Best Decorative Wall Panels Peel and Stick

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1. Art3d Leather Tiles Decoartive Panels

Art3d Leather Tiles Decoartive Panels

Spurtar 3D white brick wall panel comes with 10 pieces panels. Peel and stick your tile's to your desired location. The art of leather is noble and elegant. Vitalizing your home life with modern arty atmosphere. The panels are 23.6”x23.6” each and cover 23.25 square feet. It is easy. Cut and trimmed with a ruler and a utility knife. Soundproof, waterproof, fire retardant, lightweight, soft and elastic, flexible, non-toxic, zero emission. Typically use as an accent wall. Typically use as an accent wall.

Brand: Art3d

👤The panels I bought were an alternative to a headboard. I was surprised by the quality when they arrived. They are the perfect material for a bed. If you are installing on a concrete wall, I would recommend using Gorilla concrete glue fast dry. I would recommend anyone looking for a very easy project to do.

👤They don't look like leather and the backing isn't very flat making it difficult to mount. The waves in the tile made Loctite Powergrab not be able to stay stuck to the wall without major holding in place. I decided to pin them down with some brad nails in a few cases so I could move on to mounting the next tile as it got tiring and I was making a simple project take too long. The look is great but they are a chore to install and have a 3 rating.

👤Beautiful panels. I was worried that he was going to ruin the project. It turned out well. You can see some of the gaps in the pictures. You can't tell if the gaps are there because I've started filling in with black paint. I used a gorilla construction glue, which was the hardest part of the job, and a little bit of gel super glue, which I don't think is necessary. I didn't have to hold the panels to adhere as it was an instant hold once panels made contact with the wall. I did 77 sq feet in a day. It is very easy to cut with a utility blade.

👤It was placed behind the bed because we have a high ceiling. Looks good. Glued it with double side tape.

👤The design of this product is unique. The hardest thing to do is put this on the wall because I tried 4 different types of glue and they didn't stick to the wall.

👤I would not buy this for acoustic treatment because it is not real leather.

👤The product worked well, looked great, cut great and is holding up. If you buy something strong to glue them, they will come off the wall. It was foam-like, not plaster, which was nice.

👤The quality is really easy to install.

2. Art3d Decorative Panels Background Plant

Art3d Decorative Panels Background Plant

Every customer is in good hands, they guarantee delivery of a good quality item, money back for any defect and damage, and so on. The box of panels has a size of 19.7" x 19.7" and covers 32 square feet. It's made of premium quality recyclable PVC, thin and light-weight, sturdy, water resistant and not easy to deform, it's paintable. This brick-like block creates a modern style that leaves you a relaxing and casual atmosphere. The recommended use is for the restaurant backdrop wall, study background wall, TV background wall sofa, bedroom bedside, stair aisle, clearance partition, meeting room, corridor aisle, conference room. Installation: Cut the back of the panels with a tile saw or utility knife to apply the glue. Installation: Cut the back of the panels with a tile saw or utility knife to apply the glue.

Brand: Art3d

👤The back wall of our home theater is where I used these. A nice touch. It's easy to install. Use a razor knife to cut. I used glue on my nails. This stuff sets fast so it allows you to press on the wall. You don't have to worry about it moving when you press it on. I was going to fill the cracks with caulking but you can't sand them. It will make it look worse. I was surprised by how small each piece was. The gaps are not noticed. I used a spray gun to paint.

👤I bought these to help with sound reduction. My husband put them up. The tiles were tight. We did not add caulking. Looks great.

👤This is what you're looking for if you're looking for a textured feature wall. Sturdy material, great coverage, looks great painted! Added a lot of character to our TV wall.

👤The tiles were packaged nicely and the quality was as expected. The installation was difficult as you need a strong glue that bonds quickly. The finished product was worth the effort. First time trying a project like this and would definitely try again.

👤This brick is an addition to our basement renovation project. We added it to the wall that houses the tv after we started out with it on the bar. Excellent value. Great product.

👤What a great product! It is easy to work with. I recommend using a utility knife to cut it, it was easy to do with a dremel tool. Make sure you check the level of the tiles each time you attach to the wall because the edges can be different. If you attach the panels to the wall and caulk the gaps, you can easily cover them with caulking. I used these tiles as an art feature behind my TV and I get a lot of praise for it. Would buy again.

