Best Decorative Vines with Lights

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1. CEWOR Artificial Greenery Wedding Decoration

CEWOR Artificial Greenery Wedding Decoration

Quality stands behind all of its products. If you are not satisfied with greenery garland, please contact their customer service. The package includes fake ivy vines with a total length of 173 feet. Each vine is about 2.2 meters in length. The ivy leaves are made of silk. They are processed with dyes and won't fade. The stem is made of plastic. It can be twisted and bent at will. Artificial appearance. The artificial ivy can be used for both indoor and outdoor decor, and can also be used as the main decoration of your various outdoor parties, to let you feel the magic of nature. It provided additional privacy and atmosphere in your life. The ivy garlands can be used for couch backdrop, room makeover, bedroom window hanging decor, living room, wall decor, jungle theme party supplies, dinosour bedroom decoration, greenery backdrop, patio trellis, outdoor arch, wedding backboard, backyard and so. It is normal to have a plastic smell when you use an artificial vine, but it won't hurt the human body. The vines can be placed in theventilated place for a while to eliminate the smell.

Brand: Cewor

👤3 packs and command strip hooks were used to put this behind my couch.

👤My daughter wanted vines in her room. The 24 pack was perfect for the project. If you open the package, there is a bad odor, but you don't smell it. It is bad. I put them outside to air out after I took them out of the package. No more smell after a few hours. I was happy. There is a The vines were separated when I was going to hang them. The hooks I used were perfect. The led lights were added separately after hanging the vines. I didn't like the vines that came with the lights. I wanted to make my daughter look better. I do recommend.

👤The leaves are not green and are silky. The leaves look real because of the striations of yellow. I put them on an outdoor arch. I initially braided the ivy in and out, but then I changed to weaving it sideways through the left side diamond, and it looked better. There is a I let the ivy fall over the edge because there are lights at the top arch. I secured the top and bottom pieces with nylon zip ties. There is a The smell of the ivy came from the bag. I put the ivy outside to air out when I opened the bag because it might have been sprayed on to make it waterproof. I put it on the lattice and it didn't smell.

👤I was surprised to see how full this is. The vines are full, long, and hang perfectly. I have too much. I have to figure out where to put the rest. They have a weird smell. It's noticable when your nose is against them and you run them under water. They don't look like real ivy plants when you're looking very close, but they do at a distance. They look great. Great deal.

👤The look and color of the vines were perfect for my needs and I could have gotten away with 2 if I had ordered 3 packs. I was prepared to hang the package because I expected it to smell bad and the odor was strong. The odor was gone after a light rinse and airing it out.

👤The smell is slight. After separating the vines, it goes away. I like them. It makes the room feel cool. 2 packs are needed if you are covering the entire room.

👤This ivy completely changed my home. It is unbelievable. Adding two strands to each window makes it look more lively. It made a huge difference. Very realistic. I am so happy I bought these. Some of the leaves fell off. I put those in a planter tray to make it look better. The smell of the box is strange. I put it out on my porch for a few days and the smell disappeared. Great find!

👤They have a bad smell to them. The smell went away when I soaked them in soapy water. Look great!

2. Naidiler Artificial Garland Greenery Decoration

Naidiler Artificial Garland Greenery Decoration

The potted plant is made of plastic and is fully packaged and shipped. It is normal for fake leaves to smell. The smell of the plant will be gone after it is put in aventilated environment. There areDEAL consequences for party and home. Artificial ivy is a magic decor. A placement will break the monotony, spread greenery, and make you feel good. fake ivy can be used to create a special atmosphere at any theme party. It is possible to develop toxicity. The fake vine ivy leaves have a green and clear texture. Well layout leaves with natural 3D shape grow vigorously from stems. A refreshed profile can be seen at any distance. Installation with intrusive accessories is easy. The fake ivy vines can be easily fixed with 10*green cable ties. Hanging plant baskets, wedding arches, garlands, and other poses can be achieved without worry about leaving falling or stem breaking. It's the temperature for indoors and outdoors. The fake ivy is made of silk fabric leaves and plastic stem. It can be used indoors and outdoors, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, staircase, privacy screen, and swing stand. It's also great for filling flower boxes. There is an application for a birthright. There are 84 feet of artificial ivy vine included in one bag. The cost-effective are wedding, garden, and shopping malls. You can add your party and home to the cart.

