Best Decorative Wall Clocks for Living Room

Clocks 4 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Fleble Operated Pendulum Irregular Decoration

Fleble Operated Pendulum Irregular Decoration

A perfect clock for hanging outdoors or indoors in a variety of rooms. The Wood Design creative wall clock pendulum is made of 9mm MDF and has no frame or cover. It's a great handicraft. The picture is just for reference, please check the size before buying. The fashion clock is a good decoration for hotel, office, living room, bedroom and other rooms in your home, and it is also a good gift at house warming, wedding and holiday gatherings. The clock records your happy times with your family and friends. QUARTZ MOVEMENT Silent, sweep. Enjoy a quiet environment while sleeping. The aluminum clock hand runs smoothly and is calm. It's easy to use, it's stable, and it's safe to hang with a 1 AA carbon battery. The life of the movement and accuracy of travel time can be affected by too much alkaline power battery.

Brand: Fleble

👤My grandma wanted a clock in her living room. She likes butterflies. I found this clock. It felt cheap and thin when I got it after I ordered it. When I went to visit her, it looked beautiful and it was nice that she could see it. They included colorful butterflies as well. I would recommend it. The butterfly doesn't swing unless you manually do it each time, and then it stops after a little. That might be an error in the installation.

👤I like this clock. It's easy to put together. The price was reasonable. The words they came with were wonderful.

👤The watch is resistant but it came with problems, the place to put the battery for the pendulum is not good and after hours trying to insert the battery and finally succeed, the pendulum doesn't work.

👤It looks great but only for a short time. It still keeps some time, but the seconds hand send to lag and sometimes get caught around the 15 or position 45 and it doesn't take long for it to be incorrect on time. Within a month, it falls somewhere between 2 and 3 hours behind.

👤You can see the actual size of the pics I put up. The picture on the Amazon site is very misleading and when I received a small clock, I thought it was larger, but I was wrong. The Butterfly's clock price is high for quality.

👤I put it in the guest room. It was very easy to setup. I used a heavy duty drywall anchor instead of using the cheap plastic hook hanger. The clock has some weight to it and I am not sure if the plasic hook will work in the long term. The stickers give it a nice warm touch. If you remove the stickers later, they will damage your wall. The clock and time are perfect.

👤It's easy to put together, you just put the 6 on the back hook. The box was damaged, but the clock didn't have any missing parts. Everyone loves it. Absolutely recommend.

👤The clock does not keep time. When I took a picture of it I realized it was not the right time. I use fresh AA batteries to check the time, which is disappointing since I used them. When I took it off the wall, it started working again. I may have to return it if this isn't a continuing issue.

👤The style is unique. It was not as large as expected.

2. MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

Home decor is perfect and stylish, easy to read, and meet all your decoration. The MEISD wall clock is 12*20.5 inch. The modern creative Design will dress up any occasion's decor perfectly, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The user manual is simple to use and battery operated. The wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. The silent wall clock's precise quartz sweep movement ensures accurate time and no loud annoying tickling sounds help you enjoy peace as time goes by. The big wall clock for kitchen is made of double layer acrylic with a hollow out numeral design, it is sturdy and elegant. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. Their large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Meisd

👤We couldn't get the pendulum to work despite what we did. I ordered a second one to see if it was a faulty clock.

👤The clock is small compared to the photos. The seller's pendulum was missing from the box, so I have not been able to contact them. The clock is lost without it. I would like the seller to send me the pendulum.

👤The clock is a nice choice for a contemporary look, even though it is a little smaller on my wall.

👤I know how much I paid, but they looked cheap and like something grandma would have.

👤The clock needed to be replaced. This was a perfect fit.

👤I liked everything, the look, the lightweight, the color, and the noiseless. Everything.

👤The pendulum was easy to install and worked well, I love it.

👤J'ai remis des batteries neuves. J'ai sommes en attente de leurs part. Ce qui est aussi, a Merci!

👤The photo de fonctionne trs bien was exactement. L'adore et la recommande.

