Best Decorative Wall Art Stickers

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1. CCINEE Sticker Removable Valentines Decoration

CCINEE Sticker Removable Valentines Decoration

There are three 13in x 17.25in sheets. The material is made of quality plastic with double-sided glue and is convenient to use. The value pack contains different size of mirror stickers, 24 pieces in total, enough to meet your need to decorate your home. The wall mirror stickers are easy to remove and fix. The mirror has a layer of film on the surface to prevent it from getting scrabbed. The mirror stickers set is ideal to decorate different occasions like TV backdrop, window, door, closet, freezer, cabinet, tiles, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and office. It is recommended to apply it to the smooth solid and dry smooth after peeling off the back glue. The plastic mirror stickers are not as good as a real mirror.

Brand: Ccinee

👤I got this for my baby's nursery and it was terrible. I couldn't fix the mirrored pieces because they were scratched so bad. Every piece was scratched. The quality of the mirror is terrible. I understand it's not glass, but it needs to be clearer. What is the point of wanting it to look like a mirror?

👤I thought it was horrible at first. It was scratched beyond use. It has a protective layer of plastic over it. The hearts were shiny and cute when they were removed. It was clear and pretty. I hope this review helps other people who thought they were scratched. They are lovely after you remove the plastic. I will take a picture when I install them. I'm waiting for another wall vinyl to come first so I can get these.

👤The mirrors are labeled by numbers so that you know what goes where. When I put this on my wall, I didn't realize I was following the drawing, so I put some pieces in the wrong place. I can not remove that piece from the wall because it is very sticky and should not be placed on your wall. If you want to use them for more than decor purposes, you can tear the film off and see yourself inside the mirrors, which is great for a mirror itself. I plan on putting them all over my living room. This time it's the right way.

👤These are clear. It's almost like a mirror. You have to peel off the film over the front of them. I used a poster board to stick them on after reading reviews about how difficult it is to remove them. I didn't want to ruin the walls. I stuck them onto the board. The pink background completes the look. My little girl loves it so much that she can't stop talking about it.

👤This was a great purchase. My daughter loves them and I bought them for her. They were easy to install, and the back of the product was sticky to the wall. If it gives any problems, taking them down is a good idea.

👤My kids and I love it. I put it on the shower wall and used a hair dryer to heat it up. It is impossible to remove super strong.

👤My daughter's room was redecorated and this is her favorite. The butterflies I bought on Amazon are beautiful. My 12 year old did herself and had some spare hearts.

👤I like it, but I wish it was a little bigger because it protects the mirror. It looks like a mirror.

2. Letters Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

Letters Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

Premium hardwoods have long-term beauty and strength. The mirror wall stickers set comes with the letters of HOME mirror stickers, and each letter is about 7.9 x 8.3 inches. The 3D mirror wall decors are made of quality material, safe and reliable, can be applied with your confidence, and sticker are designed with a white fuzzy protective film to prevent them from scratching. If you want to give a bright visual art for your room, please peel the film off after you put the mirror sticker on the wall. The wall stickers can make your home looks spacious, attractive and brighter; Round shaped pattern and HOME letters add more warm and sweet atmosphere; and is suitable for home decor, living room, bedroom, bathroom, modern decorations, farmhouse, kitchen, office, teen room, dress room. A nice choice for home decor is farmhouse wall decor, which is made of acrylic stickers and contains wall art element, which makes them a good choice for home decor clearance, home decor signs, letters for wall, family wall decor, aesthetic room decor, and home sweet home sign. The mirror setting wall decals fit well for smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, mirrors, metal, wood or other kinds of wall and so on.

Brand: Zonon

👤The old side of each letter was scratched up and the M was broken when I received my item. I said maybe it was the protective cover. It was the item. Less scratchings. It is still mess up. Send it back.

👤It makes my family's apartment feel warm. It came with instructions. You should take your time peeling off the sticker and know where you're going to put it. The circle shape is a little deceiving and I give it a 4 star.

👤It was stuck to my wall. All around was better than I expected. Be gentle with bending them. The mirrored circles were put up on the walls with matching silver light fixture. Couldn't be happier with my purchase, it was placed by the door.

👤It's just right in the space I planned for, but the circles are smaller and the letter sizes are off. Looks good. I suggest to use tape to lay out before sticking it as it is easy to move on all surfaces.

