Best Decorative Wall Clocks Battery Operated 20 Inches Or Larger

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1. Decorative Battery Operated Bedroom Kitchen

Decorative Battery Operated Bedroom Kitchen

The style is rustic. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a stylish and decorative piece from FirsTime & Co. The mid-century wall clock has a 20-inch diameter and an attractive metallic glint. Modern Nordic style, fashion and gorgeous decor, not only a wall clock making it the perfect choice for your living room,dining room,kitchen,bedroom, or any other room in your home, is also a good choice. The clock is made of Classic handmade, healthy and environmentally friendly, iron material, metal hands, durable, stylish and beautiful, not easy to break, and reflects each other with the dial. FEATURES: Beautiful appearance, novel and unique, exquisite workmanship, wear-resistant, clear and firm surface, no fading, easy to install, easy to read. It is a must-have collectible for enthusiasts. The silent clock movement can prevent the clock from being woken up, thus providing a quiet environment for work and sleep. The clock movement and smooth movement of the clock hands ensure better time accuracy and longer service life. QUALITY SERVICE There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that is easy to hang. The carbon battery must be used with 1 AA. You won't worry about the clock malfunctioning. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them in time, they will answer you within 24 hours, I wish you a happy shopping!

Brand: Haowanjp

👤The material is cheap and second hand. The blue and gold adornments are not shiny. Very disappointed.

👤The clock was made cheaply. If you want to hang the clock face from it, you have to get the ornamental part straight. I will say that. It is not worth the hassle or money.

👤This is a great looking clock. It looks great over our mantel. The dark blue color is not as shiny as the smaller one I sent back, but it is still a beautiful clock. It is made of metal and has a gold face. It had an extra set of hands. The battery was not included. The metal loop on the back makes it easy to hang. It keeps time accurate. If your decor has blue accents, this clock is perfect.

👤Absolutely loved it. I like to find different things. A good eye catcher. I needed a clock for my room. Happy Wife.

👤It's a great clock. It was perfect for our home in 1951. I was having a problem with it falling behind on the time and the seller was great and got back to me quickly. One of the hands was getting stuck as it went around. The clock has a second set of hands in case.

👤The clock is easy to hang and I like the customer service from the seller. The seller compensated me for the time it took for it to arrive. I would do business with them again.

👤It's awful if the paint job is overpriced. There is blue all over the bottom of the gold bars because they were masked off. You could find something similar for $25

👤The clock is beautiful. I thought this would be the large centerpiece on my guestroom wall. It is not. The second hand on the clock needed to be straightened out. The extra hands were secured. It is peaceful and beautiful. Not as large as I thought.

2. FirsTime Co Barnside American Crafted

FirsTime Co Barnside American Crafted

The FirsTime & Co. Rustic Barnside 20" Wall Clock is a great size for any space. It's in the details. The frame of the round clock is made of plastic and has an open face that gives it a realistic wooden look. The large, easy-to-read Roman and Arabic numerals give this clock a farmhouse appeal. Hang the clock on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. The style is rustic. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a stylish and decorative piece from FirsTime & Co. The style is rustic. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a stylish and decorative piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤Are you serious? Number 4 if roman numeral is IIII. It should be IV, right? It's a hassle to return it since my husband threw all the boxes when we noticed it. I let my toddler play with it. A trash.

👤It is so cheap. The wood sticker was peeling from the base of the box when I pulled it out, but I could not tell where I had it. I didn't have to return it because it's so high that you can't tell.

👤I wouldn't buy this clock if I saw it at a garage sale. Is the texture listed in the description sandy? It does nothing to add to the look or quality. There are numbers that are sticker or something. It was very flat and fake looking. Big box stores have better quality clocks for less money.

👤We have a clock hanging over the sliding glass doors. Looks great. I like the rusticity of it. I don't care because it's up high and looks great.

👤This was a Christmas gift for my nephew. He liked it. I can only tell you that it looks nice on his living room wall, but I can't tell you much more about it.

👤A great wedding gift. Came on time and looked great.

👤There is a fireplace mantle. Lift down to change time when needed. It was very accurate and nice to look at.

👤Donc pas nettoyable, et est le chiffres romain le ch. voir la photo L'affaire amaricains...

👤The clock was bought for the living room. The wood matches our flooring perfectly. The clock is cheap and not worth the amount of money we paid for it. Not satisfied!

👤The paper background and plastic housing are obvious from closeup. Not worth the price.

👤$10 clock. A cheap plastic frame has a sticker on it.

