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1. TENEWEE Macrame Mirror Hanging Decorative

TENEWEE Macrame Mirror Hanging Decorative

If the round mirror is broken as it arrives, please contact them to get a full refund or a replacement. The application is for something. It's a perfect addition to any wall. It's suitable for rustic and bohemian. This mirror is perfect for decorating the wall in a bedroom apartment or living room. Perfect gift for housewarming gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, or for their family or friends. The total diameter is 17.7" and the mirror is 9.8". The Hook on the back is ideal for a quick and easy installation. It's easy to hang up. It's easy to hang wall hooks or screws with 2 hook and 1 comb.pls kindly comb the macrame tapestry before you hang it up, so that it will looks more beautiful. Materials: Each piece of mirror is made of 100% cotton and high-definition.

Brand: Tenewee

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I'm not usually one to buy something on Amazon without reading reviews, but I'm glad I did. The mirror is well packaged. The seller takes care to deliver a beautiful and in tact product to the customer. I will be returning for more items in the future.

👤I am an artist. The art room is hippie. There are a lot of hanging plants. The mirror is great with hippie items. I've never seen anything like that before. Looks like it was made by a real hippie. Adding interest and drama. Love it.

👤The mirror is messed up, so I want to hang it in my entry way. I will write another review soon.

👤Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself.

👤It works well in my gallery wall. I am loving the bohemian decor.

👤The design idea is small. It's nice for a bedroom.

👤Exactly as pictured. Prompt delivery.

👤It was pretty in her study.

2. MI HER Authentic Paulownia Hardware

MI HER Authentic Paulownia Hardware

There is a hook included. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Their cute Moon Mirrors are made with real glass and have a crystal clear reflection. Their product is different from most other products because it has a warped and unclear reflection. The moon wall decor is made from authentic Paulownia wood. The wooden frame has a glass mirror in it. Their product is different from most other products in that mirrors are not glue on the wood. Easy installation. The moon phase wall decor has a pre-mounted hook on the back of the mirror to keep the elements flat and secure against the wall. Installation is easy in any room of the house. The perfect gift is the unique and appealing design of their moon phase mirror set. The living room is perfect. This is the perfect gift for someone. Buy this for your friends, family, or anyone who loves spiritual room decor, or a bohemian mirror wall decoration. They believe that you will be over the moon with your purchase. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like your purchase. They are certain that you will love the new moon room decor.

Brand: Mi & Her

👤The mirrors are beautiful. Real glass too! These are the real deal, not the cheap ones that are out there. Excellent quality mirrors are what they are. You can get all the hardware you need with the hooks on the back. They are cool.

👤This is not true. The wood is thick and it is glass. It is not glass. The image was warped and the glass was stuck to a thin piece of wood. The little mounting piece in the back is not in the pictures. They give you cheap stickers. This isn't worth the price.

👤I hung the first set and it cracked after a week. There is a I decided to not complain because I didn't notice the defect when I hung it. I have to replace it with a second set. Just replace the broken one. I walked into the bedroom today and saw the cracked one. The exact same two shapes are having the same issue, so I believe there is a defect in the way the product is made. It is cute, but it looks stupid with a missing piece, and at this price point it is not worth the cost of 3 sets. It was disappointing. I have never experienced anything like this before. It has freaked us out.

👤The product was better than I anticipated. I dropped a star because the middle circle is warped. I didn't buy these for putting makeup on, so that's worth dropping a star. We used a piece of double sided tape on the bottom of the back to correct the angle of one of the hangers, which was slightly off center. It isn't crooked. We are very happy with the result.

👤I like the way they were packaged, it was very tight, and they were correct about the Mira being not just glue to the wood, but inside of it. They are not cheap looking. They are not professional looking either. They worked well for what I was looking for and I put them on my wall in my living room.

👤These aren't real mirrors. There are distortions in all the pieces. The scoring/cutting of the "mirrors" must have been done with a blunt instrument. The wood is made from rough wood fibers that splinter easily. There is a They are very light. A nail is enough to hang them. There is a If you hang them high enough, you won't be bothered by seeing yourself with either a large chin or a long nose, depending on the shoes you wear. I used furniture markers and gilding wax to make them look like the oak mantle over our fireplace, and I also made them match the color of the furniture.

