Best Decorative Wall Mirror with Shelf

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1. Stone Beam Vintage Look Sliding Window

Stone Beam Vintage Look Sliding Window

Each wood window frame has a dimensions of 31.5” x 15.75” The mirror is mounted on an iron rod and hangs on your wall. It slides side to side. Black hardware and distressed white finish complement classic, rustic, modern and even industrial styles. A vintage finish with a touch of modern and industrial. Glass, wood frame, black iron rod. 18.25"W x 1.25"D x 32.75"H Don't get wet. Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Brand: Stone & Beam

👤I was very excited about this item. I have holes in my wall and a mirror that protrudes at the bottom because the support bar at the top is not large enough to hang flush. Very disappointed.

👤I had to screw the bottom of the bar to the wall after 3 hours of reinventing it with drills and grinders, because the rollers were not long enough to hang it.

👤There are a couple things to note about this mirror. The screws don't match the rest of the hardware. When I was done, I had to take a black sharpie. The way you hang it will require 2 people. The mirror is very heavy. I was surprised.

👤Terrible. There was a mirror on the wall. The iron rod is not close to the wall. Terrible disappointment.

👤The mirror is perfect. The rollers are moving. Some reviewers said it was too close to the wall and the bottom was sticking out. I did not have that problem, mine hangs perfectly. I am very happy I took a chance. It is a good buy for the price.

👤I don't think this will be back in stock. I paid $22 for an open item package, so I was not upset. The mirror doesn't lie against the wall as other reviewers state. I am married to an engineer. He did some welding, which helped a bit, but we still had to put double sided Velcro on the bottom of the mirror to make it fit on the wall. If you have 2 hours to spare, you can modify this thing and a welder, but don't buy it for $90.

👤I absolutely adore these! It requires some assembly and a set of tools to assemble it. Excellent quality. I loved them so much in the dining room. They make great accent pieces.

👤I ordered two of these at the same time, they both arrived the same day. One of the bars is against the wall and the other is free from it when I hang them up. This looks out of place as they are hanging up in the bathroom. You can see that the mirror sits freely on the bar, but if you put the rollers on the mirror, you will not be able to get it. I would love to be able to contact the seller to see if they can replace one of the bars.

2. Umbra Decorative Entryway Circular Natural

Umbra Decorative Entryway Circular Natural

Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Rustic piece from FirsTime & Co. The mirror works well in a variety of different spaces, with its wood frame adding a warmth and its semi-circle shape delivering the unexpected, it looks great in an entryway, bedroom, living room or powder room. The mirror can help a room appear larger, by helping light bounce around, making a space seem bigger and airier. The design was created by Lauren Reed. Mira is 21 12 x 20 34 x 1 12 inches.

Brand: Umbra

👤I was looking for a mirror that was minimalist and not gaudy, but not cheap-looking either. I didn't want to spend a lot. The mirror by Umbra looked like it would fit the bill and photos of it hanging in people's homes seemed to confirm that. I already had a few Umbra-made products at home and had a good impression of the brand. I have not been disappointed with the mirror. Installation was easy. The guest bedroom doesn't get a lot of natural light and this mirror makes it brighter. There is a When my wife and I watched the show Homecoming, I was reassured that I made the right choice, and I noticed the mirror in the set design. My attempts to convince my wife that I have an eye for design and should be given free rein over the entire house have been unsuccessful.

👤This is for a bathroom mini Reno. It is chic and classy. Installation was a two person job and it was easy to do. I love this mirror. It looks great.

👤The mirror rattles inside the wood and there is a black mark on it. This didn't meet my expectations and that's bad for the money.

👤I was so nervous that the mirror was the same size as other mirrors. It is so beautiful that I don't think it's possible. I love it!

👤I love my new mirror. I wanted a simple statement piece to be above my bed. I found a gem. It was a bit annoying because you don't have wiggle room and have to get the measurements just right. It was a little heavy to hold it up and measure at the same time, so please ask another person to help you! I think it is beautiful. It is the perfect size, affordable, and the wood adds the best modern accent. I can't wait to show it off.

👤The curved base and circular mirror were the only pieces that came with me. There were no mounting instructions for the two pieces. It looks great in the picture. I can't figure out how to hang it without the mirror falling off.