👤Think price is high for a simple looking clock. Do you like the size of numbers?

3. Pacific Bay Decorative Light Weight Non Ticking

Pacific Bay Decorative Light Weight Non Ticking

Howard Miller is the world's leading clock company and also produces specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine and bar furnishings, storage cabinets, and SmartMoves. You can make a statement on your wall with a unique hanging Pacific Bay wall clock and display a work of art that matches, or brings together, your decor in any room. The durable aluminum dial and hands give tickless operation and produce a 3-D effect. Enjoy the silence and not the clicking sounds of traditional analog clocks. High grade materials are resistant to water and UV light. The clock is impact-resistant. It's perfect for all rooms. The Aulendorf is the perfect clock to dress up a wall in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, family room, den, office...anywhere! The clock is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It is easy to hang on any wall. Dust can be easily cleaned from the clock where it belongs.

Brand: Pacific Bay

👤The clock is quiet and accurate. I don't have bad luck with the clock. Excuse the pun.

👤If hung low on a wall in an entryway, it would be easy to read. I bought it to go high on a wall in my living room and it was impossible to see the hands from across the room. There was not enough light to see the hands. My solution was to paint the hands bright gold and disassemble the clock. It is important that you can see the clock hands when this is installed.

👤When buying a clock in this price range, I would expect it to be large. The clock has a beautiful face on it. I was expecting it to be a light weight metal frame, but it is plastic. Everything else is high end. You can't tell if it's plastic unless you feel it. That won't happen with it on the wall. The face design is going to fit the decor perfectly.

👤The clock is easy to read from a distance. It's nice to have something that is both functional and beautiful. It's perfectly silent, the best feature.

👤I was looking at this clock for a while. I ordered it after pulling the Trigger. I hung the clock above the two smaller pieces of artwork because it fills the space nicely and is functional. I can see the time when I walk in the house.

👤I had bought a more expensive clock a few years ago that stopped and needed a new battery every time, but the clock works very well. The Pacific Bay clock is still running and keeping the correct time, which is a pleasant surprise. It looks great on the wall. If asked, I would recommend this clock.

👤The hands on the clock blended in with the background so you couldn't read the time. I tried different colors for the hands on the clock. The gold was not visible to read the first time. I painted the hands black for the second time. Even in low light, I can read the time.

👤It looks great on my den wall. It is quiet as a mouse and keeps good time.

4. Kesin Decorative Battery Operated Ticking

Kesin Decorative Battery Operated Ticking

A large digital wall clock. A large wall clock with large black arabic numbers is easy to read. The Retro Wall Clock is a perfect decorative wall clock for any room. The wood wall clock has a unique wood grain color. The dial has a high definition glass. The movement requires 1 AA battery. If you want to prolong the life of the battery, use Ordinary Carbon Battery instead of high duty alkaline batteries. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact them and they will give you a friendly after-sale service.

Brand: Kesin

👤I love the look of this clock. I have two in my living room and one in the bedroom. One of them stopped working a week or so ago. The battery was changed. I had no luck. One of the clocks is dead and it is outside the warranty period. Just my luck. I like it so much that I would buy it again. I'm afraid of this happening again. The other clock is doing well and I am happy with it.

👤The clock is broken after being in use for 7 months. Will not keep accurate time. Constantly stops and starts again. I have replaced the batteries multiple times with different brands. Don't buy this and save your money.

👤The kitchen wall has a wall clock. The Kesin Wall clock was in great shape when it arrived. This clock has a ring made of wood which matches my cabinets. The large numbers can be seen against a light background. Since I put it up, it has kept running on one AA battery. I would purchase from this seller again.

👤We had a similar clock for a long time. We were very disappointed when it stopped working because we like the size and look of it. It wasn't smart to have it repaired because of the cost. The one we found on Amazon was the same size and very similar to our original one, so we couldn't beat the price. We were very happy with it when it arrived. It was the same picture as online, 14 inches, perfect for our kitchen wall, and very easy to read.

👤The moment I opened it, I was sold on it. It was packed with a nice note from the seller. I've been looking for a clock like this for a long time. The numbers are large and visible from most of our home. The frame of the clock is wood. I like everything about it, it is well made and I like it. The clock has been keeping time since we received it. It has a one year warranty. This is a must buy.

👤The time is held according to my cell phone clock, not a minute fast or slow. I wish it was bigger because it seems to be small on the wall that I have it on. The quality and ability to keep perfect time is what I was looking for. I am completely satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone who needs a clock that keeps time.

