Best Decorative Vines Set

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1. Outgeek Artificial Strands Hanging Decoration

Outgeek Artificial Strands Hanging Decoration

The fake green ivy are waterproof and sunscreen, the copper wire of Window Curtain String Lights is wrapped in a plastic case, perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. It's suitable for home decoration, wedding decoration, window decoration, jungle theme party supplies, Holiday etc. The artificial vines leaves are made of high quality silk and won't fall off easily. The stems are made of clear plastic. The length of each ivy strand is about 7 feet, and these face ivy vines decor are 1.57-1.97 inch in width, perfect size for decoration or cosplay. You can use these fake garlands to decorate bedroom, living room, kitchen, outdoor garden, wedding and party, it is reallike, and will never wither, you can also use this for a poison ivy cosplay costume. Installation and disassemble are easy with face ivy vines decoration. Silk ivy leaves can be washed with soap water or placed in aventilated environment for some time.

Brand: Outgeek

👤I bought two. The first one was better than the second one. The second was short on leaves but it worked and the leaves stayed on even after a heavy wind or rain. It gives the right privacy for my apartment. A patio.

👤I wore a Poison Ivy costume. When I first opened them, they had a bit of a smell, but it wasn't bad and faded quickly. The leaves looked great.

👤The daughter loves these, she hung them up on her wall and it looks great, only complaint is that the product smells like a dirty fish tank. After a few days, the smell went away. I suggest letting them go outside. for a while!

👤It worked well for the tops of my cabinets. I soaked them in dish soap and warm water for a few hours, then dried them in the garage. I placed them on top of my kitchen cabinets and they have not smelled or looked strange. Its a nice look. I'm happy with it.

👤There is a decorative design in our office. I braided them in 3 strands. We get praise on our design from other staff. I think that the photos and pictures you get are a good value, but that the amount of "ivy" you will receive is different.

👤I was looking for some faux plants to hang behind my bed, and I came across these. They were the perfect size and I like how they look. You can use them all in one place or spread them out. They hang well and seem to last a long time. I am happy I ordered this style because I love how they look. I might order another set to hang on my window.

👤It was perfect for the need to trim bird cages lightly. A nice color, realistic leaf look, easy to separate the 12 strands, and a great price. It was delivered to me as well. Thank you.

👤The smell didn't linger. It looks amazing and the price is great. Get it!

👤This is a great product. Due to its light weight and thickness, it can be easily twisted and rolled. My niece had a special day and we used this as a background decoration. It looked pretty. The product is a good value.

👤Mi hija se ven lindas. No se vea recargada la decoracin...

2. DearHouse Artificial Protected Suitable Backyard

DearHouse Artificial Protected Suitable Backyard

Green plant wall designs are used. Their artificial boxwood panels are perfect for privacy, aesthetically enhance your area, and can be used to transform your backyard fence, patio, garden, yard, walkways, rooms, walls, indoor or outdoor. It was long lasting. Their greenery panels are made of recycled high density polyethylene that is soft to the touch and they are UV-proof, weather resistant, eco-friendly and lightweight. These panels are easy to cut and fit with household scissors. Attach and install your hedge wall with interlocking connections. The package comes with artificial boxwood panels that are easy to attach to equal 10.33 square feet. Artificial boxwood hedge panels are great for backyard fence, patio, garden, yard, walk.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The items were packaged well. It was easy to set up. I used a few more zip ties because I wanted it to be more secure. Command strips were used to hold it up. The leaves were pretty secure. During setup, only 2 tiny pieces came off.

👤This was used to create a decorative wall backsplash for a plant themed party and to place a neon sign in the center. It turned out great. It was easy to set up.

👤I wanted to make a wall out of grass. I used it once and it was over $100. I can say that it is disappointing. It was pretty easy to put it together, but it is dirty. I don't think I'm dealing with real grass because my hands were filthy while I put it together. I had to add more zip ties to hold it together.

👤The quality and size of it was great. It smelled bad. It smelled like it had been soaked in clorox. It was making me feel unwell. It goes away in a few hours. I should have left it outside to get the smell out. The smell is not as bad after a few hours.

👤It's the best deal for the density and thickness. Looks realistic. A man is giving off an odor that is hard to digest. It's best if used outside. You will be sick if you are indoors. Trying different things to get rid of the smell. It's the smell of plastic gas. There is a It would be 5 stars if it didn't smell. I built a champagne wall for my daughter's wedding. I put it in the sun to get rid of it. Hope it works.

