Best Decorative Wall Shelf Gold

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1. Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

The package included 2 wooden boards, 2 towel hanger, 4 fixed expansion screws, and 4 fixed screws. Premium material and protection design. The wall shelves are made of painted pine wood and have a waterproof feature. The guard rail around the metal brackets prevents anything from falling. The floating shelves are strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs in a wall. Simple, clean-lined contemporary shelves with a timeless white and gold finish become an accent decor for whatever is placed on them. Small indoor plants, perfume jars, family pictures, and other items can be placed on the contemporary yet modern style White shelf, which is ideal to add a decorative touch to your bathroom, washroom, makeup room, powder room, half bath etc. The floating shelves have gold hooks and a towel bar. The wall shelves organize the bathroom essentials. Extra vertical space is added to bedroom, kitchen, home office, small apartment, college dorm, coffee bar, and many other places with the wall shlef organizers. The wall mounted shelves are easy to install. The towel bar and hooks can be installed according to your needs. Remove screws when you disassemble. The elegant and art Deco gift idea is a practical gift for your family or friends as birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas presents. They will deliver outstanding products and service to you and your family.

Brand: Forbena

👤The shelves are easy to install. The hanging hooks are bright shiny gold, but the shelves are bronze gold, like antique brass. The hooks do not match. There is a nice set of small shelves. It fits large rolls of toilet paper.

👤I was looking for white shelves to go with my kitchen. I didn't want items to fall off. These are perfect! I put it up as a hot cocoa bar. The shelves can be used as a display.

👤The design is sleek and modern. It has a towel rack and a lip to keep things from falling off. The gold looks classy and cool without being loud. I did not use the matching hardware and s hooks.

👤There was a terrible smell on the shelves. You could smell the odor through both packages. They are in the garage and can't review anything else.

👤The shelves should becent for the price. The metal is painted gold and the wood is painted white. There were a few flea bites in the wood. It is not worth the hassle. Installation was easy. There are no pilot holes in the towel rack, which is the only pain point. I used elbow grease as the wood wasn't very hard, but drilling pilot holes would be advised. It's important to have a bubble level.

👤I usually don't leave reviews but this time I thought I should. There is a The color is not as expected. While the S hooks are gold, the bar and borders around the shelves are more brown and gold. More leaning towards green-brown. The S hooks are a different color so it is clearly visible. I tried taking a picture with my phone, but the color doesn't match what it looks like in real life, and the bar is still pretty dark. I tried to include a gold earring and gold hair clip. If you don't care about the gold color, these seem sturdy.

👤It is cute and functional. I wouldn't buy it again because the screw holes are so bad that I had to drill a pilot hole to get the anchor to work. The space between the shelf and bar was so small that the screw driver couldn't fit.

👤These are easy to install. They are perfect for my space.

👤Nice shelves, nothing wrong with them, just be sure to look closely at the measurements they are smaller than they seem.

2. MyGift Vintage Wall Mounted Decorative Floating

MyGift Vintage Wall Mounted Decorative Floating

Their fake flower bonsai with Life will add some extra flair wherever you put them. It is a good way to decorate the house. There are various sized metal floating shelves with vintage-inspired brass-tone finish in the three piece set. It's great for displaying books, potted plants, and decorative items around your home. A wide range of decors are complemented by a vintage brass-tone metal construction. Can be mounted to wall surfaces with proper hardware. Small is 8.25 H x 12.5 W x 6.0 D, Medium is 11.0 H x 14.5 W x 6.0 D, and Large is 13.0 H x 16.5 W x 6.0 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤The 3 pieces were unpackaged and shipped to us. They arrived broken and one support snapped off. The wall anchors they provided were too soft to push in and they had to drill a large hole. I had to rip them out, patch and repaint the wall, and then use regular wall anchors. There is a They are hideous in person. It's the worst shade of gold.

