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1. Rustic Mounted Square Floating Shelves

Rustic Mounted Square Floating Shelves

Farmhouse display shelves offer functional storage and display charming showpieces, decorative items, and other prized possessions. You can highlight your décor in style by reducing the amount of stuff. The wall decor is functional. You can add character and warmth to any vintage or traditional interior by using larger shelves for décor items in your living room, mugs, cups and dishware in your kitchen. Your imagination is the only limit. The box comes with printed, detailed instructions on how to assemble and mount your new set of modern shelves, but if you need more help, you can check the product video for more visual guidance. The product is 39.5"x 26.1" x 6. The five wooden shelves sit flush against the wall with hardware hidden in the wood, giving a stylish floating appearance. Add more shelving space to organize and store small items in your home, office, garage, or bedroom. One of the lightest and strongest woods in the world, paulownia wood is widely used in industries that require strong wood. Their product is lightweight but strong enough to hold your belongings in place.

Brand: Comfify

👤These floating shelves are easy to assemble and well designed. They are both good quality and good value. My criticisms are twofold. The individual shelf boxes are all perfect, but they don't all fit together. The shelves are not easy to hang due to the positioning of the anchor brackets. After failing at my initial attempt, I improvised a solution using cotton balls, cotton balls, tape, and food coloring to mark the precise spots for wall drilling. See the pics. If you want to create a guide, you should use a large sheet of cardboard or paper to map out the locations, tape the guide level on the wall, and then drill in the marked spots. It would be very inexpensive if the manufacturer included a guide to installation.

👤I give the set of six separate shelves four stars because you don't have to assemble them, even though you can see the product in the photo. There is a It's a pretty good size and it's cute. The structure holds a good amount of weight once it's mounted. The instructions are detailed. This thing is a treat to put together. I broke a small corner off trying to hammer it together because the pieces are so tight. It was glue back together. Unless you are an engineer, hanging it the way they want you to is near impossible. We have it on four, and it's fine so far, with a bit of weight on it. This thing is overpriced and not a good value. There is a For the price, it's not great.

👤The seller's other shelving was combined with this one. I like the finish look. I had to remove all the screws from the back of the unit. The screws were loose. The unit was difficult to hang. It takes a lot of time to figure out the anchors. I didn't use the screws that came with the unit. I used a brown magic marker to get the edges of the stain back to their original color. Can't even tell now.

👤I wanted to change the look of my office and this was the perfect fit. I like this piece because it gives me a chance to show my creativity as a designer, and the boxes are different sizes.

👤Absolutely love this. Its better than I thought. The wood is beautiful. Some squares are not straight because of the gaps. I just put the brown paper into the right spots. You can't really change that issue with this style. If you plan to put things on the shelves, you have to have someone mount the wall for you.

👤The instructions are not great. They say to put whatever you want wherever you want. The problem is that the machines are perfect. The problem isn't with the middle piece, but where all of the slots land. The other pieces are almost handmade. The slots are in different places. Even if your center piece is perfectly level, a quarter inch off can make it look crooked. I've tried every configuration that could be tried, and none of them look remotely level. It's a bonus for the strength, but it's a shame that it doesn't look good because of how unevenly everything is. Unless you have a small routers and can fix it yourself, then you probably are just making your own.

2. Floating Honeycomb Decorative Bathroom Blue White

Floating Honeycomb Decorative Bathroom Blue White

As a professional seller, they always have service guarantees. If you have questions about installation or are not satisfied with the goods received, please contact them. They will be there for you with solutions. Storage shelves make good use of the empty wall place and create a warm and exquisite wall look to your home. The floating wall shelf rack provides a modern look. The floating shelf is a great way to decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom or hallway. A set of honeycomb wall shelves have large storage space and can be used to display your photo, plants, art ornaments, calendar, alarm clock, magazines, etc. Friends will praise a magazine cover like display shelf if you put all kinds of ornaments on it. The honeycomb wall hanging shelf is made of thick paulownia wood. The floating shelf set is made from paulownia wood. Each wooden hexagon shelf is unique because it retains the original wood grain. The geometric storage shelf is fully recyclable. You can use the honeycomb shelves to form unique shapes to display small pieces of art, or you can use them separately in different rooms. Give the wall shelves to friends or family who like to collect small things. The honeycomb shelves are beautiful. Wall mounted shelves don't have to be installed. The hexagonal wall shelf set of 6 is required to complete the installation. Sponge pads are used to prevent scratching the walls and to hold the honeycomb shelf in place for greater stability.

