Best Decorative Vases for Home Decor Purple

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1. MODECO Wood Vase Rustic Decor

MODECO Wood Vase Rustic Decor

It's appropriate for you to put on the table, dresser, office desk top, and other places you need to decorate. A one of a kind piece that combines minimalist modern and country shabby chic styles to add a unique look to any room. The water is holding water. The glass insert is leak proof and can be filled with water to add a fresh flower bud or small bouquet of flowers. Light weight driftwood is made from real pieces of natural driftwood. It's not heavy or bulky at an ideal size of 11 x 3 x 3. There is a sturdy construction. The driftwood vase is both decorative and aesthetic and will last a long time. Functional: You can use this for dried or fresh arrangements on a mantle, shelf, or table.

Brand: Modeco

👤This was a home warming gift. The holes in the holder weren't drilled round, so the vase is stuck in it. It doesn't look like it's worth anything.

👤I received a vase for Christmas. I love it. It is a sturdy vase. Highly recommend this seller.

👤The vase can fit in any room. Any flowers will work, fresh, dry, arranged or rustic. I love it!

👤The driftwood vase is one of the most unique and stylish vases I have ever seen. I will be using this vase to hold long stem roses I clip from my garden next summer. I have a vase in my bedroom as an art piece. The vase will be placed in my living room once I add the roses. The vase is very strong. There is a glass tube in the middle of the vase that can be easily removed. The water will be held in this glass tube. Artificial flowers could be used in this vase. I will be adding my long stem roses next summer, and I am really impressed with this vase.

👤I wanted to make a neat vase, I saw one on the internet. This was an easy option. It has a glass vase that can hold water. It is well made and nice. This saves me time and energy, and probably some disappointment. It seems like it will hold up better than the one I was hoping for. It works well with my decor, no matter where I put it. I was going to put it away until February, but found that it looked nice in the space that was bothering me.

👤The vase is very nice and well made. It is ugly, but a group led together it is very unique. It's a good price and I like it a lot.

2. XILEI Flowers Decorative Placement B4

XILEI Flowers Decorative Placement B4

Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint. One of the vases is 7.08 inches high and the other is 9 inches high. The mouth is small. It's perfect for your home decoration. The glass vase is made of lead-free glass. There are four different colors and designs. A great gift for a mother and lover. The glass vase is unique. A bow can be used to make the vase more beautiful. The flower vase set has a very elegant appearance and can be used to insert flowers, pampas grass and artificial flowers. Better decorate your home. The glass vase will inevitably be damaged due to long-distance transportation. If you have a problem with the vase you received, please contact them in time and they will discuss the compensation for you.

Brand: Xilei

👤I needed a bigger vase for flowers and a glass container for potpourri. The set of two seemed perfect. I thought they were clear, but the glass is tinted a little, but I am very happy with them. The shape is pretty. I am very happy with the way the flowers look in the larger vase. I used the smaller one to replace a broken one, and I am pleased with how it looks. It was a good price for vases. I would buy them again.

👤I received these vases in a cardboard box. They arrived in perfect conditions and did not break. They look elegant and serve their purpose well. They are reasonably priced. The cord looks weird. I threw them out and suggested getting other cords to decorate it better.

👤These are the prettiest vases I have ever seen. I put flameless candles in them and changed the ribbon to rustic twine. It was pretty lit up at night. Do I recommend this product? You bet I do!

👤I tried to use a 7 inch vase. I had a puddle on my counter very quickly after adding water. I picked up the vase and watched it fall down. There is a I am not impressed. There is a I will rate it a tad higher than I would like, but it gets a lot of marks in the basement, so I will not be changing my rating. Too bad there isn't a minus star rating. The person is named MargieB.

👤The larger vase was cracked all the way around the middle when I received it. The first set that I bought did not have that problem. They package them well. I was surprised to see this crack.

👤I ordered a clear set, but it is grey. I ordered a second set because I thought it was a mistake and it arrived the same way. The vases are different colors. I wanted them to be clear. Will return both sets.

👤The vases are pretty. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The vases I received were very nice. The two sizes are perfect for the projects I have in mind. They aren't light weight or heavy. The vase doesn't feel like it could tip over once the flowers are in it.

