Best Decorative Wall Art for Dining Room

Art 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Art Image Table Contemporary Pictures Decoration

Art Image Table Contemporary Pictures Decoration

The bedroom wall art is 30x30 cm and the bathroom wall art is 12x12in. Ready to Hang, Framed and Stretched. The wooden bar has a black hook that can be hung from. The wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image due to the different brand of monitors. A perfect wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, home, office, Hotel, dining room, bathroom, bar etc. 100% get satisfaction guarantee for great service. Please email them any questions, it will help them understand the nature and improve.

Brand: Meilaili Art

👤It makes my dining room look better. I have matching mats as well. It would be a good idea.

👤A picture with bright colors. It's perfect for my beach house.

👤I enjoy it a lot. Very loud. I would have liked to have gotten a bigger size. It works well for my living room theme. I plan on ordering more.

👤The frame was not straight. It looked like it was put together quickly. The picture is good. Not very happy with the frame.

👤Great piece! The picture is bright and beautiful. I am so happy I bought it.

👤I only used two of these above my coffee area in my kitchen because the wall space was not large. The color tones look great, they work back to my granite countertop colors.

👤I was so happy to open the package. The picture is beautiful. I can't wait to give it to my sister at Christmas. I highly recommend! Thank you.

👤It is a nice picture. They call it a canvas. I am not sure if it is a true canvas. The picture is clear. It is light weight and easy to hang.


2. Sconces Handmade Hanging Farmhouse Decorations

Sconces Handmade Hanging Farmhouse Decorations

There is aMING NIGHT. At night, in a rustic home, there is a starlit sky, and a bunch of insects. White peonies and eucalypt leaves are simple, stylish and European in flavor. The coin is warm. The mason jar is hanging on the wall in the bedroom. This beautiful and rustic wall decor will fully capture your attention because of the mason jar with string lights. This fairy sconce is a combination of retro and modern and can be used for a variety of purposes. Timer function. It will be automatically turned on and off every day, saving you time and effort. There are eight different lighting modes and they all suit your mood. A nice household decoration is a perfect gift for your friends, lovers, anyone you want to give, as wall decor living room, bedroom decor, dorm room decor, farmhouse decor, cafes, bars, bistros, bakeries, etc. A nice household decoration is a perfect gift for your friends, lovers, anyone you want to give, as wall decor living room, bedroom decor, dorm room decor, farmhouse decor, cafes, bars, bistros, bakeries, etc.

Brand: Homecor

👤They look great on my bare wall next to our old mirror. They add life to my boring wall. I was able to put them up myself. I thought it would be difficult. Thank you!

👤The sting lights that come with the sconces are very delicate and easy to break, which would make them a 5 star review. There is enough greenery to hide the battery pack, but you can fluff the flowers to make them look better. A good buy!

👤I love how these look. I wanted them to serve the purpose that I wanted them to serve. They can change the light effects. I didn't want to return the board that was a little chippy and have to wait a while to get them. Thank you for the product!

👤Excellent item. The pics were just as expected. It looks very nice when assembled. I was able to figure out the instructions for using the remote control, which is a bad thing.

👤One of the remotes didn't work. The pegs are on the board that the jar hangs from. There is a chip in one of the boards. The battery pack was taken out of the pictures by the seller. The battery pack goes inside the clear mason jar, so I wouldn't buy it. Terrible and cheap product. I have previously bought a similar product from GBTroo Rustic Mason Jars and their battery packs are behind the board so you can't see it. They sell a better product. Buying and returning garbage again.

👤These are a great way to give a homespun look to a kitchen or accent a piece of artwork. I put this on either side of the painting that my mother-in-law did for us and it makes the kitchen feel more cozy. The remotes are cool, but once we hid the housing behind the flowers, it wasn't noticeable. I only need one of the remotes to operate them both, because I got a set of two. The twinkling options can be used in many ways.

👤It has to be assembled and one of my pegs is going to need to be super glue in, but it's pretty and has 2 remotes. The batteries for the lights are not included.

👤They look like the photos. We love the look. They're pretty. One of the remotes won't turn the lights on, so it changed the sequence and turned it off. I think it was a small problem.

👤Muy atento el vendedor y me. Ayudo, a producto lo antes posible una vez.

👤Me encantaron. Me imagino, por se internacional.

👤I put them in the living room. Love them.

