Best Decorative Wall Shelf for Bathroom

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A fine housewarming present is a great gift for a housewarming party, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays. These rustic floating shelves add a luxurious flair to your interiors. The shelf is made of wood and cast iron. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space and increase storage space at the same time. These shelves can be used to bring style into your home. The floating wood shelves are easy to assemble with their Smart Bracket Mounting System. It makes sure the shelves are flush against the walls for a sleek look. The farmhouse floating shelves and brackets can hold up to 40 lbs. Don't worry about your art, collectibles, or photos falling! The wooden barnwood shelves are designed with great attention to form and function. If you don't like the wood floating shelves, please contact them for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Wg Willow & Grace Designs

👤The shelves look and feel like real wood. It is easy to make sure it is level with the mounting brackets being one long. The instructions say to use the drywall anchors. If you want to get the best results, take those out of the package and throw them in the trash. The screws that come with the shelves are good for 30-50lb drywall anchors. I used their anchors in the first picture. I got rid of them and got my own, and they mounted beautifully and flush to the wall.

👤I love them! There is a Absolutely love these shelves. The grain on the boards is great. The holes for the brackets are easy to install, and all the hardware is included. I was confused because I didn't know that the brackets were attached to the back of the shelf, but the customer service person was able to explain to me how to pull out the brackets from the wall. The customer service was friendly and the install was easy. I can tell that the atmosphere is getting better after I installed these over my bedroom furniture. The clean but rustic look adds a sense of richness to the room. I don't like buying things over the internet because I always question the quality. These are great. They are beautiful and high quality. It is a win for me because they give my room aPinterest feel. There is a If you're looking for an accent to change your room, these are the ones for you.

👤I'm so upset that the shelves in our bathroom are not level because I only read reviews that are at least four stars. The system does not hold them up. They are not strong.

👤The product is great. Customer service is a pleasure to work with.

👤The shelves are beautiful. One of them is warped and twisted, not a flat surface. The brackets and anchor are flush against the wall, but when I add the shelves they are too heavy. It would be different if they were $30. It's pretty disappointing.

👤I am happy with how these helped pull my entryway together. I have been trying to find something that I was happy with, but also went with the rest of my house. These shelves are sturdy. I was surprised that they were so heavy, but they are a full board of wood. There were some notable drips that had my OCD unhappy, and it looks like they were treated with a pretty thick coating of sealer. I was able to flip them in such a way that you can't see them once they are installed up on the wall, but it was disappointing since they were on the pricier side and the craftsmanship seems important to the seller. If I had not kept the shelf with the same mounting brackets, I would have had a problem with the shelf not being flush to the wall. Don't flip them between shelves. The two pieces are made to fit perfectly. Nothing else has worked so far, so I'm going to make some coat hangers.

2. Silverwood Bathroom Shelf Rubbed Bronze

Silverwood Bathroom Shelf Rubbed Bronze

There is a risk free guarantee. They will give you a full, 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like your floating shelves. The weight capacity is 20 lbs. 10 lbs. For each shelf. There are two shelves and a towel rack. Some assembly is required. There are two shelves, one on the floor and one on the bottom shelf, and a second shelf on the top of the shelf.

Brand: Silverwood

👤I am not happy with the quality of this shelf unit. The instructions were difficult and one of the thread inserts was missing. I am an ikea master and I am good at putting things together. I thought about returning it. It is going in a guest room bathroom so I won't have to look at it often. It looks okay on the wall with some decor and hand towels. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The item was listed for two dollars less than the full price, but it was in original packaging. I thought I'd take the deal because packaging will be damaged. Who cares about packaging? There are two bars that are long and two bars that are short in the box. I got 3 short bars and 1 long. What do you do with that? Huge disappointment for me. I will try to figure out how to make it work, because it's too much work to take apart and ship back.

👤Two of these are missing the same parts, so they are going back to Amazon. The shelves were ok, but the brown finish was disappointing and the workmanship was not up to par. If I could put them together all the way, they would do the job.

👤This makes my bathroom look better. It was very easy to install. Well packed. Thanks!

👤We had one of these at our beach house and I was happy to find the unit still available after we bought another home up here in Indiana. I have installed multiple units above the toilets in the bathroom. This unit is stylish, functional and affordable.

👤We bought a house. Two of the bathroom are small. The wall cabinets above the toilet were too large. I wanted to store some smaller things under the sink cabinet, so I bought 2 of these. They are amazing and worth it.

👤A good price for a product. It is easy to put together. Exactly what I needed. Would definitely recommend.

