Best Decorative Window Film for Glass Windows Privacy

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1. Gila Atlantis Decorative Residential Adhesive

Gila Atlantis Decorative Residential Adhesive

NINETREX is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a question about your product, send them an email and they will be able to help you. Just cut to size and apply using the kit, no professional installation is required. 24 Hours of PRIVACY: It is possible to hide eyes without blocking sunlight. No adhesIVE: It is easy to remove and reuse the static cling technology. A colorful stained glass look makes a statement. Installation tools are sold separately. The Complete Window Film Application Kit is recommended to complete your window film project needs. Installation tools are sold separately. The Complete Window Film Application Kit is recommended to complete your window film project needs.

Brand: Gila

👤My daughter told me that I live in a loft apartment and work in graves. The only way to keep it cool is to have high electricity bills. I put this up on the few windows that I don't always look out on because I love looking out my windows. I feel a slight drop in temperature. I'm excited to see how much this helps over the summer, but I still need the AC and fans. There is a The window tint application set is required.

👤This stuff is great. It was easy to install. It took a second to get used to it, so I would ask a friend for help. It said you only needed that for a large window, but a 2x3 window is what counts. I bought the kit and sprayed it. It meant squeezing a lot of liquid out at the end and then using a paper towel to wipe up the excess but it was keeping it in place. You can squeeze the edge into the frame if you cut it very carefully with only a small extra on all sides. It wasn't planned for me but it helped keep it in place and made it look natural. There is a The light filters through. You can't see it either. My house is very strange and my windows are inside. The benefit of this is that my purple kitchen walls are now shining purple light into the other rooms. There is a If you want to create privacy with a sense of humor, this is it. I assume that trying to line up multiple sheets would be terrible, but the pattern is intense enough that it gives a big impact even at these sizes. There is a I only had it up for ten days. I think it will last awhile. I don't understand why it would fall later. We could just apply the spray again if it started to get worse. There is a It doesn't look like stained glass. The film has a pattern on the out facing side that is a fractured mosaic type thing. If you're going for faux stained glass, you can see this strongly in some lights. It's still beautiful when that happens as well. There is a I knew how to do it. I did the second window alone and was even quicker than the first.

👤If you are going to install rolled up film to a flat surface, you must first flatten it with books or something to make it look like a flat surface. It will not lay down on the glass. It seems like common sense, but it doesn't mention it in the instructions, so we used a bunch of heavy books to flatten it out after a few failed attempts. After a day or two, the film has lost its memory but it still works well. The light shines through in rainbows onto our staircase and we absolutely love it. That was never the intended idea. Our house lights up at sunrise in a way that is like a doorway to another world.

2. VELIMAX Brushed Texture Privacy Decorative

VELIMAX Brushed Texture Privacy Decorative

Cleaning windows, tearing off the base film, Products and glass should be sprayed with a lot of water at installation then secure the film by squeegeeing from center to edge. The installation video was provided by them. VELIMAX decorative window film uses static cling which means no glue is needed. It's easy to apply and remove. The key ingredient is soapy water. This window vinyl is a great substitute for curtains or window blinds. Adding a silk window cling to your window glass will make it look better. The look of the window cover and etched silk/brushed glass will draw attention to the home without being too intrusive. The etched glass film can help prevent people outside from seeing into your home. Privacy and security can be added to your home without blocking the sun's light, and it can also protect your skin and eyes from damage. No more looking around your home. The biggest advantage of their window film is the reduction in the ultra-violet rays from the sun that enter the home. Window tint helps protect furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and tapestries from fading and discoloration. VELIMAX stands behind their products and quality controls. If you are not completely satisfied with a product, they will replace it, or give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, please email them and they will take care of you.

Brand: Velimax

👤Water and Dawn dishsoap work best when spraying with water. I had no issues with the installation. The film had no bubbles after it was removed. One of the Q&As states that you should cut your film 1/16th inch less on each side to help get the water out from behind the film. I also recommend that. I feel like following the directions might lead to some trouble. So! You can put Dawn dishsoap and water in your spray bottle. The window and the back side of the film should be lightly sprayed. One-sixteenth inch shorter on the true dimensions and done!

