Best Decorative Wall Clocks Battery Operated

Clocks 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Adalene Clocks Battery Operated Ticking

Adalene Clocks Battery Operated Ticking

The movement is precise. The frame is 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches in depth. The dial is easy to read. Completely silent second hand - no humming sound. The movement requires 1 AA battery and is battery operated. A perfect clock for hanging outdoors or indoors in a variety of rooms.

Brand: Adalene

👤The old Bauldaff kept time worse than it did. The second hand motor seems better in quality than the first. Quiet. The picture is the same as the clock. I thought it would work well in my kitchen as the cabinets are medium brown. You can easily get used to it in the breakfast area. Great deal!

👤The clock looks nice. You can't tell the materials as they are well done. It is wonderful that there is no tick. The numbers are large. I have no negative things to say. I will be buying from this seller again. Excellent products.

👤A lot of people didn't like it when I first looked at it. I used up some Amazon points to buy it because my clock finally stopped working. It is very easy to see and it doesn't make any noise. Very accurate to date. It would be nice if they had included a battery for the price of the clock.

👤What time is it? Looks at the clock. It is 4:30. It is 4:41. It's time to change those batteries again. There is a Save money and time. Buy another clock.

👤We like the clock so far, we only had it for a few days. I would change it to have a white background for the face instead of light gold because it seems to be keeping accurate time. It arrived on time and was well packaged.

👤The pricier clocks started lagging. It's easy to read and looks nice. Hopefully this one lasts a while.

👤The clock is nice. Set the time and hang it on the wall. It is easy to read and seems to be keeping time. I would definitely recommend this clock.

👤The clock is silent. The dial and face are easy to read. Good price. Mounts are easy to climb. If I need another one, I'll buy it again. I bought awalnut with a cream face. I use it in the garage and it is very classy.

2. FLEBLE Pendulum Non Ticking Operated Decorative

FLEBLE Pendulum Non Ticking Operated Decorative

Modern and elegant design can be used in many places in your home. The wall clock is made of 9mm MDF and has a black and white painting that is dustproof. To create a unique one with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. The picture is just for reference only, please check the size before buying. Simple tone of paints is suitable for various styles of room and can be a good gift at house warming, wedding and holiday gatherings. The clock records your happy times with your family and friends. Silent,sweep,quartz movement, non tickling will ensure a good sleeping, which will be silent when using. Get a good rest or working environment. The clock hand runs smoothly and is calm. There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that is easy to install. The carbon battery must be used with 1 AA. The life of the movement and accuracy of travel time can be affected by too much alkaline power battery.

Brand: Fleble

👤When I got this clock, I thought it was big, but I didn't know the size. I was really disappointed. They have pictures of furniture in the living room and dining room, and the clock is on the wall. It is really small when cam. Not worth 100$, and they don't have my country, but they have almost all countries and some for two to three times. I would return it if my husband didn't unpack it. I am not happy.

👤The product was great quality and came in as promised. I don't think it's large. I know they marked size information in the key features, but when you put " oversized" in the title, it makes the customer think it's huge, and it's not, it's just about the size, not over at all.

👤I'm thinking about decorating my bathroom. I was wondering in the home section. The metal clock got my attention. It looks nice. It is about 40' wide and 20' high. The clock is silent. The installation was quick because I had to plug the batteries in and put them on the wall. The light made it very bright at night. Looks great.

👤I am glad I got the larger size because it is easy to set up and keeps perfect time out of the box. This product looks great on my wall. Everyone in my house loves it and it keeps perfect time.

👤We need to replace our old clock with a new one that is stylish and bright. I love it.

👤The design of the clock is great and the size is perfect for what we want. The product quality is not good. The first one is a bit rusty on the bottom corner and was requested for a replacement. The quality of this product should be better. The clock should keep working.

👤I like the clock a lot. Sometimes it mentions some countries multiple times, like with Alaska, to give a good representation of the space they use on the map. I don't use the lights which makes the clock seem more casual.

