Best Decorative Wall Art for Kids

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1. Designs Maria Inc Pictures Photography

Designs Maria Inc Pictures Photography

You can add warmth to your children's nursery with these fuzzy animal portraits. These nature nursery decorations will bring warmth and excitement to your child, as well as being pleasing to the eye. These vibrant forest and jungle animal posters are a great way to create a stimulating environment for your little ones. The strong colors contrast against the white background and a bold shape for your baby to focus on from inside his crib. They have different types of character. You can't help but look at the decor. These modern nursery wall art are ready to be framed. No matter what your child's personality is, they are ready to suit. Are you decorating ahead of the baby's arrival? Play it safe with their set. As your child gets older, it won't look babyish. The finest material is the animal prints. The baby animals are printed on a white stiff card stock with a high gloss UV coating. They are dust resistant. The result adds texture to your images. The dimensions are 8 inches x 10 inches. They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase, because they're so confident that you'll love this set. Within 30 days you can return the product for a no questions asked refund. They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase, because they're so confident that you'll love this set. Within 30 days you can return the product for a no questions asked refund.

Brand: Maria

👤There is more to say. Everyone says these are beautiful and amazing. You should use plastic frames and not glass. I'm assuming they are for a nursery. You never know when a person might fall. I got my frames from Amazon. If you want a different color, spray painting frames is probably not for you. I don't know what kind of paint you are using, but can you imagine the chemicals in it? Hope your nursery is safe and beautiful.

👤I ordered the frames on Amazon and decided to paint them with some glazes so they would look better in my grandson's nursery. I looked on Amazon to see if they were half the price, and they were. The prints are so cute for a boy or girl. Can't wait to hang them. I don't think they would need glass fronts because they are on strong cardboard.

👤The pictures are cute and nice. I got them for my son's birthday.

👤I am very grateful that I got the pictures from MARIA INC. The prints are easy to assemble and the baby cannot help but touch them.

👤Cute pictures, but for the price, I felt ripped off. The print quality isn't great and you can't see the polar bear baby since it's white against white. They work well in the nursery. The baby is looking at the pictures. It's doing it's job, but not worth the $20 I paid. It was worth half the price.

👤I can't believe how good these are. We lined up all 6 of them in a row on my little boy's room and framed them all in a white frame. He likes looking at something from his crib. It has him saying bear and everything. They look very expensive and are amazing quality. Can't believe what a deal it was.

👤My daughter picked out some prints. These were perfect for her because she is growing out of the little girl decor. The prints are thick and glossy. Excellent quality. I bought 6 matted frames at the Dollar Tree for her to use in her room. Love!

👤The cute ones came in perfect condition on glossy paper. It looks great in my nursery.

👤Vienen impresas. I llegaron en perfecto, calidad de impresin.

👤Ce qui n'est vraiment pas idéal, ils ont été livrés roulés et non déj applaties. The images were applaties. Je recommende aucunement. There is a There are certain flaws d'impression. Aucu satisfaction.

👤The pictures are better than expected. There is a They have an amazing customer service and had a little problem with the ones I ordered. The other ones were free of charge. Will definitely order from them again.

👤Posters y mandés. Fotos se ven, pero no tienes. There is a Amigos, con el marco ven se tienes.

👤The prints look great in the picture frames that I put them into.

2. Butterfly Decorations Classroom Bathroom Champagne

Butterfly Decorations Classroom Bathroom Champagne

You can change your style in minutes. This is a great gift for a friend or family member. 3D hollow-out butterfly wall decals are suitable for serving as wall decoration or as a home decor accessory. It's easy to use and clean, and you can use double sided dots to apply on clean and smooth surface. Adding charm to your room is easy with the 3D butterfly wall sticker set, it is easy to apply and give your room a glitter effect. You can use them to decorate furniture, tile, door, fridge, mirror, window, ceiling and more. Good decorations include nursery wall decals, toddlers bedroom decorations, and decorations for teens, boys or girls' playroom, classroom, living rooms, office, baby room, girl room, boy room and so on.

