Best Decorative Wall Shelves with Hooks

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1. Mixoo White Floating Shelves Wall

Mixoo White Floating Shelves Wall

Simple installation. If you follow the easy instructions and use the mounting hardware included in the package, your Wallniture will be ready to use in a few minutes. Mixoo floating shelves have two functions, one being a wall hook and the other being a wooden shelf. The top shelf can be used to display or organize things, and the metal hooks are great for hanging towels, bags, keys and more. The wall shelves are made of premium solid wood which is sturdy and durable for long-term use, and features a clean white finish that matches any decoration style. The front well of each board has a protective ledge to keep your items stable. It comes with necessary mounting hardware and a detailed instructions manual for easy installation. You can drill holes on the rack to mount it on the wall. Keep your room neat and organized with the help of the 3 metal hooks on the brackets board. Can be used to display decorations, picture frames, plants, organizing jars, bottles, bathing articles and hanging towels. You can use the white floating shelves separately to meet your different storage and decoration needs. The decorative wall shelves with hooks are perfect for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

Brand: Mixoo

👤Don't waste your money. It was very nice.

👤This was not easy to install and I made it work for me. The hooks are not fully secured and there are 4 screws in my wall. The seller reached out and made the issue right. The product was hard to install but the customer service has been great. The design looks nice and that's what made me purchase it.

2. Decorative Entryway Leashes Jackets Glasses

Decorative Entryway Leashes Jackets Glasses

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them in time. The wall key holder has a shelf. The "L" design and metal key hooks make a stylish mail and key holder for wall mounted use in your home's entryway. This wall shelf has hooks and can be used to hold counter tops. It enhances entryway wall decor by collecting family keys, work lanyards, wallet and umbrellas. Heavy objects like purses, bags and coats can be held by strong and rusty natural paulownia wood and metal key hook hangers. Installation is easy with detailed instructions and mounting hardware. The casement key holder is a great way to add a touch of Farmhouse or modern furnishings. The key hook with shelf is available in black, white or brown. Their home key holder for wall is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds or single people. Help loved ones keep their space neat and orderly. Their home key holder for wall is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds or single people. Help loved ones keep their space neat and orderly.

Brand: Lwenki

👤The parts that were sent for installation broke. The wood is cracked and the unit is damaged. There is a I have to repair the wall where this was going to be installed because I'm out the purchase price of the item. There is a I hope I can find a better product with less headaches.

👤Very cute. The entrance was given what it needed after we painted the house. It was easy to install according to my fiancé.

👤The shelf did not have screws to install.

👤The key holder I received was broken and I attempted to fix it. You can still see the paint job on it. Very disappointed.

👤No tengo las llaves botas en todos lados, pero hermoso.

👤It looks great and organized.

3. HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

The wood is superior. The floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood with dampproof, heat-resistant, protect grand bar design. The bathroom wall storage shelves are sturdy and large. Help you to tidy your house by using the empty places above the table and bed to organize your items, and the floating shelf white design will make your living space stylish and comfortable. It's easier. Installation is easy with all the necessary hardware included, the floating shelves are white with solid Paulownia wood and industrial metal brackets. You can arrange the shelf in any way you want, you can put one in bedroom, another in bathroom, and the towel holder on top of the sink. The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 towel rod screws, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards.

Brand: Hippih

👤The shelves were well packaged. The brackets were already on them, so it was just a matter of installing the towel bar. The towel bar has small screws that are not appropriate for hanging heavy objects. There are no instructions. It is pretty intuitive. Attach the shelf with screws, anchors, and drill holes. I needed a lot of things to install. The finish on the shelves is very rough. They are small enough to fit over the toilet. It's wide enough to hold a box of Kleenex. I am very pleased with them.

👤I moved into a condo. The sinks/counters were designed to look like real estate agents. One couldn't place anything on the sinks or anywhere else. I put some shelves near the sinks. It was a great decision. All of a sudden, I could not fear that my phone would fall into either the water or the sine. I'm not the most handy person. I didn't need instructions, which is great. I just wrote the wall through the screw holes in the shelf and put the anchor in the hole with a pen. I put the screws into the anchor and it was done. There are two shelves. The same thing was repeated for the 2nd shelf. The only thing I did differently was to put the rod at the bottom of the shelf. That was easy as well.

