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1. Privacy Decorative Rainbow Stickers 17 5x78 7

Privacy Decorative Rainbow Stickers 17 5x78 7

There is a bow When sunlight shines through after installation, the window film creates a rainbow effect and brings unique rainbow decoration to your windows. A good substitute for expensive curtains or blinds. There is no cruel glee. The no glue window film can be applied in minutes and can adhere to any glass surface without the use of chemical glue which can harm people health. This window film is made of premium material, it blocks up to 95% UV rays, and it protects your skin and furniture from getting exposed to sunlight. Not recommend for bathroom level. With static cling function, this window film can be removed and re-positioned for multiple times, no need to worry about leaving any marks on the glass, an ideal choice for home window decoration. It is not ideal to draw curtain on your window or door since your dog is barking when people go through it, their rainbow window film can help.

Brand: Dekorfun

👤It's pretty when the sun shines. It protects the TV from the sun's glare. I like the product but my window has cracked from the left side to the right side. Two nights ago, I heard a loud crack in the window. The window was cracking. Plastic film on a double- pane glass window is not recommended. The plastic film causes a thermal difference in the window glass. I have a very expensive window that needs to be replaced. This product should come with a warning label about double-ply glass windows.

👤I bought this window film to replace a window film that has been on my bathroom windows for more than a decade. The way it turned out was wonderful. Make sure your glass is clean, measure carefully, and cut precisely. I used a t-square to make my cuts. I followed the directions. I've had the film for a few weeks and have not had any issues. I made sure the roll I was buying was wide enough and long enough to cover the projects I had in mind. I wanted something that would distort the view. This film is just that. You can still make shapes. Looking from the inside out. The effect is amazing. Even at night.

👤This was easy to install and it looks great. The pattern is not as large as the photos show, but it is still beautiful. The edges are curling a bit, so unroll it and let it flatten out for a day or two before applying. I used a plastic spatula to smooth out the bubbles. It worked well. The film is perfect for what I needed. I will purchase this product again for other windows. There is an update. The tint won't stay on the window. I had to apply it again and tape it to the window. I believe this is due to the fact that I didn't allow time for the tint to flatten out before application, and the tint still wants to curl, from being taut on a roll.

👤I expected to cover one lousy window with a roll, but if you plan to do anything like a regular kitchen window or even a sliding glass door, you will need 3-6 rolls.

👤I work from home on the ground level and my desk is by a window overlooking a courtyard. I had people looking at me when they were walking by or hanging out in the courtyard. I decided to install it. I would have liked to have had it sooner. I haven't missed the courtyard view because it's so beautiful, and it gives me a sense of privacy. It makes me happy because it creates rainbows on my wall. There is a The installation was difficult but I don't like measuring and cutting straight. My installation is not perfect. If you mess up the installation, no one will notice, so don't stress about it.

👤It was difficult to wash dishes in the kitchen sink with a window in front of me because we are not too far apart. I was worried about the plants on the windowsill not getting enough light, so I wanted to get blinds or shutters for the window. We compromised with this product. It was very easy to apply. After cleaning the window, I had no problems with air bubbles sticking onto my window. Natural light still shines through without compromising the privacy we intended to secure. I might buy more windows in the future. To know how much to cut, measure your windows. I trimmed it off with an exacto knife after measuring it for error. I looked at it from the outside and it wasn't as nice. I didn't care, but others might care about what their windows look like. No one can see through it.

2. Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Volcanics Privacy Stickers Rainbow Control

Glue Free Design Cuts down Chemical Release Drastically, Applies in Minutes and Firmly Sticks to Windows. The film can be used again after removal. Energy saving and UV protection are related. Blocks up to 98% of UV rays and reduces Glare by up to 99%, Slows Down Fading on flooring, Furniture, and Cuts Energy Bill by up to 30% by rejecting up to 45% of Total Solar Energy. When the sun shines through, it creates a rainbow effect, creates the appearance of stained glass and adds an attractive design for an updated look. Protection of privacy is important. Privacy and allowing the lights in. Privacy level is Semi-Private Window Films ( protects your privacy but not recommended for bathroom application).