👤I love this mirror. It is well made, sturdy, easy to hang, and packs a serious design punch, I have never been happier with an Amazon purchase.

👤I love this mirror. Not the same thing. The frame doesn't go all the way around the mirror. My bathroom is white with charcoal floors and I needed a texture and a color that isn't really a color. The wood is light and strong.

👤The mirror finished off my bathroom. Very happy with the size and quality.

👤The mirror is nicer than I thought. I have a good looking mirror in the downstairs utility wc, but it is the only space I have.

👤The mirror is the finishing touch on the hallway. It's easy to fit.

👤I am really pleased with this modern mirror and it looks nice and neat on the wall, but the mirror glass could have been better.

3. LOSOUR Decorative Mirror Distressed Windowpane Farmhouse

LOSOUR Decorative Mirror Distressed Windowpane Farmhouse

It's the perfect finishing touch. Give your space a country upgrade and the perfect focal point with an elegant Distressed Wood Windowpane Mirror. Features: There is a piece of glass that is divided into 9 sections by distressed wood. The bottom has a decorative handle. There is a decree. This piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. There is information. The wooden wall mirror is easy to install. It was made from wood and glass. The measurement is 23"W x 18"L. Their service is available. If you are dissatisfied, replace or full refund. Problems will be responded to within 12 hours. Their service is available. If you are dissatisfied, replace or full refund. Problems will be responded to within 12 hours.

Brand: Losour

👤The mirror was loose and the picture clasps on the back were malfunctioning. I would put it in an area that it won't get wet. I reached out to the company and they were great. Really nice business to deal with. There is a The company was supposed to send a replacement after I updated my review. They didn't do anything after the review was submitted.

👤I like this mirror. It looks good in my living room. I didn't put the handle on. I tied the 4 little holes. It looks great!

👤I like this. I saw it for over a hundred dollars, but I couldn't believe the price difference. It arrived quickly and was well packed. I like it.

👤A room with few windows has a mirror in it. It's small and works great with the rustic decor in my office. It is easy to hang.

👤I like the mirror. It was what I was looking for to make our home brighter. It is by the coat closet and the door to the garage. We have a patio door across from us that helps make the hallway brighter. The function of being able to hang a wreath on the handle is something we like. We will put hooks on the bottom of it to hold our keys.

👤These are easy to hang. Excellent quality. It is absolutely beautiful for the price. Highly recommended!

👤The product was mailed. The frame was missing black hardware, but holes were drilled for it. The frame will probably stay together even though one corner is not as strong as the others. There are 2 hook options on both sides of the product. The frame and mirror were safe because of the packaging. Will ask for an exchange in product and hope for a better one to come, otherwise will ask for a full refund.

👤This mirror is amazing. I was concerned about the quality. I was looking for a mirror that was vintage but couldn't find it. I was surprised at the quality of the mirror. I could smell the wood when I opened the box. It was packaged so it wouldn't break. I love that it has an aging effect. It looks like a vintage mirror. Excellent!

👤They are perfect! I was looking for something like this for a long time and found it to be expensive. When I saw these and the price, I decided to buy them. I'm very happy with them. It's a steal for the price. It has different style hooks on the back, top and bottom. I preferred the style hooks better on the top and switched what was on the bottom to them. The black handle was easy to screw on. You just need a screwdriver. They are distressed looking and are suitable for a farmhouse or rustic style home. I like that style decor. I think they would be great for those with a farmhouse style home. I do what I want. There is a One of my purchases on Amazon. The seller sent a cute little note which is always sweet. Will be looking at other things made by the seller. Thank you so much!

4. MX Home Wall Mirrored Bedroom Bathroom

MX Home Wall Mirrored Bedroom Bathroom

This antique windowpane inspired mirror can be used to make a room look larger. One of their best sellers is the simple yet elegant 18" x 24" beveled rectangle. A clean edge. Their solid core wood backing is used for reinforcement and stability. Cheap brands can have warping and distortion. The high-end silver mirror could eliminate the distortion found in low-end mirrors. The smooth edges of the mirror are hand polished to enhance their beauty. Their authentic silver backed glass is easy to install and has safety polished edges. Glass is mounted to wood. All mirrors come with wall hardware and screws to hang both vertically and horizontally. The style is Moorish. The bright wall mirror brings modern style to your home. The sleek and simple design is eye catching. A perfect addition to your home. 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any issues with your new wall mirror, they will make a full refund for you, please feel free to send them an email. You don't have to risk it.

