Best Decorative Wall Clocks Large

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1. Oldtown Clocks Multi Color Maritime Coastal

Oldtown Clocks Multi Color Maritime Coastal

QUALITY SERVICE There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that is easy to hang. The carbon battery must be used with 1 AA. You won't worry about the clock malfunctioning. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them in time, they will answer you within 24 hours, I wish you a happy shopping! A painted on wood is multi-colored painted on fir skin engineered wood with screw on wooden white number letterings. The clock is made of open face wood and has different shades of wood. This clock is a perfect addition to any décor. Their Oldtown large wall clock has a wide selection of both diameter and depth, making it a great size for any space. The clock is easy to hang on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. Silent accurate quartz movement is what it is called. AA batteries are required, but not included.

Brand: Oldtown Clocks

👤In person, clock is even more beautiful. The combination of wood and stain is amazing. It is the perfect size. Large enough to read from anywhere and fill the space nicely. I was worried that the hands would be bent. It was packaged well and as soon as I put the battery in it started working. You can't tell if it's on. Everything about it is wonderful. I looked around for a long time and I am so glad I ordered this one.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this clock. It is sturdy and built well. It has the right amount of color to provide decoration but not distract. It's a nice addition to my room.

👤The clock is very cool and fits well in our decor. I like the number design and color choices. The clock components seem to be standard. It's recommended for a looK.

👤The clock looks good in any space. I had to return it because it was too big for the place I was going to put it in. It is definitely a keeper. I hope the clock will be available for me again when I have a bigger kitchen.

👤I live by the beach and it goes with the environmental decor. I bought this one because it made it easier to see time from afar, and because I could not clearly read the numbers on my other wall clock. I was unsure if I would be happy with it, but it is beautiful on my wall.

👤We just renovated our home and this clock was the perfect accessory for one of our rooms. They have been very helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

👤It's a perfect size, it's well made, and it's super cute. There is a I was very happy with the product and the shipping was fast. I might have to get another one of their clocks.

👤The clock is beautiful. Love the size. It seems to be meant for this room. It wasn't keeping time right when it arrived. The lower hand was limp, but I figured it out and now I love it.

👤It was perfect in my new room. I love it!

👤It is easy to read the time on our wall.

2. Antique Bronze Baldaud Numeral Wall

Antique Bronze Baldaud Numeral Wall

The Large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as a Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift. The round wall clock is both rustic and modern with it's sleek design and antique inspired details. The clock frame is finished in distressed Black. The clock inner has roman numerals. Hangs securely to any surface with durable hangers on the back. Measures 30 inches in diameter.

Brand: Patton Wall Decor

👤I thought I would try this one because my last clock stopped working. It is great. Large numbers and very easy to read. It looks like it is above my fireplace. The piece in the back makes it very difficult to hang, so I didn't give it 5 stars. They put a hangar on the back of your wall and you have to find a small screw to fit it. It is very hard to hang it because it is a closed hangar and it is hard to catch the screw in the wall. My other clock was easy to hang and had a "open" style hangar. This one wasn't. If the mfr changed that feature, it would get a five star review.

👤A large clock was needed for our room. This fit the bill at 30. It was packaged well and attached to an inner box. The frame is a thick plastic died to match a wood look, but from afar it looks like genuine antique wood. The clock is operating correctly so far. It is silent, which was a necessity for our application. Highly recommended!

👤My mom wanted a large wall clock. I chose this one because she had a big wall to fill and I didn't want it to be too small and look lost. She loves it and it looks great. It's very easy to hang and makes no sound. The purchase was well received by all around!

👤It looks great on the wall. The picture seemed to show a bit more of a bulky person. We love how it is. It works well with the fire place.

👤Looks great. I would recommend it.

👤The clock is beautiful. It is easy to read in our bedroom. My husband said it was hard to hang.

👤I love this clock. It is also completely silent. It was the best purchase in a long time.

👤My husband gave me a beautiful gift. Looks great!

