Best Decorative Wall Clocks Battery Operated 12 Inch

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1. KECYET Wall Clock Non Ticking Decorative

KECYET Wall Clock Non Ticking Decorative

The paint was hand-painted. It is easy to hang. The battery is not included. A one-year manufacture warranty is included. The 1 super silent is equipped with high quality sweeping movement. It will give you a quiet environment all day long and especially at night. It is easy to use, include the batteries or set the time. It is very easy to set the time with a small wheel on the back where the battery is housed, and they will offer the product instructions and white nail. 3 easy to read - black hour, minute, seconds hands, plastic special copper case, vintage/retro design, large black numbers against, easy viewing and pleasing to the eye, the glass will keep dust away from dial and give you a beautiful clock. HWL-12 inch x 12 inch x 1.78 inch is 30 cm x 30 cm. One year warranty and a 30-day policy of free return and exchange are included in the 5 after sales service. They will help you if you have any questions about this item.

Brand: Kecyet

👤I should have put this clock in my bathroom a long time ago. It would have made it easier to get to some places. The decision was finally made. I don't know if I would put this clock in a living room, but it would be fine in the kitchen. The 4 stars have one thing in common. It's not silent. It is not loud. I can hear it in the bathroom. I hear it tick and it's not silent. I'm used to it now. I like the look and the size. I would recommend it.

👤This clock is attractive. It is easy to read. It is easy to hang. It does everything you would expect from an analogue clock. This is not a silent clock. The clock is silent if you pull it off the wall and hold the front up. The clockworks are next to your ear and you will hear a low hum. The sound is reflected by the wall in the room. Some sound deadening measures are being tried. We haven't been able to eliminate the reflective interaction between the clockworks and the wall. I don't want to return it because Amazon is notorious for tossing returns into a landfill. The manufacturer needs to address this issue of false advertising. We think that whatever is rattling around in there will eventually affect battery use and the clock's accuracy, but so far that's not the case. When we got the clock, the heat was on a lot, but it was much quieter than it is now. It is too late for a return and will end up in a landfill. I hope someone won't notice the sound. I am out money in the mean time. I am not happy.

👤I had low expectations for this clock, because of the price, but I was surprised by how nice it is. It looks like a heavy clock. It's not loud.

👤The clock started making a humming sound a couple of weeks ago. The clock was supposed to be silent. After the return window had closed, it began humming.

👤It arrived on time and was easy to install on the wall. It could go in any room of the house. The battery box on the back makes it a little thicker than I 888-276-5932 So quiet too!

👤Revision to an earlier review. The clock loses a few minutes daily. A brand new battery is losing a few minutes a day. It's not functional since it's almost never accurate. Returning it.

👤The clock is beautiful. The wood finish is great. The sweeping hand is very smooth. It is easy to read numbers. Great purchase.

👤I ordered this one because my kitchen clock had stopped working. I love it! It's easy to read and it's a perfect size. Having a second hand is helpful when I need to time something in a recipe. I would buy this clock again.

2. Waterproof Thermometer Hygrometer Non Ticking Decorative

Waterproof Thermometer Hygrometer Non Ticking Decorative

If you are unhappy with their outdoor patio clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 90 days. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts. The outdoor clock has a built-in Humidity and Thermometer combo. The temperature degree can be measured from -30F to 130F and the humidity from zero to 100%. Quiet sweep and precise movements guarantee accurate time and quiet environment. A good sleeping and work environment can be ensured by the Retro Black-Bronze frame. It's great for mounting to patio, garden, fence, lanai, garage, screened pool, poolside, farmhouse, yard or backyard. It is easy to use, you need one AA zinc carbon battery. A wide slot in the back is ideal for easy hanging, as it may have influence on the life span of clock movement, as well as the accuracy of the time. If you are unhappy with this clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 180 days.

Brand: Yumt

👤The look of the clock is good, but it's not functional. The cover on the back is almost impossible to remove because it does not seal. A standard AA battery doesn't fit easily after you remove it. Put the postitive end first. I was excited to see the hydrometer work as well after it was assembled and hung on the wall. The second hand got stuck on the minute hand as the clock stopped at 12 o'clock. I think the hands are a bit bent. I took the six screws from the back to see if I could bend the arms to work. It was much easier to send it back. There is a The hydrometer doesn't seem to function at all as they have barely ever moved even with sauna like conditions in the bathroom where it hangs. I live the look but am disappointed in the function of this.