👤I didn't have a problem with the smell after reading the reviews. After putting it all together, I realized there were little circles on the side of every square that were supposed to be on a specific corner. I still have the top trimmed. It will be even but I love it.

👤I loved these! I will definitely order more.

👤The boxwood pieces are a great value. They come with zip ties that are bright green, that's the only downside, but that's nothing. The tiles are large and beautiful.

3. FeiLix Lifelike Branches Decorative Artificial

FeiLix Lifelike Branches Decorative Artificial

Products can be wreath, home decoration, wedding decorations, and any floral arrangement. A flower in the home. There is a wreath. A Christmas wreath. SPECIFICATIONS: 10PCS Artificial Branches. 30.7 inches is the size. The image of each faux flower branch is cute and simple. Not including vase is not included. Materials: It is made of high quality iron wire. The faux sticks are more popular in the summer and winter. This special product is easy to maintain and can be used against fierce wind. The faux curly willow branches are well made. It's perfect for people who are short on time but passionate about life and floral art. The product has a variety of characteristics. There is aDEAL deficiency. This long product is suitable for home, party, wedding, table, living room, terrace, office, kitchen, wall, guesthouse, garden, shopping mall, exhibition, vase filler,fireplace, winter decor, indoor and outdoor. It can increase the interest of your life, generate fashionable and simple atmosphere, and decorate any corner of your house. The decorative dry twigs can be used to make your own crafts. Purchase notes are available. The large branch can be used to create magic with vases or pots. The faux branch can be made into a wreath.

Brand: Feilix

👤The product arrivesfolded for shipping, but it only takes a few minutes to arrange. We used one package for this arrangement. We are very pleased with the appearance.

👤It adds to my rustic decor. They bend the way you want it to be. Do your own design. I highly recommend it.

👤This item is great for my sitting area. I wish it was taller, but I didn't check the specifications. The picture shows the relationship between the chair and it. I could stuff the vase to get more height.

👤These are artificial branches that I like. They have enough branches for a full look, the color is rich and dark, and they look realistic. When they arrive, they are folded and straight, so take your time and bend and twist into the look you want. It is easy to do, just take time. I liked doing it. There are a couple of branches that have exposed wire. It was brown. It is not noticeable. I could have cut them off with wire cutter, but you can't see them. I don't have to keep buying them again or recommend them to anyone.

👤I put these in a tin milk can on my porch. I hope they stand up to the weather better than real branches.

👤I accidentally dropped the Oriental ginger jar that broke. It's a funny thing! I purchased 2 twigs because I loved the jar. They are bendable, life-like and not too badly priced. Happy.

👤For a long time, I never put anything in this vase. The turquoise vase was clashing with the flowers. These are perfect!

👤They were used for a wedding arch. The perfect look was added by them. It is easy to work with but can break.

4. CQURE Garland Foliage Greenery Decoration

CQURE Garland Foliage Greenery Decoration

SIZE: The ivy garland is made from Silk,Plastic,High Quality, and each plant has a 24x artificial ivy vine. Each ivy vine has 80 leaves. SUITABLE The artificial ivy garland can be used to decorate weddings, festivals,safari parties, home decorations, gardens, fencing, floral tributes,sheds, Swing frame and exposed wires. Craftship: Artificial ivy vine main technology is spray-free, green environmental protection, instead of spraying and electroplating process, to a large extent, reducing solvent emissions. Not fading, not falling off, good wear resistance, non-flammable. DURABLE and resilience are both qualities. ivy is made of fabric, stems are plastic, and it's easy to bend or cut down as you please,Hanging ivy garland does not require any special care. Quality stands behind all of its products. If you are not satisfied with greenery garland, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Cqure

👤I was determined to make it happen in my new house after seeing a picture on the internet of lights and vines over a bed. 10/10 recommend! I wasn't sure if there would be enough for just one set of vines, but I ended up with a couple leftover after this project. Will buy these again soon. They don't get tangled. I sprayed them with room spray after they had a funny smell, but it was gone.

👤It works well in my college dorm room. I wrapped the fairy lights around the ivy and it worked. I twine the ivy between the hooks, and it stays up very well, because it comes in lots of separate segments. If you're going to hang this stuff outside, you might want to tape it together, because when I open my windows, the wind sometimes pulls the ivy down. I thought I was prepared for the smell when it came out of the package, but the smell clears up pretty fast. I was not. The ivy twine is very easy to tangle, so be very careful taking it out of the package. I made the mistake of being disorganized as I was trying to untangle the ball from the ivy and it took quite a long time. There is a I'm very happy with it. A lot of ivy for a good price.