👤The tall one had a broken top and small black spots around it, but the short one had the same colour. I don't think it's a good idea to give it as a gift, they are heavy and sturdy, so it's value for money if you don't care about small defects.

👤So schn wie.

👤The texture is rough and the style is great.

👤2! !

3. CHP Ceramic Special Decorative Centerpieces

CHP Ceramic Special Decorative Centerpieces

Buy your Stone briar wooden sunburst wall mirror for yourself or give it as a thoughtful birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift for friends and family. The special design style of Flambed Glazed adds artistic flavor to your interior decoration. This light weight bud vase makes flower arranging fun and easy, it's perfect for office or home décor, dinner parties, wedding planning and other special occasions. The single flower vase is the most important item on the table. The vases are made of high quality ceramics and have a good ability of resistance tocorrosion. It is your best choice as a gift. There are 3 vases of different size. The exact size can be seen in the pictures.

Brand: Chenp.hmc

👤I was excited to receive the vases for my library and I was not disappointed. They were packed in a beautiful box and had a great price. I'm happy with my purchase of these vases, they are beautiful and well made.

👤I bought these decals to make them look better on my mind. Everyone loves it!

👤Our home shrine is on the fireplace mantle. These are the perfect size and the color is very nice. There is a The gift box they came in was beautiful. Everyone has praised them. I will get another set or two as gifts. Highly recommended.

👤They were in a nice box. They are beautiful little vases. They are small.

👤The box is covered in flowers. It was well made and glazed. I used them on narrow shelves. It would be a lovely gift. Hostess gift?

👤The vases came in a very secure package box. The product's dimensions are listed so you know they are small. They go well with our cabinet colors. This product would be a great addition to a curios showcase or mantel piece.

👤I love these vases. I like that each one is different. The glass is strong and beautiful. I use one in the downstairs bathroom, one on my bedside table, and one in the living room on the entertainment center. We're packaged with care because they arrived quickly. I would recommend this set to anyone. Don't hesitate if it's in your cart or on the wall. Nobody asked me, paid me, or gave me anything free to write this review.

👤The vases are very royal blue, and high glass, and the gray spatter is not well integrated in the glaze. I thought they'd be less glossy and more gray and blue. The price for vases that aren't what I wanted is too high. I don't care much for them, but they can make nice little gifts with fresh or dried flowers for someone who needs cheering up.

👤It's nice, but make sure you know the dimensions before ordering.

👤Son un poco ms pequeos, incluso, quiero para adornar un espacio pequeo. Lindo color.

👤Excellent, excelente detalle de decoracin! There is a Materiales y terminado de calidad.

4. Koehler 38377 15 75 Modern Glass

Koehler 38377 15 75 Modern Glass

The vase is 7x4x15.75" and weighs 12.8 lbs. The glass is used to create a stunning home décor accent. This vase is an exquisite decorative vase and can be used to accent your home's side tables, bookshelves, mantles, or dressers. If you want to elevate your interior design, leave flowers or a décor piece alone. To clean your work of art, lightly or wipe with a damp cloth. The glass piece with flowing patterns of color stands alone as a perfect sculpture. It may be slightly different from the picture shown here.

Brand: Accent Plus

👤Don't buy this thing. Quality was terrible. There are a lot of bubbles in the glass. The base of the vase was not even level. There is a I was sent a return label, but they wanted me to pay for the shipping. They wanted me to send it back to Canada. I had to pay for shipping this mess back to them. Are you kidding me?

👤It is better than I thought. Everyone is complaining about something, but mine is perfect. If you have an issue with your piece or something that you don't like, call AMZON instead of complaining because they don't call and say "I this that happen". It is the end of the world. I will post my picture soon.

👤I was hesitant to order this item because of some negative reviews. I decided to take a chance since the piece is unique and fits my decorating ideas for my home office. I am glad I did. It is beautiful, no flaws or air bubbles. Very happy.

👤The vase is pretty in person. Well made and heavy. Also was packed well and shipped on time. They make Venice Murano glass on the island. This vase will remind us of how happy we were during Italy trips.

👤It's a very striking little vase. It's not big of an opening for a huge bouquet, but it's pretty and will impress.

👤I bought this piece for my daughter as a gift and she loved it.