Brand: Volcanics

👤We applied window privacy film for the first time. We learned a lot from our mistakes. 1. Measure the window first to figure out how you want to cut the film. The film was put in front of the window to get the approximate sizes. We left around 2” space but realized later that there is no need to leave extra space if you could cut the film well. If you want to use one film on several windows, you need an extra half inch. 2. If you use tape on the film, be careful. We tried to mark the line with tape. The film had some issues with the tape. 3. If you don't have a long metal ruler, you can mark the line with a marker or pen on the back of the film. I used an eyebrow pencil to mark so that I could cut a straight line with a scissor. The front surface is not flat, so removing the line was labor intensive. We could trim the part later. 4. Make sure your knife is sharp so that the trimming doesn't get zig-zag. Be careful when trimming the film because it can damage the wood frame of the window. If you use a metal ruler next to the knife, it might be better. My husband had bad experiences with the car window tint, so I was a bit nervous before starting the project. It took us some time, but this is definitely easier. If you don't have any experience like me, I would suggest watching some videos on the internet. There is a The film is a bit thick. We don't know if the film leaves no traces after we remove it. My husband said it looked like it was from the 60's. He said it looks like Christmas time after dark. The film is more beautiful than we expected.

👤I saw this product on a TikTok video by Trippydraws and was amazed at how good it looked. I jumped onto Amazon and was horrified to see that it was sold on Amazon. I ordered a roll to see if it looked the same in person as it did in her video, and I was not disappointed. I just used a cup full of water and a drop of dawn dishsoap into it and sprayed it onto the window, then I used a paper towel to smooth the film onto the window, it was very easy to install. It worked well and was flawless. I didn't cut the film and inch larger than the window because that just doesn't make sense, and so far I have had no issues, and it's been up for days. I love the color of the house and the way it moves from room to room as the sun makes it's journey across the sky. I ordered two more rolls because I loved this product so much. If we weren't in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, I would order enough to cover every window in my house. I've made a purchase in a long time.

3. Haton Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Removable

Haton Privacy Non Adhesive Decorative Removable

There is an important notice. Please measure the window size before placing your order. Only used on a smooth surface. Under cold winter weather, please use a hair dryer. Before using, please remove backing. Don't forget to squeeze out all the water and bubbles. The window privacy film has a rainbow effect and a unique pattern. When the sun shines through the window film, it will create a rainbow effect, making your glass look like stained glass. It is an economical and convenient alternative to curtains and blinds. This privacy window film blocks 99% of UVB rays and 99% of UVA rays, protecting your skin and delicate furniture from direct sunlight. You can fill your living environment with soft and comfortable natural light by using decorative window film. The window sticker is a static cling design and can be used without glue. Do not worry about the release of harmful chemicals. Any residential or commercial premises can be made of safe vinyl. It is easy to apply and remove rainbow window film. Please spray a lot of water on the window and back of the film. The film can be re-positioned after being removed. It's an ideal choice for home, office, and rental places. Privacy Protection: The semi-private window film blocks peeping from passers-by and neighbors, obscuring outdoor views and creating a comfortable and safe private space for you. The window film allows light to enter. The level of privacy is low. Not recommended in the bathroom.

Brand: Haton

👤I wanted more privacy without compromising the amount of light coming in, so I bought this. I wish the plastic had squares to make it easier to cut. My cat seems to agree with me, as I love the colors it projects when the sun hits it. Pictures don't do justice.

👤I got a film to cover my windows. Our neighbors have bright porch lights that stay on all night. The effects are amazing. I would like to do all my windows. You just need a spray bottle with water and a sharp blade. It looks great in the sun.

👤I was hoping that this would make it harder to see in the window, but I had to put it on both sides of the window to achieve that. It's a nice product.

👤I like the window film. There is an awkward shaped window above our balcony door. It is easy to install, just wet window and cling, place and smooth on. I had to remove and adjust a few times. I placed it on the door windows.

👤This window film is wonderful. It was easy to install and I don't see any edges or corners trying to pop up. When the sun is shining in this window, it creates rainbows all over me. I would buy this again.

👤Follow the directions and don't cut corners. Easy Peasey. I use a wipes to get air out of the shower. The sun shines and the colors come. There is a I have Christmas lights outside and the colors are beautiful. There is a People thought I put in a new glass door, they can't believe it's a product you can install yourself.

