Best Decorative Vases for Living Room Tall

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1. Modern Day Accents Barrel XX Large

Modern Day Accents Barrel XX Large

If you've been looking for worry-free home decorations for living room then you've found the right place. Their product has a 30 day money back guarantee which means that you can try to buy and keep it if it is perfect for your home. The package length is 52.0. The package height is 14.

Brand: Modern Day Accents

👤The vase is welded together of several components, and the welding seams are not even on the outside surface. The photos are attached.

👤Our living room has two vases in it. They're tall, heavy, and sturdy, yet they look airy because of all the cut-outs in the design. I put them on the corners of the living room where the TV and console are. The metal color, height, and design are perfect additions. I love them!

👤I bought the largest size. I like it. It is a nice touch that doesn't look heavy.

👤This particular vase is like a work of work in itself, it doesn't have any palms, sticks, or anything. It's wonderful, I'm loving it.

👤Most of the items you can use with it are too small.

👤Excellent art. My foyer is perfect.

2. Elements Vase Table Centerpiece Artificial Arrangements

Elements Vase Table Centerpiece Artificial Arrangements

The metal harlequin vase is perfect for any room. There is a lovely floral pattern. Will look great on a table or mantel. It is 17 inches tall.

Brand: Elements

👤It matches my colors perfectly.

👤Just arrived. I needed a tall vase to make a tall arrangement. This one works. The colors are rich. It has a homemade look. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The black paint on the base was chipping. There were other parts that were damaged. The vase and colors are pretty. Quality is not good.

👤I had second thoughts when I heard it was delivered, but I am so glad I held on to it. When I ordered this product, I was looking for a certain size and it was much bigger than I thought, so I couldn't use it for the original purpose. I am very happy with its use now. The incense bowl, candle holders, and crystals look beautiful. I am glad I did not return the item. The tapestry is gorgeous and has a lot of accents.

👤It looked like it was removed from a dumpster and sent to me. The bottom corner is full of dirt and what it seems to me is glue. They had the nerve to glue the vase together and sell it to consumers, because the bottom cracked in every single side. My 11 year old could have told you the truth. I have attached pictures of myself. I was going to give it to a friend. I leave it on the floor to collect the dust. It will be a waste of my time.

👤I absolutely adore this vase. The vase was matched with my wall colors. It is a good size vase. There is more golden yellow in marroon. I am not saying the design is perfect, but seriously who looks at a vase from that close? It's still better than glass if you have children around you. The product is made of metal. It is also light. I feel like it's made of aluminum. I don't think you can use this vase outside. The vase is damaged by the rain water. This is mostly for inside. There is a The vase is 17 inches tall and 4 inches wide. There is a This product is really nice. I have this product for almost six months. I didn't notice the color changes. Great purchase.

👤I would have liked it more if I had gotten it at least two. I think I would order another one, it goes with my decor, and I get a lot of praise for where I got it.

👤If you decide to purchase, you will love them. I was very happy when they arrived today. I have a lot of ideas for them and they go with my colors. The colors in these vases blend together. I was able to make these work into my plans because I decorate more or less eclectic Tuscany. Will look into purchasing another for a gift.

👤The vase is just okay. For my purpose, it will do, I wasn't expecting much for $17. I'm using it as a vase for a tall arrangement. You can't see the flaws from a distance. I wouldn't place it on a shelf but on the ground it looks presentable, because it could have been constructed with more care. It's a hit or miss as to what you'll receive because my vase doesn't have as many defects as other pictures do.

