Best Decorative Wall Shelves for Storage

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1. BAYKA Floating Mounted Wall Shelves

BAYKA Floating Mounted Wall Shelves

Tired of placing stuff around in a grid? Try to do it vertically. You can use the empty places above the table to organize your items. You can install the wall shelves with a single click, giving your messy living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen a new look. The shelves are simple to fix and maintain. The floating shelves are designed with solid wood and industrial metal brackets, and they allow for a delightful decoration to match any design or style of room. The triangular design of the assembly offers two different display forms. You can put the board on top of the brackets or below the shelves. Pick the way you want the shelves to be displayed and match the decor. It is easy to assemble. Medium: 14.2 6 4.8 inches; Small: 11.4 6 4.8 inches. These floating shelves are larger and stronger than others and can hold a lot of things. It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware and you can assemble in minutes. Why purchase this product? This is a great addition to your home because of the sturdy structure, easy installation and elegant design. Their beautiful wall shelves can be used as cat shelves to allow the cat to have its own space to rest and play. Why purchase this product? This is a great addition to your home because of the sturdy structure, easy installation and elegant design. Their beautiful wall shelves can be used as cat shelves to allow the cat to have its own space to rest and play.

Brand: Bayka

👤I did not use these as shelves. I used them as cat stairs for my son's cat. They have been working well for that. We have a big heavy cat that is holding up well.

👤The wood is strong enough to hold a 20lb cat. This was a cheaper alternative to buying real cat wall furniture. I searched the internet for cat wall ideas because I don't like real cat trees and think they take up too much space. This was perfect! I made sure to use dry wall screws and make sure to line up the holes right. I didn't realize I screwed the holes wrong when I jumped the gun. I lined the shelves with grass turf to keep kitty safe.

👤I used these for my bathroom shelves. They all look the same in color.

👤These were bought as an accent to the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. They were easy to install. The stain and wood was cheap and rubbing off on my hands and bedsheets as I worked. The picture of the stain on the bedsheets is from the shelves that I sat on the bed and assembled. I'm a little worried about cleaning them with a spray based cleaner because of the stain coming off completely. I wouldn't use the shelves to keep towels because of this. We are not using them for that. It's not a big deal.

👤I wanted to add more space to my bar. They matched the wood. I trimmed the large shelf to match the middle one because it was the perfect size. The tan wood pen worked perfectly to blend the cut. The shelves are sturdy and easy to install. It was a great addition to my bar.

👤The shelves are great. There is some variation in the boards but that doesn't matter to me. I put them all in a line and put them on a long shelf. They are wide enough to fit movie cases. These shelves are the perfect size for a great price, and they are wide enough to fit in an arm and a leg. They are easy to put together and mount. When we get more movies, I bought another set. For reference, all three fit 20 DVD's, 50 blu rays, and 10 video games.

👤The product was good out of the box. It was easy to set up. For a few reasons, I gave four stars. The drill measures in the instructions aren't in fractionals, which is what you find on drill bits. I used 5/32 and 7/32 drill bits. The color of the shelves is a major reason. Three of the four were lighter brown and the last one was significantly darker making it look like it came from a different set. This is a draw back for me.

👤These shelves have been a huge disappointment. I got the first set and one of the brackets had different holes. I ordered a replacement. When the replacement arrived, everything appeared to be correct. There is a The wood is very flimsy and I decided to pre-drill holes in the bottoms so that it wouldn't split during installation. This helped. There is a The third shelf I have had sitting waiting to be installed for books, but have been doing a remodeling project, wasn't installed until after the project was done. I went to install it tonight and found the holes weren't stamped correctly. I replaced the item once and it worked the same way. I am not happy with the craftsmanship of these shelves. Don't waste your money. You pay for 3 but only end up with 2 that are not worth what you pay.

2. Artsay Floating Shelves Storage Bathroom

Artsay Floating Shelves Storage Bathroom

Function and dependability are related. Add a decorative touch to your wall and organize your home with the rustic style floating shelves, which are great for storing small items, books, photos, collectibles, etc. Quality material. The wall shelves made of wooden boards and metal brackets are different from the regular U-shape and cube shelves. There is aDIMENSION. The metal wire storage shelves set has a small, medium, and large size. Easy installation. The hanging shelves come with hardware. It is easy to organize your home. Great addition. Set of 3 wood floating shelves give your home a fantastic addition, they fit your office, home, hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom shelves and more.

