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1. Bloss Non Adhesive Bathroom Decoration Covering

Bloss Non Adhesive Bathroom Decoration Covering

Privacy is created by Softly filters light and heat insulation. The static cling film can be applied in minutes and only use a lot of water to paste. It's ideal for using on the shower/bedroom/kitchen/office windows decor, sliding glass doors, glass cabinet panels, plexiglass, mirror and other smooth glass surfaces. The roll is available in 17.7' width by 78.7' length. Can be trimmed or combined to fit a window. If you have a question about their products or difficulties in choosing sizes, please message them at any time. The film is thin and the backing protect sheet is very thin, it might take a while to find it and peel it off. If you affix Scotch Tape to the window film, it will be easy to remove it.

Brand: Niviy

👤It was purchased for our master bath to give us more privacy. I wanted to create a more serene environment, so I didn't like staring at my shower head while I was in the bath. The product was easy to install, but I have a handy husband. It's easier to install a team when you work together, one can hold the other positions. We used a box cutter to cut the paper and it was easy to cut. Only one day in, the product seems secure. We needed 4 rolls to complete the project. Very pleased and recommend that you provide a bathroom update.

👤The product was easy to install but you need a sharp utility knife and a small squeegee to get rid of the air bubbles. Several people asked if we bought new windows, not realizing it was a film. They were impressed with the looks of the film. It adds a lot of privacy while letting in all the light.

👤This is very nice. The bubbles were smoothed out by me. I'm happy to get rid of my curtain. I think I'll put it on my bathroom window as well.

👤The roll did not seem to go very far after reading the measurements. One and a half rolls took to do one door with 3 glass panels. 18 x 42. I was dissatisfied with the product. I did not want the static cling vinyl type, which is the self-adhesive film, when one pattern comes up. I wanted a different pattern than the one shown. Under the same listing, they should not sell two different window film materials. I'm pretty sure most people read the description and order the pattern they like without thinking of having to read it again. I was not happy that it wasn't what I thought it was. When temperatures fluctuate, the static cling material can peel off.

👤I bought this product to hide the stuff I was storing. It did a great job! The picture depicts it as being white-ish. It looks perfect to me. It was very easy to apply. I separated the cling from the liner and sprayed the glass with water to put it on. It was easy to move around. I'm very happy with it.

👤I installed window film after my bathroom was renovated because I didn't want to use curtains or shades for privacy. The window film was easy to install. It is easy to remove and replace. I used to play with Coloroforms when I was a child. Take it off when you put it on. I used a credit card to get a smooth fit to the window and to make sure there were no bubbles. The process took about 20 minutes to complete. My sister was going to buy some for her front door lites. It comes in many different colors.

👤The film was used on the doors of a new bookshelf. It was easy to apply after I realized there was a back layer. It was difficult to separate it from the actual film, but the two pieces of tape did the job.

2. Niviy Decorative Adhesive Removable Covering

Niviy Decorative Adhesive Removable Covering

No sticky window film, no sticky glue, paste with water, and easy to remove and leave no trace. The window film itself has no color, but with a special 3D design, it will create a beautiful rainbow effect when the sun hits it after installation, adds a magical changes to your house! UV blocking protects your skin from UV rays and prevents fabrics from fading and aging. Privacy protection allows the light in. The film privacy level is. Not a good idea for bathroom use. The roll package has 3D window decals that are 11.8 by 78.7inch. Can be trimmed or combined to fit a window.

Brand: Niviy

👤It was easy to install with things I had around the house. A person is measuring tape. A box cutter. Squeegee. The film had to be separated from the back after the first cut. It was thin enough for me to put my window's wooden grate back on it. I like how it casts tiny rainbows on sunny days, but it has a bit too much sheerness for me as I bought it with privacy in mind and my brother was able to see how many fingers I was holding up. I plan on doing the top windows soon and it still makes the natural light softer. It may not be too dark from my yard. I feel a bit more protected from the eyes of the neighbors.