👤I love that these are easy to use and add a lot of space to my small bathroom, Vanity, and little cabinet space. The bathroom counter has a lot of stuff on it and it was driving me crazy. The hole for the screw was a weird angle, but a simple screwdriver and elbow grease did the job. The reviews said the quality was good, but mine were not. I don't want to go to a place like Pottery Barn or something. It's worth it for the value and practicality. It holds a bit too. I love it!

👤It was summed up in one word. I bought two sets of the white finish. I was able to wipe off a hood portion of the white with a damp paper towel because it was a very dark grey undercoat that bled into the white paint that it was "weathered". There is a speckled pattern on the wood and it looks like it is causing mold. It's a poor design choice to be these meant for the bathroom. The wood is not sanded well and the edges are not smooth, making it look like it has been painted. I Seal those with a clear laquer just to make them durable for bathroom humidity and easier dusting because they were great when I bought them previously in espresso finish. The white version was disappointing. I will be painting and sanding them. They wouldn't buy them again. The black metal frames make a statement and the bar keeps stuff from falling off. You can use any scrap wood as the shelf if they sell that part.

4. EAVA Spotlight Lighting Solid Removable Decorative

EAVA Spotlight Lighting Solid Removable Decorative

It's easy to hang anywhere with the screws on the back. The rustic shelf is really worth the investment. Style for any room. The floating shelf can be used in the kitchen to hang things. In the bathroom, put your bathroom essentials on bathroom shelves. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, office, etc. A beautiful torched natural wood floating shelf is combined with a metal structure, protective guards and towel holders in a gorgeous antique black finish,durable and bearing capacity strong. The shelves look sharp in Decorative wall mounted shelves. Light your art with motion sensor spotlights that automatically power on when motion is detected within 10 feet. Attach the light bars to the magnetic strip or double-sided strip. Requires 4 batteries. The motion sensor will not work in well-lit rooms. The towel bar can be moved. Hang the bar below one of the shelves. The included S hooks can be used to hang towels, plants, and gardening tools. STURDY WALL STORAGE Each floating shelf has a maximum load capacity of 22 lbs and can be installed using the factory provided 4 wall plastic anchors and 8 fixed screws.

Brand: Eava

👤The package was packed with bubble wrap. Included all the necessary equipment to install. There was no battery in the package. There is a The metal finish is black and the wood pattern is visible. The shelf is made with good materials. There is a The lighting is the best part of the shelf. The light is powered by an x4AAA battery, which means it doesn't turn on during the day, which I like because it saves energy and the light lasts longer. It was a good purchase for me. I like it. I recommend it.

👤The shelves and lights are nice. The screws and anchor were the correct size. The screws and anchors were placed without difficulty. When we mounted the shelf, the anchors and screws were no longer on the wall. The shelf is no longer level after they pulled out. We are going to look for other screws and anchors that will work. Everything will be returned if not. The other reviews didn't mention any installments problems.

👤The wall in our bathroom looked great with the shelve on it. We heard a crash after installing. The wall on the top shelf had screws on it. After my mother passed last year, I received an antique crystal basket, an angel and another antique jar. There was less than 5 pounds on the shelf. Everything broke. When it fell, it fell on top of the other shelve, which also pulled away from the wall. So disappointed.

👤The shelves are the same as pictured. They are sturdy and nice wood. It was easy to install. The way they look makes me happy. The price was good for the shelves. Highly recommended.

👤I was not expecting much from these. The shelves are sturdy and have a delicious smell of wood. Automatic lights are a huge plus and work perfectly. It took me less than ten minutes to install and I didn't need to use the anchors. The lights give off a beautiful glow when it is dark and perfect for bathroom trips in the middle of the night.

👤The shelves are made well. The lights are good to use in the bathroom at night. The wall anchors they provide do not work. The shel was hanging out the wall. I had to use my own hardware.

👤I tried pricing shelves and sensor lights and they were all the same, but I felt it was fair. The towel rack was missing after my husband installed the unit. I contacted EAVA and they went above and beyond and sent me another complete unit, even though they were unable to send just a towel rack. It was sent to me quickly and arrived two days later. We had no problems with it being installed and taken to him. After reading the instructions. Thank you for that! Quality product!