Brand: Kohros

👤The mirror was ordered for the bathroom. I finally ordered this one and it is perfect. It survived being in a construction site. The size and quality of the mirror are great. You can tell that the craftsmanship is very high quality, and it really stands out in my bathroom, and for the price, just get it.

👤We renovated our bathroom and were looking for a mirror to match the subway tile. The mirror is easy to install. The wall can be popped on by the beveled edge. It took about 10 minutes to install.

👤I bought a mirror to look over my make up mirror in the bathroom. It looks better in person. I love how it has a character and is unique. This can be a traditional or modern addition to a room. I was not sure how it would look in my bathroom, but it looks great. There is a It can be hung either vertically or horizontally. It's a great value. There is a The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because it wasn't thick or sturdy as I expected. I have to give it time to work.

👤The mirror finish is coming off around the bottom edge of the mirror I have for less than a year. 30 day guarantee I got 5$ credit. Looking for a new mirror.

👤The mirror should not have the same mounting system as advertised. The mirrors I ordered came with different mounts. This mattered to me because I was installing them above a bathroom Vanity. I wanted them to be flush on the wall. The mounts that these mirrors came with are terrible.

👤I like the mirror. The only problem with it is that the nail holes on the back are not level. If you don't know a lot of math, it's hard to mount this thing straight and where you want it on the wall. If you fix that problem, you'll get 5 stars.

👤There were obvious spots underneath the glass surface of the two mirrors I ordered. They are very cheap and lightweight. They had sticky streaks on them that were difficult to remove. You get what you pay for. They will make your bathroom look cheap. I would return them. I have large holes in my house.

👤The mirrors were ordered for a bathroom renovation. They were in mint condition when they arrived. The packaging was well done and there was little chance for damage to the mirrors. The mirrors are beautiful and have nice edges. They are an accent to any room. There is a We couldn't use the mirrors because they were too small for our needs, but I would definitely buy them again.

5. Hlartdecor Frameless Decorating 31 5X31 5inches Decorative

Hlartdecor Frameless Decorating 31 5X31 5inches Decorative

We have a high-quality after-sales service to make sure that your mirror won't be damaged. They are here to make you happy if you have any problems. There is a hexagonal silver helicoid wall decor mirror. A wall mirror with small slices around. HFY mirror in home. The decorative mirror has small polished slices mirror around the rim. The edges are carefully beveled. It is clean and modern. The product is more stable and safety due to the solid wood backing design. The helicoid mirror is easy to install. You can hang the mirror on the wall with the help of the two hanger on the back of the mirror. You can combine two helicoid mirrors and hang them on the wall for a more personalized and charming style. The wall mirror can be a stylish mirror for bathroom, living room, bohemian wall decor, gypsies decoration style,mid-century wall decor, bedroom mirror, decorative mirror in office and shop. PROFESSIONAL PACKAGED: The mirror is in a box. Their strong packaging makes sure that your products are in perfect condition. If there is a defect, please contact them. Their constant pursuit is your satisfaction. Enjoy your shopping.

Brand: Fywdglart

👤The mirror is easy to hang.

👤The mirror is well designed. Well wrapped, it arrived. The work was done in the bathroom. A piece of the mirror fell off its backing and hit the wall. There is no more available. Someone else may have returned this item. Too late to come back. It could be the worst of hundreds of purchases. I won't do that again.

👤This is what it looked at. It opened up our room and made it look larger.

👤Absolutely love this mirror. It is not difficult to hang. You will need some help. It is a great value for what you pay.

👤The first time I bought this mirror, there were 2 small chips in the small side mirrors. I returned it hoping the second mirror would come in 1 piece. The 2nd mirror was worse than the 1st. There were 2 large broken pieces on the sides. It's a shame because the mirror is beautiful, and I am not sure if it's qualitycontrol. Very disappointing.

