Best Decorative Watering Can for Indoor Plants

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1. KIBAGA Decorative Copper Colored Watering

KIBAGA Decorative Copper Colored Watering

The watering can is made of galvanized steel. The KIBAGA watering cans for house plants are the perfect size to cultivate your indoor plants and let them blossom, and the water pot for plants is also suitable for minor outdoor use. The indoor watering can is made of top-notch stainless steel and can last a long time. The watering cans of the Kibaga are leakproof and rust resistant. Thanks to long spout, hanging or wall mounted plants can be reached with no hassles. The long spout makes it easy to water the plants with a soft, precise and targeted aim. The plant watering cans are behind curtains. Adding some vintage style to your interior is what the copper colored watering pot is made of. Handling is comfortable. The space between the handle and the body of the watering can makes it easy to refill.

Brand: Kibaga

👤The watering can is beautiful, but the spout is strange. The spout is long and can reach taller plants, but how it is attached to the bucket prevents the last of the water from pouring, even if you turn it upside down. I love how it looks and the size is perfect, but it's a weird function issue.

👤When I received the package, I was very happy. It was well packed and came with a nice note. It allows you to water the plants indoors. It's easier to avoid leaves for plants that don't like being showered with water. There is a lot of control when watering plants. The inside set up of the can makes it hard for the can to be completely empty. There is always a small amount of water behind it. This has caused my can to rust. It is disappointing. I really wanted to use this product. It takes some effort to get the can completely dry. It looks so cute that my manger who saw a photo that I had shared of my house plants along with the can, ended up ordering one. I would have warned them earlier if I had known that my can was going to rust after they purchased it.

👤The way the water flows through the can is odd. There is a design flaw. You can't see where the water enters the spout when you look into the can. The extension of the spout looks like a pipe inside the watering can. I thought it was just a display piece. I tried it and it came through the spout, so there must be a hole in the can for water to pass through. I tipped it all the way over and the can still holds about a quarter of a cup of water. I think the hole is in the picture. I will turn out upside down over the sink to empty all the way. I had to shove a towel inside the can to soak up the remaining water because there is a lip around the opening. Leaving water in a metal watering can. I can't think of anything else besides bugs, mold, and/or rust, but the description says the can is made of metal, so the rust may be false. It's so cute that if you're using it for display or if you're not as specific as I am about standing water in the watering can at all times, go for it. I'm coming back and it's a 1 star for me. I know I'm picky, but it is beautiful. I gave it three stars.

👤Our aloes had their best drink in a long time because of this watering can. We were afraid to separate the leaves because of their intertwined nature. See the photos. The water would spill all over the trays and it was impossible to water them. I can water the areas of the pot that are thirsty with this watering can. This is not an issue for the small amount of water left over in the pot after watering the plants. We just take the pot to the sink, turn the watering can upside down and shake out the little bit left over. Thank you so much for making a beautiful watering can!

2. Plant Watering Handle Plastic Inches

Plant Watering Handle Plastic Inches

We are a family-owned company. They will happily give you a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase. The long spout watering can is a beautiful piece to display inside and outside of your home. Hanging plants, potted flowers, Succulent, cacti, vines, ferns, air plants, and greenery can be watered with the watering can. The seedling watering can is the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, housewarming, and garden parties. The small watering can with sprinkler head is made of plastic and features 2 sprinkler modes so you can monitor the water flow. The perfect size is a plastic long spout watering can that holds up to a quart of water.

Brand: Farmlyn Creek

👤It should hold 3 quarts of water. The description is not correct. It is less than 0.4 gallon.

👤This is a great addition to my porch that is both functional and decorative. It's not huge but it does the job for the plants I need to water on the porch.

👤I have arthritis in my wrist and a heavier watering can is hard to hold, so I have enough plants that I could use a larger watering can. This one is perfect. It is light and easy to fill. It's cute too.

👤The look is similar to the picture. I didn't know it was plastic, but it was small enough to get the job done. I like it.

👤I have tried a number of ways to twist it, but it still leaks when you water your plants. It is the perfect size for watering indoors and easy to hold.