👤There were no complaints. It turned out nice. I put the black and silver together.

👤Don't stick on the wall. I wiped the walls.

👤I had to glue it to the wall because it didn't stick to the wall. I gave two stras because of its pretty surface.

👤I used the M out of home and added some golden mirror circles to make it look better. It is definitely worth it.

3. Amaonm® Removable Decorative Background Decorations

Amaonm%C2%AE Removable Decorative Background Decorations

There are four sheets of 10 x 18. The flower decoration is a wall sticker. Brand new and high quality. The pattern along the cutting line is gently peeled off, and then you can paste it in your favorite place.

Brand: Amaonm

👤I was looking for a focal point for my wall and found this easy addition. It's easy to use. It was difficult to use. I have wall papering experience and never had a problem. You have to remove a section at a time. It needs to be pressed down correctly or it will fall down. I have had my decoration up for several weeks without any problems and people compliment me on it. Many people are interested in doing the same thing. It is the next thing to flattery.

👤The product is described and arrived quickly, so I gave it 3 stars. The wall looks nice, but it started peeling from the wall less than 12 hours after it was applied. I'm trying to get it to stick. It is peeling away from the wall. I would like to be able to contact the seller to get a new one. I like the look of it, but I am going to have to take it down and throw it away because it is peeling away in to many spots. The next buyers will have better luck if it's a dud.

👤The wall cling is not the size depicted in the picture. I had to use all of it on the top portion. The picture on Amazon is very deceiving because it is not that big. There is a picture from Amazon on my wall. It looked like a bunch was missing.

👤The product is much smaller than in the listing. I rearranged the way I planned my décor and now sit in the side arch of my living area. Different décor took over. The vinyl is sticking well and has been changed to 3 different walls.

👤The instructions were easy to follow. It sticks well to my cabinet and the size is great. I couldn't believe how well it blended with my other decals.

👤There is no right or wrong way to apply these stickers, I like them a lot.

👤I use stickers. These were the best I have ever used. They were in a nice big box. They looked great after they were peeled easy. I highly recommend!

👤The picture is pretty, but not as big as it appears. It is easy to remove them. It's hard to put up by yourself, so I would suggest someone to help. Overall very happy with this product and will be buying more.

👤I did not use transfer paper to put it on myself. At one point, I needed an extra hand from my mother to hold out a long piece from sticking to itself. After a few hours, I found some pieces popping up around the edges. The blow dryer was suggested by my brother. I kept my fingers under the heat to prevent the plastic from getting too hot. I assumed it was too hot for the plastic. I smoothed it out with my fingers and hand after it was heated up. Nothing has popped free again since that time. I made some modifications to fit my application.

4. Jurassic Dinosaurs Decorative Sticker Decals

Jurassic Dinosaurs Decorative Sticker Decals

We are confident that you will love their product so please contact them immediately with any questions or concerns; buy with confidence the set of 4-pack of the Nisha 3D art that comes in many beautiful designs that fit any decorators tastes; redecorate and update; Their wall décor stickers for kids will make your child's room look better without the need to redecorate. It is ideal for a child's bedroom, nursery, playroom, activity room, doctor's surgery, dentist surgery, day care center, classrooms and more. Each purchase includes 4 sheets of wall stickers measuring 18” x 10.5” Their original wall stickers for kids are full of prehistoric dinosaurs, volcanoes, trees, rocks and more. To bring a boring wall to life. When you need to remove their wall décor stickers, they simply peel away without leaving any marks.

Brand: Cherrycreek Decals

👤My son got an air bubble when he stuck the sticker and it ripped the paint off the wall, so I had to rearrange the sticker. We have the Pokemon and SUPER mario ones that can be taken off the problem. This is a real sticker. If you don't want your paint to be ripped off, don't use. Really angry with this. The wall of this room was painted two months ago, but now it is ruined.

👤I was surprised by the amount of stickers and bigger than I expected. Stickers worked well for the project I was working on. I was able to position the stickers where I wanted them. The stickers adhere nicely and feel like window clings. I don't think they will stick after so many attempts to place them, and if not careful, they willwrinkle and stick together, so I wouldn't recommend reapplying them too many times. I am happy with my purchase. I put these on a white shelf and had no issues. I don't know how different stickers would fit on a different surface.