3. Flowers Sculpture Balcony Bathroom Kitchen

Flowers Sculpture Balcony Bathroom Kitchen

The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape. There are 3 different styles of metal flower wall art. The metal wall decor set is made of premium iron and UV printed to prevent it from rusting. The hole on the product makes it easy to hang it on the wall. The metal flower wall decor is simple but elegant. The metal outdoor wall art feature flowers in vases design, flowers vase and leaf are vivid, full of spring atmosphere. It will make your room feel like a place of nature. The black metal wall art is a great wall decoration. Their metal wall decor art can be seen in many places. The outdoor wall decorations can be used in many places. Their metal wall art decor was packaged well and made for modern home decor lovers. The metal flowers are a unique gift for family, friends, and lover to give on any unusual day, such as Mother's day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and more. Quality customer service and fast Amazon delivery are what the service is about. If you have any questions about the products, please contact them and they will either give you a full refund or replace it for you. Thanks for your support.

Brand: Wxysdudio

👤I like the look of these on my wall. They add interest to pictures. They have a clean and professional look. I think they would compliment the space. Overall, a good purchase for me.

👤I think I need to attend an AA meeting for Amazon addiction. The wall decor is simple and cute. I was worried about delivery because they are bendable, but they are perfect. I was given the idea to bend them slightly outward for a 3d look. Thanks!

👤Something fun to add to the walls. They are light and easy to hang. I like them a lot.

👤These metal wall decors are very delicate and add to my wall. Once I take family pictures of my kids for Christmas, I will add pictures in between the metal flowers. Thank you Amazon for this find!

👤I like the design but the price is disappointing. They were mostly used for the purpose they were purchased for, but they are frail and bend very easily, so be careful handling them. I will probably not buy them again because of quality and price.

👤The metal work was perfect. So pretty. The size is not too large. Great work. They are a lovely addition to the wall of my dining room.

👤These come as expected. They are adorable. They do not come with nails bug.

👤Very small and not strong like paper.

4. Living Hand Painted Decorative Painting Artwork

Living Hand Painted Decorative Painting Artwork

The large flower wall art set is 72 inches wide and 36 inches high. The extra large flower wall art is hand-painted. A painting by a professional artist. These original plum blossom painted artwork with rich texture in the brush strokes and the blend of actual color are not canvas print. The canvas were wrapped. Large blue wall art are wrapped around a traditional wood frame for a gallery-worthy look, and are ready to hang as soon as they arrive. The pierce wall is a design. The piece of flower wall art set is perfect for your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, office, or as a focal point at the end of a long hallway. They are a great gift idea. Buy with confidence. They offer a money-back guarantee for hand-painted flower oil painting.

Brand: Amatop

👤I didn't think this canvas would be so beautiful. There are actual stones that come off the canvas. Birds that shine under the light have metallic shimmers. It was hung above our bed as a nice eye piece. It's a good size for a queen bed.

👤This is definitely a show piece, but I don't have a lot of people in and out of my bedroom. I was looking for a piece of art to place above my bed and saw this. This art would be a re-print on canvas. This art has a lot of depth to it. It is not just a plain, flat, print of a picture but it has paint that protrudes from the canvas. It really adds beauty to my room, and was definitely worth the purchase.

👤This is a pretty painting. Quality is very bright and clear. It's perfect for my dining area. I like it.

👤The pictures are not the right size for my wall and I chose the 36” x 16” because I needed them to fit the electrical box in the bedroom. They will be going back. The size was 12” x 16” in the description. I assumed it would come in that size once I chose a bigger size and canvas option. Why would you allow customers to choose?

👤The picture is of great quality. I don't like the size, but I didn't read all the details of how high and long it was. I saw something that looked really nice and then saw a review that said the item was too big for my living room. I had to get a different place for it because it looked so small in the living room. The item has a good quality and is very nice.

👤This is my first purchase of art and I was very happy with it. My apartment has tall ceilings and it needed something large to pull the room together. The picture made the entire room more cozy and put together. The texture of the rock at the bottom of the sand makes this picture look high quality, it's a compliment to my coastal beach cottage vibe in my living room. The art piece was praised by every single person who entered my home. I was frustrated as I have never spent more than $5 on a piece like that, and I had a slight issue with the shipping. I reached out to the seller and they told me to use a hair dryer heat on it to shrink it back. Get it if you are going back and forth on this piece. I want you to know that you won't be disappointed with its size, quality and appearance.