Brand: Bememo

👤I bought them for our nursery. I saved a pack for future because I didn't use all of them. They come in many different designs. There is a circle shaped substance. I used two half's on each butterfly instead of one large because they are slim and long. I had them on for a while now and they are doing well.

👤I really like these butterflies. It was more than I needed. Pictures don't do justice. There is an update. They all fell off the next day. The glue didn't last and they were all on the floor.

👤I'm sad that they are so bad. They don't stay on the wall, every day I come home, a bunch of them are on the floor, and no matter how hard I press them back in, they inevitably fall again. Too bad.

👤I thought they would be worse. They are perfect. They were used to decorate for a baby shower. Everything was pulled together. It's easy to place them. There are 3 different designs and they are all beautiful. The glue dots are easy to place. I would purchase again and recommend it!

👤The product had about 3 different sized and patterned gold butterfly's. The quality was strong and didn't fear ripping. There is a The glue dots are very sticky but once you do 2 or 3 you get used to them. I placed them all around the room on tables, and thought a butterfly would rest on them. The accent is perfect! There were many nice things to say. There are pictures of the baby shower.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are two different types of butterfly patters. One is more straight and the other is more rounded. The delicate and playful affect these have on a room is only increased by this. Everyone loves the way they look at the spa I own. They look stunning and ornate. Like a piece of art. They are thick and shiny. I will warn you that there is a dust/film on the butterflies when I put them up, nothing a damp paper towel can't help with. I would recommend buying stronger craft glue dots, as the ones that are provided last for a while, but after a while, I do find a couple of butterflies on the ground. These are very minor notes that did not affect the star score.

👤Absolutely perfect. I used the sticky dots and fishing line to make my swarm and it turned out great. I was worried that the gold might be too light or dark, but it's perfect!

👤These are gorgeous. They are all rose gold and not multi colored. It's easy to apply to the wall. I was able to move them without leaking paint.

👤My daughter's bedroom wall looks great with these. They keep falling. The glue dots aren't holding them off the wall. They're made well, and the colour is beautiful. Having to stick them almost daily.

👤I'm going up my staircase.

3. Woods Nursery Decorative Sticker Decals

Woods Nursery Decorative Sticker Decals

Pre-cut, peel and stick. Any space can be brightened up instantly. Remove your paint without damaging it. Repositionable. There are four sheets of 10 x 18. There are four sheets of 10 x 18.

Brand: Cherrycreek Decals

👤I love these decals. I wanted to add some life to our nursery and not add too many hangings that could fall on a baby. I was a little worried about whether or not the decals would remove the paint. I've moved them around a few times, and have had no issues peeling them off, having them restick, and not stripping any paint. The pack has four sheets. I was able to cover the immediate area above the crib with a nice scene and had a few leftover for the area above the changing table. If you want temporary decorations that won't destroy your walls, this is a great idea.

👤The product is very bright. I used this on a wooden dresser as decorations for the nursery, it was a cheaper option than buying a baby crib. They adhere well to the wood and use a plastic scrapper to smooth the vinyl over.

👤I love these stickers. The stickers are adorable, but they weren't very cheap. There is a I didn't give it a 5 star review because it can be difficult to remove the sticker from the wall. This was an excellent purchase and I would buy from this company again. Our infant son loves looking at his artwork.

👤These are very colorful. It's easy to put on and take off. They are a good material that won't rip when you remove them from the backing. The only complaint I have is that they are small for what I want. Our nursery is in an old building that's been renovated many times, so it has high ceilings and a large wall, which makes the decals look small. If you have a small space, they would be perfect.

👤I am in love with the decals that I have purchased to decorate my Sunday School class. My students love them as well. They are cute and fun to look at, and go great with my forest themed class decor. The quality and color of decals are very nice. They are very easy to put on and take off, and when taken off the wall they come off nicely without taking off any of the paint. These are my favorite brand of decals. I put them on the wall for a whole school year, and they look exactly like they did when I first put them on. I have a bunch of kids in a room. I am very happy that these will last me for a long time.