3. Sullivans Decorative Crackled Vases Orange

Sullivans Decorative Crackled Vases Orange

The decorative multi-color ceramic vase set of 3 is a great way to add personality to your home. Home décor pieces are perfect for all seasons and holidays, and can be found in your home. Ceramic is a multi-purpose decorative item. The set is 3”L x 3”W x 7.5”H. The vase set can be used in many different ways. You can use the multi-color distressed design on its own for a beautiful statement piece or add in faux flowers and greenery for a pop of color. It's perfect for your table, shelf in a family room, mantel, dining room, bathroom or covered patio. This set is made from 100% ceramic and is sure to set the stage in your home. The vase set will keep your décor fresh and up-to-date for years to come. This multi color distressed ceramic vase set will fit in with an abundance of styles; modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, country, and elegant yet simplistic. The faux floral vase set is perfect for wedding, bridal and baby showers. Bring this to your next gathering for a stunning centerpiece. This stunning vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it up on your own. This set is elegant and timeless, so you can use it or not.

Brand: Sullivans

👤The vases are nice. I put them on my kitchen counter for the farmhouse look.

👤These were perfect for my living room. I thought they would be too small, but they are perfect. Not too big, not too small is the perfect size. The bottles have small felt stickers on the bottom of them to prevent them from scratching furniture or other surfaces. I liked that feature. They show, but not much. I don't think it is a deal breaker. I have provided a few pictures and a tissue box for reference.

👤I need to fill them with rocks. They work well.

👤The heights of the vases should be noted. I should have used a ruler to get a feel for the proportions. I thought they would be great on my mantle above the fireplace, but they weredwarfed by the other decor pieces I already had on the mantle. Even using a book to set one on didn't help. They are now setting on an end table, but that is not what they were originally bought for.

👤I put one star because it would not let me leave it blank. I usually don't write bad reviews, but I figure out some other use for it. When I first purchased these, I chose the 45 set of 3 and 73 set of 3 because I was expecting 2 small and one large, and I figured the 45 set of 3 and 73 set of 3 would be quiet large and a little too. I could have gone to Tuesday morning and gotten more bang for my buck, but my larger one is smaller than my pepper grinder, and even that's over priced, so I would value the set of 3 I got from 10 to 15 dollars. I paid less for the larger grey one behind the small 3 in front than I did for the small 3 in front.

👤Beautiful! It is a beautiful addition to our bedroom.

👤The ceramic bases have a crackled glaze. Our decore has cotton and lavender in it.

👤There are three crackle vases. They are a little smaller than I had thought, but they work nicely on our furniture, with yellow and white silk flowers in the taller vase and each of the smaller vases on each side. I was very happy with my purchase. They work well with my other jug vases.

👤The vases looked exactly as advertised and came well packaged.

👤The vases blend well together. The lower part adds to their attractiveness. There is a I don't have to worry about kids knocking against this or my dog's nose trying to see if they are food because they are sturdy and on a small cabinet.

👤Me gusto el producto, solo. Acabado, tiene una calidad y ah en fuera percibo. Is it possible that I am in the centro de mesa de la sala.

👤Todo en buen. En una excelente embalaje, quien tienen cuidados. Los recomiendo. Adecuando para decor el tamao. The color is clido.

4. CwlwGO Ceramic Decorative Kitchen Decor Cracked

CwlwGO Ceramic Decorative Kitchen Decor Cracked

The centerpiece vase is an excellent gift for your lover, family, friends or colleagues, such as birthday, Mother's Day, wedding, bridal shower, housewarmings, Christmas, and so on. Personalize your home furnishings with this 3-piece decorative distressed beige ceramic vase. You can create a space for your home with beautiful home decoration pieces. The simplistic look will add some rustic charm to your décor pieces. The vases are made of high quality ceramics and have a good ability of resistance to rust. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great idea. It is not recommended for fresh flowers or water. There's always one that will suit your decorating needs, and this vase have four other colors.

Brand: Cwlwgo

👤The product is small, the picture shows the smallest one, I was disappointed with the size.

👤These are small, nothing special.

👤I didn't like that I wanted to return it because it was not what I wanted, and it cost more than it cost. I kept it even if it wasn't what I wanted.

👤It matches the vase I bought. Nice view.

👤The pots are pretty.