👤It was perfect for the decor I needed. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I looked at this listing and then looked at another selection on the same page. One had birds with more detail. I didn't notice that this one has birds with gold paint. The painting is nice and the trees are pretty, but the gold birds are not something I like. The trees have a non shiny version of gold. I would have liked to read the description more thoroughly before I submitted my order. I would have ordered the painting with more detailed birds. I am debating whether to send it back. On the other hand, the gold is a matter of taste, and it is a pretty painting. There are spots of shiny gold outside of the two middle birds. The gold is not seen by the other five birds. They look like mistakes or sloppy drips since they are the only two places.

5. Kitchen Watercolor Painting Decorations Restaurant

Kitchen Watercolor Painting Decorations Restaurant

The canvas panels are 30 cm x 30 cm and have a total of 4 panels. Each panel of canvas prints is stretched on wooden frames and gallery wrapped with hooks and accessories, ready to hang. HD prints on premium canvas areEASE OF MAINTENANCE. The perfect Casas art is a good idea for home interior walls decor such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, office and others. Fast shipping, risk free for purchase, and 30 days money back guarantee are included in the price.

Brand: Tthyuews

👤We want to add something to our dining room. These prints are stunningly beautiful. We weren't expecting to love them. The price and quality are great. Love that we were able to position as we wanted. We attached the pieces of Velcro to the wall. No nails needed. These prints are very good.

👤This is a disappointment on the size, it looked so much larger on the display photos online when I bought it. I am going to buy frames to make them look better, the canvas is cheap and thin, and you have to adhere it to a white wall so you don't see the wood they wrapped it around. It will look better with a frame.

👤I love that it adds atmosphere to my room, I am still working on perfect. The photo itself is beautiful, but the edge on one piece is not a good sign, I am not a fan of dents in photos, but I do not know if it was during the flattening process of the photo being sealed to the backing. It almost looks like it glows at certain times of the day. I wish I could have gotten a bigger one. I was able to get a part of the indentation in my second photo, but other than that, I am happy with the craftsmanship.

👤I have bought a few of them. The canvas is stretched over a frame. Set of 3 can be any you want it to be. Make sure you check the dimensions on these, they may not be the perfect size for your project. There is a The canvas is stretched so there are slight flaws. It was difficult to line up when spacing them. There is a I like the pictures, the depth and the color. My butt stares at them too long and they light up my space.

👤I like the colors of this. The color is a red wine. It's nice for both Autumn and Winter. I used it for my bathroom. It adds warmth and elegance to any room. The price was right and the buyer didn't hesitate to purchase it.

👤I like the picture. It makes my living room look nice. The picture comes out with weird little tools that are packaged in a bag with small wording in Chinese. It's hard to hang up the pictures. I would suggest using a wide nail head. Other than that. I like it.

👤The artwork looks great in our living room. It adds color and effect to the space. A great quality statement without breaking the budget. Highly recommended.

👤3M picture hanging strips are easy to hang.

👤It was packaged exactly as it was described.

👤The décoration de cuisine is gorgeous.

👤The photo was exactement sur la photo.

6. Cao Gen Decor Art K60527 Art

Cao Gen Decor Art K60527 Art

Actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image. The frames are 30x60 cmx4pcs+30x80 cmx1pcs and are 12x 24inchx4inch HD prints on canvas are waterproof, UV resistant and fading resistant indoors. There are paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, dining room, office, bar, and many more. The canvas print is stretched on a wooden frame with hooks on each panel. It's easy. There is a box hanging out. Art for walls, blue ocean sea wall art,ocean canvas wall art, art work, art work, art work, art work with frame, Home Decor, Wall Decor, Artworks, prints,art for walls, art work, art work with frame, Art work, art work with The canvas print is stretched on a wooden frame with hooks on each panel. It's easy. There is a box hanging out. Art for walls, blue ocean sea wall art,ocean canvas wall art, art work, art work, art work, art work with frame, Home Decor, Wall Decor, Artworks, prints,art for walls, art work, art work with frame, Art work, art work with

Brand: Cao Gen Decor Art

👤It was perfect for my space. The texture and color is easy to hang from until you have the right position.

👤If you want to install it right on point, you need to buy two rolls of double sided tape cut pieces, but you need to start with the one in the middle first.

👤I bought a canvas picture for my dining room. The quality was very good. I think it was worth the price. It looks great and it is what I wanted.

👤It looks great now but it's painful to get it up. The item that came with each canvas was not strong enough to keep it straight. It had to be secured with command strips on the back. It looks great now. It's just very frustrating. I almost returned it.

👤There are no instructions on how to hang it, but the quality is good, the price is fair, and if I had to say one negative thing, it would be the quality. It is kind of self-explanatory.

