Best Decorative Wall Hook Silver

Hook 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Beautiful Flower Ceramic Wall White

Beautiful Flower Ceramic Wall White

Purchase with confidence. They love their hooks and they're sure you will too. Each hook is wrapped in a small box to protect it in transit. The gold hooks in their product pictures are larger than you think. Don't overload them, they hold about four pounds of weight. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund. The color is Camellia White with gold-plated edge. The distance from the hook to the wall is 3.15 inches. The max weight capacity is 10 lbs. This is a special notice. Their hooks are not suitable for shower curtain hooks. They can't hang clothes, towels, bags, hats or kitchen supplies. The ceramic part of the hook is handmade of high-quality ceramics, multi-layer polished finish, no worry about any rust or tarnishing, it is a special element to your plain. Matching screws help you install. You can purchase other screws or glue to secure the hook. Their MDPLY hooks are suitable for installation in many places back packs in bathroom, bedroom, closet, foyer, entryway, fence and more. The double hooks are a good way to save space. Their hooks are perfect for hanging towels, coat, hats, purse, jackets, robe. They're so confident that you'll love their product that they have a great quality guarantee. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can fix it. There is no risk to try the product if you have an install question. They're so confident that you'll love their product that they have a great quality guarantee. If there is a problem, please contact them so they can fix it. There is no risk to try the product if you have an install question.

Brand: Mdply

👤Usually don't leave reviews, but just had to for this one. I exclaimed "Oh wow!" because it is so beautiful. When I opened it. It was bought for a handy hook in the garage. I told my husband that the garage just needed to get up to par. ;D The reviews about not being able to hang it are hilarious. There will be a bit of movement because it is a round hole. It is possible to install properly. The three easy steps are: drill a hole, drill a hole and drill a hole. Step 2 is to insert the screw into the hole. Simply slide down the back hole of the rose hook onto the screw. The hook will be firmly held by the screw. I love it! Highly recommend it. The photo is pretty much the same as this one.

👤We needed a new towel hook. This was great. There are two issues in the design, one of which is the brackets behind the flower. The flower should have been lower. The hook can't be firmly attached, so it swings back and forth as the towel is put in.

👤These were cute. They are the same as pictured. The way they attach doesn't work. You have to hang the screw from the drive. There is no way to get it tight enough so that it doesn't move when you hang and remove items. I don't understand it.

👤The picture was hung flush to the wall on the hook. The wall anchor is garbage, but still give 5 stars.

👤The hooks were not tight against the wall and were hard to install. When touched, they would wiggle. I had to use different hardware because the anchors they provided were not of good quality.

👤My wife bought 3 of these to replace the towel rack in our bathroom. A wooden plaque for $10 at Michaels was the right size to be able to mount through the wall. The things were marked on where they should be mounted and the pilot holes were drilled for the screws to hold them to the wall.

👤Very pretty. It's easy to install and beautiful to look at, I use it to hang my lavender colored towel in my room. Instead of a boring hook. This is it. Love the different colors. I think the pink one is the best. White goes with everything.

👤I didn't think this hook would be as beautiful as it is. It is beautiful, elegant, and high-class. I just bought 2 more and I am very happy with this purchase.

2. Spectrum Diversified Sweep Single Nickel

Spectrum Diversified Sweep Single Nickel

You can change all your essentials. Every room has essentials in the hooks. There are coats, hats, handbags, scarves, purses, and backpacks in the bedroom or closet. There are mugs, grocery bags, and light skillets in the kitchen. There are towels, robes, and headbands in the bathroom. There are coats, scarves, purses, bags, and jackets in the entryway. Walls can be used for storage. Storage doubles as Decor: stylish hooks turn storage into art. Show off your collection of mugs, scarves, and cookware for a unique touch to any room. The empty rack is chic and looks good on your walls. Steel is strong enough to support your items without bending or breaking. The hooks are supported by horizontal rods in the Hook rack. Attach the wall mounted storage to your wall. Simply secure the rack to the wall with screws and a pre-drilled hole in the wall, then tighten the screws until the rack feels firmly fastened. There is mounting hardware included. Alternative surfaces may require specialized hardware. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤I looked at photos from other customers, but the pegs are not very long. I was hoping to display sunhats and wide brimmed fedoras, but they are not there. If you have structured brims, I would pass on this. My husband's hat won't be joining them. It's easy to install and it's great for a clothes peg. I wouldn't put bath towels on it.

