Best Decorative Wall Shelf for Kitchen

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1. Freezing Point Floating Collectibles Decorative

Freezing Point Floating Collectibles Decorative

The material is made of 100% wood. The small square wall shelves are made by hand. It is more durable because there are two screws on the back. The hand-polished wood has a retro look, which can be matched with most decoration styles. The small wall rack can be used to store some small objects such as potted plants, ornaments, collectibles display, photo frames, jars, bottles, shampoos, paper rolls, stereos, mobile phones, books, decorations, etc., and can be freely matched and decorated in the bedroom. The floating shelves were packed in 2 sizes. Installation: Each shelf has two pre-drilled screw holes and is equipped with screws, anchor bolts and instructions. It's a good choice to install them. The shelves were polished by hand. Each wood knot and wood texture will be different in order to restore the retro feeling of wood. If you like the quaint farmhouse style, these unique handmade products must be very suitable for you. If you have a question about the product or purchase experience, please contact them.

Brand: Freezing Point

👤The shelves were perfect for what I wanted. It's easy to install a cute rustic look. It's perfect for my plants. I don't think they are sturdy as they barely weigh anything, but they seem sturdy to the touch. I was very happy with my purchase.

2. BESy Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

BESy Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

It is easy to install, made of beautiful faux wood with distressed white finish, Sturdy enough to arrange and display your favorite small objects and hold them in place, Attaches firmly to the wall without visible support, Minor assembly required. The hardware measures 23.75" L X 9.25" W. Storage shelves are made of radiata pine wood and are heat resistant. The metal structure has paper towel holders and is heavy duty. The towel holder can be used to hang towels, the wooden bathroom shelf can be used to put seasoning bottles, and the kitchen hooks can be used. In the bathroom, you can put your bathroom items on the shelves. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, office, bar, etc. The towel holder can be installed under the floating shelf or on a wall. The included installation guide makes it easy to install. The two rustic shelf boards are pre-assembled with an optional towel rod and all hardware is included for installation in minutes. The package included 2 wooden boards, 2 towel hanger, 4 fixed expansion screws, and 4 fixed screws.

Brand: Besy

👤I don't know if I want to fix it myself or return it. The shelves are sturdy and the style is perfect. The bottom of the shelf is visible from above because it goes on the wall. The shelf was not stained by the manufacturer. Why? The tall will only see the color I ordered at the top of the shelf. The top and side of the shelf are stained with drips. This is not good craftsmanship. I either have to go through the hassle of trying to match it and paint it myself or I have to return it.

👤Installation and assembly were easy. It works well in a small bathroom. It's nice to have a place for tea and towels in the kitchen. I wish they came in different types of wood. I have a note in my shipping address that they do not deliver here, so I used the USPS. I had to drive to the post office to get them, which caused a delay in my receipt. I am happy with the product.

👤I ordered the shelves to make the bathroom look better. They arrived with no damage. It had two shelves, two bars, and mounting hardware. It took 15 minutes to hang on the wall, and most of that time was spent locating the studs. The wood color is nice and the iron gives it a modern vibe. It was a good find for a good price. I am happy with the shelves.

👤I have only photos right now. Buuuuttt! I wanted shelves for both sides of my bathroom sink, and that is exactly what I got. I had towel bars, but it was hard to find a pack of two matching floating shelves. I was very excited to find this set. It is easy to assemble. You have to decide which way to attach the bar. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These are decent for what I paid for them. The bottom part that holds a towel is set up so it is near impossible to screw in screws because of the angle. The two are holding hand towels and are not standing up. The shelf looks nice and I would expect it to cost more. The towel bar is dropping because I have three little boys. Heavy use.

👤The towel bar does not come attached, and it is impossible to screw in yourself because you can't get a screwdriver straight inside.

👤This is very flimsy and will break or fall apart. I bought a cute country home for the kids. The towels are light and cheap, but they have the same look as a headband or jeans. There is a You get what you pay for. There is a They're cute, but not for normal life.

👤There were two towel racks. I have an extra to put anywhere I want, because I only installed one right now. It's not clear where to put the towel rack on the shelves. I think it gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go. Great buy for spices. I'm not sure if I'd keep anything heavier on it.