👤One pack was enough to cover the window. The vines were ordered to increase their stealth modifiers because our cats were annoyed by birds flying away. They can birdwatch without fear. The vines make the catio look cooler. There is a The vines look amazing if you don't scrutinize them from three inches away. They have been outside in the sun, smoke, rain, and wind for just over a month and are still vibrant. I hope they can hold up in the snow.

👤The Ivy looks great. The smaller size is where they are a bit on. Don't let that stop you from buying. I call my Zen garden because I have a small patio in the city. I was looking for something that would give me some privacy. I looked at many products, including Ivy walls. I decided on this product because of the reviews. I have a small dog that can fit through the gate bars. I attached some chicken wire. The Ivy was threaded through the holes when put up. I think it worked well with my plants and flowers. A box of 24 was enough to cover my gate which is 5 feet across and 4 feet high. Some reviewers said that vines are too thin. I think it's perfect, because you can tie a knot with them. I attached it to the gate. I ordered another set because the price went down. I don't want to over do it, so I may add some more strands. They look natural when the sunlight hits them. My neighbors have asked where I got the plant. It's a good thing... Amazon! They are not! It's funny. Don't be disappointed if you give a try. The box does stink when opened. I left them open for a few days and the smell went away. No problem!

5. Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

The small potted plant is an upgraded version. The potted plant has more branches. Artificial Plants for Home Decor Indoor boast a realistic look, vibrant color, and everlasting beauty. The fake plants look great in your guest room or living room. Their artificial plant will give you a hint of green to lift your mood. These fake plants decor are high quality. Place this fake plant next to your statement pieces to complement their beauty. These artificial plants are made from plastic. You can use the fake plants as a potted desk plant in your office or as a fake hanging plant outside. The fake hanging plants' stem and leaves are sturdy and won't degrade under harsh weather. Even though the fake plants are displayed for a long time, they maintain their shape. Use artificial plants as fake plants in the bathroom and bedroom. There are fake pothos artificial hanging plants. The large fake plant is better to keep than the real ones. The faux plants indoors won't make you sick. Their fake plants are easy to take care of. You can keep the artificial plants for home decor indoors in pristine, display-worthy condition by doing occasional wiping and dusting. Small fake plants are ideal for deocrative plants in tight spaces. Imagine how their plants give life to a dull room. The faux plants look good with your decor. You can display the small plants next to the more modern decorations. Other customers use artificial plants to make empty spaces look nicer. The fake plants come with a white pot. The faux plants' pots feature a minimalist style, which allows their fake plant decor to suit almost all types of theme and color schemes. Their faux plant will give your room a sense of life and color. Artificial plants can be used as fake plants for bedroom aesthetic or office plants for desk.

Brand: Forever Leaf

👤The plant looks real. I have been looking for an artificial plant that looks realistic and this one definitely fits the bill. The black pot it comes in is nice quality and has a good weight to it so the plant won't easily tip over. I used this in my son's room. I will be moving it around because it can go anywhere in the house. The leaves are green and look realistic. It is lush and not sparse as I have seen with others. If you don't have a green thumb or are a busy mom that forgets to water plants like me, this is for you. Definitely recommend.

👤Wow! I am new to faux. I am in love! I have never seen a plant like that before. Make it your own. I am not at a lot but I am excited to put this in our place. I don't have to worry about it dying. It is a faux-ever. It's seriously, tho. So great!

👤I like the look of plants and bright greenery in my house, but I am not the best at growing plants. My problem is solved by having this realistic faux plant on my shelves. The shape of the leaves makes them look like they are growing up out of the pot. The pot is sleek and beautiful and it can adapt to any decor style. This product is very good.

👤The pot is plain and the plant is a bit bigger than expected. They are a package deal, as the plant/gravel fill is glue into the pot. This was found out the hard way. I liked this fake plant better than any of the others I've seen, because a friend asked for it and I was happy to oblige. I thought I was buying a plant and a gold pot when I bought it. The plant was already put in there. I had to use a hammer to get the plant out of the pot. The pebbles on top were too wide to fit in. I chiseled the rocks to a small area that would fit in the other pot. I think it was pretty nice in the end. Just know that a re-pot of this bad boy is going to take time and effort. The leaves were creased in places when unboxed, but I hope that fades over time, as my friend hasn't mentioned it.