👤The shelves look great, and I am looking forward to the motion lights. I have to buy batteries first. They were easy to install, but not strong. Like other people who had the same issue, I pulled away from the wall. The bottom shelf kept pulling away, even after I used my own hardware. I put a nail under the shelf to hold it in place. I don't think it's a good idea to put a lot of weight on them. I wanted to put extra rolls of tp in a place that would be convenient. Better hardware and batteries could have been thrown in for the price. They look nice, but I wouldn't recommend them. I am sure I will have to replace them soon.

5. Decorative Floating Shelf Metal Key Hooks Decorative Metal Wire Mesh Key Holder Living Room

Decorative Floating Shelf Metal Key Hooks Decorative Metal Wire Mesh Key Holder Living Room

The key rack organizer for wall is easy to install. The mail holder can be hung in the perfect spot in no time. One design keyHOOKS for WALL The decorative key holder is easy to hang and sturdy. You can hang it within 1 min. Your one stop shop for organizing. Losing keys or mail is no longer an issue. The wall key hanger is a great place to keep all your important items in one place. You need to grab your keys and wallet. The key holder for the wall is a space bequest. The mail holder creates extra storage space wherever you need it and can be used in hallways, entryways, mudrooms, kitchens, offices and more. There is a great housewariming or new gift. The wall mounted key rack is a great addition to any home. This will be a great gift for pet lovers. There is no risk to purchase. If you don't like the key holder with shelf, they will give you a full refund. They are confident that you will love using the key hanger. They will respond to your concerns within 24 hours. There is no risk to purchase. If you don't like the key holder with shelf, they will give you a full refund. They are confident that you will love using the key hanger. They will respond to your concerns within 24 hours.

Brand: Sollasi

👤This key holder fits perfectly in my entranceway because I have a limited amount of space. I needed a place to put my keys and hats. I looked at several options and this was the one that fit the bill. There is a The package was easy to hang. I put a painting above it and a bamboo bench below it. It's the perfect place to hang my keys, take off my shoes, store my purse, and so on. There is a The shelf holds my glasses, as well as anything else I might need when I leave the apartment. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I put them on the side of the bedside tables next to the bed. The cell phone and remote can't fall on the floor because of the fence. I put a two inch strip of brown felt inside of the fence so small items wouldn't roll through the gaps. It's very nice looking and well made.

👤The product fit perfectly where I needed it and the staining of the wood is very dark, but it isn't big. I thought it would be like a natural Lighterwood. It was more like a dark chestnut brown, but it was ok because you don't notice it, the hooks look great, and the picture does justice to the color.

👤I like it. The delivery went to the wrong house on my street. My neighbor was great. The box is missing hardware to hang it.

👤There is an awkward space between the wooden board and the rim, because the screw was not fully in the package. If you are also looking for high quality, don't go for this.

👤There are many hooks that hold things. The shelf is great for things that can't hang. We were tired of wading through the dog walking stuff.

👤The shelf is not of good quality. The center hook is off center and the shelf has a huge crack.

👤There is a shelf near my door. It is being used as a sun glass holder. Looks nice.

6. Floating Paulownia Bathroom Decorative Removable

Floating Paulownia Bathroom Decorative Removable

There are wooden floating shelves. Their floating shelves for wall can be used in a wide range of places. It's perfect for displaying and holding collectibles. The floating shelves are strong enough to hold 40 lbs of items and are made from Paulownia wood. Your home is more organized and nicely decorated. You can hang your towels, clean clothes, headphones, or kitchenware on the towel bar if you install it under the floating shelves board. You can detach the towel bar at will. The item Dropping Guard protects your items from dropping next to the floating shelves. The metal brackets have a powder-coated finish. The brackets are easy to install - first, unfold the brackets, then install the board and towel bar, and finally affix the brackets on the wall.

Brand: Amada Homefurnishing

👤I love these shelves. Very strong. I was able to stack two hand towels on the shelf because it held one towel well on the rack. The quality is really good and the instructions are easy to follow.