👤The product is very small. It is light and easy to hold, but will not water much more than a few small plants at a time. The color is cute but it is plastic and looks like a toy. It works well under the sink when it isn't in use.

👤The little watering can is perfect. It works well for watering plants indoors. My kids love playing with it.

👤My granddaughter loves this watering can, it's small and cute.

👤Very nice little item. It was well built and did the job perfectly.

👤Me encant justo, necesitaba para mis macetitas.

3. SAROSORA Watering Succulent Gardens Outdoor

SAROSORA Watering Succulent Gardens Outdoor

Solid Copper is non-breakable and durable. Over time, the hammered Copper texture will turn into a natural Copper patina. Measures 6 in diameter x 7 in H x 12 in L. Product upgrade, strengthen the bottom welding strength, and completely solve the defects of a small amount of product bottom falling off and water leakage are the notice. The Modern Nordic style has a smooth line design. It is a beautiful decoration when not in use. Large water storage capacity The pot body has a large water storage capacity of 1.2L, which can make it easier to water and reduce the need for frequent irrigation. The watering pot can is widely used in plants and objects that need to be watered indoors or outdoors. The spout is made ofstainless steel.

Brand: Sarosora

👤This was what I was looking for. I had issues with it. The light and dark parts of the watering can meet where it leaked. I applied a clear sealant around the lip. B. The spout is too small to fit in the watering can. Definitely not a good idea.

👤It took some time to connect the metal spout to the body. One end of the spout was too small to fit. It took some time to make it stay by twisting it and grinding it into place. There is a It is fine after that.

👤This is small according to other reviews. The long small spout is what I love about this. There is a Some said that the bottom broke. So far, mine hasn't. I put this at the top. It's on my list for a good way to get into the tiny spaces. I am thankful for this. It took a small amount of time to get the spout on. There is a So far, I'm very pleased with this.

👤The water comes out of the small hole when you put it in the big hole. Genius!

👤When I bought this watering can, I wasn't sure about it. I ordered it because I thought it was cute and the size I wanted. It was hard to get the metal spout into the can. I got it in with some extra work. The stream of water that comes out is perfect and I have had no problems with it yet. It seems to be made fairly cheap. It does what it's supposed to do and it's not expensive.

👤Even if I only fill it halfway, the bottom falls.

👤It makes watering small plants easy. The water flow is easy to control. Too much water on a small plant is not good. I have many pots with rows of pots in a pan. It gets hard to see in there. This watering can is very easy to use and I have not had a problem with it.

👤The design of the water can seemed perfect to me. There were plastic edges on some parts that should have been sanded down, and a leaking can that I had to return. When I tried to water anything, the spout leaked from the part where it connected. It looked and felt cheap. I know it is cheap, but it feels a little bit more thought and time could have been put into it.

👤It feels as though it should last but has only been used 10 times so far, but it does feel good. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I received an email from Amazon asking me to give my opinion on the matter. There is a It is a watering can. My expectation is that it holds water and that the act of watering plants results in getting watered. I can confirm that it does not fall apart when holding water, and that the plants get watered when they are watered. There is a It is a watering can. Are you happy, Amazon?

4. Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

It's ideal for all your household needs, including cleaning, planting, spaying plants and flowers, and many other uses. The perfect size house watering can is a small metal one. You can water all your plants in one go with a max capacity of 35 gallons. The watering can is small and easy to store. This is the watering can for plants. This metal plant watering can is made from STAINLESS STEEL and is powder coated, meaning no rust, scratches, chips or leaks. This mini watering can is built to last a long time. The wood handle on this watering can is easy to hold and won't slip out of your grip, which is different from other watering cans. It is easy to water your plants. The long neck watering can is easy to reach. It's perfect for hanging plants, wall mounted plants or general house plants. spills are a worry of the past and you can easily aim where you water. Water your plants quickly and easily to keep them healthy. The function and deficiency are described. There is no need to hide the watering can after use. The design looks great on display. This watering pot has a sleek black watering can body and real wooden handle.

Brand: Hb Design Co.