👤We love the film. We live in an apartment. Our bedroom window has a view of a parking lot. For the past six years we have kept our window shades out of sight. The room was depressing and dark. I wanted plants there. We could open the shade in the morning because I had the film. We didn't have to worry about being dressed. It is great. It looks pretty and leaves a trail. It looks colorful at night. It is not completely transparent. During daylight hours, I have good privacy. I don't have to worry about changing during the day. At night, someone outside can see people inside and what they are doing. You can see it at any time of the day. I was worried that my plant wouldn't get enough light. It seems okay so far. There is a It was easy to install. 15 minutes or less. I like to be able to see through my window, so I didn't cover it. I might get more for other windows in the house.

👤It was very easy to apply. It looks like glass from the outside, when the sunlight hits in the early morning. Highly recommended.

👤It looks exactly as pictured. idiots forgot to remove the backer film and wrote negative reviews. If you don't remove the clear plastic film, it won't stick. Put a drop of dish soap into a cup of water, then dip a paper towel in it and wipe the window from side to side, top to bottom, then apply the film. You can use the wet paper towel to press the film onto the window the same way you did the glass. It's that easy.

4. LUTE Decorative Removable Non Adhesive Blocking

LUTE Decorative Removable Non Adhesive Blocking

The rainbow window film has a special 3D laser design and irregular pattern that creates a rainbow effect when the sun is shining. The sun blocking window film protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. A soft mood is built with natural light. The installation of the window privacy film is easy, and it will be easy to remove with no mess. An economical and wide applicational window decor, you can apply this window glass film to home, bedroom, office, living room, kitchen, Balcony garage and so on, ideal choice for home life. There are important things. When installing to achieve firm attachment, please spray plenty of water on the window surface and glass film back. 2. Before installation, remove the clear backing film. Privacy window film is a great choice for keeping your eyes out and not compromising natural light. It is not suitable for a bathroom.

Brand: Lute

👤These things are pretty. It's gorgeous. I live on the bottom floor of my apartment complex so I bought these for my windows. I have a half underground unit, so my windows are ground level, and my unit is right next to the bank entrance. If my blinds are open, I can see everyone. I wanted to get these to give us some privacy because it was getting depressing to have the blinds closed. I didn't think they would work. I saw these sheets online and saw that people's living rooms were filled with rainbows, so I wanted them. I didn't think they would work as well as they do. They look great even if the light outside is not good. They add a pop of color to every room, and they offer a bit of privacy. They don't completely block off our windows, but everything looks distorted and blurry, which is the same for seeing inside. Since these reflect light, you can't see through the windows. It's great, because we now have privacy. It was easy to put these up. I only needed a little water, a rag, and a razorblade. I got one of the largest rolls because my windows are so wide that the rolls covered them perfectly. I had to do my smaller kitchen window at the end. These are a great way to make a dull room look better and don't block out natural light. They're easy to install. They would make a great gift for anyone looking for privacy or color in their windows. They would recommend them to anyone.

👤Absolutely adore this film. I took off what I had on there because it didn't allow much sunlight. The film gives me sun light and the rainbow colors. I think it looks elegant and easy to apply, and it does not look cheap. I look at my front door and it makes me happy.

👤An easy, fun way to make an old window look better is by replacing it with a new one. Beautiful! If you mess up, peel off and restick. There is a My 2 year old walked out and said wow. Great job! It was cute. She approved of my work. It's necessary to keep her from peeling it.

👤The representation of the film is not accurate. The description states that the film has no color, but doesn't state that there must be direct sunlight to reflect any color. I got a lot of indirect light through the window I was going to cover, but when I tried to see the effect, it remained completely white. There is a The photos show a full range of rich colors when this film is installed. All but one photo is colorful. There is a window on a cloudy day. On a bright day, I didn't see a change. There is a I don't think I would have kept the film even if it had reflected colors because of the lack of color. It looks and feels like a heavy duty shower curtain liner, which is exactly how it would look in the evening. I have used Artscape window film in the past with good results. If this size were available in that product, I would have gone that route again. It is nowhere near the same effect.

5. Mikomer Decorative Rainbow Decoration Control

Mikomer Decorative Rainbow Decoration Control

There is an exploration-proof. When the glass is broken, it can bind it together. The film is not colorful and the privacy level is irregular. Under strong sunshine or light, a 3D shape pattern with rainbow effect. It's perfect for home decoration, but not for bathroom. No harmful substances are released in theStatic Cling Design. The cling design is easy to apply and remove. It can be used again if not damaged or smudged. Solar control properties help to reduce heat and save energy during hot summer months. You feel cooler and more comfortable because it can block out 99% harmful UV rays. Static cling window film is easy to apply, you can adjust position as you please, no need to worry about making mistake during installation. It can be trimmed with scissors or a knife. There is an important notice. The window film can only be used on a smooth surface. Under cold winter weather, please use a hair dryer. Before using, please remove backing. Don't forget to squeeze out all the water and bubbles.