3. Howard Miller 625 358 Indoor Outdoor

Howard Miller 625 358 Indoor Outdoor

The metal decor letters are great for house warming gifts. Chiristmas gift, new year gift,thanks giving day gift for family and friends. WALL CLOCK. The Luis Wall Clock is designed to compliment the home decor included with the thermometer. The clock makes a soft tick noise without the use of chimes. It isdurable: The clock is double-sided and made to last. It has a sturdy metal frame to help with stress. It can be displayed in your kitchen, office, bathroom, bedroom, living room, porch, and more. High quality. The black hands, glass crystal, and swivels on the decorative wall brackets make it easy to tell time with an off-white dial. It has an antique iron-finish, zinc plated powder-coated case and includes screws to prevent rusting. DIMENSIONS The clock's height is 50 cm, its width is 55 cm, and its depth is 6.25 inches. It requires two AA sized batteries and is powered by a quartz movement. Howard Miller is the world's leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine and bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves.

Brand: Howard Miller

👤This thing does two things. Tells the time and temperature. We gave up trying to tell temperature after trying three different replacements. All three were wrong. It is difficult to mount. The screws that hold the plate to the wall are in the way of the clock. You either have to angle the screws in or you are scratching the finish. The clock is flimsy, like something that costs $100. If the wind is blowing, it moves back and forth. I think it looks nice and it keeps good time.

👤I was hesitant to buy an outdoor clock. It seemed like a lot of money to just keep time by the pool. I kept coming back to it and thought it would last a long time. I like this one. I bought it. We put it up. It didn't work. The other side did not work at all. A new clock is sent to us by Amazon. We got a new clock, and guess what? That one is doing the same thing. The clock has one side that doesn't work and the other side that does. Howard Miller thinks we must be doing something wrong to have two $300 clocks in a row not work. They didn't offer anything other than that you must have received 2 bad clocks. I have a $25 outdoor from Target that works, but Howard Miller can't seem to send me a single $300 clock that works. The clock was supposed to go back and forth between the store and the post office, but I don't have any of it.

👤I liked the clock that I saw. I read a few reviews and was hesitant but it was what I was looking for. I took a chance. The first clock was damaged when it arrived. The item was re-packaged in a regular large box that was not marked fragile after the box from the manufacturer was clearly marked fragile. One of the faces of the clock fell into the mechanism of the other face, causing it to break. I returned the clock after trying again. I got a new one from Amazon and it works perfectly. It was difficult to hang because it is heavy, but once up, it looked great. I will try to come back in 6 months.

👤I bought 2 clocks for each of my homes. I purchased this item despite being skeptical after reading the reviews. The size and appearance are what I expected. One of the clocks does not work and I will be sending it back for a new one. Hopefully the next one works. Hopefully this isn't an indication of the performance of these clocks in the future. I was surprised that Howard Miller didn't inspect the mechanics of the clocks. I will let you know how the replacement works. There is a The new clock was received within 2 days and both homes are now working correctly.

👤Our new wall clock is great! It's perfect Mounted on our patio. It is very heavy and strong so it will handle the wind. The numbers can be seen from the pool and seating area. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because the design of the mounting brackets made it difficult to mount the clock, otherwise we would love it!

4. Steampunk Operated Oversized Industrial Farmhouse

Steampunk Operated Oversized Industrial Farmhouse

There is a full satisfaction guarantee. If the clock is malfunctioning or you are not satisfied with it, you can contact them directly and they will send a new one to you or give you a full refund. A large wall clock is designed with real moving gears. Put battery in, various gears of different size start rotating, definitely an eye-catching wall decor at your place. The moving gear wall clock is a great example of iron art. A good performance is created by simple design. Accurate time and quiet are achieved by using a precise quartz sweeping mechanism. Three AA Carbon batteries are required for the power by battery operated gear clock. There are two for clock working and one for gear rotation. The gears move on their own. Classical black metal hands and large Roman numerals on a 3D background are easy to read from any angle. This vintage clock is easy to hang on the wall because it has a metal hanger on its back. Premium metal material has a diameter of 60 cm and a weight of 4.2 lbs. The gears wall clock is made of metal as a whole, 3D hollow-out design, manual polishing and electroplating, full of metallic texture. The oversized wall clock is simple and unique. Large wall clock with real moving gears is perfect for your empty wall space, industrial wall decor is perfect for living room, farmhouse, kitchen, office, fireplace, hallway, cafe, etc. The wall clock is a perfect gift to give. If damaged, a 100% replacement is guaranteed.

Brand: The B-style Tb

👤It's a nice clock, but there is a lot of glare on it in the kitchen where I needed it the most. It is nearly impossible to read unless you stand in front of the clock. I am keeping the clock and moving it to a different room, and I plan to use black numerals on white in one of the choices.

