Best Decorative Watering Can Planter

Can 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

Charm Chic Decorative Sunflower Watering

BRILLIANT DESIGN will make it so you don't have to hide it. This watering can is perfect for your home or as a gift. The dimensions are 11L x 5W x 6.75H in. Weathered yellow with flowers. Use indoors or outdoors. Also, note: The watering can only hold about 4 cups of water.

Brand: Westcharm

👤This was the perfect watering can for my project. I bought a blue string light. One of those lighted watering cans was made from a few bigger holes in the sprinkler head. The lights were turned off and in holes. It was put up in the front yard. People look at it. Love it. The battery packets fit inside of the can perfectly.

👤I love my watering can. I got a stake from Lowe's and some solar lights from Amazon, and at night it appears that my can is pouring fairy light. It's cute during the day. Five stars for this can, and the price is amazing. Thanks!

👤I am very disappointed because I have been waiting for this watering can for a long time and it arrived damaged. The brass it is manufactured with is not of good quality and it is poorly painted. It isn't worth what it costs. If you want to use this article as an ornament for your garden or terrace, but you need to water your plants, do not buy it. Don't throw your money away. When the external applications were attached, they pierced the jug and the water escaped everywhere. I didn't return the watering can because of the cumbersome process and lack of time, but my frustration with this article is very great.

👤I bought this for the flowers. Maybe it isn't suppose to be used. I don't know. There are leaks in the bottom.

👤It's cute but it leaks. The seam is not from the bottom. I used my gun glue to fill the seam and it seems to work. It is good for small plants. You should check the size so you know what you're getting.

👤That can leak. The cute can is worthless as a watering can. I put water in it and noticed that it was leaking rusty water, it had already rusted at the bottom of the can. There are water stains on my deck.

👤The small size of the water can was what I was looking for. It's bright, looks great and fits on my kitchen supply shelf. The biggest disappointment is that it leaks. I see a few other customers have complained of the same issue now that I'm adding this review. I'll give 2 stars because it's so cute. Boo.

2. Bangerz Sunz Elephant Decorative Functional

Bangerz Sunz Elephant Decorative Functional

It's more comfortable to spray plants in this way with a small pressure watering can. The plant mister indoor looks so cool sitting on your plant stand or on your bookshelf, it can be as decoration. A cute watering pot for plants around the home. It is easy to refill the water entry port for ease of use in the home and garden. Weather resistant plastic is made to endure weather damage. The elephant body design has a comfy custom handle and long trunk spout. TheTrunk is made in USA and is 14” x 8” x 3.5” The liquid capacity is 2 quarts.

Brand: Bangerz Sunz

👤It has a nice sheen to it and is not just flat grey. You can't fill it all the way to the top because it will be hard to use and the water will fall out. It's easier to fill it up to the eyes. It is possible to overshoot where you are trying to pour when you first pour it, luckily for me, I used it outside so it didn't spill everywhere. It's great when you get the hang of how much tension you need to put on the water. The long trunk/spout helps me to direct the water on target better and it gets under the leaves so that I don't get water on the leaves. If you're watering bigger pots, you'll need to fill it again for each plant to get the water out of the drainage holes, so I use this for small pots.

👤This guy is adorable. The negative reviews are absurd and impossible to please. The fill hole is not positioned wrong. People are pouring too fast. If you want to dump water, use a gallon jug. The hole in the spout is large. This is not a garden hose. Water would fly out of this thing if it was bigger. It's common sense. It is not too small. If you want something bigger, buy something bigger. I ordered 2 and they came in perfect condition. There were no leaks. I gave it as a gift. The item is the best I have purchased in a long time. You can leave him out as a decoration and it will remind you to water your plants. If you want a cute watering can that brings joy every time you see it, then buy this one.

👤I wanted to give my daughter and granddaughter an easy way to water their patio herb garden, so I made it for them. My granddaughter's nursery is decorated with jungle animals so I chose to make it a little kitschy. I was surprised by the quality and price when it arrived. There is a That is a 1yr old holding it and watering herself in the picture.