👤I like the morning sun on it and it works well in spring decor.

👤I thought it would look better. It is cheap and clunky.

5. Hosleys Ceramic Occasions Aromatherapy Settings

Hosleys Ceramic Occasions Aromatherapy Settings

Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great use. The piece is great for coffee tables or side tables. It's perfect for everyday use. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great use. The piece is great for coffee tables or side tables. It's perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, andSpa, but not for food use. Without a liner, this unit won't hold water. Benefits: The can can be used to accent your home or office. The bracelets are black in color and made of ceramic. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Hosley

👤This vase is not for real flowers. This is a joke. The water comes out of the sides which will ruin your table. The water looks like it's wet. This is only for fake flowers. What is the purpose of buying it? Money is wasted. Please check the photos. I cleaned the water off. The water comes out. What a dress!

👤These vases are very pretty. The vases have a crackled type glaze which can be seen on the pictures I provided. I took a picture with the vases sitting next to household items, but I was a little disappointed in how small they were. They have foam pads on the bottom to keep from scratching. The vases are made in China. They are not to be used for food or water without a liner. I am very pleased with their overall quality, as they are heavier and sturdier than I had anticipated. If you have bookshelf space, I would recommend you to fill it. Happy shopping.

👤The vases are in a bad condition. There are two scratches on the top of the largest vase. The middle vase is hard to photograph because it has a lot of flaws in the surface, but I have tried to include a photo. I didn't bother to look at the smallest vase because I no longer cared. The protective "feet" on the vases are falling off, folded over, or applied so that they overlap the edge of the bottom and come up the side of the vase. These are not very good for the money. I thought they would be better for the price.

👤The description of floor vases is a lie. These things are small. For a table not a floor. So disappointed.

👤This came to my house and it was broken. I was very upset that the cork was used, it was raggedy little white pieces that were all over the place. They need to take the false advertisement picture down as well. Excellent quality! Good packaging, but using cork boxes is not good.

👤I love it. They are both perfect and the right size. I added some pictures. The seller is amazing and quick delivery, even though each case is a smaller size than the previous one. I hope I answered some questions.

👤The crackle finish on the vases is subtle and I like it. There are little pads on the bottom of vases. They make it difficult to keep them from tipping. A friend from San Francisco gave me a sticky substance to put on the vases that hold them in place. It is what people in California use to prevent earthquakes. I might have returned them if it weren't for that sticky tack. They are perfect on my bookcase.

👤I ordered the vases because I wanted them to look nice on my kitchen island with flowers from the garden. They were packaged perfectly and looked great in my kitchen, but then I saw a sticker on the bottom. The unit will not hold water without a liner. I decided that a vase that doesn't hold water is not worth the trouble. They are really pretty and it is too bad.

6. Houkiper Plastic Unbreakable Decoration European

Houkiper Plastic Unbreakable Decoration European

This stylish and beautiful vases for decor is very suitable for matching small flowers. It's also good for accessories such as pearls and stones. There is a universal function. The vase is made of plastic. The plastic vase looks like ceramic. It is easy to maintain. Plastic vases can't be filled with water. The hollow interior space allows you to fill the vases with different types of flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles, etc. The tall frame is easy to stand out in. Many colors add antique pastel tones to your room decoration. It can be placed in the center of the table, in the corner of the desk, or in the bathroom sink to bring comfort to the room. The product can improve the environment. Their vases can add high-end flavor to your interior from the coffee table to the corridor. When used as a center flower, it should be filled with fresh flowers and left blank for display on a shelf, coffee table, fireplace or high surface.

Brand: Houkiper

👤The design is nice, but the bottom is not flat.

👤The VASE is a joke. Can't hold water.

7. Lavender Decorative Mercury Livingroom Bookshelves

Lavender Decorative Mercury Livingroom Bookshelves

Use a damp cloth to wash your hands. The eye-catching color will draw the attention of every guest. The mosaic will shine under the light. The modern vase is a great choice to raise the look of your room. The plant vase is made of thick glass, and all the mosaics on the bottle body are pasted by hand. It is better to wipe the floating dust with a wrung-out cloth than to clean the surface directly with water. The mouth is 3.42", the bottle is 5.43" and the weight is 1.62 lbs. This purple vase is an ideal container for fresh flowers and green plants, use it to hold bouquets of flowers and display them on an entryway table as a stand-alone decorative piece. This decorative vase is a great gift for your relatives and friends on any occasion, which makes your dining tables, bookshelves, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices look more fascinating. It is a special addition to your wedding table. Keep the vibe of the room energetic with this unique vase. The glass vase should be placed in a high position so that children cannot touch it. Please contact them if you have any questions about their vases.