👤The designs on these are very cute for little boys. Our son loves his dino room and loves these decals. We are moving out and these tore the paint off the wall. We are out of our deposit because the walls look like a disaster and will need to be painted. It's disappointing and frustrating because we never had a problem with any decals, but have always used Roommates brand, and we liked the designs. Roommates brand decals on the same wall were peeled off beautifully. I will never buy another set of Cherry Creek decals for our son and daughter's room.

👤The theme for the kids room was crazy. My son enjoys arranging it in different ways. His sister likes to change things. If it is put on and off too much, it will wear off. The price for the amount of stickers is great.

👤These wall stickers were great. They are cute. The best thing about them is that they come on flat sheets, which makes it easier to transfer from paper to wall. I did have to change some positions, but it was relatively easy to do.

👤They were easy to remove from their packaging and stick to the wall. It seems like they aren't sticking very well to a textured wall, however they have stayed on when no problem or peeling up of the edges. My six year old was so happy to see them and to help put them on the walls of his room.

👤This is a decent buy for the price. There's a good amount of the large stickers. They are easy to apply to the wall. My kid loved them, but they also like to remove them from the wall and reapply them so they don't last long.

👤My two year old loves these, but they are hard to move and will take the paint off the wall when Imdo remove them. These are cute and any kid who loves dinosaurs will love them.

5. SelfTek Stickers Removable Background Decoration

SelfTek Stickers Removable Background Decoration

Five moon phase shapes can be used to decorate parts of the house. There is no need to worry about the smell of the moon-shaped mirror sticker because it is made of harmless materials. There are 5 different sizes of wall mirrors, ranging from 2.2 cm to 0.87 inch to 15 cm and 5.9 inch in diameter. It's enough to create a peaceful and romantic home for you and your loved one. The decorative mirror design makes your home look artistic, more fantastic, and the reflective surface can make your room brighter. Refer to the customer review if you have any doubts. The decorative wall mirror stickers are easy to stick to. They can be used many times and re-positioned as you please. Wide applications. The mirror decals are ideal for smooth and clean surfaces, such as TV backdrop, sofa wall, window, door, closet, freezer, cabinet, tiles, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and office. It cannot be used as a replacement mirror as these are the effect. A protective film is used to protect the surface. After sticking them to the surface, please peel it off. Refer to the second picture if you don't know how to use it.

Brand: Selftek

👤I bought three sets to do my accent wall.

👤These are not mirrors. This is cardboard. No reflection, what so ever. Criminal selling a product on Amazon. This is beyond, even for Amazon. A brick and mortar store would not be allowed to rip off consumers in such a way.

👤I bought these to go with another set of mirror pieces. It was easy to install, but it was difficult to remove the clear film. I had to be careful not to scratch the mirrored side or crack the piece all together because they are very thin. The price point was decent. They added an accent feature that I wanted to get for my walls.

👤Miss representative emphasizes at the end of the video that what they really are is reflective cardboard and you can make one yourself by spraying it with a mirror spray and cutting out cardboard.

👤I mixed these with another pack to make this design. I hope they don't fall off the wall because they come with little stickers. I used alcohol to wipe the wall down. I am very satisfied.

👤I was willing to give them a try even though I was expecting to find them all over the floor. I was surprised that they stayed put for months. My daughter loves how they look in her room. We bought two packages to have enough for small groups.

👤The stickers reflect light and you can arrange them in any order. The surface isn't reflective enough to be considered a mirror. It would be great if they came with a lot more of them, as the only thing they allow for is 1 per circle.

👤I love how many pieces came in the order. It looks like real mirrors. We had to use sticky tape on the back because the application process was not easy to remove. I put them up on my wall for a while.

👤The two large ones were cracked and a little disappointed.

👤Very disappointed look like a picture. Not even shiny, it's very flimsy.

👤A lot of ronds. There is a It's a condition. The moment de la pose is fort d'appuyer. A voir sur la durée. Is it possible that ce ne sont pas de vrais miroirs? There is a Donc faire trs attention aux dimensions, Je retire Je aussi le car. There is a C'est ok, pour le reste. There is a The prix was trs Bon rapport. J'ai pu re-decorer un mur tout blanc. Je recommande.

👤No vetro come, invece dalla descrizione.

👤Ohne Klebepistole, wegenug klebend.

6. Wall Pops WPK1752 Starburst Applique

Wall Pops WPK1752 Starburst Applique

Always replaceable. There are three 13in x 17.25in sheets. There are three 13in x 17.25in sheets.