👤The perfect size for watering my orchids is this watering can. I can reach under the leaves with this can. The seam is thin, so I don't know how long it will hold up before it leaks. I hope this review helps you. They are cheering!

👤I have a lot of plants in my bedroom. I wanted a watering can that would match my décor and not be a plain old watering can. This one is perfect. It is very strong and thick. The water flows out nicely and the nose is long. I didn't have a problem with the comments that said it was hard to tilt without spilling. It holds a lot of water. I usually fill it once and have enough to water 7 small plants and 2 large plants twice.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the product. It is made of good quality plastic. A small hole for watering. It seems like it is pretty durable so far. Can't complain!

3. Brajttt Watering Automatic Decorative Diameter

Brajttt Watering Automatic Decorative Diameter

It's ideal for all your household needs, including cleaning, planting, spaying plants and flowers, and many other uses. Plants that are healthy. A set of decorative glass watering globes is a perfect automatic watering system. No more watering your plants. The perfect amount of water needed into the soil is slowly released by self- watering bulbs. Water requirements can provide plants with water for about two weeks, help maintain proper nutrition, and are suitable for use during a business trip or vacation. The glass is very strong and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, hanging basin and floor plants. The Brajtt plant watering ball is easy to turn over, filled with tap water or plain water, and then dumped into a potted plant without soiling. If there is a quality problem after receiving the Brajtt 6 Pack Plant Watering Globes, please contact them by email.

Brand: Brajttt

👤These bulbs are wonderful. We have a bunch of plants, and we had a problem with fungus gnats, so I got these bulbs. We wouldn't have to deal with them again because the top soil would stay dry. It helps because there is no guessing game about whether the plant needs to be watered or not. Different plants need different amounts of sun exposure depending on their type and location. Plug the empty bulb into the same hole in the soil. And you're all good! If your plant is dry when you put the bulb in, it will depend on how quickly it gets drained, so don't blame the bulb for that one. Some drain faster than others. One thing I like to do is cover the opening with a small piece of paper towel so no dirt gets in.

👤There are many reviews that explain the benefits of these. They can give anyone a green thumb. These globes are packaged in a polystyrene sleeve inside a carboard box, and should survive even the most slapdash carrier. There is a I will be buying more as needs dictate.

👤It was well packed in styrofoam. I put them in pots. It was difficult to find a good spot, but once I got past the roots, it started to water the plant. You need to know the type of soil you have. Some soils will take some time to drain, while others will drain faster. The bulb will go empty between 3 and 10 days depending on where I placed it and the soil in that pot. I'm still playing with them to see if I can get the 10 day up to 14. They work well for my needs. I will be ordering more soon.

👤I bought this size and the slightly smaller one. They all arrived well packed. The larger globes hold more water. I used a pencil to create a hole in the dirt, since I didn't want to apply too much pressure on the glass globes. The globes drained slowly. I expect my plants will be able to handle this amount of water and allow me a week of vacation.

👤These glass globes are hard to use. It's hard to fill them up because the opening is so small, and it's hard to put them at the right angle to get the water to trickle out. It was too much of a hassle to use them and they are now sitting in my plants empty.

👤I received them today. Some of them arrived in good condition. There was a lot of padding. No bubble wrap on them. I am not sure how these water globes will hold up to the Texas August heat and my clumsiness, so I will probably update my review in a month.

👤They were a great purchase. I don't know if their "good for two weeks" watering length is true. The bulb lasts two days if my plant is thirsty. I was surprised when I sat there and watched the maple drain in a matter of hours.

4. Alpine Corporation YHL164HH S Watering Multi Color

Alpine Corporation YHL164HH S Watering Multi Color

The thin galvanized iron is important, if there is any slight change during the transport, you can press it to adjust with your hands. Please understand. Before you bid, make sure you don't mind. The garden is outdoors. A metal planter is a unique and decorative addition to your home. The planter is made from strong, resilient metal with sheet metal texture and will provide long- lasting quality décor in your garden or home's entryway. The planter can be placed in a variety of settings, including in your flowerbeds, patio, courtyard, or front porch. There is a yard display. Adding one or multiple planters with your favorite plants and flowers will enhance your garden's natural beauty and complement a variety of home exteriors. The yard decor and one-year warranty are measures. A one year manufacturer's warranty is included in the price of the 15L x 7W x 12H.