👤My dog has been on bark patrol to let us know everyone is walking by since we moved across the street from the playground. All day long. Privacy is another problem. With all the foot traffic and cars, I don't feel comfortable with leaving the blinds open. It has made a difference because I chose this stuff. I love it when I havesilk transparent. It diffuses the light for better photos and lets in the same amount of sunlight. I can walk around in my underwear at night without worry of who is watching. The customer was very happy. It was easy to install but follow the directions.

👤I bought 3 rolls. Two were fine but the third had a problem where it was rolled on the paper tube. I think the tube is too small. I lay it out hoping they would flatten out. I was hoping they would smooth it out. They are visible and raised. Look at photos. Not happy that the website doesn't give the option to get credit. I spent a long time installing it and didn't have time to return it, so I reinstalled it. Do not attempt to install the roll if you receive it. It will look terrible.

👤I used this at an apartment building where the windows are on the street. The tenants wanted privacy without the shades on. The solution is perfect. They still get a lot of light, but no one can see in. There is a It was easy to install. The windows are easy to trim, they are not 100% square and it is an old building. The seams are easy to do and not that noticable, so I used two to three pieces for each window. I made sure to use the same cut edge on the other windows because I noticed that there was a grain on one window. Hope it makes sense. Overall, highly recommended!

👤The windows in the French doors between the master bedroom and my office are covered by this. I thought this might be a cleaner look, since I have curtains there now. It was easy to put up. There is a My problem was with the compound on the windows. Most modern windows don't have that issue. The edges would be flatter if I'd chosen the other side. It was difficult to trim the product to fit the window because of the glass. Not the product's fault! There is a My windows are small and most of the patterns I looked at were so big I didn't think they would look good on the smaller windows. I chose a frosted glass look. It looks like the pictures in the listing, but I think it's too sheer and I want a heavier pattern. There is a Again, not the product's fault. You just have to think about size, pattern, placement, etc. When working with things like this.

3. Coavas Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Bathroom

Coavas Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Bathroom

If you're dissatisfied with this item for any reason, please contact them via email, they'll give you a satisfactory solution immediately. Birds and Branches are beautiful and fresh no matter which side you look at. Two-way privacy protection is a high quality 3D Birds pattern design that provides enough privacy while still letting in the natural light. Privacy level. It's easy to install and it can be done in minutes if the backing film is removed and a lot of water is sprayed. Enjoy the process! The size is 78.7 inches by 45 inches. The best privacy protection assistant in a rented home can easily be removed and re-used. Roll it up and keep it in good shape for the next time you apply. They recommend applying the window film horizontally and using it on smooth glass surfaces. Remove 0.2 inches from the film edge and window edge to squeeze out air bubbles. If you want the film to work better, try using a hairdryer or soaking the film in warm water.

Brand: Coavas

👤We were going to use a plain frosted window film, but my wife fell in love with the bird pattern and I decided to use it. If you want to install this type of film widow, you should watch at least two or three of the videos on YouTube. I advise measuring each window in a double-hung configuration as they will probably be a bit different from each other. Cut your film to size if you have more than one set of windows. I applied the film to the windows. As you remove the backing, use lots of water on the window and film. Plastic tools make a big difference, so be smart and pay $5.00 for the installation kit. Make sure you get all the bubbles out of the water with a paper towel. The way our porch looks now makes us happy. Thanks to Coavas and Melinda.

👤I ordered these window clings because they were cheaper than custom window coverings. There were four 19.5" square bathroom windows and one8"x 74" front door window. The material was thick and high quality. Excellent privacy, but moderate sheerness. A cute bird pattern with bright colors. I recommend using an exacto knife with a metal yard stick to cut the cling more precise. Slow down and trim in millimeters to avoid overcorrection. It's very easy to peel off the backing and affix the glass. Looks great! Pleased with the purchase.