Brand: Wall Pops

👤They were bought to cover the holes in the wall. The back is not painted. I was able to use these to cover the holes and they have been up for months with steam and heat and splash. It is easy to clean and cover the holes. They make the back of the stove look nicer.

👤I work in a school. The space needs to be calm for students and staff. Shade Magic covers over lights and Wall Pops were added to the decor. The wall I used them on was in a poor state. These were easy to use and covered the damaged spots. I took the plain sticker border off first to make it easier to take them off the backing paper. I've received a lot of praise for these. People thought the wall had been painted before I added them. Nope. The 20-year old paint job looks good because of them. There are 3.5 sets of Wall Pops here. Take a look at my before and after pictures.

👤I ordered these decals to be used as a back up in my kitchen. It wasn't really a risk because they are so inexpensive and easy to remove. I installed them quickly. No worries! If you mess up, they are easy to move. The colors of the decals are very subtle. The pewter and metallic blend with the countertops. They have grown on me, even though I wasn't sure about them at first. I will let you all be the judges. It's funny.

👤I changed it to: I bought another set. There are pictures from the 1800's on my family wall. There is a window and a wall. I wanted to draw the two sides of the wall together and so I used the pictures on both sides to scatter around. The simple design and colors draw attention to the picture. These can be used to highlight a photo wall or walls without overwhelming the photos. There is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is a person who says that there is I had two issues. To make my closet more interesting. There were smudges and ugly flat off white paint. I have a family wall and the amount of pix, the size of frames a little off, leaving some empty space and some nail holes where I had put them. There is a All the problems were solved by these inexplicable decals. I was on sale for about 11 bucks. I plan on getting one more set because I can see where I could do more. It's fine right now for two areas I wanted for, but am now seeing other areas I could add some pop and have it match the theme for less money. It's easy to work with. Look good. In retrospect. I was saved from having to paint.

7. DEKOSH Nursery Decorative Sticker Playroom

DEKOSH Nursery Decorative Sticker Playroom

There are adorable girl and butterflies wall stickers. There are fairy decals for a toddler classroom. The nursery wall decals are made of high quality material. It can be used on a variety of surfaces. Just peel off and stick. Just peel off and stick.

Brand: Dekosh

👤Love, love, love! Goodness! It was easy to put up. I put her on my front door so I can see her when I leave my place. I didn't purchase to put on my door, but I thought about it as I pulled her out. Who knew? . She is on my door. . I was very careful not to press down on any parts as I put her up, in case I needed to move. I could easily remove and replace this when I needed it. I will be moving in a couple of years and want to have her for my new place, so I'm ordering another one. Just order and stop starring. They made it very easy, the parts are numbered, and you don't have to know how to count! . Put up the amount that suits you if you become overwhelmed by the butterflies. It will still look pretty if you don't use all of them. I didn't use all of the butterflies. I saved some for a project. Okay, why are you still reading?

👤Love the decals. It is easy to install. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤It is a nice sticker. The size is large.

👤This is a must do. The thickness was perfect and it was easy to work with. If you messed up, it came off easily. My daughter loved it. The body is made of eight pieces. It took a little bit. I said it was easy to work with. I got the dream catcher for her as a birthday gift. The wall stickers were a gift. It is easy to decorate the wall without using wallpaper.

👤Beautiful! I used to be in my toddler's room and she said "Oh wow!" That's how it looks! It was lovely. I added 3D butterflies to make this a more enchanted feeling. It has a lot of butterflies and no real instructions, but a little time, patience and creativity, and it will come out beautiful.

👤I was expecting a less than stellar decal. It was a bit on the thin side but it went up quickly. It stuck well to the walls. My 2 1/2 year old absolutely loves it and I am so happy with this purchase.

👤It was a good size and cute.

👤I replace facilement sur le mur sans perdre son efficacité collante. vous ne manquerais pas de papillons Je rachterais certainement ces autocollants. J'ai beaucoup fille de décoration.

👤This looks great on the wall. You could see where the 6 separate pieces were attached. I used a marker to make it less visible. Every butterfly needs to be individually stuck on. My 8 year old daughter did a great job. Looks great!

👤My husband put it in a crock. My daughter loved how it looked like she was jumping through the air. Really pretty. Good quality. I bought a few other decals that were similar to the one I used to complete the wall.