👤I got a new clock that worked for a few hours with a brand new battery, but it died after a few months, so I gave it another try, but other clocks in my house use the same batteries.

👤I ordered a clock in bronze for my bathroom. The clock is metallic gold, not bronze. The clock is working. I'm keeping it. After reading the reviews, I'm going to wait to see if it works for a couple of months. The clock came with no instructions, but it was easy to figure out that I needed to remove the battery cover. It was very difficult. I was worried that I would break it, but it came off. I hung it in my bath and it is working.

👤I bought this for the outside clock and the thermometer. I had to figure out how to get the battery in there, the clock keeps time good, and the temperature is off, but no way to adjust it. I'll just deal with it for the outside clock.

👤The item was wrapped in bubble wrap. I put a toothpick in the center of the picture to give you an idea of how large the arm is. The hour arm is the length of a toothpick. It's very easy to read with large numbers and dark numbers on a light background. The frame looks like gold with black showing through the brush stokes. If you have arthritis, you will need help getting the cover off the back of the AA battery. I have to hang it!

👤The clock movement is decent for the price. The unit was not suited for outdoor use. The clock was installed under the patio cover and shaded from the sun. The installation location was in the shade of large trees during sunrise and then under the shade of the roof for most of the day, so the sun exposure was very, very limited. The material for the clock insert was not up to the heat in Southern CA. The temp gauge wasn't very accurate before the backing warped and disabled general functions of the unit. During warm weather, the temp gauge was often off by many degrees, and I often checked it against two other digital thermometers.

3. Wall Clock Non Ticking Operated Decorative

Wall Clock Non Ticking Operated Decorative

The style is coastal. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co.'sCoastal and Tropical piece can make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom. A simple design with a white clock face and black Arabic numbers, brown wooden hour and minute hands, no frames and no glass. The silent environment is made up of a non-ticking quartz sweep movement. Haven't heard the annoying tick noise. It is easy to use and powered by a 1 AA Carbon Zinc battery, it is for hang. It can be used as a gift for grandmother, girlfriend or Thanksgiving Day, Christmas gift, and it is a beautiful modern simple wall clock. If you have a question about their product, please contact them, they will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Mosewa

👤I've been looking for an inexpensive wall clock. I wanted it to be battery operated. I was a little concerned about this one. It's perfect. The modern look is pretty neutral and I like it.

👤The clock arrived quickly, was well packaged, and has been accurate since I bought it. It looks great in my studio. Very happy with the purchase.

👤One of the two that were silent had a sound. It does stick out from the wall when you look at it from the side.

👤The clock arrived in perfect condition. It is completely silent. The clock mechanism can be accommodated from the wall. It has dark Arabic numerals and hands. It is easy to read during the day. It has enough contrast to be seen at night in a dark bathroom. It's perfect for our room because it's minimalist and no frills.

👤I was looking for a silent wall clock. I wanted it for my bedroom which is mostly white. I have an accent of wood called "Scandi-esk", so when I found this one I was hopeful. I love this clock! It looks great and is quiet. The white with the wood for the hands is a winner. Nice design, decent quality and price! Would buy again.

👤Not quiet; can hear a sound 15 feet away.

👤It's nice to have a battery wall clock that doesn't have the constant clock noise. I'm very happy with the time I have. I will purchase another from them if I need it. Thanks!

👤I liked the look and price of this clock, but I wanted a color that worked for what I was looking for. I put the battery in and it worked, but it didn't last long or keep up with the time. I tried a bunch of things. It was difficult to set the time with the dial on the back. Not worth what I paid.

4. HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

The wall clock battery operated decorative is a perfect gift for your family and friends as Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift. Silent non-ticking mechanism is used to guarantee true silence, sweep quiet second hand to ensure a good sleeping and work environment. Accurate time is guaranteed by precise movements. Large Numbers and Good View is a 12-inch round in shape, protected clear glass, large black numbers and brown dial face guarantee easy to read and good view. Classical and Vintage design that is well suited for Kitchen/Living Room/Bedroom/Bathroom/Office is what the Sturdy plastic frame and HD glass lens is for. The back slot design is easy to install. The battery is not included. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will provide a friendly after-sale service for you.

Brand: Hylanda

👤The description is correct. You can check out the picture.

👤This is for our trailer. It's a quiet size and a great size. The color is the same as pictured. It's keeping perfect time so far. We would buy it again.