👤The backing was strong. The black velvet lining is 1/2 inch thick. It was well made. It's elegant anywhere it's displayed.

👤The way the glass is laid makes a room look better.

👤Me sper hermoso tal, lo quiero esperaba. Fcil de instalar.

6. Kate Laurel Stallard Decorative Organizer

Kate Laurel Stallard Decorative Organizer

The wall mirror has metal double hooks and 3 pockets. Cubbies are 7 inches wide with a 1.75 inch lip and can be labeled. The label paper is not included. The item is ready for hanging and includes two pre-attached keyhole hangers. The wood has metal hooks and label holders. The outer dimensions are 24 inches across. The item's depth is 3.5 inches. The outer dimensions are 24 inches across. The item's depth is 3.5 inches.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤I bought this to hang at the entrance to my mud room in hopes that my teenage boys would grab a brush or hair gel if they saw their bed head on the way out the door. I like being able to check my appearance on the way out, even though it has failed in that objective. I like that it has small hooks where I can hang my own things, which makes it much easier to find when I leave them in the mud room. I hung it over a small boot bench that was made from an old pallet. I only have one side of a stud, so I only hang the heavier things on the left. I use wood glue to hold the screw in place on the right side of the wall because the drywall anchor that it came with was not great and one fell out the other side. Unless you have both sides in studs, it wouldn't be a good idea for it to hold heavy coats and backpacks.

👤Great for masks and keys. You don't want to forget things when you leave the house, so the upper pockets are good for wallet and other things. You can use a stud finder, but it won't give you the materials to mount it. When I first installed it, I messed up, but I did extra wall mounting supplies around.

👤Love it. I needed to get all the stuff off my little entryway table. The finish is pretty and warm. It seems very well made. I didn't remove a star for superficial damage at the top of the wood frame because you can't see it when it's on the wall. It is worth the money.

👤I am in love with my new mirror. It's a good place to leave the keys near the door so they don't get lost. The little pockets are perfect for things you don't want to forget. The quality is amazing, but I didn't think about the price. However, if was worth it for me.

👤I was too late to return after leaving town. The frame doesn't line up, it's much less sturdy. A good brand is usually a good brand. I did my research. Not typical but betting is faulty. So disappointed.

👤The quality is good for the price, and this mirror is nice looking. It arrived on time. The wood has three slots and hooks. I put it in the mudroom to make it easier to adjust scarves and hats in the winter. I would highly recommend this mirror.

👤I had everything I needed to organize myself. Love the mirror. Great by the back door.

👤The mirror is near the door. It was a good size since it only had a small amount of wall space. It is a dull brown. If you don't like the color, you can probably paint it with a coat or two of varnish. I wouldn't hang things on the hooks. It isn't solid wood. $106 is a little high. It is a nice design. It came in perfect condition and was well packaged. I received it. All in a good product so far.

7. 24x36 Distressed Windowpane Wall Mirror

24x36 Distressed Windowpane Wall Mirror

The perfect size is 16” x 12” and looks great on any wall. You can easily change its placement with the size. The rustic wall mirror is the perfect focal point for any décor. It is 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall. Hangs securely on any surface with two industrial strength d ring hangers or lean it against a wall. It was finished in a distressed white for an antique effect. This antique windowpane inspired mirror can be used to make a room look larger.

Brand: Patton Wall Decor

👤I was afraid to order a large mirror from Amazon, but it was packaged securely and arrived without a scratch. It's a great value for the price, and it's a lot nicer than the picture shows. Very happy and relieved.

👤The mirror is pretty. I wanted to go above my entry way table. We are going to hang it soon, but haven't gotten the chance yet. We needed different wall anchors because it is heavier than we thought. If you're debating on buying a mirror just buy it.

👤The mirror is beautiful! I ordered two and I was very happy with them. Excellent quality.

👤I love this mirror. I thought it would be bigger but it works. It is a great price for what it is. This would have cost double.

👤I bought this for the size and the visual aestetics. I knew the distressed white wouldn't complement my decor, so I would paint over it with paint that matched my walls. I was easy to paint over. There are two triangle hooks on the back of the mirror that can be hung by. The only reason I am giving this four instead of five stars is that it does not come with the two picture hanging hooks you need to hang the mirror up.