👤Oh my rainbow days, this isETHEREAL. I live in a crummy apartment at the top of the stairs and I get a lot of people looking in my window. I don't like it. There is a This stuff is so beautiful and provides the right amount of blurriness for a passerby to not notice. There is a It isn't the easiest to put up, just took a few attempts, and the measuring is necessary, really, don't eyeball it. I wanted my cat to still be able to see, so I wanted to cover one side of my living room window and one side of my bedroom window, which was a few inches smaller in diameter. There is a Hopefully this will help someone.

👤The product was exactly what I was looking for. I put it on my car's roof because I feel like a queen in the sun. It allows the light to go through. It was easy to install, however, be careful not to press too hard with a sharp object as the material will stretch out a bit if you use a credit card to press out air bubbles. I found a cloth and used my fingers to remove the excess air. It has been up for over a month in various temperature fluctuations and has not fallen down.

👤The best thing ever! It's easy to install. There are a lot of rains. I am jumping up and down. There is only one small piece of the window being done. I am so excited to do the rest.

👤I use this in my plant room. It provides limited to no privacy at night but that is not the intended purpose. The window film filters still allow most sunlight, which is what I wanted, although I have supplemental grow lights in that room. There is no color in the film and I may not have a bright window to see it. The window treatment is pretty and subtle.

👤It's very easy to install, and true to what it said about rainbows, but it's a bit too much privacy for me. I can clearly see the outline of the neighbors trees and hot water heater, even though I'm not sure how it looks outside. The prisms are awesome! There is a Pre-measure window, spray window with soapy water, apply film with squeegee, use a sharp x-acto knife, and cut excess off slowly around the edges of window.

3. Finnez Privacy Protection Sticker Irregular

Finnez Privacy Protection Sticker Irregular

There are more installation tips. Make sure the window surface, edges and corners are free of dust and peel off the clear backing film before installation. Please spray a lot of water on the window surface and window film back during the installation process. Finnez Window Film is the top rated window film and protects you from harmful UV rays and strong sun glares. Easy installation. Finnez Window Film is very easy to install. The static cling application leaves no mess after just a few minutes. It is easy to remove for multiple uses, and it does not leave any sticky messes when you remove it. This window film has a beautiful frosted glass look. The clean-cut design and intricate engravings give it an upscale and elegant appeal. Finnez film can be used for glass windows, sliding doors, glass furniture, etc. Finnez is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a question about your product, just email them and they will be able to help you.

Brand: Finnez

👤The film was what I needed. Privacy is provided without blocking light. I was skeptical because the reviews said it wouldn't stay put. I didn't have a problem with it not sticking to the window. You just have to make sure the windows are clean and peel off the backing before spraying water on them. I used an old credit card to get rid of the air bubbles. The application was very easy to complete. I highly recommend this product.

👤The pattern is clean and modern. Privacy film seemed to be a good alternative to buying a duet honeycomb shade. I read the reviews and found helpful hints for installing the film. The most helpful things to do are cut the pieces before hanging, clean windows to remove dust and grease, and cut small strips of painters tape to avoid getting oils from your fingers. I used less water than some reviewers recommend. The protective backing was the most time consuming part of the installation. It took about 3 hours to complete. I thought it might be difficult, but it is not. The end result is worth it. The rating is based on the fact that it was just installed and waiting to see if there are any issues.

👤I really like this product. It took about 15 minutes to install and I have to clean my windows first. It fit my glass door perfectly. If I get close to the glass, I can still see through the lines. I preferred this design because I wanted to be able to see who was on the other side of the door but not the people in my house. The design allows for that without compromising on privacy. Would purchase again. I put the glass in the water and it stayed in place even after it was dried. It has been a week. It allows a lot of light to come in on a sunny day.

👤I am very pleased with the product and the seller. Adding a little privacy to our front door allowed us to cover a portion of our patterned glass. It was very easy to apply. I used a squeegee from the shower to smooth the surface. The heat in our entry way has been reduced by the film. I ran out of product half way through the project and when I went back to order it, it was out of stock. I contacted the seller and was told when it would be restocked. All customer service could be great.

👤It's very easy and works well. It's difficult to separate the film from the tint. Measure carefully and cut slowly.

👤We applied this a week ago and no issues have arisen. It was easy to install and there were no issues. The most time consuming part was getting all the water out from between the window and film. The second window we did we used less water than the first one and it took about 10 minutes, but the first one took nearly 30 minutes. The windows were 24X25 We have it in reach of toddlers as well. Will update if things change.