👤I like this picture. It has received a lot of attention. Quality is great. Very light. I don't like hanging pictures like this. I hung them with strips. It was worth the price. I just got my review in after buying this a while ago.

👤It looks great in my kitchen. I can't wait to put everything else out there to tie it all in. I love this purchase. It will take a bit of time to make sure it is put up correctly.

👤This looks great on my wall. The color is bright and rich. I only had an issue with getting everything aligned. Don't waste your time with the enclosed hardware, buy some command strips for double-sided tape. I tried to get three parts of the picture. The five minute job was made possible by the command strips.

👤Does not come with instructions. The piece of paper I ordered had the markings on it. You would tape it to the wall. It is harder to install this one.

👤I didn't like the purchase at all. It cost me $50 to return it because it was not the same as the pictures. There is a We are in a Pandemic, so it is very disappointing.

7. Konda Art Paintings Contemporary Abstract

Konda Art Paintings Contemporary Abstract

The total size is 40W x 20H, with 8x16in x2 pcs, 8x20in x1 pc, and a set. High resolution flower paintings for wall, HD pictures photo printed on canvas with vivid color. A flower canvas painting. The wall is ready to hang on. The flower canvas print is stretched on a strong wooden frame and metal hooks are mounted on each panel, which makes it easy to hang out of a box. It's good for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, dining room, bathroom, bar and so on. A great gift idea for your family and friends. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Shop with confidence.

Brand: Konda Art

👤Fantastic. Wife likes it. Happy wife.

👤I was not happy at all. There is a I almost cried when I saw the large photo in the picture. I didn't know it would be this small. I didn't see an option to order a larger size because it looked large in the photo over the furniture. I was not happy with the price I paid.

👤The canvas was better than expected when it arrived. I ordered the largest one. The information sheet made hanging it easy. Totally satisfied.

👤Wow! I had to order which size. I decided to go with the largest size because I found a lot of reviewers' photos for this and similar groupings looked too small for their wall space. There is a badly taped sheet rock seam behind the sofa that is a glaring defect, I purchased my condo 2 months ago and there is a very badly taped sheet rock seam behind the sofa. The group covers the worst area. I desperately fail in the execution of the set, even though I understand how projects work in theory. These should be easy to hang, but make sure you know someone who is not technically challenged. It was frustrating that you couldn't tell which size you were viewing if the size was mentioned in the reviewers' comments. Hopefully it gave you a smile as well. There is a The paintings will look great after my daughter nurses them back to health.

👤This looks like a picture. When ordering please be careful. The picture is too small, but it comes in different sizes. Maybe the one they advertised wasn't large enough. I ordered the larges one they had and it fit perfectly and looked nice.

👤I don't like the price of it because they are too thin and not heavy, but it is worth 40 dollars. I like it so much that I don't want to return it, I take 15 minutes to hang them. I like the size that I bought, it is not big and not small.

👤The artwork is in multiple sections. A piece of furniture on a bare wall on our porch made a big difference in the room. The enclosed template showed where to put the nails to hang each section, making it easy to hang the different sections.

👤I wasn't expecting something so small. It did not cover the length of my sofa. There is a Pay attention to the size of your order. Returned.

👤It looks nothing like the picture after following instructions to mount. I don't know what is on the frame.

👤The pattern for wall spacing that was included with pictures allowed the individual frames to align perfectly. The colors are beautiful.

👤THe satisFAite de mon achat. A rehausser look at the manger.

👤It's easy to put on a wall.

8. Stratton Home Decor Multi Plates Multicolor

Stratton Home Decor Multi Plates Multicolor

Do you want to be happy with your new art? They feel the same way. Look at their reviews. Customer satisfaction, happiness, and wall décor are their goals. Order your new canvas art now and get that happy feeling. The Stratton Plates Multi Wall Decor can be used to add dimensions to a plain wall. This decorative statement piece is made from 100% metal and has unique textured patterns on each plate. It can be displayed alongside pieces of contemporary or transitional decor. The measurement was 40.55 W x 2.56 D x 20.67 H.

Brand: Stratton Home Décor

👤The display is gorgeous! I hung them as one piece to give it more width, it was an awesome idea.

👤It was very misleading. The colors are not as vivid as in this picture.