👤The brands of decals we have tried are the best. The quality is great and the price is less than Fathead. The decals have held up well as our child has gotten older and we have moved them around all over the room. These are decals from Cherry Creek. We love them. Fathead is great if you want to spend more money, they have large sized decals anddecals that look like they are in high-def.

👤Excellent quality stickers. It is easy to remove and apply. It was fun and colorful. These don't come off either. The glue can be removed if need be. I like how they look on the walls.

4. Wallniture Multipurpose Hanging Crafts Steel

Wallniture Multipurpose Hanging Crafts Steel

When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks. Sturdy Design: Each picture clips is made of strong steel material for you to hang your photos, your kids arts, school projects and more with ease. Wallniture's steel hanging clips make it easy to personalize your home decor. You can display postcards, crafts, and pictures of your loved ones on your wall. Your Wallniture clips set of 48 will match every room decor, thanks to their design. You can use them in a variety of places. Wallniture clips with hooks are great for organizing. While hanging school supplies, gardening tools, scissors, sewing supplies, or kitchen utensils in the garage, craft room, kitchen, office, or kids room, you can organize your supplies. Hang Christmas lights, ornaments, halloween decorations, and Easter eggs on a light cord while decorating for the holidays with these hanging clips.

Brand: Fasthomegoods

👤It was perfect! These were bought to hang decorations at school functions. I was worried about the opening of the hoop. The little ball is 8mm from the end of the hoop to the other side. Posters and other decorations could be hung from the ceiling if it was wider. Thankfully, these can be pulled with a pliers. The clips have teeth. These will work for us. The clips allow your item to hang from the hoop. A great product.

👤You can't see that they destroy paper because they have jaws. I thought they would have rubber grips, not teeth. I can use them, but they need to be changed. They are cheap and breakable in your hand. I suppose the quantity was good for the money, but nothing else.

👤I have not hung with these. I hung curtains on a door. The clips were used on the ugly panels. I hung my shower curtain with these. I hung the clips on the metal rings. I will use them to hang curtains above my kitchen window. The ideas are endless. They don't look cheap. I love the brass color.

👤I used these clips to hang my homemade wooden ornaments. The deep black finish is perfect. The clip is strong and easy to use. I am very happy with this purchase. They look like they are on the Amazon site.

👤I bought these to display items, but I don't want teeth marks on them. They show up with sharp teeth.

👤These things are great for a lot of things. I bought it for art. They are strong hooks and clasps. Wrap up my phone and hang it. These will help hang holiday decor.

👤They were used to hang Halloween lights on a table by attaching them to a black cloth. I made small pinched folds out of cloth around the perimeter. I attached fake cob web to the thin edges of my house and onto the bush branches using clips. They worked well in those instances. They would be useful for many projects.

👤It's a great way to hang my baggies of scrapbooking tidbits. The clips are strong enough to take off the hooks and put them back on. I love these!

5. Mermaids Decorative Sticker Decals Nursery

Mermaids Decorative Sticker Decals Nursery

Their wall décor stickers for kids will make your child's room look better without the need to redecorate. It is ideal for a child's bedroom, nursery, playroom, activity room, day care center, kindergarten rooms and more. Each purchase includes 4 sheets of wall stickers measuring 18” x 10.5” Their original wall stickers for kids are full of cute sea creatures and playful mermaids, so they can bring a boring wall to life. When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks. When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks.

Brand: Cherrycreek Decals

👤It is easy to remove and move. Most of the small pieces worked out well. The material is pretty good, but I wish it was better and easier to remove. You cannot go wrong with the price. My rating would be less if it was in a higher price point. Overall value is what the 5 star rating is for.

👤Excellent wall decals. This is the third set I have purchased from this company. My children use them to decorate their bedroom walls. They come off when you need them to. You get a lot of stickers for the same amount of money. I would recommend the other sets as well. Good value.

👤These decals are great. My kids and I moved them around a lot to find the right spot. There is a The kids didn't remove the builder grade paint from the bathroom carefully so the stickers pulled off small spots of the paint. I was able to put the stickers back on the walls after I removed all the stickers and painting with semi gloss and the pieces of flat paint stuck to the backs of the stickers, because they still look great on the walls. There is a If you don't have quality paint in a rental house, peel and stick them.