👤The clock is exactly as advertised. The packaging of the clock was very nice. Very well protected. If you register with them, the store owner will give you a 1yr free warranty. It's easy to register and ask for no personal information. I'm very happy with this purchase and vendor.

👤I put this clock on a wall that is visible when I leave the house, so I look at it often. It makes me feel good when I see it. It's the perfect size for my needs and it looks great on the wall. I like the style of the numbers. The frame is pleasing, the background is a tan/beige color, and it is silent. I'm very happy.

5. Non Ticking Decorative Quality Battery Operated

Non Ticking Decorative Quality Battery Operated

The clock with antiqued bronze frame is a classic and vintage looking wall clock. The blue wooden wall clock is covered by a paper drawing. There was no frame or glass cover. The wooden wall clock has large black arabic numerals that can be seen easily. Size: The wall clock is 10 inches in diameter. The wall clock is silent and keeps accurate time. It is perfect for bedroom, living room, computer room, coffee shop, office, conference room. The back slot design is easy to hang. Please use the normal carbon battery if you want to be powered by one AA battery. They will give you a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with this clock. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts.

Brand: Jomparis

👤It's very pretty in person and a good size for my bedroom, so you can get an idea of the size.

👤I bought this clock for two reasons, one, I like the beachy look to it, and the other, it doesn't tick. I couldn't tell if it was running after I put one battery in. There was no second hand. It's funny. I saw that it was keeping time perfectly after letting it set for 5 minutes. If you want to change the time, you should only use the wheel on the back of the clock. You don't want to put your hands on the front. Not sure, but that could affect the timekeeping. A good price for a beautiful clock. I love my beachy clock.

👤The clock in my son's room made it hard for him to fall asleep when he woke up in the middle of the night. The clock is beautiful and keeps time, but I don't like the fact that it has a loud motor at night. I replaced the second hand with a loud motor mechanism. Even though it is a beautiful design, I don't think I would buy it again.

👤The clock is made of wood. The sticker is coming off after I put it up. I thought it was going to be painted. Will not purchase again.

👤I thought it would be a little bigger. It's simple and cute.

👤The clock looks like sunrise on the beach, easy to read numbers, blue slats, and black numbers, silent accurate. Came on time, bought used and gave another life to the clock. I no longer need to look for my phone. Would recommend this purchase to someone looking for a wall clock. Thanks.

👤I finally found the clock that I wanted in my bedroom. It is very easy to read. It doesn't make a sound and I love the fact that it matches my decor.

👤The clock is cheap and as pictured. I put it in a room that was fine because the price was right. It is a very thin piece of wood. The clock hands are thin. This is what I expected. I wouldn't suggest it for a room where you want it to look nice.

👤It's a great mix of colors, light weight and good dimensions, I got this for my car.

👤The sun room has a color scheme.

👤I didn't think it was a real reclaimed Barn Wood sticker, but I did think it was a clock face on the board. I thought it would have texture. The numbers on the clock face would be raised. It looks less expensive from far away. I couldn't put it where I wanted because the gaudiness was too obvious, but I was able to find a spot in the kitchen that was acceptable.

👤I don't know why people are upset. It is what it says it is. It's kept proper time so far and it goes well with my décor. What do you expect from the price? The one picture in the ad makes it look bigger than it is. Maybe the seller could show the actual size of 10 instead of showing a picture of it. I'm completely satisfied if the clock keeps working.

6. FirsTime 10065 Bellamy Wall Clock

FirsTime 10065 Bellamy Wall Clock

The size of FirsTime & Co. matters. The 24” diameter and 2” depth of the Bellamy Wall Clock makes it a great size for any space. It's. This round clock is made of plastic with a teal frame and a distressed white clock face. This clock will complement nautical décor. Hang the clock on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Cottage piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤If you are going to repaint your clock, be ready to return it. The teal paint on the forward facing surface is peeling in eight spots all around my clock. Did this vendor know that this surface was damaged when shipped? It's not ok. Everything would be fine if it had been described as distressed. When they know something isn't right with the product, some businesses send it anyway and wait to see if the customer complains. I work for a national pizza joint. Customers will never patronizing that business again. There is a It's a pretty cool clock that makes a statement in my living room. It looks great in the custom accent color I choose. It was very easy to re- spray.

👤The clock has a quality feel and I like the way it looks, but the hands are cheap and flimsy and it doesn't keep time. At the very least. I love it so much that I'm willing to exchange it for another one. The clock was replaced. I am very pleased with it.