3. JS HOME Floating Bathroom Decorative

JS HOME Floating Bathroom Decorative

A hanging wall display shelf can match any decor in a home, office, coffee store, and shop. They are a great gift for your relatives and friends. The floating shelves for wall are made from native California pine wood. The wood wall shelves are sturdy and can hold up to 25 lbs on each board. These white wall shelves do not contain harmful substances. All pinewood boards have routed edges. The floating wall shelves won't hurt you. You can install these wood wall shelves in less than 8 minutes with the help of the pinewood brackets, screw set, and detailed instructions. The wall shelf is decorative. The Rustic wood shelf set has an antique look. It can be put in any room of the house. It's perfect for sauces, books, bud vases, scented candles, and other decorations.

Brand: Js Home

👤The looks of the shelf are nice, but be careful. The legs that support the shelf are not straight and you will most likely have a wobbly shelf. Look at the back of the piece. It wasn't even staying in place because of the terrible mistake that mine was. These shelves are not worth the price. I should have gone to Ikea.

👤Finding shelves long enough is a common problem. They were a pain to mount and level. Don't touch! They will fall. They are only being used as an accent to hold pictures.

👤We mounted the shelves according to the directions we were given, but with the weight of them they crashed down. We hunted them down after the lamp broke. I'm thankful she wasn't hurt, as a parent of a young child this was terrifying. Don't. BUY.

👤The shelf had the wrong screws. The screws that hold it on the wall fell out when it was put together. I had to use almost all my own equipment and pray that it stays on the wall.

👤The shelves are perfect for the bedroom. The above two nightstands are really cute. It is easy to assemble.

👤I had a hard time putting myself together. I had trouble with the mounting system. They were a bit loose after we hung them.

👤One of the brackets was not the same as the others. The picture I saw in the listing was not what you can see through the white paint.

👤There are screws missing on the shelf. The quality is not good for the money. Disappointing.

4. Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

The package included 2 wooden boards, 2 towel hanger, 4 fixed expansion screws, and 4 fixed screws. Premium material and protection design. The wall shelves are made of painted pine wood and have a waterproof feature. The guard rail around the metal brackets prevents anything from falling. The floating shelves are strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs in a wall. Simple, clean-lined contemporary shelves with a timeless white and gold finish become an accent decor for whatever is placed on them. Small indoor plants, perfume jars, family pictures, and other items can be placed on the contemporary yet modern style White shelf, which is ideal to add a decorative touch to your bathroom, washroom, makeup room, powder room, half bath etc. The floating shelves have gold hooks and a towel bar. The wall shelves organize the bathroom essentials. Extra vertical space is added to bedroom, kitchen, home office, small apartment, college dorm, coffee bar, and many other places with the wall shlef organizers. The wall mounted shelves are easy to install. The towel bar and hooks can be installed according to your needs. Remove screws when you disassemble. The elegant and art Deco gift idea is a practical gift for your family or friends as birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas presents. They will deliver outstanding products and service to you and your family.

Brand: Forbena

👤The shelves are easy to install. The hanging hooks are bright shiny gold, but the shelves are bronze gold, like antique brass. The hooks do not match. There is a nice set of small shelves. It fits large rolls of toilet paper.

👤I was looking for white shelves to go with my kitchen. I didn't want items to fall off. These are perfect! I put it up as a hot cocoa bar. The shelves can be used as a display.

👤The design is sleek and modern. It has a towel rack and a lip to keep things from falling off. The gold looks classy and cool without being loud. I did not use the matching hardware and s hooks.

👤There was a terrible smell on the shelves. You could smell the odor through both packages. They are in the garage and can't review anything else.

👤The shelves should becent for the price. The metal is painted gold and the wood is painted white. There were a few flea bites in the wood. It is not worth the hassle. Installation was easy. There are no pilot holes in the towel rack, which is the only pain point. I used elbow grease as the wood wasn't very hard, but drilling pilot holes would be advised. It's important to have a bubble level.

👤I usually don't leave reviews but this time I thought I should. There is a The color is not as expected. While the S hooks are gold, the bar and borders around the shelves are more brown and gold. More leaning towards green-brown. The S hooks are a different color so it is clearly visible. I tried taking a picture with my phone, but the color doesn't match what it looks like in real life, and the bar is still pretty dark. I tried to include a gold earring and gold hair clip. If you don't care about the gold color, these seem sturdy.

