Best Decorative Watering Can for Outdoor Plants

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1. KIBAGA Decorative Gold Colored Watering

KIBAGA Decorative Gold Colored Watering

You get is a chic decoration in your house that arrives in a nice box that makes it ideal for a unique gift to plant lovers who care for indoor plants. The perfect size of the watering cans for house plants and the 40oz water pot for plants are both suitable for minor outdoor use. The indoor watering can is made of top-notch stainless steel and can last a long time. The watering cans of the Kibaga are leakproof and rust resistant. Thanks to long spout, hanging or wall mounted plants can be reached with no hassles. The long spout makes it easy to water the plants with a soft, precise and targeted aim. The plant watering cans are behind curtains. Adding a vintage style to your interior is what the gold colored watering pot is for. Handling is comfortable. The space between the handle and the body of the watering can makes it easy to refill.

Brand: Kibaga

👤If you like the rustic look, then look no further. I leave this out as a decoration, and have gotten a lot of praise for it. It will water plants so no false advertising there. The last 5% of the water you put in gets stuck and you have to dump it out the top hole. It's not a huge pain, but it is a watering can, so all the water should just pour out. I don't use liquidfertilizer for my other plants, and I use liquidfertilizer for my bigger, hardier plants. I need to know when to put thefertilizer in the watering can and how much it will cost because some plants are sensitive to it and can get burned very easily. When you refill, rinse it out. I need to poor it out, flip it to dump as much as possible, and then run water through it a few times. If I don't fully wash out the can after I water all the plants that don't needfertilizer, the can remain dry.

👤I love it! It's a pretty color. It was an upgrade from a simple, plastic one and it feels like it will be the only watering can I have for a long time. I need the right amount of water to water my plants. I thought the thank you note was a nice touch.

👤I love it. It's easy to hold and it's made well. It is functional and elegant.

👤The watering can is beautiful. The shape is elegant and the handle is comfortable. I need this watering can to hold the right amount of water. I wanted to leave something out on the plant shelf. This product fits the bill. No leaks or weak joints were found when it was tested. I would recommend this watering can to anyone.

👤This little watering can is very cute. It's great to have water in my jungle. It feels sturdy and well made and I like the long spout to get to the plants that are a little harder to reach and to get the water flow under the foliage and into the dirt. Even though it's just a decoration, it would look great. The little cap on the spout tip helps keep me from spilling when walking from the sink to the plants.

👤I like the fact that it holds 40 ounces of water, compared to other pots that hold less. Balances are needed to get a good pour for the tiny areas and spots around your plants. It wouldn't change as of now. There is a The handle that is part of the spout is narrow. I have larger hands and have to be careful when filling it.

👤I am happy that this watering can is not hidden. It is perfect decor. Beautiful lines and gold color. It is even more stunning in person. I know it is a family business and I appreciate the personalized thank you card. I bought this for my 2nd floor plants, but might check if they have a bigger one for all of my first floor plants. Definitely buy!

2. Alpine Corporation YHL164HH S Watering Multi Color

Alpine Corporation YHL164HH S Watering Multi Color

The thin galvanized iron is important, if there is any slight change during the transport, you can press it to adjust with your hands. Please understand. Before you bid, make sure you don't mind. The garden is outdoors. A metal planter is a unique and decorative addition to your home. The planter is made from strong, resilient metal with sheet metal texture and will provide long- lasting quality décor in your garden or home's entryway. The planter can be placed in a variety of settings, including in your flowerbeds, patio, courtyard, or front porch. There is a yard display. Adding one or multiple planters with your favorite plants and flowers will enhance your garden's natural beauty and complement a variety of home exteriors. The yard decor and one-year warranty are measures. A one year manufacturer's warranty is included in the price of the 15L x 7W x 12H.

Brand: Alpine Corporation

👤The watering can was beautiful, but it was leaking so it had no function. I sent it back because it was smaller than I expected and I was going to use it to water plants. This would be perfect if you were looking for cute decor. If you're looking for something that can be used, I would order something else.