👤These are not straight. The shelves are not level. The screw holes are pressed against the wall and one is an inch away from the wall. The brass decor is not straight. The top shelves are magnetic. The shelves would be easy to install if they were not crooked. I am using pliers and a hammer to bring these back to their original shape.

👤I was impressed with the security of the packaging. They looked better when I pulled them out. I will post a picture when they are hung up. I am very happy with the quality of the product.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. I found other things that were very expensive. I installed them myself and they turned out great.

👤Even water leaves a stain. Just as pictured.

👤They are a little flimsy, but not exact. okay

👤These are the right size to display my travel souvenirs on my wall. I can't wait to hang them up. They are sturdy but lightweight.

👤The shelves are cute. The metal is a bit wobbly because it wasn't straight. It looks great with a few pieces.

3. Floating Marbling Decorative Brackets Bathroom

Floating Marbling Decorative Brackets Bathroom

Home Decor and Organizers. The set of 4 wood wall mounted shelves are perfect for any d├ęcor. The floating shelves give a unique look to a blank wall and add that finishing touch to any room in your home. The wood floating shelves allow for better organization and display. Adding wood wall shelves to your home is a great gift for family or friends. The design is modern. The shelves are made of high-quality medium-density fiberboard and covered with smooth stickers. It is more durable than ordinary wood and has been polished to make it more perfect. The theme is Marbling. Compared with other dark style wall mounted set, it creates an elegant, luxurious and youthful atmosphere for the family and becomes a great choice for your home. The wall mounted shelf is both art and storage. Adding decoration to your walls is one thing, but it also creates a multi-functional storage space to store and organize small objects. You can place plants in the living room, place beauty products in the bathroom, or organize spices and jars in the kitchen to reduce the mess in the small room. You only need to follow the instructions provided to assemble the hanging shelves in a few minutes. Two unique display forms are provided by the triangle design. You can arrange and use to match your decoration style. The shelves need a few screws to be fixed. The size introduction. Large: 15.75 5.9 5.7 inches, Middle: 14.17 5.9 5.7 inches, Small: 11.42 5.9 5.7 inches. All items can be placed on the shelves more safely because they are wider and longer than other shelves. Can give you pleasant decoration to match the room's design. Their floating shelves wall can be used as a cat stand, allowing cute cats to have their own resting and entertaining space without taking up floor space. Cats can jump up and down on the sturdy shelf, which can hold 40 pounds. You can easily wipe the dirt with a rag to remove dust and cat hair without leaving any scratches.

Brand: Pdeey

👤The metal brace is not attached to the shelves with a pre-drilled hole. There aren't any holes to screw in the screws that are shown to be in the instructions. Not useful if you don't have a drill. 2 stars for the shelves themselves.

👤The shelves are cute. I wish they would give more in depth instructions for people who are intelligent but have no experience.

👤These are the most beautiful shelves I have ever seen. I like the color and style of them.

👤I got these shelves for my kids because they love them and they are easy to install and sturdy.

👤It works well with my new bedroom decor. A new touch. Love the gold details.

👤There should have been pre-drilled holes.

👤I like the look of the shelves. I did not care for the assembly.

👤Arrivate super veloce ma sbeccate con staffe piegate. Rese.

👤Supertn fr den Preis.

4. Bcozlux Floating Decorative Geometric Bathroom

Bcozlux Floating Decorative Geometric Bathroom

The dimensions are 12.3 H 14.6 W 4.5 L. There are decorative wall shields. It is attractive on any wall. STURDY & SPANISH: Features robust circle metal frame and premium particleboard wood, which ensures years of reliable use. It is water-resistant and rust-resistant, which helps to maintain its new look for a long time. Functions and space-sharing: A versatile solution for organizing at home or office is display books, vases, photos, etc. In the bedroom, or in the kitchen, or any other place. A rustic floating shelf comes with detailed and illustrated instructions and wall mounting hardware, hangs securely with keyhole hangers on the back. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't wait any longer, they are always available to provide a professional customer service before and after your purchase.