Brand: Calenzana

👤I love the shelves, they are a nice touch to my bathroom, they are easy to install, and hold up well if something spills on them. There is a There are some things that are CONS: I had to buy better anchors because of the junk that comes with them. There is no type of cover for the screws. It makes it look cheap. If you are like me and don't mind, then it's not a big deal. Let me know if you found this helpful. Thank you!

👤They look great in my room. I love them!

👤We needed more storage options for the small master bath that we renovated. The husband liked the style. We ordered 2 sets and they are way bigger than we thought. We painted them to match the decor and are really happy with them. They are perfect for holding storage needs. It was easy to install. It was well packaged. We got sturdier ones since they will need to hold some weight and not pull out of the wall, since the anchor they came with seemed a little lightweight. Overall, very impressed with the quality of the shelves.

👤These shelves are very dangerous. The shelves are sturdy and easy to install. There is a They come with simple directions and extra anchors and nails, which is great because I have never actually put up shelving myself and I lost an anchor and screw in the wall, so it was handy that they provided extra. It took me about 30 minutes to put them all up, if you have a good drill, it's not really a hard project. There is a They have a lot of stuff. Even the smallest one! I was going for a vintage feel and these fit the bill. I would recommend these shelves to anyone looking for cute functional shelves that hold a fair amount of weight.

👤I love the shelves. The smaller two are perfect for a spice rack. I have yet to use the largest one. It will be great like the other two. Would buy again.

👤There are shelves on a bathroom wall. We don't have a medicine cabinet. The drill was easy to install in the box. There are three shelves in the bathroom that hold everything from the sink to the windowsill. They are large enough to hold large creams, bottles, and other items. I think they are different sizes because they were all in the same place. The size difference between the two is very small, because I hung them the same distance from the corner. I would have liked these more if I had gotten them a long time ago.

👤I added my accent pieces to make these look better. They provide everything else you will need, and it is very easy to install. You will have no issues if you follow the directions. My 10 year old did two of them. The unfinished sides of the wood look nice in our area.

👤I was looking for a cute thing and it was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't need them to be heavy duty. Heavy items could be held with metal wall anchors. I found the set for a decent price and I love the shelves.

3. ME YM Bathroom Floating Decorative

ME YM Bathroom Floating Decorative

The floating shelf is 36L x 6W x 9H. The kitchen or bathroom storage shelf is made of high quality solid wood material and powder coated metal brackets, it is sturdy and strong enough for your daily use. The bearing capacity is strong with protective guards. The metal rails on the wall storage shelves help keep your valuables out of the toilet or the floor. It is simple to hang and adds a modern touch to any room. In the kitchen, the floating shelf can be used to put seasoning bottles. In the bathroom, put your shower gel on the shelves. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, office, etc. The wood wall floating shelves are easy to assemble and put up, they are super sturdy and easy to follow instructions. Large is 16 x 5.2 x0.5 inch and Small is 14 x 4.3 x0.5 inch. White floating shelves bathroom shelf will add a retro style to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, office or more. If you have a problem, please tell them without hesitation, they will try their best to solve it.

Brand: Y&me Ym

👤I'm pleased with the overall look, but the shelves lean towards the wall.

👤You can put it on any wall to help with your chachi's and things. The shelf is made of metal or aluminum. The quality of the wood that is placed inside the metal shelves was a bit disappointing. It isn't wood. It's cheap and lightweight, but close up you can see it's not. It was meant for the bathroom, but after seeing the materials, I am concerned that it might swell from the humidity. I don't want to go through all the trouble of installing this and it won't endure the bathroom environment of lack of air and steam.

👤The shelves are not too big for the price. I was expecting a little better quality, but no complaints. I thought the shelves were going to be more sleek and shiny than they are, and I could have wished for a nicer quality of wood. It didn't take my bathroom contractor long to put them in, even though I can't speak to him.

👤I returned the product quickly because it was terrible. The welding on the metal was so poor that it wouldn't hold just a shelf, and the screws they give you don't come with predrilled holes.

👤The product is cheap. We were able to assemble it, but the metal part broke. The shelf part needs to be screwed into the board. The shelf and metal parts are not in alignment. I wouldn't recommend this product. Look for something that can be assembled before it breaks. We opened the package more than a month after we received it. Our loss.