Brand: Alpine Corporation

👤The watering can was beautiful, but it was leaking so it had no function. I sent it back because it was smaller than I expected and I was going to use it to water plants. This would be perfect if you were looking for cute decor. If you're looking for something that can be used, I would order something else.

👤The watering can looks great in the garden, just what we were looking for, but it's ridiculous that it can't hold water, the one purpose that it was designed to do! I purchased it despite knowing that it didn't hold water. I bought some clear epoxy at the hardware store and it works fine now. I don't understand why the seller doesn't take the initiative to fix it before making them angry. It took about $2 worth of epoxy and an hour to dry. The seller had no stars.

👤Water can't hold water to water your plants. It leaks! I think it's only for decoration. Disappointed.

👤I read up on the Q&As to make sure that I could use it as a watering can and not as decor. I purchased it because the answer was that you can use it as both. It does not hold any water. I filled it up and the water came pouring out of every place. What a waste!

👤It is very decorative and has a fair price. It leaked like a sieve.

👤I bought this for its vintage style and function. It doesn't work well if there are leaks. I keep it for decor to avoid the hassle of return, but I would have preferred one that could be used to water plants. Not worth the price.

👤It is perfect for a decoration. A very old look. Adding flowers made a beautiful accent to cabin decor. There is a That's correct... This item is only used for decoration.

👤It is impossible to use it as a watering can because of the leaks. It should be listed as decor. It's impractical to use it as a planter because of the small top opening. Not worth the price.

5. MyGift Vintage Galvanized Decorative Watering

MyGift Vintage Galvanized Decorative Watering

It's perfect for artificial flowers. This vase can also be used as a decorative piece. A small galvanized metal watering can is perfect for garden settings. Can be used as a vase for artificial plants. A variety of decors compliment rustic vintage style. Only for decorative purposes. Not intended to hold water. The dimensions are 9.1 W x 3.9 D x 5.1 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤The item is perfect for watering small plants. It is easy to fill from any faucet. Highly recommend this item. It makes me love my flowers more.

👤The product is only good for looks. The water out of the nozzle doesn't spray like a shower head. It pours out like a nozzle head. I was excited to get this for my child, but it isn't worth it.

👤I put something on my patio. It was small. It is a nice piece.

👤So cute! I expected it to be a little bigger. I think that's my fault because I didn't read the description right.

👤This is a cute galvanized vase. The holes are superficial and it does not work as a small watering can. Very cute, but small. I want to put some sunflowers on my patio. "vase" is at the end, so it's 4 stars. I thought I could use a watering can for small plants.

👤It was perfect for my light fountian. My son's girlfriend had a birthday.

👤Cute watering can! I used mine to make a sun catcher for my shop and I love it!

👤It was leaking right out of the box. Only for decoration purposes.

6. T4U Decorative Spritzer Watering Succulent

T4U Decorative Spritzer Watering Succulent

200ml/7oz small body provides adequate water for indoor house plants like Succulent, cactus, herb and aloe. The daily company of the flower plants makes them grow well. It's easy to use, just fill it with water and press down the pump. The plant misting is more enjoyable with a soft finger handle. Adding a Nordic vintage style pressure mister to your living space is lovely and charming. It's a perfect decor for a modern home and garden. Premium Glass Plant Mister is a spray bottle with a plastic top pump. Even after use, the plant sprayer will look as good as new. It's an excellent assistant on small gardening and general house cleaning and a cute companion for kids to learn about plant caring.

Brand: T4u

👤It wasn't as advertised when I got one today. The water shoots out in a focused beam equivalent to a super soaker regardless of how much pressure you use. The plastic used on the handle is cheap and flimsy and will probably break after a month or so. There is a It didn't work, wouldn't recommend.