👤I can look good, but I have a lot of work to do. I'm on the third wall. I did the first one in the bedroom. It took over a week to turn out. They are not pre-glued. The kind of plastic that I found already have self-awareness. They were easy to put up and look great. There is a The only reason I'm doing another wall in my house is that the local home improvement store had them on clearance. A box of 10 costs $10.00. Couldn't pass it up.

👤It's still flimsy after 2 coats of paint, but we love the way it looks. If I were to do it again, I would coat them in a substance to make them stronger.

3. Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

If you don't like their products, don't give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it can't be solved, they will give you a 100% refund. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. You can come in a box of 33 tiles. There is a size of 11.8" x 11.8" and a color of matt white. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤If you want to put tiles on the wall, use 3m mounting tape, they look great and are not brittle, it is the best way to put them on the wall. To.

👤The project took a week to complete. More than 160 panels were involved in my project. The panels themselves are very sturdy, and the final product is an incredibly unique accent wall that matches my entire living room. Take the panels out and let them "air out" for 24 hours before installing. You want to make sure they are adjusted to your environment when installing hundreds of them. They were stacked in alternating patterns to provide maximum air flow. See the picture. - I put thin wood panels on the wall because my house is brand new and I wanted to avoid glue on the wall. I ripped the sheets into 8'x2' panels after buying them at Lowe's. I was able to install them myself. See the pictures. I used Gorilla Glue Industrial Liquid Nails/Adhesion to adhere the panels. If I ever tried to remove these panels, the drywall would be destroyed. It's important to glue all the surfaces along the back. Don't let the thin line get outside the edge, or you'll have a mess on your hands. I used a laser to align the panels. Every small deviation will result in a major offsets later, so it's important to find a reliable method of applying tiles straight. I started in the top right corner and worked my way down. I tried using super-thin tile spacers in the beginning, but found that it was harder to keep the panels in place than just butting them up against each other with a laser level. Take your time and do it the right way. When you fill the gaps with caulk, they look better, even if you try hard. Take a look at the pictures of the wall before caulking to see how bad the gaps are. Paint the panels before you install them. I can't recommend this enough. I put panels up first and then painted them. You cannot use a roller to paint the 160+ panels because they were painted by hand with latex paint. If you do paint, you will need several coats since standard latex paint will not adhere completely on the first application. Three applications were taken by my tiles. I have never experienced such pain in my hand after painting. If I could do it all over again, I would spray paint the tiles before installation and then touch up the seams after I finished. It would have saved a lot of time, as painting took a long time. Take your time. I used a compound saw. It worked well. I think it would be difficult to cut a bunch of panels with a razor blade or scissors, as I did along the final column/ bottom row, if you had to do it by hand. I originally planned to use the raised outlet covers to blend them with the panels. I found that painting the wall behind the panels made it look good, and there was no need to use a riser. The risers I bought were flimsy and difficult to install. I think they would have made the final product look worse. The project took 80 man hours. More than half of that was painting. Hanging panels can be done much faster if you are doing a basic pattern that doesn't require cutting or backer board. I highly recommend the product.

4. Art3d Decorative Tiles Panels Modern

Art3d Decorative Tiles Panels Modern

There are 12 pieces of white 3d wall panels that cover 32 square feet. It is paintable with any household paint. Embossed thickness is approximately 25mm. Water-proof can be cleaned with damp cloth and can be used in interior wall decoration. The TV wall in the family room is a favorite application place, as is the bed in the children's room, reception area, and many other places in the house. The TV wall in the family room is a favorite application place, as is the bed in the children's room, reception area, and many other places in the house.

Brand: Art3d

👤I waited for the price to drop so that buyers wouldn't begrudge me if I jacked up the project. I talked to the company and felt better after my purchase. Make sure you have the right tools to do the job, a lot of the complaints are not reletive. It will always be hard when you think it will be easy, you will have to spend money looking for the easy route to installation. If you get the pvc tiles, you need to use a sharp shears or a rotary blade, it will be hard to do half cuts. I watched the install videos 5 times. I didn't feel like I needed caulk to seal the lines. I will add a bead at the top. There is a Again, just have the right tools, good music, food and drink to make your Sexy Space. The luv Dlux lounge is here. I'm a dj.