👤I found this clock after looking for a long time. The value is great.

3. Umbra Battery Operated Movement Stainless

Umbra Battery Operated Movement Stainless

The wall lock design is modern. The Umbra contemporary wall clock is made with high-quality metal that has been gently bent to form a unique multi-ribbon shape that looks great with any kitchen decor. Sweltering quarterlocks are used in lock moves. Each Ribbon wall clock is maintenance free and runs silently. Ribbon has contrasting hour and minute hands that make it easy to read in almost any size room. Each clock has a 12” diameter x 2” depth and comes complete with mounting hardware that is easy to install. The quality assurance was tested. Every single Umbra clock is tested to ensure accurate time keeping and the ribbon wall clock uses a single AA battery.

Brand: Umbra

👤There is a prominent logo on the clock. You can't see it in the regular promo photos. The copper clock logo is very white, prominent, and pretty unattractive at the 6'oclock position. The clock is sleek and pretty. The logo ruins it.

👤The quality and fit of my office is modern/chrome. The steel is sturdy and does not feel cheap. There is a The size is perfect. It's a stylish, modern and functional wall clock, so there is nothing to say. The package does not include an AA battery. I am attaching photos with the measurements to show you the actual dimensions. If it's a good fit for your room, then you should buy it. The back of the clock is shown in the photo I am attaching. I hope the photos help you in some way.

👤The picture seems to be misleading. The clock is not like a flower, in that it does not "cup" away from the wall like a flower. The silver spokes are made of double strands of bent steel and there are two attached shapes with a 3 - 4 inch gap between them. The face curves towards the wall. It is shaped like a big M&M candy with a candy shell made of spokes and a chocolate center that is mostly empty. There is a The result is a double shape that protrudes from the wall. The hollow space between the front and back of an M&M has a cheap looking, black, plastic clockworks that show clearly when looking from a side view. It looks unfinished and chintzy, and no attempt is made to hide the clockworks. There is a The plastic " insides" showing makes the modern sleekness of a nice material pointless. It wouldn't look bad if they put a case around the mechanics. It is an almost-elegant design, but it is ruined by a half-finished execution. It protrudes out and away from the wall in a clumsy, awkward manner, again defeating an attempt at modern design. I decided to send it back after unpacking it.

👤I already had the Umbra wood ribbon clock in my living room, and I decided to buy the smaller metal version for the bedroom since I really liked it. I thought it would be a good idea to get the silver version because it was discounted so much. There is a The light red hands were almost unreadable to me. I didn't want to go through the return process as it would cost more to return it than to buy it. There is a What should I do? I thought that the hands could be made darker to make them easier to see. There is a I bought a black marker at the store during my lunch hour. I thought I would ruin the clock or make it better to read. I was happy to see how easy it was to make the hands completely black. I did it for an hour. The minute hand followed. I don't need to know what the exact second is of the seconds hand, so I didn't color it. Did it work? Yes, it did. That is for most of the time. The clock is quite reflective, so it's a problem when looking at it at different angles. There is a It is more readable and there was no damage to anything. I wish I could have given this clock a higher rating, but the color of the hands makes it a 3 at the highest. It is completely silent and made of metal. There is a I know why the silver version is discounted and why the black and copper are not.

4. Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

The locksmith customer service is round. They are a family-owned business and will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations. They have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. There are shooting notes. If the clock arrives damaged, please let them know and they'll replace it. If the pendulum hits the side of the clock, the easiest fix is to add weight to it. They have free tape. The extra large wall clock can be used to decorate and enhance any room. A dark brown frame, black roman numerals and decorative hands on a white background make it easy to see. There is a silent mechanism with sweeping movement. Accurate time all day is guaranteed by precise quartz movements. 18 inches in diameter is extra large. It's great for a living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, family room, office, restaurant, or above a fireplace. The glass cover protects against dust and debris. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang. Extra clarity is achieved by using a red second hand. The finish is contemporary. The large nail slot is easy to install. The side of the battery that should be inserted first is not included.