Brand: Mikomer

👤I bought these on a whim. This door is in my laundry room and leads to my back deck. This door is used during the summer. I had blinds on it for a long time, but the constant in and out and in and out again made the blinds get torn up. I gave this stuff a try because I have a weird problem with windows not being covered at night. It is gorgeous. During the day, the sun shines in and it turns my laundry room into a beautiful rainbow paradise, and at night, it is frosted and covered so I am not frightened out by an uncovered window. It is a win-win. It has been three months since I read the instructions. They haven't budged and it's still beautiful! My favorite thing in the laundry room is definitely my favorite thing.

👤I laser cut contact film with each new apartment to make it impossible for neighbors to see. I get light easily. I've used regular contact film from target or in the past, but I wanted to see what the cheaper option would be like, so I tried this roll of film. It's a waste. If the windows get even a small amount of condensation or a temperature difference from outside, you won't even notice until you get home. It will fall off quickly. Most contact films are light and easy to peel off, unlike a car sticker where you worry about leaving fingerprints. There is a The quality of the iridescence is not as good as it could be because it is translucent with a jagged-moon pattern and virtually no iridescence or opacity. It's clear. There is a As someone who uses contact film for projects with windows often and knows what to expect, this one is a bad imitation. It's expensive but better to get the real deal from somewhere other than Amazon.

👤It's easy to use, stays in place, but also easy to move if needed. When the sun shines, my little guy likes to paint the rainbows on the floor. The view from the outside is obscured by the inside, exactly what we wanted for the big bay window in our play room. I was somewhat concerned because it only comes in a narrow width and I needed to cover a large window but it worked out fine and probably made it easier to install than one large piece would have been.

👤I wanted a small window arch. It seems to block some of the heat and bright sunlight. It makes a great design on the walls and floor when the sun shines. It doesn't seem to hurt your eyes since it is a light. I think the price is a bit excessive for what you get. I was only able to cover one window.

👤This is the best! I like that people can't see into our house from the street, because my kids love the Aurora like rainbows. The installation was easy. I think the company has good customer service because they have sent several emails to let me know how to put the cling film up. It was no problem for me to read the instructions. The film was a good buy and it was also a million times prettier.

6. Coavas Holographic Decorative Iridescent Non Adhensive

Coavas Holographic Decorative Iridescent Non Adhensive

There is an important notice. The window film can only be used on a smooth surface. Under cold winter weather, please use a hair dryer. Before using, please remove backing. Don't forget to squeeze out all the water and bubbles. The rainbow colour effect. The window film has no color. The appearance of stained glass can be created when light passes through. It is a good choice if you want to make a home that is comfortable and decorative. Privacy Protection The semi-privacy window stickers add privacy to your private space. Privacy level is not recommended for use in the bathroom. Reusable and recycled. The window film is very easy to install, just a lot of soap and water. It can be easily removed and can be recycled many times. UV blocking. This privacy window film can protect your skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. In the summer, heat insulation and heat preservation are done. It's widely Applicable. You can decorate the living room, kitchen, office, or any other room you want by cutting your wisdom and creativity into any shape you need. They will spare no effort to solve your problems if you tell them about them.

Brand: Coavas

👤I didn't have enough left from my last project so I bought this. This one is not very bright. There was no rainbow effect when it was held up to the skylight. The previous cling came back and went with another brand.

👤Not hologram-like. It was plain and boring. Does not follow instructions. Peels have to be added to the tape.

👤There is no privacy at all. When light pierces the rainbow at certain points, it shines. It is nothing like the pictures when it does. I am going back. There is a The material appears to be of good quality.

👤I can't get this to fit in a window. The edges move. The material is too thick to be used as a window cling. It is not flexible.

👤I ordered it for my window. The film is junk. It can't stay on your window. The corners move. I had to tape the corners because they were a waste of time and money. Doesn't deserve any praise.

👤Before applying the film to the window as the manufacturer suggests, use a hair dryer to warm the film flat to reduce some of the "spring memory" of the plastic covering, wet the window and apply the film without the film backing.

