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1. Art3d Interlocked Interior Residential Commerical

Art3d Interlocked Interior Residential Commerical

In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. The interlocking circles design is eye-catching. It's waterproof, fire-resistant, lightweight, and easy to do. A good alternative to traditional flat wall panels. Pack of 12 tiles, cover 32 sq.ft/box, come in large measure 19.7 x 19.7In.,allows fast installation over big projects with glue, The living room, bedroom, commercial reception, TV background, and feature walls are high recommended applications. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall. The living room, bedroom, commercial reception, TV background, and feature walls are high recommended applications. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall.

Brand: Art3d

👤The look is gorgeous. It's easy to install. You can save money by doing it yourself.

👤The utility knife was used to cut the outlet. Alien tape was used to hang. It took 30 minutes to install. The product is great.

👤I used glue. The finishing edges were a challenge to cut. I don't have the right tools. It was a challenge. The bad cuts look great in our dining area.

👤This is a peel and stick product for everyone. It requires filling, sanding and painting. I returned it.

👤Our project turned out very nice, but we have an issue with 3d. They are difficult to cut. I used everything I could find.

👤If you want to do yourself, think again. It's hard to install 100% perfect, but it still looks some mistakes.

👤It was very easy to attach the wall to the ceiling.

2. Art3d Decorative Tiles Panels Modern

Art3d Decorative Tiles Panels Modern

There are 12 pieces of white 3d wall panels that cover 32 square feet. It is paintable with any household paint. Embossed thickness is approximately 25mm. Water-proof can be cleaned with damp cloth and can be used in interior wall decoration. The TV wall in the family room is a favorite application place, as is the bed in the children's room, reception area, and many other places in the house. The TV wall in the family room is a favorite application place, as is the bed in the children's room, reception area, and many other places in the house.

Brand: Art3d

👤I waited for the price to drop so that buyers wouldn't begrudge me if I jacked up the project. I talked to the company and felt better after my purchase. Make sure you have the right tools to do the job, a lot of the complaints are not reletive. It will always be hard when you think it will be easy, you will have to spend money looking for the easy route to installation. If you get the pvc tiles, you need to use a sharp shears or a rotary blade, it will be hard to do half cuts. I watched the install videos 5 times. I didn't feel like I needed caulk to seal the lines. I will add a bead at the top. There is a Again, just have the right tools, good music, food and drink to make your Sexy Space. The luv Dlux lounge is here. I'm a dj.

👤These are not traditional "tiles" and therefore, you can toss out all you know about tiling when working with them. They are like cutting a pipe, except they are not round. It is difficult without the proper tools. If you will be tiling around outlets, you need an outlet extender. You can pick them up at any hardware store or online. It's easy to install, and you don't need electrical expertise if you turn off the power to that outlet first. I made the stupid mistake of failing to consider my crown molding in my layout and execution until it was too late. I had to sculpt a transition along the top of my wall to meet the crown molding. I used a combination of stucco patch and drywall patch and a lot of trial and error. I don't recommend any of them. I recommend removing your crown molding, installing the tile correctly and then attaching it like it should be done. The tiles are everything they promise to be, including the secure packaging and shipping. I would purchase them again. I love them! You can see my efforts by viewing the photos I have attached. I chose to paint mine white and found the paintable caulking gun to be my gold friend when it came to cracks. It comes out smooth with a damp rag on it. The tiles are smooth so you will need a primer and paint. I used Valspar with primer. If anyone wants an honest answer about the product or application, I am happy to answer any questions. I am happy with the purchase. Thank you for reading!

👤I will add more furniture and pictures, but everyone loves it, I really love the look it adds to this area of my home. I used 3 boxes and have some left over. I put liquid nails in place until it dried. It is difficult to cut, but it was worth it.

👤This is a great product for a quick room upgrade, but it is not as quick as you might think. I installed it after a lot of thought. It is hard to install if your roof or floor, but the design is great. A lot of prep work is needed. The edges are too narrow for the design. Installation is difficult if the walls are bowed or not recommended. It's almost impossible to replace it without ripping your paper, so make sure you're very sure before you install it. There is a There is a tip. Make sure to use good sprayer and enamel paint, avoid toxic games, and use a suitable materials list. It says primer isn't necessary, but you should use all purpose primer to save yourself paint drips and peel off ans later in the game.