👤The colors are bright and cheerful yet soothing at the same time, thick enough to be strong and sticky, and for easier removal from the room, we used a combo of three sets. The seller left a sticker on the sheets.

👤These are very cute. They were used as decorations for my daughter's party. I am docking it because they act like real stickers when used on windows. They rip when you remove them, leave glue remnants, and even if you tear it off in one piece they are rendered un-reusable. They were great on painted walls.

👤I bought these to decorate my daughter's bathroom and they were adorable. We used them on the tile to make it look like it was under the sea. We have had them for over a month and they are still new.

👤The stickers adhere a little too well. I tried to move one of them, but the paint peeled off. You have to peel them off slowly. I wouldn't recommend this brand. I would recommend the roommates brand if I had a problem with them. I took a few of these stickers off 8 months later and they either took paint off or left a sticky mess on the wall.

👤These are nice, but small. I bought them for my kids bathroom. I was short.

6. BBTO Butterfly Combination Stickers Decoration

BBTO Butterfly Combination Stickers Decoration

Please remove the protective film before using, the 3D butterfly wall stickers are easy to use and no other tool is required. You can get a set of mirror butterfly wall decals, which includes 4 pack of large, 8 pack of middle, and 36 pack of small. The mirror butterfly wall decor makes your home look different and attractive. 3d butterfly stickers can be applied to smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closet, and so on. A nice gift for most special occasions like Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby shower, graduation, retirement, etc.

Brand: Bbto

👤I am dao en la parte superior de arriba. A ocultar el dao tienes pegatinas. El aadi un toque de belleza. Son delicadas, no de las calidad, pero se ven lindas, son baratas, bastante pegatinas, as. Aclaracin no son de cristal son de un deli.

👤There is no directions given. It is all self explanatory. The film is on both sides of the butterfly, which is difficult to peel. The strip is small and has two sides. My daughter helped me peel the film and attach the strips. I have a plaster wall that sticks very well. I will report back if they fall off. I had to use a window cleaner on them to remove fingerprints because of the peeling. There is a You must fold the wings.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. It is easy to put up. The butterflies are covered in a plastic film so they don't get scratched during shipping. The film lifted right up if I scratched on the head of the butterfly with my nail and the jagged cutout on that part made the film lift. I have a ceiling fan that I leave on all the time and a few butterflies have fallen down, but they're easy to put back up and I have added extra tape on the body when I do.

👤Double sticky on both sides is hard to get off, but a piece of tape will help them look great. Almost can see himself in them.

👤Do not buy if you want something easy and fast to install. I wouldn't have bought this item if I knew it would take so long to assemble a single butterfly. The butterflies are pretty but they aren't worth the hassle of folding and removing plastic from both sides.

👤These are very small and have a thick aluminum foil look. If you plan to have them more like stickers it won't work and if you try and make them appear to be flying they are not designed for that. Would do better on a painting.

👤I love butterflies. I had to look at them very closely because they were thin and stuck together, which made it appear that they weren't all there. You can peel off the clear film on each side of them, which makes the "mirror" image appear better after peeling. I saw the plastic on them when I pulled them apart. I peeled one side of the strip of tape and put it on the wall as I wanted, but I also peeled the top layer of plastic off to avoid any fingerprints. It was a challenge to remove the plastic film from each side until I found a way to get the plastic out, and then they just came off! I love them!

👤It didn't stick once. I might have to provide my own glue.

👤I wanted to add a bit of light to my staircase, I love the look of these. They had to remove the plastic backing from both sides. I used white tac because I was unsure if I liked them. I am happy I did as I keep moving them.