3. FirsTime Co 00145 Mosaic Silver

FirsTime Co 00145 Mosaic Silver

The FirsTime & Co. Pearl Mosaic Wall Clock has a 10. It's a great size for any space with a diameter of 25 and depth of 2. It's. The round clock is made of plastic with a glass lens, aged white face, gold hands and a frame that is made of real shells to give it a coastal feel. Hang the clock on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. The style is coastal. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co.'sCoastal and Tropical piece can make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤As described, pretty but not blue. I had to hold it under the light to see it. There is a The clock is not silent. I asked if the description said so. I received two responses. It isn't silent, but it is silent. There is a The clock is not silent. It is not loud but silent. It is important that I sleep and not have a headaches because I have trouble sleeping and need silence. I bought the clock in hopes that it wouldn't work. Someone said that it would be silent because it didn't have a second hand. Not true. It does not have a second hand or silent voice. I will have to put it in a different room. It is more gray and pearlish than blue.

👤I was looking for a wall clock that was easy to read in our kitchen that was not school like. It was so hard to find a decent designed small wall clock that I looked everywhere. The clock and another clock from the same company had the same size but the outer design was more white and the face darker. The blue tiled and bright white faced clock that I bought to compare was perfect for our kitchen. Numbers are easy to see from far because the face is bright white. The clock is thick so it sticks out from the wall, maybe this was intentional, but I like the clock edges touch the wall better. It's ok. I am happy because I couldn't have found a better clock.

👤Es un hermoso reloj, an ms fsicamente. Mi nico inconveniente desfavorable es su pequeo tamao en comparacin. Un elegante reloj, por lo dems. Gracias.

👤The mosaic colors of the clock are soothing. But not fond of the timepiece. The ticking is loud. I have a clock in the kitchen that is silent. You can get the sound if you don't mind it. The clock is small to medium in size.

👤Very nice. It looks great in my bathroom. Keep accurate time. I keep a record of the time I get ready for work. The frame of the mother of pearl is elegant. It seems to pick up the colors around it. I highly recommend.

👤I love this clock, it's perfect for my small bathroom. I posted a dollar bill taped to it because I don't think people realize the size. I bought a second product from the company. FirsTime products seem to be of good quality so far.

👤This item is the same as pictured. Some reviews say that the tiles are mostly gray. I'm glad I ordered it because I rolled the dice. The little tiles are mostly blue and there are some gray ones. There are tiles with golden brown threads, but the overall effect is blue. The clock is easy to hang on a wall. The reason I took off a star is that the hands are light silver and can be hard to see at a distance and in certain lighting. The outside edge of the clock is covered in silver. The type of silver that will peel over time is something that should not be expected. Thankfully, what could be considered cheap looking is not. I'm very happy with this purchase. I was looking for a clock that was inexpensive and beautiful.

4. JTWALCLOCK Operated Decorative Pendulum Oversized

JTWALCLOCK Operated Decorative Pendulum Oversized

The wall clock is not suitable for sticking on the rugged walls, concrete walls, deashed walls, mud brick wall, Wet wall, very Thick cloth wall, and first wipe off the dust on the wall to make it more sticky. The metal wall clock is made of durable metal with high temperature lacquer, environmental metal, eco-friendly and non toxic, top class artificial diamond and high quality glass anti-dust, easy to clean. The whole clock size is 72*56 cm/ 28.3*22 inch and the glass dial is 24* 24 cm/ 9.4*9.4 inch. If you are tired of boring walls or want to have more fun for life, then this product will satisfy you. top-level production. This will be another beautiful scene in your room. The silent movement is a type of movement that does not have a clock. This is a wonderful evening with this wall clock. Reducing power consumption and extending the life of the movement with high- technology can be good gifts. Home decor is perfect and stylish, easy to read, and meet all your decoration.

Brand: Jtwalclock

👤I needed it for the wall. It's an interesting focal point in the room and silent, I can't hear anything in the room. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The clock brings out my living room. It was easy to set it up. I love this.

👤Very pretty. It looks great in the kitchen. Light glare makes it hard to read. An extra clear stone and a set of extra hands make this accurate. Light is fragile. Men who see it were complimentary. Wow!

👤It's a gift that can be given. The pendulum stopped moving after being cheaply made. I've had it for five months.

👤It didn't glow in the dark and that's the only reason I got it.