3. WoodyWalls Reclaimed Installation Premium Original

WoodyWalls Reclaimed Installation Premium Original

The wooden frame adds to the aesthetic appeal of the curvy design. There are certain requirements. The wall panels are 19.5 in. by 7 in. There are 10 wood panels per box with a total coverage area of less than 10 square feet. The thickness and depths of their 3D wood panels vary. reclaimed wood is used to make panels. Easy glue and nails installation is all you need. There are no heavy tools or mounting hardware required. The panels have a seamless fit. Installation process is fun because they cut them precisely to fit each other. The panels are suitable for both commercial and do-it-yourself projects. There is a replaceable surface application. 3D wall panels for interior wall decor can be installed on a variety of surfaces. Installation of 3D panels in places with higher humidity is possible. It is important to make sure the application surface is completely dry and free of dust anddebris. They recommend using high-quality construction glue. The feel is rustic. The panels have been naturally weathered by the elements and include characteristics like deep weathered grooves and natural splitting, which allow for a real wood accent wall. All products are free of harmful pollutants. They only use non-toxic paints. The result is a product that you feel good about bringing into your environment.

Brand: Woody Walls

👤If you need a statement, people will buy this. It is easy to work on. Everyone that comes to my house loves it. I am very happy and recommend!

👤The double door was closed and the wood panels were used to cover it. We were very happy with the decision. These panels are beautiful. It took us about 3 days to finish. This was our first home project of this magnitude. The right tools made the difference. The wood panels need some cutting and filing to fit. We used tiny nails and Gorilla glue. We are taking a few days off before we finish. Definitely recommend! Looks better in person. We need a new door. It's a good thing.

👤Adding texture and sophistication to a dull room is a beautiful way to do it. Go all out or use as a feature wall. Beautiful, affordable, and effective! Not all the pieces fit perfectly together so lots of sanding and cutting was involved to get the perfect fit.

👤The product is beautiful and easy to work with. I like the texture of the wood.

👤I installed this inside the control room of the studio and how it made a huge difference in appearance that everyone notices! Make sure you have a nail gun, hammer, and nails to make sure it stays attached, because glue won't hold by itself.

👤These look amazing on our kitchen wall. We needed a table saw, jigsaw, Dremel, and construction glue. We were able to get it installed without any problems. Highly recommended.

👤It's easy to install and it's attractive. Don't need stone!

👤The wood slats were easy to install. I think they were fairly priced compared to other wood slats. It's very unique as well. The entire project took less than 3 hours and we only needed some nails and liquid nail. We had some leftover after we ordered 2 boxes. Hope this helps.

4. Deco 79 52732 Metal Panel

Deco 79 52732 Metal Panel

The iron scrollwork on your wall looks amazing. The wall panel is made of fir wood and iron. A sturdy rectangular wood frame with a tan chipping paint finish is what it is. The scrollwork center design is in a black finish. Wall mount

Brand: Deco 79

👤I love the decor pieces that turned my bathroom into a character piece. I didn't have to replace the whole thing. It's pretty cool.

👤I bought 2 of the Deco 79 52732 Wood Metal Wall Panels. They look the same. The metal sections are screwed into the wood frame and there are 2 mounting brackets on the back of the panels. I didn't like how the panels looked in my living room. I put the metal sections on the wall as metal wall scrolls and made shadowbox frames out of the wood sections.

👤The price is a great value. I was pleasantly surprised. The only complaint I have is that the hanging hardware has to be rehung if you want it to be horizontal.

👤It arrived damaged. I've been looking at this piece for a while. It arrived in a big box. The item was not secured. The metal part wasn't connected to the side. The wood was cracked. I returned it. There is a I might re-order it again. It will be better packaged and in good shape if I do.

👤So perfect! It's super affordable and looks great. I get praise all the time.

👤I like this piece. It made my breakfast room complete. It is a perfect size and lightweight. The design is black and white. It looks great with my decorations. Would buy again.