👤I don't understand why they say it has a effect.

👤I've used other privacy films. I know how to install them. This one is too heavy and thick to stick. Just came off.

👤We have moved into a house with a plain kitchen window. The neighbours could see us eating. They can't anymore. It was easy to install, I had used similar film for our van, so knew what to expect. One person should peel the backing off the window to make sure the film doesn't stick to the window. Looks great. The film is good. Would purchase again. Cut once.

👤I used this on the front window because I wanted some privacy. It didn't work for me. Maybe it was the way I tried to install it. I installed onto 2 different panels 3 times and each time they came down within 24 hours. I was not happy. I might use a blob of glue to stick it.

👤It said it sticks to your windows. I installed mine the other day and it still looks amazing. The film lets light through even though it blocks out people. Highly recommend this product.

👤I bought this to be a temporary solution until I can get new blinds. It looks good and is easy to use. You can't see anything. It's been up for a month now and no issues have arisen.

👤This was purchased for summerhouse Windows to provide security. It does both. One roll went a long way, but we bought another to finish it off. It's very simple to install, just wet and stick. The pattern looks nice. I would recommend this product.

7. Haton Decorative Non Adhesive Removable Blocking

Haton Decorative Non Adhesive Removable Blocking

Privacy window film is a great choice for keeping your eyes out and not compromising natural light. It is not suitable for a bathroom. Privacy window film can block out the peepers and provide a peaceful and relaxing space for your family. The privacy level is not recommended for places that need the most privacy. Haton stained glass window covering can help with natual light by blocking 99% of UVB rays and 80% of UVA rays. Your skin can enjoy more light. The wood floors and furniture are more expensive, so they would suffer less strong sunlight. The window cling is easy to apply and can be quickly applied to glass surfaces with water. The static window cling is an eco-friendly alternative to normal window film which has to be discarded after use. It is easy to apply and there are no residues. It is easy to make a decorative window film with tulips pattern and apply it to your windows. You can cut a single one and use it as a sticker on your window. It's perfect for kitchen, entryway, front door, bedroom, living room, dining room, lobby, garage, office, etc. The special reflective window film creates a rainbow when the sun shines. Adding entertainment and fun to every day is fantastic. The item has no colors.

Brand: Haton

👤I like this product. It was made well. It is easy to install and looks great.

👤It is easy to cut to size. It catches the sun at different times of the day. We decided to remove the blinds from the master bath because we didn't like them. It makes the room seem bigger while looking great.

👤Different lighting inside and outside. I used it on my door.

👤I expected that. It is very neat and beautiful on our door.

👤Our driveway runs between the houses and the houses have rear-wrap garages. A few months ago, my neighbor bought a boat that wouldn't fit through his gate. It lives outside of our main window that overlooks our kitchen and living room. He and a few of his friends hang out and maintain the boat every week. I don't like having to draw the blinds during the day because I love the natural light on this side of the house. It was very awkward to have them open because the boat is very close. There is a I was looking for a solution that would give us some privacy and still allow light in, but I found this product and am really happy with it. It was rolled inside an Amazon box. The directions were easy to understand. It was easy to install. I had no problem getting the soap to cling to my spray bottle after I forgot to add it. I almost got the product that has the whole thing, but I chose this one. The flashes of color are pretty, but not too much for a family room. The sparkle and colors were beautiful as the sun set on this window, which faces the west. It's more of a frosted look today because it's overcast. We have solar screens on our windows, so I'm thinking that it would be even more colorful in full sun. There is a I didn't bother to close the blinds last night and my neighbor's garbage cans aren't in full view during the day. Happy customer!

👤I think it's too elegant for my house. I didn't realize that the film doesn't have any color. Light hits the film and creates a color. I put this on the window over the front door because it is shaded by a tree. There will be little color. I thought about sending it back as I liked the idea of a color but decided against it because it was so beautiful. I put it up and am very happy I did. It is beautiful. It gets too little sun to show much color, but the cut glass look is so gorgeous I don't care. There is a You put the film up with water or dish soap and smooth it out, because it is a film. It is easy to put up. The films don't use a sticky substance to adhere to the glass, so it's easy to remove.

👤Film is beautiful, thick, and has a heavy design, so when the light hits it, you can see a 3D effect, but you cannot see it in the dark.