👤These are not traditional "tiles" and therefore, you can toss out all you know about tiling when working with them. They are like cutting a pipe, except they are not round. It is difficult without the proper tools. If you will be tiling around outlets, you need an outlet extender. You can pick them up at any hardware store or online. It's easy to install, and you don't need electrical expertise if you turn off the power to that outlet first. I made the stupid mistake of failing to consider my crown molding in my layout and execution until it was too late. I had to sculpt a transition along the top of my wall to meet the crown molding. I used a combination of stucco patch and drywall patch and a lot of trial and error. I don't recommend any of them. I recommend removing your crown molding, installing the tile correctly and then attaching it like it should be done. The tiles are everything they promise to be, including the secure packaging and shipping. I would purchase them again. I love them! You can see my efforts by viewing the photos I have attached. I chose to paint mine white and found the paintable caulking gun to be my gold friend when it came to cracks. It comes out smooth with a damp rag on it. The tiles are smooth so you will need a primer and paint. I used Valspar with primer. If anyone wants an honest answer about the product or application, I am happy to answer any questions. I am happy with the purchase. Thank you for reading!

👤I will add more furniture and pictures, but everyone loves it, I really love the look it adds to this area of my home. I used 3 boxes and have some left over. I put liquid nails in place until it dried. It is difficult to cut, but it was worth it.

👤This is a great product for a quick room upgrade, but it is not as quick as you might think. I installed it after a lot of thought. It is hard to install if your roof or floor, but the design is great. A lot of prep work is needed. The edges are too narrow for the design. Installation is difficult if the walls are bowed or not recommended. It's almost impossible to replace it without ripping your paper, so make sure you're very sure before you install it. There is a There is a tip. Make sure to use good sprayer and enamel paint, avoid toxic games, and use a suitable materials list. It says primer isn't necessary, but you should use all purpose primer to save yourself paint drips and peel off ans later in the game.

5. Art3d Matching Matt Residential Commercial Interior

Art3d Matching Matt Residential Commercial Interior

Handle with care. There is a clean with detergent. Superior matt white PVC has no paint, no odor, and no color tolerance. It's waterproof, Fire-resistant, lightweight, High-Impact,Scratch-resistant, elegant, Durable, and easy to do. The pyramid design is stunning. Joint seams are hiding innovative jagged matching. Pack of 12 tiles, covers 28.6 sq.ft/box, come in size of 18.5 x 18in. The high recommended application is the living room, bedroom, kitchen room, and feature walls. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall. The high recommended application is the living room, bedroom, kitchen room, and feature walls. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall.

Brand: Art3d

👤The edges made it very difficult to apply. The tile is hard to cut. I had to use a hot-knife. Edges are not good. The gorilla tile glue was very strong. I would have chosen square edges had I known it would be hard.

👤These might have worked better for an experienced installer. I liked the look of the image. There is a The back of these is very thin, but they are very cool. It is nearly impossible to adhere to the wall. I tried everything. I couldn't make it work after 9 hours, but with experience, these could probably create a nice look. The borders of these are not straight, making it difficult to line them up. There is a This product is not for beginners, but it is still a sturdy tile.

👤It was great for about a week. The grayish pattern on them doesn't clean off. I don't know if it's the humidity in Texas or not. It ruins the effect for me. I will be back.

👤It's easy to install. I hid the lights and made the corners look better and cleaner by using a wood frame.

👤If you want this to be an easy quick project, there are some things to consider. Unless you want to fill and paint, this won't be a seamless look. If you're going to the ceiling, you'll want to caulk the meeting from the panel to the ceiling. These cuts are very easy with scissors or snips. You will not have to worry about the panel shifting or popping off the wall after applying with an instant grab glue. The wall surface needs to be smooth. Any texture can be knocked down by a scrapping tool.

👤It sounds good until you have to install edges. I wish I would have ordered the squares. If you have patience, order them because they look nice.

👤Esto es un "must have", quieres transformar radicalmente algun espacio. He usado de fondo.

👤These look really cool. They were difficult to cut straight. The Dremel blade worked well. It is definitely necessary to prime them before painting. They look great once finished.