👤This is not worth 40 dollars. There are flaws all over the place and mirrors do not fit correctly. Adding the mirrors and wood has many defects, improper fit, and chips in both wood and mirror, black stringy glue. Wood is not of good quality. This is not an $8 Dollar General buy. Go for a cheaper one if you want to.

3. Kelly Miller Brushed Mirrors Decorations

Kelly Miller Brushed Mirrors Decorations

The hanging moonchild wall decor features the moon phases and is crafted with care. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase. They're happy to help. There are gold wall darts. The hanging mirrors have a small triangle hook so they can be hung easily on a wall. The metal frame is strong and can help to protect the mirror from being broken. You can decorate several rooms with the set of 3 wall mirrors. To make the wall look unique, you can hang them all on the same wall. They can be used with other wall decors in your home. The circle wall mirrors measure 12x12x0.5 inch and are in different colors so they can go with a range of background colors. Round hanging mirrors are ideal for decorating a room. Modern style mirror sets give you a unique style to your home. They combine with other styles such as vintage style, retro style and industrial style. They are perfect as ornaments for the house. Great gifts are perfect for being gifted because they come in a white box. Birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day are perfect times to give gifts to women friends. This is a great gift for your wife, grandmother, friends or mom.

Brand: Kelly Miller

👤I love these! So cute! I would buy again.

👤Two of them were given to friends who were nice to them.

👤Was expecting a better result. The general dollars have them for just over ten dollars. Disapointed.

👤It will be cute in her room.

👤The first thing my mom said when she ordered them was that they were cheap, like something from the dollar store. They look good, but be aware that they are made of a slightly flexible plastic.

👤It was worth the price. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤It is made of plastic. They are not metal. The metallic finish is convincing.

👤It was important to us that it was light and portable, as we rent and can't be bolting things to walls. Our bedroom wall has a nice feature. Good quality product and also came with a mirror cleaning cloth.

👤The little mirrors are great. Excellent price. I was looking for something that looked great on any wall. Or separated. Very happy with them. Well packaged. It arrived quickly.

👤Not what I was expecting, but ok.

4. Stickers Decorative Acrylic Plastic Decoration

Stickers Decorative Acrylic Plastic Decoration

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their mission is to provide their customer top-quality mirrors at affortable prices as well as a great consumer experience. Let them know if your purchase doesn't meet your expectations and they'll give you a full refund. Please let them know if you have any questions about the product or service. They will make it right. Plastic mirror tiles are made of premium material. Please peel the protective film off the surface before you use it. The product can not be used as a mirror. This product is decorative. . It is easy to install, it is ideal to decorate different occasions like sofa wall, window, door, tiles, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and office. It's easy to paste and replant. The wall mirror stickers can be fixed with double sides stickers. The mirror title stickers are 2mm in thickness. It is lightweight and durable. Just peel off the protective films and stick them to the surface. It can not fall off easily. There areIDE applications. It's ideal to decorate bathroom, living room, TV backdrop, door, cabinet, children room, bedroom and sofa wall.

Brand: Beser Lee

👤The image shown to advertise is not accurate. The product is closer to 12 in length when you get it, each square fits in your hand.

👤I bought more as I stated in the previous review. All of them make a great full length mirror. The photo is about 3 orders. The other photo is easy to use. Adheres well! Adding a decorative touch to any decor is an inexpensive way to do it. I plan to order 2 more orders. Great find!

👤They are easy to install, but also smudge up, and destroyed the wall when I tried to place it in another position. Will have to paint the entire area. Beware! I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I got this for my child's activity room and was pleasantly surprised. It's easy to stick on and move around. The mirror's quality is great once you remove the protective film. It is a bonus for anyone who has safety in mind to know that it is not glass.

👤I didn't want to pay a lot of money for a mirror for the drawer, but these mirrors did the job and were very easy to use.

👤I would return them, but they are taking the paint off my wall. I am hoping that I can get over the wavy look, instead of taking them down painting and finding an alternative decoration. I didn't know it was wavy until I put the mirrors in the wall.