8. Kromapolis Privacy Covering Decorative Non Adhesive

Kromapolis Privacy Covering Decorative Non Adhesive

The glass window film is durable. The window paper is waterproof. It is easy to install and remove. If it is undamaged, it can be used again. It's easy to remove static and self-adhesive glue. Don't leave any trace by tearing off easily. Privacy level: Good. This frosted glass window film can be used to turn a clear glass window into a privacy screen. In the summer, air-conditioning and heaters can block out 85% of the sun's heat. The window film can reduce the amount of warmth lost in winter. Environmental vinyl film is soft and durable. No glue glass film can be torn off. A cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds is the special laser tulip patterns of this window film, which creates a visual effect like rainbow by strongh light and brings unique decoration on your glass.

Brand: Kromapolis

👤This was bought for our front door area. I was very excited. It needs to be purchased with window film application solutions. The film keeps peeling off one side.

👤We did not want to be seen. It was very easy to put on, it was much thicker than we expected, and it was cheap. It is moldable and not flimsy. An excellent quality product is not cheap.

👤I live in a small house with two houses, but I don't have much of a view. I decided to install window film so I could get light but still have privacy, because I hate keeping my window blinds down and closed all the time. The film is perfect. I've bought name brands in the past. It does the job as well. It's easy to install. This is something to buy.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to be able to not have to cover the entire window, I just wanted to distort the people that stand in line outside of my office, it allows the same amount of light in. Many people have commented on it. If I ever get a different office, I don't have to leave it here because it was easy to put up. If you're looking for something that is sheer to be able to see through it, this isn't it, it's nice and thick.

👤I had to trim several inches to fit the size that the product came in damaged. It was transparent enough to let in light but not so sheer that people can see into your home from outside. It blocks out some moderate glare from the sun, but it doesn't create any rainbow effects for those who are looking for that.

👤Don't waste your money on this. Why would you want to ask me? Is it self-adhesive? That's right. Yes, no. It won't stick even if it's more moist thanWAP. I can't tell you how many times I thought my window was dirty. I cleaned it to fix it. Don't trust this and learn from my mistake.

👤We used an exacto to make the cuts after getting these up. They give as much privacy as our blinds and make the living room warmer in the winter. I wish they had a 48 inch window because we have an old school big window in the living room that had to be covered in winter. Our windows are as warm as they were when we put them up.

👤This doesn't stick. I tried on 3 windows. The first two were already falling apart.

👤The window film is pretty but not what I was expecting. It isn't enough for me.

👤The window film and design are great. Provides enough privacy.

9. Homein Decorative Removable Adhesive 17 5x78 7

Homein Decorative Removable Adhesive 17 5x78 7

The special reflective window film creates a rainbow when the sun shines. Adding entertainment and fun to every day is fantastic. The item has no colors. This decorative window film is a perfect choice for four seasons because it keeps heat in winter and keeps skin from aging by the harmful UV rays. The window film is free from harmful chemicals and can be re-positioned and reuse after years, ideal for rental house. Sun reflection brings a pretty rainbow effect to decorate your home, and the unlimited elegant pattern creates the look of stained glass, making your window glass look like a beautiful art, a stylish and more convenient substitute. Privacy window film can instantly create privacy but still allow natural light to pass through your glass door and any window in the home or office, won't make your room dark at all, a clean and modern alternative to curtains or blinds. User-friendly. The privacy window cling can be applied to any smooth glass surface in minutes, and you can cut it into any size you need, if you want.

Brand: Homein

👤We love it! When the sun shines in, the windows look great, we can leave our curtains open during sunset, and the neighbors can't see in. They stopped complaining about our light being on after we put this up. They complain about things.

👤The best $8 I've ever spent. My dogs bark at everything so I put this on my front door window. It creates a lot of privacy. It sparks joy in my heart as I watch the rainbow grow on the floor, up around my laundry hallway and it even reaches to the end of the hallway in my kitchen. It grows as the sun goes down. It makes me happy. It is really shimmery at night when the lights are on. The individual mosaic pieces shimmer beautifully. I think everyone should have this. It's easy to install and it stays up even when my dogs jump and scratch on the window when people ring the doorbell, which happens a lot even when I tell postmates and insta cart not to ring. It's resistant and can be easily peeled off from the corners. All of my girlfriends ordered it after seeing mine.