👤The delivery was very fast. The pieces look great over my bed. I had to do a little work on them, which I don't expect on a new item. I had to hammer down some metal pieces that were sticking up because they were not high-quality. I am keeping them because they look nice.

👤It's definitely rustic and a bit more than the stock photo. It does the job nicely for an accent to a side wall. It would be great in a gallery wall display. I put a picture hanger in the middle of the back to use one nail instead of the two that are already on the back. I am glad I bought it.

5. Barnyard Designs Cathedral Primitive Decoration

Barnyard Designs Cathedral Primitive Decoration

A distressed white finish on the shutter gives it an antique look, like a church cathedral window. A touch of french country decor is perfect to style your home. A farmhouse window frame silhouette will lend a vintage-inspired look to your home decor. The framed wood window pane decoration is easy to hang and has pre-installed hanging hooks. It is an eye-catching wall accent because of its large size. The wall is curved. Hang this window frame decoration in your home. If you want to make your own piece of wall art, you can decorate the panel with wreath, scrolls, or lights for a look of sheer elegance. Each wood window frame has a dimensions of 31.5” x 15.75”

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤I am in love with these. They are both durable and distressed. I would purchase from their store again and again because of their craftsmanship. They wrapped it completely to avoid damage while it was in transit. I stuck Command Strips to the center for interchangeable wreath options as the seasons changed. 10/10 Thank you for that!

👤I love these arches! I also found small wreath on Amazon. Put them on the side of the tv that's closest to the screen. I love the look of the farmhouse. There is a They are very light. My husband hung them with hooks instead of screws because he wanted them to be seen. You can't tell if they are solid wood or distressing. The Command hook was used to add the wreath. Very pleased! Would purchase from this brand again.

👤These are very cute. I love them! The shipping was great and came as expected.

👤Customer service apologized and offered a new frame. It came and I was amazed at how different it was from what I received before. It was wrapped in a bubble and not cracked. The color looks nicer. There is a If it is shipped the right way, it is a cute frame. The first review was cracked and bent in 3 different places. I will send it back if I don't fix it. I don't like doing returns. We straightened it but cracks are still there so we wouldn't recommend Update.

👤These are easy ways to add some style to an empty wall. For the price, I would have expected a more realistic wood, but from a distance they look nice. I needed to fill in a large empty wall so I ordered 3 of these. I hung a wreath on the wall to make it look better.

👤We needed to finish our living room and these cute arches are what we did. They were well packaged to make sure they arrived undamaged. They are lightweight and easy to hang. We used gorilla hooks and had no problems. We are going to add a pop of color with the hanging of eucalyptus. There is a They are made in the USA. Thanks!

👤There was a problem with one of my frames. I sent a picture as well as a problem to Barnyard Designs. I am attached. They sent me a replacement after I got a reply. I like the frames. They look great on the mantle. For my taste, they are farmhouse. I think I got a good price for the product I ordered. They were what I was hoping for. I am 100% satisfied.

👤They were exactly what I wanted for my dining room, and they were great quality. I received one first and the other later, but I had a little mistake. Since we weren't home, they didn't leave it because it required a signature, and they didn't drop it off because it required a signature. They came back two days later and dropped off on my porch and I didn't have to sign for it. They are definitely worth buying.

6. Heritage Distressed Decorative Medallions Christmas

Heritage Distressed Decorative Medallions Christmas

113sq. You can make your own foam wallpaper stickers shape according to your design inspiration and home decoration style, and install them in your featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls. If you have any questions, please contact them and their professional customer service will solve the problem for you. Wall panels that are Multipurpose. A carved wood wall art idea for home interior walls decor such as living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, office and others. It is a great gift to your friends. The ornament diameter is about 12*12*0.4, it is a nice hanging looking and elegant wall decoration. The finish gives an antique look. The Round and shabby chic finishes will add rich style and warmth to any wall space. Hang it. This unique white wood art wall decor comes with a saw-tooth hanger on the back, which can be hung firmly on the wall without causing any damage. Their wall decorations are suitable for a variety of styles. The perfect Christmas and housewarming gift for those who want to be full of life, culture and exciting decorations.