Brand: Covege

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The vase is perfect for my bedroom, which is filled with multiple purples, white, and gray. It's even better in person and pics don't do it justice. I'm thinking of putting them on my nightstands. I like this piece.

👤The vase is made of mosaic shades of lavender and purple.

👤It's perfect for my guest room.

8. LESING Artificial Decorative Farmhouse Decoration

LESING Artificial Decorative Farmhouse Decoration

A romantic look for centerpiece table decoration can be created with rustic lavender and vintage metal vase. The lavender bouquets are more vivid because of the plastic flowers and leaves. The paint finish on the metal milk can vase has been painted in a shabby look. The lavender flowers have a height of 14.2 inches and 5 stems per lavender bunch in a metal vase. There are 6 lavender flowers bunch and a vintage metal vase in this package. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Lesing

👤The negative reviews should not deter you. It has white dust. I beat the snot out of it. It's funny. The dust is gone. The flowers are beautiful. May you return for more!

👤The box was too small and the flower tops were bent over. The flowers had some sort of white "litter" that shook them off. It was hard to not breathe in this litter. I didn't use the flowers because they weren't up to what they should have been. I liked the vase even though it wasn't worth all the money. The box was bent over the end of the flowers. Would not recommend it.

👤There are artificial flowers and fake plants. If I had more time for hobbies, I would have bought the plastic lavender flowers at the dollar store for $5. There is a This is too much. Where are the artificial flowers that had the white stuff falling? Maybe they went with plastic because of complaints? You can make your own. I'm returning mine.

👤The flowers look fake, but I liked the base. The lavender flowers don't have to have a lot of colors.

👤This is not worth what I paid for. The box had a lot of white powder dust when I opened it. I will be sending it back because of an allergic reaction.

👤The flowers look real and I love them. I was surprised how tall it is. It is perfect for my kitchen table. This accent is perfect for your home. The candles I bought from Amazon matched perfectly.

👤The look of this is gorgeous. It can compliment any room. There is a purple themed bathroom with 2 lavender flower small canvases and mason jars. I get a lot of praise. It is a bit pricey. It is very light. It is wrapped in a vase and has artificial lavender in 3 bunches. Unwrapping a newspaper under a box is a good idea. The lavender is covered in white powder. When you take the plastic off the 3 bunches, it is in the Amazon box. I shook it off. Some pieces fell off but were able to snap back on.

👤The flowers were all bent from being squeezed in a small box, and it just looks cheap. Dollar General has a better arrangement for $6. It's a waste of money.

9. LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

LINGMAI Composite Decorative Centerpieces Arranging

Each set of candle holders is packaged in a strong cardboard box and wrapped in bubble-wrap for ultimate protection. The vases in the set are 3.5 inch wide and in different heights. dishwasher cleaning is not allowed. A set of vases. The design is unique. The elegant design of these 3 plastic vases can give your interior space a fresh and clean feel. The owner's elegance can be improved. Plants are not included. * High quality vases are manufactured with appropriate synergy between traditional handmade technologies and ergonomics. The items display a beautiful and natural line. The vases are made from plastic that has a good ability of resistance tocorrosion. The white vase is 8.8”H, 2.3”D. Expending uses: You can fill these vases with dried or silk flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles and etc. It's perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The plastic vases are packaged beautifully so that they are the best gift for your family or friends who like to decorate their house.

Brand: Lingmai

👤My 1.5yo is obsessed with flowers and I bought these for her. These are not something I would use as decoration around my house. They are made of plastic. I don't think they will crack. The plastic colors are not the same as in my set. One is pink, one is yellow, and the other is white. It is not a big deal for me, but if you intend to have these side by side, the colors could be slightly off.