Brand: Naidiler

👤One day, my partner let me turn an empty room into a woman cave, and I decided to go with a garden theme. The vines, curtain lights, fake realistic butterflies, and two 45-packs of mini Command hooks made my dream theme. I am very happy with how this project came out. The differences between the two vines are very small. The vines/stems on the Naidiler brand are slightly more light green, which only shows up with direct sunlight. The smell of the vines was a bit more noticeable when they were opened and shed, but the smell went away after they were put out in a spare room for a day or two. The vines were easier to untangle. When I had to order more vines, I mixed them and no one could tell they were different brands. I would recommend either one. Can you tell the difference between the two pictures? I have no idea which is which. There is a I needed to cover my entire back wall and the side walls with a total of 833ft of 12-packs, and I could add another 12pack or two to make it more dense. These vines are small. I put a picture of the wall covered in half two-layers and half just one to show the difference. These are a steal because department stores want $10 for a single strand of ivy. If you are doing a large project, keep in mind that I needed almost triple what I thought I would need. I lost 4 leaves in the hanging process, and I was tipsy with the music, so you can imagine how gentle I was. Go ahead and get some. Hope this helps.

👤Livened up the room. I didn't have an odor.

👤These were a good deal. I was able to cover the top half of my wall with one package. If you want to do a whole wall, I'll give you a few. One end of each strand has an ivy end leaf dangle point, and the other has an empty spot for adding other vines to others. I like to snake my vines around. It may fit differently if hung vertically or horizontally.

👤I'm hanging them on a covered porch so they will fade a bit, they are a little darker than they look in the photo. Good length to each strand. The strands on the left are flat on the vine, the way they came in package. I put the strands on the right together. I think they are a little more realistic. They seem to have been made well. I hung the leaves or crunched them up. There is more than one planter. In the first picture, you can see what comes in a package. There wasn't any smell. These look really nice and I would buy another set. These are perfect for me because I have no luck with the real thing.

👤This is the best deal I could find on the ivy vines. I used it to add some green to my room and it turned out great. It wasn't a great smell, but it doesn't last. I opened the window and let the air out. If you light a candle, it goes away very quickly.

3. AGEOMET Artificial Hanging Bedroom Decoration

AGEOMET Artificial Hanging Bedroom Decoration

The bunch string light is guaranteed to remain cool even after hours of use. They promise a 12-month guarantee, so please contact them through seller messages if you have any questions. The mode control is on the solar panel. The package includes fake ivy vines and 200 lights. There are lights and vines. There are 24 fake vines that are 168.6 feet long and 66 feet wide with a light string of 20m. The fake ivy garland is 6.9 feet tall. The fake ivy leaves are made of plastic silk fabric, the greenery ivy vines do not require frequent care. It is normal to have a slight odor and to put it in aventilated environment for 12 hours. The ivy lights have 8 light flashing modes, which can be adjusted according to your needs. Light lines can be folded, pasted and hung on the ropes, railings and background wall. The light string is waterproof. The fake vines with lights are suitable for bedroom decor, party environment, birthday background wall decor and outdoor garden decor. Hanging plant baskets, wedding arches, and garlands can be appropriate poses. Festivals like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year's Day can be decorated with these Garland lights.

Brand: Ageomet

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I added the white wisteria to my photo because one set was enough. The two sets of string lights don't connect, but that wasn't necessary for me, the controls/battery pack of each one drapes down along the side. 3 AA batteries are required for each string light set. The battery case is thick plastic and sturdy enough to weather being outdoors.

👤I have been through many purchases of lights and Ivey vine, you can't trust them either one side will work for a couple of weeks then just stop working for no good reason, or both sides stop responding, now these lights lasted about a month one side of the lights aren't There is a The batteries are the biggest problem as they can't last a week on batteries you would think will last longer, but they eat up and don't last. There is a I have lights that are way older than these. They're working well. Don't buy if you're planning to use the lights daily or for a special occasion. Unless you are embarrassed when the lights stop working. Don't buy!

👤My granddaughters loved the looks of this and we bought it for them. I was skeptical because I couldn't see before buying, but I was very pleased with the outcome. They are happy!