Brand: Caduke

👤I was very excited to receive them. 2 of the large hexagons were broken.

👤I like the look of these shelves. It's a great way to make more room for plants.

3. IKEA 602 821 86 Lack Shelf White

IKEA 602 821 86 Lack Shelf White

The 3-shelf design increases storage space. You can use small wall spaces effectively by using narrow shelves. Max. Load: 55 lbs. You can either place it against the wall or hang it vertically. It was designed and manufactured by IKEA.

Brand: Ikea

👤The shelves are small and can't really notice, but I love them. I would love to purchase from the same company again because it was easy to set up and arrive quickly. Thank you Amazon.

👤Just like on the internet. We decided to go for it despite being a bit more expansive.

👤The shelf looks great, it is easy to assemble, and it is sturdy once it is screwed into a wall to anchor it. It is a 10. It can get damaged in shipping because it has zero padding in the packaging. I went to a nearby ikea to buy it in person after I had to send it back. It was a pleasant surprise that it was cheaper in person at IKEA.

👤Mandarlo nuevamente.

👤One of the boxes had exterior damage and several of the small shelves were damaged. After opening it up, there were 2 shelves with slight damage and the vertical spine was cracked. There is a There was no foam wrap protection on the boxes. I'm not sure what needs to be done to correct this. I was looking forward to using the shelves. I gave away $330.00 for broken shelves.

👤The shelf is great for money. The design is surprisingly sturdy as far as shelf weight support. It is easy to assemble. It looks expensive and chic.

👤I love the shelves in my daughter's room. I had been looking for something similar but couldn't find anything that was as solid as the ones at Target. These are very heavy. The bottom shelf was cut off as I wanted to be able to vacuum under each one and we have standard 8 ft ceilings. I think they are overpriced if you live near an ikea store and can pick them up yourself. It's a great deal for your buck. I would purchase these ikea lack shelves again.

👤I kept watching it. I was not sure if it was too much. I said I had to have it, so I did, so my room is all that now.

👤I was happy with the product when it was delivered, and it looks great on my bedroom wall.

👤arrivato ben imballato.

4. Floating Shelves BedroomWall Bathroom Bookshelf

Floating Shelves BedroomWall Bathroom Bookshelf

Wall cube storage The wall shelves are deep and sturdy enough to create versatile storage space for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or office. Books, collectibles, arts, crafts, picture frames, house plants, stuffed toys,spice or makeup are all perfect match with their shelves. You can fill in empty wall space above a desk, fireplace, entryway, Vanity, between windows or standing them on any corner to provide additional shelving space to rooms and make your life easier. Shadow box display shelves are a great solution for organizing and storing items in your room, but they are also great for adding a decorative touch to your room. It is very easy to assemble and put up with all the necessary hardware and the hanging template included.

Brand: Bafat

👤I wanted to use this as a nightstands and purchased it. It looks good, but it would have been better if they were made of wood. You can either install it vertically or horizontally. There is a The main issue I have with this product is not really about it, but rather the fact that many of these floating shelf products include the worst and useless wall anchors. These are not good. If you have to, you can throw these in the trash and go to Home Depot to get some wall anchors. Does it save them a lot of money to include the cheapest wall anchors? I would love to be able to buy a floating shelf and not have to run another errand before installing it. There is a I think it's too expensive for what it is and the wall anchors are horrible. I think it would be better if they included 2 of these shelves for this price. I purchased it because it is deeper than most of the box shelves. They work well at night. I would have kept looking if I knew what I know now.

👤The product is light enough to fit on the wall. Each side has something that comes with it. It takes 5 minutes to make a cube unit. The wall template is included in the unit. Get some Home Depot wall anchors. There are lights that run on batteries. There is a link to the website.

👤Do not use the anchor included in the review. Within a week, the shelf fell, breaking a glass and causing a mess. I'm getting ready to try again with proper screws and maybe even a little bit of something, but I'm nervous about it. Bonus points if you can use wall studs. They are plastic and look nice.

👤The problem is that it comes apart fairly easy. I wouldn't put anything valuable on them. The wall anchors are not good. Don't try to use them, do yourself a favor. If you are looking for a clean high end look, find something else.

👤I was expecting these to be similar to what ikea furniture is made of. They are a weird plastic material and the joints look different from the sides. I returned them because they looked like junk.