👤I only needed a simple watering can, and I'm surprised at how pretty it is. The black powder coated finish is lovely to touch, it won't rust, the handle is sturdy, and the wood is offset to the metal. It's a beautiful addition to my space, but it's also perfectly functional. It works great for me because I'm not a master gardener, but I use it for refilling my garden and topping up my cats' water. One review talked about the can not having a shield on top to keep water out. It doesn't need one. If you fill it all the way to the top, you need to either buy a bigger can or refill it as you water your plants. If you make a container full, they will tip it. It's not going to work out for you. Don't fill the can all the way to the top, because it won't flow any faster, and it takes very little tilt for the spout to start. The photo is to show relative size. It's perfect for my use and I'm very glad I chose this one.

👤I got the black with wood handle and it fits in with my decor. It holds just over 4 cups, which is perfect for some of my large planters, but not too much volume for me to not be worried about over watering my small plants, like I do with larger watering cans. The spout is the perfect length to get between plants and stems. Love it.

👤The bamboo handle is very sturdy and it's a great contrast to the white planters I have, it doesn't flood the plants with water and the black paint is very pretty. It's a nice stream. It would be a good idea! I'm looking to see if they sell a larger size for my plants.

👤If you are short on storage space, this watering can can be displayed in plain sight. A steady stream of water and an ample amount of water for several average sized house plants can be found in the gooseneck. I love the size because I am able to use the entire amount on my plants without having to store any leftover. It's more comfortable to hold than my gallon container, and it's also more convenient for plants to hang from higher shelves. Some reviewers had an issue with water spilling over the top, but I didn't have that. The flow of the watering can is supposed to be controlled. If you tip the can only enough to get an even flow, it will not spill over the top. If you tip the watering can beyond its flow rate, it will spill. There is a I think it is a benefit that this can doesn't have a spill protection at the front of the opening or a handle that goes over the opening because it provides easy access for cleaning and drying the can after use for easy maintenance and longevity.

👤This item arrived quickly. I like this watering can. It looks good sitting on my counter. It is not cheap metal. The powder coating is nice. It pours well. It's perfect for small plants. The black one is more of a deep charcoal gray but I like it. The handle should have been a darker stain. I thought I might be able to stain it darker but it is riveted on, which is a good thing. It feels good in my hand. There is a I am really pleased with this purchase.

5. T4U Decorative Spritzer Watering Succulent

T4U Decorative Spritzer Watering Succulent

200ml/7oz small body provides adequate water for indoor house plants like Succulent, cactus, herb and aloe. The daily company of the flower plants makes them grow well. It's easy to use, just fill it with water and press down the pump. The plant misting is more enjoyable with a soft finger handle. Adding a Nordic vintage style pressure mister to your living space is lovely and charming. It's a perfect decor for a modern home and garden. Premium Glass Plant Mister is a spray bottle with a plastic top pump. Even after use, the plant sprayer will look as good as new. It's an excellent assistant on small gardening and general house cleaning and a cute companion for kids to learn about plant caring.

Brand: T4u

👤I wanted something pretty for the bathroom and I got this for spraying the essential oil mix. It was very cute and the glass is strong. I cracked the top on the first refill. I used super glue to glue it down. It worked for a day or two, but now the sprayer doesn't work. It doesn't get any pressure at all. I was sad because of the waste of money. Amazon is becoming a wish. Can't count on reviews anymore.

👤I was very excited to get this. I ordered a plastic bottle from a different company and then ordered a glass bottle from the same company, thinking it would be better. The package was well packaged when I opened it. It was filled up and it was a dud. Won't spray. So disappointed.

👤The design fooled me. I didn't read the product description right. There is a It looks nice. The glass bottom is nice. The spray is decent, but the top is plastic and looks like metal. It feels a bit chintzy. I got what I paid for. It looks nice on the shelf.

👤The plastic pump is very fragile. The container is glass, but the inner pump is plastic and very cheap. It is a brand new product and it stops working a couple of times, and it does not spray straight, so it will be sending back, very disappointed.

👤It was bought 2. One cracked and the other didn't work very well. It broke after being tried to take the top off. It was cheap and no quality check. I was able to get my money back. I really liked the color, so it's too bad. Before sending, you need to have metal tops.