👤I could easily hold all of my bathroom products. I love it!

👤There is a little on the flimsy side. It works and looks good. It is definitely worth it.

👤It's perfect for over a desk. It's easy!

4. YGEOMER Floating Carbonized Multifunctional Wall Mounted

YGEOMER Floating Carbonized Multifunctional Wall Mounted

The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 wall anchor, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards. Let's use their imagination and creativity. The top or bottom of the shelf can be fitted with the triangular brackets. There are two types of brackets and 4 paulownia wood shelves that can produce combinations. There are multi-functional shelves. Their shelves are ideal for a lot of things. There are seasoning bottles and dishes in the kitchen. You can put things in the bathroom. In the living room you can put things like small flower pots, trophies, collectibles, books, photos, etc, and even use them for cat shelves. These look clean and bring the beauty of nature. Large: 16.2 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, medium: 14.2 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, small:11.4 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, and the thickness is 0.6 inches. The package includes 4 paulownia boards, 8 metal brackets, 18 plastic anchors, 18 long screws, 18 short screws and an installation manual. Their wall shelves can hold up to 40 lbs of weight when installed firmly on the wall. The installation can be completed in a few minutes with the help of the installation manual. They will offer a solution to your satisfaction within 24 hours if you reach them with any questions or concerns.

Brand: Ygeomer

👤I had these shelves since June, but I was in the middle of moving so I am taking them out of the box. I am very disappointed. The first piece of wood I tried to fit together fell out. These are not safe or sturdy. I don't recommend them. I ordered 2 of them. I wasted money on this. There is a It should be edited. It says to hammer the screws in. I thought, ok! The screws still fall out after I did that. Oh my gosh! It's so frustrating! There is a The seller told me that their instructions were wrong and that they would send me new instructions. They have instructions that are not correct. I spent money on a bad product and bad customer service.

👤These selves are fine. The wood is soft. The screws that hold the brackets to the wood don't stay in the wood very well. I wouldn't buy these shelves again. I don't think they'd hold anything heavy. I used them for Lego creations that were light and small.

👤The shelves are made of a soft fine grain paulownia wood, so don't over tighten the screw, just get them nice and snug. The rest will be done by the wood. It is a very beautiful dark creamy brown wood that is not treated and does not smell like it is. And the wood is solid. I provided a picture of how I did it, it will hold up to 40 lbs of weight, depending on the type of dry wall you have. It's not going to take weeks to cure this wood, since it's most likely not treated, and you can varnish it, or use a nice mineral oil. The brackets are true. If you're using a drill, mounting is a challenge. Installation was easy because I have a 6 inch extended adapter for my drill. A reagular philips head screw driver will work as well. The shelves are nice. Remember, soft wood. If you screw the screw hard, it will dig the wood out.

👤I ordered different sets of shelves. None of them were pre-drilled. The wood is more like styrofoam than sturdy. One set of shelves came with a handy little tool to hang them straight and with nice plastic anchors, while the other set had very cheap anchors and no handy tool to make sure the shelves are straight. The screws are not able to be drilled into the wall because of the brackets. You get what you pay for. I didn't like that the shelves were small and different in size. They look cheap and ugly on the wall since the shelves are small. I only use them for things that are light. I used thumbtacks because it is easier on the wall. It damaged the walls. At some point, replace them all because they are dorky. They are difficult to put on the wall by themselves. Try to hold it straight and place a thumbtack at the same time. The plaster on my walls doesn't hold things well. These are also painted white.

5. Floating Shelves Hanging Organizer Bathroom

Floating Shelves Hanging Organizer Bathroom

There is a warranty-free option. Before and after your purchase, BAMFOX provides professional customer service. They back the shelves with a 30-day return policy. Enjoy your life with this product. There are three wall shelves with different sizes. Large wall shelf is 16 x 5 x 5.7 inches, Medium wall shelf is 13 x 4.9 x 4.8 inches, and Small wall shelf is 10.7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches. The actual product will prevail even if the picture looks a little bigger. Materials: The floating shelves are made from a board with a rustic dark walnut color and all black metal brackets. The floating shelves are used to clear up the mess in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, office and other places. It's perfect for displaying family pictures, frames, collections, keepsakes, books, small plants, vases, pots, toys, jewelry, spice jars, cosmetics, etc. Simple but modern shelves for wall can be used to accent any wall space. The floating shelf set of 3 is rustic but chic. Use as bedroom wall shelves, living room shelves, bookcases and book shelves, kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves, faucet shelves, laundry shelves, wall decor display or backdrop for adding storage space. The easy to wall-mounted shelter comes with all the necessary wall mounting hardware. Sturdy shelves wall mounting hooks and screws are included. Each piece of shelf comes with brackets that are easy to assemble and put up.