👤Looks like a high quality mirror. Third party sellers on Amazon offer homemade versions, which are really good value. The whitewashed frame is gray to me.

👤I've included photos of the first shipment in case I need to remind myself. It appears to have been dropped. The frame of the box has a crack. The mirror fell down from the top. Behind the wood frame is a full mirror. I requested a replacement because I like this. I hope the shipping goes well next time. When I get the next one, I will update my review. I wasn't supposed to own this. The replacement was in worse shape than the first one. The mirror was shattered into small pieces. It wasn't handled with care by the shipping company. The fragile stickers are not bright enough.

👤I am so overwhelmed. This is beautiful and what I wanted. I love it. Don't think about it and get it.

👤Cependant, trs des 3 crochets sont cassés, MzE Mes frais car c'est pour un prochainement. Est ce qu' ils s'est déj s'est avant le shipping ou est ce le transporteur? Chantal belanger is a person.

8. Rated Trading Round Bamboo Mirror

Rated Trading Round Bamboo Mirror

Stunning minaret! Their mirror is the peak of new, modern design. The bamboo frame is unique and gives a room character. The next big interior design trend is using natural colors with plants. Make sure you hang out product in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. The large mirror is great for a home. The mirror is 20 inches in diameter and weighs 7 lbs. It is a dream! Imagine a home with light, bright, and airy decor that makes you feel good. To love everything around you, you need to make your space a sanctuary. Their mirror looks great in a bathroom. You can make a minimalist design while you take a bath. They have a mirror, table, and vases for you to use. There are many possibilities for the circle wall mirror. It is easy to mount! Hanging a new mirror can be intimidating, but not as frightening as you think. Their mirror is easy to hang. You can change a room in minutes. Are you going to do an update on your bathroom? Throw up their mirror to change the space. There is room for an air-freshener on the ledge. The mirror is strong. The house is warm. Are you looking for a gift that will warm your house? The bamboo round mirror is amazing. There are many ways to use this product. Lovers of bohemian, Scandinavian, and rattan interiors! No matter what their neutral color is, they will make a pop! Pair plants with a pop of color for a gift. You have to give a present to make a home look better. Their products are manufactured overseas, but they still do design and testing. Their design and testing was done in the United States. Their USA customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Their top priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: A Rated Trading

👤It has a great mid-century to modern look. I have admired this mirror for a while. A few photos are included. The wood in my living room is similar to the "Honey Oak" color I describe. The edge is bent around the mirror. The frame of the mirror is 3 inches at the bottom and 1 inch at the top. There are two reinforcing straps on the back and one hanging point in the upper strap. There is a The mirror frame appears to be made with 2 pieces, bent and joined at the top and bottom. The 2 pieces are barely visible in the seams. I think this size works well for me, but I would have liked a bigger size.

👤I wanted this mirror to help offset the sharp angles of my sloped walls and make this landing feel bigger. Excellent packaging, easy to install. The company seems focused on customer satisfaction. I hunted and found the perfect mirror. It is definitely worth the investment. I don't have a better place to show it off.

👤It's easy to install. The mirrors were hung in the bathroom. The stain of the wood is beautiful. They feel very strong. They are gorgeous! They give a stylish/natural feeling. The mirror is slightly bowed and I didn't give 5 stars. It is not intolerable. It feels cheap if you use it to brush your teeth because you notice your reflection is less than usual. It was expected that this price would be great. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to add style to their space. The wood stain is gorgeous. If you can afford a higher price, you should buy a round mirror. Leaving it as it is for now is the correct thing to do.

👤Exactly what we needed. It is deep enough to put something on the mirror.

👤The husband really wanted these for the bathroom and we both like them. The quality is good and the wood tone is nice.

👤We have never received a better customer service from a supplier on Amazon than we received from A Rated Trading. The owner was concerned that we would be 100% satisfied with the product. We have high expectations for wood products and A Rated Trading. A rated trading is recommended by me.

👤I haven't hung the mirror yet. I will reposr once I do.

👤The mirror is good for the price. It looks high quality. The hanging brackets seemed a little cheap but they are still in the wall.

9. BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Beveled Mirror Shelf

BarnwoodUSA Farmhouse Beveled Mirror Shelf

The design was created by Lauren Reed. Mira is 21 12 x 20 34 x 1 12 inches. The farmhouse style is beautiful. If you love the rustic look of farmhouse style decor, then this plank mirror is what you need. The reclaimed wood boards are examined for quality and will look good in your house. It can be used as a subtle, eye–catching piece in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, or living room. The shabby wall decor. The latest trend is farmhouse chic. The rustic Western charm of the room or living area will be enhanced by displaying this pretty and functional shelved mirror. You can display your mirror wherever you want with easy wall mounting hardware. Makes a great gift. Looking for a handmade wedding gift? The decorative wall mirror is made from salvaged barn wood. The old wood gives this adorable accent piece a vintage look that you can't get from anything else. On Mother's Day, this mirror is a great gift. These wood slabs are made of genuine wood and are 100 percent authentic. BarnwoodUSA products have all of the wood reused, so you can trust that the wood they provide is recycled. Upcycled wood reduces waste and is not harsh on the environment. BarnwoodUSA began working with national retailers to build a quality brand in the USA. The Barnwood USA line of frames grew to include a wide variety of home decorations that are created with upcycled wood in Oklahoma City by their employees. Their goal is to take old and forgotten things and turn them into something beautiful.

Brand: Barnwoodusa

👤It is a nice looking piece. The box it came in was bulging from the amount of bubble wrap it was packaged with. It was intact. The pictures make it look bigger. The construction is not very complex. The mirror is not backed up like an arts and crafts project. I am not sure if you would be able to save the frame if the mirror broke. Unless you run wire very tight, the hangers will show at the top of the mirror. It makes leveling more difficult. If you skip the wire and mount a couple screws in the wall, you can hope for the best. The inside of the frame where the wood was cut to size is the only place where the wood is not weathering. The flaw is reflected in the mirror. The corners were cut and fitted well.

👤Very happy with the product. It was built well and looks great. I can't tell if the frame is Sturdy or not. I would like the mounting hooks to be a little lower.

👤I have returned the mirror twice. I love this mirror but it keeps getting damaged. There was a huge hole in the front compartment of the first one. I didn't take any pictures of the first one. The second one was in perfect condition, except for two large cuts on the left side. They look like sharp objects. I have attached a picture of the cuts. The packaging was very secure. I know it was undamaged during shipping. I am sad that the mirror keeps getting damaged.

👤I like reclaimed wood. Our household decor is made from reclaimed wood. The mirror is not worth much more than the $161 I paid. You can see that in the pictures. The hooks in the back are not the same, the hinges on the front of the shelf are not the same, the edges of the shelf are unfinished, and the mirror is damaged with a large blemish. I wouldn't recommend others to buy from me.

👤If you can make repairs, this is a nice mirror. It's disappointing to have to fix it. The wood is joined and there are tacky looking things. The back was damaged and one of the bolts was broken. The mirror is moving. It's like a do-it-yourself kit that you pay $150 for the privilege of building.

👤The mirror was held by cheap glue. The mirror was from the wood piece. At some point it was attached, but the process of gluing it was not right. I tried to make my mind up to save it, but the apparent lack of care in manufacturing process gets a straight "RETURN" to sender for me.

👤I was looking for a mirror that was imperfect for a small guest room at the coastal house. This was hit. The hub that would be used for placing cosmetics was commented on by guests. The mirror was well packaged.

👤This is something that I love. It's easy to hang. I used an old glass jar instead of a Mason jar for my tooth brush holder. It looks amazing. Is light.