👤When it was delivered with nothing broken off, it only had 4 hooks. No mounting materials were sent. There is a neat little nail covering the area where it is mounted. There is nothing in this package. Sending back was sad.

👤It's easy to install, it's attractive, and there are multiple hooks handy. If you hang it on clothes or towels, it must have a wide enough circumference to fit around the flat round "stopper" which is good for preventing slide offs.

👤It is aesthetically pleasing. We have three of them. The one in the kitchen has been through a lot. We bought two more at different times. The washer that is welded to the wall hook came undone after a few months of use. We were able to force it with a larger screw and washer. The most recent one broke and will be put into the wall. It's a pity. One great purchase. There is a A purchase broke after being used. There is a One that broke first use.

👤I chose this over the other coat/hat rack devices based on cost, but then I found several in the same price range, so I went for style. The brushed nickel in our home compliment the modern furniture in our home. It's sturdy and easy to fit several jackets in, so you don't have to worry about it when you fill the rack. The style of the individual posts is like giant nail heads, so it grips the clothes hung on it, unlike some styled with a round ball shape on the end. It's small enough in our tiny house to fit in the small area we had available and now I have an attractive coat closet, where I used to have none. It resolves the problem of coats being thrown over a chair. You can't hang it crooked with the styling. Its natural shape makes it hard to screw it up. You need to make sure that the installation is sturdy. Have had it for a while. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I took it out of the box and was really excited about it. It looked as if someone took some of it. I will have to paint it before I put it in my bathroom. The review won't let me add the pictures to my collection.

👤The style, the big round easy-on-clothing hooks, the quality, and the ease of installation are all things I like about these items. I had nothing like that happen when I read other reviews. I like that I was able to hang the units at a diagonal angle so that they fit where I wanted them. I am really happy with this purchase.

3. Diamond Mirrored Crystal Decoration Mounted

Diamond Mirrored Crystal Decoration Mounted

The Monkey Hook is an easy way to attach a Western Wall Decor or Kitchen Keys / Keyholder Rack. The overall size of the key hanger is 15.6" x 5.9" and the diamond handle hooks are 0.79" in diameter and 0.85" in height. The mirror has a luxurious crushed diamond shape. Back with strong construction. The Deccan is a Deccan. The Love, Modern exquisite style that fits in with a variety of interiors home decoration is provided by the Beveled Silver mirror with crushed diamond love shape and 4 crystal clear diamond hooks. Art Deco style decor is perfect for wall decoration. It's the best for gifting. TILE decoration The package contain screws and anchors and is easy to install. It is a wall hang holder that can be used in the doorway, entryway, hallway, living room, bedroom, dressing room and more. The diamond shape in love makes your walls stand out. The hooks help hang and organize items, such as keys, dog leashes, wallet, scarfs, hats, and other items. Distinctive design includes engraving and Bevel Edging, Diamond-shaped in love, Smooth Glam crushed diamond, Crystal diamond handle hooks, and durable. Service is provided. It is packaged with reinforced materials to make sure it is in perfect condition. If the product has any defects, please contact them. Their pursuit of goals is what makes you happy. Enjoy your shopping. Service is provided. It is packaged with reinforced materials to make sure it is in perfect condition. If the product has any defects, please contact them. Their pursuit of goals is what makes you happy. Enjoy your shopping.

Brand: St3000

👤It was beautiful, but it was broken. I need to get it replaced.

👤Aqu va el primero, m encanto, m daba cmo iba a llegar porque no tena ningn review.

👤It is easy to hang and you will like it if you like the glitter of diamonds.

👤The packaging was great, but sometimes it wasn't secure enough to protect items inside. It looks better than images, but there is glue or something on the inside to keep the diamonds in place, you have to be cleaning it to notice. It adds glamour to my home.

👤My word of the year is "love" and I couldn't have found a better way to display it in my home.

👤I bought this for my bathroom. It looks nice and is perfect for my use. Highly recommend this product.

👤Defecto espacios vacos en la letra E.

👤A beautiful piece. It looks more expensive than it is. I am very happy with this purchase.

4. Command Decorate Damage Free Strips MR13 SS ES

Command Decorate Damage Free Strips MR13 SS ES

You can use them over and over again if you clean them up. There is a hook that holds 4 lbs. Command Hooks by 3M are easy to use and help keep your walls looking beautiful. No tools are required. You can hang hats, bags, dog leashes, scarves, and accessories without using a hammer or nails. Command Hooks are strong and sturdy and can hold on to a variety of indoor surfaces. These wall hooks are perfect to use in your college dorm, apartment, home, and office. These wall hooks are perfect to use in your college dorm, apartment, home, and office.