👤The replacement is up and working after I received it. There is a The clock stopped working after exchanging for a new one. The battery compartment isn't right. Will pack when I get the new one. I received my second large swinging Pendulum wall clock. It has 2 AA batteries and is silent. It can make a room look better. This is eye-catching, but getting it started is a different story. I was able to live with the damage that was done when I received shipping. There is a The second hand was bending first. The hands are a little flimsy and can be a little thicker. The batteries are installed. I didn't get a battery cover. Maybe they didn't enclose because it could stop the pendulum from swinging. I realized that I had to open the pendulum at the bottom to swing it. There is a It is made of metal and has hands on the clock. It is a silent moving that I enjoy. It can make a room look better. It is eye-catching and they say it is not boring. The battery box has no cover, the second-hand was bent when received, and there were no real instructions. Detailed instructions would have been helpful. I would have broken the case if I had not learned about it.

5. Sorbus Centurion Numeral Industrial Farmhouse

Sorbus Centurion Numeral Industrial Farmhouse

The clock is made of metal with a powder coated black finish and requires 1 AA battery to operate. A wall clock with a roman numeral design and accurate analog time display is a great way to keep an eye on the hour. The sound runs calm and smoothly, and the high quality clock movement makes it easy to enjoy peace. It's a great solution for empty wall space as a gallery display wall accent, it's suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom, foyer. It's easy to hang and lightweight for easy transportation. The design is made of metal and features roman numeral style numbers on weathered metal inserts, Distressed hues in beige/black/brown/ gray/white/silver, and a battery operated clock.

Brand: Sorbus

👤This clock would be perfect if there was only one minor flaw. The person who made this does not know Roman numerals. 11 is at 6 o'clock and 7 is also wrong. Will see how the return goes. I would like to order the correct version, but it is not available.

👤My first impression was that it was a lot cheaper than I expected. The numbers are actually stickers and the clock I received was filled with stickers that were bubbling up on the edges. I paid for what I got. You can't really tell if they're stickers from high on the wall. A return is being Debating a return

👤I thought that the manufacturer would fix the error in the Roman Numerals, but it wasn't the case. I thought it would make a unique conversation piece. It's perfect for what I needed.

👤I gave this clock a 5 star review. The numbers are not wood, they are just wood looking stickers. The fourth is incorrect, but it is not a dealbreaker for me. The rest seem okay. I thought $44 was a good deal. I think this clock looks really cool. It looks the same. The stickers are more sturdy than a postcard, but if they begin to peel I will be pretty upset.

👤The wall clock has the least offensive colors to match any living room. The click on the wall started a dry sound very second after I placed it. It reminded me of junior high school in the late 1980s, where you had to take a bus home after school. This clock is wonderful. I couldn't handle the noise. It pulsates by the second. It is almost psychotic. My house is large. The abandoned dairy barn was built in 1944. The mechanical parts of the clock make scratching noises. For a few more dollars, the retailer could at least afford the buyer at the price they are asking. A silent battery operated system turns the clock. It is borderline miserable to hear.

👤Would have given it 3 stars. We were sent the wrong clock. We like the one we received and didn't want to return it. It looks decent, but it's not very well built. It was quiet for a while, but now it's as loud as any other cheapy clock we've owned. The hands are very flimsy. I had to bend them back into shape. I wouldn't recommend looking for amazing quality just because of the price, but I would recommend looking for something better.

👤It is everything I wanted. It does not function. I have tried changing the batteries several times, but the hands don't budge. I tried to contact Amazon customer service and was told I could return but not exchange. The price has gone up since I made the purchase a few weeks ago. I asked if they would match what I paid, but was told no. I contacted Sorbus to see if they would help out, but was told if I purchased through Amazon, they wouldn't assist in customer service, and I would have to go through Amazon's customer service. There is a It looks like I will be keeping a broken clock since it is not worth the hassle of repackaging and bringing it to a UPS to pay double what I originally paid for a functioning model. I was disappointed that I bought a broken clock, but luckily I bought it for decoration.

6. Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

The vintage clock is a good fit in many rooms. Can be wall mounted in reception areas. SHUNZY wall clocks are perfect for living room decor. This design will fit for any occasion's decor, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The kitchen wall clock is easy to use and battery operated. The wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. Accurate and Quiet: Their silent wall clock has a precise sweep movement that will ensure accurate time and no annoying tickling sound. The material and display aredurable. The big wall clock for bedroom is made of superior quality wood and metal. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. The Large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as a Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Shunzy

👤The clock is silent and nice. The hook that hangs the clock is easy to mount and read. I was surprised to find a spare set of clock hands in the box.