👤You would expect the mirrors to be bigger when you see a chair and mirror. Their not! waste of money!

👤These aren't 7.48" wide. They have a metal ruler and a calibrated caliper. Not large enough for what I bought them for.

5. Stonebriar Turquoise Decorative Ceramic Hanging

Stonebriar Turquoise Decorative Ceramic Hanging

The mirror is 9 in diameter and the glass mirror is only 4.7 in diameter. The floral design ceramic frame of the accent mirror has a glossy antique turquoise finish. The rubber backing on the mirror keeps it safe from damage. The accent mirror is easy to install with a nail or wall hook. The mirror can be hung on its own or used with other accent mirrors from Stonebriar.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤The back of the mirror fell off the wall after five minutes, hitting the marble sink and shattering. My 5 year old had been standing in front of the sink, brushing his teeth, when the mirror broke, and I am disappointed that we wasted money. I am thankful that we only had a broken mirror and a chip sink, but still very disappointed in this product.

👤The mirror is good. The metal back part that is hung will come off as it is not secure. If you glue it on or tape it on, it will fall off the wall.

👤It was part of a trio in my kitchen. It looks bigger than it is. The mirror in my home picks up on the vintage beach vibe we have going on. I am very pleased with the quality and look of it.

👤The design is cute and looks great with my farmhouse decor, but the mirror is off center. It looks cheap with it being that way. The center has a raised edge and is one side. I was going to hot glue it in the center, but I was afraid it would break the mirror.

👤The frame portion is nice, but the mirror quality is terrible. It is like looking in a mirror. It is better if you are close to it. I bought this for my office, so it will still do the job, but I am not impressed.

👤I bought this item in three different colors. I had to change my design scheme because they are larger than I expected. They are thick and easy to climb up on the wall. I am very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it.

👤It was packaged well and the color was true.

👤Our bathroom update is perfect. It's sturdy and good quality, perfect for a small wall. I would recommend this mirror to anyone who is looking for a little something to fill a spot.

👤This is what I wanted to make my little bathroom look better. I'm very happy with the package, it arrived in time and was well packaged. I bought some glue to refasten the hook but I didn't have to bother with it. I would recommend it.

👤Este espejo est uno de los funciones. The broche metlico is a problem because it is a part of the trasera. Tuve una pegamento. Para pegarlo y después de eso funcion.

👤I love this mirror! I use it in the kitchen with other turquoise accents. I use a live edge olive wood cutting board. I hung two pairs of command strips just to be safe.

👤A small mirror. If you have a bigger space to fill, you should get a larger option. The mirror is just ok, but ceramic is solid, heavy and good quality. There is a pretty colour called Dusty Rose. It was well packaged and secured.

👤I'm sad that this is so small. It is not big. I assumed the mirror was bigger than it is. It is ceramic. So it's on the heavy side. One of the other reviews said it makes a great hallway mirror, and I think that may be a good use. Waiting on the hooks to hang it.

6. Funly Mee Decorative Farmhouse 9 9X9 9in

Funly Mee Decorative Farmhouse 9 9X9 9in

Great gifts are perfect for being gifted because they come in a white box. Birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day are perfect times to give gifts to women friends. This is a great gift for your wife, grandmother, friends or mom. The wooden frame has a real nautical rope hanger. A perfect accent mirror adds charm to your rooms. The rope mirror is easy to install with a wall hook or screw. The mirror is made of solid wood and rope. This small mirror has dimensions of 9.9"W x 9.9"Hx.

Brand: Funly Mee

👤My son is happy in his room. The mirrors are wonderful. Thank you! Excellent quality.

👤I needed a mirror to match my nautical foyer and this was perfect, not a huge size but just right for what I needed it for and the rope handle gave the look I was going for! There is a I can check my lipstick before I leave the house. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I like this product. I ordered two of them. One was what I ordered. The broken rope was not worth sending back. It could be better but it could be worse.

👤Love the mirrors. They complement my decor. The room is still being finished.

👤It is a large piece of decor. It was from recycled materials. It's exactly where I needed it to go.

👤Seashells are hot on this mirror. And it's gorgeous!