👤I have had the clock for 4 1/2 months. I can hear the engine making noise in the room. I am not sure why it has changed, but I would have noticed if it had been the same. The sound of a tickling is not really silent anymore. I am happy with my new clock. I have not had a problem with it. There is no tickling sound so I'm thinking about getting another.

👤The clock is pretty. We have only had it a few days, but it seems to be keeping accurate time.

👤The clock is not as bright as the pictures show. I put a battery in it and hung it on the wall, but it stopped working after a few days. I have to return it and find another one. I decided to replace the inop clock with the same model, it seemed easier as the clock was what I wanted, but the color grew on me. I had the same problem after putting the original battery in the replacement. The clock didn't work. A new battery and clock were installed. I put the new battery in the clock. It started working. The problem was not the lock. I apologize to the manufacturer. The'star' count overall rating has been upgraded from one to four.

👤I got this clock because it is silent. The aspect of the clock that looks nice on the wall is perfect. There is a I wanted to see if there was an image or photo on the back of the clock that showed the type of slot it hangs by. There was nothing. I hated the hanging slot that I ended up with. It's impossible to get a hook into the small hole in the back of the clock. It's terrible if you can't see behind the wall where the clock is hung and you have to slide the clock around to get the hook into the hole. It's not possible to do this with a clock hanging over a piece of furniture because you can't see where the hook is. When we have to change the clock settings twice a year, and when the battery runs low, keyhole slots are the most worthless form of hanger ever invented. I own a lot of battery powered clocks that have simple wedge slots to hang them with and they are much easier to hang the clock with. I'm going to hate it when I have to change the clock settings.

👤I wanted a clock that was not fancy for my kitchen. It's large enough to be seen from all angles in and around the kitchen, because it hangs up over our refrigerator. I was taken by the color of the frame, which was white washed gray, and the countertops, which were charcoal gray speckled. This would match perfectly. The first thing my husband asked was "Why did you get a blue clock?" It's not blue. Our son said the clock was gray. I agree! I think it picks up the colors in the kitchen and looks great. There is a It seems well built, the numbers are easy to read, and it has been keeping time with one double A battery for about two weeks. It has a second hand. I am very happy with the clock.

5. Lumuasky Non Ticking Classic Decorative Operated

Lumuasky Non Ticking Classic Decorative Operated

One year warranty and a 30-day policy of free return and exchange are included in the 5 after sales service. They will help you if you have any questions about this item. A silent wall clock with large black numbers is easy to read and has a front glass cover that keeps dust away from the dial. The Silent Wall Clock is silent and accurate. The Retro Wall Clock is a perfect decorative wall clock for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, office, garage or conference room. It is easy to use, come with a hook and a wide slot in the back. It uses a " AA" battery that is not included. If you are unhappy with this clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 90 days. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts.

Brand: Lumuasky

👤The snow white background gives a feeling of calm. Beautiful arms. The seconds arm is silent. There is a I love looking at it. There is a P. S. I couldn't fit the batteries. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent me a replacement for mine. Great customer service.

👤The clock is pretty. I thought it would be a little heavier. I love it! I had a problem with the clock from Amazon, either it came damaged or it didn't keep time correctly, and the face was very white. After buying the last one, I realized my wall is off-white. When I found this one, it was absolutely beautiful and matches the wall nicely. It's not as brown in person as it looks, that makes me happy. I didn't want it to be very weathered. I would buy this clock if I were you. I need a silent room because I can hear a tick clock when I'm trying to sleep.

👤Don't buy this lock. The wall clock looks nice. It stops after 3 months. I thought it was the battery when it was installed, but you never know. After a few weeks, the battery stopped working again. I wiggled the battery and it began to keep time with the same battery. It stopped after 3 weeks. I wiggled and it ran for about 2 weeks before stopping. It ran for a week before stopping. I tried to return my purchase at that point, but Amazon wouldn't honor it until the first month after purchase. I also give Amazon 1 star because of that.

👤I wanted to be a fan of this clock. It is beautiful and quiet. The clock stopped working after 40 minutes when the second hand stuck on the minute hand. It ran for about 20 minutes after I tapped on it. The seller asked me to call directly, as he had a piece of paper in the box. They made me send pictures of the battery install and stuck hand. They sent me a new one. Same thing happened. I contacted Amazon and got a refund. I went to Walmart and bought one that isn't as pretty but it works. Bummer.