Brand: Ghooi

👤The project is just right for it. Light weight wood. The door lock is easy to drill and nail. I'll put it in a black shadowbox for the display. Very happy! Thank you very much. DeLIVERED SHOCKLY!

👤It was a shame it was out of stock and not available. I wanted another.

👤speechless I never realized it was so beautiful. I got a lot of praise for this product. 100% I recommend.

7. Art3d Decorative Panels Design X19 7

Art3d Decorative Panels Design X19 7

It's easy to hang. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. The tiles cover 32 square feet. The size is 19.7" x 19.7" and the color is matt white. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤Abarca 98sqft, realmente da para cubrir un espacio de 35sqft, es un engao! Ahora me, ahora, con la pared a media!

👤The design of these wall coverings is really nice. Depending on how much pizazz you want, they put just enough extra pizazz to your wall or walls. I wanted to put some pizazz in my studio so that I could get rid of echoes in the room. The grooves on the channels on these squares will break up the sound frequencies into smaller sound frequencies. I blended these with padded foam to make a sound that was lower in echoes or reverb. I spray painted these squares to give them a different look and feel in the room, instead of just plain white. There is a I had to put a lot of time and effort into my designing and painting, and I just used old fashioned hammer and nails to put the tiles on the wall, no need for double side tape and such. I can see buying more of these for other rooms, and maybe painting them to give a certain look and vibe to a room.

👤The tiles are easy to install. Make sure you get a construction glue to glue it to the wall.

👤This was used for the bottom of the island. A pop feature area is a great way to do it. The waves still look great even though we didn't do the process to make them seamless. It is easy to paint with a sprayer.

👤The 2 sets were ordered. The items are well built and will last a long time. It's nice that there are several versions or styles.

👤The panels added a cool look to my bathroom.

👤The final result is wonderful. My husband is very knowledgeable about all things remodeling. It was very easy to put them up. They say to use no good. He uses a spray for his work. No mess is very easy.

8. Art3d Textures Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Textures Panels Diamond Design

The living room, bedroom, commercial reception, TV background, and feature walls are high recommended applications. The ceiling is in an office and shopping mall. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. You can come in a box of 12 panels. The size is 19.7" x 19.7" and the color is Matt White. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls, ceiling are all recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤I wanted to put in a TV and fireplace in the guest bedroom that I renovated. I originally wanted to do this wall with a dry stack stone, but it would have been messy and time consuming. I'm glad I went with the 3D panels. Everyone who has seen them has been impressed by them. I covered the floating wall with OSB and built it with steel studs. I primed it with white Kilz so that the gaps in the panels wouldn't be noticed, and used double sided carpet tape to adhere the tiles. The tiles look great! If you are going to build a floating wall, I would suggest that you build it to the same dimensions as the tiles you plan to use. I don't think you could make a cut edge look finished unless it was against the wall. I used the plastic finishing edge from the Big Box hardware store to cover the edge of the OSB. I left 4 inches of overhang on all sides and mounted the chasing led's from Amazon. The TV mount is from Amazon. I braced the TV mount location with wood 2x4 and ran a power cord to that area when I built the steel stud wall. I used a table saw to cut the panels for the bottom row, but I could have used a handsaw or better scissors. The panels are not flimsy at all. The gaps between the panels are small. If you are concerned about the gaps, I would suggest that you fill them and paint them with a plastic paint. The tiles have not been affected by the heat put off by the electric fireplace.