👤I bought this clock for my son's room as we redecorated. I should have been more careful about checking the measurements when ordering because it is bigger than I expected. It is a great focal point of the room and it is bold, attractive, and well-made. It works without problems so far.

👤I absolutely adore this clock. It is in the kitchen/living room area. Everyone who sees it loves it. Definitely worth the money.

👤The box was damaged. After seeing the clock, it appeared to be a pretty cheap item.

👤It's simply silent... a great lock for the bedroom... The best price quality product.

👤I love this clock. It's easy to read in the kitchen.

👤It is easy to read across the room.

👤The clock in the bathroom keeps on working.

👤The wall clock works well. It seems to be accurate. The battery compartment was too small and it took a lot of effort to get the AA battery to fit.

👤El nico malo, en Mi Casa, tienes unas paredes son blancas y el plateado tan bonito. Se debe ver precioso!

👤After a few weeks, the batteries stopped working, and they couldn't find a fix.

👤Really, no tic no tac no cloc... silence. The most important thing is to keep its time.

👤I love the way this clock matches my kitchen. A second hand with a glass face is very easy to read. I highly recommend this item.

5. FirsTime Co Clock Rubbed Bronze

FirsTime Co Clock Rubbed Bronze

Their FirsTime & Co. is large and in charge. Big Time Wall Clock has a 40” diameter and 2” depth that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it. It's. The round clock is made of plastic, has an open face, and has an oil rubbed bronze coloring that gives it a timeless, classic appeal. wipe clean This clock requires assembly and is divided into 4 quadrants, 1 center movement piece, and 4 spokes pieces. The screws are for assembly. The clock is supposed to be hung on the wall. The hanging hardware is not included. It's. The round clock is made of durable plastic. The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. FirsTime & Co. is proud to have a 30-Day limited manufacturer for their products. Make sure the battery is a new one and not a used one.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤Today, I received this clock. It wasn't what I expected. It was made of cheap plastic. I was expecting it to be a little more sturdy and better looking than it is. I will get a refund when I return it. Not satisfied. There were no stars from me.

👤I just bought a clock and it's junk. It was so bad that it needed to be put together in a room for a holiday.

👤I liked the look and size of this clock. I was disappointed when I received it. The clock is flimsiness and turned me off. I thought it was a bit more durable than I had thought. I thought I could try to make it work. I started putting everything together. I decided to glue the broken plastic holes in and make it work because I don't like the hassle of returning and ordering something new and waiting. I was going to make sure the clock worked before I did this because I was thinking it might not last because of how cheap it was. The clock hands were a bit flimsy. I put a battery in and waited for an hour to make sure it was good before I started my project. 5 minutes later it stopped working. The hands were stuck together. At this point, not impressed. I took apart what I put together and put it back together. It was expensive to make and it only lasted 5 minutes, but it looked great from a distance.

👤The clock is beautiful. I found it on Wayfair for $20 more, but got a better deal through Amazon. The back of the clock has 28 screws that go into it. There were no broken pieces. The best part was that it took about 20 minutes to put it together. It works! The hands are flimsy, so be careful not to bend them in the process. There were issues with it cracking when it was screwed together, but don't over-tighten it and there won't be problems, according to other reviews. Can't tell it's plastic from metal. I like the sound of a tickling noise.

👤It was obvious from the box that the clock was already returned. The screws were broken where we were to place them. The support arms were unable to be attached. I was not expecting it to come in pieces. The cheap metal on the clock's hands was already bent. The minute was not where it was supposed to be. When it was packaged up and returned, it was not in the house for more than 15 minutes. A box is covered with tape. Very disappointing.

👤The clock is larger in person than in the pictures, but it is still beautiful. There is a It was very easy to install. There is a You can't tell if it's plastic when it hangs on your wall. It is very quiet, except for the fact that it is above my sofa. I can hear it tick. It is very faint and comforting when there is no noice in the room. There is a I think it should be cheaper because it is plastic, but I still love it. This clock is beautiful, I recommend it. It is magnificent.

6. MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

Howard Miller is the world's leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine and bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves. The MEISD wall clock is a great size for living room decor. The modern creative Design will dress up any occasion's decor perfectly, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The user manual is simple to use and battery operated. The metal modern wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. The silent wall clock's precise quartz sweep movement ensures accurate time and no loud annoying tickling sounds help you enjoy peace as time goes by. The wall clock for kitchen is made of superior quality metal and has a color painting. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. The wall clock battery operated decorative is a perfect gift for your family and friends as Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Meisd

👤It arrived quickly. There were two sets of hands. If you put your fingers in the wrong place, it would be easy to damage the installed hands. Two batteries, one for the clock and the other for the pendulum. The hands are delicate. Changing times need to be taken care of. I put the extra hands in a glass cigar tube because I didn't need the extra hands. The clock has been on over a week. The movement has been correct.

👤I am sending my second clock back because the pendulum isn't working. I like the style. It is very annoying. I send it back and try again, but it doesn't work.

👤I had to return the clock because it was so small. I fell in love with this one.

👤The design elements are great. Looks good. The Wall Clock has a swinging Pendulum.

👤I like the clock. I used it to decorate my bedroom. I wish it was a bit bigger.

👤Looked better in pictures. The pattern and design are printed on cheap material.

👤I recommend the best clock in the market, cheap and stylish, and you will not be disappointed.

👤The middle section of the clock is made of cardboard. Not sure what it is. Very cheap.

7. Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

The vintage clock is a good fit in many rooms. Can be wall mounted in reception areas. SHUNZY wall clocks are perfect for living room decor. This design will fit for any occasion's decor, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The kitchen wall clock is easy to use and battery operated. The wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. Accurate and Quiet: Their silent wall clock has a precise sweep movement that will ensure accurate time and no annoying tickling sound. The material and display aredurable. The big wall clock for bedroom is made of superior quality wood and metal. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. The Large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as a Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Shunzy

👤The clock is silent and nice. The hook that hangs the clock is easy to mount and read. I was surprised to find a spare set of clock hands in the box.

👤It was not as nice as it looked in the picture. It looked cheap when I got it.

👤The clock looks great and really dresses up the room.

👤When you come into a room, it is very beautiful.

👤It works very well on my wall so far. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤Several positive comments have been made about the product.

👤The clock is unique and I like it. It fits my design.

👤The wall clock was packaged well and arrived on time. The clock has no plastic or glass face, so you need to be careful not to bend the hands when adjusting the time or installing the batteries. It is different from other wall clocks and has a pendulum. If you have a cat, be careful. The clock will come crashing down when it jumps up and uses the pendulum. We don't have a cat, so that won't happen.

👤On fonctionne, on the tic-tac léger, plus on the qui est montré.

8. Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated

Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated

The novel is classic and modern. The wooden pendulum wall clock from Lovely Home Essentials has an elegant design and a beautiful finish. Their pendulum wall clock is the perfect size for any room, making it a great addition to the décor of any living room, kitchen or office. They are confident that you will like the timeless style, quality and value of this timepiece. Keeping accurate time is the most important aspect of a timekeeping piece. They have taken great care to make sure the clock is of the highest quality. Every movement is tested to make sure the clock will work perfectly. They can prevent issues such as clocks that stop working by paying attention to detail. Your new clock will keep time and will be enjoyed for a long time. Their mission is to provide high quality clocks that bring joy to their customers and their homes. Their clocks are made from real wood and glass. They use sturdy, high quality materials and parts to create a timepiece that is truly precise and put together with care and excellent craftsmanship. They value each and every one of their customers and care about them very much. Their grandfather wall clock is battery operated and easy to see, it is 23.5” tall x 8.5” wide. A hook is pre-attached for an easy set up. The large Arabic numbers are easy to read. Their wood pendulum clocks are quiet and elegant and have been designed to be silent and classy. The locksmith customer service and one year warranty! They pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and high quality products. If you don't like the quality of their clock, they will replace it for you. They take extra care to package their clocks so they arrive in pristine condition and can be shipped with Amazon Prime for fast delivery. They want to know how much you love your new clock.