👤The item is pretty. The spray piece is made of plastic and not metal. It was a big disappointment. The piping that pulls the water from the bottle to spray doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the bottle. If you have used about 1/3 of the water, it will no longer spray andust. I have to refill this bottle as it is a very small bottle.

👤They don't go all the way down to the bottom. You can use a quarter of the bottle, but the bottle is technically empty because the water at the bottom won't reach all of the bottle.

👤There are some issues with the sprayer. The plastic is not manufactured in a precise manner. The spray nozzle prays out the side rather than straight. When opening the jar, there is a sense that the piece is ready to break. The intake "hose" or pipe does not reach the bottom of the receptacle. The unit accommodates about 1/3 of the water's capacity.

👤This is useless, it only drips water on your hands and sleeves. I would have demanded my money back if the dog hadn't chewed the box. It will be too late for a couple of plants that have been sprayed rather than watered, since they need a replacement. I replaced my old spray after it became faulty, and it is very similar to this one. Don't waste your money! I would have awarded no stars if I could.

6. Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

Indoor Watering Can Long Spout

It can be used for more than just spraying plants. The perfect size house watering can is a small metal one. You can water all your plants in one go with a max capacity of 35 gallons. The watering can is small and easy to store. This is the watering can for plants. This metal plant watering can is made from STAINLESS STEEL and is powder coated, meaning no rust, scratches, chips or leaks. This mini watering can is built to last a long time. The wood handle on this watering can is easy to hold and won't slip out of your grip, which is different from other watering cans. It is easy to water your plants. The long neck watering can is easy to reach. It's perfect for hanging plants, wall mounted plants or general house plants. spills are a worry of the past and you can easily aim where you water. Water your plants quickly and easily to keep them healthy. The function and deficiency are described. There is no need to hide the watering can after use. The design looks great on display. This watering pot has a sleek matt white body and a wooden handle.

Brand: Hb Design Co.

👤The quality was somewhat disappointing considering the price. The design is exactly what I am looking for and the size is perfect. The paint job is not good. There is a huge paint run above the handle and it is painted very thin in spots. I will keep it as it serves it. Its purpose. It is over priced for the quality and not a decorative piece.

👤After buying this item, then exchanging it for a different one because it was damaged, and finally reordering it to give it one last chance, it has arrived again, but this time it was damaged again. There are three items in a row that have arrived scratched, with a poor white coating job, or both. I don't believe that damaged items would've been sent to me three times in a row if the standards were enforced. If the item arrived in pristine condition, it would be a 4 or 5 star product, but that is not the case.

👤I wanted a cute watering can to water my plants, but couldn't find one that was right. I decorated myself and found a plain white one with a wooden handle. It was not too glossy for my vinyl to stick to and would work well in paints or decoupage. It looks nice and clean. There is a The pour spout is an unexpected bonus. It is sturdy and thin for accurate watering. I get more water on me, the table and the floor than in the plant. If you have a bushy or thick plant, you should make sure to get the water to the roots and not leave a mess. It is lightweight so that my elderly mother with arthritis in her hands can still use it. I will keep this in mind when I need gift ideas. It is easily personalized!

👤This was made with high quality materials. The metal and wood handle are gorgeous. The waters are just as expected. It is stylish enough to display, and still works.

👤The build quality is really poor, and that's one of the reasons why this item was Returned. There were places where the paint was rubbed off. The plastic screw covers don't line up with the holes in the handle. It made the watering seem cheap. I need something a little bit bigger than it is, it is not worth the price. Not a good product. If you don't care about cheap products, it will get the job done.

👤I love this watering can. This fit what I wanted and was not too big or small. The quality is amazing. It is easy to clean and use after using it a few times. The wooden handle is a nice touch to the watering can.

👤The size is perfect for indoor watering sessions and the design is great. The quality is not what I would have expected. The paint around the top edges is sloppy, and it looked like it had been damaged after unpacking. The wooden handle has a poor design which causes the plastic plugs to not lay flat. I will keep the product, but won't let it be open as I had planned. The concept is nice.

7. Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

BRILLIANT DESIGN will make it so you don't have to hide it. This watering can is perfect for your home or as a gift. The dimensions are 11L x 5W x 6.75H in. Weathered yellow with flowers. Use indoors or outdoors. Also, note: The watering can only hold about 4 cups of water.

Brand: Westcharm

👤This was the perfect watering can for my project. I bought a blue string light. One of those lighted watering cans was made from a few bigger holes in the sprinkler head. The lights were turned off and in holes. It was put up in the front yard. People look at it. Love it. The battery packets fit inside of the can perfectly.

👤I love my watering can. I got a stake from Lowe's and some solar lights from Amazon, and at night it appears that my can is pouring fairy light. It's cute during the day. Five stars for this can, and the price is amazing. Thanks!

👤I am very disappointed because I have been waiting for this watering can for a long time and it arrived damaged. The brass it is manufactured with is not of good quality and it is poorly painted. It isn't worth what it costs. If you want to use this article as an ornament for your garden or terrace, but you need to water your plants, do not buy it. Don't throw your money away. When the external applications were attached, they pierced the jug and the water escaped everywhere. I didn't return the watering can because of the cumbersome process and lack of time, but my frustration with this article is very great.

👤I bought this for the flowers. Maybe it isn't suppose to be used. I don't know. There are leaks in the bottom.

👤It's cute but it leaks. The seam is not from the bottom. I used my gun glue to fill the seam and it seems to work. It is good for small plants. You should check the size so you know what you're getting.

👤That can leak. The cute can is worthless as a watering can. I put water in it and noticed that it was leaking rusty water, it had already rusted at the bottom of the can. There are water stains on my deck.

👤The small size of the water can was what I was looking for. It's bright, looks great and fits on my kitchen supply shelf. The biggest disappointment is that it leaks. I see a few other customers have complained of the same issue now that I'm adding this review. I'll give 2 stars because it's so cute. Boo.

8. GOMYHOM Watering Stainless Straight Spillage

GOMYHOM Watering Stainless Straight Spillage

The spout is made ofstainless steel. The watering can has a perfect water storage capacity of 900ml, which can reduce the amount of water that is needed for irrigation. The brushed steel finish on the silver watering can blends in better than all the plastic cans, and it is built to resist daily scratches and tarnishing. The open top design of the watering cansemi makes it convenient to refill water and the handle is easy to hold with the proper weight. The slender straight spout of this water can is easy to direct into the foliage and water roots, easy to pour with a very controlled stream of water and no more spills you will get from using drinking glass or pitcher. A chic decoration in your house arrives in a nice box that is ideal for a unique gift to plant lovers who care for indoor plants. They back their product with a 100% money back guarantee because they take great pride in the quality of it. If you click on the "add to cart" button, you will not be at risk.

Brand: Gomyhom

👤The watering can was rusted. It's a watering can. It should not be damaged inside. I can't use it anymore. I don't think I should water my plants with rusty water. Bad doo!

👤I have less than 50 plants that are not all watered at the same time, so the size isn't an issue for me. The can itself is better than the ones with the pipe inside. You can tilt it and miss the last part of the water, but it's easy to get out after you're done. Good design, accurate water spout, good feel, and seemingly well built. I'm happy. I have a second can for the outdoor garden and I don't use this for outside plants.

👤When I filled the spout the first time, I watered my plants and set it on the table, a puddle formed around the base slowly. You can see the water coming out of the solder if you look closely. It goes to the bottom. There is a I waited a week for something that was useless.

👤I will buy it again as a gift for someone who is new to gardening, because it is smaller than expected. It holds a good amount of water, but I don't use a watering can because I don't want to over water my plants.

👤I bought this because I have plants that are sensitive to getting water on their leaves. This is lightweight, easy to hold, and gives me more accuracy with where the water is going. It is better to not over water. My other watering can takes more time to stop than the one I have now. I would definitely recommend this! I bought large needles and tubing to water my plants. Found them on Amazon as well.

👤Selecting a gift for someone else can be difficult. People like and dislike the shape, angle of spout, and easy of pouring. My wife liked this watering can. Her plants are either small with tight leaves or large with high watering. She was able to water the small plants quickly without damaging the foliage or making messy spills because of this product. There is a The quality and proportions of the can are good, and the inside looked clean when received.