👤This thing fell apart. The top got stuck and when I tried to remove it, the ring that goes through your finger snapped off and the spout along with it! There is a Total waste of money! I'm not going to ask for a refund. They got me on this one. Terrible purchase!

👤I knew the nozzle assembly would be plastic, but I didn't expect it to be the cheapest. I don't think this will last long. It looks like mice from the photos and afar. You can tell the lowest quality from close up.

👤Likes: looks nice wherever it is placed, mists plants well, ribbed sides makes for easy holding, good size not too big or small, plastic nozzle cheapens the total look tho it looks and works fine.

👤Very attractive but not functional... The water comes out in a large circle that can't be adjusted.

👤Looks nice sitting down. It is easy to use.

👤I don't care for the item because it drips large drops of water, it's a fine mist. I don't like the heavy dripping on the furniture and floor so I will use outside porch plants.

👤It was not good for that particular job because I bought this to water my seedlings. If you tilt it a little bit, the spray nozzle will leak water out of it's base and the water in the bottle will be tilted away from the pipe that sucks the water up. A glass bottle with a plastic top. If you want to keep this upright at all times and you want a mist spray, then this is fine. I bought a plastic sprayer and it was a million dollars more expensive than this.

👤Fr perfekt. Soweit ist I, bemngeln.

7. KIBAGA Decorative Galvanized 85oz Watering

KIBAGA Decorative Galvanized 85oz Watering

Warm colors make the appearance more delicate and lovely. Garden watering can is attractive and can be left out on a shelf or cabinet to be displayed. The KIBAGA watering cans for house plants offer the perfect size to cultivate your indoor and outdoor plants and the water pot for plants are also suitable for minor outdoor use. The Farmhouse watering can is made of top-notch galvanized steel and it will last a long time. The watering cans of the Kibaga are leakproof and rust resistant. Thanks to long spout with sprinkler head, plants can be reach hanging or wall mounted. The long spout makes it easy to water the plants with a soft, precise and targeted aim. The plant watering cans are behind curtains. Adding a vintage style to your interior is possible with the galvanized watering pot, which is a beautiful and unique decorative gem. Handling is comfortable. The space between the handle and the body of the watering can makes it easy to refill.

Brand: Kibaga

👤It was impossible to screw on the spout because the spout and bucket threads did not match. I buy stuff from Amazon and it's useless right out of the box.

👤I got this can to make a cascading light for the flower bed. It worked well with a little modification.

👤I had to let your company know how much I love my watering bucket. I have been looking for the right one for a long time. The spout is the best part. The water flows through the spout. It is a gentle flow of water. I have a small herb and veggie garden on my Condo patio and this watering can is the perfect size for watering them. There was no wasting air from a gallon jug. Thank you so much for making a great product! I will go to the website and look for other goodies. There is a Thank you so much, Dora J. Nerio.

👤The watering can is small and useless in the garden. It is the size of a toy. The ad was not accurate. I thought I was buying a standard watering can. It's cute, but useless and a ripoff.

👤I love this watering can. It looks great. It is much easier to carry than the one and two gallon kind, and it holds over a half gallon of water. It's also reasonably priced.

👤My 92 year old grandmother loves it. It's easier to hold for her and to water her.

👤I needed a watering can for my plants. I put the chicken-poop in a bucket of water. I put it in the watering can and water the boxes. It works for my purpose. I could have gotten a plastic one for less at the dollar store. There is a The only thing I can say about this can is that it has a handle. It can be useful in shifting it as I fill the liquid at the top. I can hold on to it with the handle. There is a This is less than a gallon and I could have used a larger can. There is a I like this can. I will keep it.

👤The metal is perfect for gifts. The bale can be used on a shepard hook. I put solar lights in to look like water. The can shimmers when the lights are off. It looks classy during the day. Can you tell me I like it?