👤The privacy film is what is advertised. I am not sure if the birds hit the large glass picture window in the front of my house because they see their reflection or if they want to join the other birds on the branches that are on the side panel windows. I wish I had seen this privacy film before I installed it, as it took two days to remove the sticky glue from one panel of the patio sliding glass door, which received the most sunlight, and less time for the other panel as I switched from Goo Gone to New Dawn. I put the horizontal blind privacy film on the patio door so my dog can still see outside, as well as the two side panel windows, a bedroom window, and one of the sliding glass doors. I have a four-panel blind on the patio door and took pictures of it. The film makes the rooms look bright without the heat and harmful rays. I live in a state with 50% to 70% humidity which makes my house 15-20 degrees cooler. I keep my windows open to let the light in while keeping the rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, even though I have thermal window treatments. During the winter, I put the privacy film on the windows of the living room to keep it warm. I recommend this product as it keeps the rooms cooler and brighter, which helps with insect control. I used two different designs to cover the windows. Since my washer and dryer are in the garage, I added the privacy film to the window to keep it cooler than it would have been without it, and the sun was pounding harmful rays on my vehicle, I thought it was an advantage. The privacy film added to the half-moon glass window in my entrance door gives it a whole new appeal and keeps out the bright blinding morning sun.

4. Artscape Available 24x36Magnolia Wind Inches

Artscape Available 24x36Magnolia Wind Inches

There is an important notice. Please measure the window size before placing your order. Only used on a smooth surface. Under cold winter weather, please use a hair dryer. Before using, please remove backing. Don't forget to squeeze out all the water and bubbles. The effect of stained and textured glass. Privacy is created and UV protection is provided. Applies easily with no glue. Patterns repeat to cover a window.

Brand: Artscape

👤I live in an apartment. I used thick curtains to cover the windows and keep my privacy, but it turned my apartment into a dungeon. I found window films that needed more light. I love stained glass windows and decided the films would be perfect on the windows in my laundry room. I had to cut the sheet to fit each of the 6 small panes of the window. I was very careful and it took me a while to make sure it was perfect, but the result is amazing. In simple steps, how to use. Put some soap and water on a paper towel and clean the window. 2. wipe off with a paper towel soaked in water. Dry with paper towels. If you have old oddly shaped windows like I do, keep placing it up onto the window and trimming wherever you need to. The whole thing is slightly damp because of the water and wipe. Readjusting 7 with a stick. If you end up using more than one sheet and have weird cut outs, make sure you pay attention to the pattern so it flows smoothly from one sheet to the next.

👤This was on a garden window that gets a lot of sunlight. I had to apply a new film to the entire window because the color faded so badly after I replaced it that I had to re apply. The old film has cracks on the bottom and a color difference on top. I was able to confirm that this was the same product as before. I checked the receipt after I purchased it online.

👤We have a grid of 2 ft square light panels in our 40 year old kitchen. The Magnolia film was mounted to the underside of a 2 ft square of 1 1/66" glossy acrylic. There is a The film is easy to apply and re-position, and it appears to be well made. The printing is good. I was considering replacing all the light panels with the film, but there would have been too much light loss. Both my wife and I like the look of only one panel. Other patterns with less density might have worked, but we liked the Magnolia design. The LEDs were several inches above the light panel. I was concerned about the ability to attach to the horizontal surface. So far, two weeks, and it's been good. There is a The inside surface of the heavy peel-off backing makes a decent surface for dry erase markers. There are two views of the panel.

👤The window film is pretty, but not real stained glass. I had to cut mine in half to fit it on my window. It was easy to put up, but you have to make sure it's pushed down on the corners of the window before you trim it. It's easy to cut it if not. I think it looks great. I'm happy with it.

👤The colors in this cling are gorgeous. The beauty ends there. I noticed that there was a leaf in the design after putting up the cling. The smeared ink was in the corner, but it was almost in the middle of the window. The leading black color is not consistent throughout the design. The pictures are attached. Apparently I am not able to post pictures. The option to upload is not available. If uploading pictures becomes an option, I will do it. There is a The Summer Magnolia design was purchased from Artscape. The design had consistent colors. The colors are not as vibrant as they could be. If the window will be far away, the Magnolia cling may still work for you.