👤This plant is so easy to manipulate that I love it! It looks cute and has a real look to it. It will be backlit! I used it in my kitchen because it lacks natural light in my apartment. It looks great!

👤There was an issue of having to be very precise with watering when I was looking for a fake plant to mask the real one. The plant does a great job of making the devices look softer. It blends very well next to real plans.

👤The plant is gorgeous. I don't have a green thumb so this adds a fresh look to my decor without the guilt of losing another plant. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this plant 1000%.

6. PARTY JOY Garland Artificial Background

PARTY JOY Garland Artificial Background

One package has 5 Garland, each Garland is 8.2 feet long, and each Garland has 45 leaves and 45 flowers. It is the first choice for the pursuit of affordable. If you want to decorate a large place, you will find that it is an easy choice. Quality upgrade Compared with similar products in the market, the flowers of this product are not easy to drop, and the weight of the product has also been increased to a certain extent, making the vine more realistic when hanging vertically. The flower head use a lot of material. The effect is better when they use two colors for flower heads, because the flower vines seem to be more beautiful and the color difference on the market will be large. The main product of the brand is the leading product. The main product is the brand. The product has been improved many times according to user needs. It sells well and is very popular. Many buyers think it's very good. If there are available ones, you must place an order as soon as possible. It is easy to decorate because of the light weight and you can use small tape to fix it. The artificial hanging vine plant can be used for many things, including wedding parties, wedding arches, centerpiece decorations, show windows, shop, restaurant, office, flower basket, party, celebration, aisle, stairway, fences and many other events.

Brand: Party Joy

👤I wanted to do this for a while, but never got around to it. I was able to find what I was looking for thanks to Amazon. I wore this with faux ivy. I bought 2 more orders after learning that one order didn't cover the area I wanted. To let the smell settle, I recommend hanging these up outside, garage, or basement. I let mine air out for a day or two and it was fine, even though it had a chemical smell. They are easy to hang and style. I recommend this.

👤I was impressed with the quality of these. The flowers are of great quality and the garlands were in perfect condition. I love them because they look real. I bought them to thread into my chandeliers and they look amazing. They dressed the chandeliers up and made them look better. The quality is great for the price. I love them so much that I want to buy more and put them somewhere else.

👤I bought faux ivy and flower vines to decorate my porch bench because it can't grow real vines. I was worried that it would look cheap, but I was happy with how it turned out. I would not use these for a wedding, but a kids birthday party outdoors.

👤This was a cute item. My daughter's bridal shower backdrop was decorated with two packages of flowers. The flowers were the perfect size, not too small and not too large, and a pretty color. I was very pleased with the purchase and would buy it again. The flowers didn't fall off and it was sturdy. The value is great. I received a lot of praise for the backdrop. When you open the package, there is no smell of plastic or scent.

👤They are very fluffy. I only received 2 and it was light pink. The color was beautiful but not what I ordered. Amazon let me keep the 2 strands because it was a birthday gift. If this is the way they do their flowers, they are gorgeous. I don't know how many strands I'll get, but I would like to order more.

👤I like the vines. The roses are well made. What I was looking for. They look real. They were well packed and there was nothing broken. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I bought these flowers for my mother to enjoy. I was not expecting these roses to be so thick and pretty. There are lots of small roses on each vine. My mother was delighted that I was more than satisfied.

👤I ordered these to decorate a metal garden arch and they looked real from the distance. It made my arch look better and did not smell. I would recommend it.

👤Cmo me, calidad, buen precio, uff lleg antes de lo previsto y la calidad de las flores. Sin duda recomiendo totalmente.