👤A great piece of decor! The colors are not the same. The greens are dark. The colors are almost 888-609- There is a sight defect in one of the plates where they pushed too far. You should expect to have off set mounting holes where one is higher than the other. The mounting tabs on the decor are not on the same plane as the rest of the decor. The decor will be crooked if you hang using a strait line. Marks where the holes are to align decor. I will keep it despite the extra effort to mount and the fact that it is not the exact color. Pro's were superior to Cons.

👤The wall art is beautiful. It will work well with what I already have in the room because of the colors. It should have been possible to hang it with a single center loop rather than 2 side loops that will be harder to mount. The mounting tabs on the back are not the same height as the ones on the wall. It will be difficult to line this up. I need help. It's perfect in size, color and shape.

👤We are very happy with this purchase. The material and colors are really pretty. A nice touch to our living room.

👤"What you see is what you get" I thought it would be smaller than expected because of our customers' photos. It was perfect when I hanged it. Measuring the length of the hooks from side to side was a challenge. I made it possible and done it. It's a little expensive for the total material used, but it's beautiful!

👤These were perfect. I have a large, high wall and so I had to order two sets, but they are beautiful. My mom is a tough critic and so do I. It is hard to tell if they are crooked without a level, but they are lightweight and easy to hang. It's a good thing.

👤Poorly packaged, a few discs were mangled, and there are some ugly spots where the discs were welded to the hanging brackets. The result is good enough after a long time. The colors work for my decor, and the texture is what drew me to it.

9. Madison Park Luminous Painted Canvas

Madison Park Luminous Painted Canvas

The panel size is 15"W x 35"H x 1. 5"D (3) Modern abstract home decor features high quality hand embellished 3 piece multi panels wall painting which are ready to hang. The natural hue color combination is highlighted by the silver. The panels can be rearranged according to your preferences. Modern abstract design with a hint of contemporary art showcasing beautiful contrast of different shades of color is the perfect mood Setters for your living room and home office décor. This wall art can be placed in a variety of ways. The panels are great to hang together because of their vibrant color. They look great to accent and decorate any space. Spot clean only do not use bleach or harsh chemical solutions to maintain original color quality.

Brand: Madison Park

👤It is beautiful. My photos don't do it justice. The glitter is only in the center of the panels. The table runner is ivory, the candles are white, and the Lladro is wearing a light grey robe. The silver glitter is more diamond-glint like because each glitter piece is a tiny spec. The glittered center is illuminated by the off-white background. It is much nicer than the photos show. Very happy with the artwork. The impact it makes is great.

👤Beautiful artwork! The photos are true to the ads. It's a bit more glittery than I thought, but it's still great. It was really nice to buy it.

👤This is gorgeous! When you see it in person, it's rare to order something online. This does. I liked the pictures of the products, but seeing them in person is just beautiful. Well made! The panels are framed with plywood. I love it!

👤Woah! This is gorgeous. I saw paintings like these for $700 when I was in Z Gallerie. I was not going to pay that much at this point in my life. This popped up when I searched for "sparkling art". The reviewers said it was difficult to capture how pretty they were. I used my camera flash to get some sparkle on the camera after turning off the lights. The quality and beauty are the same as the price. Highly recommended!

👤I'm very happy with this painting, it's pretty. The glitter/shine pops and there's beautiful texture. It looks very expensive and completes a room. I have it above my bed because it fills up the wall nicely. The spacing between the pieces can be adjusted to fit your space. It looks really nice because I put a bit more space in between. I was able to mount it easily because I used Command strips (6 on each) and the instructions on the back were wire hanging. Excellent purchase and good value for the money.

👤I am very happy with these. I was hesitant to buy these as my color scheme is more grays and silver's and I was afraid it would be too brown. I was wrong. He has added a lot of depth to my room and has a wide range of colors to choose from. They have the right amount of sparkle and texture. The price for three canvases of the size is insane.

👤It could have been padded. There were holes in the box. There is a The wall art was amazing. I thought it would be a poor quality, standard reprint because it was cheap. So wrong! There is a The different textures are not flaky. It was a beautiful touch of sparkle added, without looking like a glitter soaked Christmas card and dumping on the ground with every shift in air. The focal point can be made pop by the beautiful blend of colors. The color and texture on the sides look like an original piece of art. Solid panels are light and easy to hang by myself. There is a The design and color scheme compliment any room and furniture. There is a I was surprised that I was able to walk out of my room after finding this piece, because I can't believe how lucky I am to have found it!