5. Window Film HIDBEA Blocking Stickers

Window Film HIDBEA Blocking Stickers

Perfect privacy protection. The frosted glass window film blocks unwanted views from outside and provides above 98% privacy all day. The window film is pure frosted. White frosted window film. The UV repel control and the UV repulsion control are related. The frosted window film blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and prevents furniture from fading. It is possible to save money on air conditioning bills by using heat insulation in the summer and heat preservation in the winter. Environment recycled Vinyl material, no static cling window film, is easy to install. It is easy to install and reuse. It was removed without any leftover. The more water, the better. The size is 35.4 inches by 98.4 inches. Economic and wide application. frosted window privacy film is more economical and convenient than curtains and blinds. You can change the look of the glass window. It is suitable for smooth and clean glass in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, locker, glass door, office. Uneven glass is not workable. Clean the window surface and corners before installation. Remove the protective backing film and spray water on the glass surface and smooth side of window film to get it to stick. Please trim the edges and leave a gap between the edge of the film and the window to squeeze out the air bubbles after installation.

Brand: Hidbea

👤Let me save you some headaches. I was hanging this up for 2 hours before I realized the side faces the window. The directions were hard to understand. The Xacto knife did not work well. Thebane of your existence is getting the transparent film off. It definitely gives privacy once it's up. I like the look of it and it is not permanent. Overall, it's definitely worth the investment.

👤It was installed by myself in a few minutes. After spraying the glass and film with water mist from a spray bottle and walking up the ladder, it was able to cling to the wet surfaces. There's still water between the film and the glass, so it's easy to slide around. All the bubbles were removed in minutes with the use of a squeegee. It was left in place for a few weeks with direct sun exposure. Never lifted or bubbled. I grabbed a corner and lifted it off the glass in one piece, which I was able to roll up for reuse. The glass was clean when I pulled it off. We will be having confidential meetings in a large conference room after we ordered a bunch more. This stuff has a high level of privacy. You can't tell how many fingers someone is holding up if they are only a foot or two from the glass. The light was allowed in with no apparent reduction. Highly recommended.

👤I work graveyard shifts and sleep during the day half of the week. Two small dogs don't sleep during the day. A person on the back of the couch barks at anything and everything that may or may not be there. There is a My curtains can be open to let the light in. I get to sleep peacefully. There is a I might write a review on a natural dog drug because she doesn't like it.

👤I used the window frost to protect the windows. The lineving room is where I'm going to go to the slider. A shear curtain type fabric isn't what I want. First have a drink to calm the nerves and then give the glass a good cleaning. Measure twice. It took me a long time to do that. I cut the film a little bigger than necessary because it shrinks when dried. It's not as bad as putting up wallpaper. I had drinks before I started. This is a walk in the park.

👤We got this to block our dog's view of the neighbor's yard and the sidewalk as they bark at anything and everything walking by. When I got it, it looked good on the roll, but once we put it up, you can't see anything. It's easy to cut and install, and it's really affordable.

👤I was told I couldn't put window film on my new Low E windows because it would void the warranty. I had to find a way to get a bit of privacy because I live on the bottom floor. It added to the cost. I put the film on the windows because I had cut the plexiglass. I did this for a room with a large window. The film stayed on its feet. If you spray glass well with windex and apply the film as you move around, you can squeegee the air bubbles out. I was able to get air bubbles out. It looks great!

6. Privacy Frosted Decorative Covering Bathroom

Privacy Frosted Decorative Covering Bathroom

Give your windows or doors a Rain Silk Design by using Window Film. Their window film can help protect privacy and also help decorate your home. Privacy level is :. The effect of protecting privacy can reach more than 85% and still allow light through. UV Defense Blocks up to 98% of UV rays and reduces Glare up to 80%. Privacy window film can protect your skin and furniture. Glue Free Design Cuts down. There is no trace left when you remove the window film. Good for your glass protection. If their window film has any quality problems or installation problems within 3 months, they will replace it for free.