👤I liked the settings in the lights, but I hate them because they are like spraying febreeze on it and lighting a candle. I am pretty sure it will go away. It was cheap. I liked this product.

👤I bought these for my daughter's room. It took me and my son 30 minutes to get them untangled. It was worth the hassle.

👤My daughter always wanted a fairy themed room and this was perfect. She likes it. You can plug in fairy lights on the wall. The lights were battery operated.

👤I was worried that the end result wouldn't be what I was looking for when I opened the package. I wasn't sure it would look right because the vines were so small. I was wrong. The leaves were able to spread out a little more once the individual strands were separated. I used mini command hooks to attach the vines and lights to the wall, as well as the battery boxes which were hidden behind the vines. I love how it came out and now all 3 kids want to do the same. It was worth it!

👤1. The smell is so bad. The quality is not good. 2. I have no idea if the lights actually work because the power switch is broken and there is no way to turn them off. 3. There was a lot of leaves that fell off the bag. These are useless to me because I bought them to use for a special occasion. I am so disgusted!

👤They smell terrible. Like oil from manufacturing. They had to lay out outside overnight to get rid of the smell. Half of the light strings don't work. The right side of the picture has lights but they don't work.

4. Naidiler Artificial Garland Botanical Greenery

Naidiler Artificial Garland Botanical Greenery

Multiple occasions: the can be used to create more enjoyable visual effects, which is applicable for home decor, birthday parties, weddings, festival celebrations, office and other occasions. The artifical vine leaf ribbon has a clear texture, a smooth finish and is filled with vitality. More in-depth analysis. The artificial leaf ribbon is made with high-quality silky fabric and is best suited for decorations that touch the body. The decorative leaf string ribbon is waterproof, durable, and resistant to break. The best way to regulate the metabolism is through genetics. The leaf ribbon vines are small and light, but they bring a green and outdoorsy vibe to anything with its dainty olive leaves. There is a field of leaves and a tree. A decorative leaf ribbon is ideal for projects such as sewing projects, jungle papered letters, gift wrapping, wedding decor, corsage, floral headband, hair crown, bohemia wreath decoraton, party decor, teepee decorations, felt garland accessory. There is a big quantity with 0.63 inch long leaves. You can use the leaf trim ribbons to decorate. The green leaf strings are convenient to store. You can make your party and home green by clicking on the "add to cart" button.

Brand: Naidiler

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I used this product to tie up individually wrapped cupcakes for a baby shower. It was enough to make 48 cupcakes and still have some left. I used the ribbon to tie up 48 cupcakes. I'm happy with the results.

👤This was used to make a costume. It was easy to work with. Had a lot left over.

👤The baby shower favors were made with the leaf ribbon. I liked the way they turned out. There was a lot of ribbon and it was sturdy.

👤I wore this ribbon as part of my costume. It works well for that use. The leaves are a little smaller than I thought, but they are soft enough to wear and have no unpleasant scent. The bag it arrives in is large enough to hold it. There is a The low cost for this item is what makes my only complaints very minor. I had to cut into the large ball of vine ribbon because it had no end. It is easy to do, but I would have preferred to stop at the beginning. It's easy to remove the excess fabric from the leaves. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase and it's a great value.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's birthday party. Everyone loved it. The picture they show for advertising is not as good as the quality is.

👤The ribbon was tied to the balloons for the party. It was perfect. The leftovers are great value. It would work well with a jungle theme for decorating balloons and gifts. There are many good uses.

👤The olive leaf vine has leaves. We used it as a low centerpiece for a brides maids luncheon and attached a string of gold led lights and live white flowers. There is enough vine to go around my house. We will be using it for a long time.

👤When I found the end of the ribbon, I was proud of myself. Most of the reviews said it was hard to find. Instead of poking around, I just put it in my hand and looked at it. I used it as a tie for rolled t-shirts and as balloon ribbon for wrapping presents. It is wonderful. The leaf attachment is sturdy and soft. I can't wait to use it more. This is a good deal for how much you get. It's great for crafting, decorating, and other things.