👤This is the second purchase of this little watering can. I keep one upstairs in my bedroom and another in the kitchen to water my plants. The size and the spout aim efficiently into each plant. This item is attractive, so it can be left out.

👤It looks good and holds a lot of water. I stopped leaking all over the place.

👤The thing is cute. Well built and looks great. Can't complain. It's enough for my needs, but the size makes it easy to store.

👤I can access the middle of my plants without damaging them. It is perfect. And pretty.

👤It is easy to use. The little water carrier is small. There is a It can be displayed anywhere as it is a pretty object.

9. Watering Outdoor Gallon Sprinkler Decorative

Watering Outdoor Gallon Sprinkler Decorative

The perfect size is a plastic long spout watering can that holds up to a quart of water. It is suitable for watering any large or small area of plants, it has a sprinkler head that can be removed. TheDetachable long spout design has a rubber ring to prevent leaks. Plants can be long reach and help plant roots. It is easy to get water to the bottom of plants with the watering can outdoors. It's easy to add water, not easy to leak and wet the floor, reasonable double handles design makes the grip feel comfortable, reduces hand fatigue when watering. Plastic watering can can be used for a long time, it is safe, odorless and reuseable. The plant watering pot is ideal for home, office, garden, lawn, flower shop, hotel and more.

Brand: Qcqhdu

👤If you don't want to use the filter on the spout, then this is a relatively inexpensive watering can that will probably last a few seasons. Don't buy this, I want the thingie with the holes in it so the water comes out more gently. When you start watering, the filter top just falls off, no matter how hard you try. The hole in the top of the water bottle has a cap so you can avoid water spilling out of the top when watering, which is a positive feature.

👤They put the parts inside of the can. How am I supposed to get them? I had to disassemble the shower head in order to remove it because it got stock inside. The shower head is not being used by me. I need to add a little bit of water to myfertilizer. When the water level reaches 1.5 gallons, it starts pouring out of the spout. Not good.

👤$20 worth of cheap plastic that does not fit together can be better.

👤The product works like you would imagine. Not bad. The 1.5 gallon container is sold as a 1.5 gallon container, but the markings on both sides of the unit are liters. It would have been better to put liters on one side and gallons on the other. How hard would it have been? The spout would not have spilled out so easily if it was 1 inch longer. I will probably fill it to about 1/3. The construction is better than what I have been using, but it is not terrible.

👤The item is not of good quality. When shaking a canister, the sprinkling cap can fall off. The cap on the fill area is poorly seated. The canister is not too heavy when filled with water.

👤This is the perfect size and shape to reach my awkwardly placed spigot, with a nice large hole for filling, and the best thing about this is that it doesn't leak! I use it indoors and it's important to me. The watering stream is gentle. The double handles are very helpful. This is the best watering can I've tried.

👤I use it regularly and it works as it says.

👤I like the can. This was exactly what I was looking for, aside from the spout and the long tube leading to the spout being inside the can, which was hard to get out. It's not the biggest but still big enough, easy to fill, and the spray from the spout is pretty lovely. I'll change my review if it dies sooner than I expected, but overall I'm happy.

👤Do not buy. The spout is the same length as my regular wearing can, which costs $7.99 Canadian. I was prepared to accept that it has a smaller water capacity than a regular watering can, but it is not. I can't get it out of the can because it ships with the sprinkler head. I've tried every position I can think of, but no luck. If you are buying the blue because it is pretty, you should know that the version shipped is a lot darker than shown, and even darker than the photo you see.