👤It took my husband 10 minutes to install it. I wouldn't put 40 lbs on these shelves but they look great and work great for basic bathroom items. I would buy again but not as a storage piece for larger items.

👤We ordered brown. They had a plum color to them. I had to restrain them to get the color we wanted. There is a The anchor doesn't sit flush with the wall when hanging. The shelf is not level because it dips in the front. To level it out, I put a couple of felt pads on the brackets.

👤Everything I was expecting! Beautiful!

👤They are exactly what I wanted, but they arrived bent. The metal on the shelves was bent and it was hard to put them up. I need them to hold everything. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on them.

👤These took a long time to arrive. It took over a week to say 2 day prime. I'm happy I got them because of the price and the cuteness. They take a lot of work to install and you have to put them in the wall studs.

👤These look great. There is a lot of room to store things. It was difficult for me to get them completely flush to the wall, so they wobbled a bit. I folded a piece of cardboard as a shim to fix it. I could have put it under the shelf to make it invisible, but I left it for the photo. The shelves are lightweight and not heavy if you can't find a stud and need to drill into Sheetrock. My old shelves were heavy and dense and with the weight of my stuff they started to fall out of the wall.

👤Love it! Sturdy and lightweight. Color to die for! I bought a mirror at the same time and was afraid it wouldn't match. I was off. It worked out perfectly.

👤We bought a set for our bathroom. I ordered a second set because I loved it so much. The shelves are strong and the wood is great. There are jars of sand and shells on the plants. The towel bar helps clean up the space. There is a If you want to not use the towel bar, you need to put it on yourself. I mentioned the review to my husband, who said it was probably because the hole wasn't pre-drilled. He had no issues with the wood splitting when putting the bar on. The installation of the shelves on the wall took a bit more time than I thought, but my husband wanted to make sure they were secure. There is a These shelves are very good. We love them. I may buy more for other areas in the house.

7. Rebee Vision Mail Holder Wall

Rebee Vision Mail Holder Wall

We created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service. Rebee Vision created a key holder for a wall. The wall key holder is a charming addition to your decor. RETRO WALL HOOKS Their key and mail holder are authentic with antiqued finish. There are five hooks on a white key hanger. The design is dainty. The Rebee Vision Mail and Keyholder is what I'm going to use for the wall. There is a small shelf for mail or sunglasses on the hanging key rack. The rustic wall decor in your kitchen, garage or entryway complement the votive keys holder. It can be used as a dog leash holder in your mudroom or as a small wall shelf with hooks for your living room decor. Their key hooks with hanging mail organizers are made from 100% natural wood. Their key holder is an eye-catching home essential because of the decorative cuts on the base plate. The installation of their key wall holder is neat. It comes with instructions for installing hooks on your wall shelf. The installation of their key wall holder is neat. It comes with instructions for installing hooks on your wall shelf.

Brand: Rebee Vision

👤I thought it was smaller than it is, but it's the perfect size. I was very happy with my purchase. I used command strips to attach it to the wall. Looks great! The command strips that were supposed to hold up to 3 lbs didn't hold for more than 6 hours. It all came crashing down. I weighed everything that I knew would be on the shelf before I put it on the wall and shelf. The shelf did not break, but the cactus pot did. It's a pity. I did not want to put holes in the wall.

👤A good builder checks first. This product was essential to this practice. This review is for the general public. Please look at the pictures. Correct. The instructions say five screws. There were six wood screws and three wall anchors included. Both sets are not defined. Wood screws won't accept wall anchors. There are different threading of the screw. The instructions make it hard to know which is what. Always check the template... The wooden template won't work. It is almost 1/2 inch short. The instructions say the wall anchor can accept up to 4-7mm. If you do 6mm, it's too big. Always do smaller size and compare bit size before drilling. Slowly, uniformly and steadily increase size by hand. I think they did this because it's easier to understand US measurements. The attaching shelf uses wood screws. The shelf width is more than 1/2 inch wider than the holes that need to be aligned. There is a This was the lower end of a 15 dollar experience. It would be troubling for people that have never experienced these. Have a nice day.

👤The small space next to my door makes this shelf and key holder perfect. A small fake succulent looks adorable. It's easy to install and sturdy.

👤Excellent little accessory. The guide hole board and mini screwdriver make the process very easy.