5. Leewadee Tall Floor Inches White

Leewadee Tall Floor Inches White

The wooden floor vase has a unique shape. The holder is 7 inches in diameter, with a vase opening of 3.8 inches and a height of 28 inches. The handmade wood vase is made from 100 % natural materials. The mango wood used for the decor vase is of high quality and has been carefully processed so that each floor vase is unique. The large wooden standing vase can be used to display branches, grass bouquets, or decorative flowers. The modern deep flower vase adds an exclusive look to every home and business. The tall wooden vase for home decor brings a sophisticated character and charm to every household and is suitable for living rooms, stores, law firms, hotels, restaurants, and bars. The name Leewadee stands for sophisticated design. All of their products are manufactured in traditional Thai craftsmanship. The name Leewadee stands for sophisticated design. All of their products are manufactured in traditional Thai craftsmanship.

Brand: Leewadee

👤The vase is beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The 75 inch one was used. It may have had some areas along the middle joint line. This comes in two pieces and has a very obvious middle joint line. We used gold tape because we had to go around it. It hid the joint line and added some interest to the vase. It is not worth the full price for what it is.

👤It was worth every penny. I ordered a height of 36 inches. The vase was not damaged. It's a nice statement to have in my home. The shipping carton should have thicker styrofoam on top. The package was delivered upside down after the piece on the package disappeared.

👤I like this vase. It has a good amount of weight. It is more attractive in person. It is as pictured. I was very happy to get this gem out of the box. It was wrapped and protected. There were no chips in the finish. Thank you!

👤The vase will be in my den with long brown paper stems. If hit by something, it could fall. I will add some weight to the bottom. It is very attractive, and I am happy I bought it.

👤My wife has saved wine bottle corks since she was married and she wanted a stand up vase that was rustic and quality. I think she will put it in the vase. There are corks everywhere. If you want a rustic look, the wooded vase made of mango wood is perfect. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering another.

👤The vase fits perfectly on the staircase. The seam is not noticeable. The vase is thick. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The vase is perfect. It gave me the look that I was looking for. It filled my space nicely. I love it. There is a There are no issues. I would buy it.

👤The vase looks exactly like it does in the picture. Compared to similar ceramic vases, the wooden vase is solid, good quality and a great price. The smell lasted a couple of days but has now gone. The willow is not suitable for liquids. It is more interesting than plain white because of the tan and white detailing. The two vases together are fantastic, and the larger version was also bought. The 90 cm version is white wash, whereas the 75 cm version is white wash only. The delivery was swifter than expected but they were delivered on Sunday instead of Tuesday. I would definitely buy more if I had more space.

👤The smell is still there after a couple vase week's. It's like a burnt wood smell, I hope it goes soon, a nice vase though.

👤It arrived on time and was well packed. The wood in our stairwell has a nice design that is produced by the polised grain.

👤The vase is thick and beautiful. It has a character because of the wood lining on the white background. I used cherry tree twigs to put it up.

6. DoubleCare Geometric Decorative Artificial Decor,Suitable

DoubleCare Geometric Decorative Artificial Decor%EF%BC%8CSuitable

The rustic vases add warmth and a hint of your laid-back personality. Their ceramic vase is a great addition to your home decor. Their vases for flowers' small size and charming design allow you to mix and match with the rest of your decor. Place their farmhouse home decor on top of your fireplace. Play with scale, proportion, and color blocking to achieve your desired atmosphere and room layout. The plastic vase is made of flexible and durable plastic,Ceramic Look Plastic Vase Unbreakable,Modern Home Decor Geometric Decorative Vases for Table, Living Room, Kitchen, Centerpiece, Office, Wedding decoration. These decorative vases are a great gift for friends or family members who enjoy decorating their homes, or who need something new to cheer up a room. They are packaged beautifully and will arrive in perfect condition. Children can learn flower arranging art with bright and varied colors. The hollow interior can be filled with many materials, such as dried flowers, silk flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, and pebbles. These vases are a perfect accent for both home and office decor. You can return your flower vases for any reason, and they will give you a full refund of your money.

