered for my wedding. It was sent from my phone.

👤I have been ordering flowers from Sam's. The stems are long and they sell them in a group. I didn't have a vase that accommodated the long stems. Till now! The tallest one was put to use the day it arrived. It is great! The right size for the flowers was found. You should tank for the vases. I will use them for a long time. I will be looking for it again if one breaks.

👤These are great! They were triple-well packed in bubble wrap inside their boxes and then on the outside of that as well. We ordered 36 for our wedding and not a single one was broken. The lips are not perfect. I don't care. The candles fit perfectly. They will look great with the black stones in the bottom, some water and a floating candle. Thank you for wrapping them well, we were a bit nervous.

👤These vases work well for flowers or candles. They were smooth. If you have heavy flowers or candles, the lighter weight works well. They were well packed with plastic, bubble wrap and their pockets inside the box. I will purchase more in the future to make flower arrangements for friends and family.

👤They look great. I like them.

👤I have ordered 10 batches of these for my wedding next year and I can't say enough good things about them! They are good quality. I received all the packs. All bubble is wrapped in different quantities. Can't wait to use them at the wedding.

11. Ceramic Handmade Decorative Arrangements Centerpieces

Ceramic Handmade Decorative Arrangements Centerpieces

The dimensions are 8.6''x 2.4'' x 2.4''. There is a guarantee. If the vases are broken, please contact their customer service. They are always here for help. The product is a product. Jojuno set of ceramic vases are Tall 10", Medium 7.5" and Short 5" high. It works with fresh or faux flowers. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great idea. The piece is great for coffee tables or side tables. It's perfect for everyday use. Benefits: The vases can be used to accent your home or office. It's great for birthday, wedding, or house warming gifts. The set of 3 comes with nice gift boxes. Jojuno Brand. Jojuno brand products are made from quality raw materials. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Jojuno

👤It was smaller than expected. I knew they would be small. But... I am embarrassed to show them.


What is the best product for decorative vase set large?

Decorative vase set large products from Emenest. In this article about decorative vase set large you can see why people choose the product. Royal Imports and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vase set large.

What are the best brands for decorative vase set large?

Emenest, Royal Imports and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vase set large. Find the detail in this article. Kioxoho, Dn Deconation and Lingmai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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