Brand: Bcozlux

👤It is easy to assemble and hang. The bathroom looks cute. Can't wait to finish decorating

👤I bought this for my dining room to redecorate. I like it. It was very easy to put together. I did it by myself. I like the dark shelves in my cabinets.

👤I like the look of this piece. It's perfect for my dining room. It was easy to put it together, but some of the screws didn't line up perfectly. It was easy to hang up. It seems sturdy. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤There was an empty space on my wall. Really like it. Good quality.

👤This works well where I wanted to use it. I needed to get the items off of my small drawer. The shelves are fake.

👤The shelves had some damage. The mark is split into two parts, one effecting the sturdiness and the other being cosmetic. Couldn't find a way to contact the seller.

👤The shelf was very easy to put together and I didn't need any help with it. I love the look of the color, it matches my desk, and it is rustic wood.

👤The little tool and good quality are what you will get as pictured. The wall anchors are down side. Would buy again.

5. Artsay Floating Shelves Storage Bathroom

Artsay Floating Shelves Storage Bathroom

Function and dependability are related. Add a decorative touch to your wall and organize your home with the rustic style floating shelves, which are great for storing small items, books, photos, collectibles, etc. Quality material. The wall shelves made of wooden boards and metal brackets are different from the regular U-shape and cube shelves. There is aDIMENSION. The metal wire storage shelves set has a small, medium, and large size. Easy installation. The hanging shelves come with hardware. It is easy to organize your home. Great addition. Set of 3 wood floating shelves give your home a fantastic addition, they fit your office, home, hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom shelves and more.

Brand: Calenzana

👤I love the shelves, they are a nice touch to my bathroom, they are easy to install, and hold up well if something spills on them. There is a There are some things that are CONS: I had to buy better anchors because of the junk that comes with them. There is no type of cover for the screws. It makes it look cheap. If you are like me and don't mind, then it's not a big deal. Let me know if you found this helpful. Thank you!

👤They look great in my room. I love them!

👤We needed more storage options for the small master bath that we renovated. The husband liked the style. We ordered 2 sets and they are way bigger than we thought. We painted them to match the decor and are really happy with them. They are perfect for holding storage needs. It was easy to install. It was well packaged. We got sturdier ones since they will need to hold some weight and not pull out of the wall, since the anchor they came with seemed a little lightweight. Overall, very impressed with the quality of the shelves.

👤These shelves are very dangerous. The shelves are sturdy and easy to install. There is a They come with simple directions and extra anchors and nails, which is great because I have never actually put up shelving myself and I lost an anchor and screw in the wall, so it was handy that they provided extra. It took me about 30 minutes to put them all up, if you have a good drill, it's not really a hard project. There is a They have a lot of stuff. Even the smallest one! I was going for a vintage feel and these fit the bill. I would recommend these shelves to anyone looking for cute functional shelves that hold a fair amount of weight.

👤I love the shelves. The smaller two are perfect for a spice rack. I have yet to use the largest one. It will be great like the other two. Would buy again.

👤There are shelves on a bathroom wall. We don't have a medicine cabinet. The drill was easy to install in the box. There are three shelves in the bathroom that hold everything from the sink to the windowsill. They are large enough to hold large creams, bottles, and other items. I think they are different sizes because they were all in the same place. The size difference between the two is very small, because I hung them the same distance from the corner. I would have liked these more if I had gotten them a long time ago.

👤I added my accent pieces to make these look better. They provide everything else you will need, and it is very easy to install. You will have no issues if you follow the directions. My 10 year old did two of them. The unfinished sides of the wood look nice in our area.

👤I was looking for a cute thing and it was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't need them to be heavy duty. Heavy items could be held with metal wall anchors. I found the set for a decent price and I love the shelves.