👤Don't buy it. It didn't work. The wall has a hanging walk clock on it. Not laying down. There is a Don't leave a review. First, contact them. Nothing happened. Amazon is great. They will give me a refund after taking it back. Thank you Amazon. There is a The manufacturer gave me another clock. I'm lucky I didn't cut myself. The box had broken glass. The clock didn't work. I will not buy this product. I bought myself the one I went out and bought. The company is trying to change my review. My review is here.

👤The numbers and hands are stylish. My husband can see the clock from his recliner because of the white background. This sounds silly. I needed something that looked good but was easy for him to see. This is perfect.

6. Tebery 12 Inch Battery Operated Decorative

Tebery 12 Inch Battery Operated Decorative

If you have any problems, please contact them and they will provide a friendly after-sale service for you. The glass cover is made of rose gold plastic. Accurate time and absolutely silent environment are ensured by the precise Quartz Sweep movement. The front glass cover makes it easy to read the wall clock. The Carbon Zinc battery is powered by a single AA battery. It's the perfect decorative wall clock for office, living room, classroom, bedroom, bathroom.

Brand: Tebery

👤You can also buy this battery on Amazon. It does not carry batteries at stores. This takes Carbon Zinc Batteries. There is a As pictured, it is beautiful.

👤If your ear is against the clock, you can only hear a soft clicking. I bought the carbon zinc batteries because my old clock wouldn't keep time. Slowing down by a few minutes each day. I was using regular batteries. I took a star off because the rose gold rubbed off on the four sides of the packaging. Look at images. It would have taken a thin layer of foam to stop it. Not the end of the world. It's noticeable if you are close to it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the price. The clock is quiet and the color is adorable. I need a clock that you can't hear. Highly recommended.

👤I liked everything about this product. I ordered 9 of them for my home. I thought one wasn't working anymore and sent a terrible review. I apologize for that. I found out it was working, but my mind was not. The battery had to be changed to a new AA. It worked out perfectly. Thank you for the wonderful product.

👤It is clear that this is not an expensive product when you look closely, but nobody will inspect it like that, and from a distance, it looks really, really. Nice. The look of the room is very pleasing and it is easy to read from the other side. If you put your ear about one foot away from the clock and listen hard, you can hear the tick, but it is not disruptive, annoying or even noticeable if you are not actively trying to listen for the ticks. The battery type listed in the description is the one that this needs.

👤This is a very nice watch and it is silent. I don't like the sound of the tiktok in watches because I am a light sleeper. It looks great in my house. I bought the rose gold edge and I absolutely love it.

👤I like the way it fits in our kitchen. I have not seen any issues with it running fast or slow after a few months of use. The whole thing is plastic, but you can't tell when it's on the wall. I think the plastic is a fair trade off to get affordability since it doesn't affect the use or style in the slightest. I don't like the sound of the clock in the middle of the night and it's silent.

👤I liked it at the beginning. It only ran for a short time and stopped showing the right time. I replaced the battery and it ran for another month. The battery ran for another month. It's not nice to replace the battery every month. At some point, the handle did not run smoothly. I think that is the reason why it used up its battery so quickly. The window was already closed when the battery was replaced a few times. I tried to replace the mechanical part, but it didn't fit the clock. It is a waste of money.

7. Mooas Flatwood Non Ticking Movement Decorative

Mooas Flatwood Non Ticking Movement Decorative

The Retro-chic decor is worthy of your taking home to decorate your living room,bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, classroom,guest room,office,dining room,cafe room,library or any wall of any color. The clock is only 0.16-inch thick. Good sleep and better relaxation can be achieved with the Silent Non-ticking, Sweep Movement Clock. Simple design and large dial make it easy to read. It's perfect for the bedroom because of the non-ticking movement. A simple design and ivory background make the Decorative Wall Clock ideal for home décor.

Brand: Mooas

👤I wanted a silent sweep clock for my bedroom and I thought it would fit the bill. It looks nice, but it is not silent or a sweep style. The mechanism has a scratching type noise. In a silent room at night it is very inconvenient. I will be coming back as it stated that it was a sweep and silent clock.

👤For the last five months, we've had a clock in our bedroom. The clock broke when it fell off the wall. We took it down after a couple weeks because it was so loud when trying to sleep. There is a That's how we got this clock. It looks nice even though it was cheap. It's easy to read at night or in bright daylight. Completely silent as well. They haven't had to change the time yet as it hasn't added or lost a minute. Is it easy to read and work quietly with a basic clock? Based on our experience, I would consider this model. Not a single problem or issue.