👤It was not as nice as it looked in the picture. It looked cheap when I got it.

👤The clock looks great and really dresses up the room.

👤When you come into a room, it is very beautiful.

👤It works very well on my wall so far. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤Several positive comments have been made about the product.

👤The clock is unique and I like it. It fits my design.

👤The wall clock was packaged well and arrived on time. The clock has no plastic or glass face, so you need to be careful not to bend the hands when adjusting the time or installing the batteries. It is different from other wall clocks and has a pendulum. If you have a cat, be careful. The clock will come crashing down when it jumps up and uses the pendulum. We don't have a cat, so that won't happen.

👤On fonctionne, on the tic-tac léger, plus on the qui est montré.

7. PeleusTech Large Silent Decorative Living

PeleusTech Large Silent Decorative Living

The material is iron and the battery is not included. Size is 1452*2 cm. The leaf shape is beautiful and practical. There won't be any ticks to disturb your rest, the wall clock is super quiet. It's suitable for bedroom, living room, study room, office and more.

Brand: Peleustech

👤The wall clock is nice. It is on the dark grey wall. The size and style are perfect. I can see the time from across the room. The second hand has a full face. I didn't notice this in the picture. Old style carbon zinc batteries are required by the manufacturer. The batteries will make it run fast. Quality is appropriate for the price. Silent running. I regret using the four pin wall hook. The clock is visible against a dark wall. I thought it would be hidden. A single nail would work better.

👤The open area was perfect for this decor because I have a high ceiling above my pantry. I love the blend of colors and my home is blue so this fitted perfectly. I need to change the others because of the ticks. Get this clock if you are thinking about it.

👤The second hand fell off the clock. The hands are not very strong. Doesn't keep time accurate. It was bought for style over function. I would give it to someone. Not good enough to be a gift.

👤The wood is of good quality. The paint finish is done well. The clock hands look delicate. The clock is smaller than the pictures are receiving. Before buying, look at the measurement. It would be perfect if it was bigger. It's a good looking clock.

👤It is in my office at work where I get the most compliment on it. The hour is hard to read. I don't mind that much because I wanted something more decorative.

👤I bought the clock about four months ago. It looks better than the photo. The design and color combination blend well. I like the movement of the quartz. The clock is accurate.

👤Well made and beautiful. It was packed well for shipping.

👤This wall clock is wonderful. It was what we wanted. It looks great on our wall. The quality is excellent and the timing is perfect. So happy with the purchase.

8. Century Starburst Battery Operated Decorative

Century Starburst Battery Operated Decorative

It is easy to add a 4x6 picture and get their wood picture frames hung up. Remove the back, insert a picture, and the plexiglass will keep it protected. The mid century starburst wall clock is a great choice for those who like mid century decor. It will be a beautiful scene in your room. The wall clock is beautiful appearance, novel and unique, exquisite workmanship, wear-resistant, clear and firm surface, no fading, easy to install, easy to read, and it is easy to operate. The right size for your home is the 28 inches sunburst wall clock. It's large enough to be a stylish addition to your home. The silent clock movement provides a quiet environment to sleep and work. The smooth movement of clock hands is ensured by the high quality clock movement. It's ideal gift for friends on Mother's Day, and it's also suitable for living room, office, study, bedroom, room, hotel, club, any other place for decoration.

Brand: Haowanjp

👤The material is cheap and second hand. The blue and gold adornments are not shiny. Very disappointed.

👤The clock was made cheaply. If you want to hang the clock face from it, you have to get the ornamental part straight. I will say that. It is not worth the hassle or money.

👤This is a great looking clock. It looks great over our mantel. The dark blue color is not as shiny as the smaller one I sent back, but it is still a beautiful clock. It is made of metal and has a gold face. It had an extra set of hands. The battery was not included. The metal loop on the back makes it easy to hang. It keeps time accurate. If your decor has blue accents, this clock is perfect.