👤It was exactly what I wanted, with added color, size and shape. It was pleasantly surprised that there was no tick noise.

👤I returned the clock because it didn't keep time. This clock is great to look at and can see far away. It is correct with the time. A great price! I recommend a screw with an anchor over a nail, because I am afraid a nail might pull through the sheet rock, and it has some weight to it.

👤Everything works, I like the clock. The center of the picture is cream/dark antique white instead of pure white and so it doesn't have the look I wanted.

👤This was well-packaged. I put it up outside in a protected area, and so far it's keeping good time. The main reason I wanted this was that it is very easy to see from a distance, without a lot of "decorations" that make it hard to see the hands, and without the pointless temperature and humidity gauge.

👤It's a nice clock to hang on the wall, it has a large print that shows the time, can be seen far away, and the background color matches the wall color of my home perfectly. The frame of the clock can be black orStainless steel.

👤The clock is large. My apartment is 2000 sq ft and it doesn't fit most of the walls. It would be too much for the room for the walls to fit. I didn't take it out of the package, but it looks nice. I think this is for a house, not a high rise city apartment. It is 3 times bigger than I anticipated. I have to return it.

👤I love this clock. What you see is what you get. The wall looks great and the color is similar to the pictures, a beautiful aged turquoise blue.

👤The clock is the same as described. I painted this blue to match my mom's kitchen. I used a primer and the paint held up well.

7. TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

Many children don't know how to tell the time on an analogue clock, but teenagers benefit from their teaching clock to help them tell the time on their own. Only parents know what is best for their children. The long one in blue is minute and the short one in pink is hour. If the face of the clock is damaged, it will not shatter like glass, so check out the security tests in the video. The clock is lightweight and you can spend less to get a practical learning wall clock. The sweep movement is perfect for any room. It's not easy for kids to take it off.

Brand: Txl

👤I bought this and the "easy read time teacher" clock. I was expecting the quality to be bad but I decided to give it a try because it was so much less expensive and cute. There is a The clock was a little larger than the easy read, but it appeared to be less high quality. There is a I preferred this one more than the other one. I don't like the addition of the 24 hour clock notation on the easy read. What is the use of a 24 hour clock for preschool or early school children? Even if they do, I think the clock is too busy and may confuse young children who are trying to learn to tell time. There is a The hour numbers on this clock are all the same color as the hour hand. The minute numbers are the same color as the minute hand. The clock is a little easier to learn with the combination of this and the less complicated design. There is a The numbers in the center of the clock help the child know when the clock is in, even if it is past the number and close to the next hour. The hour hand is closer to 6 than 5 at that point, so it could be hard for a person to know if the hour is 5 or 6. This feature helps clarify something. There is a The hour and minute hands reach all the way to the numbers. The min is on this clock. The hand doesn't touch the numbers. This clock won out over the easy read for me, and that is my only complaint so far.

👤This was a gift for a little girl who was learning to tell time. This seemed to have the best combination of features, including how the hands coordinate with the numbers, hours marked-out in the middle, and pie wedges. There is a The second hand sweeps smoothly, with the clock running silently. The clock is packed in bubble wrap in a retail box and then in a shipping box. The clear plastic face cover was allowed to be scratched in transit. It appears that it is soft and has some marks on it. It's hard to see in most light, but the packing could have been better to prevent this. It would require a ring around the clock to keep face off. There is a The battery was not included.

👤I really like that this shows the hours and minutes, as well as the color of the hands. The hour hand and numbered hours are the same color as the minute hand and numbered minutes. My son is very good at reading time on the clock. It is completely silent, which is great, as the sound of a clock in the middle of the night drives everyone crazy. There is a I wish the clock came in a few more design options. It's hard to find a clock like this and there are only a few design options. I don't like white clocks. I didn't have much choice.

8. FLEBLE Pendulum Non Ticking Operated Decorative

FLEBLE Pendulum Non Ticking Operated Decorative

Modern and elegant design can be used in many places in your home. The wall clock is made of 9mm MDF and has a black and white painting that is dustproof. To create a unique one with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. The picture is just for reference only, please check the size before buying. Simple tone of paints is suitable for various styles of room and can be a good gift at house warming, wedding and holiday gatherings. The clock records your happy times with your family and friends. Silent,sweep,quartz movement, non tickling will ensure a good sleeping, which will be silent when using. Get a good rest or working environment. The clock hand runs smoothly and is calm. There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that is easy to install. The carbon battery must be used with 1 AA. The life of the movement and accuracy of travel time can be affected by too much alkaline power battery.