7. CQURE Garland Foliage Greenery Decoration

CQURE Garland Foliage Greenery Decoration

SIZE: The ivy garland is made from Silk,Plastic,High Quality, and each plant has 12x artificial ivy vine. Each ivy vine has 80 leaves. SUITABLE The artificial ivy garland can be used to decorate weddings, festivals,safari parties, home decorations, gardens,fencing,floral tributes,sheds and more. Craftship: Artificial ivy vine main technology is spray-free, green environmental protection, instead of spraying and electroplating process, to a large extent, reducing solvent emissions. Not fading, not falling off, good wear resistance, non-flammable. DURABLE and resilience are both qualities. ivy is made of fabric, stems are plastic, and it's easy to bend or cut down as you please,Hanging ivy garland does not require any special care. Quality stands behind all of its products. If you are not satisfied with greenery garland, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Cqure

👤One day, my partner let me turn an empty room into a woman cave, and I decided to go with a garden theme. My theme was made a fantastic reality with these vines, curtain lights, fake realistic butterflies, and a load of little ladybugs. I am very happy with how this project came out. The differences between the two vines are very small. The vines/stems on the Naidiler brand are slightly more light green, which only shows up with direct sunlight. The smell of the vines was a bit more noticeable when they were opened and shed, but the smell went away after they were put out in a spare room for a day or two. The vines were easier to untangle. When I had to order more vines, I mixed them and no one could tell they were different brands. I would recommend either one. Can you tell the difference between the two pictures? I have no idea which is which. There is a I needed to cover my entire back wall and the side walls with a total of 833ft of 12-packs, and I could add another 12pack or two to make it more dense. These vines are small. I put a picture of the wall covered in half two-layers and half just one to show the difference. These are a steal because department stores want $10 for a single strand of ivy. If you are doing a large project, keep in mind that I needed almost triple what I thought I would need. I lost 4 leaves in the hanging process, and I was tipsy with the music, so you can imagine how gentle I was. Go ahead and get some. Hope this helps.

👤It is nice and smells good, but it took me so long to take them apart that I don't have any use for them anymore. It is very upsetting and you better miss me when I am gone.

👤I like how long this product is. I bought it for my ball pythons to make it more cluttered and he has a lot of hiding places. The ivy is exactly the same as it was shown online. To get a full look, you have to double it up. You have 84 feet to work with. It has a strong scent. The dye is used. Before hanging it, I soaked it in warm water and soap. The ivy held its color as the water turned green.

👤It's perfect for my back deck area. It was just what I needed to camouflage my artwork.

👤The ivy looked great. I added little sunflowers to the ivy to make a baby shower backdrop. Everyone loved it.

👤You can use these ideas in your living room, bed room or kitchen. They give a touch of art to my apartment. When I unpack them, they are good quality and the leaves are intact. I would buy more and give it to my friends. It's perfect for giving an artistic touch to any celebration. Highly recommended!

8. CEWOR Artificial Greenery Wedding Decoration

CEWOR Artificial Greenery Wedding Decoration

Quality stands behind all of its products. If you are not satisfied with greenery garland, please contact their customer service. The package includes fake ivy vines with a total length of 173 feet. Each vine is about 2.2 meters in length. The ivy leaves are made of silk. They are processed with dyes and won't fade. The stem is made of plastic. It can be twisted and bent at will. Artificial appearance. The artificial ivy can be used for both indoor and outdoor decor, and can also be used as the main decoration of your various outdoor parties, to let you feel the magic of nature. It provided additional privacy and atmosphere in your life. The ivy garlands can be used for couch backdrop, room makeover, bedroom window hanging decor, living room, wall decor, jungle theme party supplies, dinosour bedroom decoration, greenery backdrop, patio trellis, outdoor arch, wedding backboard, backyard and so. It is normal to have a plastic smell when you use an artificial vine, but it won't hurt the human body. The vines can be placed in theventilated place for a while to eliminate the smell.

Brand: Cewor

👤3 packs and command strip hooks were used to put this behind my couch.

👤My daughter wanted vines in her room. The 24 pack was perfect for the project. If you open the package, there is a bad odor, but you don't smell it. It is bad. I put them outside to air out after I took them out of the package. No more smell after a few hours. I was happy. There is a The vines were separated when I was going to hang them. The hooks I used were perfect. The led lights were added separately after hanging the vines. I didn't like the vines that came with the lights. I wanted to make my daughter look better. I do recommend.

👤The leaves are not green and are silky. The leaves look real because of the striations of yellow. I put them on an outdoor arch. I initially braided the ivy in and out, but then I changed to weaving it sideways through the left side diamond, and it looked better. There is a I let the ivy fall over the edge because there are lights at the top arch. I secured the top and bottom pieces with nylon zip ties. There is a The smell of the ivy came from the bag. I put the ivy outside to air out when I opened the bag because it might have been sprayed on to make it waterproof. I put it on the lattice and it didn't smell.