6. Upgraded Handmade Decorative Floating Shelf Plant

Upgraded Handmade Decorative Floating Shelf Plant

We will give you a brand new one if you have any trouble for any reason. They are more than happy to help you out. The design looked amazing. The gold wood beads highlight the ornate trends. It is easy to turn a blank wall into a unique display space. A favorite book, artwork, and candle are examples. This sturdy wood shelf is made from cotton rope and 3/6 inch thick solid wood and is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. The long macrame hanging shelf can be installed in 3 minutes. It has a hook. There is no need to go to the hardware store. The anchor and hook can hold up to 50 lbs. Hanging wall shelves are great for use in tight spaces. Pick a spot, and add a luxury, cozy finish to your space. You can refresh your home by ordering the 3-tier bohemian macrame shelf and sharing your ideas with them and others. Such as a wall plant hanger shelf, crystal display shelf, bookshelf, floating coffee table, or a cute nightstand next to your bed. Ex: Hang it from the wall as a bookshelf next to your desk, bed, or reading chair for an extra touch of style and convenience.

Brand: Makeonewo

👤The shelf is perfect. I wanted a macrame shelf, but they all looked the same or didn't have enough shelves. The weaving on this is sturdy and high quality. The gold beads at the top really made this one stand out to me. There are three shelves that are large enough to display items. It fills up the wall nicely. It was easy to install, and the hanging hardware was perfect to hold it. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This is gorgeous hanging on my wall. I have received many comments from friends over ZOOM. Covid has put a damper on a lot of things but not on creativity. We decided to redo the living room and we are loving it. The piece was the final one. Thank you so much. I recommend this to anyone who wants to add a touch of bohemian style, hippie style, vintage or modern decor. It doesn't matter what your style is, this will go with it. It is very sturdy and it holds several plants and my artwork which is heavy. I took a glass blowing class in Washington and the picture on the right is from the class I took in watercolor. I am very proud and I am happy to say that it looks really nice sitting on the shelf.

👤I bought this for my daughter's 12th birthday. The quality was beyond impressed. I would like to buy one myself. It is sturdy enough for her. Highly recommended.

👤I decided to decorate more deliberately when I moved from one apartment to another. It was time to have fun with the furniture after I dealt with the odor. It's difficult to make small spaces homey. I live in the projects.

👤So pretty. Exactly what I wanted.

👤I haven't written a review in a while but I love these small shelves. I thought they were a bit pricey, but that quality is perfect. Well packaged. Just perfect.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. It works well for what I am using it for, and wouldn't put anything heavy on there. Love the design.

👤The piece is very flimsy. There are knots underneath the shelves. I had to buy brackets. The hardware that was used to hang this item on the wall is too light to hold the weight of the item. The item is not worth the money. I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone. I gave it one star because I couldn't submit my review without it. This item is a complete failure.

7. LMNO Design Floating Decorative Bathroom

LMNO Design Floating Decorative Bathroom

The shelves are easy to hang. The frame has metal holes attached to it. There are 6inches x 4inches of potties. The picture frame is held vertically. There are 3 sets of 3. The system is invisible. It's perfect for home decor, smart speakers, pet and baby monitors, and security systems. The mounting system makes it easy to install with minimal tools. It is guaranteed that the install is free. It's a great addition to any room, office, living room, kitchen, garage, kids room, bathroom, bar, or displayed around furniture. All furniture and color decor is pure white. The perfect space to showcase your tiny treasures is created by this. The lip on the ledge of the shelf is designed to keep your items safe. These wall-mounted rustic decor pieces are large enough to display a picture or photo frame. Ensures that the items won't fall off. The units were designed in California and made with high-quality, lightweight MDF that matches wooden furniture. What tools are needed and how to install for a perfect fit are included in the instruction installation page. Hardware, hooks, mounts, and brackets are included. It's easy to install in a corner or flush to the walls. Ninefold Design guarantees a full refund or replacement product if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Ninefold Design

👤The mounting design of the shelf makes it difficult to fit it against the wall. The "screw-in-slot" design makes mounting easy, but it's important to get spacing precise. The screw heads won't fit into the slots if they are off one millimeter. Even if you make the connection tight, the shelf will still wobble once it is mounted. I worry about the amount of sagging the shelf allows, but I use these for small speakers, which are lightweight. I put a layer of security between the wall and the shelf. Too much wobble can be allowed even that.