10. Black 24 Decorative Entryways Washrooms

Black 24 Decorative Entryways Washrooms

The frame is 28.25 inches tall at the top point, 0.75 inches deep and 16.25 inches wide. The mirror is high-quality. The mirror is made of authentic 4mm silver backed glass which is explosion-proof and scatter prevention, super HD, beautiful, natural, and no distortion. As functional wall decor, it can expand your room space visually. Everyone can find an ideal mirror here, because there are three different sizes of mirrors. The classy black circle mirror frame is a great addition to any room, it is a perfect decoration in the bedroom, bathroom, dressing table, entryways, salons, etc. The mirror for wall hanging is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. High-quality life is embodied by modern Nordic style. The mirror has a black metal frame. It's waterproof and resistant to rust, so it's perfect to use as a bathroom mirror. It won't rust after a long time. The soft velvet backing is easy to install. The hooks are pre-installed on the back of the mirror, so you don't need to hang the mirror from the wall first. The expansion screw is included. The mirror was wrapped up and passed the anti-drop test to make sure it was intact. If there is a defect, please contact them. Their constant pursuit is your satisfaction. Enjoy your shopping!

Brand: Decoccino

👤The mirror has an excellent finish. The black color is very similar to the mid-century modern décor. I bought a mirror for my mom for mother's day. The 24 inch diameter is not too big or small. I got a better deal on this than the other mirrors. It is easy to hang, with an easy mount system on the back. Highly recommended for the trendy look.

👤He was heavier than expected but not complaining. If possible, use a stud. Use a sturdy wall anchor if you don't.

👤I have this for my office. It was a nice addition to the wall. It was easy to mount to the wall.

👤There are active materials. The space is perfect. It's easy to hang.

👤I love this mirror. The package was well packaged and shipped quickly. This is what I wanted in my new apartment, and it is a high quality mirror.

👤The mirror didn't work out. I went to return the item. My part was done. The sellers want to charge me for the mirror that I no longer own. This is not good business.

👤Excellent quality, exactly what I was looking for.

👤This mirror is for my bathroom. It looks good. Good quality.

11. FirsTime Co 70023 Weathered Accent

FirsTime Co 70023 Weathered Accent

The Farmhouse Barn Door mirror is an ideal piece due to its large width and height. The glass has a height and width. It's. The rectangular barn door mirror is made of fir wood with a rustic gray finish, metal accents, and glass. The mirror does not open. Hang the mirror on the wall. Hanging hardware is not included. The FirsTime & Co. Weathered Farmhouse Barn Door Mirror is a great accent piece. Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Rustic piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤The mirrors are nice. We bought two for our bathroom project. I had to sand the other one to match the one that was sanded down. One had a lot of gray paint and the other had barely any. I was happy with how it looked and it was easy to sand down. I had to adjust the mounting hooks after using a laser to mount my support screws. I put the mounts on the bottom so the handles were in the middle of the mirror. I had to install 2 in 20 minutes. I wish they were solid wood.

👤The mirror is cute. It was very heavy and well made. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤We bought two of these for our bathroom. The look is rustic. It's perfect to place over the sink. We had to move one of the hanging hooks because another customer said they weren't even. Love the look. If you're familiar with the gray, it's similar to the escape gray. It has a greenish tint.

👤The mirror I saw online was very nice. It was a must have. It's even more beautiful in person. I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it and waiting for a new one, even though I'm disappointed that there are a few Knicks on the edges.

👤The bathroom has a cute addition. I was skeptical about the quality of the product, but it is sturdy and well built. The mirror has high quality hardware. I have yet to assemble and install the cabinet I purchased. Same high quality wood. Would purchase from this vendor again.

👤The mirror is pretty. This is the second purchase I have made from this company. Their products are beautiful.

👤The new mirror in my bathroom is gorgeous. We gave our daughter two of them and bought one for us. It looks amazing in our small bathroom.

👤The mirror we bought for our bathroom looked like the pictures. They were wrapped in protective wrapping and were very durably crafted. We were very pleased with the chic modern farm theme that 10/10 would buy again and again.

👤It looks like it fits in with our bathroom decor. It might not be for everyones taste.

👤The rustic country look is easy to set up.

👤It is easy to install.

👤The mirror is very classic and sturdy.


What is the best product for decorative wall mirror with shelf?

Decorative wall mirror with shelf products from Stone & Beam. In this article about decorative wall mirror with shelf you can see why people choose the product. Umbra and Losour are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall mirror with shelf.

What are the best brands for decorative wall mirror with shelf?

Stone & Beam, Umbra and Losour are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall mirror with shelf. Find the detail in this article. Kohros, Fywdglart and Kate And Laurel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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