👤I hang my keys in the laundry room as I go in and out. I put a sign on the shelf that looks pretty cool. This was a great buy and will be used a lot.

👤I love this item. It's easy to install. It came with a price that allowed you to measure the distance between the holes to know where to put the nails. That was very helpful. Highly recommend this product.

👤The size of this and the fact that it has 5 key holders makes me happy. The small shelf is a plus. I use it for flashlight because you can never have too many. It came to me very quickly, it was good quality for the price.

👤Make sure your nails are level. Can put mail in a tray.

8. Decorative Brackets Heavy Brackets Supports Farmhouse 4

Decorative Brackets Heavy Brackets Supports Farmhouse 4

After installation, there is a screw and anchor for mounted, and a 100% Satisfying Guarantee. Within 24 hours, any question will be answered. Their decorative shelf brackets are made of high quality cast iron material. The brackets need to be firmly stuck on the walls. The special hook was designed. The L brackets for shelves are integrated with a right-angle hook and do a great job of supporting shelves and hanging small items. The end of the hook is ball-shaped. Installation is easy with the included screws and anchors. The installation of the shelves brackets is very easy, and only requires a few hand tools. These heavy duty L brackets can be used in many places. A good decor for a farmhouse. The weight capacity can be used to hold raw edge wood. The black shell brackets are 6 feet high and support weight of up to 200 lbs. The wood panel/board needs to be fixed tightly with 2 holes on the level part of the brackets. The weight capacity can be used to hold raw edge wood. The black shell brackets are 6 feet high and support weight of up to 200 lbs. The wood panel/board needs to be fixed tightly with 2 holes on the level part of the brackets.

Brand: Herngee

👤I have ordered the "Rustic Floating Shelf Bracket" twice and I am very impressed with the quality. The brackets are attractive. The hook in the design of the shelf support brackets is very useful in the kitchen, mudroom, and other places. It is very easy to install and look great.

👤I put up a lot of stuff. The hooks are strong and look good. I used a board in the shelves. You could use a 8 inch wide board to support it.

👤They do the job well. I had to drill some of the mounting hole myself after buying 3 sets. Some of the sets came with different mounting screws that could not be used, as they were not countersinks like the rest. There are two holes in the center of the mounting area in the upper part of the brackets. There is no way to secure the outside edges of a non man made piece of wood. I have thoughts on this product.

👤It's perfect for a shelf and hang a lantern.

👤My husband liked the look of the brackets. He liked the fact that the screws were included with them. The brackets are very nice and dark. They add interest to the picture windows by holding up sconces.

👤Good quality and sturdy. Extra fence plank were used to create outdoor shelves. They look very old.

👤The cast iron shelf brackets looked nice, but they weren't 90 when installed. The shelf was lean down toward the floor because they were more like 88. You can't correct the bend or the brackets will break. The money was wasted.

👤These were bought to make a floating shelf. We were surprised by how heavy and high quality these were. They look great and are easy to install. They have already been praised. Would buy again.

9. Kaliza White Bathroom Shelves Incredibly

Kaliza White Bathroom Shelves Incredibly

The dimensions are approximately 24 L x 8 W x 1.5 T and easy to hang with detailed installation instructions. The solution is here, whether you want to display family heirlooms or increase your storage, their bathroom shelves are the perfect solution. You can use the floating storage space in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to create a storage space to organize photos, plants, heirlooms, or any other décor piece. It is easy to gain more storage space with their mounted wall shelves. Measure the distance between the brackets and drill a couple of holes to place the floating shelf. Storage shelves can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Their wooden storage shelves have a rustic feel combined with industrial elements to bring a classy touch to any wall in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or just about any room in your house. The floating storage shelves are made from the highest quality materials and can easily hold even heavier items.

Brand: Kaliza

👤I love these shelves. I needed something to make my doorway look better. I was very happy to find a pack of shelves. The entire process was about 10 to get them both up.

👤I was hoping these shelves would be just like that. I purchased two sets. One of the shelf frames in the set was bent a little, but it was easy to fix. We were able to install the three that we used in 20 minutes with the help of a power drill. I will definitely use the remaining shelf at some point. They are very strong and would hold a lot more weight than we are putting on them. These will work for you if you need a sturdy shelf.