👤We are very pleased with the product. There is a really cute room in my daughters room. There is a The stickers could be more stickier.

8. Wall Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof Background

Wall Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof Background

The Baseboard Wall Stickers can be used to decorate wall, door frame, doorway, stairsway, TV background, wall cabinets, mural, oil painting on the wall, ceiling, window and other home decoration. They can be used to protect the corner. Each tile is covered in a pack of 10 with a size of around 2.59ft x 2.28ft. The wallpaper has a better noise reduction effect, is waterproof and easy to clean. Free, self-adhesive design, easy to install. Take care of your family with a three-dimensional soft foam decoration. Do not use in shower, featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, home office wall decoration, etc. Do not use in shower, featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, home office wall decoration, etc.

Brand: Chming

👤I didn't have high hopes for this product. It is faux brick foam. I was pleasantly surprised. The crease where the edges of each panel meet makes them look like real brick, but it takes a bit of work to make them look that way. I trimmed the edges and then applied the panels, but I went over the crease with white wood filler because it was a work in progress. I know, it sounds weird. When I painted over them to match my adjacent walls, it looked just fine, because it mimics the look and feel of real brick. The picture I posted is not the finished product, but it is coming along nicely. This product is more cost effective and looks better than real brick, you just have to invest some time to make it what you want. I left a few panels over that I am painting to look like a distressed red brick to surprise my husband when he comes home after his deployment. It would be a good idea.

👤I wanted something to cover the wall paper that was up for 22 years. About 23. It is sticky on the back, that is a good thing. It can be pulled back off if you goof and not exactly where it touches. I'm 74 years old. You can do it if I can do it. I have a big french door refrigerator next to the wall, and it's difficult to get to it on a step ladder. I bought a pickup that can pull things off the shelf. I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to this, so I put a piece in pincher at an angle I needed. It fit after about 5 minutes on the ladder. Stand on your counter and crawl onto refer when refer has a wall next to it. I plan on putting pots and silk greens up there, even if it is short on the bottom. I wish it wasn't shiney, it would look more natural. I painted my kitchen cabinets white to make it look brighter. I used what I left on the backside of the large kitchen island, which already had some nice comments on it. I don't know if I can enter more than one photo. I used a pack of 10.

👤I wanted to try something different with these. The way it turned out was very easy to install.

👤The product design is beautiful, but I have to peel each sheet by myself for 1/2 hour, and part of the foam is also gone, so you can see in the photo. The seller told me to use a hair-dry. After 1/2 hour, I got a halt piece with practically all the glue gone. The product is expensive. If you persist in buying one, open the box and test it before you return it. I only buy two boxes, so I can buy more from another seller.

👤The tv wall in our basement was dressed up. I was able to get the backing off. I cut out the small bricks on the sides to make bricks for each other. It is easy to cut with scissors. Some of the sheets weren't square and wouldn't line up right, but it does have some stretch to it I was able to make it work. The big sticky sheet can be difficult to manage, I cut strips of 4 to 5 rows to make it easier to manage. I used the small brick squares that I was going to discard because I didn't have enough to install perfectly. I was surprised that my mistake was not noticable. Benjamin Moore paint was used to paint my brick. If you are going to paint your brick, I would suggest getting a different treatment. It does not take paint well. It was very frustrating to paint this wall. There are little white spots. The texture was changed slightly. I don't know how long the product will last. I will have to cover the wall with another covering if it doesn't work out. It is sticky and leaves little foam. I love the look of this product. There is a I would have gone with another option if I had known what I know now.

9. Butterfly Decorations Classroom Bathroom Champagne

Butterfly Decorations Classroom Bathroom Champagne

You can change your style in minutes. This is a great gift for a friend or family member. 3D hollow-out butterfly wall decals are suitable for serving as wall decoration or as a home decor accessory. It's easy to use and clean, and you can use double sided dots to apply on clean and smooth surface. Adding charm to your room is easy with the 3D butterfly wall sticker set, it is easy to apply and give your room a glitter effect. You can use them to decorate furniture, tile, door, fridge, mirror, window, ceiling and more. Good decorations include nursery wall decals, toddlers bedroom decorations, and decorations for teens, boys or girls' playroom, classroom, living rooms, office, baby room, girl room, boy room and so on.