Brand: Fleble

👤When I got this clock, I thought it was big, but I didn't know the size. I was really disappointed. They have pictures of furniture in the living room and dining room, and the clock is on the wall. It is really small when cam. Not worth 100$, and they don't have my country, but they have almost all countries and some for two to three times. I would return it if my husband didn't unpack it. I am not happy.

👤The product was great quality and came in as promised. I don't think it's large. I know they marked size information in the key features, but when you put " oversized" in the title, it makes the customer think it's huge, and it's not, it's just about the size, not over at all.

👤I'm thinking about decorating my bathroom. I was wondering in the home section. The metal clock got my attention. It looks nice. It is about 40' wide and 20' high. The clock is silent. The installation was quick because I had to plug the batteries in and put them on the wall. The light made it very bright at night. Looks great.

👤I am glad I got the larger size because it is easy to set up and keeps perfect time out of the box. This product looks great on my wall. Everyone in my house loves it and it keeps perfect time.

👤We need to replace our old clock with a new one that is stylish and bright. I love it.

👤The design of the clock is great and the size is perfect for what we want. The product quality is not good. The first one is a bit rusty on the bottom corner and was requested for a replacement. The quality of this product should be better. The clock should keep working.

👤I like the clock a lot. Sometimes it mentions some countries multiple times, like with Alaska, to give a good representation of the space they use on the map. I don't use the lights which makes the clock seem more casual.

👤I found this clock after looking for a long time. The value is great.

9. Yoobure Decorative Non Ticking Digital Operated

Yoobure Decorative Non Ticking Digital Operated

Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse piece from FirsTime & Co. Quiet sweep second hand on high accurate quartz movement, no tick to ensure a good sleeping environment, is what the non ticking wall clock is about. Thecise style is for living room decor. All your decoration needs are met with clear to read, black bold numbers, special and elegant black frame and white dial color matching design. A silent wall clock with large numbers and a 12 inch screen is easy to read and has a clear view. Hooks included with the clock make installation easy. The battery is powered by 1 AA battery, not an ordinary Carbon Zinc battery. Full satisfaction service If you like this, you can return it for a full refund. Simply add one to your cart now and you will have no risk protection.

Brand: Yoobure

👤The clock doesn't work, but I love it. I changed three batteries and it would start and stop. I don't send items back. I don't use that company again after writing it off as a bad purchase. My rating is zero because it never ran more than 4 hours. I like its size and how easy it is to read. I am very disappointed. The clock was replaced without my returning it. They alleviating the hassle of returning the broken clock. I don't return orders. The new clock is perfect and I will continue to work with this company. I give you a five star rating for your customer service. There is a person namedJackie Guevara.

👤I bought this for my husband after buying a $5 clock at Walmart. This one works well. The review that sold me the most was one that said the clock didn't work and the company contacted him and replaced it. Customer service is always more important than the price.

👤I gave one of the four to a teacher who needed a replacement clock after we purchased them for our school. He brought it back the next day. It had lost a lot of time. I replaced the battery, reset it to the correct time, and kept it in the office to see what was happening. The clock is saying 12:00 as of right now. The teacher brought the clock back after I gave it to him. The second hand was floating around inside the clock. I'm going to pull out the two brand new clocks and see what they do, but I'm not going to order them again and I'm going to return at least the two that were faulty.

👤It's perfect for amounting on the wall and does anything a clock could do.

👤The clock was received in an email. It was easy to mount on the wall and it was easy to read. I would recommend it to others.

👤I bought this clock because of the good reviews. These are the only clocks I have ever seen that have a white background. I don't like the background which is light purple. I would not have bought this clock if I knew that. I was very disappointed with this purchase.

👤You always worry when trying to go cheap. Four of the four I have installed are working well and are as silent as they are billed. They have been in for over four months.

👤We wanted a simple, easy to read clock for our room. Since we've had issues with breakage during the shipping and moving process, we didn't want a glass face. This chick is perfect for us. It is easy to read. There is no risk of glass breaking because it has a plastic cover. It is silent so no one will notice. If you want a simple clock for your house or office, this is the one for you.

10. Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

AA batteries are required, but not included. The extra large wall clock can be used to decorate and enhance any room. A dark brown frame, black easy-to-read numbers and decorative hands on a white background make it easy to see. There is a silent mechanism with sweeping movement. Accurate time all day is guaranteed by precise quartz movements. 18 inches in diameter is extra large. It's great for a living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, family room, office, restaurant, or above a fireplace. The glass cover protects against dust and debris. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang. Extra clarity is achieved by using a red second hand. The finish is contemporary. The large nail slot is easy to install. The side of the battery that should be inserted first is not included.