8. Homarden Copper Colored Watering Outdoor

Homarden Copper Colored Watering Outdoor

Hanging chain for hanging bird feeders, bird houses, birdbaths, plant baskets, flower pots, lanterns, wind chimes, ornaments, billboards, chalkboards and other fixture hanging and mounting The ideal size. The small watering can allows easy plant watering as an indoor watering can. It's the perfect garden watering can because it's galvanized steel. The flexible design makes it easy to water indoor and outdoor plants. Small can size and free-standing fill hole allow quick refilling and usable as kids water can. TheTRON design is an attractive copper watering can and mini watering can. It is ideal for Christmas gift.

Brand: Homarden

👤I love this style and the watering can. It is a soft, easy, controllable pour. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because on the 3rd plant, it started leaking and I saw a hole. There was a little hole after a piece of the top layer fell off. I would buy another one if it wasn't so expensive, and I loved the design so much, I would expect better. I will have to put some duct tape over it because it is leaking. I requested a new one. As long as I sent the other one back, they did it. I have a new one that is very good and has no holes. I like it.

👤There are a couple important variables when it comes to a watering can. There is a spout. The best is straight and it allows easier control of the lot you are pouring into. Ask baristas if they think goosenecks are questionable. This one is pretty decent since it is straight. The handle has two parts. You want a handle that goes from the top of the can to the bottom. You can have pouring from a low height or above your head height. It allows you to adjust your grip to pour when it's full. The spout and handle are connected. I didn't know how important this is. When a spout has a regular hole at the bottom but is also connected with the handle, it controls the flow rate. The flow rate goes off after a certain amount. There is a This doesn't have a spout but it is close to 2 and 3. My girlfriend loves the cam so it is all good.

👤One reviewer said there were holes in it. I wondered what the chances were. It was cute and I really wanted one. I ordered it. The first one I ordered had a huge hole in the spout, and I don't know how it got missed. My replacement had two holes in it. The handle is at the base. I decided I didn't want to keep messing with it so I decided not to make a third attempt. Their quality control leaves a lot to be desired.

👤The small watering can is attractive and a nice size for a few small plants, and the long spout makes it easier to get to my planters. The placement of the spout causes you to be unable to pour all of the water out, and when the water volume is lower, it has a tendency to get cloudy. If you want to get a feel for the pour, you should first pour it out in the sink or bathtub, so you don't end up with a mess.

👤This little watering can is perfect for watering my plants indoors. It's easy to use and it looks cute. The quality of how it was put together is not perfect. The photo shows where the handle is attached.

👤It is light and cute. Doesn't leak. It works just as described.

9. NOBONDO Watering Sprinkler Outdoor Decorative

NOBONDO Watering Sprinkler Outdoor Decorative

The reTRO design is attractive and has high quality paint. It's perfect for Christmas or any occasion. It's perfect for showing your garden with love. The watering can is made of high grade PP material, it is safe and long lasting in use. Plastic watering cans are sleek and sweet to keep your plant friends happy. Well balance and symmetry. If you're looking for a well-balanced, right-sized watering can design that is easy to fill and comes with both a sprinkle and pouring watering can mechanism for indoor and outdoor plants, buy this. They can water the plant. The handle design makes the grip very comfortable. The flower watering can has a sprinkler head that can be used for a shower or a heavy stream of water. It is easy to remove and replace the sprinkler attachment. It's easy to plow and long. The shower head is made of high-grade steel, so it's waterproof. The water comes out without dripping. A good amount of water can be held in a watering can. The big hole at the top makes it easy to mixfertilizers. Warm colors make the appearance more delicate and lovely. Garden watering can is attractive and can be left out on a shelf or cabinet to be displayed.

Brand: Nobondo

👤Don't recommend! The metal insert for the shower effect does not fit into the watering can and is not installed yet. It doesn't fit right, even though I tried to use a hammer. Water pours out on the sides where there isn't a good seal because it doesn't fit. The head of the watering can is not the correct one. The head does not have the threading inside to match the tip of the can, which is why it doesn't slide all the way down the neck.