👤I love the wall panels. Most people don't use the metric system and the description says 8x4 is the standard size for most sheets of plywood. The panels are 19.6525 x 19.6525 They don't cover a traditional 8x4 sheet of plywood. I wanted to put a backer board over my drywall so that I could remove it if necessary, so I didn't want it to ruin my house. If you ever want to remove it, using liquid nails or double sided tape is a recipe for disaster. I bought 3 sheets of 4x4 hardboard from Menards for $5.50 a piece. I decided to use double sided tape because I didn't want to mess with liquid nails. I picked up 3 rolls of heavy duty gorilla for $10 a roll. The total for the project was about $130, which included the 3D panels. There is a I could fit 6 tiles on my wall with about 7 inches left over. I decided to do 2 rows. 1. I took 19.6125 x 6 and got 118 and 2. I knew the size of my backer board. 2. I drew straight edge lines on the floor after laying the sheets on it. 3. I used my circular saw to cut the sheets. If you cut with the grain, they cut very well. I marked the edge of the wall where the first sheet would sit so that I could hit the stud lines and then I put the sheets inside. 5. I screwed the panels into the wall. I hammered some nails on the corners of the sheets that weren't close to the stud to keep them out of the wall. 6. The structure was framed with double sided tape. I put a line of tape through the center. The panels would have at least 2 contact points with the tape. If you mess up and pull the tape from the hardboard, the tape won't stick again, so you'll need to use new tape. 7. I secured the 3D panels with tape after placing them on the wall. It is difficult to unstick the panels from the tape. There are 8. I ran my finger along the edges to make sure the panels were in contact with the tape. There are 9. I liked my new wall. There is a Hope this helps. These panels are great. They can make a nice feature wall with a little planning and patience.

9. Art3d Decorative Ceiling Square Relief

Art3d Decorative Ceiling Square Relief

It is possible to lay a standard 15/16" T-bar drop ceiling grid system over any flat surface. It's made out of lightweight, flexible and water and recycable resistant material, and it's safe and fully recycable. Packing toxicity: There are 12 tiles of 24"x 24" and one piece of blank tile for border filling. There is 48 sq.ft. There is construction. It's thin and lightweight, easy to cut with a scissors or a knife, and it's paintable. These stylish 3D designs are great for ceiling or wall decoration.

Brand: Art3d

👤It's easy to install. I used Loc-Tite and had no issues. There is a very dramatic update with two packs. The flat sheet was used to seal off my edges and corners. These were used over the popcorn ceiling. I am in love.

👤These are easy to glue up. It's easy to trim. You can't tell it's plastic because it's inexpensive. Highly recommended.

👤The temperature when these arrived was around 15 degrees. I ordered 4 boxes, and every one had at least one panel that had broken corners. 2 boxes had broken corners. The panels are very thin and I believe the temp could have been a factor. I will say that they all shipped in the original packaging, and not padded in any additional boxes, and every package was torn and beaten up pretty good. Your mileage may be different. There is a The panels are very thin and nice looking. If you plan on having lighting in the panels, make sure the weight is not on the panel itself or you may run into bow issues. While I was inspecting the panels for damage they attracted some hair anddebris, so be aware of that as well. There is a If you have any spaces on the edge of the room that require panels smaller than the full 2x2 panel, you will either have to cut these down or use the flat black panel included in the package. They only include one of the flat black 2x2 panels per box. If you have a grid against a wall that is 4 inches x 2 feet, you will only be able to get 6 pieces out of one panel. You will not have enough if you need 7 or more. The flat black panel for filling in the edges of the panels makes them look worse than they are. There is a Hopefully the information is useful to you. If you have a perfectly square room that doesn't require any cut panels, these would be a great solution.

👤The package was received by Jus today. I am so happy with my purchase and plan on ordering more, but I don't know if I want to put them on a wall or ceiling. I didn't do any measuring and hoped that one box of 12 would suffice to cover the entry way that has a popcorn ceiling. I ordered another box. These tiles are stylish. The product is lightweight but durable. I used the recommendation of the reviews I read. Updat started the project. It is turning out great. They are easy to cut with scissors. I had popcorn and double-sided tape that may have worked on a bare ceiling, but it didn't stick. The popcorn was stuck to the ceiling with the help of the velcro. I had to return the last order because it wasn't the same pattern, but the return process was smooth and the shipping was fast. I used tiles on the door. Can you tell me that I'm an extremely happy customer? I am!