👤The clock is visible in a small room. It was very colored. The wood shade on the hour and minute hands are different. Some people might like it. There is a On the first day, my clock was completely silent, but it became silent the following day. Some reviewers made it sound like the noise is loud, but this is not the case. The noise is similar to a clock's volume. It sounds like a continuous, slow, ratchet. In a very quiet room, this can distract you. If you put it in a louder room like a living room, it will be less of an issue. If your living room is quiet, the noise can still be heard, and I was able to tolerate it. I think the clock is a decent deal if you're willing to tolerate that sound.

👤I like this clock. I think it looks great in my office. It looks great on the wall and is a very good price. The wooden hands and the style of the numbers make me happy. It seems to keep time well. It is quiet, which is great in an office.

👤This is a really sleek looking clock. The hour hand came slightly bent upwards, so I took off one star. If it was bent a bit more it could affect the clock function, but I don't know if you can fix a wooden clock hand.

👤I remembered the flat-wood wall clock while watching the squid game and bought it right away, even though I had thought about it for a long time. The clock is very slim and doesn't have any noise. Numbers are easy to read. I'm happy with the clock. I'm going to buy a gift for my friend.

👤I don't know why I hear continuous noise. I want a new one. You can hear the noise in the video.

👤I like the simplistic look of these clocks, but their function is not consistent. I ordered two and one stays on time. I had to change the time twice in the last week or so, and the other did not work despite many new batteries. I returned the latter and am considering returning the former. Too bad.

8. Oldtown Clocks Multi Color Maritime Coastal

Oldtown Clocks Multi Color Maritime Coastal

QUALITY SERVICE There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that is easy to hang. The carbon battery must be used with 1 AA. You won't worry about the clock malfunctioning. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them in time, they will answer you within 24 hours, I wish you a happy shopping! A painted on wood is multi-colored painted on fir skin engineered wood with screw on wooden white number letterings. The clock is made of open face wood and has different shades of wood. This clock is a perfect addition to any décor. Their Oldtown large wall clock has a wide selection of both diameter and depth, making it a great size for any space. The clock is easy to hang on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. Silent accurate quartz movement is what it is called. AA batteries are required, but not included.

Brand: Oldtown Clocks

👤In person, clock is even more beautiful. The combination of wood and stain is amazing. It is the perfect size. Large enough to read from anywhere and fill the space nicely. I was worried that the hands would be bent. It was packaged well and as soon as I put the battery in it started working. You can't tell if it's on. Everything about it is wonderful. I looked around for a long time and I am so glad I ordered this one.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this clock. It is sturdy and built well. It has the right amount of color to provide decoration but not distract. It's a nice addition to my room.

👤The clock is very cool and fits well in our decor. I like the number design and color choices. The clock components seem to be standard. It's recommended for a looK.

👤The clock looks good in any space. I had to return it because it was too big for the place I was going to put it in. It is definitely a keeper. I hope the clock will be available for me again when I have a bigger kitchen.

👤I live by the beach and it goes with the environmental decor. I bought this one because it made it easier to see time from afar, and because I could not clearly read the numbers on my other wall clock. I was unsure if I would be happy with it, but it is beautiful on my wall.

👤We just renovated our home and this clock was the perfect accessory for one of our rooms. They have been very helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

👤It's a perfect size, it's well made, and it's super cute. There is a I was very happy with the product and the shipping was fast. I might have to get another one of their clocks.

👤The clock is beautiful. Love the size. It seems to be meant for this room. It wasn't keeping time right when it arrived. The lower hand was limp, but I figured it out and now I love it.

👤It was perfect in my new room. I love it!

👤It is easy to read the time on our wall.

9. TopOne Operated Accurate Movement Aluminum

TopOne Operated Accurate Movement Aluminum

If you are unhappy with this clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 90 days. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts. The dimensions and material are listed. The frame is about 30 cm. 2. SWEET MOVEMENT The wall clock uses a low energy movement to give you accurate time in life. 3. Modern design wall lock is simple and elegant and looks great on the wall of your home, classroom, patio, dining room, kitchen or office. 4. The nail slot in the back of the lock makes it easy to install. 5. There is a full SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a solution if you are not satisfied with your order.