👤This is a small watering can. I use a walker. I only have 3 plants to water and didn't want anything heavy. The laundry room has a sink that is not too deep. This is what I needed. It is not too heavy. It's enough water for my plants and it's in a small sink. It is strong. Doesn't leak. The rain nozzle is easy to fit. You have a mother or aunt. Is it in an apartment with a small patio? This is a great Mother's Day gift. Put a nice hand cream on it. Old people like hand cream with butter. It's funny.

👤The can is well constructed. The round head frame was defeated by the water pouring at the edges of the head. This is a nice product. I will use this for plants in the yard. I wouldn't recommend seedings.

👤The shower nozzle is wide enough to cover my plants. It got water everywhere on my window sill and baby seedlings because it leaks from the nozzle. I only use it outside and bought it inside.

👤I like the way it has two handles and the fact that it has a shower head on it, but I don't want my plants to be moved from where I planted them, or get flooded, because it would leak a large stream of water from the shower head. This is going back.

👤I love this can. Even though it holds the right amount, it weighs less than ten pounds when full. It's nearly impossible to spill anything while carrying it because of the well balanced handle. It delivers a gentle spray that's perfect for watering seedlings or for keeping recently-seeded soil moist. Without the sprinkler head, the spout can easily reach between established plants. The color of the fruit is lovely. There is a The sprinkler head is a bit difficult to install and remove. It doesn't screw on, just push on and be wiggled a bit. Once it's on, it needs to be moved to the right position or it will dribble. It's not obvious that the head isn't symmetrical and therefore they don't realize that it needs to be changed to a different position. I've found no way to find the right position except for trial and error. It works well once it's in place, and I might be able to mark the spout and head to remember the proper position. It would be nice if the manufacturer did that. I would rather leave the head in place now that it's perfectly positioned. I'm thinking of buying an extra can to use without the head. I bought a second can and it was just as nice as the first. I noticed that the spout has two grooves on the outside at the end, one on each side, which I hadn't seen on the first one. The grooves are L-shaped, and I assumed that there were bumps near the end of the tube part of the sprinkler head, so that one could push the grooves as far as they'd go. The answer written about the time I ordered my first can states that the nozzle clips on and turns to lock in place. I didn't notice this feature until I picked up the sprinkler head and looked for the bumps. There aren't any. The inside of the sprinkler head is smooth. I don't recall my first can being designed with grooves and bumps, but if I take the sprinkler head off, I'll have to redo it. In order to check. There is a The pots and sprinkler heads used to have bumps and grooves, but that's being phased out, and I'm not sure if the bumps and grooves are a new feature that doesn't yet appear on all parts. It would be nice.

10. WHHOME Watering Galvanized Primitive Decorative

WHHOME Watering Galvanized Primitive Decorative

The watering can with fairy lights is a good choice. The design has a warm white light. The pattern creates a romantic atmosphere. There are watering plants, tree vines, potted, wedding, party,porch, Christmas,Thanksgiving, birthday, anywhere indoors or outdoors. This galvanized metal planter is a great way to bring a rustic vibe to your home. It's perfect for home décor. It can blend with any room. It's perfect for adorning garden spaces. The height is 7.5 and the width is 7.8. It doesn't hold water. It's perfect for artificial flowers. This vase can also be used as a decorative piece.

Brand: Philpety

👤It's pretty and works well as a flower holder, but it doesn't hold water. It leaks like crazy. I solved the problem by putting clear silicone on the inside of the vas and it no longer leaks, but before I modified it, it leaked a lot of water onto my table. I made a mistake and should waterproof it before using it to hold water. A little on the bottom will leak out.

👤The item I purchased to hold flowers leaked profusely when I filled it with water. It is not near water. If a product can't hold water, why would you advertise it? Cute but useless for my purpose. It will return.

👤I put this on the bride and groom table at my daughter's wedding reception so she could put her bouquet in it. Her bouquet looked great in it, it went perfect with the decor. She is using it at home as a centerpiece. Excellent quality and value.