Brand: Bernhard Products

👤I liked the look of the clock face and was excited to hang it. Within a few months, I noticed it was losing time. Was wondering if it was the cheap battery. I replaced it with another. Didn't help. Another premium national brand battery followed. Didn't help. I'm past the return date with Amazon and can't find the warranty information for Bernhard Products. The quality was very disappointing. It's possible that it's an intermittent quality issue since there are others who are also experiencing the same issue. I like the interface and would keep this up if it worked. I paid cash for it so I was expecting it to work for a long time. I own a clock that doesn't keep time, so I have a low rating.

👤I bought this for my wife because she liked it. I got the clock, unnoticed, and put a battery in it. I hid it until Christmas morning. The clock was stopped when she opened the gift. The battery had failed. The clock ran again after a brand-new battery was put in. This morning. The clock stopped again when we checked the time. I checked the battery and it was full. The clock was easy to read from a distance. Time is being returned because no man is left.

👤We were surprised by the quality of the clock. It is impressive for the money. It is easy to read from across the room. It fits our decor very well. It is light and made of plastic, but it is rich looking when it is on the wall. There is a We were very happy with the money.

👤I was looking for a wall clock with Roman numerals large enough for my eyes to see. My husband jokes that we are not blind yet. This clock is perfect for the bill. It is silent, but I like the sound of the clock. The Roman Numerals are helping my daughter learn Roman Numerals while telling the time, and they are also helping to tell the time.

👤I wrote a letter to the company about my problem with the clock and to my surprise, they said the clock had a one year warranty. It looks great on my living room wall.

👤We love the clock. It matches our living room perfectly. When we received it, there was a crack on the side and customer care was great about fixing the issue with no problems at all and very quick to answer any questions. Highly recommend buying from them.

👤It takes a lot of energy from the environment to return things that don't work. We wish they were made with reliable parts. The hands were not tight on the clock. We hung it up hoping for the best. Every hour it gained 10 minutes. We returned it the next day.

👤The clock looks great in my living room. It is easy to see from anywhere in the room with the larger size. I have been using my clock for Adweek and absolutely love it! This clock is very good.

5. HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

Customer satisfaction is 30 days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty and friendly after-sale service. 1. There is a wooden teal rustic wall clock with no solid wood. A minute hour hand with a large dial and no frame or glass cover. 2. The wall clock uses a silent non-ticking mechanism with smooth movement and is quiet and accurate. 3. The wall clock is easy to hang, it has a slot design in the back, and the packing has a hook for installation. One AA battery is included in the packing. 4. It is a perfect gift for office, dining room, school, classroom, home. It is a good gift for Mother's Day. 5. There is a service guarantee. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them immediately, you can send a message to them from Amazon, and they will help you with any questions.

Brand: Hylanda

👤The clock is sturdy. The wall has the perfect size. It is not quiet as advertised. The cricket humming sound is annoying. It looks great, but the sounds are not. YUCK! I am changing my review to a 3 star and recommend another wall clock to others.

👤After our kitchen renovation, we needed a new clock that would compliment the new color scheme. It is a bit slow after a month of use. It is fine until I find something better, but I have noticed that most clocks are dull looking.

👤The clock stopped working after a week. Disappointed. It was quiet and enjoyable. I wouldn't recommend it. I threw the box away because I couldn't get a refund.

👤I decided to take a chance despite the bad reviews because I thought it would be a nice looking clock. It works after it arrived in good condition. I'm glad I got it. It looks really nice.

👤I debated buying this clock. I'm very happy I bought it. It was advertised as a true color. My bathroom decor is very similar to my newly renovated bathroom decor.

👤It would have been perfect for my kitchen. The clock refused to tick or tock despite many changes of batteries. There is a It went back.

👤I like my turquoise wall clock. Everyone who comes to my home likes me. It was definitely worth the money.

👤The clock is a great addition to the room. I would recommend getting Reasonable for the price, the seller took great pains to make sure I was happy with the clock.