4. VELIMAX Brushed Texture Privacy Decorative

VELIMAX Brushed Texture Privacy Decorative

Cleaning windows, tearing off the base film, Products and glass should be sprayed with a lot of water at installation then secure the film by squeegeeing from center to edge. The installation video was provided by them. VELIMAX decorative window film uses static cling which means no glue is needed. It's easy to apply and remove. The key ingredient is soapy water. This window vinyl is a great substitute for curtains or window blinds. Adding a silk window cling to your window glass will make it look better. The look of the window cover and etched silk/brushed glass will draw attention to the home without being too intrusive. The etched glass film can help prevent people outside from seeing into your home. Privacy and security can be added to your home without blocking the sun's light, and it can also protect your skin and eyes from damage. No more looking around your home. The biggest advantage of their window film is the reduction in the ultra-violet rays from the sun that enter the home. Window tint helps protect furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and tapestries from fading and discoloration. VELIMAX stands behind their products and quality controls. If you are not completely satisfied with a product, they will replace it, or give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, please email them and they will take care of you.

Brand: Velimax

👤Water and Dawn dishsoap work best when spraying with water. I had no issues with the installation. The film had no bubbles after it was removed. One of the Q&As states that you should cut your film 1/16th inch less on each side to help get the water out from behind the film. I also recommend that. I feel like following the directions might lead to some trouble. So! You can put Dawn dishsoap and water in your spray bottle. The window and the back side of the film should be lightly sprayed. One-sixteenth inch shorter on the true dimensions and done!

👤My dog has been on bark patrol to let us know everyone is walking by since we moved across the street from the playground. All day long. Privacy is another problem. With all the foot traffic and cars, I don't feel comfortable with leaving the blinds open. It has made a difference because I chose this stuff. I love it when I havesilk transparent. It diffuses the light for better photos and lets in the same amount of sunlight. I can walk around in my underwear at night without worry of who is watching. The customer was very happy. It was easy to install but follow the directions.

👤I bought 3 rolls. Two were fine but the third had a problem where it was rolled on the paper tube. I think the tube is too small. I lay it out hoping they would flatten out. I was hoping they would smooth it out. They are visible and raised. Look at photos. Not happy that the website doesn't give the option to get credit. I spent a long time installing it and didn't have time to return it, so I reinstalled it. Do not attempt to install the roll if you receive it. It will look terrible.

👤I used this at an apartment building where the windows are on the street. The tenants wanted privacy without the shades on. The solution is perfect. They still get a lot of light, but no one can see in. There is a It was easy to install. The windows are easy to trim, they are not 100% square and it is an old building. The seams are easy to do and not that noticable, so I used two to three pieces for each window. I made sure to use the same cut edge on the other windows because I noticed that there was a grain on one window. Hope it makes sense. Overall, highly recommended!

👤The windows in the French doors between the master bedroom and my office are covered by this. I thought this might be a cleaner look, since I have curtains there now. It was easy to put up. There is a My problem was with the compound on the windows. Most modern windows don't have that issue. The edges would be flatter if I'd chosen the other side. It was difficult to trim the product to fit the window because of the glass. Not the product's fault! There is a My windows are small and most of the patterns I looked at were so big I didn't think they would look good on the smaller windows. I chose a frosted glass look. It looks like the pictures in the listing, but I think it's too sheer and I want a heavier pattern. There is a Again, not the product's fault. You just have to think about size, pattern, placement, etc. When working with things like this.

5. Viseeko Non Adhesive Decorative Patterns 78 7Inches

Viseeko Non Adhesive Decorative Patterns 78 7Inches

There are more installation tips. Make sure the window surface, edges and corners are free of dust and peel off the clear backing film before installation. Please spray a lot of water on the window surface and window film back during the installation process. There are many colors and levels of privacy for frosted window film. The stripe style of the glass film is easy to apply and trim, and can come together easily. The window film is static cling and can be easily removed and reused multiple times. UV blocking and Glare Control are possible with frosted window film, which can block strong light and prevent ultraviolet rays. The frosted window film can be applied in minutes on windows at home, kitchen, office, meeting, and can create a gentle look and high-end style with its simple stripe design. If you want to stick to your window, you should use a hair dryer to make the window film softer.