Brand: Bememo

👤I bought them for our nursery. I saved a pack for future because I didn't use all of them. They come in many different designs. There is a circle shaped substance. I used two half's on each butterfly instead of one large because they are slim and long. I had them on for a while now and they are doing well.

👤I really like these butterflies. It was more than I needed. Pictures don't do justice. There is an update. They all fell off the next day. The glue didn't last and they were all on the floor.

👤I'm sad that they are so bad. They don't stay on the wall, every day I come home, a bunch of them are on the floor, and no matter how hard I press them back in, they inevitably fall again. Too bad.

👤I thought they would be worse. They are perfect. They were used to decorate for a baby shower. Everything was pulled together. It's easy to place them. There are 3 different designs and they are all beautiful. The glue dots are easy to place. I would purchase again and recommend it!

👤The product had about 3 different sized and patterned gold butterfly's. The quality was strong and didn't fear ripping. There is a The glue dots are very sticky but once you do 2 or 3 you get used to them. I placed them all around the room on tables, and thought a butterfly would rest on them. The accent is perfect! There were many nice things to say. There are pictures of the baby shower.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are two different types of butterfly patters. One is more straight and the other is more rounded. The delicate and playful affect these have on a room is only increased by this. Everyone loves the way they look at the spa I own. They look stunning and ornate. Like a piece of art. They are thick and shiny. I will warn you that there is a dust/film on the butterflies when I put them up, nothing a damp paper towel can't help with. I would recommend buying stronger craft glue dots, as the ones that are provided last for a while, but after a while, I do find a couple of butterflies on the ground. These are very minor notes that did not affect the star score.

👤Absolutely perfect. I used the sticky dots and fishing line to make my swarm and it turned out great. I was worried that the gold might be too light or dark, but it's perfect!

👤These are gorgeous. They are all rose gold and not multi colored. It's easy to apply to the wall. I was able to move them without leaking paint.

👤My daughter's bedroom wall looks great with these. They keep falling. The glue dots aren't holding them off the wall. They're made well, and the colour is beautiful. Having to stick them almost daily.

👤I'm going up my staircase.

10. Nisha Backsplash Waterproof Removable 1274

Nisha Backsplash Waterproof Removable 1274

The easy way to make your home stylish is with this set of Tiva DesignTILE ART ECLECTIC, which come with 24 4 by 4-inch decals. The Tiva DesignTILE ART has a wide range of designs that include Black and White, Byzantine Empire, Royal Blue, Tender Blue, Maroon Red, Venetian Beauty and more. The Tiva DesignTILE ART ECLECTIC is made of a thin but durable vinyl and can be applied to any flat surface such as ceramic, wood, glass, porcelain, or stone. It is easy to install and clean. The Tiva Design TILE ART ECLECTIC can be cleaned with a damp cloth without removing its artistic designs, if you remove the paper backing that has a unique glue and press it onto a clean, flat surface. If you have any questions or concerns about their product, please contact them immediately. Tiva design tile art decals come in many beautiful designs that fit any decorator's tastes and can be applied quickly to redecorate and update your space.

Brand: The Nisha

👤The quality is good, but it's a bit pricey and it's easy to use. I wanted to update the bathtub tile. The quality was not what I expected, but the "tile" sticker is pretty much the same as a sticker on a car window. I will update once we've showered a few times in there. It can be a challenge to smooth out the edges if you bend them. I did not use a squeegee to remove the bubbles.

👤I was looking for a peel and stick tile that would compliment my daughter's play kitchen style. It was easy to apply the different patterns. I was able to peel it off easily, but it wasn't the strongest and that could be a pro or a con. Don't expect it to have the same texture or appearance as a tile. It is a sticker with a beautiful design, but it worked perfectly for my project. I didn't give it a 5 star rating because the price point is too high for what it is, but I am happy with the results and how easy it was to apply. I can see it going for $12-$15 for two sheets of stickers. It would be more reasonable if these tiles were two demential and came with 3 or 4 sheets. I am very happy with the outcome.

👤This is a joke. This looks like a piece of paper and is cheap. I stuck it to my bathroom wall. It peeled my paint when I wanted to take it off. It's a shame. Don't buy it, it's a scam. It looks like it was taken out of a magazine.

👤I thought I would take a chance when I ordered these. They look great. There is a They were easy to apply and I was surprised that I could not tell they were not ceramic tiles. They adhere very well. I recommend these for anyone who wants to make their bathroom look better.