6. Kesin Decorative Battery Operated Ticking

Kesin Decorative Battery Operated Ticking

A large digital wall clock. A large wall clock with large black arabic numbers is easy to read. The Retro Wall Clock is a perfect decorative wall clock for any room. The wood wall clock has a unique wood grain color. The dial has a high definition glass. The movement requires 1 AA battery. If you want to prolong the life of the battery, use Ordinary Carbon Battery instead of high duty alkaline batteries. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact them and they will give you a friendly after-sale service.

Brand: Kesin

👤I love the look of this clock. I have two in my living room and one in the bedroom. One of them stopped working a week or so ago. The battery was changed. I had no luck. One of the clocks is dead and it is outside the warranty period. Just my luck. I like it so much that I would buy it again. I'm afraid of this happening again. The other clock is doing well and I am happy with it.

👤The clock is broken after being in use for 7 months. Will not keep accurate time. Constantly stops and starts again. I have replaced the batteries multiple times with different brands. Don't buy this and save your money.

👤The kitchen wall has a wall clock. The Kesin Wall clock was in great shape when it arrived. This clock has a ring made of wood which matches my cabinets. The large numbers can be seen against a light background. Since I put it up, it has kept running on one AA battery. I would purchase from this seller again.

👤We had a similar clock for a long time. We were very disappointed when it stopped working because we like the size and look of it. It wasn't smart to have it repaired because of the cost. The one we found on Amazon was the same size and very similar to our original one, so we couldn't beat the price. We were very happy with it when it arrived. It was the same picture as online, 14 inches, perfect for our kitchen wall, and very easy to read.

👤The moment I opened it, I was sold on it. It was packed with a nice note from the seller. I've been looking for a clock like this for a long time. The numbers are large and visible from most of our home. The frame of the clock is wood. I like everything about it, it is well made and I like it. The clock has been keeping time since we received it. It has a one year warranty. This is a must buy.

👤The time is held according to my cell phone clock, not a minute fast or slow. I wish it was bigger because it seems to be small on the wall that I have it on. The quality and ability to keep perfect time is what I was looking for. I am completely satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone who needs a clock that keeps time.

👤The clock is exactly as advertised. The packaging of the clock was very nice. Very well protected. If you register with them, the store owner will give you a 1yr free warranty. It's easy to register and ask for no personal information. I'm very happy with this purchase and vendor.

👤I put this clock on a wall that is visible when I leave the house, so I look at it often. It makes me feel good when I see it. It's the perfect size for my needs and it looks great on the wall. I like the style of the numbers. The frame is pleasing, the background is a tan/beige color, and it is silent. I'm very happy.

7. FirsTime Avery Whisper Wall Clock

FirsTime Avery Whisper Wall Clock

FirsTime & Co.'s Avery Whisper Wall Clock is a great size for any space with a 20” diameter and 2” depth. It's. The round clock is made of plastic with a glass lens, white face, and oil rubbed bronze. It also has their Whisper Technology, which makes sure there is no audible tick sound. Hang the clock on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. The style is transitional. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co. has a Traditional piece that will make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤I like this clock. I can see the clock from my bed. The small digital clock on the bedside table is hard to read, but it can be seen from the floor. It was easy to hang up. The only problem was getting it out of the package. There were screws holding it in. I assume to protect it. Unscrewed the screws and hung the battery on the wall. Thank you for a great item.

👤The clock was quiet and nice looking, and it was good for the time I had it on my Livingroom wall. It is mostly plastic. You can't tell when it's on a wall. This review is tense because I had to send it back because it was too large for my small living room. I found a clock on Amazon that is 4 inches shorter in diameter and I think it will fit the space better and be just as attractive and work as the one I found. There is nothing wrong with the clock.

👤It looks like an expensive clock. Several people have complained about numbers being faded. It is impossible to see less than you are in front of the clock, it adds to the look of faux antiqueness.