👤I was surprised to see how full this is. The vines are full, long, and hang perfectly. I have too much. I have to figure out where to put the rest. They have a weird smell. It's noticable when your nose is against them and you run them under water. They don't look like real ivy plants when you're looking very close, but they do at a distance. They look great. Great deal.

👤The look and color of the vines were perfect for my needs and I could have gotten away with 2 if I had ordered 3 packs. I was prepared to hang the package because I expected it to smell bad and the odor was strong. The odor was gone after a light rinse and airing it out.

👤The smell is slight. After separating the vines, it goes away. I like them. It makes the room feel cool. 2 packs are needed if you are covering the entire room.

👤This ivy completely changed my home. It is unbelievable. Adding two strands to each window makes it look more lively. It made a huge difference. Very realistic. I am so happy I bought these. Some of the leaves fell off. I put those in a planter tray to make it look better. The smell of the box is strange. I put it out on my porch for a few days and the smell disappeared. Great find!

👤They have a bad smell to them. The smell went away when I soaked them in soapy water. Look great!

9. DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

Installation includes a hole on the back of the mirror that can be drilled, plug in wall plugs,Screws to hang, and Eva Stickers to fix the mirror to avoid shaking. This silk wisteria is 6.6ft/2m in length,10 shorter strings each 0.7',pack of 4,suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor,wedding hanging flowers decoration,spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The stem is made of plastic and flowers are made of silk cloth and easy to clean. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers for home garden hanging flower plant floral decoration for wedding partyfloral Supplies A flower with a green leaf looks and feels like a real flower. Artificial wisteria is a symbol of love and happiness, and it can be used to make beautiful wedding home party decoration. Also, note: Those who are cautious are due to the processing technology that may have debris.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The package was a little stinky but dissipated quickly. Not all the same lengths. 3 sets were used to cover an arch. Beautiful!

👤I ordered the garlands to use for my background and everyone at the party has a WOW look on their face. I had to order 2 sets of these in order to get this look. Great item.

👤Made a dream come true. In my gazebo.

👤I bought this for my baby shower and it worked out perfect. I would have liked to have ordered more sets to make it bigger. I am happy with how they look for our photo backdrop. The flower do go flying everywhere if you pull them out of the packaging. The item was described and shipped on time. If you want to get the look of the picture they have up, I recommend ordering more than the two pieces.

👤Really liked this! This was used to decorate a metal panel that was used at our wedding and it really added an elegance to it. I had to separate the flowers from each other when I opened the packaging. It is easy to stick them back on. It had a funky smell. I would recommend ordering at least a week in advance so that you can separate them. Maybe spray them with something. The product is great for a reasonable price.

👤The wall mural paper came in short, so I bought this one to cover the top. The quality of the vine materials is good for the price. I went to the local craft store and couldn't find vines that would beat this price. A picture shows two vines twisted together.

👤It is thinner than expected because it does not have enough flowers and leaves. It looks great on my mantle and fills in some areas in my kitten.

👤It's easy to use, when you snap the pieces back on. The look we wanted was completed.

👤This item is not like the photo.

👤Product is not as picture as it appears.

👤I wasn't happy with the decoration. The flowers fall apart easily. I wouldn't order it again. It was not worth the price.

10. DearHouse I01732 Artificial Hanging Garland

DearHouse I01732 Artificial Hanging Garland

The artificial English Ivy vine hanging plant is a great way to save space in your room, it has 12 strand pretty blooms and amazingly life-like foliage bursting out of the basket or wall. Artificial hanging Ivy Garland is an ideal addition for your flower boxes and windowsills, their silk ivy garland will instill color where it is missing. Approx. each ivy hangings vine. The 84 Ft.80 leaves are approx 1.5 to 1.7inch.comes with 12x artificial ivy vine. It is important to note that. The product is packaged in a bag. You can hang on the wall,doors,swing,mirrors and anywhere you want, as long as you like. Their plants are artificial. The leaves and green colors look realistic and will add elegance to your landscape.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤Absolutely amazing! Would recommend 100%. I was glad I purchased them and didn't get discouraged by other reviews. They exceeded my expectations and I am very happy. They turned out great.