6. WallPops DWPK3590 Luckiest Wall Multicolor

WallPops DWPK3590 Luckiest Wall Multicolor

The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high quality products and happy customers. The wall art kit has a rainbow effect. Peel and stick. It's safe for walls and leaves no sticky messes. Sticks to smooth, flat surfaces.

Brand: Wall Pops

👤Our daughters new bedroom theme was purchased. It was difficult to get it on the wall. If you are not careful, it will stick together. When placing it on the wall, it helps to have multiple hands on deck. We used a pencil to mark the wall. If you fold back a part of the backing, you can use a credit card. The credit card ripped a small area when we did it, so don't press hard with it. There is a It is seen. If your walls are not white, it will not look like it. Be aware of that. The wall is Rodeo by Sherwin Williams and it shows up nicely but you can't see the color of the print because it's dim.

👤I love this! Better than expected!

👤Absolutely wonderful product! It looks great. The wall is thick. Well- I stuck it back on because we couldn't decide where to put it, it's still sticky and looks great! One of the best products I have ever purchased is vinyl.

👤Absolutely adorable! It's easy to use but takes a bit of patience to get it lined up. It is easy to shift. It makes a big impact on the wall. There is a We love it! The bedding was ordered from Amazon.

👤My daughter has a rainbow room. The material is transparent so it can be seen on any wall color. Just be patient and line up the two halves.

👤Everyone thought I painted it on the wall. I took a few tries because I am a perfectionist. It looks good!

👤I think this is cute. It was very easy to apply. I cleaned the walls first and then soothed each side from the center. I love it!

👤This is terrible. It was difficult to get the bumps out of the place. It is not a clean looking decals, just 2 giant stickers. I took it down and now it's a waste of money.

👤It is very easy to install. The repositionable and good value are what other companies charge.

7. Art3d Interior Living Bedroom Shopping

Art3d Interior Living Bedroom Shopping

Every customer is in good hands, they guarantee delivery of a good quality item, money back for any defect and damage, and so on. The wave of water effect is created by a unique pattern of waves. It's waterproof, fire-resistant, lightweight, and easy to do. A good alternative to traditional flat wall panels. Pack of 12 tiles, cover 32 sq.ft/box, come in large measure 19.7 x 19.7In.,allows fast installation over big projects with glue, The living room, bedroom, commercial reception, TV background, and feature walls are high recommended applications. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall.

Brand: Art3d

👤You wouldn't know from my photos that I was introduced to this product. It took a lot of caulking to get this to look clean and well installed. If you buy a pattern with an even surface, it's ridiculous to think that you can cut it with a blade cutter. Getting straight lines is not easy. The glue process is not easy on the panels. The souls did not provide the glue to make a peel and stick. My patient caulking job is the only reason that this easy to install project doesn't look like a mess. I had a contractor help me cut and stick mine after I failed at cutting it with a hand blade.

👤I like these tiles. I was concerned about attaching them to the wall because I am in an apartment. I was going to glue them to a board and hang them on the wall. When I couldn't get the board, I decided to try the 3M Command picture hangers. The panel edges are narrow so I cut the hangers in half. I put them on the corners. I'm happy it worked out. They have been up for several days and so far no issues. The bonus is covering the wall paint.

👤The only thing I can say is that. I liked it. So happy.

👤It was difficult to find a glue that would dry quickly. The unions look disorganized.

👤The glue wouldn't attach to all, so my contractor couldn't put it on properly.

👤I thought it was a peel and stick wall panel. It's not. I used heavy duty glue to stick it on the wall I wanted. It came out amazing at the end. People praised me for it.

👤I bought this product because the video that you have appears each square as if it were a compact sheet from the back, now it turns out that my wall is 32 inches wide, how do I fix it? There is a I need to place 2 in each section on each sheet. I need a solution for this. Thank you.

👤Cool looks; easy to work with; should come with a backing.

👤You need to glue them to stay. There is one tube for 5 tiles. The finish is beautiful.

8. Wall Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof Background

Wall Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof Background

The Baseboard Wall Stickers can be used to decorate wall, door frame, doorway, stairsway, TV background, wall cabinets, mural, oil painting on the wall, ceiling, window and other home decoration. They can be used to protect the corner. Each tile is covered in a pack of 10 with a size of around 2.59ft x 2.28ft. The wallpaper has a better noise reduction effect, is waterproof and easy to clean. Free, self-adhesive design, easy to install. Take care of your family with a three-dimensional soft foam decoration. Do not use in shower, featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, home office wall decoration, etc. Do not use in shower, featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, home office wall decoration, etc.