Brand: Viseeko

👤I am obsessed with these! They look good, and for the price, you really can't be upset. I bought these to hold me over until I figured out what treatments I wanted to put up since I hated blocking the big windows with curtains or blinds. I have tried many different kinds and these are the only ones that bubble up. I make sure to suck the shit out of them when I apply them, but with some of the others, there are bubbles all over. If you want complete privacy, you may want to keep your curtains or try the frosted film.

👤It is not for one person to install alone. This product is not meant for one-person installation. I installed the room's windows alone. There is a The panels are full of bubbles, which show in overhead lighting at night. Overhead lighting can make it appear stark, though we rarely notice it. There is a In the daytime, the film is a bit more transparent and the bubbles are almost invisible. This film is great because it shows a bedroom that faces the back patio and a guest room that is not private. There is a There is a clear film that needs to be removed. It is a game of patience and bifocals if you are not under 30. Measure three times. You can always use acetone on a q-tip to remove any that remains when you cut it, so use a sharpie to draw your lines. Cut on a flat surface with someone else holding the film down so you don't get lost. Line your corners with only a quarter of your panel when you install. Slowly and evenly, you pull the film back and begin working pressure on it. You will give yourself a burn if you move too fast. If you pull the film off too quickly, you will end up with bubbles. If you have to, you can pop them with a needle, but it is best to work them out. Don't use heat.

👤I don't like curtains, I think they're old school. I have a window kitchen that faces my neighbor's window kitchen and wanted some privacy but also natural sunlight. I keep a hanging plant and flowers by my window at times, so I was unsure of what to use to make my plants happy. I found this and fell in love with it. It's the first time I've used this and I smudged it out after following the directions. I let it dry and saw bubbles as it dried. I smudged it out as much as I could, so I didn't touch it. The few bubbles I saw were gone when it dried completely. The kitchen has natural lighting and I have no bubbles. I love it.

👤These were purchased in hopes of privacy and the ability to ditch blinds. The first couple of inches of the roll was hard to adhere to the window. We had to throw away that part to get to the softer plastic. It was easy to install after that. I used soap and water in a spray bottle, a paper towel and a credit card as squeegees, and it worked great. The spacing between the frosted and non frosted stripes was a little bigger than expected. It provides some privacy during the day when it is darker inside. Forget about the night time. You will need a curtain or blinds for privacy.

6. Rabbitgoo Frosted Frosting Decorative Protection

Rabbitgoo Frosted Frosting Decorative Protection

This window film is recommended to cover glass doors/windows/display cabinets in your home and is an alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds, as it features a stylish cross pattern and is intended to enhance your home style with an etched glass effect. The glass film blocks out 99% of the sun's UV rays and protects your skin and furniture from getting directly exposed to sunlight; it also creates a cozy environment. There is no more glue hassle. The privacy window sticker is static cling without any sticky, harmful, and chemical glues, and can be easily removed and reused multiple times, an optimal and economical option for home applications. The glass film adds partial privacy for your personal space by preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room and also blocking unwanted views from the outdoors, but it is not recommended for a bathroom. There are important tips for you. Before applying on a window, it is advisable to peel off the backing film. Please spray a lot of water on the window surface and window film back during the installation process.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤I love it! This turned out better than expected. I had to come up with a solution after my dog tore up the blinds. I installed this last night after buying it yesterday. I am a perfectionist. Very happy with the result.

👤This is an amazing invention. Privacy is instantaneous. I ordered one roll for the side windows. There is a Privacy stickers that are static cling. They just cling on.

👤It's easy to use and find solutions to unique window needs. I love the window in my apartment, but I had to hide it behind a curtain. This will allow me to show case the window and make it a unique focal point. I used my cricut craft machines to cut 10x10 sq. It's so easy.

👤The product was easy to install. Once I figured out a good system, it was easy to cut to size. I cut the product with an exacto knife after laying it on the floor and marking the back side. It's easy! I like the design of my front doors because it allows me to see a little through if I put my eye to it, so I can check who's there before I open my door. It's elegant and offers total privacy at night.