👤The watering can looks great in the garden, just what we were looking for, but it's ridiculous that it can't hold water, the one purpose that it was designed to do! I purchased it despite knowing that it didn't hold water. I bought some clear epoxy at the hardware store and it works fine now. I don't understand why the seller doesn't take the initiative to fix it before making them angry. It took about $2 worth of epoxy and an hour to dry. The seller had no stars.

👤Water can't hold water to water your plants. It leaks! I think it's only for decoration. Disappointed.

👤I read up on the Q&As to make sure that I could use it as a watering can and not as decor. I purchased it because the answer was that you can use it as both. It does not hold any water. I filled it up and the water came pouring out of every place. What a waste!

👤It is very decorative and has a fair price. It leaked like a sieve.

👤I bought this for its vintage style and function. It doesn't work well if there are leaks. I keep it for decor to avoid the hassle of return, but I would have preferred one that could be used to water plants. Not worth the price.

👤It is perfect for a decoration. A very old look. Adding flowers made a beautiful accent to cabin decor. There is a That's correct... This item is only used for decoration.

👤It is impossible to use it as a watering can because of the leaks. It should be listed as decor. It's impractical to use it as a planter because of the small top opening. Not worth the price.

3. Homarden Indoor Outdoor Watering Stainless

Homarden Indoor Outdoor Watering Stainless

This cute watering can is perfect in size. It's ideal as a small watering can for kids. The perfect garden watering can is made of high-quality STAINLESS STEEL. " Long spout - water with precision and avoid spills." It's a perfect water can for hard to reach plants. Simple refilling allows for quick refilling for efficient plant watering. This cute watering can is a perfect gift for mom, grandma, wife for Christmas or any other occasion.

Brand: Homarden

👤The inside rose color began to wear away after just one use of the piece. I had some healthy house plants that got sick after using this pot to water, so I suspect there was some metal in the pot. I'm not saying it has anything to do with the poor quality, but I'm not happy with this watering can.

👤The item was well packaged and shipped quickly. The size of this can surprised me. I had to measure the amount of water I could pour into the can because I was not sure it would hold 30 ounces. I was surprised that I was able to fill just a little over the 30 ounces of water. The balance is good and the can is well designed. The brushed look of the steel is not shiny. The other reason I like it is that I can add liquid plant food directly and mix it in without making a mess. The design of the handle is thin and flat and can get into your hand if you use it too much. It isn't an issue because we know how long it takes to water a few plants with 30 ounces of water. I think it would be better if it had a rounded handle. I think it is a good investment. I am satisfied with my purchase.

👤What is the purpose of a watering can that doesn't retrain water? I woke up to a puddle on the kitchen floor after I left this out with water. Don't buy it unless you can damage your furniture with water stains. If you're going to be very careful and empty the water completely every time. The product was very disappointing.

👤What a beautiful thing! I was a little worried about how small the watering can was, but I was happy to fill it and use it to water the small reservoirs of My African violets. It holds more than you think and is just the right amount to make it the right weight for these arthritic hands. The water is delivered exactly where you want it to go. The construction and engineering of the can was done well. If you want to dechlorinate the water overnight, leave it out. I love it!

👤Just as pictured. I like the way it looks. I still love the watering can, even though I feel that an all rounded curved handle would be better. It looks sturdy and does what it needs to do. It matches my home interior. I would buy again. Hopefully they have bigger cans.

👤This can is ok for me. It is cute and holds a good amount of water, but if you fill it up almost all the way and try to water your plants, water comes out of the top hole and spills on the floor. I have a lot of plants that need water. I like to fill it up. To keep it from spilling, you have to fill it about 1/3 full. The handle is small and not very comfortable, but I like that it is small enough to sit on the shelf when I am not using it.

4. IKEA 403 941 18 Vattenkrasse Watering Ivory

IKEA 403 941 18 Vattenkrasse Watering Ivory

TheTrunk is made in USA and is 14” x 8” x 3.5” The liquid capacity is 2 quarts. The watering can is both functional and decorative. Plants and a plant pot can be used to decorate your home. The eye catcher is a surprising and playful decoration. The watering can is made of galvanized steel.