👤I was really excited to receive this shelf, but was disappointed when I opened the box because the seams were not finished well, and the holes to put together did not line seemed to be a nice sturdy shelf if the workmanship would have been there...

3. ARICHOMY Floating Farmhouse Decorative Bathroom

ARICHOMY Floating Farmhouse Decorative Bathroom

The measures are 11.75 x 6.5 x 47.25". The weight capacity is 30 lbs. Attaches to the wall with two screws. It is necessary for minor assembly. A set of shelves with a towel holder are made of high grade pine wood with all of the rustic characteristics of the natural elements. They are both practical and decorative. Fall prevention design has a metal structure with protective guards and towel holders. 40 pounds can be held on every shelf. Without protective guards, your expensive items may fall down. The 2 Pack Space Organizers are larger than others and are safe to hold kitchen bottles. There are disheveled items in the coffee bar. The wall shelves come with a user guide. It is easy to assemble with all the necessary hardware. You can fill an empty wall space by buying 1 or 2 sets together. There are 2 x wooden boards, 1 x towel holder, 6 x fixed expansion screws, 12 x fixed screws, and an instruction manual. Also, note: They will reply within 24 hours if you have a problem with use.

Brand: Arichomy

👤They look great on my wall. I bought another set.

👤It's easy to assemble. The instructions were good. They are very sturdy once they are put together. Love them, they are great for our bathroom.

👤The cabinet was cumbersome and dirty. This is enough for what I needed. It is easy to install.

👤It was very stable. It took me a while to figure out how to install it on my wall, but it might be because I don't have any experience. I love the color.

👤They are great for holding things. It puts itself together.

👤Great product! It's easy to set up, small space friendly and convenient for me to grab things. Also good looking! Love is in the air.

👤I use them for my salon.

4. Wallniture Floating Shelves Bathroom Storage

Wallniture Floating Shelves Bathroom Storage

Professional services,guarantee product quality are provided after sale. If there is a quality problem after you receive the product, please contact them. Minori bathroom organize shelves will solve your bathroom organization and storage problems, but also upgrade your farmhouse bathroom decor. It's ideal to store everything from toilet paper rolls to bathroom accessories. Minori small shelves will transform your wall space into a handy storage spot. The floating wall shelf can hold up to 40 lbs with ease. Minori bathroom organizers and storage shelves can be used in many different ways. Wallniture sleek gray rustic shelves can be used as floating bookshelf for wall, funko pop display shelf for collectibles, floating wall shelves for bedroom storage, and decorative shelves for living room. It is a great idea to use them as kitchen organization and storage shelves. Works well with every space. The Minori triangle shelf wall mounted set of 3 is made from high-quality solid paulownia wood and has been designed to match every interior design and style. Their wall mounted floating shelf unit is a great way to compliment your modern decor. Simple installation. If you follow the easy instructions and use the mounting hardware included in the package, your Wallniture will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤This was not just a wood look, according to the description. It felt like plastic and was very flimsy. Didn't bother to put it up. Returned.

5. Fixwal Floating Bathroom Decorative Paulownia

Fixwal Floating Bathroom Decorative Paulownia

Feel free to contact their customer service. If you have any questions about their product. The floating shelves are in 4 different sizes and have a shelf thickness of 0.43. There are 4 dark carbon black paulownia shelves, 4 black metal wire frame fences, 1 towel rack, 10 plastic anchors, 10 long screws and an installation manual. The black metal wire frame fence protects your items from falling. There are a variety of combinations on the 4 paulownia shelves. The free space on the wall can be used for a multifunctional shelf. Their black metal wire frame fence floating shelf set is very suitable for many places. The wire frame fence is made of wood. There are seasoning bottles and utensils in the kitchen. You can put things in the bathroom. You can also put things in pots. There is a room in the living room. The floating shelves are easy to assemble and high satisfaction, and they help to store and display your collections, photos and small items, and make your home full of your personal style. It is easy to install, just follow the simple instructions, and you can assemble in a few minutes. If you still can't assemble it, please contact them. It is an excellent choice for your home because of the sturdy structure, easy installation and elegant design. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Fixwal