7. ZWA Rainbow Hanging Handmade Mult Grey

ZWA Rainbow Hanging Handmade Mult Grey

We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase, because they're so confident that you'll love this set. Within 30 days you can return the product for a no questions asked refund. Cotton macrame rope and soft yarn are handmade. There are many sizes for your choice, ranging from 7.5 inches to 9 inches. It was 14.7 inches. There is a slight variation in the design and length of the rainbow. The rainbow wall hanging is a great way to add a bohemian touch to your home or a baby shower gift. There are 8 lines of rainbow with colors as mint green, orange yellow, light gray, and brown. They are not suitable to be used as toys. It should be handled with care.

Brand: Zwa

👤I bought this rainbow for my baby announcement photo, and it was perfect. It is beautiful in person.

👤The rainbow wall hanging is cute but not what I was expecting. The rainbow multi that I got is brown and not rose toned, which I thought would be the case. I want the best of it, but it is sturdy and well-made. I am not returning it.

👤Beautiful! It's perfect for our rainbow baby pictures.

👤So beautiful! I am very excited to hang in my twins nursery.

👤I bought this for my daughter's nursery and it's pretty and rustic for a great price. It is a perfect touch for a baby's room.

👤The baby girl's nursery has cute little added decor. The colors are accurate so far.

👤This is perfect for my son. Pictures and description are accurate.

👤This rainbow is a great addition to my daughter's room because it's big enough to be noticed and not too bulky. The colors are gorgeous.

8. Silent Non Ticking Decorative Battery Operated

Silent Non Ticking Decorative Battery Operated

The size of theTRACT PRINT. The canvas print is 20 cm x 25 cm. The silent wall clock is great for play room, library, classroom, schoolroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom,office, dining room or any wall of any color. No annoying wall lock. Accurate time is guaranteed by precise quartz sweep movements. Arabic numbers are easy to read. The clear glass front cover gives a good view. It's easy to install, come with a wide slot in the back for easy hanging. The battery is not included. If you are not completely satisfied with your new kids clock, then you can get in touch with them and they will help.

Brand: Vreaone

👤I bought a clock for my classroom. It is bright and cheerful and I have received many positive comments. It keeps the time accurate. The clock is great for the price.

👤The item is not an atomic clock. I have had it running for over a day and it doesn't set itself automatically or have any buttons for setting the time zone or daylight savings time. There is a It's smooth and quiet. There is that...

👤The clock is cute. I bought it for the playroom. The colors are nice but not as bright as in the photo. The border has some minor scratches but they are not noticeable unless you look closely. There is a The grating noise it makes is a big complaint. The clock does not tick. I hate the sound of a clock. The problem is here. It spins instead of having the seconds tick. Non-stop. It spins around the circle. I have never seen a clock like this before. It creates a very low dragging sound when it runs the loop. It's the same as a tickling sound.

👤My sons first wall clock was 5 years old. We put it in his bedroom to help him tell time. He likes it. It's perfect for kids as it has colorful numbers. It was easy to hang. Takes one battery.

👤The product looked good when it was in the package. The colors were nice. There is a The problems are 1. It came with a hook that was completely useless and wasted about an hour of my time trying to figure out if it worked. 2. I tried to hang it but the wood grain on the plastic came off. 3. After a few days, it started running slow. 4. The fake wood plastic rim broke when it fell off the wall, leaving sharp pieces of plastic on the floor. The glass covering the clock shattered when it fell off the wall a second time. It's not a good idea to put real glass in a kid's room. This thing was thrown in the trash after a couple months of use. Our planet is being ruined by cheap disposable junk.

👤This is for a child's playroom. The numbers had different colors. Very cheap. The material is plastic, but it still looks great. We received accurate time two weeks ago. Numbers are easy to read. Instead of arguing about "pick up your toys", we say "Look, the clock says it's time to pick up toys!" We have reduced arguments by 75% because we use the same time every day for toy pick-up and other routines. The clock was well packaged.

👤I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mother. Amazon failed to package it correctly and it was shattered when it arrived. I was relieved to see that the clock was lightweight and cheap, but it was not as durable as I had expected. I think this clock would be a good one if it was purchased at the dollar tree, because you don't want something high quality, and it seems like it was bought at the dollar tree. I wouldn't imagine paying the full price for something that didn't suit our needs.