5. DearHouse Strands Artificial Garland Hanging

DearHouse Strands Artificial Garland Hanging

You can get a free replacement or a refund within 3 months. If you have a question during use, please contact their customer service through Amazon, they will solve your problem and give you the most satisfactory solution. There are artificial ivy vine hanging plants. Each green vine has 81 leaves and is almost 7 feet long. You will get a long string light and white lights. The leaves are realistic. The artificial ivy leaf is waterproof and has a plastic case which is completely waterproof. Artificial hanging Ivy Garland is an ideal addition for your flower boxes and windowsills, their silk ivy garland will instill color where it is missing. It's suitable for home decoration, wedding decoration, jungle theme party supplies, Holiday etc. Safe use of light strings is ensured. It can be used for party and wedding decoration outside. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their plants are artificial. The leaves and green colors look realistic and will add elegance to your landscape.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The lights don't cascade down like pictures. The battery is not plugged in. These lights are for Christmas. The rope of lights in the picture does not look like this. I 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s were used to get the effect of cascading but still don't look like what I bought.

👤I was going to use this for a basic type of framer. The vines stink out of the packaging, so if you're sensitive to that, open them and let them sit unpackaged for a night. The vines have a top and a bottom. The top has a small hole for a pin or a nail, which I thought was helpful. I think a lot of the pictures of the vines are double up. There is a The lights are on. They are white Christmas lights, and they don't spread very well. If you want a brighter light up, you'll need to purchase additional lights.

👤There is enough lights to illuminate all the strands of ivy. I only covered 3 1/2. Not happy.

👤I didn't like the light bulbs that came with it. They are difficult to join with the leaves. I have to use another one so I can see how it should be.

👤The green vine leaves are nice. It had a weird smell but it was fake. I thought they were curtain lights. My mistake was not fully reading the product's details. If you are looking for plants, I don't recommend this. It looks great in my room and I use it for my meditation corner.

👤The product adds a sense of style to my room. I like it. I ran out of lights towards the end. I bought more and added them. I was going to cut some and fill in some empty spaces since I have a large headboard. I would buy two if you didn't have a headboard because it didn't look full before I filled it in.

👤The ivy and the lights are in one package, so it seems like a good deal. It is cheap and not worth the hassle. After 2 months, the battery box failed. If I open it and play with the switch for 10 minutes, then hold it in place, it will work. If longevity isn't your thing, then you should go ahead and do it.

👤They are easy to put up. I liked them so I bought 2 of them.

👤A produto estava antes do prazo, super rpido, and a qualidade. exatamente igual ao divulgado, perfeito para decorao para painéis de festas. Recomendo!

6. DECOR Artificial Decoration Backdrop Decorative

DECOR Artificial Decoration Backdrop Decorative

This plant will make a room look more like home, and it can be done with a plant. If you can't keep a live plant alive, you don't have to give it sunlight or water it. It doesn't ask anything from you. The ivy table runner, backdrop or ballon arch is a quality artificial ivy garlands. InDOOR USE. Plants vines are decorated for Christmas and Halloween. Poison Ivy cosplay costume. There are fake leaves in the decor. Green leaves room decor. Wall vines for a bedroom. The color is green. It looks like it was made from Plastic and Silk. It is rain resistant. The room is decorated with leaf vines. Will last longer than they will because the deer will not eat them.

Brand: A-decor

👤I bought some leaves for my bedroom a few days ago. Many reviews said that they smelled like urine and fish. Reviews said they were impossible to be deranged. I hope you know that this person is delusional. They barely smelled like anything when I received them. They will smell like plastic. The smell was not very bad and I hung them up in my room. I was able to untangle them in about 30 seconds. I was mostly looking for the sparseness shown in the picture. I think they weren't as sparse as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. I was aggressive with them and only one leaf fell off. I can't complain about that. I highly recommend this product and it was worth my money.

👤The price and quality are great. It was awesome in my daughter's room. Only one pack was used. Just added the vines on top of the lights. I love it!

👤I was hesitant to buy these because they have a strong smell. I needed something that was budget friendly. My live plants and reptile enclosures did not make it this year. I decided to go with fake plants, but it will cost a lot. I tried them. They arrived on time. I couldn't use them. They smelled terrible when I opened them. It was gross. I let them go out for a while and they still smelled the same. I didn't want to ruin the product or not be able to send it back, so I washed them. After a day or two, the smell of the products fades. These look great, quality is good, and could be used for decorating or outside on a patio. I don't trust these in my reptile enclosures and will be returning them.