Brand: Lovely Home Essentials

👤Selling good products on Amazon is one thing, but standing behind them is a different thing. I bought the clock in December of 2020 and was very happy. The clock is well made and attractive. It was shipped in a timely fashion. All good. The pendulum ceased to function in 7 months. Checked connections still don't swing. A replacement was hung on my wall in less than a week after I contacted the seller. Excellent customer service. Eric is behind what he sells. I was impressed with his attention to customer service. It was actually blown away. There is a The clock is very well made. The movement is not the best but it is solid for this price range. Is this a clock from Germany? No. I never had to adjust the time on my clock because it was battery operated and kept time perfectly. The clock has two batteries, one runs the timekeeping and the other runs the pendulum. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly. The batteries faced the same direction on my clock. It's true! The pendulum is made of lightweight material and bends easily. The movement that makes a clock not be as robust as it could be. It also means that if your pendulum is twisted, it is easy to fix it. The clock is good and the seller is even better. I don't think you will be disappointed with this purchase.

👤The wall in our master bedroom looks amazing with this beautiful pendulum timepiece.

👤The clock is nice. Real wood! It is fine if you read comments about the pendulum. It has to be light in order to not drain the batteries. It seems to keep perfect time.

👤I like the design of the pendulum and ordered it. Even though the packaging was protecting the pendulum, it came twisted and damaged when I received it. Pendulums from other quality brands are more stable. The pendulum is as important as the clock in this clock. I don't recommend.

👤This clock is very unique. Can't find it anywhere except here. Everyone else has the same style of clock. I loved it! Can't wait to see what this vendor comes up with. Quality was excellent. Reviewers said that the pendulum was cheap. They almost didn't buy it because of their reviews. What a mistake that would have been. The pendulum is not cheap, but it is light. It's perfect for the style of the clock.

👤The clock is very cheap. If you can't afford it, I wouldn't recommend it. There is a The board under the clock face was detached. It looks like it was supposed to be attached with glue and tiny pins. We need to reglue. A rubber band is currently held in place. There is a The pendulum is very light and moves in the smallest breeze, it was covered with plastic, but still had a small dent at the bottom. It looks okay from a distance. Will look for something better.

👤Returned. Would have kept it. I thought the color in front was going to be dark brown, but it actually looked black to me, and it didn't look right with my furnishings.

9. SHISEDECO Modern George Sunburst Multicolor

SHISEDECO Modern George Sunburst Multicolor

Nelson's Eye-Catcher Design is one of his most beloved designs. The dimensions are 18.6 inches x Height 2.8 inches. The Mid century modern replica is powered on a 1 AA battery. It works perfectly in the living room, leisure area, meeting room, waiting area, office, dinning room, bedroom, and more. You can order online with safe delivery. Non-man-made damages take 1 year from the date of purchase.

Brand: Shisedeco

👤Not worth the high price. Cheap, flimsy hands don't keep time. I returned it.

👤So happy with this clock. It looks better in person. The thin plastic wrap protects the hands. I was being gentle and ended up ripping off the paint. I had paint at home that I could use to fix it.

👤Excellent build quality. It's lightweight. Strikingly beautiful. We are very glad we bought it. We saw it at a relatives house and thought it was beautiful. I got out my phone and used the Amazon app to buy it. My wife asked if we should get it. I said I already did. Monday is when it will be here. Happy birthday.

👤The clock is very nice. There are real wood blocks in a metal case. The hands can be pulled off to point at the blocks. I was going to return it, but I figured it out.

👤It is a replica and it is less than half the price. The colors are perfect for a mod home. It is easy to find a spot for it. I have mine in the kitchen.

👤Very nice addition. Coordinates with my white glib ceiling fixture. If the arms are made of a film, you need to be careful not to pull off the arms or the hands.

👤The wall clock is a work of art. It looks like a mid-century modern. It was a little expensive but worth it. It makes me happy when I look at it.

👤The time hand was set wrong. The hand was between the 11 and 12. It was not easy to take the hands off the clock. I was worried about breaking it. I like the clock but it's my only complaint.

👤Delivery was fast and the product was well packed.

10. FLEBLE Battery Operated Bedroom Decorative

FLEBLE Battery Operated Bedroom Decorative

FirsTime & Co. has a 30-Day manufacturer warranty. The metal creative wall clock is made of durable metal with high temperature lacquer, 1MM aluminum dial, 94 pieces crystal and aluminum needle. It's a great work of art. The whole clock size is 60. The dial size is 21. The picture is only for reference, please check the size before buying. The fashion clock is a good decoration for hotel, office, living room, bedroom and other rooms in your home, and it can be good gift at house warming, wedding and holiday gatherings. The clock records your happy times with your family and friends. When installed anywhere, it will not disturb you because of the high quality of the movement. The aluminum clock hand runs smoothly and is calm. It's easy to install. There is a hook on the back of the wall clock that can be hung easily. The life of the movement and accuracy of travel time can be affected by too much alkaline power battery.