👤It is made of plastic and looks like wood. It's light but sturdy and it doesn't look like plastic. It's perfect for books because of how much it can fit. It will take me 30 seconds to assemble it. It was very easy. As my collection expands, I will be buying more.

👤It is expensive for what it is. I would recommend using different anchors. I had to glue theirs into the wall for them to stay, so I used my own anchors for the second cube.

👤It is easy to install and it is described. I don't know how much weight it will hold. I only have a few books on it.

5. MELANNCO Floating Mount Square Shelves

MELANNCO Floating Mount Square Shelves

There are three square shelters. There are 3 square shelves in this set. Timeless white finish. The shelves feature a timeless white finish. The shelves are flush against the wall and can be grouped together or hung separately for the perfect accent. Made from lightweight materials. The shelves are made from wood. The large shelf is 9x9 inches, the medium is 7x7 inches, and the small is 5x5 inches. The shelf is 3.5 inches deep. Easy installation. The shelves are easy to hang. The set includes instructions with a hanging template, a small level, and hardware for easy mounting.

Brand: Melannco

👤I didn't want to put wholes in the walls of the apartment we live in. I used the command strips along with the leveler. I received a lot of love. If you decide to use command strips, make sure to put the thinner ones on the back of the boxes, because the screw holes on the back of these boxes are not good for use with thinner strips. I used strips on the larger boxes. There is a The higher the box, the better the thinker command strips work, so I could use the bottom of the box for more security.

👤There are shelves for small spaces. There are 2 holes on either side. There is an easier way to hang these than hanging them up because of the measuring involved. Measure twice and drill once. There is a You need a piece of paper, a pencil, a drill, and a level. If you don't have a drill, you can pull a nail out of the wall with a screwdriver. Follow the directions on the attached pictures. There is no swiss cheese walls anymore.

👤I bought 12 sets of these after looking at a bookcase on pins. They were the perfect hack to make this project manageable for a new homeowner. If you go this route, make sure you measure and mark all your drill spots in advance, because the templates that come with the set make it easy to figure out the mid-point and radius for your installation on the desired wall. The smallest ones are good for small knick-knacks, and the biggest ones are not good for my larger books. To give you a sense of the amount of stuff on this installation, I ended up putting in the equivalent of one and a half of Ikea bookshelves' worth of stuff.

👤I ordered the wall shelves a couple of months ago. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I found them on Amazon. I ordered them immediately. The instructions to install were easy to follow. I put them on a dry wall. I used my own anchors that I bought at Home depot. I have had it on my wall for about 2 months now and they are strong and sturdy. The reason I am giving four stars is because it seems to be made of cheap wood, when I was trying to install them, the wood started chipping off. After I got the screws in the holes, they seemed to be solid. I only have 2 Succulents on 2 shelves, and they have been there for 2 months without any problems. If you like the cheap wood, I would recommend this product.

👤I could not find white wall shelves that were less than 9 inches wide. I think I'd make them work. What a mistake! Be warned. The manufacturer didn't think about the hanging process. They screwed the washer plates over the screw head insert to make sure the screw didn't fit into the hole they wanted it to fit into. You can't screw the plate on straight because it's so thin. The wood had to be drilled out. The shelves do not hang straight because the metal screw hole is no longer vertical. I have crooked shelves. I could take them out. I would have six holes in my wall with blue mounting anchors. The company puts a sticker on each shelf to make it worse. It doesn't tell us anything. The brand is on the back. They use a glue that is difficult to remove and leaves a stain. I'm tired of these companies just selling us crappy stuff and expecting us to deal with their cheap decisions. I saw a better option at the big red dot the day after hanging these. It's really bad. Don't make a mistake.

6. AHDECOR Mounted Hexagon Floating Organizer

AHDECOR Mounted Hexagon Floating Organizer

DECORATIVE: These cute hexagonal floating shelves are a great way to add functional and chic storage to any room. MULTI FUNCTIONAL: You can use these wall shelves to display art, books, and photos. It is easy to assemble. The wall mounted hanging shelves are large in size, Medium in size and small in size. Premium mounting hardware makes it easy to assemble with the instructions. PREMIUM QUALITY: The hanging shelves are made of premium MDF, which will last for generations. A hanging wall display shelf can match any decor in a home, office, coffee store, and shop. They are a great gift for your relatives and friends.

Brand: Ahdecor

👤I put the product on my wall because of the way it was mounted, but I didn't put a picture frame on the shelves because of the way it was mounted.

👤These were very sturdy. Well made. They were too small for the area I wanted them for. They were well packaged and had no damage.