👤I'm excited to use this product for my ivy costume this halloween, but it smells terrible. I worked in a research lab with mice and it was similar to this. I'm not sure if it can be washed, but I'll be giving updates. It isn't intended to be part of a costume so my opinion might not matter to someone else who wants it for a photo backdrop.

👤Very pretty. It looks amazing in my window, it has a lot of ivy pieces.

👤They smell when you open the package, but you should just put them out. The smell goes away, that was not a problem for me. They work well for my purpose. It was used for my son's Wild one photo shoot. I will use them for a spa part later this year. Great value! The item was described.

👤I used to disguise an outdoor cat run going from the house window to an outdoor cat cage with the help of this garland. The real thing is depicted in this garland. It's easy to hide the wire cat run and cat cage so they can be "stealthy" and safe from animals that wander past the cat cage at night. This product is manufactured by the manufacturers.

7. The Light Garden B00H222584 Lighted

The Light Garden B00H222584 Lighted

These stringed candles are the first choice for modern decoration and can be used for many occasions. On any setting, cast a glow. They can be used for any event or just on your wall. You can bend vine into different shapes to decorate. The vine has a transformer that plugs into an outlet. The vine is made of plastic and has a lot of lights. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall.

Brand: The Light Garden

👤I hung four of them all over my living room as the primary light source. The effect was beautiful, but all four of them lost their lights quickly. I hung them in a way that didn't put pressure on them and stuck to the natural bends to avoid damaging the wires. No one was touching them after they were hung, so there was no wear and tear. After a few months, they seemed to reach a steady state where about one third to half the lights are out, but I don't seem to be losing any more. I tried to contact the seller and manufacturer, but they didn't respond. I can't recommend this because I'm four for four on break downs and zero for four on customer support. Less than half of the lights are still working.

👤This item is awesome! I was spectacle to get from reading other reviews but I didn't listen. It does not look like the picture shown is full or thin but it is in a small box. Spread the branches, stems and twig apart and be creative, it is bendable. bend here and there. When you buy a fake Christmas tree in a box, it doesn't look like a Christmas tree because it's all compact and you have to separate each branch, bristles and stem to make a tree. When the lights and branches are not in a box, they look full. Quality is great. The candle color is relaxing and not bright. It does leave a sticky mess, but it goes away after use. It is a great product and it is described and shown in a picture. Will be purchasing one more. There is a Adding cherry blossom to it is possible.

👤By June the lights were out in both sets.

👤The update says that vine sucks. Constantly losing lights. I try not to read the bad reviews as much as possible and don't read the spelling challenged ones. I took a chance. This usually works out. There are some duds that come back. I have a small vine that has been around for a long time and I wanted to get this hot potato. When I opened the box, I immediately plugged it in and made sure all the lights were on. Before unraveling. One of the branches was very sensitive when I tried to untangle it. Here's the problem, kids. One buyer stated that they should forget the stickiness and be more focused on the future. This is a delicate piece to take your time with, be gentle to it and extend branches with ease, keep power ability out of the outdoors and love on it as much as you should with beautiful light. I hope this will help anyone with patience and faith in a product that is proving to be pretty decent. I don't write many reviews but I need to stand up for products that shouldn't be punished. There is a 90 day money back guarantee notice in the box. Keep documents for purchases.

8. LACKINGONE Artificial Hanging Garland Decoration

LACKINGONE Artificial Hanging Garland Decoration

It is a kind of hanging plants that can be used for many things, such as indoor, outdoor, autumn, wedding, door, fireplace, Thanksgiving, Festival, and Dinner Party. Artificial ivy vine hanging plants. Each green vine has 81 leaves. The total length was 84 feet. You will get 2 strands of string lights. Each string light has a battery box and 100 white LEDs. The battery is included in the remote. The package includes 50pcs green cable ties, 15pcs non-trace hooks, and 1 roll of tape. The fake ivy leaves and stems are made of high quality materials that are free of harmful substances and safe to use. The copper wire and bulbs used in the string lights are covered with a protective layer. The battery box is waterproof and in the line with room decor. 50 pieces green cable ties, 15pcs non-trace hooks, and 1 roll of green tape are all that is needed to make a faux ivy vine. It can be used indoors and outdoors, such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, swing stand, and baby shower. It's also great for filling flower boxes. Hanging plant baskets, wedding arches, and garlands can be achieved without worry. Artificial hanging plants are a magic decor. A placement will break the monotony, spread greenery, and make you feel good. vine Hanging Garland can be used to create a special atmosphere at any party. You can hang them on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors, or anywhere you want as long as you like. They've tried to eliminate the smell. You should place them in aventilated environment for 1-2 days after you open the package. Please let them know if you're not satisfied and their customer service team will help you get your money back.