6. Dahey Farmhouse Galvanized Organizer Apartment

Dahey Farmhouse Galvanized Organizer Apartment

Tiles should not be in the water. The galvanized wall baskets make your storage double as décor for a streamlined, organized, stylish home. You can put things in the bathroom. The seasoning bottles and kitchen supplies can be held in the kitchen. It can be used as a wall planter in the living room. It's perfect for bedroom, laundry room, garage, hobby and craft room, office and entryways. A popular rustic look is created by galvanized and rusted metal panels with wire lines hanger designs. The vintage-style basket adds character to the line between traditional style and modern. These rustic metal storage organizers can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table. It's handy and decorative. Baskets are great for storing all your stuff to create a more organized home. The quality construction is made of iron. It has been painted with rust and galvanized. The baskets add a vintage look to your room. These rustic galvanized metal wall shelves are great for decorating your home. DIMENSIONS The metal storage caddy holders are in the pack. The large and small holders are 15 and 13 feet tall, respectively. Attach the organizers to your wall. There is mounting hardware included.

Brand: Dahey

👤I used the shelving in place of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

👤The hardware to hang them doesn't work anymore. We ended up drilling hold in the metal to anchor them.

👤I wanted a country flar in my bathroom.

👤We wanted the white thingies to be out of sight so we drilled 2 holes in the metal.

👤I haven't hung them yet, but they are awesome and I was looking for. I'm going to replace an old wire shelf with these. The unfinished portion of the basement has a laundry room. They are going to look great.

👤The hooks were used to hang the product. It had cheap looking hooks. There is a person in a bathroom. The other is in the kitchen.

👤The bathroom has a piece of farm house charm.

👤I put it in my kitchen for spices and cooking utensils. Love the rustic farmhouse look.

7. Hexagon Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

Hexagon Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

There are 2 regular shelves and a shelf with a hair dryer holder. The package includes 2 regular boards, 2 metal brackets, 1 shelf with hair dryer holder, 1 towel rack, 5 hooks, 1 little leveler, 6 short screws, 8 long screws and 8 expansion screws. Make use of the empty place and create a warm home-style place to display your photo, books, and organizes, while holding collectibles, small plants, trophy, vase Lego, and more. You can style your wall like a magazine shoot. You can display your possessions in wall shelves. The design of the floating room provides a seamless look. The plant wall shelf is the perfect display. Multiple sets are used to make eye-catching patterns. The geometric shelf has 3 layers of storage space. It's in a high-quality box. Magazine-Worthy Shelves are made of wooden hexagonal shelves with natural wood tones of honey, rose and chocolate. Your family and friends will love the honeycomb décor. They can be used in a lot of places. No assembly is required. The frame is made of iron. The plank is stuck on the iron frame and does not require additional screws. The hexagon shelf set is made from paulownia wood. Light and sturdy, each shelf has subtle and beautiful variations in natural color and wood grain to match any décor. The environment is protected. Tfer pays attention to giving back to the earth and is committed to environmental protection. The reclaimed natural paulownia wood used in the floating shelves is completely degradable and recyclable. They decided to plant a tree for every commodity sold to compensate for their multiple use of wood, promote the green protection of the earth, and create a healthier environment for their future generations. 100%. The team of friendly staff is at your service 24 hours a day. They will give you a free return or exchange if the floating shelves have quality problems within a year. You should get a life decorated house with TFer products.

Brand: Tfer

👤It's easy to install. The metal part is already assembled and you just put the wood shelves in place. Cute and trendy. I get praise all the time. You can see how much my hand sticks out by looking at the pic.

👤I was impressed by the simplicity of the installation. Pick up the metal frame out of the box and put it in the wooden shelves. The insert for marking screw placement on the wall was very helpful and nifty, rather than trying to hold up the shelf with one hand and hoping it's level when you mark it! My collection of skin products are mostly in glass bottles. It makes it easier to have my things out. I would buy it again, I got an additional shelf to go on the other wall. The shelving units are the same color. My only wish is that my taller bottles and items wouldn't be limited to the top shelf. I would still buy even though I have a wish. I used my own wall anchors on my additional unit. I knew that I would be loading it with heavier items and heavier jars.

👤I love the shelves. They were easy to put together. They seem cheap but they serve their purpose. It wouldn't be able to hole heavy objects. I use for my mini figurines. I still love them even though they are smaller than I expected.

👤I wanted the floating shelf to be in gold and white. I created this style with the paint I had from other projects because I couldn't find it in the size I needed. It is a great shelf for a small space. If you're looking for a charming decorative piece, this works.

👤I painted the wood to match my living room.