Brand: Bernhard Products

👤My wife and I were very fond of everything. The wood-grain look to the plastic case is very attractive and hard to tell it is plastic when the clock is hung on a wall. The hands are large enough to easily see the time in low-light conditions. The clock mechanism is powered by a single battery and works well, and is easy to reset when Daylight Saving Time starts or ends.

👤Very light. To hang, you must use a single nail or screw. Command stripes won't work. It looks beautiful, classic and formal.

👤I bought this clock to replace a clock that died almost 28 years ago. I like the size and can read it from across the room. The contrast makes it easier to read.

👤This clock has a non click feature. Simple and elegant design is what it is. The white background makes visualization very easy.

👤I had a clock that was 14 years old and it was a nice improvement. I like the large face and the bronze frame around it.

👤It fell behind in the first 24 hours. It has a faulty product and a new battery. I'm returning.

👤The clock does not keep time. In a few days, it loses half an hour. The batteries were the same as before. There is a lot of junk.

👤It looks like a wooden clock. I like the second hand that I didn't have on the clock.

11. Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

The locksmith customer service is round. They are a family-owned business and will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations. They have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. There are shooting notes. If the clock arrives damaged, please let them know and they'll replace it. If the pendulum hits the side of the clock, the easiest fix is to add weight to it. They have free tape. The extra large wall clock can be used to decorate and enhance any room. A dark brown frame, black roman numerals and decorative hands on a white background make it easy to see. There is a silent mechanism with sweeping movement. Accurate time all day is guaranteed by precise quartz movements. 18 inches in diameter is extra large. It's great for a living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, family room, office, restaurant, or above a fireplace. The glass cover protects against dust and debris. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang. Extra clarity is achieved by using a red second hand. The finish is contemporary. The large nail slot is easy to install. The side of the battery that should be inserted first is not included.

Brand: Bernhard Products

👤I liked the look of the clock face and was excited to hang it. Within a few months, I noticed it was losing time. Was wondering if it was the cheap battery. I replaced it with another. Didn't help. Another premium national brand battery followed. Didn't help. I'm past the return date with Amazon and can't find the warranty information for Bernhard Products. The quality was very disappointing. It's possible that it's an intermittent quality issue since there are others who are also experiencing the same issue. I like the interface and would keep this up if it worked. I paid cash for it so I was expecting it to work for a long time. I own a clock that doesn't keep time, so I have a low rating.

👤I bought this for my wife because she liked it. I got the clock, unnoticed, and put a battery in it. I hid it until Christmas morning. The clock was stopped when she opened the gift. The battery had failed. The clock ran again after a brand-new battery was put in. This morning. The clock stopped again when we checked the time. I checked the battery and it was full. The clock was easy to read from a distance. Time is being returned because no man is left.

👤We were surprised by the quality of the clock. It is impressive for the money. It is easy to read from across the room. It fits our decor very well. It is light and made of plastic, but it is rich looking when it is on the wall. There is a We were very happy with the money.

👤I was looking for a wall clock with Roman numerals large enough for my eyes to see. My husband jokes that we are not blind yet. This clock is perfect for the bill. It is silent, but I like the sound of the clock. The Roman Numerals are helping my daughter learn Roman Numerals while telling the time, and they are also helping to tell the time.

👤I wrote a letter to the company about my problem with the clock and to my surprise, they said the clock had a one year warranty. It looks great on my living room wall.

👤We love the clock. It matches our living room perfectly. When we received it, there was a crack on the side and customer care was great about fixing the issue with no problems at all and very quick to answer any questions. Highly recommend buying from them.

👤It takes a lot of energy from the environment to return things that don't work. We wish they were made with reliable parts. The hands were not tight on the clock. We hung it up hoping for the best. Every hour it gained 10 minutes. We returned it the next day.

👤The clock looks great in my living room. It is easy to see from anywhere in the room with the larger size. I have been using my clock for Adweek and absolutely love it! This clock is very good.


What is the best product for decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger?

Decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger products from Haowanjp. In this article about decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger you can see why people choose the product. Firstime & Co. and Pacific Bay are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger.

What are the best brands for decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger?

Haowanjp, Firstime & Co. and Pacific Bay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall clocks battery operated 20 inches or larger. Find the detail in this article. Kesin, Jomparis and Firstime & Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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