Brand: Coavas

👤I have a large picture window in my home that I am selling. I wanted to hide the fogging in the window with this Privacy Film. I thought the vertical pattern of the silver rain would help disguise the fogging on the glass that I can't get rid of. The vertical pattern would help disguise the fact that I have to use two pieces to cover my picture window. The silver rain pattern is almost invisible. The Privacy Film looks like a pattern. To see the pattern, you have to be very close to it. It's not as obvious as it is in some of the pictures. I don't know how they were able to take those pictures.

👤It's easy to install and give you a lot of privacy.

👤This film was used on our windows to give us more privacy. The film made the windows look like they have frosted glass. The product was installed several months ago and it is perfect.

👤We put it on one side of the cabinet. It is difficult to cut it just right to fit and to get it lined up on the glass. It looks great once done. Glad we did it.

👤Put on french doors. It is easy to install, cut to size, and look great. When I opened the box, they looked through it, but once they were on, you can't see anything. It's really beautiful, not flashy, and can appreciate the texture when on.

👤I cut the film to match the windows Imeasured. There is a The application was difficult because the window needs to be wet and you have to squeegee the film over the window, but it would stick in sections before we actually tried to apply it. I am too lazy to apply the film because there is a few portions with bubbles. I like how it adds privacy to our windows. The film does not block natural light, which is a great feature, and someone walking outside cannot see inside. The design looks nice and it adds privacy. It is difficult to get the application perfect, but it is still easy enough and worth the price.

👤I am happy with this item. Good quality and easy to install. I did my project in less than two hours. Thank you.

👤This will last if it is good weight and glue. I can see shadows through my front door, but no one can see me. Exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to cut to size and apply, and it was also easy to press out the bubbles. I think I had the factory frosted glass. This was applied on smaller glass areas in front door and sidelights. I think it would work well even for that and it looks good.

7. Coavas Non Adhesive Decorative Blocking Insulation

Coavas Non Adhesive Decorative Blocking Insulation

TechnIQUE: Digital printing is brighter than traditional printing and it is good for long year under the sun. The privacy level is excellent, providing a safe personal space, and allowing some comfortable natural light in. It's perfect for living room, bedroom, bathroom. The window film can block more than 98% of the UV to create a comfortable home environment. In the summer, keep the home cool and save some electricity costs. The flower design can make your house or office look pretty and fashionable. It's easy to install and remove without glue. Prepare lots of soapy water, scraper, and dry towel. If you are moving the window film should be peeled off and kept in good shape. The window film size is 17.7 x 78.7 inches, please order the right size according to your needs. Don't forget to remove the transparent backing film. If you have a problem with window films, please message them immediately.

Brand: Coavas

👤Just as described. The window film is beautiful. Cut it to the size of the window you want it to be, as cutting it once it's on can be difficult. It's perfect, but other than that. I hung it on the wall with the fairy lights behind it. The picture doesn't do justice. The colors are off in the photo, but it's lovely.

👤I have a window in my door. I wanted some privacy and light blocking, as well as the light being bright through there in the mornings. I knew it would be difficult to cut because of the wedges in the window, but I went for it anyway. I traced the wedges on the clear liner of the film with a permanent marker. I adjusted it with an xacto knife after cutting it out. I messed up and left a little on the edges, but I think it still looks great, and it gives me the privacy I wanted. If someone wanted to look through the little edges that aren't quite right, they would have to stand on my porch and look through at me, and someone on the street would definitely notice them.

👤The Magnolia version was installed in a window office. The product was easy to install. If you do multiple rows you need to align the images so it flows well. I was told by my boss to order more and complete other windows. It is very affordable and similar to artwork. You should be able to have a beautiful masterpiece installed in 10 minutes if you follow the directions. I ordered more. I like that it is non-permanent and much more attractive than window blinds because you don't have to clean them. The Magnolia version is not open to the public. If I could, I would give this more than five stars. The product is thick and nice. Not flimsy at all. I rarely write reviews on Amazon, but I was happy with this purchase.