👤The mirror is nice size and fitted where I need it. My vet price arrived quickly, it looks nice.

👤The mirror doesn't have hardware. It's annoying to have to spend more money on hardware.

👤Je cherchais chose pour combler mon mur et je suis tomber sur ceoir. Livraison rapide et trs emballé pour la protection du miroir. Je recommande.

👤It's perfect for our guest bath.

7. Dahey Hanging Macrame Decorative Apartment

Dahey Hanging Macrame Decorative Apartment

There is no assembly required. The bohemian mirror has a fascinating mystery that blends fashion and home decor. The round shape mirror with macram fringee is a minimalist design. The desk is a great place to show its features in entryway, living room, bedroom or any type of room decor. The mirror shape has macrame fringe. The macrame mirror will make your room look better. Best gifts for lovers of bohemian culture. The total diameter is 13 and the mirror is about 5.5". The wall decoration is nice. It is a very nice hanging looking wall decoration.

Brand: Dahey

👤The mirror has a sticker on it reminding you to remove the film. I tried to remove it, but it was wrapped around the mirror before being glue down.

👤The mirrors are perfect for reflecting natural light. They add a bohemian vibe to the room. The plastic over the mirrors was hard to remove.

👤I added them to the rest of my room decor and I love them.

👤Amazon me a decorar, estilo bojo rstico y estos hermosos fueron el toque final!!

👤They are nice. It was smaller than I had thought.

👤The plastic over mirror was difficult to take off, but it was packaged well and secure. I had to brush the fringe out. So cute! I look great in my office.

8. Mirrors Decorative Accessories Bathroom Style0006

Mirrors Decorative Accessories Bathroom Style0006

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, contact them within 30 days and they will fix it or give you a full refund. The hanging mirror can be hung on the wall since it has an eyelet. The plastic frame is lightweight and durable. These decorative gold mirrors are bright gold and are easy to match with a variety of color schemes. The round hanging mirror is a great accessory. There is a pack of 3 pieces. You can use each small mirror to decorate several rooms, or you can put them all on the same wall to give a unique and personalized style. They are great wall decorations for living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, lounges and offices. Vintage Decor- The round retro mirror set is a great addition to your home. They are also combined with other decorative styles. They are perfect for home accessories and ornaments. These are ideal for a gift because they come in a beautiful package that is perfect for being gifted. Gifts for women on their birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day. This is a great gift for your wife, grandmother, girlfriend or mom.

Brand: Cityelf

👤Have a plan and look forward to using the stat mirrors to finish it.

👤I really like these... They are plastic but heavy. This mirror set is highly recommended. Buying another set is something that will be planned on. It's a good thing.

👤The accent mirrors are small and good value.

👤It completes my living room look and I love looking at it.

👤It was very impressive for the cost. There is a It's incredibly easy to install.

👤Super lindo y facil de instalar tiene buen lejos.

👤The items were too big for what I needed.

9. Umbra Dima Mirrors Trio Decorative

Umbra Dima Mirrors Trio Decorative

The original gift is perfect for being a present because it comes in a beautiful package. Gifts for women on their birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day. This is a great gift for your wife, grandmother, girlfriend or mom. Unanswered questions and consequences: The hardware used to hang the mirrors is part of their charm and makes them great. The three decorative mirrors were created by Sung Wook Park for UMBRA. It is possible to make it custom. Individual diamond-shaped mirrors are available in black or copper and can be used to create reflective wall décor. Eye-catching hardware. The mirrors are suspended by dainty chains and rounded knobs, with a button-like quality. The material is metal or mirror.

Brand: Umbra

👤I was able to adjust the chain to stager them, as I was trying to figure out what to hang under my staircase. I bought a second box thinking 6 would look good, because the first box was not enough. It appeared to be crammed, so it had four mirrors. It was able to finish the room.

👤It was easy to put up. I've been looking for something simple and modern for the dining area. This is affordable and perfect.

👤Looks great. I initially bought copper and then bought black. It was easy to turn the knob to drive the screws, but you can't use a screwdriver if you have arthritis.

👤I put them in the bathroom. They are easy to install and the mirrors are perfect.