9. Butterfly Stickers Luminous Removable Butterflies

Butterfly Stickers Luminous Removable Butterflies

There are four sheets of 10 x 18. There is a package that includes Luminous 3d butterfly wall decals and some double-sided adhesive. Butterflies will be weak green lights at night, make your home more wonderful and comfortable, butterfly wall stickers can last a long time, easy to clean and use again. You can use glue dots to apply the butterfly wall decals on any surface, or you can use magnets to fix the butterfly wall stickers. 3D butterfly wall decor stickers are made of long- lasting and easy to clean top quality material, they can be placed in gardens, balcony and outdoors for a long time without colour fading. It can be used to decorate a party, walls, children room, TV wall, office room, birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc. You're protected by a 60 day no questions asked money baCck guarantee when you order their 3D Butterfly Wall Decals today. The wings have to be folded slightly to create a 3D effect.

Brand: Bogzon

👤I bought another pack of these little guys because I liked them so much. The butterflies have a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. The undersides of the butterflies have small magnets in their thorax that can be used as fridge magnets. Some of them have glow-in-the-dark paint that illuminates their wings. The packets that come with the packaging should be coated with a stronger glue. I've found they fall off of vertical surfaces even when properly cleaned and dried. I used a brand of double-sided clear gel tape called Gorilla Glue. The little buggers stay put and make a difference in my space.

👤I love them in my bathroom. They cover the wall and make it look like it's in the jungle. My eight year old put them up for me. The amount of glue is impressive. It has to be completely dark for them to illuminate but that's fine. They're still pretty.

👤I was taken back by how realistic and beautiful they are. It's easy to install, adds a lot of beauty to my goddaughters room decor. The price and quality are better than most of the other items. In my image, you can see that I did mix the decor with various items to make it unique, but the butterfly stickers are great in every way. Thank you.

👤They don't stay on, but I love the product. I am giving 3 stars. I put them on my daughter's mirror. They began to fall off the next day. I had to buy something to get them to stick. They glow in the dark and are adorable.

👤I was worried that they wouldn't stick to my wall, but since putting them up, no one has fallen. They are great! The glow of the butterflies is amazing when you have enough light and turn it off. I love these!

👤They look like the picture. They don't glow in the dark, but I only bought them for their aesthetic. The glue that comes with them is not very good so use something like sticky tack.

👤Their beautiful butterflies. They don't give off the green lights in the dark. It's just darkness. It is. I bought these butterflies because they messed up my room but other than the false advertisement of the light, I didn't care. It is. I guess.

👤Does not glow in the dark. They are cute and stick to the wall. I bought these ones because they were advertised as glow in the dark. My daughter pointed her blue light pen at them and they did illuminate, but that's not what glow in the dark means. Disappointed.

10. Picture Decorative Gallery Artwork Grandparents

Picture Decorative Gallery Artwork Grandparents

The frames are available in 4x6 sizes. Their photo frames are great for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or nursery. Share pictures with style. Premium Pine Wood Artistry is a 4x6 photo frame that is made with high quality, all-natural pine wood which gives them strength and resilience as well as a versatile style that fits modern and contemporary home decor. The high-quality 4x6 picture frame comes with an ultra-clear plexiglass photo protectors that keep the picture free of dust and water, while allowing the gorgeous colors to shine through. You can easily display important moments in multiple ways with the Vertical and Horizontal displays. It is easy to add a 4x6 picture and get their wood picture frames hung up. Remove the back, insert a picture, and the plexiglass will keep it protected.

Brand: Olarhike

👤The frames are perfect for displaying pictures. The frame is sturdy and lightweight. It has plexiglass, which is much safer than glass. The plexiglass was protected with a plastic film on both sides and cardboard sleeves on the corners to make sure it wouldn't be scratched when it was received. The back has an arm for displaying the picture in either vertically or horizontally. The frames are attached to the wall with unique hangers. Their customer service is excellent. These frames and OlarHike are recommended by me. I will be ordering more frames from this company.