👤The plastic goes on easily. You just clean the window, cut it to size, wet it and press it in. I uploaded a photo. I use the space to store stuff like printer paper, tape, etc that isn't so pretty so I wanted the clear glass covered over. This makes me happy.

👤I wanted something that would give me some privacy from people passing by the house, and I found a window in my toddler's bedroom. I didn't want to put up curtains for safety reasons. Ignore any negative reviews of this product. I fudged it a little on the top window, but it was easy to install and only took a few minutes. It completely blocks the room from view. I keep the room cooler in the evening when the sun is shining. You can make out vague silouettes when you look through the window at night. It makes the room slightly darker, but it allows plenty of light to come through. The colors are bright and vibrant and it is textured to look like stained glass. It's beautiful and a perfect option for us until she's older, because no one will mistake it for stained glass.

8. Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Glue Free Design Cuts down Chemical Release Drastically, Applies in Minutes and Firmly Sticks to Windows. The film can be used again after removal. Energy saving and UV protection are related. Blocks up to 98% of UV rays and reduces Glare by up to 99%, Slows Down Fading on flooring, Furniture, and Cuts Energy Bill by up to 30% by rejecting up to 45% of Total Solar Energy. When the sun shines through, it creates a rainbow effect, creates the appearance of stained glass and adds an attractive design for an updated look. Protection of privacy is important. Privacy and allowing the lights in. Privacy level is Semi-Private Window Films ( protects your privacy but not recommended for bathroom application).

Brand: Volcanics

👤We applied window privacy film for the first time. We learned a lot from our mistakes. 1. Measure the window first to figure out how you want to cut the film. The film was put in front of the window to get the approximate sizes. We left around 2” space but realized later that there is no need to leave extra space if you could cut the film well. If you want to use one film on several windows, you need an extra half inch. 2. If you use tape on the film, be careful. We tried to mark the line with tape. The film had some issues with the tape. 3. If you don't have a long metal ruler, you can mark the line with a marker or pen on the back of the film. I used an eyebrow pencil to mark so that I could cut a straight line with a scissor. The front surface is not flat, so removing the line was labor intensive. We could trim the part later. 4. Make sure your knife is sharp so that the trimming doesn't get zig-zag. Be careful when trimming the film because it can damage the wood frame of the window. If you use a metal ruler next to the knife, it might be better. My husband had bad experiences with the car window tint, so I was a bit nervous before starting the project. It took us some time, but this is definitely easier. If you don't have any experience like me, I would suggest watching some videos on the internet. There is a The film is a bit thick. We don't know if the film leaves no traces after we remove it. My husband said it looked like it was from the 60's. He said it looks like Christmas time after dark. The film is more beautiful than we expected.

👤I saw this product on a TikTok video by Trippydraws and was amazed at how good it looked. I jumped onto Amazon and was horrified to see that it was sold on Amazon. I ordered a roll to see if it looked the same in person as it did in her video, and I was not disappointed. I just used a cup full of water and a drop of dawn dishsoap into it and sprayed it onto the window, then I used a paper towel to smooth the film onto the window, it was very easy to install. It worked well and was flawless. I didn't cut the film and inch larger than the window because that just doesn't make sense, and so far I have had no issues, and it's been up for days. I love the color of the house and the way it moves from room to room as the sun makes it's journey across the sky. I ordered two more rolls because I loved this product so much. If we weren't in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, I would order enough to cover every window in my house. I've made a purchase in a long time.

9. Finnez Privacy Protection Sticker Creates

Finnez Privacy Protection Sticker Creates

The sidelight size is small. Finnez Window Film is the top rated window film and protects you from harmful UV rays and strong sun glares. Easy installation. Finnez Window Film is very easy to install. The static cling application leaves no mess after just a few minutes. It is easy to remove for multiple uses, and it does not leave any sticky messes when you remove it. This window film has a beautiful frosted glass look. The clean-cut design and intricate engravings give it an upscale and elegant appeal. Window film arrives rolled up and is available in two sizes; 17.8''x78.7'' and 35.4'' x78.7''. Finnez film can be used for a lot of things. Finnez is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a question about your product, just email them and they will be able to help you.