👤It was easy to put up the window cling. Two rolls of this product were taken by the windows pictured. I didn't use soapy water to put these up. I used window cleaning spray. It has been up for a long time because of that. If people were to get right up close, they could see the light through the window, but it would give me a little bit more privacy as it is in a common area of my building. There is no sticky mess because I can remove this. This is great for apartments where you can't really change the property permanently.

👤I like this pattern and once I figured out how to remove the clear backing, it was working great. I was having difficulty with the idea that it doesn't have a backing. The customer service told me to put tape on the corner and pull it apart. I had other kind of tape that was very sticky that worked better than this one. I get light in the room, but not as much as I would like.

👤The appearance of this film was very nice. The pattern is great for my mid-century house. The final look was disappointing. There are a few reasons. It comes on a roll, they recommend laying it out flat for a few days, otherwise the edges are hard to adhere to. 2. My instructions said to remove the backing. There is a smooth side. The instructions don't say which side goes against the glass. It's nearly impossible to get all the air bubbles out of the glass when you soak it, so keep plenty of towels. There is a $. The edges started to Curl up again after a couple hours after the hairdryer helped somewhat. 6. I may try soaking the pieces in a sink or tub and then immediately adhering them to the glass. There is a I'm not happy and will most likely remove all of this and start over with another product.

7. Rabbitgoo Blocking Removable Decorative Covering

Rabbitgoo Blocking Removable Decorative Covering

Replacing strong curtains or blinds in the summer is the best option. The privacy window film obscures things' shape and blocks the curious peeping from the outside, it also helps absorb strong sunlight and still allows natural sunlight through. Want to decorate your home but have no idea? From the windows! The tulip flower patterns on the window film can be used to decorate the window and create a rainbow effect when sunlight shines through after installation. The decorative window cling is applied by static cling without any harmful glues or glues. It can contribute to the reduction of environmental pressure. You could put this beautiful window cover up on the window in a few minutes if you have a squeegee or a towel. Before applying, please separate the protective film from the patterned front. Sun Light Rejection is made of premium vinyl material without any harmful chemical smell and can protect you from 99% of the sun's rays.

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤I would let your customers know that the first six inches of the roll is hard to remove stickers so they can account for the correct measurement. The sticker should not be on the actual product.

👤Our dog loved looking out the sidelights of our door and loudly warning us of the presence of birds, cats, mailmen and the squirrel. She would give us huge barks and a little bark, but also a full on viking barking around the living room. To convince us that we need to stop all activities immediately and let her internal hound of war against the offenders go, the talking barks from the Scooby Do. The life here has been quieter since the Rabbitgoo window film was installed. When walking past the windows now, it's not as loud as it was before, but it's still quieter. I've posted before and after pictures.

👤There were no signs of wanting to peal off st all after a week and a half. I will be buying more of these for other windows. I was going to return the product, so I printed the return label and put it in the box. I was confused as to why so many people gave this a 5 star when it didn't stick to the window. I wrote a bad review, but I can't find it to change it. I saw that someone had asked about the back film on the product and how to remove it, after writing it. After removing the film, it worked well. It took about 15 seconds to put it up, and I can tell it's going to stay because it's beautiful.

👤This product is a solution to a problem. People can see through the glass in my front door. My son's friends didn't ring the door bell because they didn't want to upset our dog, so they looked through the glass to see if we were home. I had a piece of classroom size post-it chart paper covering the oval and it looked terrible. This product is very nice. It was easy to install. I was worried if the product would stay when the sun heated up the front door, but now it looks like the design is in the glass. I enjoy the light shining through the window and the privacy. I will be covering more windows until our trees grow.

👤I like it. The one I bought had flowers. You can't see through it when you're several inches away. We tested it in a room with light and a person standing outside, but they didn't see anyone in the room, even though we were jumping there and waving our hands.