👤I bought this for the rainbows it was supposed to cast in the sun, not to add privacy to my windows. I put the film on right away. It took a couple months for the sun to change position so that it could cast a rainbow when the sun comes in. I can't show you a picture because no one wants to see rainbows on the cat litter box. There are some pretty rainbows. One roll was enough to cover the upper portion of the two windows, but I have cat perches attached to the lower half of the window, so I didn't want to block their view of the outside. The bigger the window, the bigger the rainbows will be. The window film did what it was supposed to do.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I surprised her with it as part of her Easter Basket because she had a wish list. It was very easy to install, just a bit of water and a smooth surface for the bubbles to be visible from the outside. This film is fun and gives her bedroom a beautiful look. I highly recommend!

👤This is a cool idea for a room that you want privacy in, but it won't block all the sun out. I put this design on my toddlers window. The view from this window is blocked by a house, so it is only my neighbors house and all their windows. We put these in because we didn't want to see into their windows, and my daughter could have privacy. The installation was difficult. If you have long nails, you can do it. We had to unwrap the instructions to get to the directions because they were wrapped in the middle of the roll. We had to clean the windows. We got the window wet and stuck it on there. We took a card and cut off the excess with a box cutter. It can be difficult but you figure it out. It looked good once it was done. The real kicker was when the sun was out. The film was light up and iridescent, and it casted cool iridescent rainbow type prints all over her wall. If you're looking for a privacy film for your kids room, I would recommend this. It doesn't fail!

10. Rabbitgoo Privacy Decorative Non Adhesive Control

Rabbitgoo Privacy Decorative Non Adhesive Control

The glass film blocks out 99% of the sun's UV rays and protects your skin and furniture from getting directly exposed to sunlight; it also creates a cozy environment. The window sticker is static cling without any sticky, harmful, or chemical glues, and can be easily removed and reused multiple times, an optimal option for home applications and decoration. The decorative window film creates a colorful visual effect when sunlight shines through after installation and brings unique decoration on your windows, a cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds. The decorative privacy window film does not have any color. It will show a colorful visual effect when sunlight hits the glass film after installation if you spray a lot of water on the window surface and window film back during installation. The semi-private window film serves a functional purpose in adding partial privacy for your personal space by preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room and obscuring outdoor views; Protection Level is 3 out of 5, not recommended for bathroom

Brand: Rabbitgoo

👤The window film looks amazing. The pastels are pretty. I ordered more for my sliding glass doors after using this on my bedroom windows. The film is easy to install and use. If you cut the film to fit on the window like me, please watch the video I added. The film stretches so I used a razor knife to cut the excess from the first window. I stretched the film when I pulled the excess with one hand to cut the film because my line didn't turn out straight. I used the squeegee to hold down the film on the 3 windows that I used. If you try to stretch the film to line up perfectly, it will shrink back to where it was before. It is possible to just measure and cut to fit prior to installation but I found it easier to cut a section and then cut it in to fit. You will understand what I'm talking about when you do your first install. There is a The film is easy to install and can be used again. I put the first strip back in the window that I removed it from. I bought the install tools and the window film application Complete Kit from Amazon. The kit comes with premade window film spray, squeegee, trim tools, lint cloth and is great. The window film looks great after it's installed. I've got a lot of nice things to say about this window film. There was an update on 10-9-2020. 3 years ago, I bought this film. I took the film with me to my new house after we moved last year. It came off my windows very easily, and there was no trace of anything left behind. They stuck to my windows and there were no issues. Great film!

👤It is nice looking. It came out very well, I am not used to window films. It was not too difficult to redo the first pane. It is easy to adjust the fit with lots of soapy water. I bought a metal ruler and a cutting mat for this project.

👤I bought this to cover the window in my door. You could see the stairs into my bedroom when you stood in the front yard. The decorative window film at the home improvement stores was $25 to $30. I ordered this film and am very happy with it. It is 1/3 the price and easy to install. I didn't get a spray bottle of water. I used a damp paper towel to wipe the window before putting it up. When I opened the box, I thought I received the wrong product. It looked like plain squares. I could see the colors when I put it in the light. I will attach pictures. I am looking around my house and wondering what else I can put on this product.