👤These are used to frame gift photos. They look nice and seem to be studying. There are steps up from a tree frame.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the frames. They were wrapped with a matt. There was a protective film on the plastic. The corners of the frame were made of cardboard. The frames were wrapped in bubble wrap and had hooks on them. This is a good product for the price. I ordered another one for them because I loved them so much.

👤I made a photo wall for our family pictures. These are perfect! They look nice when hung and I like the thin mat. Exactly what I was looking for. I ordered another set in case one breaks and we need to extend our wall. Taking off the film on both sides of the glass is annoying, but not enough to take a star off. It had something to protect it in transit. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The plastic on both sides of the plexiglass was a bonus. The back of the frames is secured with metal clips, which is a nice way of making it easy to place my pictures.

👤The set I bought was the worst of the bunch. The plastic in one was scratched and the frames were badly damaged. The frames other vendors sell are not faulty.

👤You have to peel plastic off both sides of cheap plastic. They are difficult to put together. I'm sorry, I got them. I needed something fast. You should get something else.

👤These are great for hanging on a wall. There is a They are easy to use. The plastic covering the glass makes it impervious to scratches. I am very impressed with these. And would buy them again.

11. Nursery Decorative Stick Sticker Decals

Nursery Decorative Stick Sticker Decals

Their wall décor stickers for kids will make your child's room look better without the need to redecorate. It is ideal for a child's bedroom, nursery, playroom, activity room, day care center, kindergarten rooms and more. Each purchase includes 4 sheets of wall stickers measuring 18” x 10.5” Their original wall stickers for kids are full of cute nautical elements such as boats, compass, light house, anchor, and sea to really bring a boring wall to life. When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks. When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks.

Brand: Cherrycreek Decals

👤These are high quality decals. It is difficult to find sailboat decals and lighthouse decals. I put the decals in a bedroom and a bathroom. The sailboats, whale, clouds, fish, and flying birds are all in one scene. I put the waves under the boats and whale. There is a I added the beach changing room buildings, the kite and the other decals to the bathroom that already has an ocean theme. The sailboats look like they are part of the wall and would look great in a nursery, bedroom or bathroom. They look great. There is a I have purchased Cherry Creek Decals before and I am very impressed. The first ones I bought were the "deep blue sea" decals, which I put in my bathroom and have stayed there without any problems. The sailboat decals have a clear border which makes it easier to re-position them without marring them, and it also helps give the illusion that the decals are not a sticker. These sailboats are quite large and come on 4 flat unfolded sheets.

👤I bought these stickers to decorate my son's wall. They are very cute and match his bedroom décor. They stick to the wall very well and peel off very easily, leaving behind no trace. My toddler is still learning how to peel them off the wall, but he enjoys looking at the graphics.

👤My son's room is an ocean/nautical theme and I wanted to add some spunk to it. The decals are cute and easy to apply, but they are not cheap. They are easy to remove and put on the wall, but also easy to take off and re- apply if you make a mistake. I'm glad I got these decals instead of buying expensive framed art. Couldn't be happier! They look great.

👤Awesome decals. I have used others and they are either hard to put on or peel off correctly. These are for your wall. They stay put. Cute. Highly recommended!

👤I used these to make art on a canoe paddle. The cutouts are larger than expected. There is a place for everything.

👤I bought these for the enclosed shower and bathtub. They are cute. Their bath area is fun. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for my bathroom and it looks great. I get a lot of compliment from my visitors. It would be great for baby room decor.

👤Cute and durable. I expected bigger pictures. It could be a wall mural.

👤I love these! Great stick, great colors.

👤The wall decals are really cute. I've purchased some other wall decals that smell bad, but these have no smell and I feel comfortable putting these up on my baby's walls.


What is the best product for decorative wall art for kids?

Decorative wall art for kids products from Maria. In this article about decorative wall art for kids you can see why people choose the product. Bememo and Cherrycreek Decals are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall art for kids.

What are the best brands for decorative wall art for kids?

Maria, Bememo and Cherrycreek Decals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall art for kids. Find the detail in this article. Fasthomegoods, Cherrycreek Decals and Bbto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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