10. Laugh Mount Sculpture Super Outlet®

Laugh Mount Sculpture Super Outlet%C2%AE

It's a great choice for yourself or a gift for friends or family. The metalwork is designed with simple but meaningful words. It is pre-finished in black. An inspiring quote for home wall mounting art work can help lift a person's mood and bring positive energy to the space. A signature written style accessory is used for home furnishings. This piece is great alone or in a set with other matching wall decor. It's a vintage style wall ornament for coffee houses, diners, restaurants and juice bars. It is very easy to hang. Each signature word has black circle hangers that are cleverly designed into the lettering for easy mounting to the wall. 2 nails or screws are all you need. An attractive accent piece will hang in your home for a long time. A wonderful house warming gift is also made. You can remember what life is all about by having a quote on your walls. The metal trio of phrases that everyone can relate to are in this 3-piece set. The ornate scrolled metalwork is a great accent piece for any color scheme in your home and it has the look of cursive writting that makes it great with any color scheme. Installation piece is easy to hang on any wall. Hardware is not included.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤The product was okay. "h" in laugh looks weird. I colored them black with thumb tacks and hung them on the wall. The placement of the hanger hole was higher than other places, meaning that the thumb tack would not work with that height, and it would go in the wall. I had to place the thumb tack below the hole. At the end, it was okay.

👤I was surprised at how light they were. They're well made and sturdy despite that. They were easy to install and look great. I was considering decals, but when I saw them, I knew they would look great. There is a They didn't come with screws, but we have a kit and my husband used the screws to put them on the wall.

👤These are my favorites. They add a cute touch to my room. I used thumbtacks because I didn't get screws like everyone else. The thumbtacks hold them up just fine.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I made an art piece for a 95 year old's birthday that included two of the three words. The third word will hang up in my home. There is a The size, weight, and quality of the product are all right. Did not have screws. Instead of using nails, I used them.

👤I like the idea of it. I only received 4 thumbtacks, so I gave it 3 stars. I had some clear thumbtacks that I could spare. The thumbtacks that came with the laugh one were terrible. We used our own thumbtacks in the end because they fell off the wall.

👤The signs are pretty and have a decent size, but they are not as flat as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. The signs look like a 3D replica of writing. I didn't want to make big holes in the walls of my apartment so I used push pins instead of the screws that came with the signs. I had to use small nails to hang the Love sign because the push pins didn't work on the Live and Laugh signs. I like the set. I will stick to vinyl stickers. These metal signs are more suited for homeowners who don't have to worry about repercussions for putting holes in their walls. If you have an apartment, you need to figure out a way to hang them up.

👤I thought I was having a dyslexic moment because the laugh was so off. I bent the picture as far as I could. It is still a little off. I don't feel like returning it would be that bad. It is going on the wall of my wine room so after a few glasses, I can tell anyone that it is the wine.

👤These wall mounts are awesome. My daughter loves them because they add a beautiful flair to her bathroom. They are very light and easy to install, and the result is amazing! There is a The only way that I could get all 3 in the shot was by using the angle pic.

11. Metal Flower Wall Art Decor

Metal Flower Wall Art Decor

The artificial flowers wall can be used as a photo background to take beautiful pictures with your family and friends, record this wonderful moments. Adding a colorful accessory is a good idea. A set of three metallic flowers with multiple layers of hand painted petals. It's great for any style of décor and can be used in rustic, country and farmhouse style interiors. Use indoors or outdoors for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, office, garden or bathroom. Bring nature to your home with metal wall art. Can be placed on a shelf or window ledge. A set of flower sculptures with wall hooks that fit over a nail is easy to hang. Medium - 6x6x 1.5” Large - 8x8x 1.5”

Brand: Porenea

👤I like this set. The paint looks decent for the price. These are small pieces. I have an outdoor table with them. When I first saw it online, I thought it was more tan color, but I am not a fan of the peach one.

👤Love them. They are sturdy and cute. Since they are metal, you should keep this in mind. I love them.

👤It goes well with my collection.

👤I needed something to make the hallway interesting. This worked out the trick. I wasn't disappointed. It is not plastic like many home decor items which was a selling point. It's easy to hang.

👤So cute! Very small... Not cheap made Altho sturdy.

👤These are cute! The colors are perfect. They are easy to hang.


What is the best product for decorative wall art for dining room?

Decorative wall art for dining room products from Meilaili Art. In this article about decorative wall art for dining room you can see why people choose the product. Homecor and Wxysdudio are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall art for dining room.

What are the best brands for decorative wall art for dining room?

Meilaili Art, Homecor and Wxysdudio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall art for dining room. Find the detail in this article. Amatop, Tthyuews and Cao Gen Decor Art are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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