Brand: Ikea..

👤I should have looked closer. My morning coffee is larger than the 30oz can. I paid twice as much as it was listed on the site. I bought it because I wanted to keep it out of sight. 30oz doesn't get me very far. I'll probably buy a bigger can and leave this on display. It was pretty disappointed.

👤I tried to drink coffee out of it. What a spectacle. You have to drink your coffee right after the pour because it's not microwave safe. The drinking spout is so long that you have to hold the liquid away from your face. It's not hard to use the drinking spout as a sipping straw, but now you are using a straw to drink coffee, and no one wants this for hot coffee. There is a After I switched back to my old mug, I started filling it with water and using it to water my plants. It works well for this and they should be selling it for that. One of my plants grew to 2x the size after I watered it with this. It's bad for coffee. It's great for plants.

👤I love the product, but I wouldn't recommend ordering it from Amazon. There was no packaging in the box and it arrived with a large scratch on the other side. I won't bother returning it because it's still functional, but I wish it had arrived in better shape.

👤The product was very nice. Just received it for my wife and she has already used it. It was not wet. However, a major complain for how this was packaged. The item was not wrapped in any paper or plastic when it was in the box. This is what happened. The item was at home. My wife opened her package with a box cutter and it didn't go as planned. The aide of the tin was scratched by the box cutter because there wasn't any protection. This item is a good size in height. They should have put something on top of it because it is not a flat box. I don't know who to blame. My wife was excited to open her package and the person who dis packaging did not think it was important to put that tin inside. The container was put inside a box and parceled out. We have a new scratched up tin.

👤This is a cute watering can that I can use to water my plants. If you have a lot of plants, it will need to be refilled several times. It feels sturdy and I like the design and the soft cream color. It looks nice on display. It will be hard to clean out as the opening is small and cannot be reached. Some reviews said that their arrived with dents and scratches. I can imagine that they could get damaged because the packaging was not the best. Before putting the can in the box, they need to wrap it more carefully.

👤The product arrived with dents on 2 sides. It's still usable for watering plants, but it's a little disappointing. It is a pretty small watering can. It's good for indoor plants. It is not worth returning as it still does the job.

5. Blooming Jungle Indoor Water Can

Blooming Jungle Indoor Water Can

The plant watering pot is ideal for home, office, garden, lawn, flower shop, hotel and more. It is easy to care for your plants with this watering can. The long thin spout gives you great control and allows for targeted watering. Hanging plants and wall mounted plants are easier to water if you can easily reach them. There is a prophesied item to keep on display. There is no need to hide this cute water pot. It looks great on display in a house. The ergonomics of the handle feels great in the hand and it makes filling a doddle.

Brand: The Blooming Jungle

👤I love the looks of this. Had high hopes but they were crushed. I'm not sure what I'm missing here but I'm looking for a watering can that you can easily empty into your plants.

👤The design is great, but the water can't be poured out completely.

👤The spout on this watering can is not long enough, which causes water to spill out when the can is tilted. It takes a true master to water plants. Other cans with the same design make watering plants relaxing. This can require a lot of focus to get the water into the pot.

👤I might like it over time. I was surprised at how light it is. I bought a watering can that is very solid. It cost less than this one. The watering can was scratched up on one side, but it was in a pretty box. I would return it if it was a higher priced item, but it is not worth my time.

👤I like the look of my new watering can. Very small. I only have a few plants so it is still perfect. The spout is inside the watering can. The spout is only open at the top of the can when you get to the last part of the water. A great piece.

👤I wanted a watering can that looked like it belonged in my home. It's handy to reach plants that are not as easy to reach, because I bought it mostly for the long spout.

👤The little watering can is perfect. Looks good enough to keep on a shelf, holds enough water to be efficient and I love the king spout to reach into the center of the pot.

👤This is what I was looking for. It looks like it is well made and durable. I like the look of it. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I have been a person with mobility difficulties and can appreciate this watering can. It's perfect for plants that are hard to reach. Excellent quality products. Would be highly recommended.