Brand: Command

👤I love this style and wonder why it isn't more popular. They remind me of hooks you can buy at CB2 for a fraction of the price. If you like modern decor, it's perfect. Don't use the strip that comes with it. It's worth it if you buy the white strips separately. I dislike the way the pull tabs look so I cut them off before applying. To remove, you need to use dental floss between the strip and the wall. If you stick these to a painted wall, hang light things on them. The style is great.

👤I was left without a place to hang my trash bag when my new truck didn't come with a gear shift. I came up with the idea of using a command hook to hang the bag because it was essential for me to have messy children. The husband and I hooked it on to the area of the truck that didn't have texture using a pair of pliers and a paper towel. It works perfectly.

👤I have 4 of these hooks, and they are all sturdy, and seem to be of good quality. They have no flaws. I'm using them as towel hooks, so they have minimal weight, but do not bend when pressed firmly. The hook has strips that are very thin and clear. These do not adhere to wall surfaces with any texture. When sticking to a textured wall, I recommend getting a more typical command strip with the foam core.

👤I don't have a mirror because the hook failed. I heard a crash from the other room and found my mirror in pieces and the hook a few feet away. The hook says it will hold 4 lbs, but my mirror was almost 1 lbs. The sticky strip was still intact. I gave two stars because I liked the product before it failed and there was no mark on the wall. She didn't make it very long, a mark in my heart for my pretty mirror. I circled the hook and mirror as I found the crappy picture. It was a sad day.

👤The metal hook doesn't have glue on it. I hung a very light item that weighs a few ounces on the hook and it keeps falling. I bought two of these to hang a curtain rod and one stick and one doesn't so they are useless. I am sick of Amazon allowing vendors to rip off consumers with cheap garbage from China. I have to return or throw away half of what I buy. Shopping here is a total exercise in futility.

👤Command strips should work like this. The part of the strip you pull on to remove was visible below the hook. Unless you have something hanging on the hook, you won't notice the end of the strip. This may be an issue for you.

👤Command products are great for renters. I used these hooks with rope hanging shelves and they look great. I've decorated several apartments using Command products and have never been charged for wall/paint damage because there is no. A tell-tale sign of a rental is a perfect solution to the bare walls. You don't have to worry about your security deposit if you make your rental look like home. You can change your decor as often as you please without patching or painting. They're great for decorating.

5. Antrader American Single Decorative Colonial

Antrader American Single Decorative Colonial

There is an injection hole in the production cylinder. The injection hole should be installed downwards so that it doesn't affect the appearance. The package contains 10 x Hanger Hooks. 35 x 25mm/ 1.4'' x 1''(L*W) is the total size. 18mm/ 0.7 is the open mouth. 3mm/ 0.12'' is the mounting hole dia. The screw is 12 x 5mm and 0.45'' x 0.2''. The screw is 12 x 5mm and 0.45'' x 0.2''.

Brand: Antrader

👤These are tiny, probably my fault for not realizing.

👤I've been looking for iron hooks for a while. Iron hooks are too thick for hanging household utensils. These are perfect. Hang cleaning items in a narrow pantry. Two more packages were ordered to hang antique garden tools. Cute for a lot of things. They are iron and strong and can be used for a lot of things.

👤The hardware I bought was garbage and wouldn't work in our kitchen. There is no way this could support anything. Any amount of weight will pull it out of the wall. I found a hole in the wall and couldn't hang them. You need a TINY screw driver. I tried predrilling, but it didn't work. Save money. I would have to get a very small screw to use these, and that's not worth the extra money. Cute but not functional.

👤These are great to hang out with.

👤I wanted them for the keys holder my husband made for me. They are small, but they have the measure in their description. They're perfect.

👤The hooks look bigger in the picture. The hooks were too big for me to use. The picture makes them look big.

👤I needed these to hang my curtains. There is no gap for drafts to enter the room because they hold the rod well. I pull the curtains back to the sides when I open them. I don't know how well they'd work if I wanted to open them. They seem to be holding up well.

👤The hooks I ordered were for a jewelry/ scarf holder. I completed my project in no time at all. The hooks were perfect for a craft project but I don't think they'd hold much if they were used to hang heavier objects. The hooks and screws are small. I will order them again if I need more.

👤It can hold a towel. The screw that comes with the hooks is very small. I tried to find a bigger screw, but it didn't fit in the tiny hole on the hook. It's a prime item and there are no returns. Very disappointing.