👤The window films work well in my grandmother's house. Before putting up the windows, we measured the windows and cut the window clings. Make sure the window is clean. We used newspaper because it wiped and dried. The first window was hard because of the bubbles that appeared, but the second window was easier to put on. We pulled the back plastic down as close to the door as possible while smoothing the cling down so that there was no bubbles. It allows light in, but also allows some privacy. The back is a little hard to get off, but it's easier to get off if you warm the edge with your hand, as the cling side becomes more elastic. My grandmother loves the detail of the flowers. Great product!

8. Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Glue Free Design Cuts down Chemical Release Drastically, Applies in Minutes and Firmly Sticks to Windows. The film can be used again after removal. Energy saving and UV protection are related. Blocks up to 98% of UV rays and reduces Glare by up to 99%, Slows Down Fading on flooring, Furniture, and Cuts Energy Bill by up to 30% by rejecting up to 45% of Total Solar Energy. When the sun shines through, it creates a rainbow effect, creates the appearance of stained glass and adds an attractive design for an updated look. Protection of privacy is important. Privacy and allowing the lights in. Privacy level is Semi-Private Window Films ( protects your privacy but not recommended for bathroom application).

Brand: Volcanics

👤We applied window privacy film for the first time. We learned a lot from our mistakes. 1. Measure the window first to figure out how you want to cut the film. The film was put in front of the window to get the approximate sizes. We left around 2” space but realized later that there is no need to leave extra space if you could cut the film well. If you want to use one film on several windows, you need an extra half inch. 2. If you use tape on the film, be careful. We tried to mark the line with tape. The film had some issues with the tape. 3. If you don't have a long metal ruler, you can mark the line with a marker or pen on the back of the film. I used an eyebrow pencil to mark so that I could cut a straight line with a scissor. The front surface is not flat, so removing the line was labor intensive. We could trim the part later. 4. Make sure your knife is sharp so that the trimming doesn't get zig-zag. Be careful when trimming the film because it can damage the wood frame of the window. If you use a metal ruler next to the knife, it might be better. My husband had bad experiences with the car window tint, so I was a bit nervous before starting the project. It took us some time, but this is definitely easier. If you don't have any experience like me, I would suggest watching some videos on the internet. There is a The film is a bit thick. We don't know if the film leaves no traces after we remove it. My husband said it looked like it was from the 60's. He said it looks like Christmas time after dark. The film is more beautiful than we expected.

👤I saw this product on a TikTok video by Trippydraws and was amazed at how good it looked. I jumped onto Amazon and was horrified to see that it was sold on Amazon. I ordered a roll to see if it looked the same in person as it did in her video, and I was not disappointed. I just used a cup full of water and a drop of dawn dishsoap into it and sprayed it onto the window, then I used a paper towel to smooth the film onto the window, it was very easy to install. It worked well and was flawless. I didn't cut the film and inch larger than the window because that just doesn't make sense, and so far I have had no issues, and it's been up for days. I love the color of the house and the way it moves from room to room as the sun makes it's journey across the sky. I ordered two more rolls because I loved this product so much. If we weren't in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, I would order enough to cover every window in my house. I've made a purchase in a long time.

9. Finnez Decorative Privacy Holographic Sticker

Finnez Decorative Privacy Holographic Sticker

The window film can block out UV rays and protect people from being exposed to strong sunlight, which can cause furniture to fade. Finnez Window Film is the top rated window film and protects you from harmful UV rays and strong sun glares. Easy installation. Finnez Window Film is very easy to install. The static cling application leaves no mess after just a few minutes. It is easy to remove for multiple uses, and it does not leave any sticky messes when you remove it. This window film has a beautiful frosted glass look. The clean-cut design and intricate engravings give it an upscale and elegant appeal. Finnez film can be used for glass windows, sliding doors, glass furniture, etc. Finnez is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a question about your product, just email them and they will be able to help you.

Brand: Finnez

👤I am very thankful to have this, I fixed my husband problem, he always complains about the dirty glass, but now he is happy.

👤Privacy high. I wanted it to be easy to install, just measure twice cut once apply and trim.