👤It's easy to install lightweight shelves. The quality was consistent between all of them. The price is great for the quality. They can hold up to 5 lbs with heavier screws. The wood pieces are light and can hold a lot of things. The metal frame is strong. It is perfect for small items and even a few heavier items, like a big candle or glass vase full of sand. There are photos, keepsakes, and kitschy items on mine. There is a The plastic drywall anchors that come in the package are soft plastic. They smashed around the hole instead of hitting it. I got a pack of better anchors from the local store. Setting the shelves on the frame was easy. They turned out great on my wall. There is a The small time investment was worth it for the price.

👤The shelf is great for my floor. There is enough space for everything. I bought this to go above the toilet in our carriage house, it works out great for my renters.

👤It is a nice shelf. I expected it to be bigger. It is not unbearably small. It's easy to install, the sides fold out. I wouldn't call it thick, but I wouldn't call it flimsy either. It is decent. I have a similar style of shelf. It is more stable and thick. There is a We bought it for my son's room. It does the job well. The price is worth something.

8. Peters Goods Rustic Floating Shelves

Peters Goods Rustic Floating Shelves

Do you want the wood shelves to be your favorite style? You can arrange the layout to meet your needs or you can install the brackets on the top of the board. Who knows your home better than you? You can make the shelves to make your dream home. Their bathroom wall storage set helps you reorganize your bathroom space. The modern steel frames of the kitchen floating shelves contrast with the rustic wood. The metal guards on the bathroom wall shelves make sure your items stay in place. You can use their bathroom wall shelves for bathroom supplies, as a bathroom towel shelf, or in the kitchen to store your herbs and spices. Functional farmhouse floating shelter are designed for quick and hassle-free installation. The Cedar wood and silver metal frames are beautiful. The failsafe 3-step installation guide makes installation easy. The two rustic bathroom shelf boards are pre-assembled with an optional towel rod and all hardware is included for installation in minutes. BATHROOM FLOATING SHELVES are made to last for a long time. Their brand is based on the full customer experience. They will be happy to help you if you face any issues. A one-year limited warranty is included.

Brand: Peter's Goods

👤The delivery was fast. They're made from real wood and the metal work is decent. The hardware they sent with it was the reason for the three stars. The cheap hardware stripped within the first turn of tension. I had to use pliers to finish it off. If you want to mount it, use better quality screws, otherwise you'll be as frustrated as I was today. There is a I changed the rating to a 5 star because of their swift contact about the issue and the actions taken to alleviate or correct it. Their customer service is prompt and professional. Product is worth the money and is solid, nothing against the company as they are outsourcing hardware. I would suggest getting back up screws first.

👤I hung the shelves because I was too anxious to return them and wait for others to have issues as well. The hanging bar was not good. You can't tell when it's hung because I had to hammer it straight and mount it crooked. I feel like it is obvious that the bottom shelf is leaning downward. I put toilet paper on it to make it less noticeable. Look at the bottom shelf compared to the top in my photos. I would like to give this a 3. I keep it. I will give it a 4 star rating.

👤These shelves are great. They're easy to install and look great. Each shelf and rod are individual pieces so that I can use them as I please. We put one of the shelves in the bathroom and the other in the coffee station. The hooks were found at Home Depot. Make sure you don't take off the finish when cleaning the metal. I recommend these for their price and overall.

👤Wanted to replace the towel rack in the bathroom and stumbled upon this one. Delivery time was nice. The shelf had a crack and the brackets fell off. They said to keep the broken one and that they would send a new one after just 10 minutes. The delivery time of the replacement was updated for me, which was great. There is a The shelves were simple and elegant, just what I was looking for. It's easy to install and will hold up to 20 lbs per shelf, so if you're looking for a very sturdy shelf, keep that in mind. The product and the customer service were great.

👤Very happy with the purchase. I wanted something that was not the run of the mill stuff that you see in big box stores, so I was looking for some nice shelves to go in my bathroom. These are reasonably priced. I was very happy with my purchase, they are easy to install and come in a well packaged package. I like them because they feel more unique and they have that hand made feel to them.

👤The price is unbeatable with these shelves. Extra work comes with that budget friendly price tag. There is a The metal portion of the shelves was crooked. We had to bend it back into place with a lot of elbow grease and muscle, but it still isn't as noticeable as it used to be. The back portion of the wall that we screwed into was not flush with the wall because we had to bend the metal to get it straightened out. We were careful not to overload these shelves as they don't look like they can handle a lot of weight. These are the shelves that you can put in to get it to look right. I would have preferred something with less work involved where I wouldn't have had to fix a brand new product.