Brand: Lackingone

👤We aired them for 3 days and put them up, but it took a week for my daughter's room to not smell. Four strings of lights were bought by us. The first string of lights got tangled up because I wasn't careful. 3 sets were just fine. We turned the remotes on/off with the battery pack controls because we didn't have a lot of luck with them. Give yourself time to set up and use your floor to stage all of the items. The leaves get tangled easily if you lay each bundle out carefully. Keep the lights coiled. They pulled out the plaster and the ceiling trim with tacks or nails instead of the clasps. We wanted the battery pack to be behind her bed. Use clear tape to hold the bottom in place after swooping the lights up and down. Next, loop a strand of vine over the nails. Work your way across. It looked more organic because we staggered the bottom lengths. We had to weave two strands across the top to hide the nails andtacks. The lights shine through. There is a She likes it and it has made her room look more grown up.

👤The vines look great, but they come with double A batteries. It worked perfectly and was what I expected. I like the light remote settings.

👤These are nice. The lights are continuous. I thought they were hanging strands. I suspended from the ceiling and used them to go around my ladder. The lights are bright. The timer function and the different settings are what I love about the remote. They are white in color and give the room a nice glow with no other lights on. The leaves are pretty. The more they hang, the less they tangle up. I don't have to have the cord hanging down because the lights are powered by batteries.

👤One of the sets of string lights came broken and I love this a lot. I would have returned it. I didn't notice until the end. I like it either way.

👤The product is completely unassembled. There are leaves, strings, lights, etc. There are no instructions in the packaging. It smelled of cigarette smoke when it was opened. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤There are no instructions online. I couldn't give a higher score because the meas took at least an hour to untangle. I had the vines for about 2 weeks before installation so they didn't have the smell that people are complaining about. The tape is similar to painters tape. I don't understand the purpose. They looked really nice once they were on the wall. The vines are sturdy and look real.

👤I had to air my room out for a week because of the smell of the ivy leaves. It isn't a big deal to me, but you can't adjust the brightness of the lights as advertised, they are quite bright. They are great, but you have to get over the smell.

👤The idea is good and the lights look great. It's easy to decorate for any occasion. I like the product and recommend it to anyone who wants to do simple decoration.

9. Cocoboo Artificial Garlands Greenery Decoration

Cocoboo Artificial Garlands Greenery Decoration

The ivy leaf is made of fabric, the stems are plastic, and the led wire is copper wire. Hanging ivy is not special care. The fake vines with fake leaves are 98 feet tall and have 100 string lights. Each artificial vine has lights 7Ft/2m, 14 Pack total 98Ft/28m. The ivy leaves in place of real plants look better without having to water them. Artificial ivy garlands made of high quality greenery leaves are made of cloth, stems are made of plastic and will add elegance to your landscape. The string lights have a protective layer that can be bent and wound at will, with 8 fairy light flashing modes. The room and wall Decor. The artificial hanging plants are easy to disassemble. There are fake ivy vines that can be fixed. Artificial ivy is a wonderful decoration that will add color and warmth to the home. You can hang them on the wall, bedroom, room, mirrors, or anywhere you want. This greenery garland decor is perfect for forest party decor, leaf garland decoration, ivy leaves for bedroom wall vines, crafts gardens, balconies, swing sets, wedding decor, kids room decoration, kitchen plant decor, poison ivy halloween. There is a plastic case with the lights in it. The artificial ivy is dyed and processed. It is normal for leaves to smell. After receiving them, please put them in aventilated environment and the smell will go away.

Brand: Cocoboo

👤It was bought for my daughter's room. I took it out of the packaging and it had a bad smell. I thought I would just spray it with the refresher. The lights are separate and come with a battery pack. After hanging the ivy, put batteries in the pack and went to sit it above the Ivy to make it cute. The lights on my ladder went out after I put batteries in, so I didn't even get to the top. Absolutely trash. If you go to the dollar tree, you will find the same thing I paid way too much money for.