Brand: Zbeivan

👤I looked at the dimensions but also at the picture with the books and they are smaller than I thought. I used them for art work because they are still cute. It is very easy to install. The average size Dr Suess book was included in the pictures.

👤Comes ready to hang. It doesn't get any easier. It has a liquid balancer to make sure it's straight. The spot to drill is on top. The hole in the bottom is not the larger one. The screws should slide in. I would like these to be a little larger. I will be buying another set.

👤I thought these were bigger because of the picture of the books in the preview. It is not true. Tiny books will fit that way. I still used them to clean up desk space, but I wish they were bigger.

👤The shelves are cute but the edges are pressed wood and unstained. It isn't a finished product. I am going to stain myself.

👤The shelves are okay but I only received 3 anchors. I have to go to the store to buy some. The picture and instructions show that I should have 6. Less than happy.

👤Pay attention to the size. The shelves on which my books are on do not go out long enough to support many things, so the pictures are misleading. The smallest shelf is still cute and sturdy despite the fact that the biggest one doesn't fit. It is not real wood. It is a fake wood sticker stuck to ply wood. For reference, I can barely fit my foot on the first width and length. That is how big they are. Cute for small knick nacks, but not for holding anything real.

👤These shelves are gorgeous! If you want to go for the bohemian farmhouse vibe, they are cute. It's easy to install and matches anything. It came with colorful screw things to put in the wall. The only downside is that the front part of the shelf looks very cheap, it doesn't look like it was sanded or polished like the rest. It was a good purchase.

👤These are amazing! A lot of friends wanted to order them after I posted a picture on social media. They look great. These are in my bathroom by my big bathtub, they fit perfectly. There is a They were easy to install. They will hold a lot. Highly recommend. These were found by me.

👤The item was good for the price. The shelves are mounted on the wall. If you will put on light things, I recommend it. You need something stronger to put heavy things.

👤The only hole that was usable was the one that had a piece of metal blocking it. The plastic wood sticker on the shelf looks fake. They are shallow as well.

👤I really like it. There is a Thank you.

👤The shelves are cute.

6. Halter Single Rectangular Floating Shelf

Halter Single Rectangular Floating Shelf

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't wait any longer, they are always available to provide a professional customer service before and after your purchase. The Modern wall mount shelf is ideal for displaying anything from cherished family photos to your favorite wine collection, and it adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any room. It's practical and versatile to organize reading materials and use them as bookshelves in the bedroom, a piece in the living room that will help you keep those cherished mementos, and create more space in a small bathroom for often used toiletry items. Attach to your wall, and securely display all of your favorite items, made with high quality engineered wood that is both sturdy and durable, and can hold up to 10 pounds. It is easy to install, and can be positioned just about anywhere you want, with no visible hardware, and can be quickly assembled. This sturdy, compact shelf is a perfect fit for almost any space in the home and is designed to be strong, functional and beautiful.

Brand: Halter

👤This is a very cheap item. The flimsy packaging that I see in my pictures was the first shelf I received. Bubble wrap would have done a better job of protecting the product. The paint on the products was damaged and the corners were damaged. The mounts in the back were not checked to see if they were level. I had to use a screw to loosen the mount. The shelf was so flimsy that it was on the wall. I don't want to put a lot of weight on it. This is not a one time defect. I requested a replacement because of the damage to the first shelf. Poorly aligned and overly tight mounts were damaged during shipping. I wasted money because I couldn't get them back in time. My review will save you time and money.

👤After unpackage it was obvious that the corners and edges of the floating shelves were chipping and exposing white like material, each had 6 to 7 chip damages. This leads me to believe that it's a manufacturing issue. I bought these because I couldn't find a 12 inch crown molding in expresso at a reasonable price. The cost per unit was highway robbery. Wouldn't recommend buying them.