9. Tribal Cooking Wooden Wall Shelf

Tribal Cooking Wooden Wall Shelf

It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware. A touch of style to any decor with their floating shelves. Tribal's wall shelves bring any decor style alive with their beautiful, intricately crafted Paulownia wood hanging shelves and sturdy black coated metal brackets. Everything you need for wall mounted shelves is included. Their floating shelves for wall decor look gorgeous, they create endless storage and organizational possibilities, and they feel great. You can change your look and organize any area. There are perfect wall shelves for bedroom, bathroom, or home office. Depending on your needs, place your wood shelves together or as a single floating shelf. It's a good place to display kitchen utensils or spices. There are wood shelves in any room. Their shelves are heavy-duty and deliver attractiveness. Each floating shelf is ready to be mounted in a room. You'll get a small 9 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf, a medium 13 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf, and a large 17 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf. Sturdy and wide for use in a variety of ways. This ready-to-hang wall mount shelf set comes with two hanging wholes in each floating wall shelf for an instant fix to the wall. It's easy to take off and position elsewhere if you need to. Their shelving system is a simple and effective way to add more space in your home. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high- functioning home and kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤I needed something that was easy to install. I was able to put the items on there without fear because it was sturdy. The price was good.

👤The unit is easy to install. I had no problem cutting two of the longer shelves to match the shortest one. The button head phillips are the only screws provided to attach the shelves. Subtracting the thickness of the brackets leaves only the screw thread to engage the shelf. This doesn't give an adequate grip. I replaced the wood screw with a wood screw that grips the entire length. It was much more secure because the shelves are 1/2 thick.

👤These are good for a small office. There are three floating shelves in different sizes. They are perfect for knick knacks, pictures, etc.

👤I bought them on sale for $11 and I can't complain. The wood was soft, so I had to use pressure to get the screws in, they were small and hard to control. The screw fell out of the mounting piece after I hit it with the first shelf. The hole was damaged and so it was in there. It took me a long time to put them together, maybe if I had used an electric drill it would have gone better, but the screws were so small I didn't think it would be worth it to pull it out. I gorilla glue the screws into the holes they had originally been in, after taking all the screws out. I haven't hung the shelves yet, so maybe I'll update once I do, but I think they're going to be fine now that they're super glue.

👤I convinced my wife to allow me to buy this for the house because we need to put something up away from grabby hands with our new baby. There is a I was happy that they arrived a day early. I was sad to see how small these shelves were. There is a The bars were not even and the situation only got worse. When I put it to the wall, it fell off. There is a The wall they gave me didn't work well. I had to use a set from my local Walmart because they fit and fell out. There is a This was not a good purchase. I was hoping that it would be beautiful. I had high hopes for this. I only used one of the 3 that came. Oh well...

👤Other than missing parts when it arrived. The quality is not good. The wood is cheap and similar to a piece of balsa wood. The picture looks better than the item. Don't waste your money.

👤The shelves came in on time and were easy to setup. It works for what I need.

👤The wood plank that is the shelf has brackets in it. They are loose and can easily go in. The screws come out. I was okay with them being wobbly because I was only going to put light things in them. They don't stay together. It was a waste of time and money.

10. Mkono Floating Industrial Shelving Brackets

Mkono Floating Industrial Shelving Brackets

Customer care is important. The wall shelves are a great addition to your home because of their simple design and easy installation. 100% satisfaction is their goal. If there is an issue with the pruchase, please contact them and they will try to resolve it. The set of 2 wall shelves is perfect for any rustic, modern, or natural home decor. They allow to put things on display. Adding additional shelving space for collectibles, plants, crafts, photos and more is possible with the help of them. Premium quality wall shelves are made of paulownia wood. The forged and handcrafted brackets are sturdy. It's perfect for displaying potted plants, family photos, collectibles and more. The props are not included in the picture. Versatile and Functional - install in the bedroom or bathroom to hold beauty/hair products, place under a mirror in the entryway, or exhibit family photos gallery style in a long hallway, use in the kitchen to hold spices and jars, and so on. You can showcase your style with rustic shelves. The floating shelf has brackets. Try putting it on a wall in your room to display framed family photos, or put it in your master suite and put some mini Succulent plants on top. The set includes instructions for hanging and mounting. The package includes 2 x floating shelves.

Brand: Mkono

👤Not sure who is in charge of that. There is clearly a mix-up. I assume that the shelves were supposed to be 4” and that the wall brackets were sized accordingly. Unless I rip them down with a table saw, they're useless. If I am going to take the time do all that, I should have just bought the stain and made these myself. Good idea, but poor execution. I was willing to pay for the convenience of the shelves. The purpose of the convenience is completely destroyed by this.