👤It is cute and functional. I wouldn't buy it again because the screw holes are so bad that I had to drill a pilot hole to get the anchor to work. The space between the shelf and bar was so small that the screw driver couldn't fit.

👤These are easy to install. They are perfect for my space.

👤Nice shelves, nothing wrong with them, just be sure to look closely at the measurements they are smaller than they seem.

5. PETAFLOP Folating Storage Shelves Bathroom

PETAFLOP Folating Storage Shelves Bathroom

BATHROOM FLOATING SHELVES are made to last for a long time. Their brand is based on the full customer experience. They will be happy to help you if you face any issues. A one-year limited warranty is included. If you live in a limited space, the wall shelves are a great way to store things on your walls. The small parts for installation are included in the pre-assembled hanging shelves for wall. The wall mounted storage shelves are much more functional and useful if the wood board Depth is more than 4.5 inches. The large wall shelf has a dimensions of 16 x 5.6 x 4.8 inches, while the smaller one has a dimensions of 13 x 5.2 x 4.5 inches. The simple design of these floating shelves would work well with a wide variety of home decorating styles.

Brand: Petaflop

👤This was wonderful, but there were screws that came out in shipping and at least one area missing weld. It will be usable for a long time after I fix the screws.

👤I have never mounted anything with a drill. The amount of things needed in a guest bathroom is shown in the picture. I could have added a Mega Rolls on the bottom row. The bar is in front. It makes it difficult to get to some of the items, but it also holds them in place. Make sure you have enough separation between the shelves so you can lift them out of the wall. Simple. The particle board is of good quality, but both sides are unfinished.

👤These are simple yet useful. It's very easy to install and the blank wall became very funtional now that I have these shelves. I used to have to go back and forth to get my everyday-go-to spices when I was cooking, now I have them in front of me while cooking. I like that the counter is empty so I can put my ingredients there. I love these so much. They're affordable and functional.

👤It's nice and lightweight. The bar in the front of the shelves is great to prevent things from sliding off. I used them in my camper.

👤We're described in smaller dimensions. The photo had a width of 12 in. I couldn't fit a 8 in book inside. Will use for make up because it takes forever to return something. If you pay with a debit card, the amount of your purchases has been increased. I am a prime member and I promise to delivary the items from phoniex, but I am in New Mexico and they are taking 5 to 7 days to ship so the money that they have held for a week goes back in my account. I'm told I need a different payment method. This isn't the same as Amazon Prime I'm used to. I should not be blamed for 2 day delivery. They kept my money in a pattern with my bank. Bad business.

👤I ordered two more sets for the other side of the wall, which will hold dried herbs, after I purchased one set to house my hot sauces. They are light and look nice on the walls, but have supported the weight of hot sauce bottles surprisingly well.

👤The shelves are small and perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. I didn't care for the hollow wall anchors that were included, but it was easy to install. I used hollow wall anchors. The kit had a spirit level. It was easy to make sure your drill holes were level. There is a The edges of the shelves were just a natural wood finish, and I didn't like that. I had a brown Sharpie and it was easy to write this down. The stain on the shelf was pretty spot-on. If you want to see how it will look, try it on the back edge of the shelf.

6. White Floating Shelves Triangle HOMEFURNISHING

White Floating Shelves Triangle HOMEFURNISHING

The assembled dimensions are 18. 9 x 19 5 x 9. inches The new style floating shelves adopt the concept of contemporary decorating to polish the sturdy wood to be perfectly beautiful. The mustard yellow finish on the triangle metal brackets adds a noble and luxurious style to your home. You can use floating shelves to decorate your living room or bedroom. All items should be in order on the floating shelf. There are three different sizes of floating shelves for you to arrange. There are three sizes of holder: large, medium and small with the same holder height and thickness. The floating shelves are great for your family or friends because they can be used as cat shelves for your pets, and they are also great for filling in any empty wall space. You just need to follow the simple instructions and assemble in minutes. Please contact them if you still have trouble with assembling.