👤The price is reasonable for the shelf. The template that would allow you to drill holes for the mounting screws is not included in the instructions for installation. The screws are cheap, and should have a mark to indicate how deep to screw them in.

👤If it is installed correctly, the shelf is a good looking one. When I put the metal brackets on the wall, the tubes faced inward. The tubes were snug in the holes of the wooden shelf. The screws were put into the tube from the bottom of the shelf. The wires and cable from the bottom of the shelf can fit through the half circle I cut out on the rear of the shelf.

👤Poor quality. All items were shipped in the same box with a thin piece of bubble wrap around them. All the corners were damaged because they were loose inside the box. Look somewhere else for the price. Would not recommend.

👤There's a flaw in the design that looks nice and inexpensive. The mounting screws have holes that are too shallow. It would be much more stable if they were deeper. I was able to make it stable through trial and error and put my speaker in the right position. The manufacturer's weight limit is not exceeded. Simple anchors can be used to help prevent screws from chewing up the drywall.

👤I dropped the shelf on the floor as I was getting ready to install it. The finish on the shelf cracked and was made of plaster, rather than wood, which was very disappointing. Would not buy again.

👤It was exactly as advertised. The screw system would not be enough for the shelf to hold anything that weighed more than a cell phone. I drilled it out to use bolts instead of using a drill.

7. Wallniture Floating Shelves Storage Bookshelf

Wallniture Floating Shelves Storage Bookshelf

Don't waste time installing a wall organizer. If you follow the instructions and use the mounting hardware already included in the packet, your Toledo wall mounted shelves will be ready in a few minutes. Lively up your living space with decorative shelves. You can get a floating wall shelf set of 3 to display indoor plants and small home decorations which will transform your room decor. You can use the rustic shelves in the living room as floating book shelves. If you want to triple your storage capacity, use your previously wasted wall space to upgrade your wall decorations for the living room. You can find more functions other than living room shelves. The set of 3 shelves can be used as bathroom shelves over the toilet, wall shelves for bedroom decor, kitchen shelves for storage, and more. Works well with every space. The shelves are designed to match the interior design and style. Their small shelf set of 3 will compliment your modern decor but also for rustic, farmhouse, and bohemian decor. Simple installation. If you follow the easy instructions and use the mounting hardware included in the package, you will be able to use your Arras storage shelves in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤I should have gotten out a measuring tape to see the dimensions. They're cute and sturdy, but they don't fit as much as you think. The items on the shelves are small and do not fix much, so I believe the image is decieving. I bought them for the space and they were still worth it.

👤I thought it was larger than it was, but it is. Measure before you buy something. It's good for above the toilet or a small corner. There were no pre drilled holes. A good sturdy buy.

👤These shelves are exactly what I wanted. I took 45 minutes to assemble and hang with my subpar skills.

👤You get what you pay for, and it fits this product.

👤The shelves are great for storing things above the toilet.

👤I was hoping they would be longer but they look nice and are sturdy.

👤I was happy to receive these shelves, but I was surprised that there were no holes in them. I will need a drill to attach the brackets. Not a big deal. I never needed a drill and bought many products that I had to put together myself. I wouldn't recommend or purchase again.

8. Hoofaway Hexagonal Decorative Farmhouse Shelvesfor

Hoofaway Hexagonal Decorative Farmhouse Shelvesfor

Make use of the empty space above the table to organize your photo, books and maganizes. It was a great idea to make them in any shape you want, you can oriented the shelves in any direction you want and highlight your prized possessions. The honeycomb floating shelves are made from lightweight wood and have a black finish. Each kit has three shelves, which are: 11.9 inches x 10.2 inches x 4.3 inches, and 8.9 inches x 7.9 inches. You can create a personal wall display with these geometric shelves. They are perfect for creating a unique focal point in any room. It's easy to install. All the accessories are on the floating hexagon shelves. You can get quick installation on this basis, first drill a hole in the wall, then insert the screws fixed and tighten the finish, you can display whatever you want. The shelf is easy to install and durable. It is suitable for various styles of houses. The hexagonal shaped floating shelves can enhance your home style and also suit the d├ęcor of different houses, making your house look more fashionable. Modern honeycomb design is ideal for displaying decorative home accessories, frames, antiques, books and more. Customer service is great. Please email them if you have a question about their items. They can help you solve the problem.