👤The kitchen in my rental was custom made, and these look great. I love them so far.

👤These are gorgeous! The shower stall was all white. My shower is great. I used the post it notes to figure out a pattern. I cleaned each tile with windex and then began adhering them. They were finished with a damp cloth to make sure they stuck to the tile. I am going to buy a different pattern for my kitchen cabinets.

👤I was not sure. I shouldn't have been. I used these to create a border around an entry way. I stuck them to the wall, not on tiles. They look great. I have spare parts should they start to peel. It's been a month.

👤My bathroom shower was completely transformed by the tiles of the Nisha. They were easy to install and to adjust for the corner tiles that were smaller. The reason for my lower rating is that I ordered two packages and the second package was not cut correctly, which caused the tile stickers to be unevenly distributed, and not all of them were usable. I was only able to use about 4 of them out of the package as the rest were off. This was a huge disappointment and a waste of money. The first package was cut correctly and I had enough tiles.

11. Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

Removable Acrylic Setting Sticker Bedroom

A good gift for any special occasion is a token of love. There are 8 different sizes in the size, including 13.5 cm/ 5.3 inch, 10 cm/ 3.9 inch, 7.5 cm/ 3.0 inch, 5 cm/ 2.0 inch, 3 cm/ 1.2 inch, 1.5 cm/ 0.6 inch, 2.5 cm/ 1.0 inch, and 3.0 cm/ 1.2 inch The mirror wall sticker is made of plastic and has a protective film on it in order to get better feeling and clear mirrors, please just take it out when you use it. It can be applied to walls, doors, windows, closet, and many other smooth and clean surfaces. The decorative mirror design can make your home look different and brighter. The mirror has a protective film on the surface to prevent it from being scratched, please peel it off during use, the mirror will become clear, and please note that the mirror has a protective film on it.

Brand: Shappy

👤I read previous reviews to be aware of the issue with adhesion. They were not as large as they looked. I thought buying more would be better. I bought 4 sets. I used blue painters tape to put them on the wall where I wanted them. I stuck them on the wall when I got them in place. I put the tape back on them. I took the tape off the next day. I tried to put them all together but decided they looked better in smaller groups. I kept a screen shot of the picture to use as a guide. I suggest using a cloth to press them to the wall. When Rubbing them on the wall, do not use your hands. It took me 2 weekends to finish them. I think I will buy more for this wall.

👤These are some of the best things. When I got them, I saw some reviews that said they were cheap. I thought they were right, but I discovered that they are shiny and fun to put around. It's taking a lot of time to find the right way to peel. I grabbed a sharp knife and just got a small piece started, you could peel it easily.

👤If I could have given zero stars to this product, I would have bought an identical product from another company.

👤My dog thought it was a toy and ate two when I wasn't home, which is problematic, but most have been pretty good at adhering. They are cute, but wish they would adhere a little better.

👤I got this in Amazon and added it to the Murrow pieces. The yellow circles are also yellow.

👤These are easy to use. Peel and stick. If you want it to look like the picture, you should get 2 packs. I felt like I didn't have enough for what I wanted to do after buying one.

👤They livened up a dull wall with easy to use tools. I bumped one the other day and it fell off, so make sure they are in a place where that won't happen. None of the others have fallen.

👤I wanted to change the color of my kitchen. I chose mirrored wall stickers as the foundation of my design because I couldn't find what I wanted. I painted them to get the look I wanted. I was happy with the result.

👤The only negative I can find is that they are not as big as they look in the photo, otherwise I really like them, taking the film and sticky back paper off is a bit difficult, but manageable. I'm going to order another pack of two or three because I feel like I need more as I have put them in my hall and it's a small wall.

👤Cute little mirrors, I put on a stair wall, but it's too low. I found it easier to remove the film prior to the seperating of the mirror. If you buy them, don't expect them to take up a whole wall unless you have a pattern. I am happy with them.


What is the best product for decorative wall art stickers?

Decorative wall art stickers products from Ccinee. In this article about decorative wall art stickers you can see why people choose the product. Zonon and Amaonm are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall art stickers.

What are the best brands for decorative wall art stickers?

Ccinee, Zonon and Amaonm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall art stickers. Find the detail in this article. Cherrycreek Decals, Selftek and Wall Pops are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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