Brand: Doublecare

👤Blow over cheap plastic with a whisper. It needs a few inches of sand to hold it together. They look nice from afar.

👤They are cute. They don't have much of a presence, especially with cats around. I put some rocks in the bottom.

👤It was brought to use for a party with my lady friends, but not real flowers.

👤They are made from very thin plastic. If you are using rocks or sand for decoration, I would suggest putting something heavy.

👤It is very poorly made. Light weight. It can't stay upright with flowers.

👤These are not Silicone, they are thin plastic. I waited two months for this garbage.

👤I would have read the reviews before buying this item. They are stunning, but too light. They are not of great quality.

👤The vases are very light and you might need to put rocks at the bottom to hold them down. They looked like cheap plastic to me. If you decorate it well, it still works. I like the two colors.

👤Bellissimi, ottima qualit.

👤a vaut vraiment, depuis le prix! 2$ chaque! Rentre pas beaucoup de fleurs! The vase is stable!

7. Madison Park Ansen Ceramic Handmade

Madison Park Ansen Ceramic Handmade

The size is 1 vase. 71"W x 5. 71"D x 9 84"H; 1 Vase: 5. 51"W x 5. x 4 72"H; 1 Vase: 5. 31"W x 5"D x 6 3"H There are different shapes and sizes of ceramic decorative 3 piece set vases. The modern luxe accent decoration can be used in your living space. If you want to fill up a bigger space, place all 3 pieces together, or you can also place them individually to accent more room in your home. The metallic bronze finish has a glamorous appeal. The 3 piece set of metallic vase is a modern accent. A perfect combination of ancient and modern art. The table top ornament features high quality ceramic. You can put it on any surface. It's perfect for table top ornaments. It can double as paper weight when needed. There is a great sculpture for house staging, hotel lobby, home office and also your home living room decor. If you want to fill up a bigger space, place all 3 pieces together, or you can also place them individually to accent more room in your home. Spot clean only do not use bleach or harsh chemical solutions to maintain original color quality.

Brand: Madison Park Signature

👤These are some of the best vaSES. They are a small Shinny Bronze color. It's perfect for my space.

👤They are smaller than expected.

👤It's lovely on my statement piece. It looks more expensive than the price. We get a lot of praise for our quality.

👤I had to order again. It was perfect for the outlook I had in mind.

👤It is smaller than I thought.

👤Love the color. It gives a classic look.

👤Wow! It's so beautiful. The living room looks great. I am very happy with the purchase.

8. Leewadee Tall Floor Inches White

Leewadee Tall Floor Inches White

The wooden floor vase has a unique shape. The holder is 7 inches in diameter and 6.4 inches in height. The handmade wood vase is made from 100 % natural materials. The mango wood used for the decor vase is of high quality and has been carefully processed so that each floor vase is unique. The large wooden standing vase can be used to display branches, grass bouquets, or decorative flowers. The modern deep flower vase adds an exclusive look to every home and business. The tall wooden vase for home decor brings a sophisticated character and charm to every household and is suitable for living rooms, stores, law firms, hotels, restaurants, and bars. The name Leewadee stands for sophisticated design. All of their products are manufactured in traditional Thai craftsmanship. The name Leewadee stands for sophisticated design. All of their products are manufactured in traditional Thai craftsmanship.

Brand: Leewadee

👤It was used for a spray of flowers. Perfect floor height. It was very fast shipping.

👤The vase is made from pure white and is of excellent craftsmanship. It takes 3-4 weeks for it to be delivered, and it has a weird smell that lingered for at least two weeks. I would order from them again if I was not in a hurry for my purchase. It wasn't terrible, but it was noticeable, so it was second thought.

👤The cylinder vase has a line pattern. It's 28" tall. The paint is shiny. It is non-breakable because it is made from wood.