👤These are small and cute. It's perfect for me to hang my masks and keys. Matching the colors in my room is very pleasing. A great purchase!

6. TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

TBMax Adhesive Hooks Towel Hook

It is possible to hang clothes, hats, bags, umbrellas, towels, and other items in children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom. STRONG ADHESIVE HOOKS -- The thicker the hooks, the stronger they are. It can support more than that. The weight of your stuff doesn't concern you. There is a square wall hook for shower loofahs sponge, towels, pictures, robe, coats, hats, jackets, scarves, keys, purses, kitchen utensils. The heavy duty bath hooks are made of 304stainless steel and have a brushed finish. It is waterproof and rust-resistance. It's perfect for towel hanging in a bathroom or kitchen. The wall hook is easy to install, it just has to be teal off the sticky strip and stick on the wall. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor. There is a wide application. These wall hooks are compatible with any other modern designed home decor.

Brand: Tbmax

👤Absolutely love them! I highly recommend you mark your area prior to sticking or removing small tape area because the glue is very strong. It is not moving as soon as it is applied. I put this in my bathroom so I can update my review after a round of humidity and water exposure. There is a * No changes were made in the 12-13-21 update. The glue is holding just like it did on day one. There is a new word for it.

👤I ordered this because I wanted a simple answer to hanging towels by the shower. The installation was easy. They won't hold much more than a hand towel or a light piece of clothing.

👤These fell off the wall when the temp hit 95 degrees. Not heavy duty. I bought these because they are advertised as heavy duty and rated at 10 lbs weight. I wouldn't use these for more than 2 lbs. Or in cooler temperatures.

👤The design is very sleek and holds up coats and backpacks. Definitely recommend these.

👤I haven't been able to get them to stick on the walls. The shower walls have stayed in place. Depending on your intentions, it is a 50% product.

👤Strong! You should know where you want to put them.

👤It's easy to attach to the wall. Looks nice!

👤It works well for me.

7. Bluelark Adhesive Stainless Hanging Bathroom

Bluelark Adhesive Stainless Hanging Bathroom

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact them or Amazon and they will replace it for free. ShineMe Wall Hook is strong and sturdy, it is not easy to fall off. Each hook can hold up to 7 lbs. The upgrade 304 Stainless Steel is used in theAdhesive Hooks to ensure quality and longevity. It's perfect for any interior home design, like your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, etc. Simply peel off the 3m film from the back of the towel hooks and stick it on a smooth surface, like ceramic tile, metal surface, glass, etc. It can be easily removed with a hair dryer, and no damage to the wall. Hanging jacket, coat, hats, scarves, bags, umbrellas, bathrobes, bath towels, keys, soup ladles, spatula, loofah, kitchen utensils, and so on can be done withhesive hooks. If you want to hang objects on the wall hooks, you need to keep the surface clean, dry and smooth, and rest it for 24 hours. If you want to hang objects on the wall hooks, you need to keep the surface clean, dry and smooth, and rest it for 24 hours.

Brand: Shineme

👤I love these! Our apartment did not have hooks. These are easy to use and match our appliances. I don't have to put holes in the wall because they are 3M.

👤I like these hooks. I use them on my grill to hold my utensils. They look great, and are withstanding the weather.

👤We use these in our RV bathroom to hang towels. They hold up wet towels and stick in the shower.

👤The hooks are stable. They have the ability to hold my camera and backpack. They look great in my room. It's easy to stick it. The quality is good and the price is fair.

👤I loved these hooks until they ripped the wall off. There is a I didn't want to put nail holes in the wall so I ordered these hooks. I have to find a bigger type hook that I can use to cover up the spots where the drywall is torn off. These hooks are used to put towels on. When they are wet, a damp towel is too heavy. I am sure they would be useful for a lighter object.

👤These things stick. It's seriously. They were stuck as soon as they touched the surface. It's important to know exactly where you want them as adjusting is hard and I was afraid of hurting my door. 3M are very heavy and look very nice. They match my bathroom aesthetic nicely. I might buy again.

👤These were used to put on wood doors. The tape did not hold up. The humidity made them fall off. There is a We replaced the old tape with our own double-sided tape. There is a The hooks are very strong. They were not usable out of the box.

👤The heat and water don't affect the strength of these. The size is smaller than I thought.

👤The size of the hooks wasn't what I needed, but they have great customer service, so I will buy again from them. The quality of the product was really good even though the size wasn't what I needed.