👤I did a lot of research to find the biggest bang for your buck. I went to a lot of Chinese websites. This is the best I have found before. Full leaves for one vine. I will use it for decorations. What do you think about people complaining about a plastic smell? It wasn't a strong smell. I will be buying more. It's worth 12 pieces for $10 Good quality. Strong. I wish the stem was a little darker. I am satisfied.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but the horrible outcomes have been so bad. The leaves were pretty, but the smell was horrible. They were very tangled. I hung them against a wall in my basement about a week ago and both of my cats started showing signs of illness. They get into stuff they shouldn't, but nothing has made them sick before. I don't know what they use to coat these plants, but it's not pet safe. They are pretty, but it is not worth it. Don't buy them.

👤A few leaves fell. I used a single bag to make the backdrop. I left them out in my garage a few days before, because they had a smell. It disappeared. I wish I had gotten two bags for my look. The strands are very thin. The quality was decent for the price. I got a lot of praise.

👤Life is like that. There was a strong chemical smell. The odor problem was solved by keeping it outside a few days.

👤More than I anticipated. I was happy with the amount of garland you get. It adds atmosphere to the room I used it in. Would purchase again.

👤This was exactly what it was described to be. The smell that other have mentioned did not linger once I opened up the strands and began working with them. I had a lot for my project. I am very pleased with the look of the leaves.

👤When I opened the bag, these were absolutely disgusting. They smelt like they were in a bucket of rotten fish. I aired them out and the stench was still terrible.

👤When it came in, it was aired out for a while and it was fine. Shipping took a long time. I got an 84 feet pack and this is how much it covers. Good amount for a cheap price. I have not had any leaves fall off. I recommend!

👤The vines smell terrible, but other than that they are really nice!

👤My balcony has vines that add a little more green. Ivy doesn't grow very well in my area. I still wanted the look of trailing vines. If you get frustrated, you will end up with a big tangle because leaves will catch on the other vines. Through a few summer rainstorms, these have held up well on my balcony. If you're using it for indoors, make sure to air it out for a few days before using it.

11. Bird Fiy Artificial Plastic Greenery

Bird Fiy Artificial Plastic Greenery

Warm notice. There is no glue. The artificial vine can be easily installed with flowers heads. You could work with your family. If you have a problem with their artificial flowers, feel free to contact them. Artificial Boston Fern leaves are made with high quality plastic material and waterproof for outdoor use. Artificial plants vines have lush green coloring and generous leaves. The material is made from high quality plastic. Natural color, eco-friendly and hassle free, which can be washed by water. fake ivy plants are maintenance free and never wither and fall,vivid realistic decor for your home. The total length of hanging ivy is 30 inches. 2 Boston Fern plants are in the package.

Brand: Bird Fiy

👤These are cheap and ugly, and not as full as the description suggests, so you will need at least 4 to make one plant save your money.

👤The product looks nice. You can see how fake it is. It looks decent. The smell is gross. I have been sitting in open air for a week and still smell of plastic and chemicals. I wanted to use them for my reptile. That will not be the case as they smell bad and it's most likely toxic as it instantly causes me headaches.

👤Buying more of these. My apartment doesn't have a light and these lighten things up. It was well made. Didn't fall apart. They still looked like a good size bunch, because they were used in separate locations.

👤It was perfect for a ledge.

👤There were seeds in the fake plant that freaked me out. This is made in China and not sure what the seeds were. Plants and seeds are returned. The fake plant was ok, but don't want to keep it.

👤It is realistic. I got tired of watering my plants on my deck so I put these in my flower pots.

👤The picture is of a single plant. It is full and long. When you get it, bend 5 stems and fluff it up. While fluffing 4 plants, only one tiny piece fell off. It's easy to put back on. It smells like a plastic factory. I sprayed it with essential oil and it was better. Not 100% but better.

👤I was expecting the smell of people talking about it. I left them hanging outside for a day and it seemed to help the smell. I bent them to fit in my planters, but I may need a small weight to suck them down, but overall, I'm happy with them! I like that they look realistic.

👤Happy didn't know what to expect when he was outside for a few months.

👤Only one bag was stated.

👤They packaged it crumpled so it doesn't look good.

👤I amapparance, assez long pour suspendre.

👤Come da foto e descrizione, arrivato in condizioni ottimali. La pianta verosimile... There is a Consiglio.


What is the best product for decorative vines set?

Decorative vines set products from Outgeek. In this article about decorative vines set you can see why people choose the product. Dearhouse and Feilix are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vines set.

What are the best brands for decorative vines set?

Outgeek, Dearhouse and Feilix are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vines set. Find the detail in this article. Cqure, Forever Leaf and Party Joy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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