👤Works for what I need. Kinda stinky. ,

👤They stunk up 2 rooms on my house and took a while to get the smell to go away. We had to wash them with tide Pods and send boosters to get the smell, but the water was brown and there was a settlement in the bottom of the water.

👤Absolutely obsessed. The smell is not bad. It is noticeable, but nothing goes away after they are hung! I love them.

👤Just going to go for it. The leaves are beautiful. No problems, work fine. There is a problem in the assembly. There are no instructions in the description. The vines and some lights. There is a I was hoping they would give me a little paper on how to set it up, but that's not happening. I don't know how to get mine up. I was not looking forward to having to buy more supplies to set it up. There is a The stench that came off these vines was horrible. I mean stunk up my apartment. I had to soak them in Febreze and let them dry out for a day. The product doesn't expect any help to look like advertising pictures.

👤The leaves smelled like garbage when opened. The smell was gone after airing them outside. There was only one strand of lights after we pulled the leaves apart. The product was not what was pictured.

👤They had a funny smell. There is a Other than that product.

👤Cute idea but a mess. It isn't assembled at all. The smell was not as strong as it could have been because of the individual strings of ivy with one separate string of lights. It smelled like chicken. It was better after I aired it outside for four days. The ivy dropped fabric for a while. Quality could be so much better.

👤Encanto, lo utilice para decorar una pared.

👤The leaves smell like fish. We are trying to get them out of the way.

👤Cre una cortina de vegetacin. No, son vegetacin artificial con una serie de luces led aparte.

👤Wow, simplement. Le mur de chambre de ma fille.

10. JACKYLED Artificial Garland Certified Aesthetic

JACKYLED Artificial Garland Certified Aesthetic

Home decorations include vibrant decorations for the living room, dining table, and bedrooms. LED light series. The fake vines with lights are perfect for decorating weddings, festivals, parties, homes, gardens, fences, flower tributes, shed swings, air conditioning pipes, water pipes, door frames, exposed wires, stairs, etc. The 32.8ft string of lights is made from thermal plastic insulated copper wire and is easy to bend. Cool to the touch and no overheating. The light strand is not fixed to the ivy vines, making it easy to do any creative thing. There are 8 modes and a timer. A remote control is included for setting a timer. You can either use the remote or the switch on the battery box. After pressing the Timer button on the remote control, the light will go on and off for 6 hours. The ivy plants measure in total 84 feet long. The hanging vine is 7 feet long and has 80 leaves. The leaf size is approx. 1.5” x 1.7” / 3.8” x 4.3 cm. The foliage is processed with a special technique to ensure it is non-fading, anti-ultraviolet, non-shedding, and clear in texture. The artificial vines strings are produced through chemical processes. The leaves smell. The odor is not harmful to the human body. Please leave the product in aventilated area to eliminate the smell.

Brand: Jackyled

👤The vines don't come connected, but I really liked these. I thought the lights would be twisted, but they still look good. You have 3 AA batteries and your set. The remote is useful. Definitely recommend. It is most likely that another one will be purchased.

👤I am going to talk about all of the issues people had. 1. Maybe I was a lucky buyer, but my smell was not there. It's normal for things coming from overseas to be aired out. The vines are not attached to the lights. I agree with the complaint that the pictures can be a bit misleading, so you just have to read it. I have the time for this and they look amazing, we are in the middle of a Pandemic. I am stuck in a dorm and the space is small. 3. It comes with a remote and battery inside. It is a cool feature. The Christmas lights are not as bright as I would like so I strung my extra vines around them.

👤It smells weird. Like horse feces.

👤The amount of lights that come with the 12 vines is only enough to illuminate 4 vines. The picture is not what it appears to be. You have to tie the lights and vines yourself. They need to be opened immediately and aired out.

👤The ivy has 12 strands and the lights have eight different options. I bought more for my bamboo fence after seeing it on my arbor. I don't like the fact that leaves come off easy, so you have to be careful when you separate them and hang them.

👤They're straight vines, you can do with them. I put four screws in the wall and zip tied two strands to allow the other vines to twist the tie and hide the screws. I ziptied the vines after they were set. The vines have glow in the dark spots. I think it will look like stars if the lights are off. They were there before.