8. Porlau Decorative Holdbacks Convenient Draperies

Porlau Decorative Holdbacks Convenient Draperies

The design is intimate. Many buyer reactions. Their products will be slightly heavier for thin curtains. They give away the screw hooks and expansion bolts. You can use it with a hook. The hook can be used to store their products. They will work hard to improve their products. It's not easy to get off the line. Strong and not easy to wear. There are 5 colors to choose from, they are white, gold, silver, and beige. Their products are a little heavier than other styles because they reflect his high-level texture. The magnetic drape holdbacks adopt the newest magnetic design. The screw fixing does not fall off. The power of magnetic is stronger than the competitors. The magnet is upgraded to prevent oxidation. These rope curtain tiebacks are perfect for your bedroom, living room, office and so on, and meet daily use. It's best as a gift or for self use. Rope Diameter- 0.9" is the weight of 2 pack of rope magnetic curtain tiebacks. They offer 30 days free change or return. They will reply within 24 hours. If you have a question when using it, do not worry, you can still contact them. They will solve the problem for you. You can open the package manually. The product should not be opened with scissors.

Brand: Porlau

👤Just one of the screws keeping the magnet in place should be loosened up by a half or full turn. There is a The distance between the two magnets is reduced so that they can latch on with more strength.

👤These were larger than expected. If you don't have big heavy curtains, you will have to wrap them around two times. There are two curtains in the middle of my window. This was the best use for them. They are sturdy and look nice. The magnet is strong.

👤These are thick rope tiebacks. They have issues. The curtains have to be thick for them to not look awkward. The magnets are not strong. They are not folded through one curtain. You have to take your time to make sure they are secured.

👤A nice curtain tie back. I tied back the kitchen curtains so that the sunlight could shine through when I wanted it. It might be too heavy for my curtains. It worked. It is a nice color. I can use the magnetic in many ways. It would work on heavier curtains. Looks nice.

👤I use these to keep my curtains from knocking over when windows are open because we are really windy here. It is stylish and functional.

👤I ordered the white ties, but they ended up being more silvery and metallic in color, which is okay since my curtains are Grey, but might not be okay for someone who actually needed a crisp white color. They were a bit longer than expected. I had to double wrap them to make sure they were secure. They work, but probably wouldn't buy again.

👤I have had that situation for a while now and my kids have gotten at them and survived, so they have to be put together well. They should have come with a top hat and monocle because they hold the curtains back out of the way.

👤I needed these for outdoor gazebo curtains and magnets were too weak, but they were pretty and would be nice on light weight curtains. I tried applying stronger magnet to one side, but it wouldn't hold. I really liked them and they would match up perfect.

👤Magnets are not very strong. If they aren't sitting a certain way, they slip off curtains easily. Simple yet nice design.

9. Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

Shabby Chic Cast Decorative Hooks

It is always the little details that set the tone in a home. Your guests will think they are in a farmhouse with these rustic wall hangers. The scrollwork was forged in cast iron. It's made from high quality cast iron, a uniquely beautiful yet heavy duty accessory that you can use with confidence throughout your home. They are solid in their design and can last a long time. The hooks are secured to the wall with screws. The height is 7 and the width is 3.15. You can hang your hat on these, and there is no limit to where you can use them. Your coat, handbag, keys, towels, and even your bathrobe are included. They have seen these in your hall or entryway holding back drapes and putting up picture frames. The era when functional items were expected to be attractive was inspired by vintage designs. Sturdy cast iron will go anywhere you can imagine, while softly rounded hooks will always treat delicate items like scarves, hats and sweaters with care. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤I bought two sets of hooks for a project. They arrived on time and did not damage anything. They are gorgeous. The only problem I had with this item was the screws. They are not all the way into the precut hole. I bought rounded head screws and they worked perfectly. There was no biggy. The hooks are strong. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I love them! The screws are placed in a good place. They would hold more than the towels we bought. Each piece is unique and makes a nice set.

👤The quality cast-iron wall hangers I used were very classy. I chose the black and silver color because I was happy with it. I was impressed with the weight and size of the hangers. I put it up myself, I am not very handy-girl savvy. I am considering buying another set because the price was perfect. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤These are gorgeous! They're strong. 100% happy with them.

👤It's easy to install and the price is great.

👤It matches my decor very well.

👤Excellent buy for the price. I bought two sets so that I could match the hooks up in a more precise manner. I can have two sets with matching ends. They are made to last a long time.

👤I use these for tie-back holders. They are gorgeous! It was far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

👤I was sad to open the box and see that one of my hooks had been snapped. It's the same hook for most people. I returned the product without any issues. There are two heavy hooks. Nice size too. I think the packaging should be more.