👤Really? Look at the picture. I don't know how I'm supposed to put these in the wall.

👤The wood is smaller than the brackets. The finish is very fragile. It was really overpriced. The shelves are black because of the stained wood. I wish I wouldn't get rid of packaging so quickly. Will have to replace it with real wood and stain. The purpose of buying shelves was defeated. The mounting hardware is a joke. Not happy.

👤Very cute. I didn't read the dimensions well and it was a little smaller than I anticipated. The brackets are a little weird. It all works.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It was described as being 4” wide but it seems to be a bit more like 4 1/2” so I was concerned that it would be too small.

👤It was easy to install in the plaster. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on these, but they work well for what I'm doing. We are remodeling an old farm house. It has no skateboards. We are making do for now. I'm sure hanging on the wall would make it strong. I connected both shelves and bought two sets to make it two instead of four.

👤They look nice on my wall. The package was well packaged and the instructions were easy to follow.

👤Excellent. It ties the room together. They are short, perfect for small spaces. The metal they are mounted with does not sit flush with the wood so be aware as you are decorating items. I like the shade feel and look of them. The brackets are made of metal. It is very easy to install.

👤We needed something for a small space in our home office. This was perfect, not too large but colored big enough. I like them. A screw is included to secure the wood shelf to the wall mounts.

👤They are very nice, but wish they were a little bigger.

11. Kaliza White Bathroom Shelves Incredibly

Kaliza White Bathroom Shelves Incredibly

The dimensions are approximately 24 L x 8 W x 1.5 T and easy to hang with detailed installation instructions. The solution is here, whether you want to display family heirlooms or increase your storage, their bathroom shelves are the perfect solution. You can use the floating storage space in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to create a storage space to organize photos, plants, heirlooms, or any other décor piece. It is easy to gain more storage space with their mounted wall shelves. Measure the distance between the brackets and drill a couple of holes to place the floating shelf. Storage shelves can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Their wooden storage shelves have a rustic feel combined with industrial elements to bring a classy touch to any wall in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or just about any room in your house. The floating storage shelves are made from the highest quality materials and can easily hold even heavier items.

Brand: Kaliza

👤I love these shelves. I needed something to make my doorway look better. I was very happy to find a pack of shelves. The entire process was about 10 to get them both up.

👤I was hoping these shelves would be just like that. I purchased two sets. One of the shelf frames in the set was bent a little, but it was easy to fix. We were able to install the three that we used in 20 minutes with the help of a power drill. I will definitely use the remaining shelf at some point. They are very strong and would hold a lot more weight than we are putting on them. These will work for you if you need a sturdy shelf.

👤I liked the shelves that I found for my half bath. Many people complained about the color in the reviews I read. I agree that it is not a super solid white, but first of all, you should put things on the shelves, which means that you won't be able to see that it isn't super white, and also it is very easy to just paint over. I did a single coat of off-white to cover up, but it really wasn't necessary. It's not a big deal. If you want a white shelf, you have to paint it or not. Simple as that. Installation was easy, but it was a lot of work to make sure they line up. It is a good product for the price. If you want nicer looking shelves, you should spend more than the cost. These shelves are easy to use and look good for my purpose.

👤I was expecting white shelves, but they are not. In some places, they are part white and you can still see the wood. I painted them myself because they are an easy shape to paint. There is a Thankfully my husband was able to bend the brackets to fix the crooked parts of the brackets and shelves. There is a The wall anchors are larger than you'd expect for shelves. You don't use wall anchors in your walls or buy shelves that hold them, either. I'm very happy with how they turned out, even though it probably isn't worth what you pay.

👤Looks great! To stop bathroom things from falling off shelving and onto the floor, I wanted a rack in front. I painted the shelves. The shelves come with a rustic white look, which may work in some bathrooms, but doesn't with my theme. The shelf finish was exactly what I wanted after two coats of white paint, so it didn't feel like a big deal to me. I love that the shelves don't have a back, so I could put them under an outlet for holding bathroom charging items.

👤The bathroom is small. When I saw these, I had to get them. It seems pretty sturdy. I use the rail at the bottom for my hair clips. It's easy to install, I used a drill.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelf for bathroom?

Decorative wall shelf for bathroom products from Wg Willow & Grace Designs. In this article about decorative wall shelf for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Silverwood and Arichomy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelf for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelf for bathroom?

Wg Willow & Grace Designs, Silverwood and Arichomy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelf for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Wallniture, Fixwal and Dahey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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