👤The ivy vines are cheap, most of them were put together wrong, but luckily they don't look bad. I was hoping to hang them around my office as a decoration light, but they give off so little light that I'll need another lamp. It has a dimmer button on the controller, so I hoped for brighter settings. The product stinks of cheap plastic because it was sealed into the packaging at the production site. The worst thing about weaving the vines into the wiring is that it is. It's a pain. The product can be opened outside or over a trashcan. When I opened it, I found green plastic.

👤The lights worked for one weekend. I have to take everything down and buy new lights. It would be better to buy the 2 separately. I bought lights from another company and they lasted over a year, so I'm very disappointed with my purchase.

11. YITING Strands Waterproof Decorative Christmas

YITING Strands Waterproof Decorative Christmas

The string lights can be bent and shaped into any shape you want. The waterfall string lights are waterproof, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Installation is easy and 100% solar powered. The timbo string lights should be turned on when they are charged. A built-in light sensor will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. The lights are powered by a high- performance battery. It is easy to get it all set up. Keep the solar panel in a good position by sticking into the ground. Feed the solar fairy waterfall lights through the shower head one by one, then bend and shape the flexible copper wire like flowing water. You can hang a watering can with lights that look like it is pouring water in a special spot. It is a fairy tale. The full directions can be found in the Product Description. The solar-powered firefly string lights are ideal for atmosphere creation or lighting shows, put on tree, vine, porch, bedroom window, balcony, wall, dinner table, perfect for occasions like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, parties, wedding, birthday, bar, concert, etc. The bunch string light is guaranteed to remain cool even after hours of use. They promise a 12-month guarantee, so please contact them through seller messages if you have any questions. The mode control is on the solar panel. The bunch string light is guaranteed to remain cool even after hours of use. They promise a 12-month guarantee, so please contact them through seller messages if you have any questions. The mode control is on the solar panel.

Brand: Angmln

👤I like the look, but not sure about the quality. The first one didn't work at all. The replacement was received right away. It doesn't stay on for a long time like my other solar lights.

👤I wanted to like the solar lights. They were put in a watering can as a decoration. The display worked well on Monday night and Tuesday night after being hung on Sunday afternoon. Then nothing. Check out the solar panel, wiring, on/off switch, and mode switch. All appeared well. Waited for Thursday night and nothing came up again. A lot of money is spent on 3 nights of operation. Very disappointed.

👤I hung this strand of lights from a teapot. It adds a touch of fun to my garden.

👤The battery pack got corroded. I reached out to the company because I thought it was for outdoor use. They gave me a coupon code for another set of lights similar to the ones I ordered, because they were out of stock of the original ones. Excellent customer service. I was happy to find the string lights for my watering can. I like the option of a remote and the waterproof battery pack. The lights add light.

👤The lights worked for a while, but then stopped working. I thought it needed fresh batteries, but it doesn't work. This is the second set that I got. No more. I will go with another company. Very disappointing.

👤I wanted to create a waterfall pitcher look in my garden. I wrapped the battery pack in a zip lock bag because it would be subjected to Florida afternoon rain showers. I have not been let down by it. It was my choice to end it and there were no issues. The timer has worked every night. Thank you so much!

👤It was great to be able to wrap this around smaller plants in and around my door. The sun was able to charge it during the day and it was beautiful at night. It has different modes. I used the simple on/off mode this year.

👤The lights were great for decorations. The batteries stayed dry even after a winter storm. I didn't have to go outside to turn on. I used the remote.

👤This is all that was in the box. No instructions or anything. It looks like it came from the Dollar Store. Not worth as much as the $20 I paid. I would like a refund.

👤The picture was miss leading because it looked like it came with a can and the write up didn't say that Did like it.

👤I was expecting the whole can. I bought your own can and the lights. I felt that the ad was misleading, even though I missed that in the small print.

👤Fcil de instalar y se las luces se ven lindas.


What is the best product for decorative vines with lights?

Decorative vines with lights products from Cewor. In this article about decorative vines with lights you can see why people choose the product. Naidiler and Ageomet are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative vines with lights.

What are the best brands for decorative vines with lights?

Cewor, Naidiler and Ageomet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative vines with lights. Find the detail in this article. Dearhouse, A-decor and The Light Garden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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