Brand: Hoofaway

👤I was looking for a rose gold one, but they only had gold or white. The gold I bought was poopy gold, but I thought k could work with it. I couldn't hang or work with that color. I went to Michaels to buy a big can of rose gold paint and then went to town to see the babies. I only had to do one coat and then touch up the areas, so other than that, this product is awesome. It is easy to bend the metal to where I need it.

👤These are painted mustard colors, not gold colors. The unfinished edge of the shelf appears to be an error. They're a good size. I had to make a change to my review. The board is too wide for the wires and the shelf is crooked because of it. This is going somewhere else.

👤They are cute. One came slightly bent, but was quickly brought back to shape.

👤I wanted to see which went better in my bathroom. The gold isn't a gold color. It is a brown mustard color.

👤My granddaughters room has nice shelves.

9. BATHWA Industrial Floating Shelves Mounted

BATHWA Industrial Floating Shelves Mounted

Simple design floating shelves constructed of Sturdy frames and MDF board support a huge weight capacity, and each tier is 8 inches deep. Each shelf can hold 50 lbs. Adding wall mounted shelves to your home or office is a great way to add industrial flair to your space. Functional Wall Shelves - Wall Mounted Metal Frame display can be used for many things. It is a great place to keep office supplies, decorative items, hobbies, plants, crafts, photos, media, CDs and books. Sturdy and easy to install, it's easy to assemble and put up. If you have a problem, please be free to contact them. They will give you a solution, but they are certain that BATHWA floating shelves are worth your time.

Brand: Bathwa

👤These shelves are cute and dainty. The wood shelves were better than I was expecting. They are sturdy and have some weight to them. The Amazon description says it can hold a significant amount of weight, but I think it's only accurate if you put it into the wall stud. You can use a stud finder. You can change the height of the shelves.

👤It's perfect for my powder room. We were able to install it in a few minutes. It is easy to hold it in place because it is square and level on the self. Continue with the directions after marking the drill holes with a pencil. The price was perfect for us.

👤It's perfect for our toilet room. This was an excellent price point for what we needed to fill the empty walls. It took my husband 30 minutes to assemble it. Would buy again.

👤It was what I was looking for as an addition to my beauty corner. It is very sturdy and the perfect size. I had the installation done in less than 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend it. I love it!

👤This is a sturdy shelf. Above the toilet, it works very well. The behind-the-toilet standing shelf was too large for me to use. I would have been able to do it myself if I needed to, even though I had it installed by the handymen.

👤The shower curtain was changed, the bathroom was painted, and the shelf was added. I feel like I have a brand new bathroom. I will add more to the shelves as I go.

👤I wanted to use this wall shelf as a towel shelf in my bathroom. It was smaller than I thought. It is more of a toilet paper and cloth rack. I had a little trouble hanging it up level and evenly. There is a The wood is simple and cheap, but it looks good once up. There is a I think the price was a bit too high. I would be willing to pay a lot for this item. If I hadn't put the holes in my wall for the screw anchors, I would have returned this item. There is a I am making it work more for decor purposes.

👤"each tier 8 inch in deep" is not true. I don't know where the seller got this, it is way smaller than you would think. I put it in my bathroom, so you can put them on the shelf. It's on the wall, and it's staying there. Black screws are more obvious than brass colored ones. Will use black nail polish to cover them. You can put both sides of the rack in a wall stud if you put the shelves in the 16 inch side rack. It seems sturdy once up. It might be a little pricey for the size.

👤I assembled and hung this shelf in under 5 minutes. The shelf looks amazing. There is a I had a big behind the toilet shelf that made my bathroom look smaller and less open. This shelf is definitely recommended. I'm ordering 2 more. One for the upstairs bathroom and one for the kitchen. Came so fast. All around happy.