Brand: Amada Homefurnishing

👤I had an idea that I could buy a set of floating shelves and put them in a lonely corner of my kitchen to hold some plants. I am good with tools and following instructions. I am very patient. I like doing things right and achieving good results. Installation of floating shelves and other wall-anchored items has never been an issue for me. I can only describe it as a spectacular failure. I chose these shelves because they looked like they would match my planter and the price was okay. The powder coating on these shelf brackets is not metallic gold as you are led to believe. It is a bright yellow shade similar to a vintage bowling ball bag or a diner seat. I should have sent them back because they are ugly. The sunk cost fallacy took over after I spent hours trying to install these, and I missed the return date. There is no way to assemble the shelf before it mounts. The mounting screws for the brackets are hidden behind the back of the shelf and can only be accessed from the exact spot the shelf is meant to sit. The horizontal shelf plank can only be added to the brackets once they are mounted to the wall. For each of the three shelves, you are going to be drilling four holes for the floating brackets, without knowing whether or not the shelf will be level. A small variation in the wall texture or a small wobble in the drill will ruin your chances of having a level shelf. It is bad if you get even one shelf level. Now add that to three. Even if you have the patience of a saint and hours to spare, there is no way to have level shelves even if you measure and draw carefully. If the shelf length spans a stud and you have to use a combination of the two, the chance of the shelf being level is out the window. I wanted to make a L shaped shelf next to a window by mounting the two shelves across a corner. Don't even think about it. The chances of getting one shelf up and level using combination stud and anchor mounting are very low. There is very little chance of you creating a level plane with two demon shelves. I don't think I can do it. I should have installed these shelves at grotesque angles so that they couldn't hold a thing, as a way of protesting the instability and futility of capitalism. I don't think so. I don't recommend purchasing these. If you decide to purchase and attempt to install these godforsaken shelves despite the fact that you are a masochist, there is still the matter of installing the shelves themselves onto the brackets. How do you feel about using tiny screws that are less than an inch from the wall? Unless you like having raw knuckles or a right-angle drill, you will be screwed. It is possible that the inescapable failure this product will bring to every attempt to correctly install it is just an invitation to ponder the futility of existence. Maybe it is a meditative koan. Maybe it's a psyop meant to make Americans feel less confident. We might never know. There is a You may find yourself living in a rented house, ordering shelves from another part of the world, or behind a level and a large automo-drill, wasting precious life. How did I get here? Let the days go by and the shelving hold me down. The shelves are still sitting on the ground and the directions are gone. A pile on the ground once in a lifetime. And you may ask yourself how to do it. You may ask yourself if you should buy a right-angle drill. You may tell yourself that there are shelves. Not in my house! You can tell yourself that shelves won't ruin my life. Let the days go by and the shelving hold me down. The shelves are still on the ground. After the money is gone, read the directions again. There is a pile on the ground. There is a It was the same as always. It was the same as always. It was the same as always. It was the same as always. I'm installing and I'm removing it. These shelves are at the bottom of the ocean. Measure the brackets. Remove the brackets and throw them in the ocean. I'm installing and I'm removing it. Let the days go by and the shelving hold me down. The shelves are still on the ground. There are shelves on the ground under the holes in the wall. The shelves are still on the ground. Try a different wall, avoid the studs. You might ask yourself, "Where is that beautiful shelf?" You might ask yourself, "what do these directions lead to?" There is a And you might ask yourself, "Am I right?" Am I right? There is a You can say to yourself, "My God! What have I done? Let the days go by and the shelving hold me down. The shelves are still on the ground. Get out the level again, another pencil mark, and you'll see the shelves on the ground. The shelves are still on the ground. Don't feel the failure, just give up. There are still shelves on the ground. Same as it ever was, the same as it ever was. It was the same as it ever was. The shelf is not adding up, it is not holding up, and the anchor holes are not holding up. It was the same as always. It was the same as always. The days were the same as always. Here comes the twister. It was the same as always, letting the days go by. It was the same as always, letting the days go by. The shelves are still piled upon the ground.

7. Floating Decorative Invisible Brackets Bathroom

Floating Decorative Invisible Brackets Bathroom

The retro and stylish wall shelf is easy to match with other decoration styles. The floating shelves are easy to use and display your family plants, photos, favorite books, and spices. High-quality wood boards are Sturdy and durable which easy to storage items, smooth surface, and long service time. White smooth surface, elegant and stylish, invisible brackets make the installed shelf seem to be suspended on the wall,adding elegance to your home. Multi-Functional Storage is a way to save space, reduce confusion, and organize your home. The easy to understand manual can save you a lot of time during installation, it has detailed steps. Professional services,guarantee product quality are provided after sale. If there is a quality problem after you receive the product, please contact them.