👤The husband is happy with it. Not too big or small.

👤Delivery was quick and perfect, it was exactly what I wanted.

6. Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

BRILLIANT DESIGN will make it so you don't have to hide it. This watering can is perfect for your home or as a gift. The dimensions are 11L x 5W x 6.75H in. Weathered yellow with flowers. Use indoors or outdoors. Also, note: The watering can only hold about 4 cups of water.

Brand: Westcharm

👤This was the perfect watering can for my project. I bought a blue string light. One of those lighted watering cans was made from a few bigger holes in the sprinkler head. The lights were turned off and in holes. It was put up in the front yard. People look at it. Love it. The battery packets fit inside of the can perfectly.

👤I love my watering can. I got a stake from Lowe's and some solar lights from Amazon, and at night it appears that my can is pouring fairy light. It's cute during the day. Five stars for this can, and the price is amazing. Thanks!

👤I am very disappointed because I have been waiting for this watering can for a long time and it arrived damaged. The brass it is manufactured with is not of good quality and it is poorly painted. It isn't worth what it costs. If you want to use this article as an ornament for your garden or terrace, but you need to water your plants, do not buy it. Don't throw your money away. When the external applications were attached, they pierced the jug and the water escaped everywhere. I didn't return the watering can because of the cumbersome process and lack of time, but my frustration with this article is very great.

👤I bought this for the flowers. Maybe it isn't suppose to be used. I don't know. There are leaks in the bottom.

👤It's cute but it leaks. The seam is not from the bottom. I used my gun glue to fill the seam and it seems to work. It is good for small plants. You should check the size so you know what you're getting.

👤That can leak. The cute can is worthless as a watering can. I put water in it and noticed that it was leaking rusty water, it had already rusted at the bottom of the can. There are water stains on my deck.

👤The small size of the water can was what I was looking for. It's bright, looks great and fits on my kitchen supply shelf. The biggest disappointment is that it leaks. I see a few other customers have complained of the same issue now that I'm adding this review. I'll give 2 stars because it's so cute. Boo.

7. Laila Lainey Small Indoor Watering

Laila Lainey Small Indoor Watering

If you have a question about their product, please contact them. Their support team will reply within 24 hours. Order now without hesitation. Your gardener friend will love this little watering can. A small 1.6 liter capacity indoor watering can will keep her flowers and plants watered, happy and thriving. Sometimes I wet my plants is a funny phrase that will make you bond with your special friend. She might hang it on the wall and leave it there. A country design with a yellow watering can with blue/green writing and an old-time country charm will add humor and life to a patio or kitchen decor. They are a family-owned company. They will happily give you a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Laila And Lainey

👤I love this watering can. It's pretty and functional. I wonder how long it will last, as I can use it to water my plants. The paint started chipping on the third fill. There is a I don't regret the purchase even if I can't use it. It is cute.

👤The watering can is adorable. I've received many comments on it. I haven't been using it to water my plants, more as a decorative piece, but it does hold a bit of water, and has a nice spout on it, if you want to use it for more.

👤It was bought for the wife to enjoy in the courtyard. It's probably the most entertaining gift she received this Christmas, maybe that says something about my gift giving skills, but if it made her smile without buying expensive jewelry then it's a good value.

👤The little can is cute. I would like it to work bigger. It is hard to find decent size jugs for rain. It doesn't take much water before it spills out of the spout, even though the can could use some more.

👤A watering can. It is very durable. I took it to a flower shop and had them make a bouquet for my secret friend at church. She can use it in her garden and vase.

👤A gift to a friend. She sits on her coffee table. She liked the saying. I wish it had been larger for her to use.

👤My mother in law liked it. It is a fully functioning watering can. Medium in size, but has a lot of water.

👤Hold about two quarts of water.