👤These are sturdy and beautiful. They look great in my foyer. They will need to be filled with something similar. We packed peanuts.

👤I enjoy my vase. The mouth opening was perfect for accommodating the Birch poles. The body of the vase was torched and lathed to produce a lovely natural finish. The photos are attached. It was difficult to get the poles into the vase as I am only 4 feet 10 inches tall. All turned out well, as seen in the photos.

👤The vase is very nice. I love it.

👤As described. It's perfect for my wedding arch.

👤So upset and have been waiting for the ups to come. I want my vase. I think it would be wrapped better for the price.

👤The floor vase is gorgeous and will look great in the corner of my room. I was really happy with my purchase.

👤A wooden vase. I like the height and the weight it has so it doesn't fall over easily. It blends in with the other things in my room. Excellent buy.

👤I was looking forward to receiving this vase. The leaning tower of Pisa was what the box was like to open. There is no quality control at the factory. The effort of sending it back is now required. Very disappointing.

👤The quality is great, the size is perfect, it goes great with our furniture, and it looks fancy too. Thanks!

👤The tall thin vase is lovely. It made a statement in our hall way and was perfect for the space.

9. Decorative Durable Decorated Centerpiece Accents

Decorative Durable Decorated Centerpiece Accents

It's 18 inches square, 45 x 45 cm, and it might have an error due to hand-cutting and sewing. The insert is not included. A rich brown hue and textured patterns make for a striking decorative vase set. Home décor vases are heavy and never rust. The vase set has bottom protectors to prevent scratches. The centerpiece set is a unique gift. Great value. A set of 3 includes a large, medium, and small decorated vase at a great price.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤I'm very impressed with how well it was made.

👤The set is gorgeous. Excellent quality and sturdy. It was perfect for my arrangement. The Dublin collection is beautiful.

👤The vase set is very elegant. I bought a set of the Dublin series from Creative Scents and they are great for staging a bathroom or dining room.

👤I bought the entire Dublin collection for my living room. I am very impressed with the look, feel, and quality. I can change out fake flowers with the changing seasons.

👤I love these! They are gorgeous! Very nice looking. Great size too! I am glad I bought them. 5 stars for sure.

👤I brought the whole collection to the table. I like it. I'm going to order 2 more. Otha sets 4. My room tables.

👤It makes my dining room table look better. The vases look like the pictures.

👤These are gorgeous. I was looking for something that could change with the seasons, but it was simple. There is a They are the right height and quality. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤Livraison en avance Issuing satisFAite de mon achat.

👤Good quality, a beautiful set. The living room is beautiful.

👤Everything I was expecting. They're very well made.

10. LESEN Farmhouse Decorative Artificial Lavender

LESEN Farmhouse Decorative Artificial Lavender

Farmhouse Decor Design has a vintage off white milk can vase. The coffee tables and the dining table have attractive rustic flower centerpiece decor. You can add some farmhouse rustic charm by displaying the bouquet on your bookshelf. The paint finish on the metal vase is shabby chic and gives it a vintage feel. The artificial lavender is made from plastic flowers and leaves, which will last over the years, no watering and no trimming needed, just have more fun. This retro farm house vase decor with its vibrant, lush lavender flowers will make a lovely addition to any room in your home or office. The Farmhouse kitchen or dining room table is a great centerpiece. The lavender arrangement adds charm and beauty to your entry hall, guest bedroom, covered patio, room divider, fireplace mantel, screened in porch. The metal can vase rustic finish is eye-catching and durable. This metal vase with flower is perfect for country themed weddings and reception decorations, as well as housewarming gifts, country homes, hostess, wedding and get well gifts. The package contains a metal milk vase and artificial lavender. The vase is 7.5"H x 4.1"W. This Milk Can is only used for decorative purposes. They don't recommend it for holding water.

Brand: Lesen

👤I bought the napkin from the Lesen holder. I wanted something else with it. I found a lavender plant when I looked up more Lesen farmhouse decor. I like it. The kitchen table has a great center piece.