Brand: Aiktota

👤We are not strong enough to hold a router, so we bought these. I needed to buy L brackets from another seller to support the shelves. I got these because they are deeper than other shelves.

👤The shelves are not as strong as I had thought, but they still meet my needs. They came with no instructions. It was easy to figure it out. You will need a drill and a level.

👤A nice looking shelf.

👤It is not sturdy and leans forward.

8. Halter Corner Floating Shelf Functional

Halter Corner Floating Shelf Functional

Your wall will look less cluttered and overload with their half moon floating wall shelf, which takes up less space, and leaves more room to showcase your décor. The semi-circle design will make your interior design look particularly stylish and unique. You can use the floating shelf unit in your house, garage, or kitchen, and it's a great display for décor. It's easy to install the floating shelf racks, you just need a power drill and a leveler. Even though they are only held up by brackets, their decorative floating shelf is strong and highly durable, because the brackets are screwed under the shelf panels and onto the wall, creating a dual lock to keep it in place.

Brand: Halter

👤The listing says it is 11x11. The package was barely 10x10 when I opened it. There is a My photo frame won't fit on this. Getting another one from Amazon.

👤It was easy to install. I had to make a template. The product didn't give one. The product has a description of 11 inches by 11 inches, but it is actually 10 inches by 10 inches. I wouldn't have purchased it if it had the correct dimensions. I needed 11 x 11.

👤This was installed to be a nightstand for my daughter's top bunk. It's perfect! It's large enough to hold a mini lamp, book and glass of water, but small enough to not hit her head. It is very easy to install. It took me less than a minute.

👤It's hard to know what size you'll get. --- The straight side of the listing is 11 inches. --- The dimensions are 11x11 in the "From the Manufacturer" section. The package dimensions are 9.7 x 9.6 x 1.5 A photo of the shelf was shown. Look at the photo! There is a The shelf that arrived today is 11 and 1/2ths inch, very close to the initial straight side length description. Summary? There is a There are four different straight-edge lengths listed by the seller. There is a Two verified buyers each received a shelf of different straight-edge lengths. There is a This is not understandable. I love the shelf. The wrong size. There is a Is it? There are a lot of different measurements floating out there. A bit of a shoot. There is a This is what we needed and will now be missed. It is extremely frustrating and inconvenient.

👤I know it has the measurement in the title. I should have thought about that when I ordered it. I based it on the photos of the product. The product I received is not the same as in the photos. The photos show a bigger shelf. The one I received is small. I was amazed that it was 10 inches. I wouldn't have bought this shelf for the price, even if I needed it.

👤I bought this because I wanted to set an air purification system up on it for my desk. The problem that I have is that the metal connections on the shelf had to be taken off and realigned so that they would work with the hardware that was sent to attach it to the wall. I should have realized that it was probably not going to be the best work.

👤The metal brackets are not easy to install. Try to drill a hole into the wall and hope the screws are level and the distance apart so you don't have to re-drill holes over and over again. The description is wrong and I ordered 3 of them and 2 of them had scratch marks on the front that I wanted to see if I was going to put them up. I will be returning all 3 shelves because of the issues and incorrect description and I will not be buying any more of these shelves in the future.

9. Mkono Floating Industrial Shelving Brackets

Mkono Floating Industrial Shelving Brackets

Customer care is important. The wall shelves are a great addition to your home because of their simple design and easy installation. 100% satisfaction is their goal. If there is an issue with the pruchase, please contact them and they will try to resolve it. The set of 2 wall shelves is perfect for any rustic, modern, or natural home decor. They allow to put things on display. Adding additional shelving space for collectibles, plants, crafts, photos and more is possible with the help of them. Premium quality wall shelves are made of paulownia wood. The forged and handcrafted brackets are sturdy. It's perfect for displaying potted plants, family photos, collectibles and more. The props are not included in the picture. Versatile and Functional - install in the bedroom or bathroom to hold beauty/hair products, place under a mirror in the entryway, or exhibit family photos gallery style in a long hallway, use in the kitchen to hold spices and jars, and so on. You can showcase your style with rustic shelves. The floating shelf has brackets. Try putting it on a wall in your room to display framed family photos, or put it in your master suite and put some mini Succulent plants on top. The set includes instructions for hanging and mounting. The package includes 2 x floating shelves.