👤I liked the shelves that I found for my half bath. Many people complained about the color in the reviews I read. I agree that it is not a super solid white, but first of all, you should put things on the shelves, which means that you won't be able to see that it isn't super white, and also it is very easy to just paint over. I did a single coat of off-white to cover up, but it really wasn't necessary. It's not a big deal. If you want a white shelf, you have to paint it or not. Simple as that. Installation was easy, but it was a lot of work to make sure they line up. It is a good product for the price. If you want nicer looking shelves, you should spend more than the cost. These shelves are easy to use and look good for my purpose.

👤I was expecting white shelves, but they are not. In some places, they are part white and you can still see the wood. I painted them myself because they are an easy shape to paint. There is a Thankfully my husband was able to bend the brackets to fix the crooked parts of the brackets and shelves. There is a The wall anchors are larger than you'd expect for shelves. You don't use wall anchors in your walls or buy shelves that hold them, either. I'm very happy with how they turned out, even though it probably isn't worth what you pay.

👤Looks great! To stop bathroom things from falling off shelving and onto the floor, I wanted a rack in front. I painted the shelves. The shelves come with a rustic white look, which may work in some bathrooms, but doesn't with my theme. The shelf finish was exactly what I wanted after two coats of white paint, so it didn't feel like a big deal to me. I love that the shelves don't have a back, so I could put them under an outlet for holding bathroom charging items.

👤The bathroom is small. When I saw these, I had to get them. It seems pretty sturdy. I use the rail at the bottom for my hair clips. It's easy to install, I used a drill.

10. Mounted Baskets Entryway Organizer Cubbies

Mounted Baskets Entryway Organizer Cubbies

100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. They are behind their products and confident in them. They will be happy to help in less than 24 hours if you reach out to them. The Rustic Wall Mounted Coat Rack was handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Solid wood and high quality metals are used to guarantee the beauty of the design. The wood is hand selected to guarantee quality. The unique rustic finish makes your kitchen, bathroom or entryway look amazing. Their entryway shelf organizer was designed with you in mind. The coat hooks slide to fit coats, purses, jackets, leashes and more. The metal wire baskets and wall shelf can hold a lot of things. The hanging hardware was chosen for its ease of hanging. Ready to hang out of the box with all the necessary items. There is a multi purpose. The rustic shelf is perfect for all areas. The wall mounted organizers are the perfect choice because of their sturdy hooks and spacious shelf. A touch of rustic beauty is added to your entryway, hallway, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else. The metal baskets can be used to express your creativity, as well as to get organized. The baskets should be removed to allow the wall color to show through. Get organized with this stylish and practical entryway shelf. The shelf can be used for extra organizing space or for decorative purposes. Baskets and hooks are a great way to store your loose items and give your home a clean and rustic look. Save space, organize and look great at the same time. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. They are behind their products and confident in them. They will be happy to help in less than 24 hours if you reach out to them. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. They are behind their products and confident in them. They will be happy to help in less than 24 hours if you reach out to them.

Brand: Hbcy Creations

👤The rack is described as rustic. It doesn't look bad from a distance. It really means shoddy workmanship for this product. Glue wasn't wiped off the joints. A brad is connecting the top to the cubbies. The brad holes on the top were not filled. Wood screws were used to connect to the wall. These are shaped like a V just below the head. It's great to go into wood. You want a metal screw where the head is squared off. It's necessary to get a tight connection to the wall. Purchase your own. The v makes it hard. The quality of the anchor is low. Purchase your own. I suggest anchoring one end to a stud and the other end to a plastic anchor, since the rack will probably carry weight. After removing the glue, I had to buy stain to match. The price I paid was high. The suggested price before the discount is absurd. They sent a nice thank you. You have a card. They work hard to create beautiful products. It makes you picture a carpenter working on a project. The box says it's Made in China. Mass production. I sent an email to Nick B and INRDeals Too much work. I will make it work until I have time to build a replacement.

👤I've been looking for a small coffee station in my kitchen. It looks great and I am happy with it. It was easy to hang. Love, love, love.