👤This is a nice arrangement. It had a strange smell. I put it outside for a day and the smell has gone away. I used it in my bathroom.

👤The paint is not that great and this is the only problem. The can might need to be re- sprayed. It scratches easily.

👤It looks real the flowers have to be touched to know they are not. Definitely worth the money.

👤Contenta y conforme. It's a bello!

👤I was looking for a more rustic type of floral thing and this fit the bill.

👤This is pretty in person. I need a touch of color in my living room.

👤The color is bright. I put fish rock in the bottom of my vase so it wouldn't blow over on my porch.

👤No pesa nada, creo, romper con gran facilidad. Se ve igual, en la publicacin y los ramilletes de levanda. Y frondosos. No tienes, no quiesta.

👤Tiene bastantes ramitas. Y luce tal, se ve en la imagen del venta. The tipo de decoracin is Vale la pena.

👤A doc para "FarmHouse Decor".

11. Stonebriar SB 5076B Vintage Textured Wooden

Stonebriar SB 5076B Vintage Textured Wooden

This beach inspired vase is the perfect size for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Stonebriar's wood vase features an ocean inspired design with a textured wave pattern and a lightly distressed pale ocean blue painted finish. Adding artificial flowers, sticks, and decorative fill to a vase is a great way to make a centerpiece. The vase is not recommended to hold water. There are three sizes of pale ocean vase. Purchase 1 size or all 3 and make your own nautical inspired set.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤The quality is not the best, but it is fine. I thought I would be taller than the pictures show. I think it's a vase to put on a table. I'll leave.

👤The vase is very light. Cheap feel, but not cheap. It serves its purpose. The large is not that large.

👤Even though it says large vase, the vases were shorter than I thought. Pay attention to the dimensions. It's too short to be put on the floor as a decorative piece, and it's also too tall to be placed on the windowsill. - It's not a pure white, it's an off-white/gray/blueish color, with some brown on the wavey design. I included the fake flower bamboo sticks in the picture because it does not come with the purchase.

👤I ordered a large to use as a vase. It is exactly what I was looking for and I wish it was a bit bigger. I like the textured look and the color is more white than blue. I disagree. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤This vase is perfect for my apartment. It is light. If you put something in the vase, you may need a lighter weight sprigs, because some of the decorative ones cause it to tip over.

👤I didn't mind the green/blue color, but I had to change it to a light fog grey. I love it!

👤I bought this product because it gives a neutral color to a room. The vase has a textured pattern that I think is unique. I bought it because it fits my bamboo sticks perfectly. The item is light and holds everything up. The opening was wide enough for what I needed, and the height was perfect. I have a cleaning robot that knocks it down all the time, so I am going to put marbles in it to hold it down. The vase is sturdy and a great purchase.

👤The coloring of the product was fairly accurate and there have been no major issues with it. If I tried to put anything heavy in it without weighing it down, it could cause issues as it is lightweight and will tip. I'm not using it for that. I don't have that issue. There is a It didn't do what I wanted and that's my fault. It's not as usable for my purposes as I'd like, but that's on me for not measuring right, because I expected the top opening to be wider than it actually is. It could be a little heavier in order to get more stable. There is a Overall, I think this product delivers on what it says it is, it just wasn't what I wanted or needed. I haven't bought a replacement yet, so I'm still using it.

👤Quality was not compromised by price. It looks cheap. Light and thin of material. The bottom is not straight. The vase can't stand upright.

👤The water is leaking. So disappointing.


What is the best product for decorative vases for living room tall?

Decorative vases for living room tall products from Modern Day Accents. In this article about decorative vases for living room tall you can see why people choose the product. Elements and Sullivans are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vases for living room tall.

What are the best brands for decorative vases for living room tall?

Modern Day Accents, Elements and Sullivans are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vases for living room tall. Find the detail in this article. Cwlwgo, Leewadee and Doublecare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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