👤An existing window is partially inside the shower after we renovated our bathroom. Due to the water, blinds or curtains weren't an option, and installing a new frosted window was out of the budget for now. We decided to give this a try after reading the great reviews. There is a The installation is similar to wallpaper. I let it set up overnight and then trimmed the edges. It was a little frustrating to start the installation. The sticker on the roll is difficult to remove and only comes off in small pieces. It can be difficult to separate the film from the backing. It was easy once I got through those steps. There is a The squares are not as large as they appeared in the photo. It allows light, but the view is blocked. The lights were on when we tested it. You could make out a person standing in the window, but not in detail that would allow one to see all. Time will tell how this holds up, especially being partially inside a shower. Since I think a lot of people are using this on the large, square bathroom windows, I wish there were other sizes available. I ordered two rolls with a seam in the middle. I had the seam meet along one of the window's horizontal lines to disguise it.

11. 17 7x78 7 Decoration Adhesive Blocking Thickness

17 7x78 7 Decoration Adhesive Blocking Thickness

The return policy is against any product defects guarantee. Feel free to contact them with any questions. You will have a great shopping experience. You are ready to decorate your home. Saving money for air-conditions and heating is possible by blocking out 45 to 85% of the sun's rays in the summer. The size is 78.7 In(L) Shipping weight per roll. About 330g. Protect your body health and life safety from broken glass by increasing the glass strength or keeping the glass Fragments tight on the film. Good Privacy, Protect Skin and Eyes, and prevent Furniture from Fading and Aging by blocking out more than 98% of harmful rays. When you are enjoying the natural sunshine, show you a comfortable and decorative home. It is easy to fix, to remove, and to reuse. Easy Do-it will give you the look of frosted glass. No bubbles, no Fading, can be used for a long time. It's suitable for any place: kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, office, hotels, classroom, lobby, etc. It is not recommended for a total privacy place such as the bathroom.

Brand: Cottoncolors

👤I have had this up for almost 6 weeks and it looks just as good as it did when I first put it up. There have been no issues with peeling or tearing. People ask me if I got new windows because they can't tell if it's stuck on. There is a I have to make a few changes after reading a lot of negative reviews. Several user errors have been noticed by me. Before putting this on your window, you should read all of the instructions. If you remove the backing from the film before putting it on the window it will stick perfectly. I noticed a review where someone said that they sent it back because it wasn't like the pictures, but once you put it on the window, it looks different. I will say that it has great privacy. You can see shadows, but you can't see anything. If you are using it in a bathroom, I wouldn't recommend it. I attached a picture of what it looks like installed and what it looks like unrolled.

👤I didn't know how this would work. It was easy to install and allows a lot of light to come in. My pets might not be happy that they can't be watched. My dog doesn't bark as much. I am happy because I don't feel like I'm being watched and I can leave my blinds open. The silloettes are still allowed to be seen, but it is not as clear. It works well at night when the lights are on and it is dark outside. It works perfectly for what I wanted it to do. I have tried it and will be ordering more. When I first opened the package and looked at the film, I was concerned that it wouldn't hurt anything, but once installed, it was what I expected. The front of my home is dark. One window has been filmed, but not the other. There is a light in the house. My husband is sitting in the room where the window is. I did not include the picture of him sitting inside the window. You could see him. Does it do what we need it to do?

👤It's really beautiful! I thought it looked okay on the roll, but now that it's on our back door, it's amazing! It is not over the top rainbow. It has a sheen similar to a scale. It's a great way to let light in but not be completely transparent. Make our kitchen look great!

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I just used my hand, it was easy to apply and I didn't need the tool to squeeze out the bubbles. The front door side lite is applied to block unwanted visitors from looking into my castle. These days, a moat simply won't do.

👤For the price, this is amazing. It adds some privacy and is beautiful to look at. If you try hard, you can still see through, but only in silhouettes. The material is easy to work with. You can apply it as many times as you need to get it perfect. You don't need a squeegee. I used a towel and got the same results as I would normally do with a squeegee. It's a little bland but still adds privacy. It is gorgeous to look at when it is light. Prepare to clean your window thoroughly, cut the film exactly with a razor sharp blade or a pair of scissors, and take your time applying and getting the air bubbles out. There is a This is a good deal for 10 bucks at the time of the review. It is worth the purchase price. I highly recommend it.


What is the best product for decorative window film rainbow?

Decorative window film rainbow products from Dekorfun. In this article about decorative window film rainbow you can see why people choose the product. Volcanics and Haton are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative window film rainbow.

What are the best brands for decorative window film rainbow?

Dekorfun, Volcanics and Haton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative window film rainbow. Find the detail in this article. Lute, Mikomer and Coavas are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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