👤It was nice to go with my new bedroom theme. I like the screw in the "knobs" that are the mirrors' hangers.

👤I love these! Absolutely worth the money. Good quality!

👤These are perfect. Excellent quality and very stylish.

👤It's easy to put up and add character.

👤I'm starting to decorate a long corridor in this type of wall art and I'm happy because there is no damage and all parts are well packed and protected. I recommend.

👤We needed a mirror that would fit all of us and this trio was perfect. No more standing on top toes looking in the mirror.

👤I got this set of mirrors in black and they look great and are very classy, but also a little different from the normal mirrors, so if you are wondering weather to get them, just do it.

👤I wanted something different for my spare room. The mirrors look great and you can fit them in to what you want.

10. Square Rustic Decorative Wall Mirror

Square Rustic Decorative Wall Mirror

Home gifts or bequests are possible. This simple yet elegant round mirror is a perfect solution if you are looking for a makeup mirror in your bathroom, bedroom, dressing room or for a decorative piece in your entryway, hallway, office or living room. It's perfect for Christmas and holiday gifts. The frame is made of Fiberboard and the wall decor is full of fashion. The farmhouse mirror is a great accent piece. HANG IT anywhere. The wall mirror can be hung on any wall you want without any mess. 2 PCS mirrors are packed in a cardboard box. They will make sure their mirrors are perfect. Their rustic wall mirror set is the perfect choice for you, whether you are moving into a new home or looking for a gift. The overall dimensions are 12 inches in length and 12 inches in height. The perfect size for decoration is a fireplace, dining room, living room, bedroom, entry way, hallways, etc. Their wall mirror comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, if you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Zzicen

👤It was easy to install and a great value.

👤The mirrors are worth every penny. They packed and shipped them with care.

👤The frame and pattern is not real wood. If it looked nice, it would be ok. It was a poor job. This looks nice from about 6' away. When you get up close, the frame looks cheap. I've seen a lot of it. There is a The mirrors are clear. The mirrors can be hung as squares or diamonds with brackets on the back.

👤I have had them hanging in my kitchen wall for a week now and they are holding up. The mirrors add a touch of sophistication. They look pretty despite the color, but I would go perfect with my decor, so I am thinking of taking them apart and painting them. My order was well packaged and arrived on time.

👤These two wall mirrors are a great addition to my living room. The wood part is light and not heavy. For self-use, they are a little cheap, but for temporary decoration, they are economically friendly. I am satisfied with the products.

👤Cute wall decorations are made well. Would recommend.

👤The idea came from a previous picture. There is a I was glad I did. The wall mirrors look great with the Rustic wall Sconces. I put stones in the jars. Very happy with the way they look together.

11. Mirrored Geometric Farmhouse Apartment Bathroom

Mirrored Geometric Farmhouse Apartment Bathroom

If the mirror has defects, please feel free to contact them. They will give you a solution asap. There are 2 pieces of bevel squares in the package, in different attractive designs, enough to satisfy your various needs for enhancing your room decorations, able to brim your room with a sense of art and beauty. The square decorative mirror are made of quality acrylic material, they are hard to break and deform, as clear as crystal. You need to remove the protective film from the mirror surface before using it. Each mirrored artwork is about 12 x 12 inches and can be applied to decorate both indoor and outdoor walls, or you can use it with your imagination. It is easy to use, there is a layer of glue on the back of the mirror art, and you can tear off the glue protection paper to make it stick to any place you want. You can use the mirrored wall decor to add an elegant and gorgeous touch to your room, so you can stick it on the cabinet, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, office or anywhere for wall decoration.

Brand: Qunclay

👤I think of these as foil cutouts because they are thin and filmy, but they are cute. I plan to add a bead board back to the wall to give it more depth and to make it look like an art piece. The designs are cute. It came with two.


What is the best product for decorative wall mirror set?

Decorative wall mirror set products from Tenewee. In this article about decorative wall mirror set you can see why people choose the product. Mi & Her and Kelly Miller are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall mirror set.

What are the best brands for decorative wall mirror set?

Tenewee, Mi & Her and Kelly Miller are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall mirror set. Find the detail in this article. Beser Lee, Stonebriar and Funly Mee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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