👤I bought them to go in our nursery. They are cute. The brackets are installed too low. They had to be moved up so that you can't see the nail in the wall. The quality and color were great. We love them!

👤The mount pieces were hard to install and kept damaging the wall. The white on the pieces were inconsistent and the shelves had many flaws.

👤The white came with scratches and ding in the pain, but it was cute shelves and good sizes. I had to change them out with white. I would have returned if we didn't have white paint.

👤If person packaging this did not know it was bad, would be very surprised. I was given no option for an exchange after waiting for this and having to return it. This supplier or Amazon has stopped caring about these issues.

👤The seller gave me some money back after I contacted them about the broken shelves. I kept them and glue them together, but I wish I'd sent them back for new ones.

👤All hardware was included and it was very easy to install. Good anchor and everything is not typical cheap hardware. There is a The product was great.

7. Mixoo White Floating Shelves Wall

Mixoo White Floating Shelves Wall

Simple installation. If you follow the easy instructions and use the mounting hardware included in the package, your Wallniture will be ready to use in a few minutes. Mixoo floating shelves have two functions, one being a wall hook and the other being a wooden shelf. The top shelf can be used to display or organize things, and the metal hooks are great for hanging towels, bags, keys and more. The wall shelves are made of premium solid wood which is sturdy and durable for long-term use, and features a clean white finish that matches any decoration style. The front well of each board has a protective ledge to keep your items stable. It comes with necessary mounting hardware and a detailed instructions manual for easy installation. You can drill holes on the rack to mount it on the wall. Keep your room neat and organized with the help of the 3 metal hooks on the brackets board. Can be used to display decorations, picture frames, plants, organizing jars, bottles, bathing articles and hanging towels. You can use the white floating shelves separately to meet your different storage and decoration needs. The decorative wall shelves with hooks are perfect for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

Brand: Mixoo

👤Don't waste your money. It was very nice.

👤This was not easy to install and I made it work for me. The hooks are not fully secured and there are 4 screws in my wall. The seller reached out and made the issue right. The product was hard to install but the customer service has been great. The design looks nice and that's what made me purchase it.

8. Floating Decorative Invisible Brackets Bathroom

Floating Decorative Invisible Brackets Bathroom

The retro and stylish wall shelf is easy to match with other decoration styles. The floating shelves are easy to use and display your family plants, photos, favorite books, and spices. High-quality wood boards are Sturdy and durable which easy to storage items, smooth surface, and long service time. White smooth surface, elegant and stylish, invisible brackets make the installed shelf seem to be suspended on the wall,adding elegance to your home. Multi-Functional Storage is a way to save space, reduce confusion, and organize your home. The easy to understand manual can save you a lot of time during installation, it has detailed steps. Professional services,guarantee product quality are provided after sale. If there is a quality problem after you receive the product, please contact them.

Brand: Aiktota

👤We are not strong enough to hold a router, so we bought these. I needed to buy L brackets from another seller to support the shelves. I got these because they are deeper than other shelves.

👤The shelves are not as strong as I had thought, but they still meet my needs. They came with no instructions. It was easy to figure it out. You will need a drill and a level.

👤A nice looking shelf.

👤It is not sturdy and leans forward.

9. HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

The wood is superior. The floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood with dampproof, heat-resistant, protect grand bar design. The bathroom wall storage shelves are sturdy and large. Help you to tidy your house by using the empty places above the table and bed to organize your items, and the floating shelf white design will make your living space stylish and comfortable. It's easier. Installation is easy with all the necessary hardware included, the floating shelves are white with solid Paulownia wood and industrial metal brackets. You can arrange the shelf in any way you want, you can put one in bedroom, another in bathroom, and the towel holder on top of the sink. The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 towel rod screws, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards.

Brand: Hippih

👤The shelves were well packaged. The brackets were already on them, so it was just a matter of installing the towel bar. The towel bar has small screws that are not appropriate for hanging heavy objects. There are no instructions. It is pretty intuitive. Attach the shelf with screws, anchors, and drill holes. I needed a lot of things to install. The finish on the shelves is very rough. They are small enough to fit over the toilet. It's wide enough to hold a box of Kleenex. I am very pleased with them.