👤Don't get it. I was not expecting a 5 star. At least a decent vase. It looks like it should be less than a dollar. Walmart has better quality plastic cups than I have. It was so small that it looked bad. I got glass vases from the lobby for 7 and 6 dollars. The quality is better in this price. If you want to buy from there than you should get this one.

👤These are nice. Cheap feeling, but not cheap looking. Does the job.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. I didn't want glass vases, so I found these and they're exactly what I was hoping for, my kids wanted a vase to keep flowers in their bedroom, but I didn't want glass vases, so I found these and they're exactly what I was hoping for They are lightweight and plain white, perfect for decorating. They are not large enough to fit a large bouquet, but they are perfect for 6 stems.

👤These vases are cheap and can't stand on their own. There is a vase with plastic connected. tacky plastic is not worth the money. It's not worth the money for a product that can't stand.

👤I wish they were bigger and had more weight to them. I had to come back because my sunflowers were too big for them.

👤I'm not sure what I expected, but everything about these is off. The actual size is not like the pictures and feels like cheap tubing. If your flowers are a bit heavy, they will tip over even if there is no water inside. If you have small children or cats, buy only.

10. Amazon Brand Stone Shibori Stoneware

Amazon Brand Stone Shibori Stoneware

The vase is carefully packaged and not included. It's perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one. If you want to make a statement, place this vase on a table with a bright purple iris or white rose. This vase is the perfect stand alone vase because of the base diameter of just over 6 inches. The diameter is 6.3" It was made from 100% stoneware. It's suitable for flowers from the garden. This vase is both eye-catching and unique. Use a damp cloth to wash your hands.

Brand: Stone & Beam

👤The vase is very nice. It looks great on my countertops. It can be hard to find decor that is the right shade of blue and this is perfect for my kitchen. A true navy. The vase is a bargain.

👤I love the color, size and look of this vase. It is a great value. It makes my bookshelf look better. The vase arrived in tip-top shape after being packaged well. It looks like it costs more than I paid for. I just bought another for my sister-in-law and was happy to see it qualifies for gift-wrapping.

👤Excellent quality. The vase is gorgeous. The photo is almost black. There is more navy blue.

👤I thought it was a black vase, but it is not. Returning.

👤I thought it was going to be more ethnic looking, but it is not. It is shiny. Quality was good.

👤Can be either a centerpiece or an accessory vase. Good value for money. Not heavy, but not flimsy either.

👤Good quality, looks like the pictures.

👤The foyer table has an excellent addition.

👤It looks black in the photos.

👤The product I got on Amazon was disappointing and not worth the money.

11. Porcelain Decorative Centerpiece Decoration Arrangement

Porcelain Decorative Centerpiece Decoration Arrangement

Good packing and quality. The English brand of interiors called Balios has art and colour. They are always looking for intriguing artworks and beautifully crafted objects. This stunning jar is made of rich blue and white and is a stylish piece for any home. A Chinoiserie filled with flowers or a centerpiece mix and match for a striking look is an aesthetically Chinoiserie filled with flowers or a centerpiece mix and match. It can be used as a tea canister or food storage. It was made of quality porcelain. It can be used as a vase for fresh flowers. The size is approximately 19.5CM x 13.5CM or 7.7 Inches x 5.3 Inches. The maximum width is x the height with the lid. There is protective foam packaging.

Brand: Balios

👤The ginger jar is gorgeous. It's smaller than a standard size but still great. There is a It was well packaged.

👤It's perfect for my display.

👤Beautiful colors.

👤It's a little smaller than 8 but it's as described. The color is rich and dark and has a nice shiny glazed appearance, but it's most likely not for food use. It adds to my existing collection.

👤The area has eye-catching colors and a nice look. It's true to the size mentioned in the description. If you have to gift a brown box and packaging case, it might be difficult. The description is accurate.


What is the best product for decorative vases for home decor purple?

Decorative vases for home decor purple products from Modeco. In this article about decorative vases for home decor purple you can see why people choose the product. Xilei and Chenp.hmc are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vases for home decor purple.

What are the best brands for decorative vases for home decor purple?

Modeco, Xilei and Chenp.hmc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vases for home decor purple. Find the detail in this article. Accent Plus, Hosley and Houkiper are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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