Brand: Topone

👤The clock at the pool was not working. I needed something that would last for a year and could be seen without glasses. This one did the job. Three stars for meeting my expectations. You can see below. People start out reviews from one of two positions. 5% of reviews are a one star because the product they received was poor quality, or they did not get it all and the consumer is angry. Everyone who gets a bad unit will tell you that 5% of every product is useless. If the reviewer did not find anything bad about the product, they will give a 5 star rating. It was just ok for most people. My reviews start from the beginning. The product met my expectations. The product exceeded my expectations if I gave it four stars. In case of five stars, the item got out of the box and walked across the water. There is a It failed to meet my expectations if I gave a product two stars. Anything that deserved a one star review went back to the vendor or into the dumpster.

👤We put the clock on the wall after getting it. It lost a couple of hours in the first two days. The battery lost 15 minutes after we changed it. We would return the box if we hadn't thrown it out. The clock is a waste of money. We will contact the seller to see if it can be replaced. There is an update. The replacement was made by Amazon in 2 days. The clock is working well. It is easy to read and does not make any clicking noise. We have a working clock and it is great. The first one was sent back as soon as the second one arrived.

👤I was very excited for you to get this clock. I had a flawed design that was hard to hang, so this was a replacement. It is large enough to see across the room, but not big, and it does not make a sound. I thought it looked great until my daughter saw it and said "oh, you got a purple clock." The face of the clock is supposed to be white, but it looks purple on the wall. It is something to consider, but I am keeping it.

👤I bought the first clock in my attached garage to replace a novelty clock that was never very accurate and often needed its battery replaced. Even in the cold temperature, this clock keeps accurate time. I bought a second one because I was so happy with it. The outer brushed metal ring/frame had a couple of dents in it's face as though it had fallen. The lens is only used for work. It wasn't worth sending back at this price. I was a bit disappointed that I might have been sent a returned item at a new price. Four stars were given to the clocks, but only two for the minor damage.

👤The clock is easy to read, looks great and is quiet, but it won't be accurate with an alkaline battery. I put an alkaline battery in it and it didn't last very long. I will order a carbon battery. I will buy carbon batteries from Amazon because my local pharmacy doesn't carry them. I thought the price was reasonable. I need to add more money to it for the special battery.

10. JoFomp Non Ticking Luminous Function Decorative

JoFomp Non Ticking Luminous Function Decorative

3D Arabic numerals with great color finishes. It's easy to read from a distance. The clock face is painted with galvanized finish. The numbers and hands have night light function. Light energy is asked for during the day. You can see the light at night or in the dark by releasing it in a fluorescent manner. The wall clock will glow in the dark for 3-6 hours depending on the light absorbed in the day and the brightness of noctilucent gradually decreases. It is easy to read the time from any angle because of the large numbers contrast to the black face. The wall clock is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, office and meeting room. The Silent Sweep movement was started. The silent sweep ensures a good study and work environment, and the premium quality of the precise quartz movement guarantees accurate time. It is easy to install, just put a small nail through the plastic hook and it hangs on your wall. Battery operated. The clock should be powered by a normal carbon battery, not a alkaline battery or a Rechargeable battery which could affect the accuracy of the time. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will provide a friendly after-sale service for you.

Brand: Jofomp

👤The background is falling off because it is not lightning up at night. My.

👤I bought a new furniture for my kids room and needed a clock that they could see the time at night and day time. I returned all the clocks I bought because they were either too bright at night or too loud, or one of them would always be behind the time. I thought I was too picky and should give up, until I found this one. I love this clock. It has a nice design, easy to read digits, and I can see it at night without my eyes being hurt. It doesn't need to be plugged in, it just has a battery and a day light. I would definitely recommend it. The clock is not that hard to find, but it was for me. I am very happy. Thank you.

👤The clock doesn't glow in the dark as advertised. I followed the instructions, even leaving it in the sun all day. My engineer husband looked at it and said there was nothing to make it glow. It's a great clock. It doesn't glow in the dark because I needed it to.

👤The clock is excellent for the money. It glows. I bought another one.