Brand: Chming

👤I didn't have high hopes for this product. It is faux brick foam. I was pleasantly surprised. The crease where the edges of each panel meet makes them look like real brick, but it takes a bit of work to make them look that way. I trimmed the edges and then applied the panels, but I went over the crease with white wood filler because it was a work in progress. I know, it sounds weird. When I painted over them to match my adjacent walls, it looked just fine, because it mimics the look and feel of real brick. The picture I posted is not the finished product, but it is coming along nicely. This product is more cost effective and looks better than real brick, you just have to invest some time to make it what you want. I left a few panels over that I am painting to look like a distressed red brick to surprise my husband when he comes home after his deployment. It would be a good idea.

👤I wanted something to cover the wall paper that was up for 22 years. About 23. It is sticky on the back, that is a good thing. It can be pulled back off if you goof and not exactly where it touches. I'm 74 years old. You can do it if I can do it. I have a big french door refrigerator next to the wall, and it's difficult to get to it on a step ladder. I bought a pickup that can pull things off the shelf. I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to this, so I put a piece in pincher at an angle I needed. It fit after about 5 minutes on the ladder. Stand on your counter and crawl onto refer when refer has a wall next to it. I plan on putting pots and silk greens up there, even if it is short on the bottom. I wish it wasn't shiney, it would look more natural. I painted my kitchen cabinets white to make it look brighter. I used what I left on the backside of the large kitchen island, which already had some nice comments on it. I don't know if I can enter more than one photo. I used a pack of 10.

👤I wanted to try something different with these. The way it turned out was very easy to install.

👤The product design is beautiful, but I have to peel each sheet by myself for 1/2 hour, and part of the foam is also gone, so you can see in the photo. The seller told me to use a hair-dry. After 1/2 hour, I got a halt piece with practically all the glue gone. The product is expensive. If you persist in buying one, open the box and test it before you return it. I only buy two boxes, so I can buy more from another seller.

👤The tv wall in our basement was dressed up. I was able to get the backing off. I cut out the small bricks on the sides to make bricks for each other. It is easy to cut with scissors. Some of the sheets weren't square and wouldn't line up right, but it does have some stretch to it I was able to make it work. The big sticky sheet can be difficult to manage, I cut strips of 4 to 5 rows to make it easier to manage. I used the small brick squares that I was going to discard because I didn't have enough to install perfectly. I was surprised that my mistake was not noticable. Benjamin Moore paint was used to paint my brick. If you are going to paint your brick, I would suggest getting a different treatment. It does not take paint well. It was very frustrating to paint this wall. There are little white spots. The texture was changed slightly. I don't know how long the product will last. I will have to cover the wall with another covering if it doesn't work out. It is sticky and leaves little foam. I love the look of this product. There is a I would have gone with another option if I had known what I know now.

9. Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls, ceiling are all recommended uses. You can apply any colors you want. 100% recycled, made from natural plant fiber. The size is 19.7 x 19.7 In. 500*500mm. You can come in a box of 12 panels. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls, ceiling are all recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤I can't put up permanent wall designs in my apartment. So... I sprayed the tiles with glue and then nailed the cardboard to the wall. The spray on the glue works great. I left the corners blank so that I could glue the cardboard up on the wall. I used 9 tiles in my dining room. I put glue on the remaining four tiles. It turned out perfect. I didn't do anything else. No primer, no painting, and no filling in the lines. It was very easy for me. I left mine white and used a light that was fun to use and had several colors. I bought one on Amazon for 17 bucks. Looks great... works great.

👤This stuff was wrapped around our bar. It looks great. The material is a little tricky to work with, and I agree with some reviewers that it is almost like cardboard. It is easy to do a single Wall that doesn't wrap around.

👤I like these wall panels. We received a lot of praise for them. I can't give it 5 stars because they are difficult to cut. I highly recommend.