Brand: Mkono

👤Not sure who is in charge of that. There is clearly a mix-up. I assume that the shelves were supposed to be 4” and that the wall brackets were sized accordingly. Unless I rip them down with a table saw, they're useless. If I am going to take the time do all that, I should have just bought the stain and made these myself. Good idea, but poor execution. I was willing to pay for the convenience of the shelves. The purpose of the convenience is completely destroyed by this.

👤Really? Look at the picture. I don't know how I'm supposed to put these in the wall.

👤The wood is smaller than the brackets. The finish is very fragile. It was really overpriced. The shelves are black because of the stained wood. I wish I wouldn't get rid of packaging so quickly. Will have to replace it with real wood and stain. The purpose of buying shelves was defeated. The mounting hardware is a joke. Not happy.

👤Very cute. I didn't read the dimensions well and it was a little smaller than I anticipated. The brackets are a little weird. It all works.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It was described as being 4” wide but it seems to be a bit more like 4 1/2” so I was concerned that it would be too small.

👤It was easy to install in the plaster. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on these, but they work well for what I'm doing. We are remodeling an old farm house. It has no skateboards. We are making do for now. I'm sure hanging on the wall would make it strong. I connected both shelves and bought two sets to make it two instead of four.

👤They look nice on my wall. The package was well packaged and the instructions were easy to follow.

👤Excellent. It ties the room together. They are short, perfect for small spaces. The metal they are mounted with does not sit flush with the wood so be aware as you are decorating items. I like the shade feel and look of them. The brackets are made of metal. It is very easy to install.

👤We needed something for a small space in our home office. This was perfect, not too large but colored big enough. I like them. A screw is included to secure the wood shelf to the wall mounts.

👤They are very nice, but wish they were a little bigger.

10. GWH Industrial Steampunk Bookshelf Farmhouse

GWH Industrial Steampunk Bookshelf Farmhouse

Iron pipe, reclaimed real pine wood and baking varnish are included in the "Distressed Decor". Length 36 x height 31.5 In deep. The board is :0.78 in. The assembly requires two people to work together. It's suitable for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen pantry, farmhouse, garage, office, laundry room and above toilet. The 3-shelf design increases storage space.

Brand: Gwh

👤Poorly made one pipe doesn't allow the opening of the joint adapter to be in line with the opening of the other. I've tried to replace this pipe with others. It is frustrating that this item has been waiting for so long. I will return the part if I don't get it in a reasonable amount of time. I assembled this item after two hours. Installation can be difficult, as a few things are likely to go wrong, unless you are very careful in spite of its deceivingly simple design. These must be written in a clear way, which is not possible.

👤This particular shelf system has a huge problem. It's not that it doesn't look great once it's put together, but the problem is they're lazy manufacturing process. They welded the middle of the two racks because they were already assembled. They leave the ends completely free spinning. You need to use plumbing tape to get them to stop. Why not make the whole unit come together? If you tack welding the rest of it, you could have saved me a lot of stress.

👤The product is beautiful. Sturdy. Great job. The measurement are misleading and I am giving it 3 stars. It would have been great if I had bought it at a smaller size but it sticks out at 12 inches with the piping. It is. I need to figure out where it will fit now because I don't want to return it. It's not a good idea for behind a toilet.

👤I love these shelves. We had to redo the project because we accidentally screwed the pipe pieces upside down, which would have made the bottom shelf not as high. There is a Exactly what we were looking for. They work great for us in the laundry room. I would recommend it to a friend.

👤This shelf was the perfect addition to our kitchen. It's easy to hang with 2 people.

👤The unit is easy to assemble. Put this together in 15 minutes and install it in 30. There are a lot of holes and wall anchors included. I had thought it was heavier than it is, but it is not. The light weight version of the black pipe is not the standard black pipe. The wood is light in weight. It looks great.