Brand: Finnez

👤I bought this because I was driving crazy because of the bird. They try to fight the other bird because they see their reflection. I am happy that the privacy film got rid of the bird. The film was very easy to install, even though I am not good at cutting straight lines. The backing had to be removed. I stuck the window up after I wet it a lot. I used a piece of plastic to push the bubbles out. My windows are all wider than the roll, so I wish you could buy it in wider rolls. I think I could have cut it differently. I had to add thin strips to the side of every window because I didn't think about that. Despite this, I think it turned out well. I didn't bother trying to match it up. I don't think you can tell. I think the pattern works. Even someone like me, who is not very good at making things look good, can do this. I think that's correct.

👤There is plenty of water. The only problem is that it is a great product, but it is difficult to cut the final corner. It was great to do it.

👤The film was put on the windows in my laundry room. Thanks to the user who suggested using Scotch tape to separate the film from the backing, it was easy to install. Pull at the same time with a piece of tape on each side. It's hard to get the backing off. To get all of the air out, use a small plastic and lots of water. You can place it and move it around, but you may need more water. I can't say anything about longevity because I put it up today. I will update in a few weeks.

👤I used the etched glass-effect film on the window to give it some privacy. The easy-peel tab was not on my cut-out oval shape after I followed instructions for installation after cutting the film to the correct shape. If you want to separate the backing without the peel tab, put regular Scotch tape on both sides at the same point in a V shape and pull on both at once. The backing is nice. I got a little dust in, but the shower squeegee removed all the bubbles. Anyone can do this on the first try.

👤I bought this film for a window next to the front door, we normally keep the blinds closed, but it was dark and unpleasant when we left the room. The film was easy to install and classy looking, we removed the blinds after a while and the window area now looks simple and bright.

👤Completely worthless. The instructions were followed the next morning. There is a picture. Get the thing wet again and start over. Same thing the next day.

👤Installation is easy if you follow the instructions. The film was stretchy after installation, but it still slid around a bit. I was worried that it would be that way forever. The next day it was dry and there was no movement. I would definitely buy this product.

10. DKTIE Decorative Adhesive Privacy Bathroom

DKTIE Decorative Adhesive Privacy Bathroom

No allowances. Glue Free Design Cuts down Chemical Release Drastically, Applies in Minutes. The film can be used again after removal. Energy saving: Keep the heat out of the summer. Control heat and block out UV rays. Eco-friendly vinyl is waterproof and has a thickness of 888-405-7720. 2mm. The circle size is 20 cm and the repeat size is 45x45 cm. TechnIQUE: Digital printing is brighter than traditional printing and it is good for long year under the sun.

Brand: Dktie

👤The film is thick and allows natural sunlight to pass through. I put it in my bathroom window. Time will tell if the stuff stays in place. You need to have a tape measure, angle measure, permanent marker, paper towels, glass cleaner, squeegee, or plastic bondo scraper. There is a Only one roll is enough to cover a standard size window. The bathroom window has four pieces of glass 24”x11” x 4 which used almost all of the roll. If you cut it to short you won't have enough to start over.

👤This is on the entertainment center's glass. We used this to refresh the look and cover the fact that there are kids toys in the cabinets. My husband said it went quickly when he put it on. I've had it on for about 3 weeks and no one has tried to peel it off. Would definitely recommend.

👤It was very easy to use. I used scissors, a box cutter, and an old credit card to smooth out bubbles and excess water, even though I didn't have a cutting implement or a tool. There was enough in this roll to cover both of the sidelights by my front door and I had a little left over. Looks great. I plan to buy the wider roll for the sliding glass doors.