👤I bought this to make my rental look better and it is better than I expected. It is a paper-like material, which was surprising, and it gets dirty easily, so be careful! I put command strips in the corners of the squares so I wouldn't damage the walls. If you have an outlet on a wall, you might have to cover it with this material. I made a mistake cutting the material to fit my outlet and it ended up being an ugly looking wall. It is 3D so you can see the wall behind the material. The cost is high for the amount of material you are getting. The reverse L shape on my wall is eye-catching and gets a lot of compliment, but I only used 1 pack because I wanted to avoid spending more money. If you are interested in a small project, definitely recommend it.

👤We just purchased a home and wanted to decorate it with wall paper, but we found some amazing wall panels in Amazon. We tried with one box and ended up buying 6 boxes and finishing the wall in 3 weekends with my wife's help. Everyone loves the backdrop. The product is very light and easy to install.

👤This stuff is beautiful. For the price, putting a little elbow grease was not a big deal. I will definitely be buying more.

👤The walls behind our computer desk were built with a pack of singke. These things turned out great. Command strips were used to secure them to the wall so we could remove them later. They are holding up well so far. There is only one complaint, that a couple panels had what looked to be human hair molded into them. I recommend them, other than that.

👤It's very beautiful, just need to buy more glue, clean the wall, and push it hard after stick on the wall.

10. Wallpaper Self Adhesive Waterproof Wall,Bathroom Decoration

Wallpaper Self Adhesive Waterproof Wall%EF%BC%8CBathroom Decoration

Place on a smooth surface. Make sure the wallpaper is flat. The sticker is intended for use on wall, glass, vinyl, lacquer, natural stone, Kitchen counter, furniture, dressing table, crafts, bedside tables, bookcases. The color of real product is darker than the picture shows. 100% SATISFACTION SHOPPING Simple and modern wall panels have a brick pattern effect. If you have questions or are not happy with the purchase, contact the seller. After you purchase it, their excellent customer service will leave you with no worries. Installation and removal can be done by anyone. The wallpaper is easy to peel and stick. You can easily remove and clean the 3D brick wallpaper from your smooth wall with wet cloth by slowly removing the 3d wall stickers a few inches at a time. MULTI-COLOR OPTIONS. The 3D foam wallpaper stickers panels can be mixed and matched for aesthetic looks and design. You can choose your favorite color with 3D brick wallpaper that has white, pink, blue, gray, green, black, brown and other colors. A perfect do it yourself project. It is easy to cut the shape according to your room area. You can put in featured walls, dirty walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, kitchen, kids room, stairs and on glass, painted surfaces, wood board, wallpaper. Soft and sponge foam. 10 pieces of 3D wall panels brick design PE foam wall panel, unit size: 1.25ft x 1.15ft, 38 cm x 35 cm. The wallpaper has a better noise reduction effect and is easy to clean. Three-dimensional soft foam decoration can be used to protect your family. Soft and sponge foam. 10 pieces of 3D wall panels brick design PE foam wall panel, unit size: 1.25ft x 1.15ft, 38 cm x 35 cm. The wallpaper has a better noise reduction effect and is easy to clean. Three-dimensional soft foam decoration can be used to protect your family.

Brand: Sodeno

👤This product is not easy to move or fix. The border pieces are different and it is difficult to line the brick up. I tried removing a piece that was crooked after realizing the difficulty. The top layer of the brick is all that remains. All of the foam was left on the wall. It will need to be done by a professional or we will replace the sheetrock. I've done a lot of do-it-yourself projects in my home, including a peel and stick back splash. I met my match with this one. I don't like how the wall turned out, and I don't want anyone to use this product.

👤I was not sure how they would look. I thought I could always send them back. When I pull them out, I know it would be a fun ad on a project to a cool room. I rent it so they come off easy.

👤The installation was easy, but the glue on some was poor. They were never in stock when I ordered more. I need to figure out how to get more. Frustrating.

👤I was going to use wallpaper. It was going to be harder than I thought. I ordered a couple of different colors and cut them. I like it so far.

👤I used this to cover a wall in the basement furnace room. It turned out great! It looks real. The edges vary a lot so I suggest checking each piece before sticking down.

👤If you are far away, the jagged edges look nice. I think that's correct.

👤It is not easy to remove the back of the paint.

👤It's very sticky, but great for a refresh or cover up.