👤The look and size of the clock made me happy. The small hand is not precisely synchronized, which allows it to pass the hour before it should. When is 1:45, the small hand has crossed the "2" giving the impression that it is 2:45. It creates confusion. Otherwise, it's a nice clock.

👤I like this clock. It is perfect and I bought it for my office. I thought it might be too big because it is right next to my desk. This is not a problem because it is so easy to read, and it is convenient to see. I have several bronze items that match this clock perfectly. The clock is very attractive, easy to read, and very quiet. The price was reasonable because of the size and quality. Don't hesitate, just get it!

👤I bought this clock after my wall clock wouldn't reset correctly. The clock looked nice, but it wasn't perfect. When the clock was turned upright, the hour hand would move and the minute hand would turn in a different way. I thought the clock was a problem only with that one. Well, got the new one. It had the same problem. The current clocks have a problem, so don't buy it.

👤The clock is silent. I bought it for my mother. She was going to meals at the wrong times because she was having trouble reading her watch. The business end of the minute hand is very narrow, while the end of the tail is bold. For its size, this clock doesn't make it easy for her to tell time. If appearance is what you need, it is a nice clock, but it is not great for the poorly-sighted.

👤The clock says "Made in China", but what kind of language-abuse is it? This clock works, which is more than I can say for the first clock of another make that I got-from-and-returned-to Amazon. There is a The hour-hand, which is located at the second minute-mark, is accessible after I removed the 12 screws that hold the clock together. It was easy to fix that. The movement is still working 2 days after it should have been off. There is a The hands are well-shaped for good visibility and the dial is slightly distressed. There is a It will be great if it keeps going.

8. Nicunom Decorative Non Ticking Operated Movement

Nicunom Decorative Non Ticking Operated Movement

One year manufacture warranty is part of the full satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with the clock, you can get a full refund or replacement. The wall clock is 12 inches in diameter. Sturdy plastic frame and glass lens keep dust away from the dial. The retro design of the frame and dial face make it easy to read and see. A good sleeping or working environment can be ensured by silent non-ticking, quiet sweep and precise movements. Installation is easy with the back slot design. The battery is not included. Vintage design wall clock is great for any room in your home.

Brand: Nicunom

👤The clock is worth what you pay. There is no noise at the clock and the hands are running smoothly. I ordered a second one because I liked it so much. I look vintage, so that's a plus. It fits in a lot of decors.

👤The clock is beautiful. I love that it's accurate and quiet. It's perfect for home or office. It was worth the price.

👤So far, nice clock... The frame of the clock is black and gold. I wanted to show more gold. I brushed some gold paint on it. Now perfect!

👤The clock is beautiful. You can still see it from across the room even though it's a little smaller than I wanted.

👤The clock is high quality. It is keeping accurate time so far. I'm very happy with it.

👤It is not 12 inches but it is easy to see. It is nice, but I would have liked it a little bigger.

👤Simple and easy to read. I can attest to its accuracy after having it for a while. It's a great value for money.

👤This is what we wanted. The face is perfect and the color is great.

👤An elderly person who has failing vision was given a clock. It's easy to read from a distance.

👤L'heure rapidement. Silencieuse. The Utile is called "Trotteuse Utile".

👤I didn't know that the clock was the size that it was, and I didn't connect the size to the label. It still fits on the wall that it now hangs on.

👤It's very easy to read and not have a "tick tock". Right price, right click.

👤I wouldn't buy it. There is no movement after 20 minutes.

9. HITO Ticking Movement Aluminum Decorative

HITO Ticking Movement Aluminum Decorative

It's suitable for bedroom, living room, study room, office and more. The smooth second hand, time accuracy and stable performance of the hito non tickling wall clock make it an excellent choice for quiet homes. Hito sells silent clocks. The hito colorful wall clocks come with large white numbers and hands, while the white clocks come with huge black numbers and hands. The front cover is glass. Hito wall clock is beautiful and easy to read. Hito modern silent wall clocks are used as kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and office wall decor. Hito wall clock is a piece of wall art. The hito whisper quiet wall clock brings tranquility and joy to your room. The hito wall clock is powered by one AA battery. A brand new battery can last a year.