👤I have been searching for a solution for my children's wear and tear on coats, gloves, and hats. This is it! I needed the hook space and the wall space so I bought two. It was easy to hang, but I had to line two up. Smaller kids can get the pack off the hook themselves. I would buy it again.

👤I love this shelf. It was easy to hang up, and I thought it was neat when they sent a small leveler with it. It holds up my boys' school coats and bags and the little storage baskets are perfect for the hats and gloves. They gave us labels for the slots and I thought it was a nice touch. One bucket had a label holder upside down, but it worked fine and the label didn't fall out. Very happy!

👤It's perfect for my coffee bar. It is easy to mount. I love it!

👤I needed a wall mounted shelf for my coffee bar but most I found were too big for my space but this is just right, I believe my order must have been a return as one of the brackets on the back was missing a screw. I didn't care because the side of the shelf in the corner was what I cared about. I was able to drill a hole in the screw with the help of the brackets. It is nice that it is mounted and perfect size.

11. Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

Bathroom Floating Shelves Mounted Shelving

The package included 2 wooden boards, 2 towel hanger, 4 fixed expansion screws, and 4 fixed screws. Premium material and protection design. The wall shelves are made of painted pine wood and have a waterproof feature. The guard rail around the metal brackets prevents anything from falling. The floating shelves are strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs in a wall. Simple, clean-lined contemporary shelves with a timeless white and gold finish become an accent decor for whatever is placed on them. Small indoor plants, perfume jars, family pictures, and other items can be placed on the contemporary yet modern style White shelf, which is ideal to add a decorative touch to your bathroom, washroom, makeup room, powder room, half bath etc. The floating shelves have gold hooks and a towel bar. The wall shelves organize the bathroom essentials. Extra vertical space is added to bedroom, kitchen, home office, small apartment, college dorm, coffee bar, and many other places with the wall shlef organizers. The wall mounted shelves are easy to install. The towel bar and hooks can be installed according to your needs. Remove screws when you disassemble. The elegant and art Deco gift idea is a practical gift for your family or friends as birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas presents. They will deliver outstanding products and service to you and your family.

Brand: Forbena

👤The shelves are easy to install. The hanging hooks are bright shiny gold, but the shelves are bronze gold, like antique brass. The hooks do not match. There is a nice set of small shelves. It fits large rolls of toilet paper.

👤I was looking for white shelves to go with my kitchen. I didn't want items to fall off. These are perfect! I put it up as a hot cocoa bar. The shelves can be used as a display.

👤The design is sleek and modern. It has a towel rack and a lip to keep things from falling off. The gold looks classy and cool without being loud. I did not use the matching hardware and s hooks.

👤There was a terrible smell on the shelves. You could smell the odor through both packages. They are in the garage and can't review anything else.

👤The shelves should becent for the price. The metal is painted gold and the wood is painted white. There were a few flea bites in the wood. It is not worth the hassle. Installation was easy. There are no pilot holes in the towel rack, which is the only pain point. I used elbow grease as the wood wasn't very hard, but drilling pilot holes would be advised. It's important to have a bubble level.

👤I usually don't leave reviews but this time I thought I should. There is a The color is not as expected. While the S hooks are gold, the bar and borders around the shelves are more brown and gold. More leaning towards green-brown. The S hooks are a different color so it is clearly visible. I tried taking a picture with my phone, but the color doesn't match what it looks like in real life, and the bar is still pretty dark. I tried to include a gold earring and gold hair clip. If you don't care about the gold color, these seem sturdy.

👤It is cute and functional. I wouldn't buy it again because the screw holes are so bad that I had to drill a pilot hole to get the anchor to work. The space between the shelf and bar was so small that the screw driver couldn't fit.

👤These are easy to install. They are perfect for my space.

👤Nice shelves, nothing wrong with them, just be sure to look closely at the measurements they are smaller than they seem.


What is the best product for decorative wall shelves with hooks?

Decorative wall shelves with hooks products from Mixoo. In this article about decorative wall shelves with hooks you can see why people choose the product. Lwenki and Hippih are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative wall shelves with hooks.

What are the best brands for decorative wall shelves with hooks?

Mixoo, Lwenki and Hippih are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative wall shelves with hooks. Find the detail in this article. Eava, Sollasi and Amada Homefurnishing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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