👤Absolutely loved it. I like to find different things. A good eye catcher. I needed a clock for my room. Happy Wife.

👤It's a great clock. It was perfect for our home in 1951. I was having a problem with it falling behind on the time and the seller was great and got back to me quickly. One of the hands was getting stuck as it went around. The clock has a second set of hands in case.

👤The clock is easy to hang and I like the customer service from the seller. The seller compensated me for the time it took for it to arrive. I would do business with them again.

👤It's awful if the paint job is overpriced. There is blue all over the bottom of the gold bars because they were masked off. You could find something similar for $25

👤The clock is beautiful. I thought this would be the large centerpiece on my guestroom wall. It is not. The second hand on the clock needed to be straightened out. The extra hands were secured. It is peaceful and beautiful. Not as large as I thought.

9. European Industrial Numerals Operated Decorative

European Industrial Numerals Operated Decorative

The style is transitional. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co. has a Traditional piece that will make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom. The European large retro metal clock has no seconds style and is in a hollowed out design. There is a lacquer dial in glossy finished that stands out against the brushed golden hands. Quality Taiwan SUN 1288 sweep movement is used for keeping silent and precise. Enjoy your life! The wall clock is easy to read, with brushed golden hands and large black roman numerals. A good design with a good performance. It is easy to hang with a non-traceable hook. Vintage wall clock is perfect for different architectural decor styles, perfect for your home, loft, cafe, pub, bar, hotel, garden, bedroom, living room. The battery is not included. You won't worry about the clock malfunctioning. They will give you a 1-year warranty and a 90-day full refund.

Brand: Skynature

👤We no longer have a digital clock to know what time it is, and who wears a watch. The answer was this 18-inch Roman Numeral wall clock. It arrived in perfect condition because it was packed so well. I put the battery in and it took off right away. The main thing is that it doesn't have a tickle sound. It looks great on my living room wall. I still have things to rehang in that room, but it makes me happy when I walk into that room. I looked at and compared this clock to all of the others. The only cons of this is that it's hard to see time when you're in the side view. I always check the reviews when I purchase something online. I rely on others to help me make a decision. I try to include photos in my reviews. There is a If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you! .

👤This clock works out of the box. I bought a different brand of one that looked exactly like this. I returned the previous one because it was sheer garbage, despite all the positive reviews on that other one. I was hesitant to buy a wall clock of this type. I liked how neutral it was. If I spent $20 more, I might just get a working clock out of the box. What do you know? I put a battery in this one and it worked immediately. I didn't think it worked because it didn't make a sound. I held my ear close to the back of it and it made no noise. I thought I would give it a few minutes. I stared at the clock for 5 minutes and watched the minute hand move to make sure it worked. I have had a clock for a week. It has been working well. It is hard to tell time because the hands are very thin, but I am nearsighted. I plan on keeping the clock.

👤We wanted a clock that would match our light fixture so we looked for a wrought iron style clock. The numbers are not too busy looking at this clock. The brass look of the hands makes them stand out against the black of other clocks. The clock is lightweight because the metal is a square c-shape and not solid. It is also quiet. The arms of the clock were protected by the packaging. The seller said that a AA carbon zinc battery would be better for alkaline use. I was able to order from Amazon. The clock is keeping time. If that changes, I will update my review. We are very pleased with the results.

👤This is a great looking clock. The only issue I had was when I barely touched the hands, the second hand fell off the track and had zero resistance. I was able to push it back on the track. I finally got it right. It is keeping time again. I don't think it will be functional for very long. The gold hands can be hard to read. This clock is perfect for anyone looking for an industrial farmhouse look.

10. Decorative Century Non Ticking Decorations Bedroom

Decorative Century Non Ticking Decorations Bedroom

Family love wall decals are beautiful. It's suitable for decoration of the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, kids room, living room, or anywhere you want to remind yourself to be positive and Family Where Life Begins and Love Never ends. Mid-century style, fashion and gorgeous decor, is a perfect decoration for home. Using high-quality and silent movement, no click sound, provide you with a quiet environment and accurate time. The giant wall clock is easy to install and hang on the wall. This clock is made of high-quality metal material, durable, and bright color, so you can enjoy the time. A carbon battery is required. There are decorations for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, coffee shop, study and more. The after-sales service is high. If you have any questions about the clock, please feel free to contact them, they will try their best to serve you.