Brand: Hito

👤The clock is cheap. It malfunctioned in 4 weeks. There was no Amazon support after the return window and no manufacturer support at all. There is a deeper dive into the details below. The clock stopped after I contacted Amazon. I swapped the battery a few times and it started running again. I thought the problem had been solved. The clock dies again two weeks later. A battery swap wouldn't work. I checked the batteries with my multimeter. Even though I reported the problem earlier, I was told by Amazon support that I was SOL because it was past their return window. The manufacturer at is not the correct one. The manufacturer's website was not revealed in a search. I removed the clock mechanism with nothing to lose, three wire metal clips, two plastic clips, and three plastic clips open up the mechanism. There is a I'm not making this up, the clock mechanism is manufactured by Shinfuku. It is a very simple mechanism. Track where the parts go when they are reassembled. The metal frame that holds the crystal appears to be the problem. The are simply pressed into place and make contact by pinching the metal frame holding the crystal. The clock is running again, but I pinched them a little tighter with pliers. This is consistent with getting the clock back running after the batteries are swapped. The battery holder was likely scratched enough to reestablish electric connection. The clock looks nice, is quiet and works well, but it is very cheap and the internals of the clock mechanism are very old. It's all bling and not worth the $30 I paid. There is an update. I called Amazon and asked how to make a claim under the "180 Warranty" in the product listing, and they did return my purchase. Thank you Amazon. There is a You can buy a replacement Shinfuku mechanism on Amazon. The prices start at $3.50. Make sure you order the correct one.

👤I really like this clock, but I can't find a replacement. When I got it, I put in new batteries. I hung it until it wasn't working. The batteries were taken out and put back in. Put new batteries in. I tried adjusting the contacts, but no. After hanging it stopped working after a while. My clock was faulty, so hopefully everyone else got perfect clocks. I threw the packaging away because I wouldn't return it. It is very nice looking, very quiet and very lightweight.

👤I needed a new clock for the garage and thought this was a great find. The battery was thrown in and watched it go. It had stopped when I came back in. There is a Hmm. A new battery was thrown in. It was perfect! It stopped again two hours later. Third time went with disposable battery and rinse/repeat and it was getting stuck at certain points in the cycle and then freezing. There is a I sat there with my face three inches from its and stared as I prepared to pack it up and send it back. I noticed that the second hand was brushing against the minute hand and that it was causing it to hiccup and other times cause it to stop. It's been working great since I unbent the second hand and popped the three tabs off the back. There is a It's a thing if yours isn't working.

10. Century Starburst Battery Operated Decorative

Century Starburst Battery Operated Decorative

It is easy to add a 4x6 picture and get their wood picture frames hung up. Remove the back, insert a picture, and the plexiglass will keep it protected. The mid century starburst wall clock is a great choice for those who like mid century decor. It will be a beautiful scene in your room. The wall clock is beautiful appearance, novel and unique, exquisite workmanship, wear-resistant, clear and firm surface, no fading, easy to install, easy to read, and it is easy to operate. The right size for your home is the 28 inches sunburst wall clock. It's large enough to be a stylish addition to your home. The silent clock movement provides a quiet environment to sleep and work. The smooth movement of clock hands is ensured by the high quality clock movement. It's ideal gift for friends on Mother's Day, and it's also suitable for living room, office, study, bedroom, room, hotel, club, any other place for decoration.

Brand: Haowanjp

👤The material is cheap and second hand. The blue and gold adornments are not shiny. Very disappointed.

👤The clock was made cheaply. If you want to hang the clock face from it, you have to get the ornamental part straight. I will say that. It is not worth the hassle or money.

👤This is a great looking clock. It looks great over our mantel. The dark blue color is not as shiny as the smaller one I sent back, but it is still a beautiful clock. It is made of metal and has a gold face. It had an extra set of hands. The battery was not included. The metal loop on the back makes it easy to hang. It keeps time accurate. If your decor has blue accents, this clock is perfect.