8. KENSINGTON LONDON Indoor Watering Plants

KENSINGTON LONDON Indoor Watering Plants

You get, a chic decoration in your house, arrives in a nice box that makes it ideal for gift to plant lovers who care for indoor plants. It was precise pouring. The long-reach goose neck spout makes it easy to do jobs. If your plants are high or low, get water into the roots without spilling a single drop. It was easy to fill. A wide, open top makes filling this mini can easy. The pot will fit under any tap, so you don't have to mess with it. The grip is comfortable. This is a pleasure to handle. Being small, well-balanced and cleverly angle avoids the struggle of getting into those normally tight spots. It is durable, strong and stylish. Premium materials and expert craftsmanship come together to help cacti and flowers bloom. The steel is coated with a powder to protect it from weather. The garden can be brought indoors. If you have green fingers, treat yourself. This modern classic gardening tool could be used for a long time.

Brand: Kensington London

👤This was delivered quickly. I was very impressed with the workmanship of the watering can. It was leak-proof because there were no overlaps. I took a photo of it with my old one. The watering can is perfect since I have indoor herbs to water and it doesn't splash. The price is worth it.

👤I have to tell you that if you have small plants, this is what you need. The material is sturdy and nice. It doesn't feel heavy when the water is full. This watering can work directly to its job. It doesn't come with a lid, so water will easily pour in. It is an essential tool if you have small plants.

👤I had a small leak, however this is a beautiful product. The owner was very helpful and believes in her product. To make sure that I was completely happy with the product, she immediately tool steps to correct things. I received a new watering can. I will be buying more products from this vendor. I know the quality, they stand behind their products, and they are attractive and functional. I am very pleased with the products in this line. This line is good for family and friends. I am a tough consumer and I am impressed by the product. I usually don't give out bad reviews but the way the owner handled my problem was beyond helpful.

👤After (3) uses, rusty after (3) uses. After paying that kind of money for a small watering can in the office, I could not believe that the inside started to Rust after just three uses. The rust spot was about 1 inch and no longer safe for plants. It gave me a metal piece when I opened it. Not happy. I usually don't have time to write reviews for everything I order, but I had to warn other buyers because I didn't have the time. I am going back to plastic watering cans.

👤I really enjoy putting this watering can through its paces. The metal can is light but strong. The spout is at the bottom of the can, which makes it easier to get a steady stream. It uses all the water in the can. Unless you fill the can to the top of the rim, the curve in the spout will not be prevented. If you need a small watering can for your plants, this is the one for you.

👤This is a fake ad. All too common on Amazon. There is a The item is not made of steel. I have had it for a month and have used it to water some plants. I water my plants and turn it upside down when I fill it up. It goes on the shelf. The inside is old.

👤I was looking for a watering can with a curved spout. This one fit the bill. I was hesitant to purchase because of the price, but am very happy I did. It feels good in my hand, well-balanced, pours nicely, and can direct water down into the bottom of the plant because of the nice sized and curved nozzle. I keep it on my windowsill because it is attractive. There were some reviews of leaking cans, but mine is solid. The best watering can I've ever owned, and I can see it lasting for a lifetime.

9. Galvanized Watering Outdoor Plants Accents

Galvanized Watering Outdoor Plants Accents

Handling is comfortable. The space between the handle and the body of the watering can makes it easy to refill. The pot is 7.8'' high and holds about 1 gallon of water. It is easy to clean and water. The top one can be adjusted with two comfortable handles. Can be used for plants indoors. It is made of galvanized zinc and painted color.

Brand: Sunnytong

👤I used this watering can for the first time. I exchanged it for the exact same item because I love the look of it. I'm hoping the replacement isn't faulty. I'll update my review if that's the case. Second Watering Can also leaked. It was very disappointing. Love the look, but need practicality and cuteness. Had to return it.

👤There are leaks. If you need this for watering, find another one, it would be better served as a decoration. The seller lived up to my expectations when it came to conducting business, even though I cannot recommend this watering can.

👤The watering can has a patch on it to make sure it doesn't leak. I tried everything they sent with it, but it didn't work. It isn't a sturdy can. It is pretty. I bought mine because it doesn't work for me and it leaks.