👤The shelves are sturdy and safe after reading the reviews, and I immediately discarded the anchor that came with the product and used ones I deemed appropriate.

👤I put these up in the bathroom to hold small pots. My husband was impressed with how easy it was to install them. I was looking for a small space between my mirror and walls to fit them. Excellent quality and would purchase again.

👤The shelves are cute and the overall look is good. The screws that come with the shelves are complete and utter garbage, they broke when I used a drill, and they are hard to put up, off the slightest.

👤We were very pleased with the product. The shelves are the right scale for the powder room, and they match the white trim. The quality and design were very good. The anchor points for the floating attachment to the wall are provided by the MDF construction. The directions were clear and easy to follow, and all mounting hardware was included. The shelves and stack were wrapped individually and bubble wrapped to keep them apart.

👤I tried to hang the shelves but they were not up. I might not have had the right tools for the job. The shelves are pretty. I wish I could have used them. I might hang them somewhere else.

👤It was better than I expected. Very strong. I painted my wall the color of my choice.

👤I wanted something for my figures. The perfect size for what I needed was found in these. It was easy to install and deliver. Can't wait to get my other two figures. I recommend.

8. SHARIO White Floating Shelves Decorative

SHARIO White Floating Shelves Decorative

Don't get wet. The item wipes clean with a soft cloth. The hanging hardware is included. All of their floating shelves are handmade by specialized craftsmen and are of excellent quality. Each piece is inspected to make sure it has good strength and stability. It's easy to install, it's already assembled and has a handy manual to show you how to put up the shelves. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up. They are not only floating shelves, but also gold decorative items, bring you a noble and luxurious home style. Don't miss them if you like modern design. They are a perfect gift idea, and will be presented as an elegant gift. There is a risk free guarantee. They will give you a full, 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like your floating shelves.

Brand: Shario

👤The product is wonderful. If you have a small bathroom, this is a must-have. It was well made. The price was worth every dime.

👤It's easy to install and it holds up well.

👤The floating shelf is beautiful. It was very easy to install. I put one on each side for my husband and me. Heavy items are held no problem. The towel bar is not required to install.

👤I love these shelves. It's easy to install. I used my drill go screw in the bar, I am sure a standard screw driver would work with a little extra force. They are so cute on my wall and are easy to install. The shelves are a perfect size for me, because I was already aware of the size. Make sure you look at the measurement so you know how wide they are.

👤I didn't get to try it out so I'm giving this 2 stars. It is not gold. If you are looking for bronze, this is for you. I can't rate anything but the color. This is not gold. I received a refund.

👤I stumbled on these after searching for a similar set onPinterest. They are perfect for small decor in a nursery, despite being used in the bathroom. It was easy to install, the hanging bar part doesn't have holes, so you have to make your own. I wouldn't use it to stack books unless you put them in studs. They look chic without the cost.

👤I was worried about buying this since it didn't have any reviews, but these arrived quickly and they looked nice. They were easy to install and cute.

👤I have a small bathroom with no storage and I bought 4 shelves. There is a They were easy to install and have held up well. I didn't install the towel rod for my bathroom because it was optional. I placed the shelves according to the heights of the items I wanted to store. If you're putting them in the bathroom, I highly recommend you think about this before you screw them up as so many hair products or hygiene products can be taller than expected.