👤The product is easy to install, but it will have to be reinstalled daily or use additional tape. I installed the product at noon. Difficulties getting edges to adhere. I tried several times with different amounts of soap in the water, but was not able to get the edges to stick to the window. The edges of the air pockets wouldn't stay down. The left side of the picture was rolling when I took it. The edge on the right had begun to let air bubbles go towards the middle. There are two lines of air bubble that come from the right side of the decals. The only way I could get the rest to stay was with tape. It was nice out in the 60s, so the window wasn't frozen or anything. I don't know if this is a common issue or not but it is with the design of this brand, so I have not tried other designs or brands. I had bought the roll of 35 inch by 78 inch hoping to get a few 33 inch Windows out of it. This well turn the design. The rhombuses are tall. It was my fault, but it was something to keep in mind when making a decision.

👤The quality of this privacy film is second to none. The product is thick and durable, making it easy to measure and cut it. There is a This product is 10 fold and it's privacy is paramount for me. It looks great in my windows. There is a This is a privacy film that I could actually see, being able to use over and over again. I like this product so much that I am buying more of it right now.

👤The product works as a sunshade for the bathroom on the first floor. The only thing that makes the wife like it is not the product. It was the hardest part to find a way to cut a straight line. The product is hanging on strong because it gets a lot of water from the shower on the East side of the building and it gets the early sun. I read the reviews and took a chance on this product and it paid off, I have a ton more from the roll still unused.

👤This was an easy upgrade. I worry that people walking on the street at night can't see what's going on. I ordered them for privacy. I used the manufacturers edge to make sure it was evenly distributed on the top and side. Installation took 10 minutes. I soaked the window and cling with a lot of water. While soaked, I could slide the cling to the position I wanted. Then to cut the excess solution with a razor knife, you're done. 10/10 would do it again.

10. Coavas Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Bathroom

Coavas Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Bathroom

If you're dissatisfied with this item for any reason, please contact them via email, they'll give you a satisfactory solution immediately. Birds and Branches are beautiful and fresh no matter which side you look at. Two-way privacy protection is a high quality 3D Birds pattern design that provides enough privacy while still letting in the natural light. Privacy level. It's easy to install and it can be done in minutes if the backing film is removed and a lot of water is sprayed. Enjoy the process! The size is 78.7 inches by 45 inches. The best privacy protection assistant in a rented home can easily be removed and re-used. Roll it up and keep it in good shape for the next time you apply. They recommend applying the window film horizontally and using it on smooth glass surfaces. Remove 0.2 inches from the film edge and window edge to squeeze out air bubbles. If you want the film to work better, try using a hairdryer or soaking the film in warm water.

Brand: Coavas

👤We were going to use a plain frosted window film, but my wife fell in love with the bird pattern and I decided to use it. If you want to install this type of film widow, you should watch at least two or three of the videos on YouTube. I advise measuring each window in a double-hung configuration as they will probably be a bit different from each other. Cut your film to size if you have more than one set of windows. I applied the film to the windows. As you remove the backing, use lots of water on the window and film. Plastic tools make a big difference, so be smart and pay $5.00 for the installation kit. Make sure you get all the bubbles out of the water with a paper towel. The way our porch looks now makes us happy. Thanks to Coavas and Melinda.

👤I ordered these window clings because they were cheaper than custom window coverings. There were four 19.5" square bathroom windows and one8"x 74" front door window. The material was thick and high quality. Excellent privacy, but moderate sheerness. A cute bird pattern with bright colors. I recommend using an exacto knife with a metal yard stick to cut the cling more precise. Slow down and trim in millimeters to avoid overcorrection. It's very easy to peel off the backing and affix the glass. Looks great! Pleased with the purchase.

👤The privacy film is what is advertised. I am not sure if the birds hit the large glass picture window in the front of my house because they see their reflection or if they want to join the other birds on the branches that are on the side panel windows. I wish I had seen this privacy film before I installed it, as it took two days to remove the sticky glue from one panel of the patio sliding glass door, which received the most sunlight, and less time for the other panel as I switched from Goo Gone to New Dawn. I put the horizontal blind privacy film on the patio door so my dog can still see outside, as well as the two side panel windows, a bedroom window, and one of the sliding glass doors. I have a four-panel blind on the patio door and took pictures of it. The film makes the rooms look bright without the heat and harmful rays. I live in a state with 50% to 70% humidity which makes my house 15-20 degrees cooler. I keep my windows open to let the light in while keeping the rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, even though I have thermal window treatments. During the winter, I put the privacy film on the windows of the living room to keep it warm. I recommend this product as it keeps the rooms cooler and brighter, which helps with insect control. I used two different designs to cover the windows. Since my washer and dryer are in the garage, I added the privacy film to the window to keep it cooler than it would have been without it, and the sun was pounding harmful rays on my vehicle, I thought it was an advantage. The privacy film added to the half-moon glass window in my entrance door gives it a whole new appeal and keeps out the bright blinding morning sun.