Brand: Fleble

👤It is beautiful. That is the best wall clock I have ever had. I love it so much!

👤I like the look of this clock. It is not nearly as big as the pictures show. Before buying, please check the dimensions. I think the clock is in a Barbie house.

👤We need to move from a rented apartment to a new house. We saw this simple yet elegant wall clock and fell in love with it. The clock is so nice in the middle of the hall, it's hard to believe. It is easy to build. The foam that sticks on the clock is not something that I like. When I try to blow them off, the foam flies all over the house. We love the new art added to the hall. The playroom will have the bonus sticker on it.

👤The smaller version was bought initially. I got this one, the next size up, after sending that one back. I was so glad I did. This one fits the area much better. It is better constructed than the smaller one. It is very strong. It makes a statement in any room. Very happy.

👤The clock is perfect. It came in perfect condition. It's easy to hang on the wall.

👤The wall clock is very easy to set up and sturdy.

👤The clock is beautiful, but don't let the picture fool you. It is not the size of the wall. The picture should reflect the actual size of the clock. It makes it seem like a lie.

👤I expected it to be a large wall clock. This would be great for a small area.

👤I took it from dhl. The clock is ruined by it.

11. TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

Many children don't know how to tell the time on an analogue clock, but teenagers benefit from their teaching clock to help them tell the time on their own. Only parents know what is best for their children. The long one in blue is minute and the short one in pink is hour. If the face of the clock is damaged, it will not shatter like glass, so check out the security tests in the video. The clock is lightweight and you can spend less to get a practical learning wall clock. The sweep movement is perfect for any room. It's not easy for kids to take it off.

Brand: Txl

👤I bought this and the "easy read time teacher" clock. I was expecting the quality to be bad but I decided to give it a try because it was so much less expensive and cute. There is a The clock was a little larger than the easy read, but it appeared to be less high quality. There is a I preferred this one more than the other one. I don't like the addition of the 24 hour clock notation on the easy read. What is the use of a 24 hour clock for preschool or early school children? Even if they do, I think the clock is too busy and may confuse young children who are trying to learn to tell time. There is a The hour numbers on this clock are all the same color as the hour hand. The minute numbers are the same color as the minute hand. The clock is a little easier to learn with the combination of this and the less complicated design. There is a The numbers in the center of the clock help the child know when the clock is in, even if it is past the number and close to the next hour. The hour hand is closer to 6 than 5 at that point, so it could be hard for a person to know if the hour is 5 or 6. This feature helps clarify something. There is a The hour and minute hands reach all the way to the numbers. The min is on this clock. The hand doesn't touch the numbers. This clock won out over the easy read for me, and that is my only complaint so far.

👤This was a gift for a little girl who was learning to tell time. This seemed to have the best combination of features, including how the hands coordinate with the numbers, hours marked-out in the middle, and pie wedges. There is a The second hand sweeps smoothly, with the clock running silently. The clock is packed in bubble wrap in a retail box and then in a shipping box. The clear plastic face cover was allowed to be scratched in transit. It appears that it is soft and has some marks on it. It's hard to see in most light, but the packing could have been better to prevent this. It would require a ring around the clock to keep face off. There is a The battery was not included.

👤I really like that this shows the hours and minutes, as well as the color of the hands. The hour hand and numbered hours are the same color as the minute hand and numbered minutes. My son is very good at reading time on the clock. It is completely silent, which is great, as the sound of a clock in the middle of the night drives everyone crazy. There is a I wish the clock came in a few more design options. It's hard to find a clock like this and there are only a few design options. I don't like white clocks. I didn't have much choice.


What is the best product for decorative wall clocks large?

Decorative wall clocks large products from Oldtown Clocks. In this article about decorative wall clocks large you can see why people choose the product. Patton Wall Decor and Howard Miller are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall clocks large.

What are the best brands for decorative wall clocks large?

Oldtown Clocks, Patton Wall Decor and Howard Miller are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall clocks large. Find the detail in this article. The B-style Tb, Firstime & Co. and Meisd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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