👤Absolutely loved it. I like to find different things. A good eye catcher. I needed a clock for my room. Happy Wife.

👤It's a great clock. It was perfect for our home in 1951. I was having a problem with it falling behind on the time and the seller was great and got back to me quickly. One of the hands was getting stuck as it went around. The clock has a second set of hands in case.

👤The clock is easy to hang and I like the customer service from the seller. The seller compensated me for the time it took for it to arrive. I would do business with them again.

👤It's awful if the paint job is overpriced. There is blue all over the bottom of the gold bars because they were masked off. You could find something similar for $25

👤The clock is beautiful. I thought this would be the large centerpiece on my guestroom wall. It is not. The second hand on the clock needed to be straightened out. The extra hands were secured. It is peaceful and beautiful. Not as large as I thought.

11. Tebery Decorative Non Ticking Digital 11 Inch

Tebery Decorative Non Ticking Digital 11 Inch

No tickling is ensured by the silent quartz movement. FASHION. The clock has a flower design that makes it feel like the whole room is decorated with flowers. The 11 inch wall clock with large numbers is clear to read and the front glass cover makes it easy to see. Not included is the 1 AA battery. The perfect wall clock for any room in your home. The perfect wall clock for any room in your home.

Brand: Tebery

👤When I saw the clock on Amazon, I was impressed, but when I opened it, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. The picture on Amazon doesn't do it justice and the photos I've included in this review don't do it justice either. I hope you can see the iridescent background of the gold flowers from the middle photo. The flower bouquet at the bottom of the clock face has a cottage-y feel and is elegant. The hands are lovely. The clock is silent and the second hand sweeps evenly. It's a steal at this price. You will not regret buying this one.

👤I have bought seven of them. I'm very happy with them. I think they are the prettiest clocks I have ever bought. When I am trying to get some sleep, I don't have to listen to it. I like the silent feature. The first thing I did was put it in the bathroom. I put the second one in the kitchen. I put the third one over my homework desk. They look nice in different rooms. I wanted a white with beige, but these are white with gold leaves and flowers, which are even nicer than what I had hoped for. The price was reasonable. They were shipped in seven boxes, with each clock put inside a different box to avoid damage in shipping. There was one small flaw on all the clocks. I fixed it with liquid Bic Extra-Coverage Wite- Out. The clocks look more expensive once hung. I like that Amazon shipped them to me in one day. This clock is very good. I am very happy with my purchases. Thank you, Tebery, for making more of these clocks available for people who love this clock. I wanted to buy more so that my neighbors don't make so much noise. I will always have a stand-by to replace my clocks if they are knocked off my walls.

👤I've been looking for a non-ticking clock for a while. I ordered about eight silent/non-ticking clocks. Only two of those work have been described so far. I ordered this clock recently. This one didn't work at all. The hands were not moving and it made a humming noise. I received a new clock. The second clock was working. Not silent. The second clock is being returned as well. I won't be trying this again.

👤The clock is silent. There is a During the day, you won't hear the clock tick. There is a You can hear ticks coming from ordinary clocks at night. It's hard to sleep when it gets louder and louder. There is a The clock is as silent as a dead mouse. There is a The face design is pretty. There is a The cover is made of glass and not plastic. It requires a standard AA battery. There is a If you drop the clock, the face may shatter. I haven't dropped it yet. It's best to put it on the wall with an emergency wire. I bought this with hard earned cash and a digital credit card, I don't get any compensation after this review.


What is the best product for decorative wall clocks battery operated?

Decorative wall clocks battery operated products from Adalene. In this article about decorative wall clocks battery operated you can see why people choose the product. Fleble and Umbra are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall clocks battery operated.

What are the best brands for decorative wall clocks battery operated?

Adalene, Fleble and Umbra are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall clocks battery operated. Find the detail in this article. Bernhard Products, Hylanda and Kesin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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