9. Floating Shelves Decorative Farmhouse Bathroom

Floating Shelves Decorative Farmhouse Bathroom

Large - 24 W x 7.5 H x 5.9 D; Small - 22.5 W x 6 H x 5.9 D. The design is unique. Medium-density fiberboard and Golden circles are used to make the floating shelves. The circle wood floating shelves are a great decoration. Save your space. The floating shelves for the wall can make the empty wall look larger and more organized. It doesn't take up much ground space. It is easy to exaggerate. Large is 18 inches and Small is 13 inches. Most of your daily needs can be met with a maximum capacity of 40 pounds. You can assemble in minutes if you follow the simple instructions. There are display and storage crates. These floating wood shelves can be used to display framed photos, collectibles, small plants, spices, towels, or any other small items. Practical and decorative. The floating shelves can be placed in your bedroom, living room, dorm, entrance, counter, and more. If you have a question about their floating shelves, please contact them, they will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: H Homebroad.

👤The design of these shelves is not great, but I like the look of them. The shelf can't lay level because one of the nail holes doesn't have enough room to account for the shelf itself. I had to line the nail up perfectly in order to allow the shelf to be leveled. I'm afraid to put heavy items on it because it's not very secure.

👤They are cute and have already been assembled. If you plan on putting normal weight items on the shelves, they don't seem like they will hold very heavy things.

👤The shelf part is the only complaint I have. One of them has a shelf angle down and the other has a shelf angle up. The shelf is not level while hanging on the wall. I bent the one so it was level. I will have to put something on the brackets to make it level when it hangs on the wall.

👤They were easy to install and the right weight for a bedroom wall. I will mix pictures with them to make a walk arrangement. They were right for my project.

👤These shelves are great. Just as pictured. I was looking for something that was not very deep. Heavy items are more for knick knacks.

👤If you're on the fence about getting these shelves, now is the time to do so. They go up on the wall quickly.

👤Overall is good. Feel happy with them.

👤These wall shelves are pretty. I thought they'd be the same size, but one is smaller. I only used the big one and will find something to do with the smaller one. A sitting room with lots of plants, light and airy is being put together. This was great for that. Attached is a picture.

10. Kate Laurel Octagon Floating Shelves

Kate Laurel Octagon Floating Shelves

A modern decorative design, these octagon floating wood wall shelves are secured with a gorgeous gold painted metal frame that is 30.5 inches tall and holds 5 MDF wood shelf boards that are finished in a crisp, contemporary white. Use these floating shelves to organize and display your home accents. They would look great in a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, or any room of the house that has usable wall space and needs a touch of class. The top and bottom shelves are 13 inches long and 7 inches deep, the second and fourth shelves are 27.25 inches long and 6 inches deep, and the center shelf is 30.5 inches long and is also 6 inches deep. The white finish of these floating shelves makes them easy to clean, which will allow you to keep them looking great for years to come. The shelves are easy to hang. The frame has metal holes attached to it.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤The handyman put it up for me after I bought it to hang in my salon. I wish I had seen it before it went on the wall. It is not perfect and seems cheap. The gold finish is not flawless. The whole shape looks crooked because it is missing a screw. If I had paid under $100, I wouldn't have any complaints. I would return it, but it's already on my wall and it would be too much of a hassle to take it down, patch the holes, paint, and replace it with something else. I think you should save your money.

👤I had to change the screws on the shelves. The top shelf is not level. The shelf is not flat against the wall because the welding is off on the inner diamond. I did not use the hardware that came with it. I went for a spring loaded anchor.

👤The shelves are not level. The shelf is not held up by the hardware. We had to buy new hardware. The finish on the shelving was not perfect. It's not worth the price. If maintenance had not thrown the packaging before the install, I would have returned.

👤If you're looking for a quality product, you might have to go somewhere else. I like the design of the wall shelves. I was so frustrated by the questionable quality of this product. I get damaged inside it's packaging. Two of the four shelves are missing. There are no screw holes on the shelves. The welds on some joints are terrible. There are a few spots that are completely missed and the paint job was not any better. You might find some alternatives for a third of the price with this kind of quality.

👤The shelf is not level, making it difficult to hang straight. The first shelf we received did not have the hanging attachment. The second shelf cake had been damaged. The customer service was poor.

👤The Solid Steel Floating Shelf brackets have a steel rod with 1/2 Diameter and are rustproof. The brackets were found on Amazon.