👤To hide my clothes, I wanted to cover the clear glass on my cupboard. I found this on Amazon and thought it was perfect. It turned out well. I have applied these before and they are easy to install. I had to match both doors because it has a specific pattern. If you want the edges to be very exact, you need a good exacto knife. It is best to cut the piece too big and then use the knife to cut it on the window while holding the edge flat against the window. If you are using it on a cupboard, you can use it on the inside or on the outside which will give different results. I put it on the outside because it has a textured look. It would have a shiny look if I put it inside. You can see the difference by taking a picture of the inside of the door.

👤The window film is terrible. The color on the inside is dull and the texture is rough, not smooth, as was advertised in the pictures. We thought we'd see the bright color from the inside, but it's not possible. The film has no stick to it. We put it up in the early afternoon and by 4 pm the film was all the way down on one window and the corners were coming off on the other window. I didn't take a pic of the other one completely down because my husband tried to get it to stick for the 3rd time. Don't waste your time or money on garbage. I will request a return.

👤I used this product in my bathroom because I have a window. There was a curtain in front of it. I can keep my privacy now that the light is in. It has a cool texture and looks great. It's easy to apply.

11. Kromapolis Privacy Covering Decorative Non Adhesive

Kromapolis Privacy Covering Decorative Non Adhesive

The glass window film is durable. The window paper is waterproof. It is easy to install and remove. If it is undamaged, it can be used again. It's easy to remove static and self-adhesive glue. Don't leave any trace by tearing off easily. Privacy level: Good. This frosted glass window film can be used to turn a clear glass window into a privacy screen. In the summer, air-conditioning and heaters can block out 85% of the sun's heat. The window film can reduce the amount of warmth lost in winter. Environmental vinyl film is soft and durable. No glue glass film can be torn off. A cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds is the special laser tulip patterns of this window film, which creates a visual effect like rainbow by strongh light and brings unique decoration on your glass.

Brand: Kromapolis

👤This was bought for our front door area. I was very excited. It needs to be purchased with window film application solutions. The film keeps peeling off one side.

👤We did not want to be seen. It was very easy to put on, it was much thicker than we expected, and it was cheap. It is moldable and not flimsy. An excellent quality product is not cheap.

👤I live in a small house with two houses, but I don't have much of a view. I decided to install window film so I could get light but still have privacy, because I hate keeping my window blinds down and closed all the time. The film is perfect. I've bought name brands in the past. It does the job as well. It's easy to install. This is something to buy.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to be able to not have to cover the entire window, I just wanted to distort the people that stand in line outside of my office, it allows the same amount of light in. Many people have commented on it. If I ever get a different office, I don't have to leave it here because it was easy to put up. If you're looking for something that is sheer to be able to see through it, this isn't it, it's nice and thick.

👤I had to trim several inches to fit the size that the product came in damaged. It was transparent enough to let in light but not so sheer that people can see into your home from outside. It blocks out some moderate glare from the sun, but it doesn't create any rainbow effects for those who are looking for that.

👤Don't waste your money on this. Why would you want to ask me? Is it self-adhesive? That's right. Yes, no. It won't stick even if it's more moist thanWAP. I can't tell you how many times I thought my window was dirty. I cleaned it to fix it. Don't trust this and learn from my mistake.

👤We used an exacto to make the cuts after getting these up. They give as much privacy as our blinds and make the living room warmer in the winter. I wish they had a 48 inch window because we have an old school big window in the living room that had to be covered in winter. Our windows are as warm as they were when we put them up.

👤This doesn't stick. I tried on 3 windows. The first two were already falling apart.

👤The window film is pretty but not what I was expecting. It isn't enough for me.

👤The window film and design are great. Provides enough privacy.


What is the best product for decorative window film for glass windows privacy?

Decorative window film for glass windows privacy products from Gila. In this article about decorative window film for glass windows privacy you can see why people choose the product. Velimax and Coavas are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative window film for glass windows privacy.

What are the best brands for decorative window film for glass windows privacy?

Gila, Velimax and Coavas are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative window film for glass windows privacy. Find the detail in this article. Artscape, Hidbea and Volcanics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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