10. Barnyard Designs Decorative Wrought Farmhouse

Barnyard Designs Decorative Wrought Farmhouse

A wall. A wall hanging panel made of wood and metal is an alternative to a mirror. A gothic-inspired statement piece will make a beautiful decoration in your home. The metal scroll design is bordered by a whitewashed, rectangular wooden arch frame, lending a victorian country farmhouse look to this rustic wall art. This wall accent piece has a vintage, antique appeal thanks to the combination of distressed wood and black wrought iron. This large, wall hanging artwork comes with pre-installed hooks for mounting. An eye-catching and elegant wall sculpture is an attractive accent piece. It will add style to any room. DIMENSIONS The scroll is 16 x 1 x 32 inches. The material is wood and metal. Whitewashed and black. There are two sets of 2. Distressing can vary. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤I bought this for my bedroom. I think it makes my bedroom more comfortable. The mason jar with lights in them, and the remote control, were the things I bought. The wall looks great with all three.

👤The piece was cracked in half. I only had one of the panels. It's sad because I feel it was cheap to make.

👤The finishing touches around my tapestry are perfect with these. Only one nail was needed. And ready to hang. Make sure you measure the brackets on the back to make sure they are level. Being level and straight is something I'm not fond of. I had to nail them all to make sure they were level. It was well packaged, secure and intact. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I like the wall decor because of its price, size and color. I bought two of them and they made my living room wall look nice with the finish and the decor blends well with the paint of the wall. I have seen that design at a much higher price at a local store. I'm happy I got two.

👤I think it's cute. It's just enough to be casual. I want my home to be nice, even though I don't like a formal feel to it. This was perfect.

👤I thought I would get 2 and only get one. Not really worth the money.

👤I used mine in my living room, on the other side of the cow picture. I get a lot of comments on them.

👤Look high end. I can decorate for seasons.

👤I hung the two wall decor pieces on a big wall in my living room to make it look different. I like the look of rustic and it's perfect for my home decor. They are light enough to hang from a wall with small hooks. There is a You pay for the quality, but it's a little expensive. There is a More than happy with the purchase.

👤They are beautiful in my farmhouse look.

👤The items were packaged well and did not have any damages. Exactly what the picture looked like. Absolutely love the pieces.

11. Small Vintage Distressed Decorative Antique

Small Vintage Distressed Decorative Antique

The screen panel size is 15.7 x 15.7 inches. A distressed white wooden frame is reminiscent of rustic charms. A distressed finish. The iron scrollwork on your wall looks amazing.

Brand: Deco 79

👤I was a little disappointed when I opened the box. The metal advertised is not actually iron. It seems to be a very thick wire. The paint is a little rubbery. I thought it would be iron. The size is not as big as it seemed. I like the look of them. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤There is no metal on these and the "wood" feels like cheap junk. Very disappointed. They are 19 inches tall and part of the disappointment.

👤I use these for mantel decor because I have little time to do my pins on pins. I removed their hardware. The paint was dropping off. I don't know if it's lead paint or water based. The frames were sealed with mod podge. It worked great.

👤I haven't hung them yet, but they are beautiful. The metal scroll work inside is a very dark brown and the paint on the outside is chipping. Shipping was fast and the dimensions are correct. These are a great buy for the price, compared to others I have seen. Would buy again.

👤I absolutely adore this! If you're looking for something big, this isn't it. I needed something small to hang it from. It works for me. The quality is great and the accent is cute.

👤I thought it would be more substantial. The metal insert looks like wire to me. This is perfect if you like the look of the distressed wood frame. If I had paid more than I did, I would have returned it.

👤I'm happy with these. They are the right size to hang beside my TV. They are light and seem to be made well. The wooden frame and metal scrollwork look great. I would recommend a friend to give a gift for someone who loves this style of decor.

👤Reviewers are complaining about how it looks smaller than they pictured. Because it is actually 9x19.5". I still gave it 4 stars because it works for what I need it for, and I get $5 off because of it being a returned item. I was lucky and it was in good shape.


What is the best product for decorative wall panels wood?

Decorative wall panels wood products from Art3d. In this article about decorative wall panels wood you can see why people choose the product. Woody Walls and Deco 79 are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall panels wood.

What are the best brands for decorative wall panels wood?

Art3d, Woody Walls and Deco 79 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall panels wood. Find the detail in this article.

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