Brand: Yisiteone

👤My husband likes this clock. The colors are true to the picture and it's well made. The size is what we expected. Great find!

👤The clock is the same as pictured. It has a nice weight to it because of the beautiful colors. It looks great on my wall. I love it!

👤The clock is even more beautiful in person. How many clocks do you buy? It is strong. It is not heavy at all.

👤The colors are just as nice as the clock, which is perfect for our family room. The size is large and easy to read.

👤The look is stylish. Lots of praise!

👤The Lobby of a large retirement center has a clock hanging there and we get a lot of praise for it. It is easy to read for people with limited sight.

👤The picture is much better.

👤We were looking for a clock that would fit in our living room. It looks great and seems to be correct.

11. Hito Excellent Accurate Movement Decorative

Hito Excellent Accurate Movement Decorative

We will give you a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with this clock. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts. The smooth second hand, time accuracy and stable performance of the hito non tickling wall clock make it an excellent choice for quiet homes. Hito sells silent clocks. The hito white wall clock has large black numbers and hands. The front cover is glass. Hito wall clock is beautiful and easy to read. Hito modern silent wall clocks are used as kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and office wall decor. Hito wall clock is a piece of wall art. The hito whisper quiet wall clock brings peace and tranquility to your room and family. The hito wall clock is powered by one AA battery. A brand new battery can last a year.

Brand: Hito

👤Love it. A simple wall clock. The right size. Kinda weird. I get a small wave of joy when I look at it. The movement is automatic. The clock doesn't have the tick-tick movement because it's gorgeously smooth, and I think it's neurotic. You don't hear or see a "tick" because the second-hand just silently spins around. Likes the Earth. I got zinc carbon batteries that they recommend instead of the alkaline. I'm not sure why they recommend this, but it seems like many of the clocks advise the zinc batteries because it's a low-drainage device. I don't know if an alkaline battery would be as accurate, or if you would have to replace it more often. The time is still accurate even after a couple weeks. One of my favorite purchases. The joy thing may sound odd, but check it out. I bet you will feel it as well.

👤The clock mechanism that snaps into the back appears to be used by all the clocks on Amazon. There is a Every single review has someone giving it a one star because it stopped working for them. The minute hand and hour hand stopped in about 30 minutes after I bought the clock. If they all use the same mechanism, you will not be able to get around this in this price range. It's easy to return from Amazon. I dropped off the bad one at a localUPS after I got one that stopped. This one could also die. I'll order another if it's within 30 days. I'll buy a replacement mechanism if it's after 30 days. If this is too painful, you can spend up to $200 on a clock without the mechanism that has a 1 year warranty. It's easy to replace. It's hard to do all this extra work.

👤I bought a wall clock. It didn't have a fresh battery. There were no instructions to start it in a special way. I ordered a replacement because I thought it was a dud. That didn't work either. Don't bother!

👤The time was set by putting in a AA battery. The second arm started sweeping right away, but the hour and minute arms haven't budged a bit. I tried setting the correct time again, but there was no movement of the minute and hour arms.

👤The clock is very simple. Wanted a clock for the bathroom. I can always be prepared. It's above a doorway and a mirror. I'm getting better at telling the time backwards. The movement of the second-hand helps me determine if it's before or after the hour. The mixture of chrome and brushed nickel in the bathroom makes the silver ring around the face look good. It was well-packed. There were no defects.

👤Just perfect. The clock is easy to hang on a wall. I was struck by its size. The silver rim catches your eye so you can't miss it, even if it is small. I put mine in my office. The lack of a "tick, tick, tick" is neat. The seconds hand is silent. Since I hung it, it has not lost any time. I'm thinking about getting more for other locations. I say get more when you find stuff that works. I will.


What is the best product for decorative wall clocks for living room?

Decorative wall clocks for living room products from Fleble. In this article about decorative wall clocks for living room you can see why people choose the product. Meisd and Firstime & Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall clocks for living room.

What are the best brands for decorative wall clocks for living room?

Fleble, Meisd and Firstime & Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall clocks for living room. Find the detail in this article. Jtwalclock, Sorbus and Shunzy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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