👤I moved into a condo. The sinks/counters were designed to look like real estate agents. One couldn't place anything on the sinks or anywhere else. I put some shelves near the sinks. It was a great decision. All of a sudden, I could not fear that my phone would fall into either the water or the sine. I'm not the most handy person. I didn't need instructions, which is great. I just wrote the wall through the screw holes in the shelf and put the anchor in the hole with a pen. I put the screws into the anchor and it was done. There are two shelves. The same thing was repeated for the 2nd shelf. The only thing I did differently was to put the rod at the bottom of the shelf. That was easy as well.

👤I love that these are easy to use and add a lot of space to my small bathroom, Vanity, and little cabinet space. The bathroom counter has a lot of stuff on it and it was driving me crazy. The hole for the screw was a weird angle, but a simple screwdriver and elbow grease did the job. The reviews said the quality was good, but mine were not. I don't want to go to a place like Pottery Barn or something. It's worth it for the value and practicality. It holds a bit too. I love it!

👤It was summed up in one word. I bought two sets of the white finish. I was able to wipe off a hood portion of the white with a damp paper towel because it was a very dark grey undercoat that bled into the white paint that it was "weathered". There is a speckled pattern on the wood and it looks like it is causing mold. It's a poor design choice to be these meant for the bathroom. The wood is not sanded well and the edges are not smooth, making it look like it has been painted. I Seal those with a clear laquer just to make them durable for bathroom humidity and easier dusting because they were great when I bought them previously in espresso finish. The white version was disappointing. I will be painting and sanding them. They wouldn't buy them again. The black metal frames make a statement and the bar keeps stuff from falling off. You can use any scrap wood as the shelf if they sell that part.

10. BAMEOS Floating Mounted Shelves Bathroom

BAMEOS Floating Mounted Shelves Bathroom

Simple installation and concealed support. The support design that extends into the shelf is strong and can hide the brackets well, achieving a simple and beautiful decorative effect. The installation is very easy. Installation instructions are included with the package. The installation can be completed in 15 minutes if the order of the instructions is followed. Minimalist style The minimalist design wall shelf full of modern styles, flat and solid shelves with white finish, can perfectly match any style of walls and rooms. The minimalist wall shelf can meet your needs and add beauty to your life. It's 5.7 inch size is perfect for various scenes. The wall next to the TV is no longer boring because it has been installed in the living room. The bathroom has a perfect storage of towels, aromatherapy, and other items. It's a good place to put it in the study room. The board has a good storage capacity. The wall can be used as a rare book collection space. It is very easy to wipe and maintain because of the matt surface and odorless, tasteless safety coating on the surface. After scrubbing, it is best to wipe dry. The wall shelf is made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard. The BAMEOS wall shelf has a flat surface and a stable structure, but also has a fixing screw at the bottom to fix the shelf on the support rod, which is not easy to damage, and can be used for a long time. The shelf can hold up to 22 lbs.

Brand: Bameos

👤When I ordered these shelves, I read several reviews of people urging buyers to purchase additional wall anchors, which I did! My husband was less than enthusiastic about my purchase, but he was able to get the first wall anchor included in the kit. This was the perfect time for me to rub the whole "I was right, you were wrong" in his face. We used the additional plastic self-drilling wall anchors that we purchased, instead of throwing away the wall anchors that came with the kit. ThePhillips Pan Head Self It was smooth sailing from that point onward. If the wall anchors were improved, these shelves would look great in our bathroom.

👤I put these on either side of my desk. Wanted something that wasn't too heavy, but still sturdy. It's not decorative to fill with heavy items and large books. It fits paperbacks in the prefecture. Needed two people for installation and leveling, but it was ok.

👤It's so easy to get the shelf level with this shelf, it has a single bracket to slide it on. The shelves are nice and easy to install, and I found it very easy. The anchors are straight, with no flare at the part that sticks out of the wall, so they just punched through the wall when they screwed into them. I don't think they're bad anchors, they're just that little flare at the end that makes a difference in how easy it is to screw your hardware into it. I had several other screws that were the perfect size, so I didn't have to worry about missing the two shorter screws. There is a The screws are visible on the underside, but one hung higher would have made them more visible, since you can't see the top of the shelf. It's easy to fix. There is a I'll probably be buying another pair of shelves, they're really nice for the price. I'm going to use my own anchors this time.

👤I've ordered many different types of shelves from Amazon and have never had issues with quality until this one. The box was in good condition, but the corner of the shelf was not. I decided to try to save the shelf the best I could instead of going out in public and returning it because I have been limiting my contact with people. I was able to fix the broken corner with some air dry clay and black paint but am still not happy with the product.