👤The product is good enough for the price, but the finish is not, and I received a Christmas tree that looked like silver. The picture shows the difference between what was received and what my chair was.

👤I was wondering how to hang up my art. I wanted something that was unique and pretty. The hook is strong enough to support it.

👤Me encantaros, se ven hermosos, pero don't worry.

👤Excellent quality and sturdy. Love the look.

10. Dragonfly Antique Decorative Curtain Hooks Brushed

Dragonfly Antique Decorative Curtain Hooks Brushed

Also, note: The Yof rod must not be larger than 1.0 inch or it won't hang. The size of the hooks is 4.52" (115mm). The installation was 1.96" (50mm). The wall hook is made from recycled metal. Sturdy Znic Alloy will go anywhere you can imagine while their softly rounded hooks will always treat delicate items like scarves, hats and sweaters with care. You can hang your hat on these. Your coat, handbag, keys, towels, and even your bathrobe are included. They have seen these in your hall or entryway holding back drapes and putting up picture frames. Their wall mount hooks are a great addition to your home d├ęcor. This is due to the fact that it can fit in your home's entrance, front door or wall space. It captures the attention of everyone who sees it. They make your storage look very attractive. It is easy to mount with the included screws and anchors. Hanging personal items is easy. Thick, rounded hooks won't hurt your belongings. It is easy to mount with the included screws and anchors. Hanging personal items is easy. Thick, rounded hooks won't hurt your belongings.

Brand: Ajaa

👤Dragonflies are said to be good. It's luck. These hooks are beautiful. Several guests commented on them. They are easy to install. It's ridiculously inexpensive. It's a good buy.

👤The set of dragonflies I received look really nice. I haven't hung them up yet but putting them up seems easy. The dragon fly is very strong. They don't seem to bend or warp because of the weight on them. I was hoping that they were more intricate and delicate than they are, but it is probably for the best that they aren't so that the dragon flies can hang up items.

👤When we traded in our previous RV for a newer one, we kept the dragonfly hooks we bought for the bedroom. We needed coat hooks elsewhere in the rig because this one doesn't have a coat closet. The type of dragonfly we were interested in was still available. They are well-made, functional and stylish.

👤It's pretty, perfect for a decorative hook. The hook is strong enough to handle a winter coat, I use these in my bathroom for towels, I don't like towel bars, and the hook is sturdy enough to handle a winter coat. It is easy to mount.

👤Very happy. These are quality metal. I have had them in my bathroom for a couple years now. I am very pleased with the pattern on them. The product is nice.

👤I need something to hang my hats on. They look great.

👤The hooks are very chill. Excellent work. Strong. I'm not sure why they asked me to rate these. I really like them so have another five stars.

👤Cute hooks. I use them as curtain holdbacks.

11. Mounted Decorative Hanging Curtain Tieback

Mounted Decorative Hanging Curtain Tieback

100% after-sale service. Please contact them if you have any questions about their product. Your feedback makes them better, because they will try their best to solve for you. The coat hooks are made of natural agate slices and brass. The size,shape,color and pattern of agate are unique. The agate piece of this wall hook has become a work of art decorating the wall because of its unique shape and pattern. The curtain tieback hook made of high-quality brass is not easy to rust, and the wall-drilling installation makes the hook more load-bearing. The brass hook can carry 10 lbs of weight. The gold wall hook can be used as coat hooks,robe hooks,bag hooks,purse hook,hat hooks and curtain tieback hooks. They can decorate the walls of your home. There are 4 single hooks. The agate width is 1.97-2.76" and the agate hight is 1.18-1.97". Installation instructions and tools are in the box. They will reply within 24 hours. There are 4 single hooks. The agate width is 1.97-2.76" and the agate hight is 1.18-1.97". Installation instructions and tools are in the box. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Cozy Tower

👤They look like they are pictured. They were easy to put up. I gave them 4 stars because I don't want to hang anything that isn't very light from them. I use them to hang Christmas stockings. I will probably take them off of the hooks just to be safe once I have filled the stocking. I'm happy with how they look. Would purchase again.


What is the best product for decorative wall hook silver?

Decorative wall hook silver products from Mdply. In this article about decorative wall hook silver you can see why people choose the product. Spectrum Diversified and St3000 are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall hook silver.

What are the best brands for decorative wall hook silver?

Mdply, Spectrum Diversified and St3000 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall hook silver. Find the detail in this article. Command, Antrader and Tbmax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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