👤Light and sound cause me extreme pain. Sometimes my eyes hurt and my vision is blurry. I love this lock because I can see it in my darkened room at night, even though I can't see anything in the daytime. It's soft glow makes it easy to check the time with out causing me some irritation from any lights. The clock makes no sound at all, even though it is torturous for anyone with insomnia or migranes. I bought this clock for function, but it looks great, and everyone that sees it gives me wonderful comments about how good it looks, or how cool the glow looks, so thank you for giving me this wonderful clock that has made my day and night a little better and a lot less painful

👤It was purchased in Sept 2019. Writing review in October 2020. It was not bright enough to see after dark. Daylight exposure all day. I moved to a more exposed area and closer to my usual viewing area. The night falls. Good luck with the time reading. Several times, the batteries were changed. Appears to be hungry. A motor is moving. The minute or hour hand stopped moving for two to three months. This looks legitimate "Time" wise because of the hour. A great clock for a tavern. There is a If you are looking for a clock that is close to the sun, you will find it. This is for you. I'm going to do a "Office Space" moment out back on it.

👤Best decision! There is a We needed a clock that was quiet and not bright. My husband thought it couldn't hold it's light through the night. Absolutely does! I can read it later in the night because it doesn't keep us up from the light. There is a We keep it in a room with our shades off so there is not a lot of sunlight hitting it. It has a strong glow. Thank you Ron for coming up with the perfect answer. We are so appreciative of you!

11. SecreShow Waterproof Temperature Humidity Decorative

SecreShow Waterproof Temperature Humidity Decorative

If you are unhappy with this clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 180 days. The combo of a Thermometer and Humidity. The outdoor clock has a built-in hygrometer. The humidity readings are automatically calculated from zero to 100%. The Premium Rubber Gasket is around the Silent Quartz Mechanism, which is locked. The clock face was sealed as well, so the inside of the glass didn't steam up. A good sleeping and work environment is ensured by the silent mechanism. A clock with a large number inside is easy to read and can be hung outdoors or indoors. It's easy to use, you need one AA zinc carbon battery, analkaline battery or a rechargeable battery which may have influence on the life span of clock movement, as well as the accuracy of the time. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will provide a friendly after-sale service for you.

Brand: Rsobl

👤The porch has open screens from waist to ceiling, and solid walls from waist to floor, as well as a clock. The clock started out great. It was easy to read from a distance, it was convenient to have the temperature and humidity dial, and I liked the way it looked on the brick wall. If it was placed in a way that kept it out of the sun, it would be completely dry. I removed the battery and adjustment cover, added a brand-new batter, adjusted the time, replaced the back cover and hung the clock level on my wall, all without using a butter knife or screwdriver. The clock emits no noise and the second hand glides smoothly. There is a The clock stopped working within two weeks after it began losing time. I removed the cover with the aid of a small screwdriver, wiped the battery connections off with a polishing cloth, added another brand new battery, set the time, replaced the cover, and hung level on my wall. The clock stopped working completely within a week after it began losing time. I used batteries I purchased from Home Depot for the third time, and the result was a loss of time within a few days and a complete stop within a week. The humidity and temperature gauge seem to be a bit off, however the clock is still at 1:45.

👤I might have to come back because it is slow. I reset it once and it was off for 10 minutes, but it still lost a minute every 24 hours.

👤The clock I received was good, but the case that protects the mechanism was so tight that it almost broke off. When I took the battery out, I was able to set the minute hand correctly. The leads for the negative terminal of the battery were bent up after I took the protective cover off. The clock's operation and quality are pretty minor, but something might be amiss.

👤Humidity and temperature readings are not close to the official resource. There is a The minute hand locked up with the humidity gauge when batteries were first installed. To correct, I had to remove the cover and put in a new minute hand. The sweep hand is silent and acceptable time. It was not what expected but it was still keeping it.

👤The battery compartment and time adjustment are hidden on the back of the clock by a dark brown plastic cover. The battery compartment and time adjustment can be seen if the dark square cover is pulled off. It is easy to install and hang. I like that it tells the time, temp, and humidity. I keep it on the patio. It is very quiet and runs smoothly.

👤We live in southwest Florida and the clock is mounted outdoors near our swimming pool. It is easy to get close to the clock to read the temperature or humidity levels from the pool, but the gauge is not as accurate as a digital temperature and humidity gauge. I think the plastic construction of the clock will hold up well in the humid environment because it is accurate and the mechanism is well contained.


What is the best product for decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch?

Decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch products from Kecyet. In this article about decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Yumt and Mosewa are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch.

What are the best brands for decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch?

Kecyet, Yumt and Mosewa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall clocks battery operated 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Hylanda, Lumuasky and Tebery are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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