👤The shelves are easy to install. I always swap out the dry wall anchors with items like this. The dimensions are just right. There is a spot on the description. There is a The only downside is that they are lightweight. It was damaged in transit. I was able to cover it up with some glue and sharpie. Better packaging or stronger shelving material would prevent that.

👤We bought a set of shelves for our son to use to display things. The shelves look good now that they have been installed. I wouldn't recommend putting anything with a lot of weight on them. It was a bit of a challenge to install. The wall anchors are garbage. The anchors don't have a lip on the head, so when you put the screws in, they slip through the drywall. Fortunately, we had some on hand that worked when we pulled the anchors out of the wall. We went straight to the anchors we had and skipped the ones included.

11. POTRAS Floating Shelves Bathroom Farmhouse

POTRAS Floating Shelves Bathroom Farmhouse

White floating shelves bathroom shelf will add a retro style to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, office or more. If you have a problem, please tell them without hesitation, they will try their best to solve it. Please confirm the diameter of your drill bit and the diameter of the anchor before you install it. The screw and anchor may fall off if not. There is a method for this. Full Size Wall Shelves: 16.2"L6"W0.6"H (SET of 4). The max weight capacity is 40 lbs. Adding some rustic charm to your wall and house could be done with the help of POTRAS Floating Wall Shelves. Life should be simpler. POTRAS is stylish yet rustic. There is wood. Solid Paulownia wood is used to make Floating Wall Shelves. The modern/rustic experience can be achieved through the restoration of the carbonized color and texture of the wood through the charcoal roasting process. Each piece of wood broad has a unique wood grain and color. This is also the charm of wood. It is easy to assemble and do it yourself with just 4 wall floating shelf boards and 8 shelf brackets. POTRAS Floating Wall Shelf uses less to accomplish more. Their floating shelf is easy to assemble. The floating wall shelf can have the metal brackets installed on it. It can be used as wall décor shelves, corner shelves, bathroom shelf, bedroom shelf, kitchen shelf, and plant shelf. You can create your own wall space. Their wall shelves are all wall mounting hardware, including a plastic screw anchor, wood screw, and wall screws. After over 1000 tests, they chose this combination. No need to worry about the stability, just put it on, and their floating wall shelves can carry the weight of your love. They are POTRAS. Their floating wall shelves are handmade, but if you have any suggestions on how to make them better, please let them know. They know that a company that doesn't care about their customers can't get the trust and support of them. If you like their wall floating shelves for bedroom, they'll be grateful if you could share your experience with others.

Brand: Potras

👤The wall anchors are not the right size for the screws and the shelves look great. I had to go to town to get some wall anchors that worked with the screws. There were no complaints about the shelves.

👤They are perfect! Light weight wood! It's easy to install. I will order more.

👤The wood was unfinished, the edges were not sanded, and the color was different from the photos. If you get them, you'll need to drill the mounting holes into the wood and some sand paper. The wood is light and beautiful. The beige color in the photos is not as deep as the deeper color in the photos.

👤The screws were too small for the wall anchors. Wood is lightweight and easy to install.

👤I love my new wall shelves. I used one bathroom in my house and one in my guest bathroom. It was pretty easy to install.

👤The shelves were very light. The screws were good and the hardware brackets were sturdy. The screw inserts were the only problem with this kit. Since they are so long, they didn't provide much grip on the drywall, even though they are appropriately sized for the screws used. The fastening to the wall was not strong because of this. I recommend that you provide a shorter screw insert, one that will be sufficiently expanded when you screw into them.

👤These shelves have adequate hardware. There are 4 shelves, 16 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 5/8, soft wood, and 8 L shaped brackets. I used a power screwdriver, but you don't need it; a hammer, a level, and a pencil are needed for installation. Getting the hardware uniform takes some time because there are no pre-drilled holes. I used one of the shelves to make the 'L' flush with the edge of the wall. I only used the provided screw for those that I mounted from each shelf. I used the drywall hanger on the other side. I recommend using a store bought one. I leveled the shelves using my app and used a pencil to extend the line to the next shelf.

👤The anchors and screws are useless, even though the hardware looks good. I think the wood is made from a type of wood called balsa wood. If the screw is used to much force, the wood will be stripped.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelves white?

Decorative wall shelves white products from Comfify. In this article about decorative wall shelves white you can see why people choose the product. Caduke and Ikea are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelves white.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelves white?

Comfify, Caduke and Ikea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelves white. Find the detail in this article. Bafat, Melannco and Ahdecor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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