👤I was very close to buying another watering can but decided to use this one because it was much cheaper. If I did it again, I would spend more. This is just kind of meh, there is nothing terrible or unusable with it. The handles that I thought were copper are just painted a coppery-orange color. I received it, but Bit had already taken off. The handles are wide and flat, they're not comfortable to hold. The edges are rounded, that's the one thing I'll say. The nozzle dribbles a lot. I use this for indoor plants so it's a real pain because it's always dribbling extra water on the tables, floors etc. Or lack of it. The handles are flimsy and can't support the weight of the half full container. I thought returning it would be wasteful. It's adequate, but it's not a great experience. I would spend a little more for a nicer watering can if I could do it all over again.

👤I dried it and put on a sealant after it leaked all over the metal seal. The spout is at the junction where the main can is. After drying for a couple of days, tried again. The junction between the spout and the bottom can leak a lot. Also, the end. The shower-like spout end leaks a lot. Don't buy if you want to use indoors.

👤The can is easy to carry and use, and it is painted bronze. It has a 1 gallon capacity, but I compared it to my other cans, and it was the only complaint. They have between 1.5 and 2.5 capacities. It is in my garden, but I would like it to be 50% larger. This is useful for people who don't need to carry large watering cans, but still want to hand water. If you have a full back yard to water, you will be making more trips. It looks like a garden feature when my wife sees it, no matter where I leave the can.

👤When you receive a hanging plant that requires a gallon of water a day, what do you do, but buy a gallon watering can on Amazon? There is a I don't think the sprinkle head will ever be used because I don't feel like holding the can over the planter for 5 minutes to lightly sprinkle it, but it works great without the head. The handle is a little thin. I fear that over time lifting a gallon of water with it may cause some wear on the handle, but for now it is working great.

10. CHERAINTI Watering Outdoor Decorative Succulents

CHERAINTI Watering Outdoor Decorative Succulents

The handle on their watering can is strong and designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. The water can be long. Are you tired of the mess? It is easy to water a plant with long and thin cans. The long spout can make water reach the soil without spilling or falling on the floor. The spout is thin and controls the flow very well. The metal watering can won't hold water with a protective cap. You can enjoy watering without being concerned about the can puddles. The material is premium and the handle is ERGONOMIC. The watering can is hand polished and built to resist daily scratches and tarnishing. The watering cans are easy to hold and water even after a long time of use. The watering cans where the tube meets the body are welded to prevent leaking. Function and determination- The indoor watering can help you hang up plants more easily. As a watering can outdoors, the smooth flow will not hurt the foliage, and the time for water soaking is not flooding. The colored watering pot can be used as a metal decor on your porch or in your garden and it has a unique shape. The perfect size watering can. The watering can for house plants has a bottom dia. of 5.1. The big top opening design makes it convenient to refill the water and the 1.3 liter capacity makes it easy to hold a large amount of water. The cute watering can is a good gift for friends and family. Get a free item and money back guarantee. It is suggested to turn the spout upside down until it empties. You will get a plastic purple plant mister at no additional cost after placing your order. Your purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your watering can, please don't hesitate to contact them, they'll give you a replacement or full refund. Get your plants their favourite watering cans.

Brand: Cherainti

👤The watering can is large enough to hold indoor plants. The goose neck allows me to water the plant. The care instructions say to empty the can between uses. I bought this product for the watering can. The mister I received was cheap and wouldn't work as it was constructed. It was cute but not functional so it was thrown away.

👤The watering can and the mister are disappointing to me. The mister is cheap and67531, which is not what you want for a mister. The nozzle has dried glue all over it. I knew it was a cheap plastic based on the reviews. The can is not good. It looks like the metal at the top of the handle was not trimmed, making it difficult for the water to get into the handle and the spout. The water cannot get through to the handle. I threw away the packaging before I used the can, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to return.

👤It is really cute. I wanted to like it. It was a bit pricey but I had to have it. But looks are only so far. The first one had a huge blob of solder inside and a lot of rust spots. I could have lived with the solder spot, but not the pre-rusted surface. I returned it. They sent a new one. The replacement looked great. No rust, no solder. I went to pour the water. The water was like air in the spout. It splashed everywhere. I tried calling customer service on the weekend, but the recoding told me to leave a message. I did not. They called the next day, but I didn't know why I called. I said I had already returned both of them, so I asked what they should do about it. I told the woman to give my complaint to the customer service department. She was just a call center for companies that sell through Amazon. I returned the second one. Maybe I'll try it again. I like the shape. I really like the pink one, but I think the plain one would work better. We will see. The husband told the person to pick a different company and not buy a third one. We will see.