👤This product was loved. My husband and I put it in the bathroom. She liked it. She thought it was the best thing ever. It was very different. Her bathroom theme was pink and gold. I can't say enough good things about it.

👤Product was packaged with a lot of styrofoam. We used a leveler to hang one of the shelves because it was not level. Light weight. To hang the piece, you need two people to hold it up and one to screw in the screws since the premade holes aren't wide enough to put the screws in the wall first.

11. Floating Shelves Hanging Bathroom Decorations

Floating Shelves Hanging Bathroom Decorations

Simple and easy. The mounting accessory kit makes it easy to hang. 100% satisfaction guarantee, Sturdy and durable. Make use of the empty place and create a warm home-style place to display your photo, books, and organizes, while holding collectibles, small plants, trophy, vase Lego, and more. The geometric shelf has 3 layers of storage space. You can put small items in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, bar, restroom and more to make it easier to clear up the counter. It can be used as a surprise gift and is packed in a high-quality box. No assembly is required. You don't need to assemble the iron frame because it is folded from the folded state. The plank is stuck on the iron frame and does not require additional screws. The electric drill and installation location are all you need to do. The floating shelf is made of durable material. Its surface is resistant tocorrosion and has a longer service life. The metal brackets can hold more weight. Before and after your purchase, TFer provides professional customer service. Their customer service will be online. They back the item with a 30-day free return. Enjoy your life with their product.

Brand: Tfer

👤It's easy to install. The metal part is already assembled and you just put the wood shelves in place. Cute and trendy. I get praise all the time. You can see how much my hand sticks out by looking at the pic.

👤I was impressed by the simplicity of the installation. Pick up the metal frame out of the box and put it in the wooden shelves. The insert for marking screw placement on the wall was very helpful and nifty, rather than trying to hold up the shelf with one hand and hoping it's level when you mark it! My collection of skin products are mostly in glass bottles. It makes it easier to have my things out. I would buy it again, I got an additional shelf to go on the other wall. The shelving units are the same color. My only wish is that my taller bottles and items wouldn't be limited to the top shelf. I would still buy even though I have a wish. I used my own wall anchors on my additional unit. I knew that I would be loading it with heavier items and heavier jars.

👤I love the shelves. They were easy to put together. They seem cheap but they serve their purpose. It wouldn't be able to hole heavy objects. I use for my mini figurines. I still love them even though they are smaller than I expected.

👤I wanted the floating shelf to be in gold and white. I created this style with the paint I had from other projects because I couldn't find it in the size I needed. It is a great shelf for a small space. If you're looking for a charming decorative piece, this works.

👤I painted the wood to match my living room.

👤It's easy to install lightweight shelves. The quality was consistent between all of them. The price is great for the quality. They can hold up to 5 lbs with heavier screws. The wood pieces are light and can hold a lot of things. The metal frame is strong. It is perfect for small items and even a few heavier items, like a big candle or glass vase full of sand. There are photos, keepsakes, and kitschy items on mine. There is a The plastic drywall anchors that come in the package are soft plastic. They smashed around the hole instead of hitting it. I got a pack of better anchors from the local store. Setting the shelves on the frame was easy. They turned out great on my wall. There is a The small time investment was worth it for the price.

👤The shelf is great for my floor. There is enough space for everything. I bought this to go above the toilet in our carriage house, it works out great for my renters.

👤It is a nice shelf. I expected it to be bigger. It is not unbearably small. It's easy to install, the sides fold out. I wouldn't call it thick, but I wouldn't call it flimsy either. It is decent. I have a similar style of shelf. It is more stable and thick. There is a We bought it for my son's room. It does the job well. The price is worth something.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelf gold?

Decorative wall shelf gold products from Forbena. In this article about decorative wall shelf gold you can see why people choose the product. Mygift and Pdeey are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelf gold.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelf gold?

Forbena, Mygift and Pdeey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelf gold. Find the detail in this article. Bcozlux, Calenzana and Makeonewo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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