11. Homein Decorative Removable Adhesive 17 5x78 7

Homein Decorative Removable Adhesive 17 5x78 7

The special reflective window film creates a rainbow when the sun shines. Adding entertainment and fun to every day is fantastic. The item has no colors. This decorative window film is a perfect choice for four seasons because it keeps heat in winter and keeps skin from aging by the harmful UV rays. The window film is free from harmful chemicals and can be re-positioned and reuse after years, ideal for rental house. Sun reflection brings a pretty rainbow effect to decorate your home, and the unlimited elegant pattern creates the look of stained glass, making your window glass look like a beautiful art, a stylish and more convenient substitute. Privacy window film can instantly create privacy but still allow natural light to pass through your glass door and any window in the home or office, won't make your room dark at all, a clean and modern alternative to curtains or blinds. User-friendly. The privacy window cling can be applied to any smooth glass surface in minutes, and you can cut it into any size you need, if you want.

Brand: Homein

👤We love it! When the sun shines in, the windows look great, we can leave our curtains open during sunset, and the neighbors can't see in. They stopped complaining about our light being on after we put this up. They complain about things.

👤The best $8 I've ever spent. My dogs bark at everything so I put this on my front door window. It creates a lot of privacy. It sparks joy in my heart as I watch the rainbow grow on the floor, up around my laundry hallway and it even reaches to the end of the hallway in my kitchen. It grows as the sun goes down. It makes me happy. It is really shimmery at night when the lights are on. The individual mosaic pieces shimmer beautifully. I think everyone should have this. It's easy to install and it stays up even when my dogs jump and scratch on the window when people ring the doorbell, which happens a lot even when I tell postmates and insta cart not to ring. It's resistant and can be easily peeled off from the corners. All of my girlfriends ordered it after seeing mine.

👤I bought this for the rainbows it was supposed to cast in the sun, not to add privacy to my windows. I put the film on right away. It took a couple months for the sun to change position so that it could cast a rainbow when the sun comes in. I can't show you a picture because no one wants to see rainbows on the cat litter box. There are some pretty rainbows. One roll was enough to cover the upper portion of the two windows, but I have cat perches attached to the lower half of the window, so I didn't want to block their view of the outside. The bigger the window, the bigger the rainbows will be. The window film did what it was supposed to do.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I surprised her with it as part of her Easter Basket because she had a wish list. It was very easy to install, just a bit of water and a smooth surface for the bubbles to be visible from the outside. This film is fun and gives her bedroom a beautiful look. I highly recommend!

👤This is a cool idea for a room that you want privacy in, but it won't block all the sun out. I put this design on my toddlers window. The view from this window is blocked by a house, so it is only my neighbors house and all their windows. We put these in because we didn't want to see into their windows, and my daughter could have privacy. The installation was difficult. If you have long nails, you can do it. We had to unwrap the instructions to get to the directions because they were wrapped in the middle of the roll. We had to clean the windows. We got the window wet and stuck it on there. We took a card and cut off the excess with a box cutter. It can be difficult but you figure it out. It looked good once it was done. The real kicker was when the sun was out. The film was light up and iridescent, and it casted cool iridescent rainbow type prints all over her wall. If you're looking for a privacy film for your kids room, I would recommend this. It doesn't fail!


What is the best product for decorative window film privacy?

Decorative window film privacy products from Niviy. In this article about decorative window film privacy you can see why people choose the product. Finnez and Velimax are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative window film privacy.

What are the best brands for decorative window film privacy?

Niviy, Finnez and Velimax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative window film privacy. Find the detail in this article. Viseeko, Rabbitgoo and Rabbitgoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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