11. MIX3D Decorative Panel Panels Interior

MIX3D Decorative Panel Panels Interior

To make sure that the thin and light 3D wall panel reach you intact, Packaged is a must. Their customers will get hassle-free return and exchange services. 3D visual impact is refreshed. The modern geometric art pattern design is an ideal solution to replace the boring flat wall. You can create personalized space. You can use your imagination to plan the placement of panels. The art walls are going to be beautiful. Premium Quality PVC is what it is. It's light, it's waterproof, it's fire resistant, it's easy. The panels come in a box of 33 and are fastened with quick-drying glue or liquid nails. Recommend use for living room, bedroom, commercial reception, office, shopping mall, TV background, feature walls, ceiling, etc. To make sure that the thin and light 3D wall panel reach you intact, Packaged is a must. Their customers will get hassle-free return and exchange services. To make sure that the thin and light 3D wall panel reach you intact, Packaged is a must. Their customers will get hassle-free return and exchange services.

Brand: Mix3d

👤It has a strong plastic smell and is not sure if it is safe for indoor use.

👤The price of the product is very high, and it is at a very high price in one day.

👤These are.93mm thick and are really sturdy. If you rap, they sound solid, but you don't want to drive a nail into a hollow space. We need 4 packs of these for a wall that is 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall. We're debating on the final look. They can be painted first, then glue up. You can use spray paint to paint a multi-colored pattern. I don't see how a roller can be used to paint these. You will get a mess. It needs to be a spray gun or brush. I think painting first is the best bet. Hanging them is a big decision. What about foam tape? Is it a caulk? Is it a type of material called Velcro? They are well made and durable. The pack weighs 9 pounds. They don't have a smell or smell of chemicals. They are the same material as a plastic coffee cup lid.

👤I think this made my office wall look nicer. It will give me an interesting background when I am on a video call. I like the look of it. I am not painting it. Light coming in and out of the window and different light sources give a shadow and depth to the panels. It is very interesting to look at. There is a It takes a long time to get one box up. Line up the panel with glue on the back. You want to make sure they are straight and fit together. The measurement of the panels is precise. There is a You are not done after glueing them up. Even as precise as the panels are, there will still be something to cover. I haven't done that yet. It will be interesting to see how it meshes. I only had one outlet. It's not difficult to cut the panel. Utility knife and scissors are all you need. The peaks in the tile make it possible for you to have a gap. The company didn't suggest how to fill that gap. I might use a low expanding foam like you use for windows. I don't know how the acoustics have changed. I play music in the room. Listen to music. It will be interesting to see if I notice that it's getting louder. There is a I am very satisfied with the product so far. I wish there was a quicker way to put this up. I'm not sure if using the silicone in between the panels is a good idea. I'm afraid it will show. We will see. The box was supposed to hold 33 panels. I received 34. It is easy to see how that could happen because they are packed tightly.

👤I ordered these for a bathroom wall but decided to use them at an entry wall so that they will be more visible. I wanted them to be in the foreground when you enter the house, rather than in the bathroom, as they fit perfectly around this door, and they were so much better looking than I thought. There are down lights above the wall that illuminate the raised areas and provide shadows if the total piece is not cut. I am applying them with double backed tape that they recommend on the box and will get photos posted soon. There is a As soon as the first tile is applied, this is a modern look and it begins to take shape. The material that they are made of is thicker than expected and will resist damage due to minor bumps. If you have out of control baseballs in your house, they will probably not resist, but a small bumps will be fine. There is a The looks are modern and cool. I remember seeing 3-d cast wall panels at a client's home in Denver, but they had to have a manufacturers rep install them, not the case with these tiles as you can do them yourself. Knowing which tile to place first and work from is critical to the success of the job. I put mine out on the computer so that I could know where to start and where to cut without disrupting the pattern. A cool idea is to make a space feel modern and grand.


What is the best product for decorative wall panels peel and stick?

Decorative wall panels peel and stick products from Art3d. In this article about decorative wall panels peel and stick you can see why people choose the product. Wall Pops and Chming are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall panels peel and stick.

What are the best brands for decorative wall panels peel and stick?

Art3d, Wall Pops and Chming are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall panels peel and stick. Find the detail in this article.

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