👤The pink color is great. A full can being tipped results in spillage, so don't lose the small plastic cap for the watering can spout. It has made watering my plants much easier. I haven't used the spray yet but I'm excited to.

👤A neutral color with a hint of color. It should match most decors. It feels like it will last a long time. The dimensions on the description are correct. I can water more plants without refilling them.

👤The water won't completely leave the spout. I can shake it upside down and it will still have some water in it's bottom. It's hard to reach down in there to wash out. It's cute. I like reaching plants with the long spout, but not sure I would recommend it.

11. Bangerz Sunz Elephant Decorative Functional

Bangerz Sunz Elephant Decorative Functional

It's more comfortable to spray plants in this way with a small pressure watering can. The plant mister indoor looks so cool sitting on your plant stand or on your bookshelf, it can be as decoration. A cute watering pot for plants around the home. It is easy to refill the water entry port for ease of use in the home and garden. Weather resistant plastic is made to endure weather damage. The elephant body design has a comfy custom handle and long trunk spout. TheTrunk is made in USA and is 14” x 8” x 3.5” The liquid capacity is 2 quarts.

Brand: Bangerz Sunz

👤It has a nice sheen to it and is not just flat grey. You can't fill it all the way to the top because it will be hard to use and the water will fall out. It's easier to fill it up to the eyes. It is possible to overshoot where you are trying to pour when you first pour it, luckily for me, I used it outside so it didn't spill everywhere. It's great when you get the hang of how much tension you need to put on the water. The long trunk/spout helps me to direct the water on target better and it gets under the leaves so that I don't get water on the leaves. If you're watering bigger pots, you'll need to fill it again for each plant to get the water out of the drainage holes, so I use this for small pots.

👤This guy is adorable. The negative reviews are absurd and impossible to please. The fill hole is not positioned wrong. People are pouring too fast. If you want to dump water, use a gallon jug. The hole in the spout is large. This is not a garden hose. Water would fly out of this thing if it was bigger. It's common sense. It is not too small. If you want something bigger, buy something bigger. I ordered 2 and they came in perfect condition. There were no leaks. I gave it as a gift. The item is the best I have purchased in a long time. You can leave him out as a decoration and it will remind you to water your plants. If you want a cute watering can that brings joy every time you see it, then buy this one.

👤I wanted to give my daughter and granddaughter an easy way to water their patio herb garden, so I made it for them. My granddaughter's nursery is decorated with jungle animals so I chose to make it a little kitschy. I was surprised by the quality and price when it arrived. There is a That is a 1yr old holding it and watering herself in the picture.

👤The perfect size for watering my orchids is this watering can. I can reach under the leaves with this can. The seam is thin, so I don't know how long it will hold up before it leaks. I hope this review helps you. They are cheering!

👤I have a lot of plants in my bedroom. I wanted a watering can that would match my décor and not be a plain old watering can. This one is perfect. It is very strong and thick. The water flows out nicely and the nose is long. I didn't have a problem with the comments that said it was hard to tilt without spilling. It holds a lot of water. I usually fill it once and have enough to water 7 small plants and 2 large plants twice.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the product. It is made of good quality plastic. A small hole for watering. It seems like it is pretty durable so far. Can't complain!


What is the best product for decorative watering can for outdoor plants?

Decorative watering can for outdoor plants products from Kibaga. In this article about decorative watering can for outdoor plants you can see why people choose the product. Alpine Corporation and Homarden are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative watering can for outdoor plants.

What are the best brands for decorative watering can for outdoor plants?

Kibaga, Alpine Corporation and Homarden are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative watering can for outdoor plants. Find the detail in this article. Ikea.., The Blooming Jungle and Westcharm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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