10. Remiawy Watering Decorative Colored Succulent

Remiawy Watering Decorative Colored Succulent

If you use it for artificial flowers, please put bags inside to hold water for flowers. The remiway plant watering can is made of high quality 201stainless steel and is rust free. The attractive gold-color appearance looks wonderful left on a plant stand or house as an added decor. The metal watering cans have a long spout and a comfortable handle. The diameter of the watering pot is 6 inches, the length of the spout is 7 inches, and the copper watering can is 14 inches long. The watering pail fill easily and you can control the flow rate of water well with a long spout. If you don't want to use the long spout watering can after watering plants, please keep it empty. Plants can be reached under the foliage of plants high and low with indoor watering cans, which help to avoid leaf rotting and water staining. The watering can has more attractive features. Off course. House plants are a great way to liven up your house and with a spray bottle in package, you have two choices. This watering can is also a gift for your family or friends as a garden helpers in any festival. They will take full responsibility for watering cans that are damaged. If you have a problem during use, please contact them. The customer service executive will be at your service. They make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Brand: Remiawy

👤You don't need to tilt the can a lot. It is a dream if you get used to watering your plants, or if you are very delicate. I feel like my home is beautiful, but I can't wrap my head around how it gets through the spout. The handle turns into the spout when it curls to the bottom of the can. It does leave a small amount of water in the can, which is a little disappointing. The mist is delicate. I was disappointed that it was plastic, but it is very sturdy and will last a long time. The green color helps keep the water clean. I checked it after a few weeks and it was clear. I am happy that I have it, and my plants have been happy as well.

👤I wanted a watering can with a gold finish to go with the gold plant stands in my room. This one is very well made and functional. I can pour accurately so my plants don't get wet.

👤This is a sturdy can. The spout makes the water pour out nicely, but the water gets trapped in there at the end, which is a shame. There is no way to get the final quarter cup of water out of the container, which is something you will want to do to prevent rust. I want it to be empty but it will never be.

👤Looks great! It's not useful for watering my plants. The water has to travel through the handle and you can't use a lot of the water in the can unless you tip it over. The little sprayer is useless.

👤I gave this as a gift to my friend. She loved it and thought it was pretty. It is used every day. Great find! Highly recommended.

👤This is not a watering can. Product title is not accurate.

👤It is a very cute decorative piece.

👤The watering can looks nice enough to leave out as a decorative piece. It's not a big deal if you don't fully empty all the water. I would recommend.

11. Elephant Watering Can Indoor Plants

Elephant Watering Can Indoor Plants

The Fresh Flower Market was founded in 1843. The elephant is a watering can that will make your home or garden look better. Each piece is made from metal and can be used for elephant gifts or indoor gardening gifts for women. This is the perfect gift for an elephant. If you are looking for a unique plant watering pitcher, you will love their elephant watering can. The small watering can for indoor plants will double up as elephant decor and metal art. It makes a great centerpiece. The elephant watering can is very popular with kids. If you have children or grandchildren, you are sure to need some volunteers to help with the watering. It's a great way to get them interested in plants and gardening and make some special memories. It's perfect as a gardening gift for women or men. Their house plant watering can is a unique gift for plant lovers. The watering can is handmade and makes a unique elephant home decor. You can add rustic charm to your home by displaying your small indoor watering can on your mantelpiece or shelf.

Brand: Walbrook

👤I love this can. This is the perfect watering can for me because I have three elephant plant stands. It is small enough to get around the plants and has 3 holes in the nozzle to spray water.

👤If you don't empty it after each use it will leak.

👤The cute watering can is next to my plants and fully functional.

👤Not as pretty as I had hoped. I know these are made and made, but maybe the person who made them wasn't the most skilled crafter. It is sound, but ugly.

👤The front door has a plant area by it. This one serves a watering purpose and provides great visual attention to the area.

👤Don't buy. Only for looks. There is rust all inside. This cannot be used to water plants.

👤The rust devil inside is useless now and will be thrown out. It costs a lot to last a few weeks.

👤I needed a watering can for my plants and when I saw this elephant, I knew I had to have him. He didn't fail!


What is the best product for decorative watering can for indoor plants?

Decorative watering can for indoor plants products from Kibaga. In this article about decorative watering can for indoor plants you can see why people choose the product. Farmlyn Creek and Sarosora are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative watering can for indoor plants.

What are the best brands for decorative watering can for indoor plants?

Kibaga, Farmlyn Creek and Sarosora are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative watering can for indoor plants. Find the detail in this article. Hb Design Co., T4u and Hb Design Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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