👤It worked perfectly for displaying dried lavender.

👤Love the color. It is really cute. Sturdy and not cheap. It looks great on my table.

👤Love it. I put wheat in it as a centerpiece in my farm house kitchen because it's light and looks adorable. Love the color as well.

👤A pretty flower container. It looks like it arrived quickly. Thank you!

👤It looks great in my farmhouse chic dining room. Light and value.

👤It is possible to see a vintage farmhouse jug/canister. This was a great choice and a great purchase, as it is a replica display and not the actual thing, but it is slightly lighter in weight. I'm very happy with it.

👤It was pretty and worked as I needed it. Can fit around 5 stems. Not for use with real plants.

11. HORTICAN W01 HORTICAN 1 Gal Galvanized Steel Watering Can Decorative Farmhouse Style Watering Can Removable Rosette Diffuser Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

HORTICAN W01 HORTICAN 1 Gal Galvanized Steel Watering Can Decorative Farmhouse Style Watering Can Removable Rosette Diffuser Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact them directly. IDEAL. This watering can/watering pot is easy to use and can be used by both adults and children. Thick metal material is durable for many years. Reach hanging or wall mounted plants with absolutely no hassle, thanks to long spray with head. Plants can be seen behind curtains with the BeautifiFUL RETRO DESIGN. Adding a vintage style to your interior is possible with the galvanized watering pot, which is a beautiful and unique decorative gem. You get is a chic decoration in your house that arrives in a nice box that makes it ideal for a unique gift to plant lovers who care for indoor plants.

Brand: Hortican

👤The first one I got didn't have the rosebud shower spout, so I love how this looks. The second cane had a shower spout, but it was not attached. There was no way to screw the shower spout into the watering can. We attached the shower spout with silicone because I didn't want to deal with another return. It is cute, but frustrating that it doesn't all fit together.

👤I bought this because it looked nice. If you leave water in it, it will rust the bottom and make your water rusty. I wanted to leave this out by some of my plants that aren't close to the house. I feel like it was a waste of my money. My fault is not sending it back.

👤The watering can is fun. The design is subtle and I like it. The wood handles are a nice touch of color and it is white and vibrant. It is aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It has a screw top shower-head so it can be easily removed for more intricate watering. The shower head is in place and seems to be thorough at watering. Unless you are not as coordinated in which it does make a splash here and there, there will be no leaks between the gasket or messy spills. It's a great option for a more durable piece. There is no frequent return to the sink to fill jars. This can is able to water my entire collection. My kind of watering.

👤Overpriced. It worked well for my garden project. If you're interested in the project I did, you should note the following. I drilled holes in the can. It's funny. The holes in the spout had to be enlarged. I used a metal picture hanger to enlarge the picture. It worked well. enlarge center holes to make it harder to get lights through perimeter holes You need the Spout that isremovable for this project. There is a It was difficult to find a watering can with a spout that I liked. The lights are from Amazon. I stuck forks into the dirt with the lights attached. You can just let it cascade, but you need some kind of security as wind will blow lights around.

👤After just 3 uses, the water started leaking out of the seam connecting the spout to the pot. Flexseal was used to patch up the leaking, but now it is ugly.

👤The first one was a return for the Kwak and I didn't realize it was missing the part that Attaches to the spout until I got the replacement today. I love the watering can and am happy to have it.

👤I thought the watering can would be bigger, but it isn't! If you don't like dragging a heavy watering can around, the one gallon can is a good size. It's perfect for watering plants on the deck. It is so pretty. It is functional. I would also be decorative. I wish I would have ordered two because I can't find it on Amazon. Would buy again.


What is the best product for decorative watering can planter?

Decorative watering can planter products from Westcharm. In this article about decorative watering can planter you can see why people choose the product. Bangerz Sunz and Brajttt are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative watering can planter.

What are the best brands for decorative watering can planter?

Westcharm, Bangerz Sunz and Brajttt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative watering can planter. Find the detail in this article. Alpine Corporation, Mygift and T4u are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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