👤Take my review with a grain of salt, I installed it myself and this is not a one person job. There is a It got a review because of 1. The pipe parts don't connect correctly. I had to not have them screwed all the way into one another to make it where the right parts connect to the wall, so it made the piping more difficult to install. 2. The additional dimensions of the pipe are calculated by its width. The width of the SHELF is 25 cm. The whole thing is about 32 cm wide. 3. The hardware they give is terrible. Don't use their wall anchors. I ran out of my wall anchors so I could learn this lesson again. Nah. The anchors spun out. Every time. Single. One. Even though it has half the anchors, it holds well. I'll have to wait for more of my anchors to be put up.

11. Floating Shelves Paulownia Bathroom Farmhouse

Floating Shelves Paulownia Bathroom Farmhouse

It's possible to free your home from all the stuff. You can place fancy items in an unexpected place thanks to the magic of floating. The rustic shelves can help you make use of your empty walls, which will save space and make your room look larger. Do the walls of your house look plain? Amada Paulownia wood floating shelves are great for bringing your walls to life. A unique brown with industrial triangle metal brackets that blend perfectly with the rustic and contemporary style would be an attractive decoration. These wall shelves are larger and longer than regular shelves on the market, providing more room and worry-free storage. Large: 16.4 5.9 0.7 inches; Medium: 14 5.9 0.7 inches; and Small: 11.4 5.9 0.7 inches. It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware. Are you tired of cheap quality? Their premium wood shelves are made of solid Paulownia wood and reinforced metal brackets, which are sturdy enough to hold up to 40 lbs, and are great for organizing books, collectibles, plants, and trophies on the wall. Do you want the wood shelves to be your favorite style? You can arrange the layout to meet your needs or you can install the brackets on the top of the board. Who knows your home better than you? You can make the shelves to make your dream home.

Brand: Amada Homefurnishing

👤I have realized how disorganized I am in my small apartment. I have a big open space above my sink, but little counter space. They don't want holes in the walls because I am in an apartment. I needed to find a place where I could put command strips. These worked well. I got some sturdy command strips after cleaning my wall with rubbing alcohol. So far, so good! The shelves are small, but they can hold my butter dish, all my teas, and anything small that I can get off my counter so I can have more space. I will be ordering more for my bathroom.

👤Cheap wood. Not done properly. It looks like they just painted it. It will soak right through if I spill it. The wood is not smooth. I am confident that it will hold some weight. There is a I feel like I'm sanding it down, even if I have to scratch off the paint. I wouldn't be able to do that.

👤My son's space themed room was perfect with these shelves. You can attach the braces above or below the shelves. I think it makes them more universal. They are lightweight but sturdy. They came with great sheetrock and stud anchors for attaching the shelves to the walls. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

👤I like the look of these shelves and how easy they were to install. Exactly what I was looking for. The wood was not as heavy as I thought, but it did a great job.

👤All was good once I got the shelving installed. The brackets look good. They work for what I wanted. The installation hardware was useless. I used my own anchors after two attempts of the same thing, and they all worked out. I tried to install per the instructions. I had to use an angle screwdriver to screw the screws into the anchors as a regular screwdriver simply wouldn't work unless you put the screws in at an angle.

👤These shelves are great. Light weight. They have held up well so far. Since they are so light tacks, I could not use the screws to hang them, but I did use them to hold them up. If you choose to do this, I wouldn't put anything heavy on them.

👤As described. Half of the metal pieces are slightly bent and it ends up not being symmetrical on the wall when you attach them to the boards. It was helpful to have all the screws and wall anchors. I would like the shelves to be longer, but that is not an item fault. Attaching the board to the metal pieces is a good idea, but be careful.

👤The 3 tiered shelving unit is nice. The metal brackets fit the wooden shelves well. The shelves are a nice shade, but there were some scratch marks on one side and it was necessary to put the lesser defaced side on the top. The boards were not completely flat and were cupped slightly in hopes that the weight of items placed on top would help flatten them over time. The shelves are light and feel like they are made of wood. When attaching them to the brackets with the short screws you need to be careful not to tighten them too much as they will strip easily. They have extra screws and wall anchors for several wall types. The instructions for assembly are not very helpful. There is a They look good hanging in our bath with several decor items on each shelf.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelf for kitchen?

Decorative wall shelf for kitchen products from Freezing Point. In this article about decorative wall shelf for kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Besy and Js Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelf for kitchen.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelf for kitchen?

Freezing Point, Besy and Js Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelf for kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Forbena, Petaflop and Amada Homefurnishing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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