10. PDEEY Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

PDEEY Floating Shelves Mounted Bathroom

The elegant shelves are a wonderful gift for a wedding, housewarming, or any special occasion. The design is modern. The shelves are made of high-quality medium-density fiberboard and covered with smooth stickers. It is more durable than ordinary wood and has been polished to make it more perfect. The theme is Marbling. Compared with other dark style wall mounted set, it creates an elegant, luxurious and youthful atmosphere for the family and becomes a great choice for your home. The wall mounted shelf is both art and storage. Adding decoration to your walls is one thing, but it also creates a multi-functional storage space to store and organize small objects. You can place plants in the living room, place beauty products in the bathroom, or organize spices and jars in the kitchen to reduce the mess in the small room. You only need to follow the instructions provided to assemble the hanging shelves in a few minutes. Two unique display forms are provided by the triangle design. You can arrange and use to match your decoration style. The shelves need a few screws to be fixed. The size introduction. Large: 15.75 5.9 5.7 inches, Middle: 14.17 5.9 5.7 inches, Small: 11.42 5.9 5.7 inches. All items can be placed on the shelves more safely because they are wider and longer than other shelves. Can give you pleasant decoration to match the room's design. Their floating shelves wall can be used as a cat stand, allowing cute cats to have their own resting and entertaining space without taking up floor space. Cats can jump up and down on the sturdy shelf, which can hold 40 pounds. You can easily wipe the dirt with a rag to remove dust and cat hair without leaving any scratches.

Brand: Pdeey

👤The color is more yellow than gold.

👤I only gave this 3 stars because there are no predrilled holes in the wood. The design and look is amazing for the price.

👤It is easy to install. It looks like the pictures. It was priced well.

👤The product was easy to install.

👤The set is perfect for my room. The marble accent was in my decor scheme.

11. PETAFLOP Folating Storage Shelves Bathroom

PETAFLOP Folating Storage Shelves Bathroom

BATHROOM FLOATING SHELVES are made to last for a long time. Their brand is based on the full customer experience. They will be happy to help you if you face any issues. A one-year limited warranty is included. If you live in a limited space, the wall shelves are a great way to store things on your walls. The small parts for installation are included in the pre-assembled hanging shelves for wall. The wall mounted storage shelves are much more functional and useful if the wood board Depth is more than 4.5 inches. The large wall shelf has a dimensions of 16 x 5.6 x 4.8 inches, while the smaller one has a dimensions of 13 x 5.2 x 4.5 inches. The simple design of these floating shelves would work well with a wide variety of home decorating styles.

Brand: Petaflop

👤This was wonderful, but there were screws that came out in shipping and at least one area missing weld. It will be usable for a long time after I fix the screws.

👤I have never mounted anything with a drill. The amount of things needed in a guest bathroom is shown in the picture. I could have added a Mega Rolls on the bottom row. The bar is in front. It makes it difficult to get to some of the items, but it also holds them in place. Make sure you have enough separation between the shelves so you can lift them out of the wall. Simple. The particle board is of good quality, but both sides are unfinished.

👤These are simple yet useful. It's very easy to install and the blank wall became very funtional now that I have these shelves. I used to have to go back and forth to get my everyday-go-to spices when I was cooking, now I have them in front of me while cooking. I like that the counter is empty so I can put my ingredients there. I love these so much. They're affordable and functional.

👤It's nice and lightweight. The bar in the front of the shelves is great to prevent things from sliding off. I used them in my camper.

👤We're described in smaller dimensions. The photo had a width of 12 in. I couldn't fit a 8 in book inside. Will use for make up because it takes forever to return something. If you pay with a debit card, the amount of your purchases has been increased. I am a prime member and I promise to delivary the items from phoniex, but I am in New Mexico and they are taking 5 to 7 days to ship so the money that they have held for a week goes back in my account. I'm told I need a different payment method. This isn't the same as Amazon Prime I'm used to. I should not be blamed for 2 day delivery. They kept my money in a pattern with my bank. Bad business.

👤I ordered two more sets for the other side of the wall, which will hold dried herbs, after I purchased one set to house my hot sauces. They are light and look nice on the walls, but have supported the weight of hot sauce bottles surprisingly well.

👤The shelves are small and perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. I didn't care for the hollow wall anchors that were included, but it was easy to install. I used hollow wall anchors. The kit had a spirit level. It was easy to make sure your drill holes were level. There is a The edges of the shelves were just a natural wood finish, and I didn't like that. I had a brown Sharpie and it was easy to write this down. The stain on the shelf was pretty spot-on. If you want to see how it will look, try it on the back edge of the shelf.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelves for storage?

Decorative wall shelves for storage products from Bayka. In this article about decorative wall shelves for storage you can see why people choose the product. Calenzana and Y&me Ym are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelves for storage.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelves for storage?

Bayka, Calenzana and Y&me Ym are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelves for storage. Find the detail in this article. Ygeomer, Zbeivan and Halter are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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